Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 6, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1973
Page 15
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Pridoy, July 6, 1973. 15 INFANT CORNELL JoeE WALTON Lodge 397 and Marion B. Fletch- fla. (UP1) BEACH, I a Dachshund r When we *ent to tht Circuit Court Nine persons, were fined for teu veterinarian, I told him, 'you're disorderly conduct when they er American Legion Poet 136. | people about it, they don't say m oWg te mm m , and »Ppe afe i thut 2 d *L ift Knox 8 - '«^KJ «* *«* ahntit miiu^ « 0, "» *».• ^». M county Circuit Court. I ton him, he saw* twiu r^^.n <M at 81 ALEXIS - Richard Luis Cornell, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cornell of Hopkinsville, Ky., was dead at birth Wednesday at Memorial Hospital, Clarksville, Term. Graveside services will be Home. Burial will' be at Mon-|were going to become parents. Monday at 2 p.m. at Alexis mouth Cemetery. Surviving are a sister. Mrs anything for about five mm . HSnUSi Gibb aS ut«. They just sit and Chuckle," i tow mm, ne *w Donald Cr«tda!i, 22, and Le- nany ^Virginia; ^ 1MlMklt - M right, i don't believe R6y rjortch, * 4 , were each fined $25 stemming from separate in* nephews and nieces. m , „ Funeral wiU be Saturday at she was shttked herself when it,'»she said 2 p.m. at Turnbull Funeral she learned' that Pat and Lieael m ^ gating over the cidents HOLLYWOOD (UP1) Cemetery. Surviving with his The family Liesel is a will be at the turnbull Chapel three feet high fih and in pour*, was -entiwly to, * W B. N< Fined $10 were Roy A. Hunt, Elsworth Lind- Arreiti Traffic Accident* Two persons were : treated lice [Thursday at St, Mary's Hospital after they were hurt in separate W.I accidents. Frederick Four persons were arrested Thursday by Galesburg for disorderly conduct. Jade E. Kane, 57, 368 Tompkins St., was taken into Frederick C. Wiliisoft, 23, custody at 3:40 p.m. in the 100 Abingdon, was admitted later Mock of South Cherry Street, for treatment of minor injuries Samuel Doggan, 34, 070 S. and observation after his motor- Kellogg St., was arrested at 8:11 cycle struck a car abouM'p.m. p.m. near the corner of Cham- on Linwood Road near the en- bers and Main streets. trance to Midwest Manufkctur- John P. Fox, 44, Morristown, ing Co. Police said Willison's and motorcycle collided with a car driven by Jackie A. Bogard, 25, Wataga. He was cited f6r..x>per- rting the vehicle with defective brakes. The driver of the car 7 1 Tenn., was picked up booked at 8:55 p.m. He was ar- North St.; Thomas parents today from ?-« p.m. MemorialsIPat is a dachshurid, one footlvery probable," Mrs. Bateheld* Laketich,,38, North Binaddo**, are the maternal grandp«rents, may be made to the Heart Fund high and IS pounds. KS ? wr ^ , ;u ~AAI* KiMtaS? • Roliir iJf Wnitint' Comedian Joe E. Brown, one of Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Clevenger, or First Baptist Church, the The nine little pups were bom Three of the pupsaMswddteh y ^ m i p »-™™ st • Jack rP a«l in the 200 block of South the nation's best-loved enter- and the paternal grandparents, family said. Thursday. brown, three have "beautiful M, 170 N. Se minary M., JSLK rested m i the saw block of houui ainersi died todtf. H T was 81. Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cornell _ , "We just cackled. It was so St. Bernard markings," and he E. Kane, 57, 368 W. Tompkins semonary Street. 'Brown had a history of heart Logansport, r Ind. TINA L PAYNE . hysterically funny we couldn't otheMhr^ and. also suffered a ..„„ , „«.TTr-^„. ( m, PRAIRIE CITY.- Funeral for L, y anything," said Mrs. St. Bernard markings, and aiso sutierea S?