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The Kingston Whig-Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 15

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Pa ere IS THE KINGSTON WHIG STANDARD TliursHay December 11 1941 Exterior of Odeon Last Word in Modern Styling and Design President Says Films Aid Defence Beautiful New Baroque Style Features Design of Showplace Which Will Seat 1000 People Canada's most modem theatre showplace of Kingston will epen its doors on Friday Dec 12 All new theatress open with a great deal of fanfare as the citizens Kingston well understand that is show business The new Odeon however has several unique features which place it in the class of ultra smart creations that will make it as Intriguing to Kingstonians aj a Paris hat Months of study drafting con-? fcrences barked by the wide ex Local Man Pays Tribute To Company "During my 25 years as a building superintendent I have never had more pleasant and co-operative connections with the architect and owners than during the construction period of the new McFarland building superintendent said in an interview "From the beginning of the excavation to the finished theatre which -will be exhibited to the people of Kingston on Friday only the finest building materials have been used Speed has been sacrificed for quality at all times "I am proud to have TORONTO Dee Interviewed at his office Paul Nathanson youthful president of the new Odeon chain of theatres expressed the opinion that movie industry is an indispensable factor in the nation's defence effort Dominion Government has recognized the importance of movies as a builder of morale not only for the general public but in armv camps all over the he says Without much attendant publicity Mr Nathanson has been on of the leading spirits in providing movie entertainment for the armed forces stationed all over tht country Thousands of soldiers sailors and airmen are entertained every week with full length shows supplied by one of the companies with which Mr Nathanson is connected "1 recently had an opportunity of seeing for myself the pleasure that these shows are giving the boys in the camp at Niagara-on-the-Lake I can assure you that they are thoroughly appreciated I imagine they are just as popular in Kingston Odeon's president among other things is a second-lieutenant in the 2nd battalion the Queen's Own Rifles which underwent its summer training st Niagara -on -the-Lake this year army camp shows are not the only contribution which our industry can and is making today The film distributing company with which I am associated Empire-Universal Films is the largest outlet for British pictures in the Dominion Every English-made film we can put Into Canadian theatre means revenue for the Old Asked whether air raids have seriously affected picture production in England Mr Nathanson said "War conditions have natm ally made their job much harder but with the determination typical of all British Industry today they keep on making pictures completion of the new Odeon has been much delayed by the difficulty of obtaining materials and skilled labor However we are glad that it is finished and I sincerely hope that' the of Kingston will like It I can honestly say that the Odeon is tht most modem and the best equipped theatre in Canada of Its size he said 1 Yf i mi nwi Brilliantly executed motive of newest theatre is carried out from marquee to screen Opening of the Odeon Friday evening will be Odeon Manager New Theatre Is One in Chain Owned and Operated in Canada Leading Stars Newest Pictures Will Be Shown Manager States In Reviewing Booking Plans attended by Mayor A Stewart Other top executives are Bragg secretary-treasurer of the company until June a director and secretary of Famous Players Canadian Corporation Clarence Robson a well-known figure in Canadian theatre circles for 40 years was also an executive of Famous Players He is a vice-president of the new company and actively directs the operation of" many of Odeon's theatres Long and Dick Main formerly with Hanson Theatres Corporation are associated with the chain 1 1 QTPI Long Active In Industry The Odeon newest link in a nation-wide chain of theatres is entirely owned and operated in this country Its president Paul Nalhanson is vice-president of Empire-Universal Films Ltd a film distributing unit which with its Hollywood and British connections handles more film than any other agency in the world Haskell Masters Odeon's general manager was formerly associated with United Artists snd for yean was its Canadian general manager and aLo the stage curlain is lovely gold with a baroque pattern winch covers the enure side wails excepting the proscenium wails flanking tne stage wnich arc block velour The great draw curtain is elaborated with scrolls of black silk applique Unique Fixtures On the side walls are eight unique electric fixtures consist ing of plaster bracketed boxes with elaborate baroque carved plaster scrolls supporting them These boxes arc provided with lights from their many facets shimmering colored sparkling glass and chromed disk rods and that reflect colored lights from their many faucets up to the ceiling Below in the dado is a continu ous line of blue neon from the stage to the balcony face recessed in a trough of while plaster The dado below is mulberry The ceiling has large sweeping curves and is colorfully decorated with plaster baroque scrolls so that the eye hardly rests on a straight line Fainted ornament adds color particularly over Ihe side wail fixtures previously described Down the centre of the ceiling is a double plaster trough illuminated with blue Neon softly diffused The color on the ceiling is mostly pink with mulberry and white as contrasting colors At the rear the ceiling is a lovely sky blue The scat backs are in harmony with