The Calgary Albertan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on August 26, 1939 · 13
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The Calgary Albertan from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 13

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1939
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a f 'i 'iV f 'i V r ? K- c 40-Mile Windstorm Snaps Power Poles - v ' r - ’ 1 ' ' TT" 7? A ilk thai reached do’milae -7 aa hour at its peak at 7:4(1 pj and brought aplatten of rain 1 and mattering tn lto wak (track Calgary and dli- 'trict Friday evenlngTn Calgary -- It napped power pole bearing Vt eleetrlo light tekphene - and i 7 v trolley vine while at Shepard U nllee eoutbeaet of the city It eaneed a duet atom and heavy rain' i - When it etarted at 1:11 p the wind me Mowing from wart north weet hot at I pjn It had ' travelled - around the and waa blowing - High wind and a little rain ' waa reported at Ooorich 11 nllee northeaet of Calgary at FR E E COFFEE TODAY I- v " i v: To Celebrate Our FIRST ANNIVERSARY i M na Mdaight (Today) Aag Nth We Wlfl Serve One Cep ef Coffee nee to Any ’ rrlende v Who Whh U Drey la to THE BIG APPLE CAFE 11U Find Street Weet : For Holiday ACTIVITIES a Now $2-50 yvkfS50 $400 $500 All Star Hairdressers TO RENT FURNISHED October let to Manh SlaC flnbhei hanaa la Rftew Fafto L tegBatoia Uvlag Dte- two FrtgkUIr gee ranges weaker radio 4 Heated garagei AdoMy adr BOX Stt ALBERTAN ALBERTA FURNITURE COMPANY LIMITED SLINGSBY BLOCK RIVERSIDE — R1566 — R1556 "Oot ef the High Bent Dtatrlet to lave Ten Kaoey" Acme Tire GOODYEAR TIRES ? : r - t - v 7 Vulcanising ' and Balt Splicing NEW AND USED BELTS Tractor Tires Repaired (All Sixes) M4984 228 SEVENTH AVENUE EAST WANTED Used School Books Any School or Any Grade Highest Possible Cash Prices Paid JAFFE’S BOOK AND MUSIC EXCHANGE 225 WfMh Eve E—yrt ef Peel Offlec Calgafy-M579f ii - -f Sfr ' s- I- - V JviV ? ! '¥: I: ' Bennett 17 nllee aaat of Shep- -aid ht Babno IS atoe north of Calgary and at Delaoour 10 nlln weet of Calganr f At Shepard tt hafotoca rain Jng heavily for over an hour at gpjm It wee feared If the rain eontlnued there would be heavy damage to wheat which la 73 ' per cent out The flnt earload - wee brought Into the Alberta Wheat Bool elevator yasterdsy and today reprecenttng a yield of SI buehela to the acre - - Traffic on 4th Are between Center and let BU W wee die- ' rupted by the atom about 0:10 pm- when three power polee bearing eieottlo Ught telephone end trolley wine anapped at the - baao la the wind and held by their wlrea leaned : at oraey angles over the street' -The trolley wire- dead for ' many yean ae the tram track on 4th Ave eaat id 4th St W' have not been need for a long tone waa only four feet above f the pavement at one apot 1 ' City police re-routed traffic aa city worker removed the trolley wlrea and braoed the polea pending removal and erection of new poke The broken polea ' an aatlmated to be 10 yean old " I7-M1LE OALS HRS KOOTENAY y v- ( t CRANBROOK XC 'Aug SO (CP)-A wind ahrleked up the Kootenay 'Valley far 10 mln--utee on the ereet of a thunder atom carrying ‘ Hack - duet whldi out viability to SO feet bent ntoke etacka blew down treea telephone poke feneee and reached a hlgh of OT mllea an hour Xt oarrled tracea of rain but not auffleient to bo -teoorded by the meteorological 1 bureau- -v : i “ Tnxoco Offieials ' yisiHngColgaiy Hopping