Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 3, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 4
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I»AOE4—NAUOATtJCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, FEB. 8, 1047 UCfte JSailP JJetdS ! Do You Remember? Published Kv«ry Evening (.ICxcept Sunday) by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUOATUCK, CONN. HUPOLPH M, HKNNICK. Preildtnt and Telephone* M*» Mid M'W— All Ueourliiiunta u iccond elan matter at th» pout office ll N«ug«tuck, Coon, MUB8CK1PTION KATE8 fttyabl* In AdvaDC* I month 11.00 1 Y««r .... .$12.06 Tb« Th* Publlihera N. K. Daily N»w»p»p»r Pub. AM'Z. Conn. N«wtp*p«r Publfhtr* AM'P MONDAY. JT.BHUAUV 3, 1947 Noteworthy Survey A survey shows that tin.- mil ion's newspapers nnd sports writers are just about split on the question of publishing' #amhlii|^ odds, Because oi' the recent. boxing nnd foot- hall bribe scandals, nnil the subsequent deniniitl for a cleanup in sports, the I'nited Press has polled newspapers on the question o!' publishing odds. And heiv is wlint the survey shows: Fifty-two per cent of the papers nnd writers think thiit gambling' in sports could l>e curbed somewhat if odds were eliminated. The snme percent aji'c is in favor of dropping any mention of .niiin- hlin.y; odds, It's a different matter when'it comes to publishing ll prol)!ible pitchers" during the bnscball season. Kiglity-foiir per. .cent of tin? editors polled s;iy (hot probable pitchers should be published—](> per cent contend tlmt. the publishing of this news fosters gambling. Nearly one-third of those polled say they'll continue to publish probable pitchers even if baseball officials ask them not to, A slim majority of .">;"> per cent believe • that odds are not. important to» pre-game stories. This group adds, however, that the stories should point out which team or man is favored. Then, there is one group that feels that it's cricket, to publish odds on a professional ^ame—but not on a scholastic contest. Housing In Holland The housing situation in Holland is much worse than in the United States, according to reports from thtit country. Besides the more than a quarter of a million houses lost by bombing during the war, many thousands more have boon torn down in order to use their lumber in rebuilding dykes and in erecting manufacturing? plants while the war was still going on. Only houses lost by bombing are permitted to l>e replaced for their owners' occupation, all other housing being set aside for rental purposes, Dutch businessmen assert thnt there have been almost no.i strikes there since the war, and that all are working together in an effort to solve the problem of housing. In a small country with.a homogeneous population, unity of action is easier to achieve, but it is safe to assume that with a real effort on everyone's part, a campaign could bo launched in the United States which might, actually work out: this issue. Teamwork is apt to get better results than bickering, any time, anywhere. Political Bouquet Senator Taft, in a speech before a group of Maine Republicans, added a light note to the somber tone of political discussion. .Ignoring, for the moment, labor prol>- Jems, the tariff and the race question, he brought forth the pronouncement that Republicans, both men and women, are better-looking than Democrats. So far. TIO Democrats have challenged Mr. Taft Athletics are fine, but a little head wnd handsome men for comparison with their competitors on the other side of t.he fence, but. doubtless someone will soon come forward with statistics or photographs or some other form of evidence to use in refutation of the Ohio Senator's bold statement. Or may ho i-hoy will content themselves with "Handsome is as handsome docs," arjri - trie Hepublicans will reply, "Oh V«hV" Life in a democracy is so interesting! One cnnee operating to. bring prices down, if a suggestion overheard on the street is true: the novelty of spending money lavishly wears off. Or is said to •wear off, by those who move in circles thus handle it. One Year Ago Mrs. Roy RomiK presided nt the meeting of the John Wenloy class of the Methodist church nt the homo of Mrs. Pcrluy Brown, o—O—o Mr. nnd Mrs. John Gcruch, '17 Arch street, announced Ui« birth of u daughter, o—O—o 20 Years Ago Stanley Keating of Bridgeport visited his mother, Mrs. Patrick Keating of Cherry street, over the weekend, o—O—o William F. Kchon was elected member of the board of directors of the Naiifratuck Bank i«i Trust Co. