Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 16
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«S^: i £?;-;:^"-V^:>^ GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO 15 Never Carry My Goods Oyer Until Next Season^ Therefore we will put the Knife in our Shirt Waist Department and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on pur first floor, j LOT NO 1 All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and fact any of the 'finest: Shirt Waists in the store $2.00. You Choice 61 lot - - - - ' - . •'- -•-.•^6 98c LOT NO. 2. Many Waists niade in best material slightly scuffe&from handling, many worth up to ${J.OO. Your choice ?- ^o 69c LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold^at 48c, 68c and 66c, all go^at>^ 35c THE (M)LDiN RULE. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. jos. a. OR AC WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR \ LB|SMONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN .ETE. Buy a Lougtey Hat and be up to Date Brbiadway ' •. ;;; ;; --: 4-. ''''' " '" "' '' ,. .- .••. ... . . . . •,... , PS; If you want a Tailor Made Suit idQii ? t folr- sret mV line of the Celebrated Stein $|pck dothing ..». . ••',.. .- ..... ,,•-. .-.'':'.. ' -• •• ." '. . " -•' '• 7 1 - ..' "•'•'• ' '• '.I.' • colory 'ait KothftrmoL KInsey. watermelon, fresh, at RoUicr- Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. " •Bkyele' hose. Bedrock prices at Fer- 1 gasQVi & Jenks. ' . .-,-..• Last day but two to muke a guess on; ,4he blcyde.—Bee Hfv.e. • • .- ,: . Buy your, peachieB iow, piilccs 90cand SRLOO per .bushel.—McCaffrey & Co. Vaph : 'suits' for chdUi-eii as low as 38 oonts to bloae tUeinonrt.—Ferguson & Jenks, 322 Market atreot. . . ' Seakxnabie moi-chftnUiBe goes for. a. mere song aind ai gueas free.—Bee Hive. -Buy a Columbia olgar and make a gnaw for the $25 prize. .:- ' J,ook-0ot for today. 1'uis i? slaughter day at-Trade Palnfce '6n hoiory, men's Bhlpts, underwear, aM iiiust go. Don't mists tUB sale or. you will.regT-et it, , ;, The i>eoi>le,«ppiieclnite Harry Frank's ' •acriflces om Ms stock W not selling it at half prifce ratuor itlian selUng it in Unlfc *o the so-caUod sliarks nt same' price.-' • •' • '•••'.'.• The press lu mightier .than the sword.. It announced TIany Frank's farowell aale and hfc storo te crowded daily aind gladdens the hearts of. many enrryiling away;flult» ni IwilC price.. . .- i Since 1878 there have' been -nine cj)I- dbmics of dysentery In different parts' «rf the country In which Chamberlain's'; Oollc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. teas used with perfect-success. Dysentery, when epldemlc, ! '.!s'alm6st' as "severe 311* dangerous aa Asiatic;.cholera. Here-. Wore the beste'ffoiits of. the most sillied; -jnilysiclais hove'failed to check Its ray- siges, ,ihto.j.eme<ly, rhoiyerer,. has cured- pe most malignant cases, both of- children and 'adulte, 'flfld -under the-most- trying condltlone, whlch"proves'lt;to'be', tCe best medicine in the .world ifor bowel •y>iwiT\ln t ntn ' T7'/\M An'fn ViV* 13 t/* Yi^AAol t fl (*• wmplaln irupglst. by.B. F. Kecsllng ., UNEARTHED A BIG TOOTH, Another lai'ge tooth- of-a pvesuined ante<iauvllaai-,-'has been unearthed ill a : gravel pit at-JJisliamaika.' The tooth -had olight "prongs and was six Inches belo/w, the. surface:. .Tils'-really seems, ifrom the unusual number ;of finds, to :have bean a faivorlite, hiaunt of those ; gllgjuitlic amtaiaia so.snys the paleointol- 'oglslt, or the. .ponson,'••.'