to Calgary fron Great Bella Montana hrthelr 5-paaaen-ger Beechoraft plane H W Podge vtoe-preddent of ’ toe' Tana Com pany New Tort City and Aubrey Kief manager of the aviation aaka diviabm of the company arrived at jthe local airport at 1:85 pm Friday In the oourae of a buatneaa trip to weatern branohea of tha Texai Company the two offtdale planned to take off for Edmonton earty Sat- While In Calgary the two viaitora honor eueata at a held In the PalUeer Hotel at whiefa many - city US' j- Chesterfield SUITES 8 SUITES ONLY R ' i- REGULAR $115 to $155 SPECIALLY PRICED TO : CLEAR AT— ‘ KsrbytoSpk Rev Dr George W Berty principal ef Mount Royal College win review knpreeeione gained on hie trip to "gi" before the Khranb Chib Monday noon at tha Palltaer boteL - - ' - i-V- Canadian Corps - AO numbers ef an diririone ef the Canadian Oorpa AioodaUon era requested to fall In at 8 pm iharp Sunday at Batonk parking lot for the parade to the Cenotaph fat eoo-neetlap with the Decoration Day progmn s e Bow Mutual Picnic ' Tha Bov Mutual Amoriatlon will hold a plenle In Bowum Park Sunday Aiiguot 17 at 10 am AO mom-ben art Invited to bring friends and to bring their own basket lunches A pavilion hie been reserved y World Stocks Up Marts Watch 'War' NEW YORK Aug M AP)' — Wall Street wee more hopeful of peace during bualneee houn Friday but developments after trading had ffiiml aiwiMm tha European plo-ture i ' - In Wan Streak Informed' eourcee aid fomatloa of a general edvlmry committee of financial leaden to confer with the federal reserve bank officials in event of war la under eondderatlim ' 1 V - Other outstanding developments of tha day on tha financial front wort: : -i s 1 A precipitant drop In the value of Brlttoh and related currencies In terms of United States dollars 'f 1 Pronounced Improvement in United Statae government bonds after Thuradsyli dump The latter waa the sharpest for g single day in rive years 3 A eetback of more than three cents a bushel for wheat at Winnipeg and of 1 to 1 cento a bushel Id Chicago wheat Oetober wheat at Winnipeg wee 37 November MTi-50 December MB-53 December MTHW and May HTfc-41 - OTTAWA ' Aug 33 fCP)r-M-dayk ellght drop In value of the Canadian dollar an tho United States money market was not considered serious hen and financial circles ascribed It to "fright" rather than to any real emus The close at New York was M centa a drop ei cento 'T'" Mayor Ddyitoh To Holiday at Coast r Mayor Andrew-Davleon and Mrs Darlaon will lean the City during tho week-end for a three-weeks’ vacation during whldi they win bo nor guests at the EUeniburg (Washington) Rodeo September 1 and 1- Tho remainder of tha mayorb holiday will be spent at tho Pacific ooait He win be back at hie desk September 1& During hie absence Aid J W Mahaffy will be acting mayor ' ' FINED AFTER CRASH Tor falling to stop at a atop sign when entering a Banff street Patrick Mooney Banff was fined 33 end costs by Magistrate O E Hunter at Banff Tuesday ROMP charged lfomey went through a stop sign and hlo ear waa hit by a two company ear causing minor damage No one was Injured In tha crash - FOR BRIT AND PROMPT - RETURNS SHIP YOUR ? EGGS & POULTRY to : Madid's Produce 121 Ninth Avenue NJ Calgary A Large i 21p A Medium 18 Lkenee No 979 T CALGARY SAMPLE ROOMS RATES: gl50 to 8250 COFFEE SHOPPE Specialists on(i Country Hauling CROWN CARTAGE 85 6A St West M7776 G Barrs Wins Premier Award in Flower Show 7 Swny