Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on May 22, 1911 · Page 4
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 4

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Monday, May 22, 1911
Page 4
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j 'r- 1-iMPSj, MONuAY, MAY 23, 1911. 9 CASE AUTO TOWED AND NOT STOIIN Lewis C. ..Case^of thi« city had' a scare today when h« fomvJ that hla Maxwell touring 1 car wtm mi««iag *r°m the Meroervlllss-EdlnlHiritj rwid wb«r» his an-l«ft tt 1^1 oitfht. The auto proks dw, rt and it wa» tart In the highway wMl« *H* P""*? Joniv. neyed to thltf dty In * trolley car. Mr. Case went for the car th'» ujiwu- Ing with a repair man and when he reached the place he discovered that the auto was gone. He called on Chief. of PglTce Hlner and" an alarm was Bent to all nearby towns, giving a description of the missing car. Shortly before noon the police reoelvid word that the car had been towed to a farmhouse for safe keeping. Lost. LOST--Rhinestone belt pin. Return to 760 Centre Bt. Reward. 5-2t-2t LOST--On the 12th lMt-«oM watch fob charm; monogram w. O. H. OUT Bel] phone 3523-A, Reward. 5-13-X* LOST--Roll money, Saturday ntglit, on Willow St. between Bank St. and Willow St. bridge. Reward If retuiiied to 28 Hayes Ave. . It St. -between Centre and Broad. Reward if returned to 121 William, 8t. It - For Sale. No Deposit Do\m. Am not Incorporated ho how. My ds?'- tnga with you make the only association, and a confidential one at that. My fashionable men's, women's, and children's clothing prices will beat leading cash stores. Try m» AJVJ raw/iumen-d your friends. Pay m«r«is convenient. N. Marcus, 308 S. Brodd St. . B-S-lmo FOR SALE--.Improved drcir-baad Singer sewing machine, nearly new, $16; box top machine, $3.; new jn«r.h!nes. standard makes, $20 up. Court House. Pierce, opp. 6-J.O-tf. FOR SALE)-- Motor boat, cheap; 80 ft. open motor boat; 14 h. p. 2-pyllnder engine; boat all complete. Including flags, spark colls: price, J208. Incru)re · Sons. 13».'Jf*otory"fit. .'i-ii-'tf JEALOUSY BLAMED FOR HERESY CHARGE Union , Seminary Men Think Princeton Is Envious of ;;;·," ,_ Its Prestif¥t_ ATLANTIC CITY. N. J., M*y 22. Union Semlpury men Who are attending thePresbytertan General Assembly here say the heresy agitation which has for Its targets the Rev. Dr. Francis Brown, president of Union, and the Rev. Dr. Charles Adam Brown, a po- fessor dlthaT fnstltutfcn, Jwas Inspired" by the Jealousy .of "ecclesiastical" seminaries. Princeton Is a leading ecclesiastical eemlnary of the -country, and reports every year to the General Assembly, while Union. Seminary la considered n6n-*oolesla»Uoal because It Is Independent. The Union SemlTwu'y men affirm tliat Princeton Is Jealous of the .prestige of the great New York Institution, and of the fact that many Influential churches want Union men for pastors and, to counteract this success a campaign of agltatVon ag*-in»tt tt has been undertaken, None Is so bold as to accuse Princeton offtelpJ* of such conduct, but Union men are convinced that Princeton Is at the root of the agitation, The trial of the Rev. Dr. William D. Grant,_pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Northumberland. Pa., .begun Saturday. The Judicial Commission will review the testimony In executive nosslon anoV repoH to the General Assembly. The case Is of national importance, because Dr. Giant Is accused of denying the deity of