Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 1, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1947
Page 6
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PAGK fl—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, FEB. 1, 1M7 Favorites Triumph In March Of Dimes Basketball Benefit Knights, Morties Register Wins As Has Been Predicted Since Mid Week; Morties* Receive Trophy A packed house watched the fa T vored teams triumph in the March of Dimes basketball double header fit the Y l:ist nlffht. The Morticians bout the Post Office Big Five 30-20 and the Purple Knights won over tho U. S. Kcclsters. 40-23. Both winners had been generally regarded as favorites since midweek, proving that dopc.stcrs are not always wrong. The Post Officc-Mortics liberal u.30 of his dcc-pcr reserves to wear the Rubber down. The Knights meet the Brooklyn, N. Y., Colored Giants at the Y on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 1. The score: Huckiniller's IMurties R.iwlcy, IN i o '2 Smith o 0 0 J. Finke New York Sport Eds Blast Blanchard, Davis On Requests New York, Feb. 1— of -New York's alglit big Graziano Given Until Tuesday To Present Case To Commission New Haven Girls Beat Y Mermaids New "Hive n Girls' Swimming team defeated the Naugnluck Girl's ... New York, Feb. 1—(UP)—Mid- t •s-| dloweight Challenger Rocky Grazi- ta ' team 40 to. 26, in a match yesterda Hnvr>n YMCA The events «aven YMA. me events papers have commented editorially; ano : has been given until next Tues- • SSoilS Noldc. i'f 3 Scully 3 Weaving, c 5 P. Buckmillcr 1 000; which provided as many laughs as ticket purchasers expected, pave the Morticians permanent possession of a much-coveted trophy presented hy Clarence lifilf,-h. The floor play of Charlie Mariano and the marksmanship of Paul Buck- millnr, whn scored one buskiit for the Morties, featured. The meeting of the Purple Knight!! and U. S. KedMt.ei-s provided some of the I'asiliJst basket- bull witnessed In parts for some time. The Knights ran up a final '10-23 advantage mainly because of their ability to hold the pace longer.. lioth "learns were obviously out for blood, line! tho first half especially developed no mi: fairly rloHo KimrdliiK which might have reunited In n notably rough game had not the two officials, RUSK Weaving and Ed Fox. kepi the play woll under control. A decided advantage of four shots caged enahlrcl th" Knlirht-s to finish the fast Ilrst half with n :iQ-ir, advantage. In the second half, however, the Rubber slacked off the pace and snored only 7 points to the Knights' 21. Manager Waller PIOKki nf the Knights who acted as coach in the absence of Cliff Swirsld, who was ill, made Shea, Mariano 0. Finke. rg ... Bertram L. Buckmillcr 2 R 0 6 1 11 0 2 000 000 2 1 5 102 000 Totals 4 36 .Tost Office MaeDonald, IE Wrinn Borison, rf ... . Hanloy Dowling, c ., . Meingini, b f 2 0 00 0 0 2 0 3 2 2 0 by All-America backs Glenn Davis and Felix Mlanchard for permission to play pro ball. And, for the most part, the Manhattan spoil experts don't think much of the request. Sports Editor Jimmy Powers of the "Diily News" says i't would be okay to give Blanchard and Davis a chance to cash in t'.ieir football Dime. "That is," says powprs, "if they'll kick back tb.e money they fret from the Pros to'the U.S. Treasury." Powers suggests that this kick-back would make up for the money spent in educating the Army touchdown twins. Sports Editor Dan Parker of the "Daily Mirror" is dead against granting furloughs to Blanchard and Davi.s. And he calls West Point day to present his case before the! 150 yard "Medley Relay won b; New York State Boxing Commis-| Najigatuck, .Rao Weinhardt, _pllv sion. . . -.