Opaiis Exhibition ‘of Calgary's ? LayaliMt Flowcri Policaman Takn’ 'jacquas Trophy far Swaat Pads 7 Calgary’s loveliest flowers enramous varieties of ahapeSr aizes colon and scents the fineet most health- giving vegetable! and types of fruit'foreign to -Alberts gardens until' a f ew yean ago were displayed to 850 people Friday afternoon and evening at the 82nd annual Horticultural Society show in the Victoria pavilion -- PRAIlEg ENTRIES — — JR Sweeoay deputy mlnliter of agriculture formally p""g the xhlML' cnmplhnentod Calgary gardenen an their yyilvni vntrlvf He emectallr nwnttened the dlqday from tha Brake Horticultural (tattoo caying that ha hoped Albcr-tana would aoon taka advantage of product! raiaed there in the pait few yean the farm haa proved that many typea of fruit and vegetable! formerly grown In warmer "— can be adapted to Alberta gardena Numaraua farmen and amateur horticulturist! have - been raUng ipecfea developed at Brooke but there le much room for ekpanclon -Mr Sweeney aleo praiied tha an-couragment given gardenen by tha how-- ‘ P J Timm predde&t of tha co-dety Introduced tha epeaker Wlnnen ef traphtoc ware: George Horn Challenge trophy O Barra This prin was awarded ‘for -the moat outstanding exhibit entered in the ihow' Mr Bam’ dliplay waa a era of beautiful garden flow-aeaerted typee colon and The Hary Jacques trophy for met peac waa wan by (Ely Pollce-Oorutabla ynUiA Jardlnc Mr jardlne also carried off the P J Thame neette award tor the beat van of awaet peas -4li ! TIMMS WINS j : i BV Roblnaon won the P J Timms nsetto for tha bast potted plant -Tha Webb trophy fer'th ffawet snapdragon’s In tha amateur dan waa awarded to P J Ttamu : B Pranka won the J X Woden cup for th beet annuals Tha W Agnew cup for the tort vegetables grown by an amateur wee awudM to Mrs W B WaUls - The Wild Fire Cup ft the tort potted plants went to A Murdoch F X Archer won tho H X Chaun-cey trophy for tha flnart dttplay " Tho Herald Cup for -the tart mposlte garden entered In tha Garden Club eompetttlon held recently waa 1 preeented to IL'OU-lardby by Mr Bweeney A M Shaver presented tho Shaver trophy for tha finest garden to Mn O sKenala winner of tho award In tha tame competition V A maleatle "Tip - Top" entered by X Luxford won - tha award in thlglad" display A tall almost Chlnra rad bloom ita Individual flowers measured altoort five InchM acnH In this eeetten colon ranged' from ranr deep purplM to delicate whites of plaln and imoky-ded types : BBOOKS EXHIBIT ' Tha large dahlia section was an Imposing display Sana of tho many oolored flowers wan aa big as dinner-plates and contrasted by the delicate brilliantly hued single Several decorated tablea were of magailne-page beauty One bouquet of pale blue and pink with Individual bunchee of flowere at four places perfectly matched an- embroidered dinner cloth Another centrepiece formed an attractive red white and blue Union Jack Tho Brooke - exhibit of flowers fruits ' and vegetables attracted large crowd not only because of It beauty but because of tho sudden realisation by people that certain epeelH can actually to grown In Alberta Walnuts ‘ butternuts peppers CALGARY WEATHER ' From Recording Thermometer at aa Radio Station It waa 11 degrees hotter Friday In Calgary than Thursday Tha mercury climbed 30 degree In nine houn from M above at 0 am to reach M at 3 pm Alberta fencart for Saturday "Partly cloudy and warm with scattered