•'who. studies; -the scl:qniee:of organic n'omntas:. Tliesc-'ant- 'mafs weire) of comee ;mamnial6, and • grcgarlious, 'and froin.1!hieV.niany; locations giving np these remains it Is quite certain they were/nt a-prelilstoilc, tinio,' •veiy plentllfiii. to' th'-e. St. Joe valley',,' w-Mcli (territxiry lias for Ijts .Iweadth- from Leesbui'g, Indiana! to am east and west 1 Mine running near Gold water, Michigan, Leenburg betag tlie south summit.- ' FOR -SbOND.-MONEV. Another Booming Club 'Organ ized at Red School Houie. A SMOOTH GERMAN. . Terre Ha^ute Tribune; The oUis nuthorlitltes ore: searching for Ennest W'Ulle, who claims to-be tlie son of a wealtliy twew.er in. Stuttgart, Gennany. He operates amicaig tlie beet class oi£; GenraSans, gete'thell- confldenoe, boiTows money on wiortMoiasiiotesfl.ud about the. time they begin, to fall due lie skips out. He ds 35: years old, weighs 200 pounds is light complected, weara large light moustaohie ' ; and waiUa ; .' somewhat: stooped." He.te believed to be iUVe same fellow whojattemipted to;!work;a;confi- den-ce game OIL ..'Herman ( Me.wcs., and. otlicts here some. tiime.ago:.- - .-.-: CANTON ATTENTION. ' ' ; ' ' ;jAH -cjievaifets 'of 'pa.nlton' 'Logjanspirif .I?iS''15 L\p. ;6; F., .are Eequegrtea.,to-meet ; at ,tliaiii''liall.ith!a (S«itnrday). ey.flnlng at. 8,-o'clfeok -sha.rp.-in fatigue 'unlfomni -to 'attona in.; a-'body'the..woddlnginnniryer-' stiiy o'C one of tlie'chevalieisr •'•' : ' '""'• ['• •':& I. D. ALLISON/ Capti ' . ..-t;A^ ..•!.- ••' .'•''- '.-.. "-ji'.'". ••'•?-••. • .'•'• r. Sprlug'ciik-kenu—Ebtl ' <^«-i *>•'-'• .'• • ' '"••''''•! •'.- At tiiie. sound mioiney. meeiUlng j R«d : school lio,use 'Inn' ' ;-riiurs<lay. alight, (tnirty-fiv.e ' members. ware Biocured-in 1 the : audience -fornthe cKjinfciy' Club : organ.tzed by 'Attoraey; iG»o.' Gaimble. ,'Qulmcy A. era iflfe'mowey qu««tljop. 'Hfe .'TCos.a'gofoct'iDOie', thiofugh 1 thie neighbor-: ;ihood ihas been mosihly Democratic; liere-j itjo/Oire... .Tltaro.'was tlie entihiusla|sm'.that mninks.iaU the necarrt sound money 'go th.- ertogis, and the leade,ra of the movemanit : to •• Noble ^town^ppro(nitee;\ ^tha* .'the McJSlnley ctob stanted last' nliglit. will 'harre 150 'miamibejns in : a etort tiinie, !. ! Tibe offieaiB chiosen were as follows: • Ptxsldenb— Fi'anik' Hgjhrt. ••<•'••:.}. ••• Secretary apd . Treasurer— Albert: The dhiib.wittl hold Jills aisit i meetirig''at', iflhle'Bcd Scbiool- bo-use Thursday nlgit,. ' August' ,|27tn. '•'." ; -,'... '-"-- ' ' . MONE-Y DEMOC'RATS. , .At ainieotLng..Oif. Bojund money .Deirip- ;crat<|. 'at -Pern ; Wednesday. ..Chflrles. • A. ;60l'evof k .Pern was chosen dktiricb com-' cemain^ Eveiy^coimity in the dls- t 1 ; wifl8 ^.•representeidi" except Gran.! ,cbimty.'''yit; was decided to.puBli. thie or-: iganl'za -Uojii ' ;ini pa'cli edunty^iiiid. '.wlille ; a ;|tick'eit ma'y ino.t beTput , da ,'the . fl'eld the ; men wiiil-aiTay; themseli'^s-'.on;- the. sWe" ,of sound monej'.. ' . ' • '• : : ' ; Today."' "Justin Vaisits,"te : '(ines. tliat. B't,.x>iilylO<i'; choice. "of-'-'aH'''summer" :walsits,_ 75c;'?4'sn Trade .Palace'.' And the Ottos are No More One -.' '"•- "' ' of Us. • ' i ' SUIT IS COMPROMISED ?' -Myers. . A City League Organlzed-Sche- dule of Games. '...The base'ball war fe. ended-.'at'last: The-pldi'ers'wlio claimed dooiethlng like Lfour hundred dollaTS''oif'back sn-lriry, af- .ter" euA'ug.