Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 6, 1973 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1973
Page 17
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GALESBURG, ILL., m., JULY 6, itfs SEC ; a BELFAST The (DPI) British army barricaded streets and searched automobiles in Belfast today to combat threats by a newly formed Protestant extremist .'rouft that it will tt and kill" A maim Catholics. Searched Cars Soldiers blocked off Roman and side \ streets and all cars passing through hastily erected check* points on the city's main guarded searched the tightened security came in response to the shooting death Thursday of a trucking firm owner* a Catholic father of five children who police said Was n on political. The Ulster Freedom Fighters 1 . 1 (UFF), a mysterious^ Protestant organization, claimed the responsibility for his killing and said more would follow. \ "There will be plenty of sectarianism/ 9 said a telephone caller identifying himself as a member of the UFF. "We will maim and kill." ' murdered by the UFF in recent weeks and the 841st victim of four years of Northern Ireland violence among Protestants, Catholics and security forces. Political sources said the latest killing created a wave of tear within Belfast's minority Catholic community. In Sectaries vear. 42 an killings Catholics have year, died as <com- The dead man, Robert Clarke, was the sixth Catholic pared with 16 Protestants. Police said the four gunmen who Killed Clarke tied iip and gagged four of the employes at his firm, then waited almost an hour for him to arrive at work. When Clarke drove into, the parking lot they forced him to enter the building at gunpoint and shot him in the head and chest. He died instantly. UFF Caller The UFF caller said Clarke was killed in retaliation for the weekend bombing of a Protestant drinking club, which injured 50 persons. The dub is frequented by the militant Protestant Ulster Defense Association, and police believe the UFF is a radical Branch of this group. + Phnom Government Ceme-Fire (UPI) - Hie Phnom Penh government announced for the first time today that it was prepared to talk to a representative of "the other skle*' in the Cambodian war and said it was willing to accept a ceasefire. The announcement was made in Phnom Perth's government palace by Foreign Minister Long Boret, in the presence of the representatives of the diplomatic corps including U.S. Ambassador Emory C. Swank. The foreign minister refused to say directly that his statement meant that, for the first time, the Phnom Penh had agreed to Prince Norodom Long Boret outlined the Phnom Penh governments flew sit-point program as fallows: -Strict adherence to Article 20 of the Paris accords of Jan. wra. (Article Tank Car Explodes loaded railroad tank car exploded yesterday, persons and injuftag 80. The curious were ba blast area for four hours until the critically in airlifted to Las Veflas. Nev., and Proenix, Ariz i explosion, unexplained, occurred the center of Kingman, Ariz., a n 3.000. UNIFAX Couple Rescued From Life SEOUL (UPI) A British t- couple rescued after drifting for 117 days on a life raft in the Pacific said today they survived on rainwater, 30 turtles, eight seagulls and six sharks. Michael Bailey, 41, and his 32-year-old wife were picked up by a South Korean fishing boat on June 30 but the story pi their ordeal was not disclosed lftitU Thursday. ' r\ Sail Bailey "We are happy now," -told a a Seoul newspaper, "tot we will not. sail a boat again." The newspaper Hankook llbo said it talked by radio for 20 minutes with skipper Suh Jungil and the < Baileys*'en route to the South Korean ;port of: Pusan The aboard the slffp is schecluledio dbck;early next month. Bailey, a printer, and his wife left England a year ago aboard an eight-ton yacht on an around the world voyage to New Zealand. They had left Panama on Feb. 26, they said, when the /acht sank after colliding with a whale March 4 about 400 miles off Mexico. Then, fey gold* they^i •aether Itw# lift lafls A KINGMAN, Ariz. (UPI) railroad tanker of propane gas exploded Thursday, engulfing a factory, half a dozen businesses, part of a major transcontinental, highway and scores of people in a monstrous blooming fireball 500 feet high. Three firemen were killed and 75 persons burned. Several of the injured were j not expected to survive. Military helicopters and airplanes were pressed into service to carry the injured to hospitals in Phoenix, Ariz., and southern Nevada. ami n z victims, their began drifting. drank They Baileys said/ rainwater, the and seagulls, turtles and sharks they caught with hooks fashioned from pins. flesh charred, wandered fighting the blaze, drawing a through the disaster area, large crowd of curious specta- survivors said.' tors into the area. A portion of U.S. 