thunder ihow-n" '- ACROSS CANADA Lahs Superior: Hoderate winds fair and cloudy end warn scattered thunder Manitoba: Pertly cloudy with eeat-tared thundatihowete warm in aouth-am dlatrleta aakatchewsii and Alberta: Partly cloudy and wnnn with acattarad thus-Btnbowus Minimum and maximum tempera-tuiaa: Prince Rupert II Vletorla II Vaneoum 10 Kamloopa - at Biwr: Partly foliowsd by 2 M V7 m n 4 v M BO H M 10 VI at aa at ar va va n va va w n i 77 Tf 10 77 70 M 74 1 M SO 41 Banff 4S Calsary M Lathbridaa M Medicine Bat — M Swift Currant M Bettlaford 10 Prince Albert tt Mooaa Jaw a at Prince Oeorsa Jaapar Taranto Klnsctou OtUwx Mantnel Quabae at Jobs Halifax ' Chariottalowa Chlcaao at Paul 1 J 1 rS'- T Jt FLOODLIGHTING V SHOWS BEAUTY CENTRAL PARK j Striking' beauty r of Central (Memorial) Farit was amphaali-ed Friday sight when high-powered floodUghta were turned an the entire flower-filled park Floodlighting of tha park with Its magnificent dlsplaya of rcaaa gladioli nd otba Uooma will to repeated Saturday and Sunday nights ( ' f 1 s 4 Beaaon for the floodUghttng Is twofold lt colnddee wlth ths 83nd annual flower show of tho Calgary Horticultural Society -' Another reason for floodlighting the perk now la that Bunday 37 la Memorial Day and In conjunction with that anniversary will to held In Memorial Park during the day1'- - rv - ' Swimmar Robbfd On emerging from tha water after A pleasant iwlm In (ha El-: t bow River Friday afternoon A - X Lewis received two unpleasant surprises Surprise number ana 'came when he went to hit parked ear where he had left hie clothes and found the troua- era ware missing A hasty search revealed the missing garment : on tho ground 10 yards away’ Mr Lewis put them on Then he' 130 waa gone from the pocket found that a wallet eantmtniwg grapee apples : phune and many other products wars shown Regard tog tho raising of fruit an offlcl stated tint many farmera are itfi-ucceasful in their attempts I eauaa they water tha traea before tha leaves hu dropped to the autumn Hi mid that If tram are weB soaked after the leaves have dried up and fallen tha winter will not affect them 1 11 -i EXCELLENT VEGETABLES " 1 ’ One type of plum the Osman win stand temperatures of 70 below aero tt hu been proved The vetoing of applet la not yet perfected but the -Brooke farm to eonetantiy working on Improvements one of tha primary needs of fruit trees to shatter experimenters have discovered Tha vegetable entry of tho Vacant Lota Garden Club wu an attractive display although small boya gathering before the tables did not appreciate tha work and care required to produce such fin types Expresslona of disgust wen heard one young-ter groaning "Aw man trouble" Bnormoue (quashes mammoth bean plump tomatoes and other splendid entries were- admired by adult Onions of astonishing atoe attracted much' comment Tho chow will continue Saturday opening to the morning with judging of tho children's entries Sixty-four prises donated by AM Shaver will to awarded Judge for the adult section wen Mrs X W Williams F A Hilliard X J Shepherd and W O Slocomta all of Idmonton - Judge from Calgary wen O a Cllma prank Wilson Alex Munroe and W 0 Brown In tho children's section judges will to Ben Franks J Hamilton B O Tuttle and X Barlow Officials In charge of tho show are P j Tlmma president of tha Horticultural Society and Jnhq Gray secretary H D POWERS HO OPTOMETRIST phone M4266 axrcn xti auvtcs— anuncAixy