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Timothy Daly's automobile collided with n skidding truck in Waterbury nnd was damaged to some extent. o—O—o Mr. Sengstnchen. who worked In the New York city office of the Rubber Regeneration*; company, visited In the borough. 'WHERE ARE THEt SNOWS OF VESTERYEAR?" *&, % Around The Clock ^ The Xo\vs Ims on hiuid ;i small supply <>!' iIn; new stiitc register iiml mnnii- ;il, n vcritiiblo roimi;iiii of information CMincernm.u' our stiito offices. . . . We'll paws |hem out. on ;i first.-come, t'iist- sorvcd Iwsis. . . . G;ill for Ihoin at the office. Joe Schildgen received a large order of fancy dog food the other day as a gift from Congressman Jim Patterson to Joe's dog who did such an excellent advertising job when Jim was campaigning , . .the food was so attractive it is said Joe arranged it decoratively on dishes and served it to his unsuspecting friends. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast Phyl Mariano surprised us Friday-by appearing with a new feather cut hairdo ... it was such a change from her usual long coiffure we failed to recognize her for a moment. A common cry heard among many residents is an accusation against the present administration for raising taxes . . . these residents should remember that "packed" freemen's meetings are responsible for raising the tax rate thus increasing tax bills. MAN ABOUT TOWN (K II i,a b e t h; i Clifford, one* of the Bel-shows:. Drookc) the dghtr-of the- Ra.jah of'JThc -guy's who' "knows the guys" Sarawak, is due nere from London to become the bride, on March llth of .Uichurds Vidmor. . art, the film idol, former Trib ".sports writer Col. Jimmy ' Stew- and Florence Pritchc-tt are a i'ebruromance. thut may be altnr'd. (Jacqueline Daly-i's mabcara''d eye browj just went sky- high! )... .Intimates expect Standard Oil heiress Mlllicent. "'.Rogers and her'long-time'ftcart"(Capt. Ian Fleming, a British newspapah fay- ing theatrical fliers . .It's a dghtr for the H. BroitbarLs, of the Sun sports stuff. At Misericordia Hosp. , E-.-rt Gordon, the Mauad 1-Mis- sian, and -kisa Wilson( of the "Amber" film cast) are an xxxxitem M."i. L. Jordan allegedly knifed her groom because he requested an abrogation. The unkindest ''cut" of all in that carving is this: Louis Jordan helped popularize the ditty. •Stone Cold Dald in de Market" (about a woman who keeled no- bodee bot her hbsbondl). .. . Very cxSenator R; R. Reynolds is stan- Hoiman will he nix'd as .Gov.. .The j ing'a law'office in Washington as same.insiders suspect that Ellis Ar-• "a specialist, in government depart nail is a 1 cince tor the'V-P slot on mental practice," whatever-ln-hcll i the B. Bradleys. Mother Pam on the Georgia High Court, say that On The Air Today . i ^ ' fi:4iv p. m. WTIC-WNBC—Front Pnfce Farrcll WATR—Naugatuck News; Music VV.JZ—Tennessee Jed WWCO-WOR—Tom Mix 11:00 p. nv. WBRY—E. Christy Erk WATR—NCWB and Sports ' Other. Stations—NCWB 0:15 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Gen. Bradley. WTIC—Musical Appetizer)! WNBC—Serenade to America WJZ—Ethel and Albert WWCO—Sports Time WATR—Music of the Day WOR—Bob Elson 8:80 p. m. WBRY—John A. Cluney, Sports WCBS—Red Barber WTIC—Prof. Schenkcr WATR—Phil Von Tobcl; Slock Re^ ports W.T7,--Allen Proscott WWCO—Quiz WOR—Vandevcnter, News WNBC—Bill Stern 8:45 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Bob Trout, News WTIC-WNBC—Lowell Thomas WATR—Pleasure and Profit WJZ—The Fitzfjeralds WOR—Lonnie Desmond WWCO—Novatimc 7:00 p. m. WBRY—Gov. James L. McConaughy WCBS—Mystery of the Week WTIC-WNBC—Supper Club WATR-WJZ—Headline Edition. WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lfiwte. Jr. 7:18 p. m. IVBRY-WWCO-WATR—March of. Dimes ,VCBS—Jack Smith Show IVTIC-WNBC—World News Z—Elmer Davis VOR—Answer Man 7:30 p. in. VBRY-WCBS—Bob Hawk WTIC—Ask Me Another .VNEC—Barry Wood Show rVATR—Phone Your Answer .VJU— The Lone Hanger ,VWCO—Your Land and Mine ,VOK—Henry J. Taylor 7:45 p. m. iVNBC—H. V. Kaltcnborn VTIC—Gilbert and Sullivan VATR—Show Tune Time VWCO-WOR—Inside of Sports 8:00 p. m. VBRY-WCBS—Inner Sanctum VTIC-WNBC-Cavalcade VATR-WJZ—Lum 'n' Abner VWCO—Rainbow Music VOR—McGarry and his Mouse 8:15 p. m. VATR-WJZ—Skip Farrell Show 8:H6 p. m. VATR—Sherlock Holmes VJZ—The Fa-t Man VBRY-WCBS—Joan Davis; News the next Demmy licket .A Grand . that is Jury, (not in. N. Y. County) is prob- Oleg Cassini's is lovely Helen favoril. Upshau , ing the'N. Y. Slate Hooch Authority | i-he Barbizon model:.. .S u d d e n in the sotto voce. and nrt-1 Thawi.