Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 1, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1947
Page 5
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The firms listed below will lolve your problems quickly and inexpensively. Reach for your telephone and use this SERV- ICESCOPE for easy reference. Sei*viceseope Tells You Where To Reach The Experts! JfAUOATCCK NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, VBBV1, 1MT—PAOE I Auto Repairs Trucking-Moving GLASS FOR TABLE TOPS — MIRRORS NORTH KND AUTO CLASS 1M3 So. Miiln St.. Watarliury "BOSCO" Call 3-2050 IVKKKI.Y T HI I'M— To untf Irmn Ouna. , ttiiudi* Idluiid, Muntf., \rw Ynrk and Nrw Jrr.r.T T. W. KOIIII.I.AKU VAN LINUS Valley Auto Electric Co. ]4I» RUBBER AVE. Gcncrsitor Jgniilon Starter Cnrburctor EEGAN'SGARAGE On thn Prospect Rt). 1 mlln from U. C. GENKRAL KEI'AIRING On All Mulii'M of Curs Shell Gasoline 4983 Tel. 3-3683 Reupholstering Rebuild Your Car Seats or Truck Seats Springs Replaced New Pudding CABLES & MAKER 10 Autumn St. Wuterliury For Arupholiitcry, Slip Covers i»nd New Living Room Furniture Shop At Allen's Parlor Furniture Factory 1 GRAND ST. A WATERBCHV * Radio Repairs - Sales Building Maintenance Gutters and Leaders Shingles Federal Roofing Co. *?!?±:i st - Call 4-4604 Oil Burners • Electrical Repairs GERALD'S Aopllnnco SH]<\H and Sorvlc* All Muknx IlcfrlcorntorH und 2651 ^.UtlJ. Pickup A Deliver* ,IOIfN .1ACKWICX i»7 sprin,. st. Ifnlnn City Announcements Frank's Radio Service TICK UP * DELIVERY PROMPT SERVICE Call Me 47 BRIDGE ST. Dig] Unlnn City 1Jlal LUNDIN RADIO SERVICE Arnold F. Lund In Quality Rcpnlrw on any Make or Model Pick-Up and Delivery r>7 Wondlawn Ave Conn. Automotive Autos For Sa!o 12 cHs .Aiinoinict'riicnt.H JEAN'S KNITTING STUDIO — Yarnn. Rue Yarn.». Crochnl Thrnnd. InMtructlonsi true, dally 1 to B. 2f) Diamond St., Union City- Tel. 3172- THt'CKlNfl • AMIH-H X- UiilibiKh rc- tmlp. Attlcsi uncl nt-ll.'irsi flnnni'd- For |immpt iiofvlco, en 11 <IOH>. SMITH-SHEA Automotive Truck TBACTOK — Trnllur, complete, e. \VKA31 TruRtnr; F'rouhaul' 20-foot tinx. fjov.- :nllnii;;i\ VVcst- InKtiniiHc uii- hi;ikeH. Call ^Vlby. 3-530S. 1MO l»OD(iK— 2 ton truck. 3\aclt body. A-l condition. Good rubber. Tel. 302.V after 0 p. rn. IflOT Pl.YMOirTII Tndan., -I brand now lives, very eletm, n dandy- SST.'/.On. Tel. Soymour 2-1 no, '•12 Chevrolet Sraaa ••II Pontiac: Sedan '•IU Buifk Conv. Sedan '.'*H l-";uir:k Conv, Coupt? '"S Oldsmoblle Conv. Coupu T!r, Kurd S-tntion Wapon '.'!f> Chevrolet Soclnn '37 Dod«i< Sedan '3li Studehnkcr Sedan '•IT Studobalccr Scclnn '•Hi Plymouth Sedan '•10 Def,oto 7 Pass. Sedan MO Oldsmobiio Sedan '•Hi DeSoio '2 door Sodan '37 1'ackard Socl.'in '•II Studobakei' Sodan '•12 Ford Scdiin '30 Chf'Vrolet Dump '3f) Intcrntitionsil Dump '3 ! J Tnterniitlonal 3-'l ton Pickup AT KITH PATRICK'S liliin is. Main St, Wtby. Dirl -I-ISII USKD CARS nOL'GHT AND SOLD OAKS HOUCIHT & SOLD AT SKII'l'V MAG til':—MOTOR SALES 2CS U'a.crtOH'n Ave, Tel. Wtby. -l-SStxi or Wtn. 1266. Buy A Used Car Now Automotive Auto* for sale ANOTHER NICE SELECTION OF PERSONALLY SELECTED ; CARS •10 Ply. Sta- Wapon (Extra Nice) 42 Pontiac Streamliner Sedan •12 Pontiuc 0 