Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 12, 1963 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1963
Page 14
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14 Golesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, Soturdoy, Oct, 12, 1963 RUNNING ROOM—Dennis Shannon (36) of AlWood finds running room last night in the Aces' homecoming game with the Rockridge Rockets. Jim Hammerlund (61) of Rockridgc is trying to head the AlWood over the Aces. runner off. Rockridge romped to a 32-6 win Rockridge Mars AlWood Homecoming WOODHULL - Homecoming festivities at AlWood High School received a sharp jar here Friday night as the Rockridge Rockets romped to a 32-6 victory over the Aces in Cornbelt Conference play. The visitors scored twice in the first quarter with Dean Miller hitting paydirt on runs of 24 and 10 yards. An extra point was added on a run by Mike Massey. Rockridge didn't score in the second quarter but bounced back with one TD in the third period. It came on a 27 yard run by John Smock. In the fourth quarter Massey went three yards for a score and Miller passed to Mike Flaherty for 15 yards and the TD. Smock ran for a PAT. AlWood's only tally came in the final few seconds when Bob Eiker went over on a quarterback sneak. Kewanee Puts End To Ottawa Streak •4ny mediocre bowlers needing encouragement would do well to be on hand when this writer stumbles around for 36 more frames next Thursday night. After the first ball in six months skidded toward the pin—though a full rack awaited the delivery, I saved nine for my second try—I' had an inkling that it was going to be a long night. My suspicions were confirmed two hours and very few pins later. A remark made by one critic to the effect that I resembled Don Carter while standing on the approach but the difference plainly showed when I released the ball didn't help a bit. The law of supply and demand being fickle in this sport, could it be that someone else got the pins I deserved? For example: In the Woods Bill Mecum subbed and came up with a 236 at Galesburg Bowl . . . Frank Pelcher splattered a 605, 223 high at Plamor . . . Amos Cadwell hit for a pair of 200's . . . Walt Smith toppled a 259 to finish at 611 .. . Dick Sholl wrote up a 234 . . . Bill Shamon shot a 220 single ... Del French bested 600 by two pins . . . Bill Johnson had 202-235-201—638 at Northgate . . . Ray Lyons' 600 featured a 256 high . . . George Roche worked his 255 into a 626 set . . . Leonard Byerly mowed down a 224 to reach 628 .. . Lee Davis and D. Ryberg matched that with 224's of their own . . . Lee Bevard compiled a 606 out North . . . Charles Taylor tucked away a 603 . . . Spud Schrodt had an Ace League 620, 244 high . . . Bob Dorethy ran up a 654 . . . Carl Meehan thrashed the hardwoods on Grand Avenue for a 267 . . . Bob Ryne hit for a 245 solo . . . Dick Fennig put together 217, 208 and 204 games for 620 . . . Everett Sholl rolled over a 604 ... An old one discovered DISCOVERY When Newton discovered the lew of gravity, "what goes up must come down," he set a principle for us, too. .ffitna Casualty's new Auto-Rite insurance is based on this law: if your safe-driving record goes Up, your premium cost comes down. Call us for complete information. LAWRENCE D. JOHNSON INSURANCE Main and Cherry Sts, Phone 342.4181 gepreseotiag The Aetna CasuaJt? aud Surety Company at Uartlord. CQUL in the confusion: Lavern Theesfield garnered 624 of 'em, 240 high . . . Winners in the annual Galesburg Association and League Officers Tournament have been released in their entirety and are listed below In order of finish. Arnie Johnson finished atop the heap and walked off with the high actual trophy as well as top prize money. George Hasselbacher brought down the trophy for high game with handicap and stood second in line when the cash was doled out. Winners are listed along with actual and handicap scores. A recent survey conducted by the Women Bowler magazine has determined