-. The only thing that no- tried to nx at Madison Garden Is the alr-condi- works art. .due shortly. .. .Refi-ardij body's re- Square ing safety in aviation circles, member this fact: It'took the railroads 65 years to reach the high low) .to announce their oft-reporu>d j'.-safety mark the airlines reached in Lohen.^ruitention-i any day. .. .The | their initial 20.. . ..Nan .Bennett, the Sam • Warner's dghtr, Lctu, Ami spending of I'inanc-es . . . we're wondering just whnt. the townspeople want in the line of ti Finance Board . . , the Painter retained the freemen's meetings and proposed selection of hoard members by election ... . the more recently proposed hill provides for the abolishment of freemen's meetings and that the hoard members be appointed . . . the Painter bill was voted clown, and now opposition forces are planning- to ballot, down the- current proposed bill. late gets .Hollywood's most eligible bachelor to the altar on the 18th, He. is Dr. N. Hiatt. . . .Gary Grant discovered Karon Gayiord (tne Goldwynner) in Mexico, where she is on lour with the. Goldwyn Gir!=. He may fly to Cubu—-her next stop and 5th Avc.) ...The NickcI-Mergenthak'r swin- touch. An 'MGMadonnu, and "Fefe" are closer ' than 'Corf and' a pair of scissors. (We didden forget you, honey- fihille, we've just been oof'ly busy.) Street Ecene: die case will be eclipsed by ••). New Jersey scandal due to explode next week... Gendarmes seek a youth• (his namu That Portrait of at ,52nd Street Was this unusual American Flag: (flying i Honing 'system. HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK WTIC-WNBC—Bnrlow Concert \VOJi—Gi-<>«:ory Hood'R »:00 -p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Radio Theater WATR-W.IZ—Dork Vcntui-o WTIC-WNBC—Telephone Hour WWCO-WOR—Gabriel Hrntli. r !»:15 p. m. WOR—Real Stories !»:SO p. m. WTIC-WNBC—Victor WJZ—Sammy Kaye WATR—Gov. J. L. McConaughv V/WCO-WOR—I^o/nbardo Orel).' «:4S. p in. WATR—Fashions in Music 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Screen Guild WTIC-WNBC—Contented Hour WATR-WJZ—Drs. Talk It Over WOR—Barry -Gray WWCO—Fishing and Hunting 10:15 p. m: WJZ—Joe Mooncy Quo net WATR—Red Cross I»: SO p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Sweeney & Mnroh WTIC-WNBC—Dr. I. Q. WATR—Fantasy in Melody WJZ—Murder at Midnight WWCO—Music You Want WO R—Sy m p h of c Uc 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News 11:15 p. m. WERY-WCES—Meaning of the News; Footnote WTIC-WNBC—Harknesg of Washington WWCO—Barber's Orch. WATR-WJZ—Joe Hascl, Sports .WOR—News; Finance Reports 11:30 p. m. WBRY-WCES—Winifred Smith, Soprano •WWCO—Niclt Bi-ewsur WTIC—Eizony Ensemble WOR—Weather; Cleveland Sym- bhony . • WATR-WJZ—Gems; J. Orch. WNBC—Moonoy Orch. WOR—Weather; Cleveland Symphony 12:00 Midnight ALL Stations—News Montreal, with a population of 903,000, .is t.he largest city in the Dominion of-Cnnada, TRAFFIC TIP* AMD QUIPS on the building across the way) is I Brown." i eflecterl in the glass window framing the picture... .The shop is MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When a married woman sign the register of a hotel, should sh sign Ivor name "Mrs. Mary Brown" A. No; ihe correct form for a married woman is "Mrs. • Jame Steve Owens, Doug Lynn, Fred Englehardt were seen playing baseball in Tut- the field, recently. . . . Wee Willie Rado, sales impresario of the Rubber Co., was pressed into service as scorekeeper for the Kedsters at the March of Dimes benefit. Bill did an excellent job of full time score keeping and part time rooting. ful. bowltigged chap starts wit'h "G") in the alleged | i*t's name "kidna-p-lorgy" of commenta-tor ' works for Hill'j bride. Insiders will tell you Company it wjs strictly stew stuff and that Mrs. Hill wasn't pushed, shoved, drugged or etceteraped. Helena