Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 7, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1973
Page 15
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r SHORT RIBS Golesbui* BUZ SAWYER WHIN ' om. WHEN VOJfi eflfcW MX> ?H* Re li il I BLONDIE WHY WOULD TUOftUSYS SEND YOU A SET-WELL CARD ? IP t DON'T*COME IN AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK THEY THINK (KOKV I'M SICK BUT HOW ttt> fr SET THERE? PONT YOU REMEMBER, DBA*? VALOfe/ WOULDN'T CARRY A PISTOL, SO N©U -ffiLP HER TO TAKE 1 A HUNTING KNIFE. * V ' Walt Disiicv's SCAMP \ "7-7 BUGS BUNNY I'M PRACTICING AW INPIAN RAIN DANCE FOR A PROGRAM WE'RE dlVlN'ATTW' HMMM i W1NTHROP THE6E DOLPHINS WERE V€RV QUOCIO LEARN WHATEVER WE TAUGHT THEM. Transportation Departures Burlington Northern Eastbound 348 Chicago (Mon.-Sat.) _ 7:35 a.m. 6 Chicago (Mon.-Sun.) 7:55 a.m. (Stops at Aurora only) 346 Chicago (Sun. only) 10:20 a.m. Burlington Northern Westbound 5 Denver-S.F. 7:10 p.m. Burlington Northern Southbound 347 Quincy 8:40 p.m. Santa Fe Eastbound 16 Chicago : 9:06 a.m. 4 Chicago — 10:10 a.m. Santa Fe Westbound 15 Houston 8:00 p.m. 3 Los Angeles 9:25 p.m. BUS SCHEDULE Westbound To West Coast 7:00 a.m. To West.Coast; 5:20 p.m. To Davenport (la.) and West Coast (Fri. and Sun.) 6:20 p.m J Eastbound To Peoria-Indianapolis —12:05 p.m. To Chicago-East Coast —12:05 p.m. To Chicago-East Coast — 7:20 p .m. To Peoria-Indianapolis — 7 :20 p .m. Southbound To Springfield (111.), St. Louis (Mo.) and point* south —... 12:05 p.m To Springfield (111,), St Louis (Mb,) and points south (Fri.-Sun.) 4.05 p.m. To St. Louis — 5:20 p .m. AIRLINE SCHEDULE Ozark Northbound m . j • 702 To Chicago* . 8:35 a.m. * (Except Sunday: 702 becomes 710 departing 9:00 a.m.) 610 To Chicago 1—0 :35 p .m. Ozark Southbound 80? To St: Louis 10:22 a.m. 807 To St. Louis 9:42 p .m. OUR BOARDING BOUSE-Wilb Maj. Hoople A 6 HES BAXTER SAID THE POLICE R 5 UNP AN AEROSOL. CAN CF 5HAVIN6 CREAM IN THEIR BARREL: WHEN MR. BAXTER BURNET? THE TRASH TAB CAN llP SUE EXCEPT THAT BAXTERS MOST VALUABLE POSSESSION IS A CITATION TOR NEVER BEING LATE R3R ©RAPE SCHOOL I HEP BETTER F0R6ET IT.' WMTLL BAXTER REMEMBERS HE SHAVES WITH AN ELECTRIC R A.Z OR'. Wj K NU, to., T.M. l«. U.S. Pit. 0*f. GIVE A DOLPHIN A euN Ficwaz SEED TO CRACK OPEN AND HEt> STARVE TO DEATH / 4 1 < pie* f 4 r CAPTAIN EASY THE STILLNESS- Of THE SUMMER NlfiHT IN PINEVAIB \& $UDPEMLy SHATTERED - 50 PIP THE POLICE" FOR BE IN a CAU.EP OUT FOR. N0THIN6' WHAT WAS THAT SHOT- OUTSIDE WAIT!.,.PIPN'T yOU JUST SAY FLOVD WAS OUT IM • BUT THE 9UMMERH0USET 11 fa 1 i P Jacoby Super Defense All Right NORTH • 7 VKQ8754 • QJ962 4J 9 Station WGIL Radio AM Schedule ••> A 7-7 ABOUT ITT MISS GRUNDV!.,. IP BETTER GfcT OUT THERE-FAST- ANP ^EE IF HE 1 ^ ALL RIGHTi C 'l .nibvNU. IK .. T.M. U%. U.$. W. 0* 1400 XilpcyclM SUNDAY A.M. 1f73byNtA. lw.,T.A MAPE HJM IC^ A SIFT A. 8 .1 Rit. ew. 7" 7 JOHNNY HAZARD Par. OW. EAST 48 V10963 • 543 + KQ987 WEST(D) 4J943 • AK1087 • 64 SOUTH • AKQ10652 • Void •A10532 North-South vulnerable Weit North Eut Soith H if/ Pass 44 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-iK By Oswald & James Jacoby Here is a hand from one of the side games at the Spring Nationals that was set at one table as the result of a careless play by declarer and super- brilliant defense by West. We believe the play by declarer, but rather think West came up with the defense some time after the score had been marked down. South ruffed the diamond