-ltt Justlte FendeE;s cou-rt, aind "giHitiliDig j'udgimoint ,to.the;sum oif ,?43C,75, coiripiiojiilsetl wJlfih the ^toekboldsrs .'in itlte -association and received $180 for .theJir..claims.. .T'h'is..was.'iii.".effeot..wiiat was done,.though' the maititer was gooie abomit in a dlfferanit mninner. The play- oi-s', aCter the suilit was 'appealed to the Olircul't -count, decided' to sell • tueli- claims aoid Hairj' Rogeis deci'dad, that lie wap-tcd b purchase them* ait tiiie flg- u-re mentioned. Tlie.. deal was made, the money was- paUl over to the players and they hiave all loft town, with' the exception of Ed' Bolajx, who will probably, take a. pocsMjOin. 'liere aaid reonain lu- deflnilltoly. And so ends the ti-oubles of the base ball association 1 ; The'members are'glad tliat it is no worse; they have had some experience in niummg a base baffl club and it i.s saJ!e to say tliey have had a pleuity of it. 1 . .And now, oa the heels of the .demise of the old association, comes anotlier- deutli, Kokflm'o lias tlirow^n up both Iwwuls, after, the slia'bby .way in'wuicli 'they 'we're treated . by die Clii-cimnati R«ils, nmd -the club has been dlsbajided. They-have rented theln-bateo ballgixwnd to-tUe Paiisou Davies-Su'llivan Athletic couibiiuiitlom for a grand'open-air euter- tatamenit, a sort of -Romaiu gladiatorial show as it wore, aiid wihleu that fe dome, tlie boards which. f orated tlie boundar- iles of. the field will be .torn down a,u'd luiuled back to the- lumber merchant. Tlie'association there'was an no better shaj)e fluanoifilly tlioiii wad\tbe Logans ix>rt organilaation.-They were compelled to go down.'la tlielr'pockets to pay tht, players', just as tlw members here liac to do; but worse tlinn .tliat, they have t pile of lumibCT- to pay for. .Logausport was Just that mucli, a,head'of tlie deal. On the ashes of the old club tliere has sprung up ji new and .vigorous league, ri city.league which will.play a series of'Siimdiiy ganues commieuoiing- next Sunday amd .comtinuilmg until Octobea IS, when the- sea^oju- will dose. This league will stfck; there will be no fuss ibou'it. liiv-islon of gate receipts, for there will be no gate recepits to divide. Nor will there--be aiTy quan-el as to guamo tee money or-1'orfealt money. - Tt will 1 be «"friendly contest' among 1 four, city clubs,'Mie Unions, tlie Clippers, the Orl- : enia.ls a,u<l "tilie Boston Lights: All-four .of the clubs are strong amateur organizations, n.™l the race-for the pennant will be an liiiifcrestlns oue.;TIie Journal 'will giive -the g:\nies.in detail, and ^ilTJ .carry Uie-table of,per centages.through out tlie season. Following Is tlie sched- .uile : wWch has been arranged: •-..-. . August IC-rUniions witii. ttie Clippers, r Sou!tUiside, r gTOunds; Bostiou, Lights with the- Orientals,' TVestside-gKraiifls. •Aiigust 23—CUppere 1 and Boston ;Llgiits, Driving, park;' Oriontate. a/nd ;Umtons,:Westslde. •..-•• '•' • • •• : -August 30—Bos.tott 'Lights aipd On- ; .Septeimiber 6—Clippers -and Union's; and Boston. Lights, 'v' Soptemiber 13— Unions, and 'Boston Lj'glits" and Clippers.. -. •••.... .' .September; 20— Cilippers and 'Uolons; Oiionta'lis -a-nd Boston: Lights: ' . ' ' . September,; 27— Cillpp'ora aiid. Boston Liigiite;. tJinions and Orientals. • • : O.etober 4r-UnllonB and' Boston Lights; CUppters aaid 'prlenitafe ', ' '•".' '•'.".,';.. , , Octobep ;VJ1— Orlcntals.._; 4 and Boston ,Liiglifcs;-Clip|pccs and U-ntans-: •'•''•• " ." October IS^Bbston' 'Ligh'ts and .Clip- pew;' U-alons amd Orienita'ls. '..'-' :.