66 "First the fire was outside covered by the fireball's the tank, it seemed to,, be fringes, was still closed today shooting up because of leaking storage sa jd Ray Kirn, a tanks. "There are gas pockets dispatcher who saw the disaster still there and all it would take from about 200 yards away, is a spark," said an officer of "Then it got low and went into the Department of Public the tank. That's when it Safety. , Fuel under pressure," DPS being transferred bo- railroad tanker exploded The fireball afternoon. The blaze began atop mow up tanker. It h H the railroad car. Firemen were Plague once, a * about like that t flames went 300 to 500 the air. Then itself 1 1 V The first HELSINKI (UPI) round of a confers together foreign ministers of 35 nations of East and iWest Seven vessels passed without , «,uw *Att» seeing Ihem, th^couple^ said, "J* lts ^ w i&SnJ wkmi ^appJoacW ^^^^^^ views on Europe's future Of the v foreign ministers seven, had his ship to approach cautiously afterla crewman ^spotted an ™* ^ object boding ih the water at * TtwrtW night and distance of about three miles. aU the tank car went up ... end over end in the air. Most of the Doxol plant was left in ruins. The "Country Kitchen Cafe," which had about presented a five*point "plan to a dozen customers at the time, c+miMrthjifi European security, caught fire and was destroyed, is a two-company yard tire sales firm. Two gutted, Hazel Hadley, 40, of King- many said she was a block from the explosion, sitting in a truck, when the fireball raced at her. "I just ran out of the truck, but it deemed I couldn't run away from the t fire fast enough," she said, as she was taken off to be treated for burns at a hospital in Henderson, Nevada. A man ran to his office, Kirn said, "burned bad from the neck up, face, hair... screaming, he was in shock, his flesh was just hanging on him." "All that fire, it seemed to last an eternity; I suppose it was 30 seconds," said firemai John Howell. 4 F a Twenty-five victims, their government speak with Silianouk, who formed a Cam- dian government-in-exile after he was overthrown in a March, 1970, coup. Two Governments "We will never recognize that there are Iwo governments, our position is that there is only one legal government/* he said, "However, we accept to talk to anyone respected by and chosen by all the factions of the other side in this country." In an interview with The New \rk Times June 30, Sihanouk id he was "inspected" by the insurgents in Cambodia and it he had been reassured by them that "after liberation" he would remain head of state. Sihanouk said in Peking Thursday (hat he would not meet with U.S. presidential adviser Henry A. Kissinger for talks on Cambodia when Kissinger visits Peking, expected later this month or in early August. 20. : . .Iters military activity by foreign countries in Cambodia; and pledges to leave internal aMirs to the people of the country.) Withdrawal of all fotelgn forces from Cambodia. —An appeal to the International Commission of Control and Supervision to watch over the implementation of Article 20. —Acceptance in principle of the imposition of an immediate cease-fire in place by the forces of both sides. End Hostilities To send a delegation of (Phnom Penh) Cambodians to meet with Cambodians oil the other side at a place agreed on by both sides, with a VteW to ending hostilities. —A call on all nations, and the United Nations, to help in the implementation of Article 20. U.S. Ambassador Swank commented to journalists after the delivery of the six-point program, "I just hope the other side doesn't reject (this out of hand. I think this desdfVes some consideration." Communist-led troops, meanwhile, kept up their pressure on the Phnom Penh government, seizing the Highway 4 totrtt of Prey Pdau, an important position along Cambodia's; only road to the sea. READ THE WANT ADS! h • 4 bodies packed lay in Kingman which he described as "indivisible from our own," and a Conference sources said Rog- *™ stations ^vere , p 1 a n « suss* r % 1 ers single strip field with no contro tower, as relays of military helicopters and private planes flew them off to hospitals. Some of them did not reach hospitals for more than five hours. The dead included three firemen identified by the DPS as James Cox, Roger Hubka and William Casson. If you're a safe driver who's sick and tired of paying high insurance premiums for other peoples' accidents, come to the company that's done something about it TONY LISCHWE 411 Binh el Galitbutff r Building PHONE 343-1165 MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE 1 ASSN. OF ILLINOIS AUTO • HOME BUSINESS' J ' T CARD OF THANKS ?xpected ; to speak to< ast minute problems" inal communique plus demands for Arab re t * Perhaps You San* A Lovely Song, Or Sat Quietly In A'Chiar, k Perhaps