a "typical" woman bowler. Gutter Gossip would like to introduce you to: A woman who lives in either New York, Illinois, Ohio or California and is between 26 and 45 years of age (just try and get her to admit it). She has been bowling less than five years and averages about 130. She participates in one or two leagues and gets in about nine practice games each month. She is married to a bowler, has two children who will most certtainly take up the sport, and enjoys TV bowling shows in hei' spare time. Evidently Illinois isn't average at all. A release in the WIBC news release notes that 20 states have a monopoly on the Congress' championships. Illinois women have the most titles, 66, including 13 all events crowns. More arguments for the x;ase would be these scores coming out of local lanes. Mary Anne Cameron dialed 223 in Crosstown action and ended up with a 574 . . . Norma Larson nipped 200 by a pin at Northgate . . . Verda Timberlake wrote up a 554, 245 high . . . Mae Layne felled a 194 single ... Norman Brown styled a 518 . . , Norma McMillan hit for a 190 , , . Betty Beaeom finished with a 555 . . . Doris Jones came up with a 195, also in Bowlettes' doings .. . Maxine Riggs recorded a 202. . . More Northgate "200-500" club members: Elizabeth Cox, Ruth Stevens, Alice Milroy, Melba Skinner, Eunice Ebbing, Helen Brentlinger, Polly Powell, Juanita Weaver, Marie Gunther, Zella Goodale, Betty Ubben, Jane Reed, Harriet Miller, Jackie Grimes, Lois Olson, Mary Anne Cameron, Bev Clevenger, Norma Larson, Marj Timmons, Millie Kreutzer, Phyllis Deef, Dione Yelm, Eileen 1 Hilligoss, Jo Hall and Marilyn Goff. Jerry Orr and A. R. Fennig thought nothing of tumbling the wide ones recently. Orr converted the 6-7-1J twice and added a 5-7 for good measure, a tough way to put spares on the scoresheet. Fennig brought back the "Big 4" 4-7-9-10 in the Little Six League at Galesburg Bowl. This shot earns him an ABC patch. League Openings Lady bowlers are needed on two teams at Northgate, two each for the 9:15 Beginner's League on Thursday mornings and the Starlight League, which holds court at 8:45 each Monday p.m. Interested persons are asked to check at the Northgate desk for details. Galva Romps Past Dunlap 27-6 in Blackhawk Action The champion of the Blackhawk Conference may not be decided until the final night of play as Wethersfield and Galva remained number one and two respectively after Friday night's games. Galva, sparked by three touchdowns by Bill Hay, romped past Dunlap, 27-6. Hay scored twice in the first quarter and again in the fourth, the latter coming on a 70-yard run from scrimmage. Harold Hall added the fourth touchdown for Galva, and Hay scored the three extra points. Dunlap scored on its touch- Bowling Scores, Averages CITY LEAGUE W. A. Jordan Co., 19-9; Lane's Auto Glass, 19-9; Galesburg Bowl, 18-10: Canada Dry. 15-13; Arcade Barber Shop, 14-14; Jaycee Jacks, 14-14; Jaycee Aces, 12-16; Mishler's Gen. Cont., 12-16; Bud Nelson Insurance, 12-16; State Loan, 11-17; Simpson Powelson Lumber Co. (Knoxvllle), 11-17; Hutchcroft Implement, 11-17. High team series, Mishler's Gen. Cont., 2526; high team game, Lane's Auto Glass, 918, High individual series, Kenneth Groves, 578; high individual game, Walter M. Walker and Ralph E. Mason, 221 tie. ALPHA ROOKIE LEAGUE McNeil's Oilers, 16-8; Jim's Trenchers. 15-9; DcKalb Seed Corn, 14^10; Rutledge's Greenhouse, 13-11; Luallen Motor Sales, 11-13; Anderson Markets, 11-13; The Bubons, 9-15; Ark's Standard Service, 7-17. High team series, McNeil's, 2859; high team game, Anderson's 1008. •High individual series. L. Robb, 555; high individual game, C. Luallen, 207. LADIES CHURCH LEAGUE Trinity Lutheran, 18-4; E. Main No. 1, 14-6; Advent Christian, 14-6; First Church of God No. 2, 12-8; East Main No. 2, 11-9; Postscripts, 9-11; First Baptist, 8-12; First Lutheran, 7-13; First Church of God No. 1, 7-13; United, 3-17. High individual game, Jean Black, 168; high individual series, Veva Lashbrook, 445. High team game, First Lutheran, 810; high team series, Advent Christian. 