Jesus Christ and the resurrection In the body, practically the same ohu-s*» a» those made against the Rev. Dr. Brown. Those conducting the case believe the commission will reverse the decW"a of the Northumberland Prisbytery. Perhaps the unlocked for In Saturday's- session was the speech of the Rev. Dr. Eagar B. Trill, of Chicago, who, considering that h» la a Presbyterian minister; held strange liberal' views as to Sunday observance. "I ft.lW»jo fcol hlWIOUSly BV" TM I(1 the Rev. Doctor Hill, "when the as- FOR per bae phone 1B72-B; rtMWlnrs; . Bell phone 1482; Inter-Stats S-l-tf FOR SALE-- 2 sets of spar* and for sailboats, complete, $8; also 1 4-cycle 10 h. p. gasoline engine, $76; ------ · ' ' will demonstrate Street. same. 120 Bridge S-15~tf ood,$2perLoad. Bell phone 4838. Jersey Keystone Wood Co., foot Perrlne Ave. 8-29-2mo FOR SALE--Cheap; sereral. good soda . fountains, second-hand show cases. 2 good hand or power Ice cream machines. Kins Confectionery Co.. U2 S. Broad St. rand new upright plane*, p,. with 10-year factory actory 4-10-tf FOR SALE:--1 oak lunch b«r, 1 coffee urn. Apply 21 N. .Warren fit 4-10-tf FOH SAtfe--Brand i $125 and up,, with 10-year guarantee. Call 120 Bridge St. FOR SALB--The cheapest place In Trenton to "buy furniture, stoves- horses, wagons. 282 Butler St. 4-!2-tf , 4-22-tf FOR SALE--2" second-hand oak counters: suitable for butcher or grocer. L. O. Broth- Co., hardware, 811 B. State sembly adopts Its annual pronouncement against tobacco,, beer and other Juch --tilings, these being articles that- my wife does not lallow me to use, Quite naturally, I like to see the other fellows get It I suppose there are other clergymen llk« myself who, being shut out In a way, want to see the elders and the church members shut out, too. But I think In this talk about a rigid Sunday observance we should take good care not to drive the young '" folks away ' from, 'the churches. We don't want to bore them, we want to attract them. While the. Rev. Dr. Hill did not say that he believed a man could. keep the Sabbath day holy apd still go to a baseball game, he . came near It He ^lid-say that -he -could not -understand how people who lived In the suburbs were going to get to church If they did not use the trolley cars. The minister said he stood for the Sabbath day that was a day of rest .for the workman who labored from early Monday St. 4-27-tf FOR SALE--Flowers .and vegetable plants. Gebert, 722 Stuyvesant Ave. --' 5-.l-lmo t Piaaio Snap. Special In-design, celebrated make, at a bargain; can be seen. Call 218 Paesale, n*ar State 'and Prospect. ; B-8-tf ya» engrlne; 8 Machine Shop, WILL ISSTTB ORIHBHS to any department ."tore In the-city of Trenton on liberal credit. Call Inter-State phone FOR SALE--3-cyilnder h. p. .Apply Coryell B. Warren .St. 11 Bonj. Erone. 5-13-1 mo FOR SAT.E--Cheap;, dairy fixtures. Including: churns, cream vats, separator, butter worker, Ice boi-es butter jars.' bottles; also- 1 large 2-horsp wagon. Inquire Ingleslda j^arm, Penning-ton. N. J. ^ 6-16-fit .LIVE BAIT--C. Vansarit, S3 Calhoun St.. near W. Hanover. Bell phone ?!91-W. ' ' . _ 5-17-6mo FOR, SALE--Sewing machine. 12; new machines,.$10 .up; easy payments. 