Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 7, 1973 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1973
Page 19
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Legal Notice (Continued from Page 18) Golesbur tod. Claims must be filed in the office ef the Clerk of this Court. Knox County Courthouse, Gales- burgi Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executor and to said attorney. Dated June 1ft, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clef k Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 6/23-30; 7/7; 3T CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP OF BUSINESS STATE OF ILINOIS ) )ss. COUNTY OF KNOX ) Public notice is hereby that on Hhe 15th day of June 1973, a Certificate of Ownership of a Business kwown as OrviUe D. Iiesman sultant Insurance Con- fft 1515 North Kellogg Street, Galesburg, Illinois was filed in ttie office of *he County Clerk of Knox Coutlty, Illinois setting forth the naffnes ond posit office addresses of the following: Orville D. Ltesiwan 1515 North Kellogg SfereeJt Galesburg, MimAs alleged to be ell the persons owning, conducting and transacting said business. namely: "Lota Numbered twenty- five ;25) and /Twehty-si* (*) jA Baird's Subdivision to fM North* gjst Ten (10) Acre* o« tM George W. Elliott Addition to the Village of Williamsfleld, KnO*^ County, Illinois." and you CHAftLES W. VARNI^JVHELfor M. .VARNELL, CAM L. CRAVENS, JUDITH M. CRAVENS and UNKNOWN OWNERS are and each of you is hereby notified that on the 13th day of June, 19?3, ,an Order was entered in this cause by the Honorable Robert O. Morgan, Judge of this Court, ordering that each and every one of you shall appear in this cause and plead to the Complaint heretofore filed herein on or before August 1, 1973, and in default thereof, the Court will proceed to a hearing and adjudication of this cause before the Court, in the same manner as if each of you had been served with process within the Stftte of Illinois. DATED: This^iith day of June, 1973. /s/ WILLIAM J. LlTTELL. WILLIAM J. L1TTEL, Clerk United States District Court, Southern District of Illinois. DONAD B. MACKAY, United States Attorney. MAX J. LIPKIN, Assistant United States Attorney. Post Office Box 209, Peoria, Illinois 61601. Attorneys for Plaintiff, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A True Copy, Attets: William J. Littell, Clerk U.S. District Court, Southern Dist. of 111. DATE: 6-1373. (SEAL). 6/18-23-30; 7/7-14-21; 6T front and after its passage, proval and publication as quired by law. PASSED June 18,1973. APPROVED ap re ATTEST: Mayor (Dart 1973. (.til YVONNE B County Cleric 6/23-30-7/7 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL State of Illinois in The Circuit Court of The Ninth Judicial Circuit, County of Knox in Pro- tote. Case No. 73-P-159 In the Matter of the Probate of the Will of HARVEY A. JOHNSON, Deceased. TO: W. H. Johnsori, George Johnson/ Robert Johnson, Mildred Brause, Edward Johnson, Marshall Johnson, Marion Stark, Clyde Johnson, Jr., Edward A. Johnson, Robert R. Reichert, Jane Cochran, Cecilia Stuart, Feline Studer, Bernard Studer, Mary V. Maquire, Lucile Johnson, Alfred Reichert and Unknown Heirs and Legatees of HARVEY A. JOHNSON, Deceased. Noto is hereby given that an instrument in writing pur- pouting to be tfhe Will of HARVEY A. JOHNSON, Deceased, and the petition for pro- babe of said Will has been filed in said Count and thatt said instrument will be offered for probate, in (the Circuit Court, in probate, at the Court House in Galeaburg, Knox County, 11* Mnois, on the 26th day of July, 1973, alt 11:00 o'clock A.M. ait which time and place all interested parties may appear and show cause why said instrument should not be admitted to probate. Dated this 21st day of June, 1973. (SEAL) EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois Nelson, Gustafson & Blake Attorneys for Petitioner 301-4 Hill Arcade Building Galesburg, Illinois 61401 Telephone: 309343-3155 6/2W/307/7 CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of CHARLES MILTON WILKINS, JR., Deceased. No. 73-P-154. NOTICE is given of the dearth of CHARLES MILTON WILKINS, JR. Letters of office were issued on June 18, 1973, to Mary Louise Wiikins, 1089 Hafwkinison Avenue, Galesfourg, Illinois 61401 as Executor whose attorneys tare Banash & Stoerz- badi, 121 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims may be (filed within 6 (months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that period. Claims must be filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Gadesbung, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executor and to said attorneys. Ddted June 18, 1973 EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Qourt Knox County, Illinois 6/23-6/30-7/7 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS, NORTHERN DIVISION. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Plaintiff, v. CHARLES W. VARNELL, HELEN M. VARNELL, CAM L. CRAVENS. JR.. JUDITH M. CRAVENS, BI^NCHE H. BENJAMIN. REX D. JOHNSON, COUNTY TREASURER OF KXOX COUNTY. ILLINOIS. L AURA STATE BANK OF WILLIAMSFIELD, and UNKNOWN OWNERS, Defendants. Civil No- P-Civ-7a ; 42. NOTICE OF PUBLICATION. Notice is hereby given that on May 25, W3. the Plaintiff in the above- styled cause filed its Complaint in this Court to foreclose a mortgage on the following described real estate, lying and being within the County of Knox, State of Illinois ORDINANCE No. 73*278 Ordinance Approving a Comprehensive Planned Development WHEREAS, the Plan Commission of the City of Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois, has heretofore held a public hearing to consider a comprehensive planned development for the property now within the City of Galesburg and hereinafter legally described, and that at said public hearing a comprehensive planned development .vas presented by the owners and proposed developers thereof; and WHEREAS, the Plan Commission, after said public hearing lid recommend to the Mayor and City Council that the planned development as proposed be approved; and WHEREAS, said planned development consists of approximately 127 acres, a portion thereof to be developed as a regional shopping center and for certain other uses allowed in Ordinance 73-268, and all shown on the general development plan attached hereto as Exhibit "A"; and WHEREAS, the corporate authorities of the City of Galesburg have concluded that the best interests of the City would be served by the zoning of said property find the approval of said comprehensive planned development as hereinafter set forth: NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF GALESBURG, KNOX COUNTY, ILLINOIS: Section 1: That the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Galesburg be and the same is hereby amended by classifying the following described property within the City of Galesburg to the comprehensive planned development district as provided in Section .04115 of the Zoning Ordinance, to-wit: PARCEL 1 Lot 1, Thompson Subdivision of parts of the Northeast Quarter and Northwest Quarter of Section 4, Township 11 North, Range 1 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian,, in Knox County, Illinois* PARCEL 2 Commencing at a point located 165.00 feet north of the South line of the North one-half of Section 4, Township 11 North, Range 1 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian and 2205.27 feet west of the East line of said Section 4; thence along a line bearing North 00° 15' 20" East a distance of 1053.00 feet; thence along a line bearing South 89° 16' 05" West a distance of 1238.53 feet; thence southerly a distance of 1042,23 feet intersecting a line 165.00 feet north of, measured at right angles and parallel to the South line of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 4; thence along a line bearing North 89° 45* 40" East a distance of 1249.73 feet to the point of beginning; all in Knox County, Illinois; and the corresponding changes and designation on the Zoning Ordinance Map are hereby made. Section 2; That the zoning shall be in compliance with the general development plan heretofore presented to the Plan Commission and City Council of the City of Galesburg permitting the construction of a shopping center of approximately 512,431 square feet with a parking ratio of 5.5, and such additional uses as provided in Ordinance No. 73-268; a true and correct copy of the general development plan is attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and made a part of this Ordinance. Section 3: That the Building Commissioner of the City of Galesburg is hereby directed to issue upon proper application, building permits for all structures to be constructed in the planned development herein described upon