2315. LADIES FRIDAY P.M. LEAGUE Slick Chicks. 20-4; Arrows, 17-7; Northerners. 17-7; Bowlettes, 13-11; Rockettes, 13-11; Zombies, 11-13; Chippers, 11-13; Optimists, 10-14; Spare O's, 10-14; Scrubs, 9-15; Strikettes, 8-16; Untouchables, 5-19. High individual game, Shirley Carpenter; high individual series, Fliss Hart. ' METROPOLITAN LEAGUE Tim & Larry's Barber Shop, 7-1; Bowlers Inn, 8-4; Team No. 5, 8-4; Gale Ward Sporting Goods, 4-4; Plamor Snack Bar, 4-8; Haskins Electric, 1-11. High team series, Team No. 5, 2791; high team game, Team No. 5, 998. High Individual series, Don Swanson, 550: high Individual game, Roger Sweborg, 198. ROCKETS MIXED LEAGUE River Rats, 17-3; Ridge Runners, 12-8; Happy Four, 11-9; Fade Outs, 10-10; Rejects, 9-11; Atlas, 8-12; Ramblers, 7-13; Mil-Mo, 6-14. High team series, River Rats, 2189; high individual series. Henry Miles, 535, Norma Brown, 518. High team game, Rejects, 774; high individual game, Virgil Moore, 209, Norma McMillan, 190. SATURDAY NIGHT MIXED COUPLES LEAGUE Crowning Beauty Shop, 15-5; No. 4, 15-5; No. 12, 12-8; The Corral. llVi-8V4; The Orphans, 11-9; Jonesie's Cafe, 11-9; McGee's Garage, 10-10; C. & E. Grocery, 9Vi-l0ii; No. 6 Auto Paint Shop. 8-12; No. 11, 7-13; Rawleigh Products, 6-14; Ann's Coffee Shop, 4-16 High team series, Crowning Beauty Shop, 2324; high team game, Jonesie's Cafe, 842. High individual series, (W) Evelyn Gould, 485, (M) Bill Gould and Duke Dungan, 548; high individual game, (W) Caroline Hamilton, 190, (M) Bud Peterson. MEN'S CHURCH LEAGUE East Wain No 2, 19-1; Presbyterian, 15-5; First Lutheran No. 3, 14-6; Coldbrook No. 1. 14-6: First Lutheran No. 1, 13-7; Trinity, U-T, Central Congregational, 13-7; First Baptist No. 1, 12-8; First Lutheran No. 2, 12-8; Bethel Baptist No. 1, 11-9; First Christian No. 2, 11-9; Mission Covenant No. 2, 11-9; Methodist, 10-10; Coldbrook No. 2, 10-10; East Main No. 1, 10-10; First Christian No. 1, 9-11; Church of God, 9-11; Emmanuel Methodist, 8-12; Mission Covenant No. 3, 8-12; United Brethren, 7-13: Advent Christian, 7-13; Henderson Street Baptist, 6-14; Knoxville Lutheran, 6-14; First Baptist No. 2, 5-15; Bethel Baptist No. 2, 4-16; Mission Covenant No. 1, 3-17. High team series, First Christian No. 1, 2973; high team game, First Christian No. 1, 1061. High individual series. Lee Davis, 575; high individual game, Lee Davis and D. Ryberg, 224 tie. A. Johnson, 604, 655: G. Hasselbacher, 521, 635; F. Madvig, 559, 631; B. Swank, 564, 630; H. Young, 582, 627; E. Rodeffer, 498, 627; W. Walck, 524, 620; C. McDorman. 500, 620; D. Hertenstein, 557, 620; J. Sloan, 547, 616; L. Powell, 532, 613; J. Dowell, 582, 612; J. Moore, 512, 608. B. K. K. Johnson, 570, 603; D. Lytle, 562, .601; G. Calhoon, 517, 598; I, Grand, 445, 592; R. Onion, 519, 591; K. Alexander, 549, 588; B. Plank, 467, 587; D. Legrand, 492, 587; C. Hatch, 509, 587; R. Madden, 511, 586; R. Ebbing, 483, 585; D. Nelson, 523, 585; J. Leahy, 534, 585. High School Grid Scores By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Herrin 21, Benton 7. Centralia 32, Harrisburg 0. Mount Carmel 28, Salem 7. Mount Vernon 6, Fairfield 0. McLeansboro 13, Christopher 13 tie. EAGLES AUXILIARY CHICKEN DINNER M.00 SUNDAY, OCT. 13 —Strving 12 to i At KNOXVILLE FAIRGROUNDS DOOR PRIZE—19" lawn Boy Power Mowar EAGLES ond FRIENDS INVITED lV'.firion 46, Johnston City 14. Murphysboro 13, West Frankfort Joliet 41, Bloom 6. McHenry 14. Crystal Lake 8. Streator 0, Sterling 0 tie. Downers Grove 39, Arlington 13 Lockport 40, Kankakee 7. Normal Comm. 26. Pontiac 21. University Normal 13, Trinity 8 Bloomington 14, Champaign 7. St. Bede 21, Washington 6. Rantoul 18, Paxton 0. Eureka 33, Tremont 13. Chillicothe 6, Metamora 0. Belleville 35, Collinsville 12. Alton 19, Decatur MacArthur 13. East St. Louis Assumption 27 East St. Louis Lincoln 7. Marmian M.A. 24, Joliet Cath. 20 Decatur 20, Mattoon 