Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 3, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE 2—XAUOATtJCK NEWS (CONN.). MONDAY, FEB. 9, 1847 DREW PEARSON *- • • - ON •"" :'. ••-•• °The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pcarsn Says: Soviet Ambassador Garbles His Denials; How Phil Murray Blocked Rent Increase; Army Books Take Curse Off Bayonets ( - ft' Soviet Ambassador Novikov is as iii;- in his diplomatic relations as, in Jus press ro- lalions, lit- ought to l>e recalled from the all-important post of Russian Kiivoy 'to the United States. Tho other flay the Ambassador denied a conversation published in this column in which he was reported. as that tlio American people should not put too much reliance on the atomic bomb, and hinted that Russia might have adequate defense against the bomb or else a bomb of her own, Indl^rmntly, the /.mbnysulov denied that he htui said any such thlnjf. ''The usur.l dlHtortlon by Mr. Pearson." ho claimed. Then he compUUnod that his talk with Robert Gros (the California Ipc.turcr whom thiH column quoted) had been "ot Mho-record" and ho "couldn't understand how it had leaked to the press," In other words, tho Ambassador both admitted and denied that he said what he did—all In the same breath. Perhaps If his Government lets Mr. Novikov hanK ai'ound long cnouuKh, he'll learn to pick one wtory or the other and then stick to it. Army Education Public opinion expert George Gallup proved to tho last: decimal point thi.i week that more men would enlist in the more Army men and iu*i: courses are accepted for credit by almost every school in the country. Gallup goes on to make tho weird statement 'that army authorities question the idea of the Army's goins into the business of general education. Clearly, none of Gallup's score- koopors asked the Secretary of War or power - packed General E u c k" "Lanham. head of the Army's Information and Education branch about this. They not only don't question it, but they do If sending teachers and books and quizzes and lessons by the thousands all over '.he world. Lanham is a combat soldier turned schoolteacher, and good at both. He was Commander of the 22nd RcKlment of the famous 4th DM- holds decorations up to Dia- March Of Dimes Auction Sponsored by the Naugatuck News At The Salem Playhouse Tuesday, February 4th Bid for the merchandise listed below, contributed ;by Naugatuck Merchants and Businessmen. What you pay for the merchandise will go totthe March of Dimes. Note these valuable items; and be at the Playhouse prepared tp bid for bargains. Value Given By $49.50 Carlson Furniture Co. 10.00 Vernon,; Gustafson .9.95 Hawley Hardware 10.00 Chuck's Friendly Serv. 6.50 Gerald's Appliance 12.75 Gerald's Appliance 5.45 Gerald's Appliance 24.50 Naug'atuck Furniture 12.00 Tarnowskl's Mkt. . 17.00 B'atteiy & Auto 24.00 Weiss Ben Franklin 10.00 Norton Grocery Store sion, ^1U ll| |»wtv*i* w — — - ---- tlnguishcd Service Cross and In- system whereby educational training In the service would count toward high school filoman." or college dl- Thc Army's .Information und Education branch was glad to hear that t.hoy should educate service- mun, hut they want to know one thinf,': Who's going to educate Dr. Gallup? What ho apparently doesn't know In that the United Statns Armed Forces .Institute makes every conceivable type of study uouryc available to any soldier, sailor, marine or coast guardsman who wants it. A total of 1,900,000 men already have acquired schooling via USA[•'!. Also, they've got credit for it. In 'the last year alone. 20.000 servicemen received high school diplomas via the Army. These diplomas and USAFI's col- sincere .,„„ , iinil tVriMlne Hl.ViS $55 to $3500 KX«;l.fHIVBI,Y AT— PIERPONT'S Krichtcrrtl iftnvrlrrN, Ainrriciiti (inn I iffli BANK ST.—WATKRBUHY nu.n ..-. f;!ve .servicemen all tho schorollnS They'll take as he was in -his out- flffi drive across France. And he has done just exactly what Dr. Gallup doesn't roalize is being done- made books help takq the nurse off bayonets. MyntcrioiiH R«nt Order There wore some very, peculiar shenanigans behind tho mysterious 10 per cent rer.t Increase which President Truman suddenly killed !;ut wuek. Innide . fact is that the i-oul citato lobby was no close to getting the rent hike approved the OPA actuajly had its oftt- clal announcc-ment" mimeographed and ready for release to the press Item Beautyrest 'Mattress Perfume Set Electric Icon Order Credit Travel Iron Breakfast Set Silex Stove .