compliance with the conditions hereof. Section 4: That this Ordinance shall be in full force and effect City Clerk STATE OF ILLINOIS ) COUNTY OF KNOX )ss. CITY OF GALESBURG) I, Olga E. Nelson, City Clerk of said City of Galesburg, Illinois, hereby certify that as such Clerk I am the keeper of the records of the said City and that the foregoing ordinance is a true copy of an ordinance passed by the City Council of the City of Galesburg, Illinois, on the 18th day of June A.D. 1973 without Mayor's signature and now in force, the original of which is now on file in my office, and further certify that as such City Clerk I am keeper of the same. Witness my hand and seal of said City of Galesburg, Illinois, this 3rd day of July A.D. 1973. OLGA E. NELSON, City Clerk 7/7; IT Showers Gulf Coast, Plateau Area (SEAL) CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of BLANCHE M. LESTER, Deceased. No. 73-P-152. NOTICE is given of the death of BLANCHE M. LESTER. Letters of office were issued on July 2, 1973, to Norman Lester, 1873 Grand Avenue, Galesburg, Illinois 61401, as Executor, whose attorneys are Hanlon & Ruedig, Hill Arcade, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within that period. Claims must be filed in the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executor and to said attorneys. Dated July 2, 1973. EDWARD F. WELCH Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 7/7-14-21: 3T By United Press International Thundershowers hit the north* em Gulf Coast region, the southeastern Plateau area and North Dakota early today, but most of the nation was blessed with clear skies and pleasant weather. Tornadoes were sighted near Schulertburg, Tex,, Friday night, about halfway between San Antonio and Houston. Twister reports also came from Sentinel Butte, located in western North Dakota. Hailstones measuring up to an inch in diameter also were reported in the area. Wind gusts reached 58 miles per hour at Grand Junction, Colo., early today as a thunderstorm passed through the area. Low clouds covered the northern Pacific Coast. A haze spread through the southern California coastal plains and ground fog reduced visibility in the lower Mississippi Valley and from the upper Ohio Valley to the southern Atlantic Coast. A record breaking heat wave was felt on the High Plains Friday. Rapid City, S.D., set a record high for any date with 110 degrees. Denver established a new high for the month of July with 103 degrees. Cooler air spread across the Northern Plains and the Central Rockies early today. Fallout Clouds Seen Over West BERKELEY, Calif. (UPl) Scientists say China's recent nuclear test has so far failed to show any noticeable increase in radioactivity over the Wes t Coast. "We can any that we have not seen any fallout clouds here," Dr. Benjamin Tamplin, chief of the California Health Department's sanitation and radiation laboratory said Friday. "I'm beginning to get more doubtful that we will. We might very well have lucked out and it (fallout) was washed out before it even approached us. Galesburg. iu. Classified Advertising Dial 343-/181 OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday— • AvMv-4:30 P.M. Saturday • A.M.-3 p.M. TRANSIENT CASH RATE Effective March 1, 1971 Word* 7-days 4 «days i*day ».H 1 3.78 1,50 I 6.13 1 4.20 i 1,68 26-30 1 6 .79 1 7 .14 | 6.24 | 2.13 Blind Ad Charge—80c Card of Thankti In Memorism. Lodge Notices, Other Notice*, i inch or laM—62 .75. CASH RATE—Appliet when ad is paid within • days from date, of aat insertion. Notices - Special - Personal—5 LOSE WEIGHT safely and fast with X-U Diet Plan. 63.00. 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MAN wanted immediately for insurance debit route. No experience necessary. Guaranteed salary to f 175 per week, top fringe benefits. Send resume to Box 918, care Galesburg Reflster-Mail. The radioactive clouds passed over India, Pakistan and Japan before the long 7,000-mile drift across the Pacific. In Japan, radiation levels jumped 2Mold, but authorities said there was no danger to the population. Federal Cars Towed Away By Police NEW YORK (UPI) - One car ignominiously hanging behind the PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? Let us help you help yourself. Phone 342-2179, 24 hours. Confidential. Lost and Found—4 WANTED—Young man for office of local wholesale firm. Some typing and knowledge of calculators required. Good opportunity to move Into management if desired. 