the general color scheme a soft green fabric on the seats downstairs and red in the loge circle It is now taken for granted that theatre auditoriums will be scientifically treated for acoustics and the new Odeon is no exception In thp Odeon however the acoustical treatment is not obviously exposed to view for all to sec like the word on drop curtains of the old vaudeville theatres In this new theatre the acoustical treatment has been regulated ta its proper place in the decoration schema it is hidden from view behind tht large areas of silk damask on the side waifs The Stage Curtain The standard proscenium arch has been eliminated in the new Odeon and the black velour on the proscenium walls dies into the grand gold draw curtain Behind these beautiful curtains one catches a glimpse of black and behind thrsc again silver gray (Continued on Tage IS) perience of the architects Kaplan Sprachman of Toronto have produced a building of which Kingston may well be proud The lnoo-seat Odeon is a credit to Harold Kaplan of the firm of Kaplan Spruchman He has reason to be pmud of this latest design from his drafting board Comfort Is Keynote From its imposing Odeon neon sign which towers GO feet above the sidewalk to the room over the side of the stage that manufactures conditioned air the is calculated to provide fine entertainment with the maximum of comfort A facade of dark terra cotta and beige colored Macotta witn buff brick black Vitrolitc mirror and stainless steel from which Juts out a 2000-light marquee and sign has suddenly appeared on Princess Street This theatre is the first in Canada to be decorated in the ultra smart Modern Baroque style You have seen the interiors of many theatres labelled The decorator's bag of tricks to make a decorative scheme has been nearly exhausted and so to give Kingston patrons a fresh new decorative scheme the architects chose the new style that Is sweeping through the United States from Los Angeles to New Modem Baroque The new Odeon is the fiist theatre in Canada to be done in this style A decorative motif of flashim mirrors accents the entrance and leads the entertainment seeker through five extra wide ivory colored doors into the lobby in mirror black structural glass The entire ceiling Is divided into panels of softly diffused light consisting of white opal glass etched in beautiful baroque design From the lobby the patron steps into a spacious foyer where there is standing accommodation protected from rain and cold for many people The screen Is viewed through a large plate glass window giving absolute quiet to those at the rear of the auditorium Foyer snd Lounge The foyer is sumptuously decorated with beige fabrimid walls and with plaster celling in beautiful coloring diffused from pink neon in concealed plaster troughs The ceiling is in warm pastel shades of turquoise blue rose pink and beige The carped is in a smart pattern harmonizing with the decorations predominantly led in color The lounge on the mezzanine floor is treated similarly The color of the fahricoid changes to a maroon on the stairs and at columns The furniture was especially designed and built for the Odeon in colors which beautifully harmonize with the background The drinking fountain is a special feature of the foyer and is done in Vitrnlite and stainless Steel and colorfully decorated mirrors This painted mirror is in tropical fish design and has already aroused considerable favorable comment Off the foyer is the spacious Ladies Room in lovely baroque luxury mushroom colored earpcl-ted floor and peach walls and roiling Off this room is a delightful alcove "The Cosmetic Room" with continuous structural glass-topped table and four elegant baroque mirrors with the light at just the proper angle fur making up This retreat will intrigue the ladies The men have not been forgotten Off the foyer flour is the men's room where mulberry fabric covered furniture with terra rotta walls and plenty of ash trays give the male animal a retreat to relax and smoke Smoking In Lose Circle The "laige in the Odeon cats 278 and two large open stairways rise to the balcony from the foyer giving a third dimensional spaciousness to the foyer Smoking will be permitted in the Logo Circle throughout the performance and special ventilation has been installed to carry away all the smoke and at the same time eliminate draughts To the theatre architect the front lobby foyer and rest rooms re known as the lighted areas There is another area that spectacular only when the house lights are faded in the auditorium Here all the science of subdued lighting acoustics proportions sight-lines teat angles and intermission beauty are harmonized to produce the illusion fur which all the rest is but a part Here the brilliant breathing shadows come to life on the reran Herr is unfolded the glamor that Hollywood and Els-trre bring into being The Interior of the new Odom Thcaire is beautiful and striking The auditorium walls are covered silk damask from the da lo to the plaster ceilirg This cloth Starting in allow business years ago Gordon Beavis Odeon's manager is still a young man Swinging a flashlight as an usher at the Capitol Theatre Peterborough he came up the well known He graduated as assistant manager in the Peterborough house and after seven years in this position he joined Hanson Theatres Corporation and took over the management of the Royal in North Bay In the north Beavis established himself as a progressive theatre man with a deep interest in the community life of the town He is still remembered In the Bay centre for his activities on behalf of the Red Cross IODE the Legion and in particular for his efforts in local war savings and loan drives From North Bay he moved to the Grand in Sudbury He comes to the Odeon in Kingston from the Marks Theatre in Oshawa which he has managed for