„ "Portable Stove Virginia Ham Automobile Tire 4 Portable Closets @ $6 Two Cases of Groceries Service Order • Electric Phonograph Service Order Custom-Made Trousers Service Order Sheep-skin Coat Service Order Two Cases Motor Oil Lady's Wrist Watch Service Order Service Order Two Cans Salad Oil Two Pairs Silk Hose Table Cloth Rain Coat Two Toilet Sets Lady's Robe Cast- of Peas Pair of Men's Shoes Two Boxes Cigars Table Lamp Box of Groceries A calendar ot events foi today, tomorrow and every day Tonight Tri-Hi-Y club meeting. . Centennial Lodgo meeting. Naugatuck Aerie oT Eagles class initiation. Naugatuck Woman's club meeting. Naupatuck . Men's Chorus re- icarsal. Industrial pool tournament. ;•" •."••. . Feb. 4'. ":. . Kennedy Circle card party.' Board..of warden .and burgcsucB meeting. •:.' • • Elks' Past Exalted Rulers night. News March, of Dimes Auction at the Salem. Playhouse. Feb. 6 Dusty Basketball at Y..'M, C, A. Pond Hill Community Club ways and means committee mec.tlng. .... Feb. 8 West Side'Community Club Valentine dance. cleaso to the press, m, e Dozen Diapers Hci-c i« the inside story ot what -iJiin x^u^ii i happened and how the CIO's canny Phil Murray killed the rent blitz. o f tenants, had a right to be neara. At 11 a. m, Murray pot A tip from jje accused Steclman of giving him <m OPA employe that rents were ] t he run-around. KOintf to bo increased. Immediately he phoned Presidential Recon-; version Director John Steelman. "John, I just learned that the OPA is drafting- an order to raise i-cnw 10 per cer.t through the Of!)co of Temporary Controls," Murray .said. "The order is to be released today, effective February 1st." "That's the first I've heard oE i 5.00 Licborman Dry Cleaners 42.50 Gans, Inc. 20.00 Tljiljodeau Studio 20.00 Zembruski Tailors 22.50 Zzinski, Painter & Papcrhanger 35.00' M. Frcedman-Co. 5,00 Fox Cleaners 18.00 ' Poust Service Station 47.50 • Schpei-o Jewelers 10.75 Hubbcll's Service Station 10.00 Kievman's Cleaners 11.50 Ideal Meat Market 5.90 G. C. Murphy Co. 5.50 Kennedy Store 1U95 Rubin's 10.00 Carroll Cut .Rate 11.00 Raphael's 7.50 Moore's Market 15,00 Norwash Shoe Store 12.00 ' Vic's.Smoke Shop 16.95 Naugatuck Hardware 5.00 Lamson's Store Wally's Pept. Store IUV I Ull"«*l UMl*n - • - -rt. •!'" "I just can't see them now, Phil, said Steelman, "I'll call Bob Lamb (the CIO's legislative representative)' when I'm free." "All right, then," replied Murray. "I assume I'm getting the runaround *o I'm g-oing to send my letter over to the President immediately.." Murray hung up..let word, leak to the 1 Tl'il W LJU; in ai. -4. ? fc iiiit*' v* v* • -i Lilt; J/i uaa ^ii***. i.***, *v r" • Phil," replied Sleclman. However,! increase was In the bag. Ncwsmei nc pcumised to look and cail immediately' queried IU " whit.- - K^?«« -'-„-"J f --,- Mufi-ny back. Mui-ray had a delegation ready STILL AVAILABLE!! A Hmltrd ninnlior of Cuthollo and I'rotoJ.tiint rnllclmifi calnn- diirx, 1'lcii.iu telfphono If you dcitirc one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home aa TAJIK PLACE Tulephono l.'i.'H to m.iUc a vlgrous protest to Steel man bin advised thetn to wait. Meanwhile he confirmed the fact Lluit. (,ho order raising ronta not •only had been drafted, but was complfitcd. A Poor lunch, haV,lng 'no word from Stoelman, Murray dictated | <x blunt letter to the President, denouncing the rent Increase as a violation of Truman'a frequently violated affi-ccmcrvt line" on prices. He to "hold the . asked Truman how labor could be expected not to for higher wages and not to .strike whfln landlords scalped the rifitlon's tenants. A3 Murray was finishing his letter, he received .-mother call from his OPA Informer saying that the cii-tlcr raising re»!» was about to bo mimeographed for release .to the press. Jmmcdiatnly he called Stcol- mnn again, asknd what thn Presi- man said he hadn't been able to conllrm the report, also that the Ueruij) assistant had learned. Stecl- position was' well known a» bein^ opposed lo any <i< __.