5 day Week, group insurance, vacation, pension plan. Salary open. Write P.O. Box 1367. Galesburg, THE position of Purchasing Agent for the City of Galesburg is now open and applications will be ac- police tow card truck CLAIM NOTICE In the Circuit Court for The Ninth Judicial Circuit, Knox County, Illinois, in Probate. In the Matter of the Estate of DORIS LUCILLE McGILL, Deceased. No. 73-P-163. NOTICE is given of the death of DORIS LUCILLE McGILL. Letters of office were issued oh July 2, 1973, to Sharon K. Frazier, 250 Duffield Street, Galesburg, Illinois 61401, as Executor, whose attorney is Herman S. Allen, 139 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Claims may be filed within 6 months from the date of issuance of Letters of Office and any claim not filed within that period is barred as to the estate which is inventoried within- that period. Claims must be field in the office of the Clerk of this Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois, and copies mailed or delivered to the Executor and to said at- F torney. Dated July 2, 1973. EDWARD F, WEI£H Clerk Pro Tern of the Circuit Court Knox County, Illinois 7/7-14-21; 3T Temperatures early ranged from 47 degrees Kali spell, Mont., to 94 Needles, Calif. today at at The Getty Is Left $10,000 by Son LOS ANGELES (UPI) Will of the eldest son of J. Paul Getty was admitted to probate Friday and Getty, reputed to be the world's richest man, was left $10,000. George F. Getty II, also left $50,000 to his former wife, Gloria, and the remainder to their three daughters- Total amount of the estate was not disclosed. Getty, 48, died June 6 from what a coroner's autopsy indicated was an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol. displayed a card reading "Official Vehicle-United States Secret Service" on its dashboard- Many of the other cars towed away Friday in the new blitz against illeg al parking bore federal license plates; others bore tags indicating they were used by employes of the state government. The tow^away program was part of an effort to clear the streets of illegally parked oars that daily have created traffic problems. A fleet of 27 tow trucks opened the campaign by descending on the Foley Square area near federal court and office buildings. Assistant Chief STRAYED or Stolen. Reward for Information on disappearance of a 2 yr. old Black Heifer. She left a month old calf. South Victoria vicinity. Earl K. Johnston, Victoria, 111. Phone 639-4247. WAN'S Watch Lost—Left in wash room of Club House at Little Swan Lake July 4th between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. Please return to Administration Office or Phone Galesburg 342-3507 after 5 p.m.— Be ward. $25 REWARD for registered red .V white, 2-year-old St, Bernard. Lost between Alexis and Gerlaw. Answers to "Brutus." Call collect 482-3227. $25 REWARD for informaUon or return of my Tommy Armour putter. Harv Kalin, SO N. Ivan Ave., 342-0078. Business Service—7 .—— .p. ...—11 •. 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Must be 21 years of age, able to furnish acceptable work and police records. Apply in person, Guard Office, Midwest Mfg., 7 to 9 P.M., Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. PLANT MAINTENANCE MAN With experience in hydraulics, electrical and welding for plastic injection molding plant. Apply in person at the personnel office, H. O. Canfleld Co.. Inc., Llnwood Rd., Galesburg, 111. Help H anted - Female— 12 WANTED — Lady for general office work. Some typing and knowledge of calculators required, 5 day week, group insurance, vacation, pension plan. Write P.O. Box 1367, Galesburg, 111. STORE Manager, knowledge In sales And Ad ell Davis Nutrition. Send resume to P.O. Box 1462. Galesburg. GRANDVIEW • 2 Part lime night waitresses. 