7. Urbana 28, Lincoln 14. Tolono 19, Tuscola 7. Hillsboro 19. Shelbyville 0. Taylorville 6, Effingham 0. Charleston 34, Marshall 13. Paris 40, Palestine 0. Olney 0. Carmi 0 tie. Georgetown 20, Martinsville 6. Gillespie 19, Nokomis 0. Rock Island 13, AUeman 12. M.iHne 12, Clinton, Iowa, 7. Iowa City 19, East Moline 7. Rockridge 32, AlWood 6. Cambridge 19, Orion 6 Galva 27, Dunlap 6. Erie 21, Lanark 0. Riverdale 21, Savanna 0. Rochelle 47, Geneseo 19. Carbondale 28, Chester 0. Danville 14. Springfield 9. Girard 27, Pawnee 7. Virginia 12. Bluffs 7. Rushville 13, Mendon 0. Quincy Christian Bros. 6, Pittsfield 3. Macomb 13, Havana 6. Jerseyville 6, Jacksonville 0. Hall 24. Rock Falls 14 Elmwood 14, Toulon 6. Schlarvnan 13, Hoopeston 0. Spalding 19, Woodruff 7. East Peoria 18. Limestone 6. Canton 27, Riohwoods 19. Bradford 40. Princeville 12. Walnut 40, Wyoming 6. Wethersfield 14, Manlius 6. Kewanee 13. Ottawa 6. Princeton 13, Mendota 6. Momence 40, Wyoming 6. Tiskilwa 27, Annawan 0. Rockford West 32, Gilford 19. Frceport 32, Harlem 6. LaSalle-Peru 20, Belvidere 20 tie. Everywhere you look there's a WHITE ROOF WHITE'S INSULATION 342-0185 down in the second quarter on a 20-yard pass play from Cornish to Simpson. Dunlap relied heavily on its passing in the game, but could only complete two out of 22 attempts. Galva had eight completions in 10 tries. Galva's ground game, netted 362 yards as opposed to Dunlap's 94, which pretty much tell the story of the entire game. Galva picked up 21 first downs to the loser's 15. The win gives Galva a 4-0-1 record in the conference, which puts them right behind Wethersfield with a 5-0 record. The two teams will not clash until the final game of the season on Nov. 8. Experts believe this game will decide the championship for the year. ^Wethersfield kept on the winning road with a 14-6 victory over Manlius Friday night. In other games, Bradford defeated Princeville 40-12 and Walnut had an easy time with Wyoming, 40-6. Tickets for Giant Games At Premium NEW YORK (AP)-Psst, Budday, wanna buy a season motel room for the Giants' games? Good location, too, only an hour down the Connecticut Turnpike. Better grab it while you can, they're going fast. That suggestion isn't too farfetched these Sundays when every seat for the Giants' home games in the National Football League is filled and you can't buy a ticket even from a speculator. Nearly every motel, bar and restaurant in southwestern Connecticut, many in lower New York stale and even across on Lone; Island hangs out a sign "Giants Football on TV." They do a thriving business, too. AH it takes is a television antenna big enough and properly directed to get good reception from a Hartford, Conn., television station that carries the Giant games and enough receivers for all the customers. The station is just beyond the 75-mile blackout area prescribed by NFL rules, but it's possible to watch from as close to New York as 30 miles. One motel in Stratford, Conn., offers its own half-time show, including a band and drum majorettes. It advertises you can get there quicker than you can park at Yankee Stadium. It's completely sold out for Sunday's game between the Giants and the Cleveland Browns. The last seat in the Stadium was sold Aug. 10. The Giants aren't exactly pleased by this "bootlegging" of their games. The day could come when every game isn't a sellout. But they can't do anything as long as no one charges admission for TV viewing. The motels simply rent rooms, complete with TV set, glasses and ice, for about $12 or $13 for four people for the afternoon—more if there are more watchers. The pubs get their profit from increased trade. SPRINGFIELD, 111. <AP) Powerful Marion and Danville preserved their unbeaten status but Ottawa suffered its first loss in 28 games on Friday night's Illinois prep football program. Both Marion and Danville conquered previously undefeated and united teams in maintaining their positions among the state's elite with 