Rubinstein's, .. The art- Clmck's Service Five basketball tenm hns re-entered the local basketball lists. They arc pointing toward a game with the Merry Mortician?. Should the game be arranged, a problem of eligibility will immediately result, since Rnss Weaving, .local basketball official and sports shop propritor, plays for both teams. Among Fritz Klambt's numerous talents are those of super salesman. Fritz sold 23 reserved seat tickets for the recent March of Dimes basketball double header to the following: Walter Yackowski, Al Yackowski (2), Mr. Mace, John. Heatherington, Ted Cargasty, Adolph Ploski, Amelia Garlinski, John Healy, Vin Oristello, Ronald Loyer, Henry Zembroski, Harry Ranslow, John Ryan (2), Ed Wilcox, Dan Leary (2) and Domenic Mariano (2). Morris Persoff, radio repairman, is a very flexible follow. He has to' be. While fixing a car radio the other day he had to nearly stand on his head in order to work on the radio in back of the dash board, A case of working up side down. The first roller skater of the year was seen on Church street Saturday. A lad on skates is as good a sign of spring as any robin or blue bird. .."Lucky" Luciano is now In Cuba under the name of Adanb (probably got the name from the war story) nnd, according to Washington insiders, he will .(after his death) be 'honored with a medal by the U. S Luciano wag deported foil-owing a long . stre'tch at Sing Sing ...They tell you that he was "of 'great assistance" to the U.' S. Military Intelligence Service in the invasion of Sicily. That his .undercover work "helped saved thousands of American lives". .. .The Gov't will award him the Modal cf Honor posthumously. 1'ctcr Van Steeden, Jr. (son of the band leader), was shot at his Conn, -farm Thursdayem . Local gal* shudder when they discuss New York's most terrifying wolf- one of our famed naval war heroes! ....A syndicated colyumist (his stuff runs in a local eve'g paper— non-Hejrst)'is losing his wife. She is Plenkovic'h. .. .Hu the Manufacturer's Trust as th^ir handyman,.' Will Spruille Brndcn replace Gen. Walter Bedell Smith as Ambassador to Moscow? These days the Post is equivalent to being 2nd top man in the State Dept ...Paul White, who once handled the blue pencil for CBS, is now juggling the :-x for the 'AP. He's an efficiency expert. Will Rogers used to call .them "picture • spoilers". . Th-e Ritz Brothers' $1,500 check (to the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research) is herewith acknowledged. .. ."Open the Door, Richard," the new musical nonsense, has a sister: "Close the Door, j Dorn!" by Clarence GaskJll. Q. Is it obligatory at a danc for a man to ask bis hostess b dance? A. Yes, it is the courteous thing to do, especially if it is a small informal dance. Q. May a calling card te en grnved in any color ink desired? A. Black is the only color ir which n card should be engraved. Look And Learn President of the Mi-reliant's Bunk jof here (Howard Markel) obtained a divorce in Bridgeport In Superior Court on August 26th from Selma Robinson, the writer. Judge John Hamilton King heard the case in set-ret .while the court was in Summer recess. .. .In an amended complaint, Mr. Markel obtained the decree on desertion. Mrs. Markel got custody of their two children, 1. Which is the only river in the world 'to rise in the vicinity of the Equator and flow into the temperate zone? 2. Who was the first woman ever to be elected to Congress? 3. During what war did. the battles,of El Caney and San Juan-Hill occur? •). Does Texas extend .further south than Florida? fl. Which is the oldest musical wind instrument? won't name his • column as co-re- P' us a lump alimony sum of ,$10,300 spondcnt, • aithoug'n that's ! the and weekly alimony of $115. breaker-upper. ...-,We know one Colyumer's wife who nevt:r squawked in 20 years. But could she write two books!. .. .Frank Costello will got back most of that "lost" ?27,000, after all.' Mr. Whiskers, it Monica Boyar shoves ' off 1 or Florida, to -start melting matters from Frcdrico Henriques, newiew to Vasquez, former Mr. Big of the .... -._.