1 Part time night curb waitress. Part time kitchen help for days. Apply ln^erson GRANDVIEW 1 Grand Ave. WAITRESS wanted for 5 A.M. to 2 P.M. shift. Salary plus tips and meals. Experience helpful but not necessary. For app*t. call The Pantry, Abingdon, 462-2061. Black Admiral Commander E. J. MARTIN Pentagon Halts WEED MOWING Missile Program WASHINGTON (UJ») The Pentagon has halted a nearly $1 billion program to build what It called "SCAD" missiles, which were to be launched by B52 bombers. Deputy Defense Secretary William P. Clements said It was decided the cost of at least $960 million was deemed "incommensurate with Its cur- WAWivrTHM HTPn - ThP retlt benefits." He said some ItflfH rSmJ Sir Arim reSearch 0n th « Will be Navy has named Rear Adm. kept going m cgge u |g ^ vi i «i ^ Ji o decided they are needed. lb ^^ The missiles were to serve ing 31 ships and 8,3WMmen. g . th , d look nke ^ A Navy spokesman said . * Friday that Gravely, 50, would on rafla l; take command of Cruiser- 6 pn ntnr flfmioa Destroyer Group 2 in Charles- ^Cliaior UemeS ton, S. C. f this month, becoming Firinc Airlp the first black officer to rise to * auc that level of command. F or ]\eWS Leak C1TYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL We furnish metal containers for apts., business offices, stores and factories, 1 cubic yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for one stop spring cleanup, remodeling or Honey Do special projects. Call low bidder Bill, 3421134, 24 years of experience Due to Promotions I Have OPENINGS for SALESMEN B&R CARPET SERVICE New & Used Installed. Repairs — All Kinds, 342-4050 Samuel L. Gravely, its NOTICE Request Lot The Board of Trustees of Car] Sandburg College District 51( will accept proposals to black top on existing parking lot approximately 120' x 270\ Specifications may be obtained by writing or calling, Dr. Loren R, Nicol, Director of Business Affairs, Carl Sandburg College, South Lake Storey Road, Galesburg, Illinois 61401, Telephone 309-343-6101. Proposals will be received until 1:00 p.m. July 20, 1973. Loren R. Nicol Director of Business Affairs Carl Sandburg College Galesburg, Illinois 61401 7/7; IT velope with the proper endorsement. The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities. Proposal guarantee in the amount of not less than 10% of the bid, or as provided in Article 102.09 of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, will be required. A surety bond for the full amount of the award will not be required. July 3,1973, By Order of Knox County Board Jack A, Witt County Superintendent of Highways 7-7-1t NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed proposals will be received in the office of the Knox County Superintendent of Highways until 10:00 o'clock A.M., July 13, 1973, for furnishing materials for maintenance of Chestnut Road District as follows: Aggregate CA-6, 4,000 tons, and at that time publicly opened and read. Proposals shall be submitted on form furnished by the County which may be obtained at the Gffice of the Superintendent of Highways, Knoxville, Illinois, and shall be enclosed in an en- NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed proposals will be received in the office of the Knox County Highway Department, U.S. Route 150, Knoxville, Illinois until 10:00 A.M., July 13, 1973, for the purchase of one new air compressor and one new riding lawn mower, and at that time publicly opened and read. Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished by the County, and shall be enclosed in an envelope endorsed "Equipment Proposal." The right is reserved to reject any and all proposals and to waive technicalities. BY ORDER OF THE COUNTY HIGHWAY COMMITTEE OF THE KNOX COUNTY BOARD, J. A. WITT, CO. SUPT. OF HWYS. 7-7-11 HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) — Sen. Howard H. Baker, R- Tenn., the senior Republican on the Senate Watergate Committee, denied Friday that one of his aides was fired for leaking information to the news media. A story published Press-Scimitar in the said Memphis that James Jordan, a legislative assistant to Baker, was placed on leave after Democratic senators on the committee complained of news leaks. "The story is totally untrue," Baker said in a statement. "I know of no leaks or even complaints by Mr. Jordan," Baker did say Jordan would leave his office in August to return to law school. ROOFING and chimney repair. All work guaranteed and insured. 20 years experience. 342-0247. WEED MOWING 343-5949 PAINTING Interior or Exterior. Tor free estimates call 342-3096 anytime, Fully Insured. Seeding & Sodding E. J. MARTIN - 342-0521 CARPET CLEANING. Dirt Is actually extracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Steamliner, 3424232. Moving - Storage-8 National company offers rapid advancement, vehicle and all major fringe benefits. STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! 