The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1955 · Page 57
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 57

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 57
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\ Golden Wedding Party Honors Ray Fitches Portland — Mr and Mrs Ray Fitch were pleasantly surprised Sunday, Dec. 4, when nbout 27 relatives (o help celebrate mi early golden weddin/t finnivcrsary, which is -December 18. Those present were Mrs Chns Clark. Mr and Mrs Loo Clark. Mr and Mrs Ilaruld Slcvcnson and Grnce Harlzrll all of Brill- Mr and Mrs Ronald Clark and Beckio of Corwilh; Mr and Mrs Bob Clark of Humbolcll; Mr and Mrs Ben Potter. Mr and Mrs Robert SkillinR and Mr and Mrs Dewoy SkillinR and boys, all of Algona. Mr i-nd Mrs Jesse Schmidt ii Rulhven: Mrs Forbus Stilt/, and three sons of Livcrmorc. The grandchildren presented t h <• m with a dozen beautiful yellow mses. A sister, Mrs Geor ( ;o Johnson, cnllrd from Oregon and a daughter. Helen of California was also unable'to attend. It was also the twenty-first birthday of one of the grandsons. Bud Slillz. The celebration was liclri at the r;;u-lv date, as Mr and Mr/. J'-'ssc- Schmidt are It-avinr for Texas and Mr anrl Mrs Leo Clark are leaving for Arizona. Ida Rose Fandel To Wed Jan, 28 Mr and Mrs Llovd D.-irtiftf. Mary Ann ,ind Merlin aivrl Mr RUSCO WINDOWS GALVANIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and comfort than any other combination window I I RUSCO DOOR HOODS AND j WINDOW CANOPIES add great- j ly lo tho beauty of your home ! j Charles Miller RUSCO. SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display al 116 So. Dodge. Algonn Mr and Mrs Ralph Fandel an- nounc'c- the engagement and ap- proac'hinK nK-.rnagn of their daughter, Ida Rose of San Diego, Calif., to Robert Barono AU2 Navy Air Force, son of Mr and Mrs P. A. Barono, West Forest Hills, Long Island. N. Y. The marriage K January 28. 1956 in St. Patrick's Church, San Diego Calif. and Mrs Andrew Hanson and fiiiiiily of Sw;\i City spc-ni Thanksgiving at the; homo of Mr and Mrs Donald Uhunm of St Clair. Minn. Mr ami \\\ ~ Hein.ircl Phe'iis and Merle were supper guests Friday nu'.hls ;-it tlie home ot Mr and Mrs LeRoy Phelps. Mr and Mrs Leonard Lampc, spent Monday night at -the Bfii Lampe honic. They had been to Minnosn'.a for the funeral of Mr and Mr.- Andrew Koppen. Mr .'!.>.! Mr- Jay Steven and Jeanic and Mi' and Mrs Jini St(.ven at'cndod the wedding of Ihe-.r -;on Milton ;:rul Miss Dons .Sunday. Dec. Fry ; •tth. M: h'-vn.ji' V.'iil Mixton a Mr i i.-n.. 1 -'Uppr- Fitfli Mr and in mil KUC.••-:•= ;tt E:iiir?t:-lv,n-L; C. L Yn;;; : n jitlcnHfd the r SiiHi, iav nfifTtinon in of Mi/-: loverly Kam \viui ;ii .':'.•<'}< --I iJcfC'.'iibr'r 27. is tc.K'hin;; kimlerpar- ::i F.-iifs Mrs Vici'tr Fitch, Ko- .Uuiv wi-re Saturday u-sls :,t the Chrster c ni'.'ir Alp;<ma. Mrs Andit-w JI;tnven .