You Sent Beautiful Flowers, •It So We Saw Them There. • • , jPerhaps You Sent Or Spoke Kind Wortjs As Any , . Friend Could;Say,' • .. . * • • Perhaps You Were Not There At' AU — )'J ust Thought t Gf-Us Oliat Day, ^Perhaps. You* Prepared Some Tasty Food. Or Maybe FurnishedA ;Car. Perhaps You Rendered A Service Unseen, Near At Hand Or From Afar, Whatever You.Did To Console The Heart, By Word Or Deed Or Touch. Whatever Was The Kindly Part , , , We Thank You, Oh, So Much. THE SUSIE E. MERIDETH FAMILY could delay an adjourn until Saturday. Three which took Tt TTie conference, seven months to plan and which vA\ take place in three rounds, s intended to put a formal end o the cold war and deals with uch matters as security and onitact between East and West. Secretary of State William P. R(«ers spoke Ihursday / - and •A L ^ come on over were oslovakiaj i Rogers' plan stressed "the free flow of people and ideas." Communist Proposals By contrast, Communist proposals have emphasized such principles as a ban on the use of force and the inviolability of frontiers. Both the Soviet Union and East Germany endorsed the f free flows of information, but said this information could not be used to undermine existing systems—a condition at could justify censorship. The basic Communist document on "human contacts" was Bui- 2> _+ PIVISION Guess the length of I ( 1* \ ERECTED, CLOSED IN AND READY TO FINISH Sun., July 8, 1973 to 4 :30 P.M. 4 - I KSft ® 1{ •T* II REFRESHMENTS DOOR PRIZE Let us show you how to save 20% to building the Capp Homes Way! We do aU the heavy erection right on your lot and furnish all finishing materials inside We ng the easy finishing touches yourself, or by sub^contracting Seethe labor evnns 7H€ BUILOIPG PROQUCTS HQmPfWW HOWTOCETTQTHEQPiN HOUSE: At'the landrjiark — before going into Monmouth — "flay Greenes Garage 1 — turn east at the junction. Follow the black top to Cameron — turn ri^ht at the "Sonoso Station", and go 2\'z miles. Turn, left" at "SUent Cemetery" go h' % mi]^' Watch for.Capp Homes Open House YOUR CAPP HOME5 MAN IS: LOGAN MAYFIELP 1604 Elm St.. Quincv, III. 62301 Phone: Ji7/2?3-l»M materials, plus XOO's of new floor plan ideas. MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY TO: CAPP HOMES Put. «M«I 4721 East Hth St. Des Moines, Iowa 50313 PIMM wd m« d«t«il« on C»p» Home*. Nam*. Addrm Town or RFQ suu, County, 1/5 presented Ttarsday by garia oiid Hiipgary. It accepted many earlier Western proposals; including; improved conditions for, . f o r e i g n correspondents, easier travel abroad and less red tape in cases of East-West marriages. Arab Views Prime Minister Dom Mintoff of Malta again insisted the 34 other countries let the foreign ministers of Algeria and Tunisia address the conference —to, give the; Arab point of view on issues under discussion. Both Moscow ahd the West oppose v thi$. The situation was complicated Thursday when Foretgn Minister Abba Eban of Israel sent a message ib the conference, warning he would ask for equal time if the Arabs •aire allowed to speak. Malta blocked a move have the Eban message official ly received. Young Swimmer Honors GOES, The Netherlands •(UPI) refused Ronnie Gerritse, 8, the honors accorded him as the 100,000th user Qoes swimming pool r "We have flowers at Phone. • • I own i tot • 1 Mt o*n»lot but could &\ m a garden full of home," he told officials trying to offer him a bouquet ITwsiday, He refusied to accept a rubber boat, saying he preferred a pair of scuba flippers. He then fan off. ABOVE ALL MAKE Wbrid Record attempt in the Thermogas Hot Air Balloon and BALLOON WILL BE AT THERMOGAS 1242 S. West St. Mi Tues A .M.-5 P. Weather Permitting j j mi J HERE'S HOW TO ENTER: Stop by your Thermogas Salesroom before Sept. 30, during the Thermogas Up, Up and away sale, and fill out the official entry blank with your guess on how long Oerman aloft Thermogas T)i« ch*r§TT« go#» unywhtre. Weight under 25 pounds and i« no bigger than an avenge brietcaie, A $59.95 value. GET RECORD BREAKING? SAVINGS DURING THE THERMOGAS UP. UP and AWAY SALE. Now's the time to save money on home heating- Despite all the hot air about energy shortages, gas will bo your best home heating buy Balloon when he sets out to break the for years to come. So buy now during world hot-air balloon endurance record October Eight gas grills will given away to the eight closest guesses, and the one entrant who is closest to the actual length of the flight will get his money back on any gas burning equipment and/or major appliance purchased during the Thermogas Hot Air Sale including gas or fertilizer) annual summer sale. And, talk to us about Servel gas ai conditioning. See why it's one of the big bargains 1242 South West St. Ph. 343-3145 Galesburg, WHITE ROOFING 0185

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