Norfolk Daily News from Norfolk, Nebraska on December 5, 1953 · 6
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Norfolk Daily News from Norfolk, Nebraska · 6

Norfolk, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1953
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",v ' ' w-w ifV ' .1 -. -X... ' I , ' . " ' .r 41 r v Pege THE WOBTOLK (NebJ DAILY NEWS Dec 5. 1953 '. Read The News Want Ad Pan. I Read The News Want Ad Pace. PROMPT PLUMBING SERVICE HOMESIMRIAMERICANS! CALL 132 , STOP THAT DRIPI Before your basement looks like the "Great Lakes," call us for expert emergency repair service. Our work is reliable, our prices' right. 1 MARTIN'S HEATING and PLUMBING 207 Norfolk Ave. n WET BASEMENTS Can Be Made Dry as a Desert v With Armor Coat Waterproofing ADD ANOTHER ATTRACTIVE ROOM ' TO YOUR HOME - Choict of 9 Beautiful Colors ARMOUR COAT is1 also a. beautiful decorative exterior finish for Stucco, Brick, or any Masonry building. Prolongs the life of your house. Saves repair bills. . Prevents stained, unsightly walls. Secure both, beauty and protection with ARMOR COAT,. ARMOR COAT is easy to apply by the home owner, or. we can arrange complete application service. Sold by ... iJ J PLAY YARD THE FAMILY BOOM Is an important feature of homes designed for modem living. This is a room in which the family does most of its living an informal living room, a main floor recreation room, a party room, a multi-purpose room. In this plan it merges with the boys bedroom, which can be closed off with a folding .partition. It opens into the kitchen to give the mother .constant view of youngsters at play. A glass wall separates it . from the play yard, still within view of the kitchen. Wide roof overhangs and basemen ticca construction am used for yeai around air conditioning. All equipment is electric. (AP Newa- . features). ' Esidlne Cl In Korea 34THD1 DIVISION, KOREA - Pvt Marvin J. Pavelka,' 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. . Charles B. Pavelka, Veidigre, Neb., 's serving with the 34th Infantry Division in Korea. Pvt Pavelka, a gunner in the Mth Regiment's Company 1 D. entered the Army last March ana arrived overseas during . September. , n Use the Want Ada to Buy. DRAPERIES Cample' heme daceraM Mien 74 Luxury, Elegance Featured in Home Decor ON THE HOUSE Complex Problem By DAVID O. BAREUTHEB AP Beal Eatata Editor How to modernize a house is a subject that la becoming mono end more popular, because we are living differently than we used to.' Shorter work weeks, more leisure time, hobbies, gardening, the do-it-yourself trend, television and radio, the organized ballyhoo for home ownership and many other factors are making people much more home conscious. But modernizing a . home la a complicated problem. ) It raises such questions as what house? and "what Is modern? Many books have been written close to n small library of them trying to give ue some common denominators to work with. One of the most ambitious of recent v o I u m e we have seen is The Complete 'Book of Home Modernizing" by Samuel Paul, architect, and one of his eoL leagues, Robert B. Stone. It has Just been published by the H. S Shiftman Co. This la n sort of an omnibus book, drawing on various trade contributions by way of illustrations, but the authors tackle the subject of modernization on the practical basis of how- you and your family live. KEEP IN MIND The home belongs to both the a rents and the children." They jeep that in mind. . ' Space b the first requisite Tor on atmosphere of comfort and graclousnesa In which your family and guests will always fsel at You can agree with that. adaptations. Ambus and modem Chinese and Japanese decorative piece add a , luxurious Oriental influence. , Even country styles, such as the important French Provincial, take to the elegant rather Your savings a c-c u n f Will grow rapidly with our - high Infarest rata. LOANS Madison County : ; Bulldina and loan 1 Association V - 60 Years of Continuous . Service , J. W. Ransom A Sons 1 - ACS NTS mNato than simpler versions. Modem designs, too, have