* C A S F?? \ Tin * L. Payne, 11, of Prairie Batchelder. ? music teacher. Batchelder said. Divorces Filed . rJinm . « trpM h 3 d not oerformed in several ^ ^1°' ISPtA °^ c ^ wiU * Saturda y at HSrlnSid, Rlctart. a Civil "We were planning to have KN0X ooijNTY - Ronald L. ^ ^ ambcrs street had not performed in several ^ Dayton Dr. died today at a . m . at S t. Bernard Catholic^s^vice engineer at Eglin Air Liesel bred, but this throws a WeU s against Mary K. Wells, M0NM0UTH y ^ ars - - • 5:52 am - a t stMa ^ sH ^ 1 Church, Bushnell. She drowned^^ R^and Galyean against G S 67 1TO1 W Euclid Ave Wednesday night at Lake Wild-1 ^ T ^ first 1 " , —i.avin. ftMwi w. i^uciia aye., trouble ana* aiso suaerea a |MRS u1i0Y c SMITH stroke several years ago. He Mrs, D. V. Thompson, 44, Truman, Ark., was taken into custody atjwr-s issued a ticket for failing 9:57 p.m. in the first block of He was so flabbergasted," -— — — ~ / was compared to the she said. comedian died at his home in was ^ m m j,, ,,13, ta 3^'^'thwest Z S- " ,,hw '"* L ^ Brartvrood early Fnday morn- Wyoming , and m'arried URoy SJ" HaTC " 01 Dus " '"Ir^n, mm,^t a " mmM> *' m '^ ^SSTVS^^^ An«zed neighbor, visiW «» Grand — - 1 — -* ri ** 1 — 1 * Canyon, was known *,.^B ^a^=^ klnda for his good works in private member of the Order of the H Y m e BushneU where Jte c ^ e9 > life as he was for his Eastern Star in Wyoming^ and ^\T^mtly^t entertainment career which wag also a past member of the 8 J spanned more than 60 years. Galesburg Woman's Club. F ' * a* ™ a member jIMd fi ^fX^ wJbJS^^ **** Mrs.' Batchelder Charles L. Pat and Liesel have had a romance going for three years now. "The two dogs are inseparable," Dolores Galyean. and Charles W. Beagle, 60, Danville, were charged today about Marriage Liceiwes l a.m. with driving while intoxi- Wanda cated. Beagle was also cited for KNOX COUNTY Stetson, Abing-1 driving without a license, oon, and Alan Terry Bloomer, anywhere without each other MRS. LILLIAN WALLACE „ . . . . . . Miss Payne, daughter of Mr. Surviving are her husband, find Mrs> Frederick p ayne of Larry three and ard Thornsend, Don Asher, Will ce me tery. Sne ^MS-SmahTres. tlT ^J^^i ¥' V ^ Wallace, 79, of 259 N. Seminary ^ ad^uirhte? 1961 ' , a !, ^J ^T^ ^ St., who died Tuesday, was to- SJ ^ft, % B eS S and hrad ' ived m he BushneU dav at 1-30 Dm at Hinchliff- „ * area for the P ast mne y ears &l -wSt P (Spet £S* V. & Sffi Sur^ving with her parent ar. Marks, of the Church of Jesus gf^JSS ' i Bter ' J^ 88 ' and Chris^of LaHer Day Saints, of- '"fZTU 5SSS%.«»; her grand*B S & was in East Linwood kf/^l fcS ParenU, Mr and Mrs Fred Cemetery. Pallbearers were Z, caJI&y CT S M Bu? !,»' Bushn f"•. M , r V and ** re David Waiiace, Rex Kirby, Rich; M W £T1»- J^L^s.loS Syrd' Gustafson and CM Wetterow. .r -^^ab ™, ^ made i. — 5^^SS5Sa«S - »^"S!-^ SALOMON SCHUBACH ^^cESX£ ^ i!flf f Sa " Di ^' Funeral for Salomon Schu- ily said. JACK R. MILLER bach, 85, of 1092 N. Prairie St., EARN , E „ . Jack R. Miller, 5* ,dM In- who died Wednesday, was today INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Fu- d ^na Dr., died Thursday at at 10 a .m. at Temple Sholom, neral for Ernie H. Sperry, 67, P m - at Marys,tios- with Rabbi Jonathan ^senbaurf «of Galesb^L, who ^ ; ^ M Nov.JJ 1914, officiating. , ; ; ^£ d . v at 2 nm at Usher^ »» Garden City, Kan., and mar- Burial was<in Brog^ideXem|JgMJ, ffiamtpoli? Bloom here on ^ Pallbearers were >,Louil.^^ . '. «, . ^ h 10. 1945. Zeldes, Abe Leiboviiz/ Dr. Ai# e J^^SedS He worked at Galesburg State Koratsky, Burrel_ Bara^tt^ Mit^ §|, de D e?ne ^n Galesburg He Research Hospital, and had nan, Harvey Wodisj tery. h " vET'oSi jjved the past» year, ta G^te- Werner Michelson, Stanly W^^T'oaJetburJISre Sg burg. He was a member oljto sie and Harold Levenberg. pus Christi Catholic Church, CALVIN G. FORMHALS ^ SMITHFIELD — Funeral for Calvin G. Formhals, 98, of near Smithfield, who died Monday, was Thursday,at 1 p.m. at the Martin-Hollis Funeral, Home, BushneU. Rev. John W. Barrick officiated. Burial was at Wiley Cemetery. Mr. Formhals' first name was spelled incorrectly in an earlier obituary. Whatever aw W ILL SAY IT BEST' ANDERSON florisb "We're playing TV, Mom • • 1 Store in transferred to Indianaoolis. - . . . 