23J Biitler St. 5-17-tt FOR SALE-^Several groo.fl gas ranswv « up; oil .stoves; prasoflne stoves .screen doors, lot gda platr-p. Jl - and $1.60;' maftmk, H liu'ia. Jk. u i ' House. , 10c. per yard .opposite "Pmir- s-w-tr DO YOTJ want to buy an exceptionally rlne ne* piano, for J225? If n come see one we~ have; the tone, notion and case will please you; It's a rare 1 bargain' don't Snedeker Co!, 142 Perry , St; ' ' . .5-20-tf FOR SALE--2 fresh cows. -. Amor M. Dey. Hamilton .Square,. N. J. FOR SALE--Standard nejvltig machlhe- - ,««-« new: wln B p ""low price for ;nsh: ISO S. Broad St., second floor. 5-20-tf FOR SALR--HousebolnV goods of all Rinds, MonoVty and Tuesday, from 10 . m. to 4 p. m - - -- - FOR -SALE- morning late Saturday evening. But from the trend of the remarks of other speakers, the seed · scattered by the Rev. Doctor Hill fell on rather barren ground; For Instance, the Rev. Dr. John R. Davies, of Philadelphia, said that he thought It the highest duty of every minister and every eld«r to stand for a strict observance of the Christian Sabbath. MUCHINIIRESilN TRIALS FOR HERESY ATLAMM'IC N. J., May ?2.-"When the second week of the Presbyterian freneral Assembly opened to-dsu', chief Interest was in the outcome' of the various heresy trials and' the action o h ' t h e reports of .the committees on departmental consolidation, . church, union and church extension to"' the masses. . . . ' So far as the report 'of the Judicial committee In the Brown case.was concerned, it'was generally accepted that it would report in favor of immediately placing 'the president of Union Theological fjpmlna'ry on trial. . There is a general feeling among the delegates! that the question should be. finally disposed- of and all 'preachers not doc- trlnnly sound compelled to sever their rrmiiHi-Mftri « l f h Istry, TtARSBEntRTHM SMILES IN CH1CH ' · t i i New Moderator Preaches Foite- ful Sermon tqOieat Throng ?t Att- .'Jo vrrr. ^ay ·* T tor- day wua the aay or W» sermon. Ntut to the «i~.Uon of the moderator, tt 1» the prtDdpkl event of the General A«««nibly. \V«a *^-* niro goad taste wtrldh^ts t »!""! «f tb» ".iav, the Rev. Dr. John .P. CarBon, the new moderator, talked in a «tralffhtfo, ward way to the great throng that B»thered before him and made every thought strike home. ; Doctor Carson 1 * subject wa« "The Ch»rch's M!i»s»on in tha WterliL'' The men who had prepared the proffraro had selected for the place the First Presbyterian Chur*h. . It was lucky this was changed In time to the great music hall on "the Steel Pier, where the Assembly itself been meeting. For even there seats could not be found for the Immense congregation. "Upon thia rock I will build my church," was the toxt.. In beginning, Doctor Carson deplored the l*olt of reverence for th«' church .that- marks the-oondwct of - nhurch, members. min- ffiEGRAPHIC TIPS MARION, KY.--M!ss Ruby James, ,5-20-Jt sister of Congressman "OJJie" Jamoa, has opened a law offire here. NEW YORK--A capacity for unlimited Idleness and unllmttde capacity for drink are the qualifications for moiiibprshlp in exclusive Fifth Avenue ~:"itTM74"carroli'1-!Y. """fi-JO-It ' c ' UDSi I-tahbl Stephen Q. Wise'told the -Black' baby carriage; .,. . er used: 140 Hurnbolflt St, ·. B r 22-2.t FOR SALE--Wicker baby coach- leather hood: flue condition. . 