the last lew months A year ago Gordon Beavis married Peterborough girl Eleanor Dodds Beavis says that now his ambition is realized he's married the right girl and now managing the right theatre the most beautiful thousand-seat house in Ontario in one of the busiest communities in the province 16 the GORDON BEAVIS Who is In charge of the theatre nw New Seals Assure No Stumbling It's the little things that count In the entertainment world How often have you had a perfect evening completely spoiled because of some trifling detail some little incident of no real significance which has yet so irritated that you were utterly incapable of en joying yourself? Many a time we venture to guess The management of the new Odeon Theatre couldn't protect you against the irritation of scratching the fenders of your car as you drive out of the garage You may still tear your coat in the door as you hurry out to an evening's fun But once you get to the Odeon Theatre you are safe No longer will you bark your thins on a lowered seat as you make your way to your place No longer will you stand bent-knee fumbling in embarrassment to raise your seat as some other theatre patron moves past you All the seats in the Odeon Theatre fly up as noon as you lift your weight from them Deep restful cushions greet you as you settle into your place at the beginning of the show When you leave you simply arise and walk out No more fumbling for your seat to raise it That is done for you automatically You'll appreciate this little extra convenience Truly it is the little things that count sections of its potential audience believe every man woman and child in Kingston will find we show the kind of pictures they like some of the time that means that everybody In Kingston will enjoy coming to the Odeon and no theatre manager can hope for more than he declared "Outstanding pictures with front rank stars will appear for their first Kingston showings at the Manager Gord at the Beavis said today and Costello's latest hit 'Em Flying' is our opener and we'll do our best to maintain that Beavis said contracts had been signed (or pictures starring Deanna Durbin Irene Dunne Robert Montgomery Melvin Douglas Charles Laughton Merle Oberon Olsen and Johnston Loretta Young and many others the outstanding British productions will appear Odeon" Beavis said Formby's last picture The Beat is booked for January and there are several more from this jmpular star on the way Leslie Howard Clive Brook Grade Fields and other Hollywood and Elstree stars who are defying the blitz will also make pictures this coming Action rtelures Like mast large population centres Kingston has its action fans and it will be the Odeon's policy to bring their favorite stars to Kingston's new movie house Gene Autry Roy Rogers Robert Livingston Smiley Burnett and Charles Starrett all are scheduled to appear as week-end fare Some theatres have the reputation of showing 'sophisticated' pictures others are popularly called houses Well we believe that a theatre in an average size community should show both sophisticated and action type pictures From the earliest days of the legitimate stage theatre managers have sought entertainment variety Only by providing that variety can theatre remain what it should be a reflection of the tastes and desires of the widest aware of the fact that so much as a single clgaret has been lighted Up in the balcony two hundred and eighty movie fans esn Inhale deeply and savor the rich fragrance of tobacco while the drama unfolds on the screen The new Odeon theatre of fire-proof construction throughout of steel and reinforced concrete and there will not be the slightest danger of fire For the convenience of smokers ash-trays have been attached to every seat In the balcony The seats themselves are of exactly the same construction as a those on the ground floor yielding spring cushions and restful backs The view of the screes excellent From any seat In the balcony can he obtained a view at least the equal of that afforded on the ground floor PROFITS IN MOLASSES LONDON Dec "All you think of its making profit out of a situation in which tht country finds said Magistrate John Harris imposing fines amounting to £942 ($4190) on two men for illegal dealings in molasses I at the I to the owners of the new ODEON THEATRE Kingston Modern Miracle of Ventilation Permits Smoking in Balcony Designers of the New Odeon From Columns to Color Congratulations to Odeon Theatres of Canada Ltd Naturally I am proud to have been chosen the General Contractor on this fine fire-proofed air-conditioned theatre The owners have spared no expense in making this one of the finest theatres in Ontario by equipping it with every possible comfort for the general publie Sir Barrie would have liked the Odeon Theatre The famous author and playwright who sang the virtues of tobacco In Lady would certainly have approved the romhlnalion of the drama and the fragrant weed The opportunity to enjoy this combination is now being offerrd to the the-sire-coins publir of this district Yet for those who have never joined Barrie In enjoyment of Ihe solaces of tobacco this departure from the usual regulations will cause no Inconvenience Modern design the answer On the ground floor smoking will be prohibited as in other theatres in this city But up In the loses In the bilconr rigaret cigar or pipe esn be enjoyed to the full tYllhin thirty seconds of the time the blue smoke rurls from the tobsrro er 1 expelled grev and mist-like from the gratified lungs of the xmokrr it will be sacked through the roof Two specially designed fans will effect this miracle of ventilation Down on the ground floor not one member of the audience will be THOS A ANDRE 334 Victoria St Kingston Phone 1400 Kaplan Sprachman Architects Toronto.

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