• wore Sunday dinner •!K- J.lovd ' B:,rt!i".: home. Mr and Mrs Bernard Phclps attended the Fellowship supper at the Methodist church Sunday evening. Mr and Mrs Earl Ackerman called at the Earl Shiplcr home Sunday afternoon. Mr and Mrs C. L. Young were Sunday evening guests a« the home of Mrs Mary Kain in honor of Dr. and Mrs William Laicllow and two children Jennings and Scott of Detroit, Mich, who arc- visiting here. Mrs Laidlow ana Mrs Young arc sisters. Mr and Mrs Donald Ringsdorf and Mrs Elvira Christensen went to Fort Dodge Wednesday to shop. Mr and Mrs Bill Woltz and family of B'urt were Thursday evening supper guests at the Donald Ringsdorf home. Board Proceedings Leo J. Casscl. attorney H. F Fristcdt, attorney Uonald M. Wood, officer's fees BANG'S DISEASE FUND August Beck, idemnity .Sam E. Mogler, idemnity ASSESSOR FUND Monroe Calculating Mach. Co., 7.50 10.00 8.10 11.94 12.5'J 24.27 2.15 County Treasurer, express MAINTENANCE FUND Payroll, maintenance payroll 14.123.08 Scnoidman Const. Co.. loading & hauling gravel ... 3,60705 North Cen. Pub. Seiv. Co. gas 1.28 AlBona Municipal Utilities, mil. 0.211 Northwestern Bell Tele. Co., util. C.7J es Tractor & Equip Co.. .supplies To\vn of West 47-1.00 1.25 i,,., K;ii:i t I..v iir.ri and ar Bend, eiee Cook's Welders Supply, supp. . WM3 Coplciud Lubricants Co.. supp. 251.M Ues Monies Steel Co.. supp. ... 324.40 Standard Oil Co. supp. . .. 175.5.1 Cowan & Cov.v.n Co. supp ..t Ireight -. .. . .811.73 Botsford Lumbei Co., materials 73.B:i Paper. Calmcnson & Co.. supp.._22nni Lynch Oil Co.. supplies . 4287 All Wheel Drive Co.. supplies tl.177.!!! McFall & Ruscli. repaus .. 6.11 Bancroft Garage, parts & repairs 8.78 Blanchard Lumber & Hdv.-e. Co . supplies 31 43 County Treasurer, freight ... . 5.!>0 fJamWos Store, supplies .. 5.41 Hilton's Super Service, labor & supplies . . 178.9-3 Ed Ho'.clct. labor & supp ,'1380 •1. P. Peterson, supplies . . 2300 Car! labor 8U 25 M & M Motor Freight, l^gt. 200 V'eij-.c- Molmder. labor _. 50.(10 Sioux City Iron Co . supp. . . 15.27 In. S!. Industries, road signs . 68.50 Community Consent Dram, load v.'oik . 50.00 U'fflcv Auto Co.. I?.be;; <lt .supp. 1260 f'.lmore Concrete P.'od. C-i . supp. 13.2(1 Co. Supt. Office, supp . .23 Kort Dodge Machine & Supjily Co. 1,066.07 wk 1.40 wk ..141.72 _. 23 BG . 65,88 Fred Beit?:, dr. no. 166 4.60 W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. 166 10.85 O. D. Hart, 1S6 24.48 Swea City Herald, dr. no. 1B6... 42.00 O. D, Hart, dr. no. 184 5.84 W. P. Hemphill, dr. no. )84 3.30 O. E. White, dr. no 84 1,000.00 O. E. White, dr. no. 84 937.81 Collins, Thompson & Willis, dr. tri no. 84 47.28 Fred Beitz. dr. no. pak 1 - 15.47 O. E. White, dr. pnk no. 1 1,046.36 W. P. Hemphill. dr. no. pak 1 ... 34.3:; Ralph H. Wallace, dr. no. 68-136 200.55 Chi istianson Const., dr. no wk 35-89 . Advance Pub. Co.. dr. no. 35-89 -. Ralph H. Wallace, dr. no. 35.80 Hancock County, dr. no. 46-3 Garner Ready-Mix Cone. &. Const. Co.. "dr. hk no. .1-46. PAYROLL FUND Chester G. Holclefei. court' reporter . . _.__171.50 Palma Joy Holding, labor 1058! Jacquellyn Lain, labor ... 153.4G Pearl Dahl, labor ..147.30 Irvin Etherington. labor . .._.,...178.22 Florence Bagby, labor 86.10 Mrs. S. D. McDonald, labor — .meetings & mileage .160.22 H. S Scheppmann, labor —• meetings Ac mileage ._411.0! A, M. Kollasch, labor—meetings & mileage 43041 John H. Rode, labor—meetings & mileage -422.03 C. H. Newel, labor—meetings & mileage 380.03 Clarence Priebe. labor-mileage 232.2(i Reinder Krominga, labor 343? Al Grair/.ow. labor _ _ .47574 Leon M. Merritt. labor . 