4ft • ft H ^Surviving are %??2l3Z**&&t w ^apous, * si. &£&?7£ Jimmy- Cagney 4 Rock Concert Local Woman Will Co-Direct Cytology Study to yield the right way. Cheryl V. Baldwin, 28, Kc- wsnee, was treated and 1 released after the car in which she was a passenger, driven by Patrick P. Baldwin, 31, was hit by a car driven by 20-year-old Laikuen Leung, 870 N. Cedar St., about 10:07 a.m. at 41$ corner of Ferris and ;Kellogg streets. Laikuen Leung' was charged with a stop signal violation, v; No tickets were issued s after a Fans Arraigned , Margare( , Harris m N Academy St., will be co-direc- All but one of the 14 persons |( Cr ^ a workshop on preparatory methods In cytology July mishap today at 12:50 aVm. at the intersection of Mairi"Street DAVENPORT, Iowa (UPI) arrested at an Independence Day rode concert on the levee here were arraigned on Various charges in Davenport Municipal Court TTwrsday. Officials said charges against (he 14 persons—arrested by Da- state agents, venport police, Scott County sheriff's officers, and the Iowa higlhway patrol- included intoxication, disorderly «ind Aliens Avenue. Police said a car driven by Arnold A. Van Winkle, 63, 193 Pine St., struck the back of one operated by Dale D. Neff, 39, Knoxville. Kenneth D. Sorrells, 16, Prairie City, was cited for a lane violation after his car was involved in a collision Thursday with one driven by Larry R. Baumgardner, 24, 499 Franklin Ave. The mishap occuftcd at technologist at the University of 14:55 p.m. in the 1000 block of Chicago's cytology laboratory. .North Henderson Street.* the branch of 9-13 at the Center for Continuing Education of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists in Chicago, Coiiduoting the workshop jointly with Mrs. Harris will be Catherine Keebler, chief cyto- j An auto operated by Carrie L. a.Chase, 74, 932 Dayton Dr.. Cytology is conduct, possession of a con- pathology concerned with i inhVtfliw criminal tres- method for the early detection ^J^SSL^^ * «»*er, commonly known aslfic signal pole Thursday short- the "Pap smear test," devel-|ly after 1 £m. at the comer of trolled substance with intent to ^ q n ni struck and snapped off a traf- deliver Oases of 12 of the : 13 persons colaou. y attcr l p Seminary and Simmons streets. There were no tickets issued. cytotechnologists, medical | No injuries were reported. CECIL POOLE MONMOUTH r f , L2S»SLnSJi To Be Honored * I sister, Mrs, Marjorie Ellis, Roy- Cecil Poofe, 73, who died Mon- Funeral for al Oak, Mich. HOLLYWOOD (UPI) Funeral will be Monday at 10 James Cagney, will make his day in Los Angeles, Calif., were a.m. at Corpus Christi Catholic first pub ij c appearance in 12 Thursday at 10:30 at Turn- Church. Friends may call Sun- years next March to receive the bull Funeral Home. Rev. James day evening at Hinchltff-Pear- American Film Institute second Spear officiated. son-West Chapel, where the Ro- y fe Achievement Award. Burial was at Monmouth S ary will be said at 8 p.m. Bur- The first awar( i Pallbearers "I took a few things from ths front room for game showiprizes!" Ta veru Owner Killed, Robbed Of $10,000 arraigned Thursday were con- f ^ worksh °P' whlch 15 <** tinued.. One criminal trespass w charge brought a 20-day jail technologists and histotechnolo- scntencc. gists, will specialize in the One of the 14 arrested during areas 0 f preparatory methods th? eight-hour concert was Da- {or effusionS) spu tum