73 Llneoln - I'Free Synacog-un. SAI-K~Brown baby coach, with ,, , , · J-" p arHl corduroy Ilnlng-s Call 214 Acartf-mj- Pt. 5-22-21 S , A J' E ,- Type-writer; Smith lrm- ' p/- r! rst " rl:iss con dltlon. : Ad(J-ress p "C nwner. S. T\arr»n St. FOR SA'I.K-- Shooting gallery Complete: alsn pisnchln?. lifting and plociric rnachlnn; must sacrlfioo on a f c w m t ' o f Apply at gallfrv ".1 Bl22-3t FOR 9Af,K-- 1 refrtserator, suitable for Inquire 16 Plum 5-22-2t pine or restaurant. Bt., nea.r Klag:e Ave. FOI L, SA - LR -- Sha vines: yellow - sawdust and k l n m i n g worxl Wood Works, Inter-State phone 144B-W '· . . ' B-22-2m(i Wanted to Buy. , CASH MOJTEir for anytntng yott have ^to «e!l. 463 Che»tnut_Ave. 1-S-tf Automobile Wanted. Automobile in condition want- ed. ArHress p. o. box ^05. 5-2-1f WAWiTRD TO BtrT-.-Spoond-hand mn- y shafting, hangprs and pnllrvs. O-528, T.'meg Omne. B-17-10t NEW YORK --Col. Henry Watterson Just .back from'Europe, says the Tnlted States ought to sell the Philippines to -Japan and buy Magdelana Bay for a foiling station. KAT.,AMAZOn, MICH.--A burglar Frances EMPHASIZES REVBBBNCE. "We need new emphasis In ro irav," h« snfA r Wp f\rig lifting hy and go out -of the church with smiles on our faces. Who that loo.ks at us can know whether we are Just leaving the .church or tile theater? Why, some o£ us laugh and tell what a good time we had at the service. The world sees us smile and does not Know what -miMon that church baa. "It would be better perhaps if, wlian ·we leave church, there were still tears ot penitence on our oheeka, bitter tears of penitence; These. I think, would be more effective than the smile that greets some hymn played In ragtime." The moderator «ald It was not possible to express eternal truth in the language of the seventeenth century and have It understood in the nineteenth century. Truth abides through all ages, he sold, but the only way to matte ir abide In the heart of aHlsftener was to get It into, his head to language that he could understand. r One of the moderator's- terse .sentences that deeply Impressed many, of those who listened follows: "I have no sympathy for the man who hands out tracts to the hungry man, and likewise I have no sympathy for the man wh? gives a crust to a dying man who needs the spirit." BREtfSTER'SPLAY BYHAHCOMPANY Trenton . theatregoers will witness In this week's production of "Brewster's Millions" by the Louis Leon Hall Stock Coinpany, at Taylor Opera House, ono of the finest and most elaborately staged plays .ever, shown In Trenton at popular .prices:'. · 'Frank Holz, the Taylor Opera House stafje manager, and Thomas Yundt, ptago direr-tor 'for Mr. Hall, and the Opera .House stage crew worked 'all of yesterday until an early hour .this morning putting together the ship scenp which provider the spuing I'or the third' act. 'This setting, which consists' of two carloads of .scenery and mechanical appliances, represents a tremendous undertaking. The boat will have to remain intact during tho entire week, and in order to give an Idea of Its, weight, three sets of pulleys are employed to move It In and out of position. The scene is. set on rockers which are kept moving during the progress of the act, in order to produce the effect of a boat rocking in a heavy sea. A huge panorama which forms the background will be kept In motion continuously so the boat- will appear to the audience as though It were actually In motion. . This setffnj ta tire same as the one used In the original production which ran for a year In New York under Frederick Thompson's management. NEW CORPORATIONS ; -. it . ·· -· · Certificates of 'Incorporation have been granted to the following companies: : , -: · . - ' ' The Patrons' Telephone Company of Warren County, New Jersey; Mt. BAPITOFWORU) TO