31180 Thelma Spurgeon, labor .. . ...2i7.32 H. M. Smith, labor .. ..471.00 James Hoffman, labor ..181.92 John D. Fraser. labor . . .343.65 Richard Tuttle. labor 181.92 Park Hospital Clinic, medical ...710..10 Husk Drug, drugs ... 04.10 St. Ann Hospital, medical .... 250.14 C. H. Creumeyer. medical . _ 21.00 R. R. Hutzoll, oil .. 29.95 Buffalo Center Clinic, medical .. 31.50 S. & L. Store, clothing 3.34 Ted Vera, food . 56.00 Honsbruch Drug, drugs . 44.97 I)r. F. X. Cretzmeyer, medical _. 42.00 Kossuth Oil Co.. heating . 15.GO Rtise Hahle. care .. 8.00 Delia Welter, rent 16.00 •I C. Penny Co., clothing _ 7.08 JONCC- Hayden. advanced cash... 9.62 Richardson, furniture 11.61 the Good Shepherd, K. itne ea:e ns' ..135.00 .. 53.43 .. 25.50 .. 30.00 1 Raymond Baadc. labor .. Dick Baade. labor ^. .231.19 Ed Blanchard, labor 226.09 Noble L. Crouch, labor .. 264.5."i E. M. Downs, labor _ . 374.46 Frank Deim. labor .. 226.Oil Howard O. Esser. labor ., _241.P.'i Alvin Ewing, labor .....240.1!) Krnest Godmdsen. labor 261.29 Clifford Holmes, labor _ .240.19 F.d\vard Hammond, labor • . . ..224.70 W. A. Hedrick. labor . . 239.17 Jess Halveison. labor _ 244..'53 Clarence Heiitgc=. labor .297.80 Harry Helmke, labor 125.3S Mrs. "Harrv Helmke. labor 200.OQ 127.K2 (i 03 74.75 11.42 72.61 .80 UWJ unj tf 4H?ft{)!fe«Mjr«?4r0$ a«jrs»<J-sr.-<j-rF'?iS«ir=''!r»ii« f i» ss^ss^-Scr^f^J rft; Co . supplies ... Liehty Hardvvard. supplies' Advance Pub. Co.. supplies Taylor Irnple. Co.. repairs .. Kocn Bros, supplies Kossu'h Oil Co.. supplies Botffotd Lumber Co.. supplies . .73 Kohlhaas Hd'.ve., supplies 9.S3 Ken! Motor Co.. labor & repairs 1425 Bituminous Materials Co.. material? ... P. H lior.s. Mipplus TO SHARP'S JEWELRY While our selection is complete Shop, supp. Clarence H Ites, labor 13fl..iT> .Clifford Johnson, labor .... Z'M.'I'i 'George W. Koekler. labor 225.8 r . | A. J. Kollasch. labor 232At '• Har\ev K Mergen. labor ... ...286.24 Ralph Markla. labor 31G '7 Ferdinand Meyer, labor . - . 236.0:.' Roelf E. Miller. labor . . .246.09 I Urban Neuroth. labo: "-"> -> ilebert C. Ncllis. labo.- E. C. Ohm. labor . . .. Willarcl Ohntl labor Karl L. Paullrn. labor Edward Ricke. labor Bert Slu'llmevcr. labor | .io'in 'schueler 'ji! ' I Wm. F. Schrader. | f'.iarlcs Thompson, l.iboi James E. Walker, labor ! Orville Weiland. l.--b..-r I George 1 Wc-ringa. labor . Paul A. Willey, labor Knch Willrntt. labor Henry 7. weifel. labor C. E. Zuugg. labor L. A. Hackbarih. labor A.iton SoreiifHn. labor Jake Kockier, lab>.>r POOH FUND Dr. C. H. Cieti-.mcver. rnedi. surgery - . ... not a Marvel Inline rlali. mileage .. 70.7''i Carlyle C Moo:, . med:eal 70 71 Joe Obnen. loud - .... . 20.0(1 P. J. Paulsc'i drugs .. . 19.4i I., E. H.it70ll. pi'otfssioiial blood donor . .... 2.j 00 i Chas. R M:!!ei. rent Boy's & Gill's Home. .'eM i 1.8S 10.80 6.7B GIVE Sheaffer't Sheoffer'i Sheoffer't Sheoffer'j Sheaffer'j Crejf Sentinel Volionl Slalejmgn Admiral Timed for Christmas giving! A complete selection of Sheaffcr'i new Snorkel Pens to delight everyone on your list. All colors, all models, a wide range of prices. Come in today and see the world's only clean fill, ing pen. Shop early for best choice! Kami Service Co . Stu'th Oil Co.. s Mid V.'t s! Scr\'irf KIIS.S Ac K.v's Oil ;.nd s'.ijjlH ^ 11. f'a P.oys' & Girls' Home, care Methodist Hospital, medical 7!. Miller, rent C;. H. Cook, rent .. . 