and the__ ... venport city alderman Powell ^ Ue spccimcni S pc-!u.K. 67 about 10 miles north of Owens. Owens was taken into cel j Monmouth. They were taken to J Monmouth Community M<jmor- , ial Hospital for treatment, quality control in the cytopre- MONMOUTH - Paul M. Murphy, 16, Oak Forrest, and Brian E. AUgeyer, 19, Alexis, received minor injuries in a truck^ar accident Thursday at 9:40 a.m. on custody by officers at the en trance to the festival and charged with criminal trespass. He said he had come to observe the rockiest, which had caused controversy in City Council meetings prior to toe event. Burglar Reports Cemetery. Harold, Gene, Robert and James |Cemetery. McMeeh and Robert Gerold. . . „ , The first award was given were ial will be at Memorial Park , ast year t0 director John Ford EVERETT E. POLLARD MONMOUTH Pollard, 78, of 521 N. Sixth St., Shirley Temple at a banquet attended by President Nixon. It is for those have in a talents * 'whose Fwrett E I TVT I ^ o • J I fundamental way contributed to r ^L INamed tO Board the film-making arts, whose died Thursday at 12:50 p.m. at SAN ^™CX) ^ AjSSSSSS^ schShTrs, erf" Community Memorial Hospital, grip S ^Mf';^^^, professional peers and the He was born June 4. 1895, at ^ S J V /^?.-! 1 "^-!".^ general public, and whose body excess o $10,000. His wallet was Crime, Is Jailed CHICAGO HEIGHTS, 111. (UPI)—A tavern owner shot to death early today and SEATTLE, Wash.' (UPI) police believe he may have Po i ice responding to a phone been robbed of more than $10,- ^ Thursday arrested a man 000. who had broken In to rob a The body of George Simon-phone call was etti, 62, sChicago Heights, was made by ^ unidentified would- found in his car in the parking ^ ) m ^\ ar himself. cial staining methods, blocks, laboratory safety lot of the Ford Motor Com- officers sa id the man had a pany's stamping plant here. change of conscience and called A police spokesman said Sim- t0 rtox i he was lem to report onett'i's family and friends said «mmitting a burglary, he may have been carrying "in paratbry laboratory. Mrs. Harris is a cytotechnol- ogist registered by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), and the International Academy of Cytology and a medical technologist registered by the ASCP.' She holds a B.A. from the University of Iowa where she received her training in medical technology. She received her training in cytology at the University of Southern California Medical School in Los Angeles. ! Mrs. Harris is the wife of Dr. Leland Harris, Knox College's Herbert E. Griffith Pro- feFsor of Chemistry and department chairman. BROAD Monmouth, where he was rear-^J ^^\^l^ It work has stood the test of was empty, ed and educated. He worked at twn of he late 1930s, MJ B „ Stevens Jr., the Police said Simonetti owned the National Bank of Monmouth, elected^ ttie board I of directors 3 utc ^ rec tor, said in George's Tap, a Uvern in S e HOSPITAT NOTES the former Peoples Bank and of the ^.M^J^fP- r ^ n . lv ma king the announcement ger, south of Chicago, andjlso Monmouth Trust and Savings Mrs. Black more recently St. Mary's MlMdRIAL l3oMl Roseville • Avon Losdoo^ Mills Irsnda Ann Smith Bank before retiring in 1957. He was a United Nations delegate | ™™y was a member of First Baptist and now is a special jwsiftant 60 vears. a to the chairman of Anne's Fiance . ^ , ADMISSIONS THURSDAY: worked at the Ford plant. They| Pau j M, Campbell, said he carried large amounts The drivers were southbound when the Murphy car struck the A'Jgeyer truck as Allgeyer attempted to make a left turn. No charges were made. Traffic Court Speeding fines were paid by 11 persons Thursday in 'Traffic Division of Knox County Circuit Court. Fined were William D. Masters, 54, 1722 N. Broad St.