cyl, DcLuxc Sedan 42 Chevrolet Spec- Deluxe Towne Sedan 41 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe 41 Chevrolet 4 Dr. Deluxe Sedan 39 Plymouth Conv. Cpe. "Beauty" 37 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan 10 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan 40 Buick Special 4. dr. Sedan 3S Buick Special 4 dr. Sedan 3D Dodge 4 Ps. Coupe, "Very Clean" 40 Pontinc G cyl. Deluxe Sedan 11 Plymouth -Spec. Deluxe Towne Sedan >R G.M.C- 1-2 Ton Pick-up "Dandy" WE ARE STILL PAYING HIGH PRICES FOR GOOD CLEAN CARS SEE US BEFORE YOU SELL SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY HARRY F. ATWOCXD (Opposite Olson's Garage) MAIN ST.. WATERTOWN, CONN. Phone Wtn. 1199 We closp &' P. M. Daily & Sat. at noon. IS Auto Dealers 1-3 H.I'. AIR Compressor—ROKU- latoi-, hose, 'air hammer, spray puns, otiicr auto body equipment. Reasonable. Call' 3-83-17 or 5-D340. Ask for Leonard. 1!)37 AND l!»3H BUICK—Special left rear door. lfl-10 Buick supoi- left rear fender 937 Euick radiator shell 19.12 Packard Clipper model 120. ritfht rear door. ASK FOR TOM Tel. 5-1161 STANDARD TAX* 21 Par LATK MODK1, CABS WANTED PACKAJID-WATKRBURY, INC 482 Wu.torlown Ave. Dial 4-6109 JIK THOMPSON MOTOR COUP- 0 RIVERSIDE DR. TEL. OS-13 STOP IN TO SEE THE NKW KAISUH SPECIAL TODAY DELIVERIES ARE VERY GOOD 7 RepnlrUiB-Servico Station Contractors Storm THE NEW Eaffle-Picher all alumi num combination storm window and screen, guaranteed to last a house time is now-available foi immediate installation. Phone ai no" obligation (or demonstration Eagle—Insulation, D. H. Snyue & Co., Inc., Waterbury 4-3319, Contracting STONE MASON WORK — CELLARS ~ DRY \VAL1LS — CON- CBKTE WORK. LOAM, SAND CRUSHED STONE. 1-2 TON POWER ROLLER FOR LAWNS ROGER CLARK. WOODBUBY 194-3. ASPHALT — PAVING — ROAD OILS. CRUSHED STONE; EXCAVATING; ANYWHERE. ROGER CLARK. TEL. WOODBITRY 194-3. HOME ALTERATIONS — Porches and garages built, roofing, siding, gutters and leaders. Insurance carried. Reasonable, Tel. 2195. Palming .. BEDROOMS—Papered and painted. Lowest prices, Rood William Bakunas, 4 Poplar St, Wtby. Tel. 4-0-120- WM. F, COTA. Paper hanger and painter. We carry compensation. Write Box -1G1, Koujtatuok.'' ' ' GOOD MATERIALS — COO D WORKMANSHIP. GET 'BOTH BY CALLING 3785. CAESAR KRZYKOWSKT. PAPER "HANGING & Painting— Specializing, on Interior Work. Call for estimates. "Tony" Mariano, 335 No. Hoadlcy St., Naugatuck. Tel. 2561- ; iET MORE paper Hanging . and painting done for your money Ploskl Bros. Tel, 5473. 'APER HANGING—Painting: & Floor Scraping- All work guaranteed. Riitcs reasonable, Free estimates. Phone Wtby, 3-GS65. DO- MJNZIO DECORATORS. Merchandise . Peed and fuels CI.ASSini';i> All!* ON l'A(il': SIX TURN £N 'iOMK CAR NOW MY PJUCKS ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 1803 N. Main St. fJal! WntorbiH-y 5-1797 1U37 LINCOLN Zephyr Motor V-12. fSultablo for reconditioning, Tel. 0211. NK'.VI,y REBUILT —1 model L. Allis Chnlmcrs Bulkloxcr. 