JUT IN PHILA, Evang«ft*»tion | n Many Lands Will B» DUcj-wad and Cam- Wilt e Heunwd "' B»iOBla of the world 1 wfU meet In Philadelphia lr=n Baptists will hold s-wlon* trom about June 15 to consider missionary work at honv» and 'abroad as conducted by -them; and frwm June 18 to 25 T*preaen-*. Baptist leaders from Europe, A«in. South Africa, and Australia will confer. There will be reports of Bap- tl«t struggles and succeew*. but the emphasis of the gathering will not be Baptist, but Baptist service. This eer- vlue reported on will b» to missions, to dependent xaoes, to adijcatlon, to arbitration, to labor and to* Christian unity. The prerta*nt at the Baptist World AlUanca, who wtll be present and preside until a new p^ssldent Is chosen, )s the Rev. Dr. John Clifford, of England, one of the foremost men of Great Britain, not alone as a Baptist but as B. Christian and a publicist. His history Is also that of late Free Church development In England. · There comes also from England Sir Oeorg* W. Mo- Alplne, president of the Baptist Union list Missionary Society, and most influential and generous laymen of _ the North of England, Exceptional interest oentere ln~tiie delegates who come to Philadelphia- from Russia and southeastern Europe. Against almost mediaeval persecutions. Baptist ministers have won their way In Qre«k °nd Russian Catholic i lands. The Rev. W. Fetler, who will b« at tha Alliance, is one of the best known men In St. .Petersburg, where he 'Is the champion of religious freedom. He is pastor of the largest Baptist Church in the Russian capital, and the founder of eleven other churches in the same city, chiefly worshiping in halls. , On several occasions hoi ha/J been, granted the use of the hall of the City Douma foi hia , Other pioneers of Baptist · work In eastern Europe Vho are to be In the Alliance are the ReV. Peter Doycjheff, a - kana,' the Rev. V. Pouloftt. a Russian, who has been exiled to Siberia, and Mr. Nprbert F. Capek; a descendant of the followers of John Huss and a Czech, leader of Bohemia. American. Baptists have done tho generous ' thing of subscribing' $10, 000;- with,' which the travel expense of these Kuropeaji pioneers is paid that they may visit the Alliance and come into touch with other Baptists of the worM. KNOWN SPEAKJSRS. American and Canadian Baptists who will be heard at Philadelphia include th« Rev. Br s -R.- S. MacArthur, of New York;; the Roy. Dr. R. J. Willing-. ham, of Richmond, arid the Rev. Dr. E. Y. -Muillns. of Louisville. Conoorn- a proposed EuropMin cbllegei the Rnv. F. B. Meyer, of London, . will speak, lenders and will other English ba the Rev. Baptist J. H. -r-- eafrltal, flu.OUO; Incorporators, James I. Cooke, Samuel Head and John O. Anderson. . The company is to operate telephone and telegraph lines. . : · " Howe jSaumarm Balloon Company; Newark; capital, $60,000; incorpora-. tors, John Tenney, Jr., Samuel i,au- r tenbach 'and Julius Lederer. -The company is to manufacture balloon and rubber goods. Psychological Review Company, Princeton; capital, $5,600; tncorpora- tors, Howard C. Warrerj, John B. Watson and James R. Angell. The company IH to engage as printers, publishers, otn." The linintmore Company, Newark; capital, ¥12f.;000;. Ipcprporators, James- F. KorUioloniew, .John. B. Badger .aud Shakespeare, who is secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society, of London, and t h e . Rev. J. E, Roberts, who is pastor of the- most Important Baptist Church of Scotland. The last named has been accused of socialistic leanings, and ho has great influence among the ·tvo.fklngtnen of Glasgow. At I'hiladelphla will be considered the great missionary and publication Interests of Baptists. These .run into the millions ot dollars each year. The foreign societies, one with headquarters In Boston and another with the same in-London, have work in.Burma, China, Japan . and India. 