- . _ .. Dominican .Republic.:..New York scums, learned he more than paid i Yankee pitcher'Cuddles, Marshall up that old tax claim. Costillo .tells i has tnel oca -' belles gushy about the fight over that 27Gs (lefl lll im ^ No wonder —he's a -ringer for in a c:ib) has to date cost him ovei $20,000. He says he would have spent 100 Gs "just for the principle of the dambed thine!" Ho-Htim Bcp't: The. Column's campaign against offensive dialect Uun" is t'etting the same results as drops of aqua on the head—slow' but surp. .. .Warner Eros, has decided not to .. exhibit the film, Abie's Irish Rose." in the houses they govern, "because 'the picture wittingly conveys an offensive, stereotyped impression of Jews and Catholics". .. .At', the. Vanity, , Fair premiere Jan Murray's routines wei Q greeted by an "unapprcciative audience" to whbm he alibi'd: 'That Walter W'inchell has ruined my whole act!" Ty Power. .. .AH is not Ihe color of. Flnian's Rainbow in that hit show. They are still. ; at .war over the billing between Ella -Logan and the authors. Quite a struggle Ann .St. George may take the Renovo- caine this week. 'Alexis Thompson (long time estranged) finally agreed to everything Jock Whitney • may announce any week his plans to .erect the world's most luxurious racetrack in Queens Standard Oil moo i a ' backing: "John Loves Mary,".' which opens at the Booth Chewsdee, via Ruth Bedford. S'he flies planes when not tak- ANSWERS 1. The Nile. 2.. Jeanette Rankin of Montana, elected to the 69th Congress, 19181919, 3. Spanish-American War. 4. No; Cape Sable. Fin,, is the southernmost point, 5. The flute. Shop Here And Save! • CRIBS « CARRIAGES • HIGH CHAIRS • ROCKEBS • PLAY YARDS • TAYLOR TOTS Most Complete Line of Juvenile Furniture In the City BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP 180 SOUTH MAIN ST. ' Waterbury Veronica Lake's' cousin, .Helena Neilson, and G.eorge Marsha ., (the director's boy),' are -mlddj* aisle bound. ., .It's .a boy over at FOX CLEANERS 14 CHUKGH ST: TEL. 5474 Work 'Called For'and Delivered • . Just Received A Shipment Of- Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses Firse Come - First Served The Waterbury Heating Co. Leaders in Home Heating- 34-36 Spring St. Phone 4-6478 Waterbury Furnaces Cleaned and Repaired . . . Chimneys Cleaned No\v Gloves Care should be used when putting on new gloves for the first lime. Don't put them on in a hurry. Even if you do succeed in getting them on without splitting, they will never fit as well as when care is used, stretching the kid gently to conform wiih the lines of the hands. Laundering The next ti.-ne i-t is necessary to launder the cretonne slip covers, or any other cretonne articles, try^ washing them in bran water and see if they do not retain their colors. Lost Voice If the voice has failed, due 'to a cold or laryngitis, a. dose of bicarbonate- of soda every hour will help wonderfully towards restoring it. Deafened Now.Hear with Tiny Single Unit Science has now made it possible for the deafened to hear faint sounds. It is a hearing: device so small that it fits in the hand and enables thousands to enjoy sermons, music, and friendly companionship. Accepted by) the Council on Physical Medicine of the •\mcrican Medical Association. This device does not require separate battery pack, battery wire, case or garment to bulge or weigh you down. The tone is clear and >owerful. So made that you can adjust it yourself to suit your icarir.g as your hearing changes. The makers of Beltone, Dept. 871, 450 West 19th St., Chicago 8, 111., ire so proud of their achievement hat they will gladly send free de- >criptive booklet and explain' how •ou may get a full demonstration of this remarkable hearing- de- 'ice in your own home without isking a penny. Write Beltone' oday.—Adv. FUR SALE NOW UNDER WAY Make&UA 99 N. MAIN STKEET Waterbury TeL 3-2727 GOING AWAY? GET YOCB LLJGGRGE At FISHER'S ! Ill South Main St., Waterbury rm.rmfM.rMr-rr-rrt-rttrrrt 1 ••••• If Von Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 WE'RE ALTERING OUR STORE Watch Cs Grow! CORNER CANTEEN 392 No. Main Street "Dom" Tellertco, Prop. CLARK FLOOR WAXING MACHINE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT BUILDING TEL. 6219 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing: With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving Through' Science" Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn.

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