1 caterpillar thirty and also 8 v.'hccl Inv,- hod trailer. For demonstration Inciuii'c "Yannicelli." Bull- tinrin;,' K: BUisting & Tvucking. I'T" OH It St.. Wtby. 3-1237. THE BEST LUBRICATION JOB IN TOWN . MEN—'Clean intelligent men who know how to do a first class job. EQUIPMENT— Modern Power Equipment. MATERIAL — High grade lubricants used in all the right pl.ices, THE NAUGATUCK FUEL CO. Phone 323(5 AUTOMOBILE—Rubber floor mat* —$3,70 and up. JOE'S TIRE SHOP :!4l N, Mum, Wtbry. Cor. Conke St 17 ServU'o Stations—Repairing IUI.LER PipelesE, Pipo. Blower Furnaces. Automatic gas watet heaters in stock. Divino Company, Wtby. 3-0038. r Merchandise Merchandise Household Articles CLEARANCE SALE —Moving out of town'. Stoves, washing machines, comb, radio, horses, '40 ; Stadcbaker'.' 342 Baldwin St., Wtby. ; STANLEY GUARANTEED HOME PRODUCTS. All household brushes, sponge mops, waxes, polishes, shoulder showers, bathtub mats, and'personal aids. Phone orders taken or HOME DEMONSTRATIONS. Dealers Ann Kane, 72 Ward Street, Phone 3652, and Betty Anderson,' Millville, Phono 4421. 28* Clothing WEDDINQ outfit*—formal gawnm. r»ady-made. or made to order. White Bunny jackets, black velvet wraps to rent. RUBY'S BRIDAL SHOP, 2nd floor. 88" N. Main St., Wtbry. 3-18S4. Article* For Sole FOR SAT,1> — Gaa Refrigerator. Telephone 59G7" between 6-7 p.m. ELECTRIC Portable Singer Sewing Machine. Practically new. Also used washing machine, Tel 5130. ' Article, for SM0 I Business Service Frofemloiml Service* STEPLADDERS—3 ft, to 14 ft. custom made sturdy ladders. Extension ladders, all sizes. Union Plate & Window Glass Co., 40 Sco- vili St., Wtby.. 4-0694, NEW & re-conditioned FORD and Mercury motore IN STOCK for Immediate Installation. Low cost. The Naugatuck Fuel Co, Phone . 5235. Education 31 Local and Private Instructor* ACCORDION LESSONS—Yon can learn the correct technique of the Accordion. No accordion necessary. At Mecca Mu»lc School, 209 Bank St., Wtbry., 4-1422. S2a Instructions GUITAR Instructions — Epiphone RUltars. Orchestra available. Fx-cd Biorlico Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St,, Wtby. 4-0136—3-9120. Poultry, Ersr* CHAIN DRIVE Trycycles, Toy Washinff Machines. Toy Kitchen Cabinets, No. 4 1-2 Erector Sets. THE RADIO SHOP, 180 Grand St., Wtby. ELECTRIC MEAT SAW—For sale. Practically new. Wtby. 3-0902— 3-0008. FOR' SALE—Refrigerator ice box. Alsc walnut vanity with side wings. Tel. 6102. Boar Wnrel Aligning-Auto Puiiitlng Body i Fendfir Work ERNIE'S AUTO BODY WORKS 128 WatercoH-n Ave. Wtbry. 36M1 JIMMY'S GARAGE —Fender and body work. Auto paintinff ;mcl welding. Also simonlzinp. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5-1203. 73 Ward St., Waterbury. i7n Auto Painting-Body Work JACK'S AUTO BODY FliNPER * BOOY REPAIRING TOPS R'EFINISHING TEL. ftl.W, NIGHTS /ii»12 inc. so- MAIN ST. NATIVE LUMBER. FOR SALE Tel. flG-18 V/OOD—Lumber for sale. Fireplace and stove lerjgtlis by the cord. Tel. 3648. rt'OOD FOR SALE—-Cord, stove and rirer>,ln.0(! lengths. Call after 6 p. ni, 35^4 or 2181. Warren Doo- littlc FOR SAI.K—Cord wood. Stove, fur- naoo, fireplace lengths. Phone •1447. . WATER While Range Oil, delivered same day if ordered before noon. The Naujratucls Fuel Co., Phono 5236, 28 Household Article* STORM WINDOWS — Aluminum comb. At 25 per cent Idas. Solomon Sales & Service, 37 Cooks St., Wtby. 4-7810—4-0748, A.B.C. RANGE BURNERS EXPERTLY INSTALLED S42.SO . 