1 - that requires outlays of $2,500,000 a year. The development of the Far East on 'moaern lines, .not Christian only, but educational as well, owes a very great debt to Baptists. In home mission 'work, chiefly American, the Influence of Baptists Is second t o . hardly any other, while Baptist leadership and achievement in work for race outranks almost evory- REALESTATEMEN LOSES GIRL'S IflVE TO MELT IN DENVER BY SUICIDE BLUFF of .Hilda ONcn. Hid tlnn-e. Peter .Arid . , «on trl-vl ;i suicide tilu'ff b y ' J u m p i n g -f'r-.rn i r)lov H'lda h m l : i-'-.iy,.;] ),| m ,, j, -,j, ' h-'*i:i-" V ' . liail «!··-.i^...] i ; r (,f. flirt.MI;,- ut's I V»' : -n n''!'"'k !.i thf a f c r n n n n n.»r tfuu T--.- i r«al c_l»t» men we Interested la the oo-.rtr^ convention of the Na- tlonal A»»xslatlon of Real Estate Ex- 19 -»4 80. T*« real estate men from cltlea east, south and north, of Chicago will travel in special car*, which will be mad« up into a e p e r . M l train, leaving Chicago on .the night.ot. July. 16,.' Monday, .July .1.7 010 P^ty w "l »P«nd the dav in rimahaj as the griCBta of" the Omaha Iteal Es- marry mf-." ! tRte Board. Tuesday, the 18, 'the real ll m ^" " ; "' sesaloDB of the convention will bd ""'^'.y l ' - -"f called to order by President Aiex- i ~ ander S, Taylor of Cleveland, and for I M A R R I A G E L I C E N S E S . ISSUED, three days matters of Interest to those In the business will be under discussion. . . TO PREFERS HUSBAND GO TO DELANCO TO GREAT WEALTH NBW WRK. May_ 22.-With rtlrtwn M « n v Tr-nt'inlans are arramrlnit to at- ilgh haMq abottrd. '-acfnp'llTir to thf* rriujit i , ^ ., ,,, ·_ ^, ' : :. ,,,,..,. ... .. " . . . ' . , . I ltnd a nii!y Mftmorl/iU Day. at Fletcher i,. nl igaln at 7 year~o!1 hrldo of M hoius today chv««9 ·A'li.-n :irr .^u: -M*\ , I'* ·) , n ,-o,,rt for wtin prov.', n - - t"tr Quiirtef "f Hr-'kj , T .,.' ;nl ., nh ^ ,,, T . ,. tr " I(w H-irv i " n n ^ f - n . *»·· HI i,"" in S'l-ie T.-: i v I U i . ' ( ' . . r f f - . I '"riman.l." "TVi^i: .,':-," I-' her husband Instead of a that -"under no circun»tarx!«»- would she return to her mother un)«5_ her husband was also received." Th» brld«, ,'Bena Virginia Poling, ·r, t h i n RAV ,-elope'l yerterclay with Reuben'C. Rose, ·italph-Uar-.j a gc»ycmrn«nt pension clerk,'-after she '. TTrtie-rr ·· 7 - " -j Kafl'-pllBd "ner---rrejui"-hterfr--, v»ith -hatr-- i!-i.. »flv« a,! p-utTf to rnakn h f r look older and h.'id 1 ,,,.., i ^ j j j,^i i-.-ii .ijifii h«r rnrtthfr' by ^llmbtnt; over · a. rivtr!,» i n "" ; "' ;irk var ' 1 ·'" 3!r ' ! ". j ..s'l'-rm. was id. ie h!r.«ss to a lot ~* .· fr'irr. iier rti.n-if:Lthtir and "Scientific Conser- by H. H. Grose of Among th more important papers Piovlded tor will b vation of the Soil. . . Chicago; "Uniform State Laws," pertain Ins to transfer "of real -estate, by a member of the Committee on Uniform Legislation of the National Association; "The Development and Operation of a First-class Loan Depart- i inent," by ft. Brooklyn Trust OttWr; I "Apartment House and OftVo BuildinK i by the president of tht- ! Assoola- ' M A R R I A G E L I C E N S E S . ISSUED. I '-'r,man.l." -TV)^: ,;:-,, !