• 'Tliere will : be a cliance, for ,6he devel- .opiment.of soin'e-good talent In the base .baH 1 : line among tlie amateurs. , An. the •great bail^i, pliiyei^ got a start. in ..Just •sucli:obimpaiiy,-.,a.nd if there ^a.re any 'stars to be developed, they will' have an ;opportumlty' .to shine, here! There toay niot..be another . 'George -Cuppy oojne to .the.flrosnit, yet wlno knows but £ha,t "Llt- ,tle George" may be 'matchGd by a boy fi-pim Ills, tome town. " ' '; ' " ' ..-ANOT-IIER DEFEAT. ^Cleveland Gotog Down to Keep Chicago ;! ''." ; '" .• Company.. • , ! !; . •T-Uene-'s no 'aiccouottog ifor It. Just wfiy.'the 'white-legged Pii-a-tes: -from PittB'burg'siiouia. be a.hooaoo' to. -.the Spiders: MB no reasonable explanation, ,Tlie lads from- Cleveland;.would.better 'liav.e .called tni.'Oie. services of a voudoo, dootar.'and jet hdni exercise 'his mysteri- oiis charms'to.-! taktag away the trance; undter ;,wBichi they.', -soem to. be boiind ; ;liaid;-aiiid:;.iEoi)t,'.befoire they.startei^for' the East, ;£orthc'cliamK>es ore ten to one agalnist; .tliem' com'ling back fionie 'with', a'beCter'JKir cant, tlwin.-that ,wMch,'-they.< take, •Bast'-'wJIth tbob.:'.-. Baltimore-'and'; CIiKrlnnalti stfil- rtanatai a tie. for' ( firet; plaice, ;as:'neithfir dub .piiyed 'y.este'rday.,: WeoisfSamsj '.to-'have-.-'.struck-, the",to- boiggan afeo, and''Pittebu-rg Is once inore' v Tlie Event of the Day. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DA Y.- We Quote a few of the ;niany articles. Our'$ 7.50 Caielmer Suits, now $3.48 Our 10.50 Cheviot Suits, now,...... 5.50 Our 13.00 Black Clay Suits, now /...'..-... 6.98 Our ; 12.00.Irish Frelzc- Ulsters,-now. ..;.'...'. : 5.98 Our 8,50 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, now 8.9S Our 2.50 All Wool Casslmer Pants, now 1.4S Onr ' 1.00 Working Pants; now .'• .• .58 Our 1.00 Fine Laundered Shirts, now ......... .65 Our . .50 Unlaundercd Shirts, now .-,,.' .25 Our .50 Wliite Shirts and Drawers, now JUS Our .50 Gray Shirts and Drawers, now •. ..;.... .29 Our .25 Buy Shirts and'Drawers, now- ..... ...... .;.;... .W Our. .23 Suspenders, now - '. ..'..!.. .OS Our .10 Socks, now .,.....• '.' ...........,.'..,-. : . .04. Our .20 Coon Collars, now.' , J2 Our .15 All -Linen Collars, now ... .10 • Choice of any $6.50 and $7.50 Children's suit* go at $3.24. Children'* Panti HALF PRICE. Boys' Suits Half Price. Hate Half Price. Glove* Half Price. It-will pay anybody to come 25 miles to attend, this sale, as yon'll never Bee such a chanct again. Respectfully, : . '.' ; •• i;';t. 1 314 FOURT H STREET. within, slight of fourth place. ' Following aire the scores; of the games played yesterday: At Pi|ttsburg—Cleveland 4, Pittsburg 0. '. ', ' ' At Philadelphia—Wasbington 0, Philadelphia 14. . . . • • • .-. . ; At-'Bostoa-New York 0, Boston 4. At LouisvlUc—Chicago> 4, Louisville5. , STANDING OF THE GLUBS. Clubs Won. ..66 BaWmore '.'.' Cleveland ____ GMioagD ... . . Pittsburg '.;...' Boston-'. .;.... Philadelphia . ; .58 v. .57 ...53" , : . .51. ... 43 > Lost Per Ct .30 '..'. ..688 '29 35 : ..6S8 .624 New .York ....... . . . . .41 Washington •-.,...; ..35 SfLpute ..,....'.. .20 Louisville' ,.•..",..: .24 •42" ~',.41 ;42" GO- '51 .55. '•57 ••'03; : 6C'. .576 .501 ..048 .402 .457 .427 .380 .315 -.267. THE. "ORDER OF Republican Speakings. RepubUcon speakings, will be held at .the foUloiwing places to Casts county: Royal Center, Saturday evening, Aug. 15th-W. T. WMson. . • . . : Clymens, Saturday eveainV, Aug. 13tli — Q. A. Myers. . ' -"' ' Deacon, Deer Greek' townsWp; Thu»day evening, Aug. 20th— <}. A. Myers. Twelve Mile, Saturday evening, 'Aug. 22d— W; T. Wilson. • , • v ; Young America, Saturday -evend*!?! Aug. 22d^-D. C. Justice. : : Logansport Satuwlay evening, Aug. 22d— Hon. Theodore SUodaney of Union City, . - • ' .