^ ^_ the White House,' which'finally brought the matter to the President's direct attention when White House press secretary Charlie "Ross laid the news ticker flash on th,e President's desk. Simultaneously, Murray's letter was -placed in front of the Chief Executive. At this point Truman hit the ccilinsr. "We'll nip this .one in the bud,' ho said and ordered Ross to announce there would be no rent increase unless it was ordered b> Consress. In a matter of minutes, the White House announcement WAS on the wires. When OP'A officials .saw it, they turned green around the Bills, hastily ripped up .the order increasing rents 10 per cent, and reversed a previous press announcement that Local Carriers To Attend Convention The .53rd annual conycrftion of letter carriers will be held in Hartford on the afternoon and evening of Fob. 22. The local carriers will be represented by Cliff Swirski, Charles LuChancc and. Charlie McNamec. What's Doing In Naui 50 Parents At Now AtLbewPoli Annabel!* and Richard Conte In u scene-from "13 Rue Madeleine" starring James Carney, now playing at .the Ix>ew-Poll theater, Waterbury. MHO on the same program the comedy "Gcnlu* at Work. More, than .CO parents, of. fourth,, fifth . and jaixth grade 'pupll.8 of. the Salem school attended an. informal meeting with teachers recently in the school's. kindergarten room . . : Miss Helen G.. Moroney, . prln- cipfil. .discussed educational., curriculum, as planned tp meet the Individual,capacities, and .needs of the child. She poin'ted'out that par : cnts mus ; t understand the child's noeds if the school program, is, .to be successful.. . . . As each child is competing, with himself and has .different and var- | led'talents,, she said it is the con-( start aim . of elementary school teachers and principals to develop the talents BO that they 'may be useful to the child in adult life, not only -from a vocational standpoint, bu-t so that.his life may be more fully lived, in .all its. phases. Miss Moroney discussed in detail 'concepts 'in. teaching and ompha-. sized that she .and the teachers of the Salem school are ready and eager to discuss individual problems with parents and to answer questions regarding school pro- grains. Besides .the .principal, teachers present were: Miss Anna Holland, sixth grade; Mrs. Dorothy Galvin, sixth grade; Miss Julia Casey, fourth grade, . and Miss Lillian Smith, fifth grade. . •'.,». parents of the seventh and eighth grade pupils will be invited to a similar meeting to be scheduled in the near future. In the aeries of parent-teacher mcc-tingB, those of lower grades met during the Fall aeason. St. er Thomas McHale, . a .student at Yale 'university, formerly a .member of, .the U. S. Rubber Laboratory staJT, was Fhe speaker at a recent Prospect atroct school assembly. ".''•' ' . .. .. .Mr. McHale, formerly an officer in the 'United States Navy spent <i year and .a ha'.f in the Philippine Islands. During his stay there, Mr. McHale .traveled to many, parts of 'the islands and had lions at first-hand and of speaking the opportunity of seeing condi- to many groups of students from th-eu nicnrsity to the elementary level about the United States. Mr. McHale presented a graphic picture of conditions in the islands, the university to the elementary and dialects and of the hardships with which the country has to contend to maintain its newly-created independence. TURKEY MEN TO TURKEY RUN Lafayette, Ind. (UP) — Turkey growers of several utatcs will hold their annual convention ivt .1 very appropriate place — Turkey Run State Park, Ind. Union City, post office Francis Cullcn is chairman of tho substitute and bulletin board committees.. Sweetened condensed milks arc least likely to be injured by severe freezing, Acts AT ONCE to ' itelieve and 'Loosen* (CAUSED BY COLDS) FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 a "statement would ,.-... from OPA." . • . I So It was a double play from, Steelman to Truman that blocked the real estate lobby's latest operation. (Copyright, 1947, by The Bell , Syndicate, Inc.) rent increase by tho-iAdminlstra , ilon, except in •hardship cases. j '-NORTH CHURCH UNCHANGED Sti'fiinon Stall* ' • Boston (U P)—The oldest church "Well I'm. telling you, John, i building still in use in Boston is Old you'd better-act on"'this immediate-1 N°'' th Church, which looks the ly. I've got a letter here that I'm ' sam , e ^^f 8 il did when lt w ? 