·'··· "Wlm I»_ It. ^n';,;. f r ^ ,,,, ran^ah«r and trom Registrar M n ! m , s ,l:;.is l-.nnrri nVir- I N '"'"' .' A n ! v l "o fornn.atid. ' "How ",'toJ u p / .' ; ]pr!ar ^-] 'i-v, Virgil Piling, hor- .ug* 1 Ijt-ensf-j. ti.-.');.' f"!l.uvitie. \^ It." ; · | mother.'"but she wtli 1 nevpr g»t a penny .Inspph Snntlv;iH|i!;yI and Ivate ! Th« i-nmoiltt^n in r'r.nruf of the ra^y !s, n f (t -.vh!;.- she stays ·^·.H^^ ' Rose--not ·Mathls. Str-phnn K l r - i n ;u 1 ' l i / a b i - r h J-~ri!i 1 -if r; y IlamirX.l. V E Per( A ir-.rtn-r. . · . . ' nni p"tir;y." 'T f l n n ' r care."' was Bpr.a'B reply. ational - tlpn; "Or)ranlzatlon and Mana K empnt of ft Selling Porcev of noch* a t«r, N. by C. F. Garfield. -city Planning" . . by D. H..Bumham. of Chlcn^o; " The by a 8t Lo " 1(t tltlp officer. reports of the committees oh taxation, national' legislation, state, legislation, uniform commission rates and of other standing committees will be followed by general discussion from the floor, so that every real estate man wno attends the convention may have an opportunity to be heard. .Ther National Association of Real Estate Exchanges Is composed of real , ln fort y «' 'he largest in the country and its annual satherlnir is lo^kpfl forward to with IntRrest by real estate men §renerally Tho present offlrera are: .President, Alexander S. Taylor of Cleveland ; ' vice '-3 R' iant*. Frank . . pnia: second rt.ce president S Thorpe, Minneapolis,- secretary' _ _ · r . - - - · - · t t"-'\-A^3V*ii \ i J.T. Bruce Douglas. Milwaukee; treasurer James P. Blake, St. Louis · uaurer ' PUBLIC HEARING ONPASSOUESTION ·S^Si^S'S??,.- 8 ^?**" «* the 1 h rvr*. WM. J. CONYERY SON, Successors to CONVERT WAUCER, I29-l3l?North Brotd ·ffl " J ^-. s o n r , sloners, a public hearta* will be even by the Commission at the Conn House In Newark next Erldtty-af 10.30 a m on various questions rnlatln^ to' th« rlgrhts of railroad and trolley conVpanles' to g-lve free transportation or reduced rates in certain cases! , v . *° ^ taken up whether the plvlng- of f r e e trans- pnrtalon ' to .pollcprnen, nremen, letter carriers, members .of charitable organizations. and the sale of tickets at re- ducpd rates to school children and teachers, by stxpet railway cn.mponlos, Is a. violation of the neav utility law The cornmlsslon will also plve opportunity -for a hfiarlns- \rpon the qur-stlon whether railroad companies engaged In Inter-etatn com'nwrrB and who, by virtue of certain .provdslons of the tnter- Btate commerce act are permitted to furnish free , or rertxired transportation to 'persons mentioned In tho'nrt. nn proh'Ibtted from granting .similar prlv- Ilegws undw the new utility statute to such persons for the deal in . . ·!. Moore. · The company ia to Tan«rla while she slept 'and .stole $550 frnm a pnrkpthnok tird to her : Kalsfr stocks, bonds, .mortgages, ·*, eto. 11. Falrlnmb Company, Borden- capltal, $100,000; :incarppratorg, Krjintt A. Kti-ntz, Jost-ph P. Murray itnrt X. C. Wiltshire. that The company is, concrete, a- duel on the cision -of. tho court of honor. , L. I-- -School SuperlntRn- dent Burland dismissed school for one afternoon so that the boy pupils might" earn money by caddylng for a golf tournament. ' CiriCAOri-- Mrs. Ella Flaeg Touns, fniperlntendent of the Chicago schools, has instltuterl a course In which .girls are taught how to get on. .and" off cars without" Injuring ' street selVf-s. . CHICAOOr-To Chlca-goans feel la announced that . .. Paasaic, capflal, $j, r .,000; incorporators, · Samuel Zaentz, Philip Clel.m and Kalmun Llt- wac^k. The company is to deal In real estate and engage as bulldera, contractors etc. Mayer-Ik-/, Stone Company, East Orange; capital, -J35,000; IncoVpora.