25.00 Helta H. Falvey. care 90.53 '''otsford Lumber Co., coal 17. Marvel Irnmerfnll, milage . 60 Hancock Co. Memorial Hospital. medical _... • ..240.20 Cities Service Oil. oil » _ 5.08 Or. D. E. Dunn, medical 72.00 Donald J. Wclp. drugs .__ 13.66 Win. G Rencc. medical 35.00 Sara E. Sutton. D.O.. medical, 55.50 -I. .1. Weyer. M. D.. medical .. 20.00 Robert's Nuising Home, care .... 75.60 I.. J. OBrien. medical 200.00 R. E. Hert/ke Store, food . 54.00 N'ortna M. Oelkcrs. care .. .185.85 Minnie Thaves, rent _•_.. 15.00 Mis Orville Hedrick. rent .. 10.00 Ada Flowers, care _ 00.00 University Hospitals, medical.. 94.00 JJept. of Social Welfare, aid to the blind _...... ... . . 71.14 Dcpt. of Social Welfare, emergency reliaf 2.31 DeptWof So.-.-ial Welfare, aid to dependent children . 1,011.00 Robinson Produce & Feed. supp. 89.30 Algona Co-op Creamerv. milk & butter ". 203.62 J. C. Penney Co.. clothing .. ... .. 4.fi8 Dr C. H. Cretzmeyer. medical 5.00 P. R. Irons, installd oil burner 680.00 HisitiB's Mill & Kiev., supp. 214.10 Thorpe Wood & Iron Works, plow lav ... 34.00 Pratt Elec. Const. Co.. supplies . 62.68 Brown's Dairy, milk 17.00 P. V. Jamse. 'M. D.. rntfdical ... 79.00 Richard N. Burl. Clover-Leaf hatchery. egRS 42.40 Cities Serv. Oil Co.. oil . ....... 24.28 Botsford Lumber Co. coal .. 119.29 Skelly Oil Co.. oil 75.73 l-aim Service Co., gas 51.61 Kohlhaas Hdwc . .supp. .. . . 10.33 Rusk Drug, drugs .. ... HI.85 Faim Service Co.. gas 87.35 Mason City Globe Gazette.- ad .. 1.B1 .S. & D. Distributing Co.. food.... !(7.38 Soieiisrn Grocciv. lood .... . . IPO.11 Al"-i:,.i Ice Cream & Candy Fact.. i'.'lit . ' . . .' 12.00 Motain bv C. H. Newel and seconded 273,31) ! by John H. Rode that H S. Schepp. 250.HI •nn:i:i Ir- appointed Chairman of id ot Supervisor? to fill the va- •v due to thr* death of Sherwood MVDonalrt. < liairman. Ayes: all. a', r.: none. Motion carried. Moti.-.n bv A. ?.t. Kollasch and se- ii.t'ed bv Jo'm H Rode that ma- iii.f-i' letting: on November 1. H'55 • ' xti. :uU-tl ur.iii Xovcir.ber 8. 1!(55 at .. r/clo.-i; P.M. Ayes: all. Nays:. .i" Mo'ion earned ' j .on hv C. II. N'ewel and sccor.d- A. M Kollasch that Cupples- ('(jrjj. oi lo'.'/a be given the f/ r er:vr-)r>pes for 't/ie various the Court House. Ayes: all " Motmr. carried on ;ul u.\i i ninent c-!g;it.i o! H. S. Srhcppmann. nrn-an Hoard of Supei visors I D. Motors, supplies A'a Tele Co.. utility Arr-.old Motor Sunp!-.. -,upp & repair* . .'..'. . . OT.77 (".toi-Mb'-rg Auto S-jppl.v. supp. ..2/1 tii Sci.'-uit-rr.a.-i Const. Co., labor ..350.82 . c i l.< idt man C.'o . labor . .741.7. Sciieidt-man Cons!. Co.. laboi ..463.08 Quick Supply Co.. supp 23.M Standard Hearings Co., supp . 1:13'i W. F. Smith Tne «; Battery Co.. supplies ' 25 1!) Thomas Distr. Co.. supp 4533 Seij; Fort Dodge Co., s-upp, „ . 230.00 The Thomas Co. supplies .. 494 96 l.i Machinery & Supply Co 08.34 ... 1.34C.62 . .. fiS'J (ii .'o . supp 137 03 Si'iv.. icpans 112 !fi & n. bii Co.. Fupp. rss.ij r:i Svrv. Co. .supp. . ...1.36253 Gilihs COOK EquipmeiM Co. supp. 753.85 CONSTRUCTION Pa; roll F.:!