8 .ending over to the President, by. dedicated 223 years ago- messenger. I can assure you that there's going to be an awful lot of trouble for the Administration 1C thia ROCS through. I also havo a <!elC'£,'.'ition here that wants to sec you right away. When ran you jcn them?" Stcclnir.n said he,, was busy. couldn't see the dclocation Just j then. Murray insisted that the delegation, which represented millions! fiaa Unt apoonful* of mrrvtnx -mutt promptly ".rallftve such couching or money bMkJ- Pr**crlb«<l by thousands of Doetor»l'»«aTT7B«iN acte at oner, not only to-nllBVe coughing bur Itvetu- *lly loownj pMcpm' and -makca it 1 »Mler to mUw, Safer Efftativr.l fltatant. i A^.MM^,/ Buy fMWfttlM tOiim. ' BLONDS PREFERRED Tucson, Ariz—.CUP)—The United States employment service, has filled a job order for a cowboy fence rider with a blond mustache The rancher-employer felt that men with blond, mustaches brought him good luck, _ R&P METAL WORKS 09 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Export WeldlnR of All Type* Forglnu, Sheet Metal and briuimental Steel Work Sheet and Bar MeUl for Sale Telephone «377 Venetian Blinds !• .Black. •• • D»» HwvlM LEBON'S t7« N». M»ln 81. LADIES' FLANNEL NIGHTGOWS Reg. Size — $2:39 X-Bize; J- $2 69 90 S SPRING , STORE: FLOWERS Far All Occiwlon* FLOWKnS TKLKOWAFJIED EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BUBBER AVEIOTB 6J2.1 Convenience tiiiiiply phone 3804 for a routomari . . ...or, If you' prefer, bring your dry cleaning to our very. conveniently lucutrd store und plant .' i' ."JILAUTY «-orkiiuin.Hlil|), thorough cleaning, alwiiys. peerlegs ^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^"^^^T™^^^^™^^^^^ 150 NORTH MAIN ST. JEOKEI.IWNL PHONF 5B54 NOTICE OLD AGE ASSISTANCE TAX OF THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT Enrollment Of Oct. 1st, 1946 NOW DUE AU'persona between a«e« of 21'and 60 Inclusive must pay whether.,you receive a bill or not ... ...... Veteran? of World Wiir 2 must have honorable dischnrKc recorded with. Town Clerk to qualify tor exemption. Veterans of World'"War 1 must have service-connected dls- . ability to be exempt. . . . ' : , TAX OFPICE OPEN WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS DURING THE ..MONTH OF FEBRUARY PENALTY OF $1.00 ADDED ~ AFTER MARCH 2, 1947 Make Checks Payable to Old Age Assistance Tax .Collector, PATRICK F, McKEON /Tax Collector '; TOWN ; New Parking Meters Received - t Twenty-five new parking meters, ordered several months ago by the boroug-h," .have been received, according to a report today by Police Chief John J.. Gormley. The new mctera will be installed in the important streets in ; lhe center of the borough's business district, and will replace those now in use. Ask Your Red Cro* r question* and Aniw*r«i ; : ; Q. Why IH the Ilcd Crow jfc.' Numlni; Courno, important t» •*.! a homrmnUer? ;.•••,"** A. The mother or hoi ha» the Important Job- of herself and her family ... health, of ansistinp in tfivln per care to mcmbcre of her ™ nold when they arc .ill, M j supjjortlng community ictlon »», the promotion of health.- ' • * • - «. NEWS: DOG CATS RABJRT : Swanton, Vt. (UP)—Allen'fcrtb- way trudged for' hour* throuth tilt woods lookinR for nbblU. \jnjJ he finally shot one, «. dog ftiuM out of the woods, scooped up 'j jabbit and ate it before ~ could reach him. From 69 associations in 1908. the cooperative.? in China now number 1.590, with 22,680 members, with 10 times that number directly bencfit- tcd. DANCING EVERY FRI. KITE KHJ- .tmlconr unit IIIn 3 Mirlngn * Italian und Aiurriran • Full Uqui.r l*rlvllrRFK * I'lrnly of IMrklng Sum* TKIO RESTAURANT ir>'.>2 ThmnaMon Arc. WaUTlmr.v. Oinn. RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925. SWAN'S IS Church St. — TeL 2574 WEISS' Ben Franklin Storr 152 CHURCH 8TBBET Hot Off The Juke Bom*! < POPULAR RECORD* 25c THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinjon Complete Line of CARMOTE PAINTS for Interior and exterior we NATIONAL PRESSURE COOKERS Union City Hardware 384 N. MAUf ST. Union City M. Ratblewlch, Prop. W. J. Stoke*, MET. TRADITIONAL QCAMTV SIIVCBJ9OO GIVE IIV FEBRUARY Choos* an amtthyit birlhiton* ring at a gift of »p«eial signiftcanc* for Fcbruary'i ton or daughter. W« hnv« a •-.-, • . ' ^ tuptrb collection for you to ttlect from ... »ton«t of th« «n«it cuf, color and quality. Prk« ihown include Federal Tax. INvided Payment* Invited •if No 7 Added Comt 68 Bank St. At Center St. .... Waterbury LAKG1C METAI; \y.\STE BASKETS — 08c TBIMZ WAIT. PAPER READY PASTED BORDERS KEMTONE GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free -Delivery Telfph<»n« Joiu the MARCH OP DIMES! ! J. K. STORES CUT BATE, .tlQUOBS, . WINES, BKESS Free Delivery- Anywhere In Borough ' 96 No. Main Sfc 1*1. 4OTO CHAPEL ELBOTEW COMPANY IN NEW QUARTEBS AT 28 CHURCH Tet Ml* _ RADIOS — . ™o^±^— RADIO

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