1 Year Guarantee Also General Furnace and Ranffc Burner Service. MODERN HEATING SERVICE Watertmry 5-718« $1.000 — $1,000 — 51,000 3 ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL "DELUXE FURNITURE- SI,000 — 51,000 — $1,000 INCLUDED is a 1947 6 ft. Well Cnown Brand EleiStric Refrigerator. 947 DcLuxc Oil and Gas "Bengal" Range or "Florence'' Electric Range, 947 "Pliilco" Radio. Special Concession to all members of the Armed Forces & their families. 'REE DELIVERY—FREE STORAGE—EASY TERMS ALSO INCLUDED in addition to he Electric Refrigerator, Range & *adio — is a Beautiful Bedroom Suite, your choice of modern or period design, "Simmons" coil spring, Simmons Mattress—Handsome Living Room Suite, your choice of modern or period design, rugs, 3 lamps, 2 end tables, 1 cocktail table, 5 PC. Porcelain or Maple Breakfast set. Yes, even Linoleum for the kitchen —Everything- Complete. "Ready to live in." Open QvoningB only by special appointment' A-L-B-E-R-T-s 2GS South Main St- Phone 4-314-1 Waterbury CLOSED EVERY MONDAY TURKEYS—Alive at farm, 40c Ib. George E. Smith, AUerton Farms. Tel, Naugatuck 4630. CHESHIRE HATCHERY — 27T1I SEASON—Phone Cheshire 695 for prices and hatching schedule. 'Custom hatching. SAFETY GLASS—Installed in your car. Union Plate & Window Glass Co., 40 Scovill St., Wtby. 4-0694. FURNACE OIL BURNERS — Expert service. Work guaranteed. Range and fuel oil. Call WATTE EROS., 14G Johnson St. Tel. 2865. 37 Business Service* Rendered WINDOW CLEANING — Store*houses - factory. In town or out Call W'town 766-M after < p. m. HAVE YOUR ALTERATION* DONE AT CARMEN'S CUSTOM TAILORING . 3-Day Cleaning. Service 147 So. Main St.—Dial 2017 ELECTRIC Si.en.rn Radiators—Oth' er home appliances: Refrigeration and oi[ burner service. Washing machines and electric appliances repaired. "Frosty" Bo»co. Naug. 5836. Wtby. 3-2050 at 1348 N, Main St. OIL BURNERS—LARGE SUPlfL! of oil burners and parts. Oil burn JTS cleaned and repaired. Harrj Churchill. Pbotia S025. Workgutr anteed. WE REPAIR RF.FRIGEBATO*' All' makes. Coldspot, Apex, Cop* land, Gruno, Kelvinntor, Crar ley. Stewart-Warner, etc. Stetb kal and con, 202 Jherry 84 Waterbury, 4-0710. : GUAHANTKED REPAIRS — Ai makes machines, vacuum*, UMT machiaeH bought. Singer tewlnj Machine Co. Waterbury 4-1308 Business Service CKSBPOOL8 —Ana MptlO Uuk* - cleaned, repaired MM) IMUIIM • All typna of iiiburbln MWBC* «!• POM), work. For prompt and d* pendabl* •ervtca call The Hydraulic Oo, Waterbury EOMCWD O. HESS Public -Accountant 147 Bait Main St., Room IB Waterbury, Conn. Phone* Waterbury 4-8883 Naugatuek S44M ENLAUGER8 available at drastically cut price*. Goldie'n Camera Shop. 15-17 Grand St., Wtby. 0-1878. 39 Wanted To Render Service* OIL BURNERS cleaned and eer- y-iced. Expert Bcrvice. F. & 3. Oil Co., Wtby. 3-2147. 