mum am Wash (Mean IOw SWEDISH MASSAGE INSTITUTE - toiiMlhisf to THE CUBE OP HAY FEVER la S to S Cara ar tom raw r 834 Alberts Ccraer Phone M23U CRYSTAL Swimming Pool and Shower Baths PURE WAEM WATER Fourth Ave and Ninth SL W AaartoM Bshny Kaiflin iBASBBK WOBbBBS ATTENTION Tha Gmnl MMh awaltoe a t to to MS at S to mONI MOM Flea tick Up aaC Pauvary 25c -TAILORS-25c Aar (amaat hlto ar )to (aaFanaase aaS dto9C - f C:C F MEET TO NOMINATE 3 CANDIDATES --t - : V' 1 t1- “777-1 ’‘j 1 " " Joint Cenvantion for J’ Three Federol Ridings V Aag! 30 f: : “S FEDERAL VOTE A Kslloway to Spook at CCF Rally Monday - Federal eandldatoa of tiia Cb-oper-ative Commonwaalth Federation for tha three eonetltuenelea of Calgary East Calgary Wart and Bow River will to named at a joint nominating convention to to held to the Labor Temple Wednesday Augurt 80 at I pm - t - 1 Reglrtratlon of delegatee to the convention will begin at 7 pm AH city delegatee are asked to help facilitate proceedings by registering early 1 v 'Tha meeting le being aponacred by the Provincial Council of the CXJF and by tM Joint Federal Conforrac of tin CDF - ' It la expected that from foil meeting will emerge the thru standard-bearers of the CDF party for the thru federal ridings which embrace parts of tho city unless delegates from any of tha ridings dadda not to contest tho election The GjCF le also eponaortag a public meeting to the pubhe library Monday at g pm at which Dr Warwick r KeUoway will apeak on -When I Stand In FoUttea" Dr KeUoway who recently resigned from tha pastorate of Knox United Church hu just returned to the city from a holiday to Eastern Can Kansas Couple Hart On 10 000-Milc Journey by Bui When Mr and Mrs Ocvgo NoUey of Wichita Kansu paaa through Calgary Saturday on their way to tho New York Worid’a Pair they wintaonthalartlapofa journey that hu taken them 1000 mllea by bue this asaacn and 46 to the put flva yean The Kanau couple arrived to the city from Spokane Friday morning and left Immediately over Central Canadian Oreyhound Lines to spend a day at Banff and Lake Loulae ' MpTOEISTi FINED Thru motoriata ware fined A total of 4B and easts Friday to dty police court -' They were F X Havard fined 913 Archibald McNabb fined $30 for dangeroua driving ' and Leonard Brooks fined 910 and coats for reckless driving umrcs EGGS - CREAM -WANTED- t Honest Grades : ' Quick Returns Markst Priest Guaran-tssd Model Dairies CALGARY -—aes Fir-Tex your homq Kttf eml huumtr W tftt it tttitrt CttyttrJMkUU Flr-Ttx is tha dtMdttf Inna latieg Building Board arbkh doea 2 job at 1 coed Uaa it for baxutifid interior fioiafa crick raxixuai litb or aaper xkaxth-fog Lot u give yoe datxila aa jeer lnral‘ hi inker raid ar balUUnf cm tractor STANDARD BUILDING SUPPLIES UM-lStb Ava W caleary Alta Ffeeu WINS Police Grow Blistere d As Golf T oiirney Opsrio lyxiyla mod' ujfd (0 Miwf grew blisters and fort -attuned to hard city paumantc grew : tired on tha soft turf Friday u ’ 43 policemen from aU over Al- berta played havoc on the Bow- ness golf course to tho ammal Alberta ' police ' golf champion i ihlp ‘ 8crlouc golf totennlngled with ’ tha hap-haxard rdubT typo moot popular with golfers for there ’ are soma pretty fair ahot-mak- -eta among the lads of tho blue and the bears of tho (car let -i - Officialdom wu represented fay RCMP Aseistsnt-Conmia- loner W FW Hancock Ed- montan and City PoUca Inspec- ter ford Wania 'Lethbridge both ’ considered