-; ...... ••• - • An Organization to Perpetuate : Mis flemory. :The:Logansport lodge of the Oilier of Lincoln, which, has i-econtly been organized in 1 our city,-will be Instituted Monday nfligh't-'a't 8 o'clock, at '• the Elks' loidge. .rooms.' It' includes about sixty of.ithe i>roiniu«ut men of the city. • At the'oonchiston: of ; the exercises a' ba:n- q'uiet 'will : be;;seri-ed at .the ;Barnctt for the 'marabous and visiting .members of the Order from FL Wnyne^and Indinnar lUviiidud'ing several of'the Supreme oflleers.; The.toasts ait the banqbet will be in,keepln.g with.-,the purposes of .the Order and are as follows:.";-; ; ;.'."Lincoln—The Mam," Honi' Jesse AV. Walk,.of Groeneastle, Iriid. ' '•'••••. •Llncolnr-A Retrospect," Judge Horace P. Blddle. ..,'•;'• ."''•'.'.''• Xtooln—Orator, Lawyer and v Pa- trtat," Hon, W. T. Wilson, -,. ' "Lincoln—And ; Humiai)lty,". Prof. D. C. Arthur./ ' -'; ' '' .'• \, . ., .As expressed In its la.ws, 'the. objects of the order are to:.owrci or control the ptoee» and articles whltcta are historical from .their coninectl'on with .the Kf e of the,- immortal Lincoln, .'•• and; preserve them-for «B time; As a social, patrtoitic d "historical oi'dor 4t to Laving a rapid gro.wthi ,,TJw',menibersiip' .'up.,.-to fast ?b.fc: was .about .fifty, 'and St : ls hoped 1 to increase-'this 'number toi;seventy-fl ve S6re.;tlie o%hit • 'of .'.Instituting,, the, lodge.,--.-- •)-, -.-.- , • ;.'•'• -:•• --»-.; v-i 1 : •. ••'• • There' ^as beea. biit-'ldttle; . ' " . . ,"tie,fly^i^ermaa' could cast aUure £or, die. ganiey^baSs in-.the- tiverei' The.co'nttoiediheairy rotne have ' '^. murky, . ''' on Tuesday evening, -Avgast 18. Logamsport, . Tli«reday':'cvenlng,' ,£Au- :gusit 27ft.— Hon. Frank; "S. Posey qf JSvanBvHle,-at Uierink. •./../' Palmer school, house, Wasliington to\TmsWp, FrJidaj- evesulsng;;: 'August 21st- — W. T; WltoOn. \ •':'• -.,'• • •-.: ..' '• Antoka Tuesday eveutog, August 25, — W. T. WUson. Tlie Noble towmship McEinley club will meet -at R«l school house Thursday niiglrt, August 27th.. ' • There te a new free silver purpe In the market. At fii-st e%ht it looks Just like an ordinary coin pouch, but If you ask the owner to give you change, lie'will-touch the' 'spring and your eyes will be dazzled by the flasliiof gay- colored hosiery. A.'gorgcously etritMxl stocking, some three- feet long (more or less) unfolds and awny dowa la :the toe nestles a fifty-cent Mexican: dollar. '• SHOE>STYLES Some of the New Things for TUs FaJl-^- PUilcg, the Shoe Man -Alway^ '..-. " ,' •..'. .'.. 'Inthe-beod.' . '"•- .." '•' Line PllUing received today 'one of tlie largest sMprucnte of ladies' floe aaoen eyer'aent. at any one time. to any Orm . in tMs-dity ; and to say that these goods are beautiful an& the' 1 very .latest ln ; style irad, toe En quality;; to ^ _ SomS crf'eepeclaily noiib' j' tests In. lhi«, lot of shoes Is tJh« SaYoy,..; K .Xhe.new Bonton.ajnd aiB-deeiaiy'ii^^^-TStf'&wy.rt'taki'" lug tlie r lead in tiie East ai>4prcmi*»ei to be "flue leader for Everybody is requested to tai and see thiese mew • thingB in show, even be* good,flshingj-'nest season,'asuthere. . - ...... . .,.-., , T .,.- iave been few fish,taken this summer.*»hoe.house. 412 Broadway. , , you are Cnot'. ,r0B)iIy ( ftfiijiiy,,' ,PIlllng'a/

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