-._-. Graziano appeared before commission today to explain why! __ ^ he failed to report having received fi,.^ DeaTy, 2nd' Crosloy (Nff), 3r a 300-thousand dollar bribe offer Francis Else. Time: 32.6 seconds, to throw his scheduled fight with' Ruben Shank on December 27th. After 20 minutes of arguments between attorneys, Graziano's counsel I Rathiewlch, Regina Sullivan. Time the I 2:01:8 seconds. 50 yard Freestyle—New Have 50 Breaststroko—Won by dt, 2nd Dcnnisan (N. (NH). Time: 46:8 —Jacob Rosenblum—asked for and seconds. received an adjournment Tuesday at 2 p. m. (EST). until 50 vart ' Back Stroke won by (N H), Stone, 2nd Olive Rathiewlch P| a farm club for the pro leagues. 4 The sports editor of the No,' Dirdsnll o 0 0 Coekcroft, fit 0 0 0 LaCharcc o 0 0 Tota is 9 2 20 j Score at half time: Morties 1C i i 1 .. O. II. ! Referees: Ruccio, Mariano. Knights Cuaplicki, If ] R. J,om.-iti 1 OnrlinMki. rf 'I H. Tjonian . 2 Chet Wojack. c 3 S'.virski v ... 0 Knrowotny. Ig 0 0 2 •I :I2 0 -1 •I 10 1 I 0 0 Wojiick rg York "Post" — Leonard Cohen — says i'.c thinks "Mr. Inside and M Outside" would bo violating th spirit of an unwritten law at th military academy. Dan Daniels, columnist for th "World Ttleiram," says that Wes Point is not a prep school for th pro football circuits, And Daniel adds that it would be a dangerou precedent to give Blanchard ant Davis .such furloughs. Most bittci of all Is Bll Corum, columnist for the "Journa American." "I know how they — Chas. Wojack Bhnchard and Davis—suffered on the bitter heights of West Point starved and bled while other Am erican youngsters picknickod on two Jima and in tho sunlit fores of the Ardennes," says Corum o i r i " But T won 't be among those present as they race down the field for the pros," 000 Totsils 13 14 -10 If. IS. KiMlstcrs SALEM Edmonds, 1C 0 Yaekov.'ski, if 2 Fi-uin 1 Fsirrar. c 3 Crit'snn, lg Sun. - Mon. - Tues. 1' P 0 0 1 0 St. Mary s Defeats I Methodist Youth Peterson, rf Ganiclotiski 2 1 0 3 0 0 0 Totals S 7 23 Score at half time: Knights 19, If. S. Kr-'dstcrsi :Ui. Referee: Weaving. Umpire: Foy, H! MOLDED H!» UFE...INIJHCO MM C-INIUS...CKUSMED HK MtARTI ' FIMK BORZAGFS Naugy CYO Entries Play Tomorrow The tu- 0 .Vaugatuck enti-ies in the Waterbury K. of C. sponsored OYO icfisuc etat-h tomorrow afternoon. The St. Frfmeis and St. Hed wig's «iciinrn off sit 2 o'clock in The St. Mary's basketball team defeated the Methodist Youth Fellowship team 45 lo 36 at the Hop Brook gym Thursday, Tho Fellowship squad got off to a slow start and trailed 30 to S at the half. However, they warmed up in the cocond half nnd scored 28 points to 15 for St. Mary's. Sokoloski with 19 points was high scorer for St. Mary's, while Zerbe with 18 points was high scorer for the Methodist team. The score: St. Ma ry's IN TfCHNICOlOR CATHEimiC WILLIAM DORN • McLEOD • CARTER MME. MARIA OUSPENSKAYA FELIX SRCSSART . FRITZ FELD Dlr.ct«d by FRANK 80RZAGE A CPUBtlC PICTURE TILftKIM LADY" Columbus Hall. ISc! Fox /c-ree will ref- i:r;iij RASKKTRAM, C.'onnecticut Ii8, *Naw Hampshire L/iS.