good golfers Approximately half the field settled down to tha serious bust- " 'nass of getting Into the cham-- ptowAip flight while the rest ' laughed and played their usual ' game to tha lMk Not a uni- : form wu In eight u the tour- ’ ncy started at 1:80 ajn Friday 1 ’ Defending his title Is City 5 PoUoa Sergeant Reg‘ Jenntoga ' Edmonton winner of tha first Choka Chtrry Tret Boars Flowors and Fruit Soma Branch - - - ’ Most fruit trees If on good behavior bloom to tha spring and -keep up with the Joneses" But A Turner 1113 Centre XWhu acme choke cherry trees which this cummer bear both fruit and blossoms an the seme branch If Turner brought a branch in to Tha Altortan editorial ''afflou Friday - afternoon Tho branch bears fully ripened fruit and at tha end a foil blossom la growing Re said this wu the second blooming thla year and tho first tima ho had ever seen anything like this -i ' : ': : The same freak of nature occurred on the fruit trees to tha University of Alberta orchard this year among tha erab apples Caws of tha second blooming is aid to to tho warm weather of early wring followed by tha severe oold weather of May and eariy June THE WEST'S GREATEST ‘7 SHOE REBUILDERS 77 Vi 7 0 ’ r-r ' - V "Wv- We tovUe ysa to gtvo u a trUL Wa kaew that mu 7 ’ SHOE BEPAIEING and SHOE DYEING aaaart to - excelled Our aim Is to earn year regular shea repair walk by doing a earn pleUaad thoroughly eallrttotsry 7-' t Jrt every timet- f- Maat Up-te-Dato Eqalpmeal ' "'7 -k Expert WastoMuUp Bert Qnaffiy Luther 7 ' Qnkk Oearteeu Senfea - A ' - 1 NOT! TXX ADDBUII - FKXI FICKVP AND DXUVnT 219 Eighth Avs Wstt Phons M1312 - -1- 8 Dean Wart of Falaea Tkaatn lioRTiri’EST ficiiiilElws1 MS Fanrtk Avene Eaat Calgary ! I Machinists ' - I SPECIALISTS IN FABM MACHINERY AND TRACTOR REPAIRS I Fetor aeeferad to kaada an UaAa af OaeMrt MmMm - M Tim aad Tractac Kaitaea le-baiad Crxxfcihxftt s HeaMtUu ate R H 0 TOIG R A’ R H E R Visit the Flower Show Today Victoria Pavilion -Exhibition Grounds Doors Open from 10 am to 10 pm ADMISSION SATURDAY - 10 r J TIMMS Prea I GRAY Hon 8 ALL EX-SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN are invited to take part in the DECORATION DAY SERVICES on SUNDAY AUGUST 27th Fail in at Canadian Lesion 2 pm and march to Memorial Park then to the Cemetery Medals to bt worn Citizena are invited to send flowers to the City Fire Halls or the Memorial IlalL ' 1 ' ' W BULLARD President The Canadian Legion B E S L - tournament five years ago and again winner In the 1M tour- nay at Edmentcn -Tho finale wlU to held Bat-urday at - the Bownesa golf course with the tournament winding up with a big banquet Saturday evening In the duh house CoL David Ritchie MO chief of police la expected to arrive back to the dty Saturday ' from a holiday at tha ooait to attend the banquet - - V-1-'-' RCMP SupC John Kelly la - also expected to attend Col G 1 X Bandera pioneer RCMP veteran' and former magistrate will present prises Saturday evening ' s- IT TOOK 37 YIAM TO V MiNaYob THIS WMf ' ntio op agwUMsaU ACOUSTICON WILKINSON Electric Gc: Ltd 189 govcntil Am Wut MM8S sb Walden I riCZtt tD8TlAVEW 3 CALGARY Spocializing in Miniature and Amateur Finishing 5 PROMPT ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL 0 MAIL ORDERS 2 i fx - i v 1 N I 'l - V if- 'Jy '1 J fc‘ vs Wa Da Oiy Claulaa nl Altarxriaaa 111 etb An W max to Ctah CAM I

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