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Corp. $15,000 Plant EAngr.—New Faciy. _._$15,000 Tool Design—Fee Paid $11,000 Draftsman—Arch, or Mech. $10,000 Diesel Mech.—No Tools. (9,000 Warehouse Foreman—Growl—(9,000 Tool 8c Die—Local, Days __-$9,000 Welder—Mlg. t Arc $8,500 Auto Mech.—Nice Boss $7,000 Call Bob Tilton. 342-1112 Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel PART TIME bartenders, 2 or 3 nights a week, 5 P.M. to 1 A.M. Ideal for second income, experience preferred but not necessary as we will train proper person. Northgate Lounge, 343-8645 before 5 P.M. 342-6415 after 7 P.M. Ask for Jack Enes. Help Wanted - Male-11 FOR THE Secretary looking for fun Ac responsibility. Work with friendly team of employees in local firm. $350 plus benefits. Call Teresa 342-1112. Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. WANTED, girl for general olllce work. Emphasis on bookkeeping and computer work, 40 hour week, fringe benefits. Apply in person after 4 P.M. G&M Dls- trlbutor, Inc., 343 S. Kellogg. m CLEANING lady one day a week* In Knoxville, furnish own transportation. Phone 289-4860 after 5 p.m. 3 WAITRESSES FOR THE LOUNGE Must be 21 or older. Also 3 waitresses for The Cotiee Shop. Day and night shifts. Apply In person. May call for app't. 343-5151 Ask, for Mr. Peck LOCAL prestige retail concern wants gal to take charge of dept. Jk become buyer. $358 to start plus good bonus & all benefits. Call Teresa 342-1112. Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. CLERK-typist wanted for downtown office. 5',a day week. Pleasant working conditions. Opportunity for advancement. Start $375. Permanent. Good fringe benefits. Reply Box 912 c/o Galesburg Register-Mail. SUPPLEMENT your Income — Sell AVON. Set your own hours, they can be either Day time and/or Evening. Call 342*1622 or write AVON MANAGER, P.O. Box 1385. Galesburg, IU. 61401. TOP WAITRESS job available for right person, reliable, neat and dap CaU 343-8645 before 5 P.M.; 342- ust be over 21, and dependable. 6415 after 7 P.M., ask for Jack Enes, Northgate Lounge. ATTRACTIVE ladies with nice figures nnd personalities wanted for sales positions with international company. Good salary. CaU MISJ Brown for app^t,_342-9l04. PROFESSIONAL office seeking employee, age 25 to 35. A challenging position with good salary and benefits. Please send complete resume with references. Write Box 909, care Galesburg Register- Mall. Help Wanted - Male, Female -13 EXPERIENCED or RTS COUNTER MAN NEAT, clean, experienced driver's needed. Dale's Cab, 342-1150, 5 a.m. -1:30 am, PJNKERTON, INC. Equal Opportunity Employer Needs security guards In Galesburg area, male and female. Many fringe benefits, age no ler if fn " barrier good health. Light work, minimum age 21. Apply Holiday Inn, Galesburg or call for app't., ask for Pinkerton Representative, Friday from OA." i M. to 6 P.M. needed for New Car Dealership iBecause of the dollar situation 1 can't really afford to get myself one yet/' Turner said. Good opportunity for the right person Reply to P.O. BOX 350, GALESBURG AIRWAY COMPANY needs 2 ambitious young men or women to show their new Mark II on prearranged app'ts. set by company. No experience necessary, we will train you. Potential earnings $800 to SI200 a month. Must have car ana phone. Either full or part time. For personal Interview call 342-271Q, from 2:30 to 7:30 P.M. FULL TIME or part time. Apply in person. Arby's Roast Beef or Burger Champ, from 2 to 4 p.m. only. LIVE IN help for elderly coupled Nice home, nelp required for llm- lted time. Phone 343-152$. 4 MEN OR WOMEN NEEDED Immediately to learn new trade. No previous experience needed. Ambitious and desire for higher income essential. Car helpful. 343-2106. An equal opportunity employer. ^ JANITOR wanted, 9 to 12 morn_ togs- Apply Marties, 57 S. Cherry. INDIVIDUAL to do light merchandise service and inventory work. Car required. Approximately 10 hrs. per week. Call 343-517S between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. for further details. WANTED — Experienced Real Estate Sales Person. We pay top commissions and offer top advertising, secretarial service, office facilities, and require a minimum in sales from our sales E ersonnel. CaU Anthony B. ischwe. Realtor. 343-1165. ...... , — ... - miJhi (Continued on Page 20). J i

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