40* BeuphotetenaK SAGGING SPRINGS in uphotatere* furniture seat* repaired and completely restored to original po»l- tion with Parker Sag Prut- Work done In your home. Divan {18JM| chair $8.75. Lifetime Call Waterbury 4-3319. CVSTOBI RECPHOL8TEBIKO Special Z-piece Suite SB* GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO Waterbury 4-88*5 NOW'S LET US steam clean your motor and chassis. Reduces fire hazard. Permits more • thorough lubrication. Makes your car operate more efficiently. The Nauga- tuek Fuel Co. Phone 5230. AIAOIC CHliF White Table Top gas range. Excellent condition. Phone •170G. WANTED Recent Girl High School Graduate or Student for Office Work .Experience .not required. Apply In own handwriting-, pivlni |.c)pph»n« A"«ml>cr or Address to Box H, c-o ^autfatiick Daily ZVcivs. NO DOWN PAYMENT Veterans are offered FULL I'URCH ASE 1'RICE G. I. Loans on 6 Room Homes In GIpMridffe Kstatcs Cfiri'k (hi* Hf/Vr: <(U'n .voitr mvn hoinp in mil- i»f Ciinn. amsl iii<.tiirrr.i]U<> ili~ Ns CAN nrv ON P.H.A. ri..vx Al( iiu>ili>rn Inipl-<ii'rttiC[lfK. I'liit'-lK-cJ (iln-t'lM. Mitlr%V:llkN and xcwi'f.. »uP Ni-ltooN. i-liurchi't.. Hlori-f.. Cilll It^ f-vr» U A. AI. (» H ]>. .M. Nltlllfilturk Di.Vrlnpmi'llt fn,. Inf. (/ultiii urn) Nnrfli >lo;i«I!r.v H(. Niuiciilntk TO APPLY FOR THAT JOB Worried About Your Cleanlnjr Problems? Relieve your mind— send for us. We do It quickly and nt n reasonable price, \Ve Call and Deliver. K IEVMAN LEANERS OUR NEW FIVE DAY WORK WEEK SCHEDULE Has opened up a limited number of positions in our organization for BUS OPERATORS If you qualify, this position offers: Steady, permanent employment; Opporlunity for advancement end dependable future; Regular, fill- year-round incorr.c; and Poy while training. APPLY ANYTIME AT OUR EMPLOYMENT OFFICE • 8:30 A! M. to 5:0.0 P. M. Daily or So!-., 8:30 to Noon OR TELEPHONE FOR INTERVIEW. C. R. * L. LINES 751 WEST MAIN ST. DIAL 3-4166 BUZ SAV/VER! WELL, 3Y GEOR&E! COME IN,BOY! COME RIGHT INJ HEAR YOU FOUND WILP BILL PANIELS. WONDERFUL' ER— IS CHRISTY IN.MR.JAWESON? By ROY CHANB Fry NEWS Want Ads—they bring results CHRISTY? WELL, AHEM — c NOW, PONT ASK ME TO EXPLAIN! THE WORKINGS OF A FEMALE MINP,BDZ, BUT-WELL.YOU SEE/CHRISTY'S BEEN WAMTIN6 TO TAKE A v<^r'__«~t SECRETARIAL COURSE./ YESTERPAY?, SHE- AH — LEFT ^J. you MEAN SHE'S . YESTERDAY/ m ' ' •ECRET AGKNT X» By MEL GKAFF ' / FEEL lT WCJuD W IF <J\}^ WULP &TOP CALHN& ' ME "6RAPE- 3-UOCKl HOW A30UT CAN I riELP IT ING 07? THE C'AlOK.r.D I if /HV 1 NEED A UNDER THAT ,AN5 Trie COP& WILL. ^^^is® •WCK BRADFOJID —:— By WILLIAM BITT jind CLAKKNCE GBAT OH/"i'M~TFOEGET IT, 60RRY/J 1 VCMOUJ YOUk FEEUUGS-.^AU IT IN YOUR £ s E6 WHEN YOU'SPOH! OP THAT GIRL .-. — RES<1UE MISSION? SNOTTY SMITH —:— By HIU.Y DE L- LOOKV «f GRIZZLY B'AR TRACKS!! YOU'RE CRAZV'.i BEARS OONT WEAR SHOES*! •DONT WftKE. UP TH GRIZZLY B'ARS. GOOGLE SNUFFY!! SNUFFY'.! SNUFFV!! MUGGS AND SKE&'TEK OH-OHlHEY, ML'GGS... LISTEN TO THIS!! ^«Mafe^ I "THE SCHOOL"BOARD POINTS VViTH"]i5! PRIDE TO THE FACT THAT LOCAL SCHOOLTEACHERS ARE AMONG THE HIGHEST RATED IN THE COUNTRY.' 1 GOES AAY v«IK WHAT ? .I WAS PLANNING TO BLAWE JiP EVERYTHING ON INCOMgEJENT, TEACHERS.' ETTA KETT it-^uan, —- T ,j r _ 1 rjADs CHUCKIE-D IHE^I A. NEW PLACi I:,;,',- 1 VMHOLE PLAN.!'GOINI'OUr -V )' i TONIGHT IS MY IDEA' [^vT . . .. pJ^^^-vr^:-?^ MEANTWEG "~^^'^rr-^- .J..'" .- : r.-- 1 ^.-,.-.'-Z_'^li.-V-i AnP^f-J'l" AK1 BT 1-AUL, ROBIKBOfl SKCS^^-^I SHON ^^-•S^L^f^m:~-->\ s/nu-K^NCiW HOVM. THINGS- | VI' ALWAYS HAPPEN \NMEN VDU. DDNT EXPECT THEM."*

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