-iIlL- r>0. Loyola (Baltimore) in. Liiyoln (Chicago) j-l. Bowling Irrcn -1.1. NYt; 78. Brooklyn 30. Tnlane i|7. Oeorgia Tech '15. Kaylor -1-t. Texas A&M S9. CftnisiuK ^3, Siena 37, \V-.shinKLjn <\2, Wichila -II. N'ohraslc-i '!.". Drake •!<!. Cincinnati Bli, Mai-sh;ill M r.lll S;1, Fort Dix 37 Minrni !>'',, Tampa 25. .Springfield fig. St. An^'clm's • South Carolina , r i7, Furman .1.' Snkolotiki, If Kissanc. rt Beaucha.Tip 1 °. Donnelly, c : 1 Romanoff, lg ; 3 Smith i Taf t. I-JT '.'. 4 E. Donnelly O 1 Totalt; 21 b .f p 9 1 19 204 02 02 Commissioner Eddie Eaga.n granted the adjournment—but emphasized that he feels the facts i of the case required no extended ] preparation. John Powers, assistant state attorney general vigor ously opposed the postponement. Rosenblum told the commission that he asked for the delay only because of "fair play and sports- inanshlp which govern all sports." He said it would be'a serious blow to Graziano if the boxer were prevented from continuing hit) oarccr in the ring. . (N), '3rd Wandec (NH) 38.5. Diving—(NH) Skirziski, Wallace Points: Parthians Score One-Point Win The Parthians, nosed out the Persians, 29-28 In a regular Y Intermediate league match yesterday at the Y. The Romans overran the Greeks, 74 to 58, in the other £amc played. Tho score: 1'urthlans b f p Brcnnan, If 4 0 8 J. Monaghan 1 1 3 E, Scranton, rf ' 2 1 C Carey, c 4 0 8 8. Scranton, lg ; , 2 0 4 3. Aoadkian, rg ... '. 0 1 1 Crosley (NH), 3rd. Time: 1:19. 25 yard Freestyle won by Naugatuck, Virginia Quirke, 2nd, Rav- enicroft, (N). Time: 1B.2. 200 yard. Relay won by <NH) Kennedy, McNaulty, Emerson and Dooley. Time: 2.20. Ucbnn Ex-Captain Drops Out Of School Storr.5, Conn., Fob. 1— (U P) — Former University of Connecticut basketball Captain Walter Alesvlch of Bridgeport has dropped out of school. His reasons are .announced '•personal." Greyhounds-Tech Meet Tonight Coach Ray Foloy's Naujrntuck Greyhounds Black up against Coach Bill Tracy's Lcavenworth Tech Tigers at the Waterbury armory in a game which has been sold out for three days. Leavenwopth came through with a 49-45 win when the teams met earlier in the season, and is favored to repeat in the opinion or many observers. Tracy will probably call on Pier- sail and Messup at forwards, Doe- talcr at center and Korbusicski and Shcrwill in the back court. The Naugatuck starting lineup will probably show Stauffcr and V Healy at forwards, Uscakiewlcz a center, and J. Healy and Jones a guards. The-two schools' junior varsitic will meet in the preliminary, start ing at 7:30. ilf., Braves To Play 29 Night Games Boston, Feb. 1~(UP>—The Bos ton Braves are going to be night owls for almost one-fifth of their schedule this year. The National leaguers will play 29 night games this season, five more than last year. The additional after-dark contents w«re requested by fan*. Seven of them wtli be affainst the Cardinals, five each with Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, three with the Dodgers anJ the rest with Chicago and the Giants. as | The Bible has been translated into 400 languages and dialects muuum IM? THERE'S A WARM SPOT IN OIJR HEART FOR THE TRAVELER — THE MAN OR WOMAN WHO LIKES TO'Ctf: PLACES, AND ALWAYS ON THE We make travel painless, or at least do our part by giving you a chance to use Hartmann famous luggage that's noted for taking the trouble out of travel by land, sea, plane or train. From brief cases to wardrobe trunks and all between needs in luggage, $15 to $100. Additional Classified Totals I'ersians 13 3 29 Mascola, rg •.. . 