-, $13; Minor R. Donaldson, 52, 1578 McKnight St., $13; Albert L. Mentzer, 42, Alexis, $12:'Larry L. Staley, 36, West Liberty, Iowa, $11; Joyce D. Pa*We, 20, no correct address listejfc, $11; Leo D. Arnett, 48, Lewisfown, «20; Patrick G. Doan, 21, Danville, $11; Robert L. Trego! Jr., V5, Abingdon, $11, and Richard I). Resler, 18, Manteno, j $13. Mrs. Lillian L. Shaw, Abingdon Resler also paid $10 for « li- - " classification violation. Council on member Church for over 60 years World War I veteran, a 50-year Nixon's of Monmouth Elks mental Quality. CL^ta Summons She and her husband, busi- WW 3iimmiMl& nessman Charles A. Black, live SALISBURY, England (UPD in Woodside on the San _ u. Mark Phillips, the fiance has been Mausoleums and Monumants Francisco Peninsula. Services; SATURDAY ROSEVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. visitation Asbury Cemetery McFALl MONUMENTS t There Burial m U01 W. Mala St Oaleiburg. 111. Phone S4MI1I I!! ething (Continued from Page 5) 4 ( - morality and what they consider its attendant evils, drugs command of Princess Anne, nas u«H| sai( j charged by police with dangerous driving. Phillips has been served with a summons to appear at Salisbury magis- Kep trates court on July 13, police 1 191 Blaine Ave. of money on Thursday night to ^ rs Dorothy Campbell, cash the paychecks of his fellow 191 Blaine Ave. Ford employes. Mrs. Gladys E. Chalmers, Some "physical evidence" 549 S. Chambers St. was found at the scene of the Mrs. Nellie G. Eustice, shooting and police were follow- 482 S. Soangetaha Dr. ing up leads, the spokesman Mrs. Marilyn M. Hiatt, 265 S. Henderson St. Boyd Hunt, 1257 Monroe St. •Hinchl ft + lUNf IAI PIRiCTOM «70 WIST WMONTITAlir f»tONfM>2tOI and piomisciiity, their attention much more than Watergate or high prices, LAWRENCE GOGNOT, a bank cashier, blames missiveness, lack of vision" for such ills. He and other parents do not cast said Thursday. The summons Pierce Advises Fuel imons follows an c . i_ p;i;„ rt accident at Cholderton, 30 miles SIOCK riling from Phillips' family home at Great Somerford, on April 7, two weeks before his secret w ^ § ^ m <*n-^17^* Slat***, stituents to stock up during the Knoxville summer months on fuel oil for Fred C. WUUson, Abingdon DISMISSALS THURSDAY t "My advice Is mat t h e y Arthur G. Copeland, aren 't \\T . T%l~~ (householders) fill up their 1125 Moshier Aye. aren t iy e tera» -Dies tanks now because it may be Ricky L. Tate, 971 N. Cherry HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Final too late by October or Novetn- Ted A. Router, rites will be conducted today ber," he said. . 3477 F»or«^Ave. West- Pierce, who is chairman of Danny u. wnHcomo, Mrs. Susan K. Harden, 264 Silver St. Stanley M. Howerton, 1470 Grand Ave. Mrs. Thresea W. Miller, 912 Bateman St. "per- super- Mrs. Clara Padilla, HIGHLAND PARK, 111. (UPI) ^^^McKnight ^ • 1 T>; n .™ n .Hioh- Mrs. Ann M. Rogers, Rep. Daniel Pierce, D-High- m clay Dr engagement to Princess Anne •AUMVM HinchlUf^earson-West Chapel. Friends may caU at the Chapel this evening. Burial in Memorial Park Cemetery. realistic people who afraid of respqnsWlity. "It all goes back on the mom and dad," Gognot says. about for obscure villains to -m| p MflkpuU blame. They are practical, ^HOVC lUHlieup home heating. advice 1 ^ (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) for Walter I (Willy) -««•••—'. u"^^^.! Nnrth Henderson more, one of six brothers who the Illinois House Energy Crisis I Norm tienoerson (MONDAY; Bridgeport, Cona.) I dominated the movie-making Investigating Committee, made MR. JACK R. MILLER - 1688. P ^rvjces 10 AM. Monday at Corpus Christi Church, Friends may caU Sunday evening a* Hinchliff.Pearson-West Chapel where Rosary will be recited at 8 P.M. Burial at Memorial Park Cemetery. THE ^5 