been softened and enriched. ELEGANCE FOB TABLE To keep your table settings In harmony with this new elegance, make sure your American handmade glassware and china fit into this general picture. Shapes, col-pattems In china and glass-wars . should com pic mint each other, as well as harmonize with your fine linene and silverware. Remember that a little color, used excitingly, very good ornamentation i wed with restraint, and a lot of quiet quality in your tableware will give your table setting! There's new emphasis on luxury and elegance in noma decorating this season. This trend expresses Itself In an abundance of suMlefabrie colors. In the revival of Green and Romanesque details M furniture carving, and in inlaid and other' dee- beautiful and luxurious effect Vtondh Here tre some color plans for sa3Th ft rssfcJSfS reey crts but apses b the moat expensive commodity homo builders have for sale. "Two children of widely, different ages should not share the same bedroom, the authors continue. "Such enforced intimacy of n create behavior problems. A play area where the .small child can express himself 'as an individual avoids frustrating conflicts with older members of the family. An efficient kitchen, laundry and up-to-date bathroom are mandatory to facilitate mother's work. Space where father can retreat to hb favorite hobby or occasional business homework will ease another potential strain." EXTRA BATHROOM ', The organization of space fa a home b analysed, n otherwise ample house b still overcrowded if there b a lack of space for a particular function, these writers observe. For example, only one bathroom for three children and two parents can result fa bedlam every morning. Such a family can surely list an extra bathroom as a must, plus a second bvatory fa the exbttng bathroom. "and Auction Features Meeting of Circle : ' ALBION, Neb. DNA-Aii auction of ' donated articles featured the Wednesday afternoon meeting of Bethany Circle of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church. 1 Mrs. Howard Gillespie was auctioneer. -. . Twenty-one members attendee at the home of Mrs. Dewey Miller. Mrs. Harold Babooek read "The Christmas Story" and presented the lesson on Spanish speaking people. - Mrs.' Raymond Marlcto, president, conducted at the business meeting. Lunch was served far the hostess, assisted by Mrs. J. E, Griffith and Mrs. Albert Romig. . . Read The Daily News Want Ada. Saddle Shoes . Still Unscuffed DETROIT IB Janet' Gray, it hugged a new pair at saddle shoes as another girl her age would cuddle a doU. At night die took the -shoes to bed with her, laid them on the pillow beside her pretty head. She .dreamed of walking again. VJsnet, a polio victim since I960, died Thursday. - Betide her lay her saddle shoes, without a scuff, a British Railways officials' est-mate that 1,600 vehicles carry 12 million passengers day in London. THEDURLAND TRUST COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE Phono jii y; up Ready-Mada DRAPERIES sy law far ssnhig yew drapss (beady e hsnw Ms p$nh ar drew AS ssfen k pistil m Matt Furniture: Plans, photos show diagrams, sketches Just about every kind Mavis Drapery of a bathroom youd like to havei from the half-bath to the double bath, solarium bath, health room, etc. Other rooms are handled accordingly. Of course, there are come houses that Just cant be modernized beyond a coat of paint and other routine renovations. Paul and Stone admit- thb. I But their theme, which fa obviously true,, b that "There b probably no home standing that could not be Improved fa Its materials, In its structurs, and in the way it reflects ana encouragss the changing, modern American' way of Life. The moral seems to be that we! can't sanely modernize our homes without giving the problem1 as much serious thought and to-i vestlgation as we'd give the planning it a new house. f . Brings Yon Chintz and Glesheens. Plains and Patterns Quilted If Desired; Prices Start . '. Beautiful Drapery Fabrics ' Abstracts, Pier sis, Oeldtenes; Priced frem' Low Cost Tailoring Slipcovers Draperies Upholstery 1310 Sa. 2nd Street . .. . . Phene 1420-lW .1 r Attend Meeting . PIERCE. Neb. DNS - Dr. and Mrs, E. K. Stonebraker were at Omaha Wednesday to attend a meeting of state veterfaariaaa. ate, and will lend elegance and sparkle to any meal: -1. Place a sparkling amethyst glass bowl as centerpiece on a pale violet pliase or crinkled nylon table doth. Pink dishes. Set glittering crystal water glasses of fine etched stemware at each place.