4 'ackard, lg 2 ioffey, c • 4 Farrar, r£ 1 f P 0 8 0 4 1 9 1 3 Announcements NOTICE Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. Gen- oral moving. Tel. 4292 or 4702. For Sale Houses for Sale White. U 2 0 4 Totals 13 2 28 Score at half time: 19-19. Referee: Curtin. Romans Sullivan, If .. . R. Sclinski, rf ... Klonski, c O'Shannon, lg DiMaria, rg .. b f p 15 0 30 102 IS 0 36 204 102 NOTICE. FRANCES DELFINO— Connecticut's Finest Orchestras—All sizes available for dances, entertainments and all social events. Wtby. 3-4037 or 3-7361. NOTICE VACANT 4 room cottage, fully furnished. For further details, call A. Sheplcy. 2433 or G144. MIXK DEALER wants to buy 200 quarts of milk daily in vicinity of Naugatuck. Write Box "E," care of Naugatuck News. Employment FOB SALE—On New Haven Road vacant 9-room one-family house. Al improvements. Al condition. Could be easily converted to two- family. Four large rooms and pantry on first floor, five rooms and bath on 2nd floor. Barn and 20 acres of land. To settle an estate, priced reasonably. A. Shcpley. Tel. 2433 or 5144. Lubricate Your Car Every 1,000 Miles for Most Efficient Operation. P GUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Avej Tel. 493B For A Snack, a or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER 8TREBT FULL UQCOR UCENSB For Sale For 2 S 0 2 0 8 0 0 3 45 I'Vdrrul, Simmy, i Kry/.cr TODAY-SAT-SUN b f p o 0 0 0 0 0 s 2 18 5 Q 10 3 Q 6 1 0 o 0 . 0 0 Totals ................. 17 2 36 Score at. halt' time: St. Mary's 30. Methodist 8. Referee: Schmelke. Kccd, If SciinKko Zerbe. rf Floyd, c Umlaiif, If Woodsirle. rg Pray ....... ". Totals 47 G reke.s b R. Kabtoy. If 2 . 1 6 A. Miclc, rf ii. Currier, c B. Siinson. lg VI H. Nixon, rg 7 0 74 f P 1 5 0 2 0 12 1 25 0 14 Help Wanted—Male WANTED—News Carriers :n all sections of town. -Inquire Mr. H. T. Dillon. News Oflice. Totals 28 1 58 Score «t half time: Romans 28, Greeks liO. Referee: Curtin. VAI.I.KV I.KAGUI'J I-iCavenworth Ansonia Natural nek Torringlon . . Wilhy ... C ros'by -l'in..i 3 STANDING ..70 1.000 . . , r , 3 .625 .32 . •! 4 . 2 Ii , . 0 6 . 0. .1100 ] .500 200 000 ALCAZAR Today "OMOOUm HCTUm pr.i.i. LEO andTHE BOWERY BOYS CONTINUOUS I'MKI ''OKMANCK FROM 1 T. M, ?->.^.-.A'i>.' FIGHTING-MAD RUE MADELEM DfmtltJkr f,a^,.^t f Henry Hathaway • louis de Rochemont C«NTU«Y-rOX M. CONTINUOUS IVKUFOKMANCi; FHOM 1 2nd Hit — "Genuis At Work" WAI -V Y BKO « N ALAN CONWAY CLAUOETTK COI.BKUT WALTER IMDGKON .it'NK AI.J.YSON "Secret Heart" Also "SPOOK BUSTERS" SCHOLASTIC BASKETBALL Wilby 28, Crosby 25. Ansonia 36. Torrington 35. Thomuston !37, Litchdeld 23. Watertown 35, Sacred Heart 31. Morris 41, Washington 2!i. Middlolown 42, Bristol 37. Hawloy 20, Bethel 24. Hillhouse 43, West Haven 22. Commercial 41, Humden 30. Lymnn Hall 40, East Haven 36. Stratford 37, I<-«irflcld Prep 28. Central 65, Stamford 33. Milford 6<>. Shelton 37. Hardins 39, Danbury 33. Bassick 58, Greenwich 41. Roger I^udlowe 34, Norwalk 30, Stuplos 37, Dai'icn 24. Now Cmaan 51, Ridgefleld 28, New Milford 35, Woodbury 25. Bullfelay 48, Hartford 31. . East Hartford 34, Manchester 23. William Hall 44, Mcridcn 34. Windsor 45, Piainvillc 4U. Woodrow Wilson 59, Wcthersflcld !8. Blocmficld 51, Simsbury 46. Suflicld 43, East Hampton 31. Glastonbuj'y 56, Newin^ton 33. Windsor Locks 51, Portland 32. Ellsworth 70, Stafford 22. Branford 42, Hand 27. Farminpton 48, Canton 35. Lnwis 2C, Goodwin Tech 24. Old