>d. con;'., payroll 3,028.32 Evi rd'-' 1.1M13,. labor pro] no. 11 21,81600 ' 1138 14.038.23 E\f"<!s Hi-ov . l.ibn: pro] r.o 7n 38.485 77 Scheideman I'ons. Co . hauling ]'.' !'OI & W.I 1.51381! Evcids r.ros.. pnn. no. 1128. 32.295.52 Srheideman Const. Co. gravel pro] no. 77 (21 -i.53K.75 ColurvViia-Southcrr,. supp . . . .3.37394 Kverd:. Pros , proi. no. 70 i2> 2.52n.t)2 I Scheldt-man Con.-.. Co . !mal riist. ' no M2 X- !>00 . 2ii! 3; } August Brunsen, eia>- pit , . . 550.00 I Larnioi-, Hattle. pit '.. 502 5"'| Coi.ciole Prod -Corp.. supp. . .2,006.i'2 I DRAINAGE FUND I Advance Pub. Co.. 1C Br. Dr. 5.. 14.15 j L A. Winkle, dr no. n . . 30 (M ' W P. Hrrnphill. dr. no 25 G I). Hart, dr -,-.o. 25 Advance Pub Co . dr. no ;t", W P 11,-mphill . di no 58 \S P Ik-!r.n.'-.i!l. rii no. i'.ri <'.nl Ciarret \; Sim . dr. no U8. G D Halt dr. r.o lui Absti.ict Co , dr. ti!i . Scl^ Bros- . ill no. BO W P. llemphill di r.o. t;u Fred Beit/, dr. no 80 . E J. Seoney, dr. no. So . C. D. Hait. dr. no 80 . . G D Halt. dr. r.o 80 F.lmore Cement A.- Tile Co.. c no 80 .. . . ;-':<il Beit/, dr. no S2 W. P. Hemphill. dr no 82 i . .1 S.-eneN. dr r.o i,.' <",. I') H.ut. dr. no 82 t; D H..II. d'. i.u 82 r.'im io!t Kcei^H . dr r.o. 8 G D H.nt. (i. no 132 . 52.E-I 122.00 I 8 On j medical.. 02.00 1 I ' Dr F. X Cre'.'ini-ver. R_«;se Hai-.le. .'. Good Sa/ Home, care »•>.«.. , Dr Van Patten, medical '" "" ' C. V Ln-.dliolm. M. D.. Geinian Vallev Store. Hugh S. Geig'tr. Jr.. MD. mcd. 1U.50M' St. Joseph Mescv Hdsp . T;ieriical '.I2 : l i H. H. Po'.vt-i-i,. M.D.. medical 1KI.OTM- Cooks Di ug Store, drill's i") 3'J Dr Al Rist. medic,'.! ... ... SO.Ofi : Algona Municipal Util.. uti'.. 15 5i G. R. Cook, rent .... 25.1"! Mrs Delta II. Falvey. c:i:c- .. '..;.47 ' Minnie Tha\es. rent Lutheran Hospital, medical Home ol Die Good Shepherd. care . \:,~ On Mcinson. Council Oak. fond : 4 ;>0 Algona Municipal fill . mil r. 14 the biinci . . :,.i 33 D-.-nuit o: Soc:,il \V>!:.i:e. ;.!(! to dependent chikiit-n 1 205 :in Robinson Produce dt Feed. lii;t "0 NW Bell Tele. Co.. mil. 25 SO Dr R. K. Rjchardson. mcdi.-a) iil 73 Ellie C.irtis. c.-.'.c . 2!''. 50 H D. Me\er. . . :',;i 75 Eahnc K Bahn-.on. DO. met! "MO!) P. V. M. D.. nied. . :'''.--'•..1 Cic-iman Valley Store, lood 2! 00 Dr. L A. Rascom, medical . K^ 25 Fmmctsburg Nursing Home. ca:c SOCK) .'.'''TEST: Maic Moo-e. Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular November Session 1955 A.D. Sixth Day Nov. B. 1955 T! .- be:!ni of Supervisors of Kossuth i County rr.e: :n special session pursuant if'i.t. Tiiosi.- present were ipnK.n. i'i.'iirman in tl-.e iciv.bers were A. M. Kol'• ii Newel and John H. Rode. S jp'/rvii-oi's met to ;i machinery letting M. Kollasch and se- Rode that contract Caterpillar motor ,\'o. fi.i? loader be Gibbt.-Cook Eqain- "d b-. :l l>!K k.-i Ii . Mo! : ,V,.! can OM unli; ATTEST Maic .^; Board •e bids ion bv d bv John II. •:iec No. 12 i ^ ,".nd Ic.l to '.he Co. o( Des Moinc-i Ayes: all. none. Motion carried. ion b> ('. H Newel and sei-ond- . T ohr, II F.ode that tax».s on Lo f 24 oi V'av's Addition in Titon- u-. il-1'.'lo'.