The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1955 · Page 68
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 68

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 68
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(!«.) Upper Oes Maine* Thursday, December 8, Tidbits From Evelyn ifc* "dog-gondesi" sJory about a family pet Coachcr bo lohgiftg to Carrie, Margaret and William Durant. According to the family. Coachcr likes to a greet each member of the family with a hand shake each morning and repeats the ceremony with William hoping fur a car rjde over to some farmland while he does the chores. At the west end of this land is a high hill cut down quite sharply to the new super highway where cars are constantly passing north and south. Coacher seats himself at the top of this eminence and watches the traffic. His social manner asserts itself and turning his head from side to side he waves a Ymw again and again m friendly fashion at the passing cars. The family wonders if Coacher should be made Algona's city welcomer. * * * Edgar Bergen's writers should be a little more certain of their authors. Last week Dickens was credited with "Little Women." As a matter of fact. Louisa May AJ- cott was the author and I might add it is my favorite book of books. I wonder how many times I've read it. It never loses it's charm and appeal. • • • The L. E. Linnans were recently in Chicago where Luke attended a National Democratic convention, banquet and all. This left Mrs Linnan to amuse herself, but that's an easy thing in a city— plenty of pretties to look at, even if one doesn't, buy—and to sit in the lobbies is fun just watching the world yo by. And in the Conrad Hilton, plenty of the "world" would go by in a short time. I think Ihe Posts' Thanksgiving dinner was the largest I heard about. Thirty-nine in all, counting the family. I asked Lizzie how in the world she took care of them. She is very resourceful I know, and this time was no exception. The turkey, all twenty- eight pounds of him was put in the oVen at 2 a.m., and since Lizzie was sick that night, she was up at intervals to keep an eye on the bird. The worst part of it was she was too sick Thanksgiving day to eat even one tiny morsel of the bird after all her work on him. Two tables and trays solved the serving problem and one guest remarked, "It all went off like clock work." once upon a time, all fluffed up in a gossamere white frock on which was pasted many golden stars. Oh yes, I oven had a crown (.if gold and a wand with a star fastened to the end. Yes, there was even a "star in my crown." possibly the only one I'll ever have. * * * Mrs Anna Madson is confined to her home much o.f the time but she did get away a few days ago when her daughter. Mrs "Heinle" Stebritz took her up tc see the Christmas displays and the street decorations, 'it was indeed a pleasure and she was- able to get into the stores and browze around as long us she wished. Everyone tells me the stores are unusually well stocked thus year. • • * Dan Engesser called his friends to tune in on T.V. Friday even- ins and see Mitch Miller, band director, with whom he talked last August at the Iowa Slate fair in Dos Moines. Dan and his mother were in the audience when Mitch said he'd be glad to answer any questions. Dan, who has a fine collection of Miller's records and is an ardent "fan" spoke up and asked if he thought "Yellow Rose of Texas", a prime favorite of Dan's would ever be mode into a musical. Miller hesitated a bit then answered. "Yes, it could be if a sponsor or "angel", could be found." * * * Years ago Joyce Heeren lived in our apartment several months. She was a lovely child, pretty as <i picture and good as gold most of the time. Today when I phoned her for a news item she lold me- how she and her hus band Dale and (he little girl flew to Hampton to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. By the wildest imagination, when I knew her as .the little girl, wouldn't have pictured' her as traveling via plane with her husband and children. How planes have caught on—and how old it makes one feel to have tot; grow up and have families. We didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving but we have had two pheasants, thanks to tho thoughtfulness and generosity of Harold VanAllen and Gordon Kuhn. It was quite a time at the Geo. Balluff's one night not long ago when twenty-three women got to "cutting up." Cutting up material, that is, for Christmas costumes for the progeny that will take part in school programs. Pity the poor mothers who have two or three children, possibly more, to get ready for the all- important day. I was a "fairy" It's in the air, this urge to gel away from the cold and snow The A. R. Cruikshanks should have pushed on the lines and shoved away sooner,'but perhaps by Tuesday, Dec. 6 it will be fitter traveling weather than it is today. They are going to Des Moines for a brief visit with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Roland Grefe, then on to Brownsville, Tex., to be gone till April 1. I asked Mrs Cruikshank if she had room in the back seat for a passenger. She laughed and replied it would be prettj well filled. The apartment they have rented does not have bedding, dishes and several things Mrs Cruikshank thinks necessary, so these necessities are being loaded in the car. • • • Mrs Carrie Bourne has a winter vacation planned that I wouldn't mind duplicating in part. She is leaving Wednesday for Phoenix, Ariz., and will be guest of Gladys Tribon and her husband, Mr and Mrs Otis Paddock. The Paddock's daughter Patsy is being married Dec. 20 and Mrs Bourne, a long time and loved friend, is "grandma" to Patsy. The wedding .just would not be complete without her. Mrs Bourne and her late husband, Will, spent so many winters in Phoenix it is a second home. She will also spend considerable time with Florence Patterson Howard whose parents, the Ed Pattersons, were friends of many years. Florence was widowed several years ago and the daughter Nadine was married a few years ago. Later Mrs Bourne will go to San Diego, Calif, to visit Mrs Mary Wood, wife of the former Good Hope pastor, and to Glendale to visit a nephew and his wife, Mi and Mrs Charles Barrickman. 1 don't know how long she will bo gone, in fact I don't believe she 1 had decided herself, but she said after that she was going to Cleveland, Ohio to spend the rest of the winter with her daughter. Julia and husband, Mr and Mrs Robert Cutler. Anyhow, it sounds like a wonderful trip. "Santa Glaus" is coming to town." at least the living 1-00171 looks like it. for dolls 1 peer at us from table and chest. Esther is the "Mrs Clans" and she has made a couple of yarn dolls and a couple tif Rock ford sock- dolls all very cute. Little Hex Post was >:o intrigued by a black yarn one made by Esther's sister. Pa! Cook, Esther duplicated it foi Rex. Lizzie brought him over tc get it as I wanted to see his reactions. That smile was worth a million and the way he clutched tho doll to his manly little bosom was worth the effort of making the toy. One mistake was mad'.' by Esther. When he accidentally dropped the doll, Esther tossed it to him. That gave him ideas. He sure caught on fast, and from then on it was hard to make him understand the doll was for caressing not tossing and catching. Isn't it amazing how quickly a child picks up things like that? * • • Again lo 1896—Joe Stall's new clothing store is announced this week. Joe has bought the DUf- dell C.O.D Vi store and put in ftew stock, and is now in thje clothihg race with the rest. He- is a popular salesman and will get his share of the trade. Mrs A. A. Brunson went to Livermore Sat* urday night called unexpectedly by the sudden illness of Mrs Glen Brunson. Glen has been moving into a new home and the work and worry exhausted his wife. No serious sickness is feared. 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