Saybrook 50, Guilford 35. Wilcox Tech 55. Hartford Trade RECENT College graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as, an .assistant chemist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located In uouthwcstcrn part of Conn. State in detail in .first hand-written letter, age, education, exper- icnte if any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Daily News, LOT on Riverside Drive—lying between two Highways—1,420' frontage, 75 to 100' deep. Must be sold immediately. Price $1,500- Louis Taylor, 75 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel. 7-3625. •i Help Wanted—Female* HIGH SCHOOL Girl wants light housework or take care of chil- 'dren afternoons. Tel.. 6372- RELIABLE Mother's Helper wanted. Pleasant home in the country. Live In. Write Box B, care of "News." \Vullrcsses Wanted—Married women for full or part time work.. Andy's'Campus, IHfi Church St. FOR SALE—Lot on Lewis St., between Spencer and Fairchild Tel. 4935 between 7 a.m. to 7 j).m Real Estate Agent* BUY OR SELL YOUR BUSINESS Wutcrbiiry's Leading Itu.sino.sH Broker. JOS. HALPERIN TEL. 1-5832 KROWN BLDG.. RM. 237 20 E. MAIN, WATERBURY THE NEAGLE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 63 Bank St., Wtby. 4-4256 Real Estate Wanted 7» Wanted To Rent For Sale HOUKCS for Salo WANTED — APARTMENT OF E OR 4 ROOMS. NAUG. OR VICINITY. TEL. 2041. 10 U anted— Board or Established 1870 Deposits Fully Guaranteed 52 p Reliance You will have peace of mind, and freedom i'roiu worry when you start a. reserve fund. PJan now to deposit regularly in your savings account. GUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. Union City Gus Kllmuszewskl, I'rop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE Highland Package Store 93 Highland Avc. — Tel. 3983 Anthony Farrar, I'rop. FRKE DELIVERY All Parts of Naiigatuck Ti4. Morgan 32, Pratt 27. Mass. Boxing- Prexys Suspend 4 Fighters Boston. Feb. 1—(UP)—The State BoxinR Commission announces four suspensions and two reinstatements. Those suspended are featherweights Mickey O'Brion of Bangor, Maine, and Bino Strollo of Fall River and Manager Larry Barry af Brockton. VACANT PROSPECT 6 ROOM HOUSE—With domestic hot water and 3 Car Garage; in. eluding t Car Garage in Basement. About 12 acres of mostly woodland with small pond and about 1.000 feet on State Highway, Drive out. and look for our sipn. On Prospect to Union City Highway. WALTER H. HART, INC. REALTOR — INSURANCE John C. Kiernan Eve. Nausr. 5707 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 1 FAMILY 'HOUSE —For sale in good neighborhood. Built in 1940 when good material was available. Oak floors, fireplace, oil burner, copper pumbinp and gutters, well insulated and weather stripped. Full length screens and storm sash. Garage with overhead door, asphalt driveway, Tel. Wtby. 3-5432. WANTED — Room and board fo father and daughter, ape 9. Prot estunt family preferred. Writ Box "L," cure of Nuugatucl News, For Rent Boom* To Rent FURNISHED — Heated room for gentleman. All modern improvements. Tel. 2969. Announcements Lost and Found Sunday - Monday "KING'S ROW" Sail- on Women's Bowling- Shoes Small sizes $3.50 NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Winslow Court Tel. 3394 2nd BIG WEEK Tyrone POWER Gene TIERNEY John PAYNE Anne BAXTER Clifton WEBB Herbert MARSHALL Siltctid Short Subjects WtDNIfDAY (urarr • v« MIJTWT "" IADT' mint • 'VJUtfr .f KM lOMUn 1 TWO Family House on Greenwood St, Three rooms in each iipart- mcnt. Immediate occupancy. Call or sec Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4928-2952. FOIt SALE—C room, 1 family furnished house. New Frigidnirc, Reasonably priced and immediate occupancy. Call Naug, 5140 between 6 & 7 p. m- FAIRCHILD ST. — Between Gorman and Lewis. A brand new 1 family house — all modern Improvements. $12,000. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel. 3458. FOR SALE —Three family house of 15 rooms, all improvements; pood condition. Three car Barage and larpe lot. For quick sale, price $11,000. A, Sheplcy, 2433 or 5144. FOR SALE—Curtiss St. 3 family, 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room house with large piece of land. Scott St., two family bouse, 31 rooms. New Haven Rd— one .family house, one car garage, large barn and seven acres of land, JOHN HEAXY, Tel. 5031. LOST—Bank Book No," 51,077 on Naugatuck Savings Bank hai been lost. Any person having claims on said book Is called upon to present the same to the bank within "two months or the same book will be declared canceled and extinguished, and a new one iwjued m lieu thereof Dated at Naugatuck, Conn., Jan. 3. 1947. Jan. 17 & 31. I In Personals WHY Run Out of Fuel Oil. Let us deliver on our AUTOMATIC DELIVERY SERVICE. Quality guaranteed, Quantity proved by printing meter scaled by the state. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone MARY'S BEAUTY Shop, 111 Spring St., U. C. Open dally from 4 to 9 p. m. Saturdays from 9 to 6 p. m. Permanent waves, cola waves, shampooing, etc. Tel. 6108. WHITE PISH MARKET JOSEPH CAERAt. Prop. 8 South Main St. Tel. 5004 SALT and FRESK WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR SALE Ten room houie, 5 room* III tloor, 5 roomv •econd floor, buth-roomi, hot «4r fa electricity, t car f*r*te. Formerly 2 tenement houw and owner will' re-convert to I tenement* and Klve Immediate occupancy to tint floor. Located ca*t ilde of town wi< nmy bf Impected In afternoon. F.W.EATON Room 9 Neary Building Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED ADS IT'S AUTOMATIC HEAT- for a cleaHtr, more comfortable home! Good-bye to furnin drudf«ryj With • Fiirbtnla-Mon* Aucomitic Stoker on the job ... fivquenc ihawkling of coll •nd «hci it • thing of the put. Your home ii more comfortable, too ... for • itoker give* you cl*«n, evenly r*cu> Uted hut. And «he co«i» It't actually leu Ihtm the ton of hand firing . . . bWaute • F«irbinki-Mone Stoker not only burnt leu coal but uin the more econoniicil tizei of co«I. Drop in today— «nd learn why a Fairbanki-Mone Automatic Stoker can icrve you better and more economically than any other type of heating. FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKERS hrft CARPENTRY — Pointing, window washing, window glass replaced, floors refinlshed, storm windows installed, locks repaired and replaced. (Service Call, $1.75), painting and papering our specialty. Home Maintenance Service Co.. Dial Wtby 4-7136 after 2:30 p. m. Attention Students—Graduate name cards by Kraft. Sunshine Notes. Personalized Stationary. Tel. 3880. SEWING and Alterations to do In my own home. Tel. 3232. MONUMENTS Special Price*. On All Memorial! W. RICHARDS—260 So. Main St Naugatuck—Dial 8487 « „ orn Infer S Years to Pay Through F. H. A. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET TEL. 5236

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