lead with his deuce of trumps; cashed the ace of clubs; ruffed a club in dummy; led dummy's queen of diamonds and discarded his singleton heart. West was in with the ace of diamonds and could find no better lead than his ace of hearts. South ruffed and started to run his high trumps. Most Wests hung onto their jack of trumps; were thrown in with it and forced to lead a red card to allow South to discard three club losers on hearts and diamonds. One West is supposed to have played his jack and nine of trumps on South's ace and king. This made it impossible for South to throw him in and eventually East set the contract with three club tricks. Where did the careless play by South come in? Right at trick one? He coujd have ruffed the diamond with his five of spades. After that play it would not have done West any good to jettison his highest spades. He would still have been thrown in with the three-spot which is one pip higher than the deuce. 6:00—News 6.05—Music 6:30—Ne ws 6:35—Music 7:0O—Ne ws 7:05—Music 7:15—Aviator's Forecast 7:20—Music 7:30—News 7:35—Music 7:45—The Truth That Heals 8:00—News NLS & Local Sports 8:15—Weather 8:20—Bethany Bible Thoughts 8:30—Christian Brotherhood Hour 9.00—News NLS & Scores 9:15—Lindstrom's Records 10:0O—Headlines 10:02—Lindstrom's Becords 11:0O—News 11:05—Church Service P.M.— 12:00—News 12:15—Weather 12:20—Sporta 12:2&—Music 12:30—News 12:35—Suggested Solutions 1:00—News 1:05—Music During the Afternoon* News on the Hour and Halt Hour. Otherwise Music. 5:00—News 5:15—Bill Miller 5:20—Sports 5:25—Weather 5:30—News 5:35—Music At Night Newa on the Hour and Hall Hour. Otherwise Musie 9:05—Decisions Of The 70's 9:30—Lutheran Vespers 10:0O—Nightcap News 10:15—Church World News 10:30—News 10:35—Northwestern Reviewing Stand ll:0O—News 11:05— What's The Issue 11130—Nc ws 11:35—Labor News Conference " 11:55—News 12:0O—Sign Off MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.°4:55—Sign On Portals of Prayer 5:00—News 5:05—Music 5:25—Collins Market 5:30—RFD lUlnois 6:0O—Ne ws 6:10—Music 6:30—News NLS & Sports 6:40—Music 7:00—News 7:10—Music 7:30—News 7:4 5—Music 7:55—Aviator's Forecast 8:00—News NLS & Sports 8:10—Music ••8:20—Midwest Photo 8:30—News 8:35—Music 8:55—Pink and Blue 9:00—Ne ws 9:05—Speak Easy 9:30—News 9:35— Speak Easy 10 ;00—News 10:05—Mid-Morning Market* 10:10—Speak Easy News on the Hour and 10:30—News 10:35—Problem & Solution 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30—News 11:35—Music 11:55—portals of Prayer P.M.— 12:00—News 12:05—Markets «c Farm News 12:15— Extension Advisor 12:25—Weather 12:30—News 12:35—News 12:50—Sports 12:55—Jack Anderson 1:00—News 1:05—Music During the Afternoon Half Hour. Otherwise Mualc 5:00—Ne ws 5:20—BUI Miller—State Capitol 5:25—Markets at a Glance 5:26—Steve McCormick 5:30—News 5:35—Sports 5:55—Jimmy The Greek 6:00—News 6:05--Music At Night, News on the Hour and Hall Hour. Otherwise Music 10:00—Nightcap News 10:15—News in the World Today 10:30—News ••••10:35—Music 11:0O—News • 11:05—Music 11:30—Sports Scores 11:35—Music All Might Long Hews On The Hour and Half Hour. Otherwise Music NOTE: •—Monday Only -Thursday Only -Sportsline Tuesday Only -On Friday Night Spurts Roundtable Station WGIL Radio FM Schedule SUNDAY A.M.