-.Rinfi to Klaus & Aje e.'i be suspended for the years Ayes: all. Nays: none, •d. A. M. Kollasch and se- H. Ne-.veSI t!iat bond be :! cjiiarette permit he inti.ild G Rcdmg of St. ::!! N.n = i-oiie' Mot:c. i \\ bcr id. H>35 H. S. Scheppmann. mai. Hoard of Supervisors . COM:I.V Auditor BOARD PROCEEDINGS Regular November Session 1955 A.D. Seventh Day Nov. 10, 1955 The r.u,.'d ot Supervisors of Kxissuth 1.588.3!i j . AT 11' 'n. . 7200 3 !)iifl 80 .. 26.39 4 fin 250 51 f,5 .i;o.oj <M\ £•! MJ Farmers Attention! TRACTOR SPECIAL NOW-And During December Only F-R-E-E We Will Haul In Your Tractor EE! We Will Steam-Clean Tractor •F IE E E On Tractor Overhaul Jobs DURING DECEMBER If your trader needs an overhaul, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER! We will come and get your tvactor and bring it in lo our shop FREE, v/e will steam-clean il FREE — on an overhaul job. It's for December only — avoid the later rush and save yourself money. Call us now! i PHONE 714 - ALGONA County. Town, met in regular session. Those present were Supervisor H. S. Scheppmann, Chairman in the Chair, and Supervisors A. M. Kollasch. John M. Rode, and C. H. Newel. Absent: none. Motion by John H. Rode and seconded by A. M. Kollaseh that the Board of Supervisors approve the appointment of Jens M. Soreiven as member of the Board of Supervisors ol Kossuth County. Iowa, representing District No. 2. who was duly appointed by the Clerk of the District Gourt. County Auditor, and County Recorder of Kossulh County to fill the vacancy created by ibe death of S. D. McDonald, until the next General Election ns required by the laws of the State of Iowa. Ayes: all. Nr.ys: none. Motion carried. was takcnj November. li>55 Thursday, December 8, 1955 Algeria (la.) Upper Dei Molflii-S .tons M. Sorensen Hied bond in the I amount of $5.000.00 with the clerk of the District Court of Kossulh County and w?is duly su-oin in as superviso'r lor District No. 2 by H. S Schcpp- mar.n. The of Supei vifioi s proceeded to re-oiganr/.e, motion made- by C. H. Newel and seconded liv A. M. Kollasch that. H. S. Schi-ppmnn act ns tin- Hoard until 1'i.ifi Ayes; all carried. ' C. H. Ncivel ar.d second- Chair ol J; mine. Mnt ed b Count per the Is! Navs: Aye; Motion lan of mars . Motion on by Jens M. Sorensen that the ''s salary be raised S3.00 onth starting December 1. Ifina. hone. Motion carried M. Kollasch ar.d se- conded by C. H. N*\v61 that Joyc« Haydeii be given authority to visit lire County Home and patients at l««rt once a month or when caDcd by trio Custodians in charge of the County Home. Nays: none. Ayes: all. Motion carried. Motion by C. H. Newel and seconded by John H. Hode that Henry S. Srhpfip- mann be given the authority to sign the deed on n lot a\ Swea City for S75. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion cai- ried. . f>-i motion adjournment \vns takon until December 1, 1955. H. S. Scheppmann. Chairman Board ol Supervisor; ATTEST: Marc Moore. County Auditor taken | NO. 1 for Jravel Fun! '56 NASH Now see your dream of o frovel car come true! Sec the nicy distinction of Speed- line Styling ;ind the new Bold Front. Test the "blaze-away" fury of new 220 H.P. Jetlirc V-S. Get the facts about the greatest safety advance ever built into a car. Sec room and comfort and features that can't be had in the costliest cars—even a "chaise longuc." Sec your Nash dealer today. 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