cosmetics inditry Tor' decades! the "suggestion in a broadcast Cottage WeSr^ died Twsday from 7 Highland Park radio ADMISSIONS THURSDAY; " " Mrs. Alice A. Sloan, X-^ FINEST IN ^ St. Augustine Mrs. Helen T. Logue, Maquon Janeese L. Piggee, 707 W. First St. Mrs. Erma J. Roberts, Knoxville Syrita Sue Hitz, Avon Jeffrey A. McDonald, Prairie City Mrs. Thelma E. DeWitt, 213 Indiana Ave. Mrs. Lucy A. Nache, 419 Lawrence Ave. Laura L. Henning, 2314 N. Broad St. Mrs. Minnie M. King, Gilson Laura Ann little, Wataga Mrs. Alice M. Neill, 1865 Indiana Ave. Lyle R. Chasteen, East Galesburg Mrs. LaNita M. Day, Woodhull DISMISSALS THURSDAY: Terrill G. Martin, Monmouth Mrs. Unda L. Fox, Abingdon Charles F. Robbins, Monmouth Mrs. GoWie E. Schneider, 1047 W. Main St. Mrs. Penelope D. Hackspacher, 1427 E. Knox St. Donald R. Rodenhouser, Oquawka Mrs. Furrel McKinzie, North Henderson Kenneth Eckman, Gilson Mrs. Linda D. Barackman, Peoria Heights Travis O. Johnson, Maquon Charles O. Fowler, cense Fined $10 for speeding Jvere Lawrence O. Russell, 46,»Wataga; Enos M. Lacy Jr., 40, Kncxville. ! Stop signal violations resulted in $10 fines for Mariea A., 23, 900 W. Dayton St.* and James S. Johnston, 20, Knoxville. : Edward E. Fussner, 46; 505 W. South St., and George J. Karle, 79, 1388 Harrison St., were each fined $10 for failing to yield the right of way. Others fined $10 Thursday were Robert K. Walter, 16, 759 Jefferson St., muffler violation; Henry L. Colwell, 39, 608 W. South St., failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident;-Lester E. Guenther Jr., 29, R97 Lawrence Ave., safety test: violation; Roger M. Hawk, 1 32, Alhens, Ga., lane violation; Cynthia K. Mahaffey, 16, North Henderson, turning violation; Clyde N. Sargeant, 32,1784 Morion Ave., speed restriction violation, and Edward F. Dvorak, 77, Abingdon, backing violation. Jo FLORAL TRIBUTES Don's MRS. LEROY C. SMITH - 1105 Dayton Dr. Services 1-30 P.M. Monday at Hinchliff-Pearson-West Chapel. Friends may caU Sunday evening at the chapel. Burial at East Linwood Cemetery. Memorials may be made tQ the New Tribes Mission or the Bethel Baptist Church. Flou'cr Simp ^ V 56 KHI TON 4-1 1 Sili « y 6 after suffering a stroke. Serv- station. ices will be at Forest Lawn Pierce said the potential _ Memorial Park In Glendale. shortage in home heating oil MJJlard F. Litchfield, Macomb "'^ T g ^ st . His brother George died June was likely to be worse than any Ira L. Bevard, current gasoline shortages. He 1761 Bateman St. was with the said the committee has exam- Gilmore Brooks, makeup department at Para- ined but not thus far determined 820 E. FUto St. mount Studios for 43 years until the cause of the shortage. ^ ar \ Eary ji^gdin 23 at the age of 55. Westmore K 4 f$ his retirement five years ago. His work included makeup for Fredric March in the 1932 Oscar-winner "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." The modern town of Hissar- 433 E. Grove St. lik Turkey, is the generally ac- Paul M. Murphy, Oak Forest cepted site of Ilium, known as Raymond A. Ekstrom, Troy. 1057 Garden Lane Mrs. Vickie E- Stevens, North Henderson Mrs. Jeanne C. Eastman, 3328 Oxford Lane Mrs. Beulah R. Hevland, 812 S. Chambers St. Mrs. Beverly j. Bledsoe, 1251 Day St. Births Born at Cottage Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ericson, A'tona, a boy today at 7:54 a.m. Porn at St. Mary's Hospital to: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd West, Abingdon, a boy Thursday at 12:36 p.m. 14 4 ROANOKE (Martha) Mr. and &Irs. Heramhburg Harry . . ^ • are the parents of a son, Christopher Lee, born Thursday.;Maternal grandmother is Mrs.' Edward Ryan, 928 N. Cheny St. Paternal grandmother Is' Mrs. Kenneth Davis, 836 Maple Ave.

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