— 12:00 Midnight—Nighttiraa Music 5:00—News Headlines 5:05—Wake-Up Show 5:30—News 5:35—Wake-Up Show 6; 0ft—News 6:05—Wake-Up Show 6:30—Ne ws 6:35—Wake-Up Show 7:00 News 7:05—Wake-Up Show 7:45—Christian Science Program 8:00—News, Weather & Sports 8:15—Bethany Bible Thoughts 8:30—Christian Brotherhood Hour 9:00—News, Weather & SporU 9:15—Lindstrom's Records 11:00—Country Music in Stereo P.M,— 9:0O—News 9:05—Decision of the 70's 9:30—Lutheran Vespers 10:0O—Nightcap News 10:15—Church World News 10:30—Reviewing Stand 11:00—News 11:05—What's The Issue 11:30—Labor News Conference 12:0O-Sign Off WGIL-FM will broadcast Sporting Events of Area - and national Interest. Check WGIL s Sports Schedule in Monday's Register-Mail. WGIL-FM has Hews at Fifteen alter the Hour from The American FM Radio Network P.M.— Noon—National News, Farm Markets & News, & Extension Advisor Program 12:30—Noon News (Natl, Local) 1:00—Country Music In Stereo 4:15—News 4:25—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports 4:30—Country Music in Stereo 5:00—News (Natl, Local) 5:30—The Ralph Emery Show 6:30— Country Music in Stereo WGIL-FM wlU broadcast sporting events ol area and national Interest. Check WGIL's sports schedule in Monday's Register-Mail for exact time. News from the American FM Radio Network can be heard on WGIL-FM al fifteen after each hour. I A &UPPEM EARTH INGATAKB JUSTA& PRIVEM BUKME&g TRIBESMEN,,. NOT "THAI fir/ 50MEOME& GOT HIMSELF A PRIVATE *HO CHI MINK' TRA1L../POWN FfS5CVABURV\A^ ALLEY OOP Note: Monday's schedule is the same as Tuesday through Friday except that the station Is off the air from Midnight to 5:00 AM. TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Midnight—Nighttime Muaie 5:00—News and Sports 5:05—Wake Up Show 5:30—RFD in Illinois 6:00—News, Weather & Sports 6:10—Wake Up Show 6:30—News, Weather & Sports 6:40—Wake Up Show 6:55—Complete Weather Show 7:00—Country Music in Stereo 7:30—Breakfast Edition of the News 7:45—Country Music in Stereo 8:15—News 8:20—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports «:25—Country Music in Stereo Station WAIK Radio Program Schedule SUNDAY A.M.— 6:30—Unshackled 7:05— Searchlight 7:35—Apostolic Tabernacle 7:45 ABC Sports 8:05—Pastor Paulson, Bethel Baptist 8:20—Sunday Sports 8:35—Dan Genisio 9:05—Jesus Name Pentecostal Church 9:35—Central Congregational Church 10:05—The Lutheran Hour 10:35—Viewpoint 11:00—First Baptist Church 11:20—Bethany Baptist Church P.M.— 12:00— Sunday Noon Newa 12:15— Sunday Easy Listening 1:35—Viewpoint 1:45—ABC Sports 3:35—Viewpoint 4:05—School News 4:10— Sunday Easy Listening 5:45—ABC Sports 5:50—Dinner Music Local News on the Hour ABC News on the Half Hour MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.— 6:00—Daybreak with Swick & Rog 6:55—Weathercast 7:25—Swick on Sports t 7:30—Paul Harvey News 7:35-^Local News 7:50—Astroguider 8:05—Weathercast 8:10—Memory Lane 8:35—Viewpoint 8:45—Town Crier 9:45—ABC World of Sports 10:05—Farm Market Flash 10:06—Galesburg Reports 11:05—Tradio 11:30 Morning Music P.M.— 12:00—Paul Harvey Newa 12:15—Local News 12:30—Order Buyers Report 12:40—Swick on Sports 1:00—State News 1:35—Viewpoint 2:40—Job Finder 2 :45— Town Crier 3:10—ABC Business News 3:35—Viewpoint 3:45—ABC World of Sports 4:05—Farm Market Flash 4:35—Club 36 5:06 Business News 5:10 Club 36 5:10—Club 36 5:35—Reynolds Commentary 5:45—ABC Sports 5:50—Dinner Music 6:35—Viewpoint 6:40—Easy Listening Local News on the Hour ABC News on the Half Hour VERY WELL/ SINCE HE CHOOSES DEATH TO 6LAVERV, TJ4EN SO BE IT 4* t . KILL HIM// WAIT, YOUR HIGHNESS/.' s V h,, \ V «>7 THE BORN LOSER •in FRANK AND ERNEST \

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