- Pink rosebuds or other delicate pink flowers will look lovely fa the amethyst' bowL TABLES ETTINa i 2. Pick colors from your draperies for your table setting. Use .cloth and napkins to. match draperies fa these tones. China repeats odor of the cloth. Cobalt j blueAmerieanhandmade-glass tumblers gtva accent,- Centerpiece i .Romanesque bronze figur-1 Inc, or docorauve ceramic fa brown tones. I 3. For a modem setting: Charcoal gray place mats and matching napkins. Large salad . bowl, salad plates and tumblers fa stark 'white milk glass. Black ladle for salad bowL Centerpiece: brilliant red geraniums, carnations or other blooms. 4. With sunburst yellow dishes, a gray and white plaid tablecloth, with gray napkins. Center-piece: green ivy leaves and white handmade glass tumblers. Yellow bamboo bread tray, 5. Set off ripe olive brown glassware with tangerine mats ana napkins. Have royal blue and beige pottery dishes. Centerpiece: rich copper bowl of bronze chrysanthemums, or foliage la autumn cotowl Dr. Walter H. Miner General Dentistry and Orthodontia ' 04111 Norfolk Ave. Ph. Ill t - 1 ' N. E. NEBRASKA'S PIONEER IN READYrMIX & n CHAS. WILSON OWNER THANKS for keeping us busy. We appreciate new business from eld customers. - Remrober-"lf it's made out of concrete we can furnish itl" Driveways - Patios Sidewalks -Feed Platforms.' ' - Clms. Wilson Construction Co.. 200 N. 7th, Norfolk, Nebr. Office Ph. 359 Rea. 1360 DUMPCRETE r MflDElTOlMEASURE For the, Home or For the Business Tailor made to your specifications Best' wishes to Mr. am? Mrs. W. L Ovitz, owners of ;thlsi week's "Home of the Week'. We are heppy to. have done the mlllwork' in this fine hew home. - - Krucgor Planing JVlill H.F. Krueger, Dept. A 1001 Pierce -.Street.'" LPhone. JP04-J Wh.k someone is agains private ownership of property,' , he must be for something else. Jh pommjunlstg make no bones about what they are for. They want to take your property away : from you, and have it owned and managedby the state. In actual : ' practice, the communists' 'state- is an inner-ruling1 clique ' men who wax fat and grow rich (in the misery and unhippiness . of others, V. . V Wvate ownership is. part of die basic philosophy of our American way of life. An American, even though bora in poverty, may itriVto far success and happiness to the utmost of his ability, lie may own a car, a home, shares in corporations, and may even . have a business of his own. r.- - i.' , . . , , , J - . '. g it j 'r .' W It Is the Incentive of owning things without political domination and control that inspires Americans to rise to height of . ingenuity and productiveness that are the envy of the' world. : Private ownership Is an important principle of our free enterprise system. Dont let anyone ever take this right away from you. r . ( Americas privately-owned buks c onllH&i to meet the in- ' T, '1 . ' eretuinS dnandt pf individual, bjubeuet and commu- ' nitki for more and betler.banhing tervicet Whenever you a jitney proHent, itop in at our bank and over. I DELAY .y .v- J?' NATIONAL DANK - -'v . A T - V- , trt. .' ' V ;V Owned end Controlled, by Local People Member Federal Deposit Insurance Cerperatien f SAVINGS i . LOANS , .v COMMERCIAL -ACCOUNTS 7 lit I v r v- - vA - ; , .. V-; ' r. - 1 - ' .V . . - M- IT' ' ' V "V . 1 - - . ' , ,A -..'a s -O i. 'VffV' s . ' -s .- ' . . I 1 y "'y! I ' ... . . . . 1 41 J. I r -sr , yi( 'fU. ...i. .'Y 1 a . i , , , : , v. - I' i.?. i f . ' .s . )' V- Adi'. A r ' - - -y 'M' ' . . nUp f HUMUJL''J9 fi j. J!.. A . 'J1!!1 t1 lfr 1 A farm ii d , , j & Ato m m - to c. W US!

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