5-0 slates. Marion turned in a surprisingly east 46-14 victory over Johnston City while Danville had a tougher task in repelling Springfield's challenge, 14-9. The win put Danville at the head of the Big 12 Conference with three triumphs. In a big upset, Kewanee jolted Ottawa 13-6 and grabbed the lead in the North Central's northeast division, which Ottawa has won top honors in four consecutive seasons. Ottawa had shown signs of slipping earlier this year when the Pirates were tied by Dixon. Mount Carmel and Bloomington extended their perfect records through five tilts. Mount Carmel downed Salem 28-7 to retain the top berth in the North Egypt title race and Bloomington kept on the heels of Danville and the Big 12 by whipping Champaign, 14-7. Joliet, which has captured the South Suburban championship two years in a row, bumped Bloom from the lead with a 41-6 rout. It was Joliet's fourth triumph against one tie in all starts this season. The Big Eight standings were unraveled as Freeport advanced to undisputed first place on a 326 conquest of Harlem. Rockford Guilford, which had shared the lead with Freeport, bowed to Rockford West, 32-19. In the Upstate Eight, Naperville unloaded a surprise 20-14 decision over Glenbard West which had been knotted with Aurora East and Wheaton for the front spot. Belleville, with help from East St. Louis, perched on top of the Southwestern circuit. The Belleville club hammered Collinsville 35-12 and pulled away from Edwardsville, whose 10-7 loss to East St. Louis Thursday night tumbled them from a first place tie. Downers Grove, co-leader with LaGrange in the West Suburban, defeated Arlington Heights, 39-13. LaGrange plays tonight against Glenbard West. In the Southwest Egyptian Conference, favored Carbondale continued to run through the opposition by clipping Chester, 28-0. Murphysboro, the only contender with much chance to stop Carbondale, defeated West Frankfort of Quiet Bake Turner Started From Scratch With NY Jets the South Seven 13-0. Herrin trimmed Benton 21-7 In a South Seven contest but stayed in second place behind front-funning Marion. Canton and Vandalia, both unbeaten and untied, won again and posted 5-0 marks. VandaHa blanked Greenville 38-0 and Canton overcame Peoria Richwoods, 27-19. Shelbyville, however, failed to keep pace and absbrbed a 19-0 setback from Hillsboro for its first reverse of the campaign. Princeton and Rochelle clung to their co-leadership in the North Central's southwest division, Princeton edging Mendota 13-6 and Rochelle belting Geneseo 4719. A 12-7 triumph over Clinton, Iowa, gave Moline its fourth consecutive victory after stumbling in its season opener. By MURRAY OLDERMAN Newspaper Enterprise Assn. NEW YORK (NEA) — Not counting Weeb Ewbank, a 11- man colony of former Baltimore Colts adorns the 33-man active roster of the New York Jets. The most inconspicuous of thenj all, physically, is Walter (Bake) Turner, a slim, silent Texan from west of the Pecos who is kind <ii abashed — and pleased — by all the attention he is suddenly commanding in the American Football League. When the Jets played the Boston Patriots, for instance, everywhere Bake went, the Pats honored him with a two and sometimes three-man escort. Normally, only Ava Gardner gets this kind of notice. Bake caught seven passes for 92 yards and a whirling touchdown and showed further, along with the rest of the Jets, how to build a winning team from nothing. His two-year career in pro ball was a series of false starts until he hit New York. The kid who now makes a living as a flanker played his senior year at Texas Tech as a running back in tight. He was drafted by Baltimore as a defensive back. * * * Before the Colts could contact him, he was signed by Calgary of the Canadian League. They didn't know what to do with him, either. They released him, in time for him to report to the Baltimore camp in the late summer of 1962. "We were about to cut him, too," admitted Ewbank, who was the Colt coach, "when he made a sensational catch in practice. 'Hey, let's look at him a little longer,' we said." The first time he handled a ball in a Colt game, Bake carried a kick-back for a touchdown. So Jim Finks, the general manager in Calgary, telegraphed Weeb, "Keep him out when you're on national television, for gosh sake, or I'll get fired." Turner caught one pass all year — for 111 yards. That amaz- College Football Results By The Associated Press Virginia Tech 22, Geo. Washington 8 Louisiana State 3, Miami, Fla. 0 Southern Methodist 32, Navy 28 Syracuse 29^UCLA 7 Bus Excursion ICE FOLLIES at CHICAGO STADIUM SAT., OCT. 26 - 1 P.M. Box Seat and $Q CA Bui Transportation #*«9U limited to 33 Passengers FOOTBALL Bears v$ Eagles SUNDAY, OCT. 27 WRIGLEY FIELD Grandstand Seat and Transportation '10.00 This Is A Sellout! 18 Tickets Remaining! RANDELl BUS (0. 343-9235 ing statistic was actually a combination of two plays, a 74-yard touchdown grab against Minnesota and a 37-yard dash with a lateral from R. C. Owens on a pass play against the Chicago Bears. * » * The Colts drafted such prize [receiving specimens as Willie Richardson and John Mackey to go with holdovers Raymond Berry, Jimmy Orr, Owens and Lenny Moore. Which left no room for young Mr. Turner. The Jets got him as a free agent on the eve of their last preseason game against Boston. He lined up for the kickoff, caught the ball on the five-yard line and some 10 seconds later was still standing, in the Patriot end zone. Until Turner joined the team, the Jets were really hurting for a home run threat to take the pressure off Don Maynard, who splits wide on the right side. Maynard is another quiet west Texan built on the same lines, 6 feet and 180 pounds. Both have run the 100-yard dash under 10 seconds. Turner has all the right moves and the good hands of a fine receiver. With the Colts last year, he was a tense, clammed-up kid of 22 who never really loosened up among the hard-bitten old pros. With the Jets, a spot in the starting lineup was staked out immediately and Turner admits, "It gave me the confidence to relax me." Under the circumstances, it's going to be hard for Bake Turner to stay bashful, too. Race Drivers to Vie for Honors At Riverside RIVERSIDE, Calif. (UPI) Many of the world's top racing drivers including the last three Indianapolis 500 winners compete today for 27 starting positions in qualifications for the $35,000 Riverside Grand Prix for sports cars. Indianapolis Champions A. J. Foyt (1961), Roger Ward (1962) and Parnelli Jones (1963) along with world Grand Prix champion Jimmy Clark of Scotland are expected to win starting positions for the 200-mile event Sunday on the 2.9 mile Riverside International Raceway. The 27-year-old Clark, who finished second to Jones at Indianapolis this year, will drive a Lotus 19. Instead of being opponents, he and Jones are team mates this time as members of the Frank Arciero group. Foyt, driving a Scarab, joins Augie Pabst of Milwaukee and the 1962 Riverside winner Roger Penske of Philadelphia as a member of a team sponsored by Texas sportsman John Mecom Jr. Joe Stable in Decision Over Dick Turner PHILADELPHIA (UPI) - Welterweight Jose Stable says he can "beat champion Emile Griffith because Dick Turner" fights the same way as the champ." Stable, windmill-punching Cuban, handed turner of Philadelphia the first defeat of his pro career Friday night by winning a 10-round nationally televised fight by a majority decision. Stable, through his interpreter and manager Manny Gonzalez, said: "This is the one I wanted to win." He added, "My greatest ambition is to be champ." "I will finally get my chance at Griffith," Stable said. Matchmaker Teddy Brenner of New York said Stable would "positively" get a chance at Griffith in early 1964. FOLLOW PRO FOOTBALL! SUNDAY AFTERNOON AT 1;05 St. Louis Cardinals vj, Pittsburgh Steelers WGIL RADfO 1400 ON YOUR DIM

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