- tors, Paul C. Elizabeth Mayer and Mayer. The company Ig to (,-n.t;ngp hs't-'mtractors, builders, deal in building ruateriala, etc. thein- ! "I'obert' .Hr/.wn R'-ai Estate 'and j B u i l d i n g _Compntiy, Paters/m; capital. show the Interest r 21 ' 011 "' ln'."rporators, Robert Brown, In their rhlldren. It I J J' Fred - A: ^reeland and Jam,* B. children. It more than 265,000 persons hav e visited the 'Child Welfare exhibit now in pro cress' here. KENTS AGAIN HEADS . Xewton. The company la tu Hf-al In rtal estate and engage as buMtlen, HIGHEST CASH PAID for use4 f u r n l t u r o . f-arnet* *to H. M. HeM. 116 S. Broad St.. .. . . . _ -. 5-2-lmn ner Street Cafn Company, ['aa- aalr 1 ; rapltal, .fr,ooO; In^orporatora, ,I"bn R. I/endnnky. William A. Forbes ..__.__..,_, atirl ThotniiH '.'aliens. The company li VETERANS' ASSOCIATION tr) '^»^'F»^», h 0t *i*. .*. V """ wnl Wilson rhniiilral Company, New- j a r k ; t-apltal, f 250,000; irtcorporat'or», ! Krtiiiklin Aliirphy, .irranklin Alurphy, Mr..-, and ChireTice ,H. l^sseil. The rnm- Ll-'iiny,.liuto,.ia»uu,t'acture,paJnts, colora. ,,. , ^ of th * r**»oe John J. Kfnts m Hi ftnuth Stockton wns r«--!. .''· wr |.re.M f l^nt of the .Twentieth Jie^inr*.· P.;im!*ylv«m* Vnhiirtp»T -T-J, vaJry nr 1 Tw \ urrtnv. bofly and everything else. /Baptists antl Methndlats make largest, use of the printing: press In Christian propasanda, and tli'ls Interest, will be considered at Philadelphia In Its relation to world advancement. Kmphttsls la to be laid In the Alliance and In tha meetings which precede It, upon social service, missions and unity. The -whole Alliance program bristles with .service along all -lines. Missions will take inote of the centennial of Judson and his wonderful pioneer work, out of which grew all Baptist missionary effort, while the subject of unity will .probably be acted upon to the extent of naming? members of a^tV-orld Conference? on Faith and Order., ' ... ""." " · ' . - ' The data of the Alllancs, In Mate Jun«, could not be avoided, It Is exalaihed, owing to the convenience of the European delegates. Philadelphia Baptists will remain In town later 'and do what they can on social lines. There will be an excursion to Washington and preachers from Europe, here to attend the Alliance, are to be heard Jn many other cities, and alao at Lake Mohonk and half a dozen of the «im- mer conferences. ' . SODALITY TO GIVE DANCE. The" "Sodality 'of tha Sacred Heart Parish, will «tve a euchre and dance Monday evening, Mky .29. sllanasprne presents will be awarded, to tho successful players. Hlckey will furnish the music. ' ' A communication bbf been recehred I, 8 , ls -? 6CO P 1 tJ' the comnUssIon requesting rullns nile Baptist upon eevenU questions, sug-ffested by the lack of harmony .between the state add federal law. A third question to be . considered iaiWhether persons by railroad companies to perform services from time to Mme, but who do not devote their an tire time to th« Company's nervine, can lawfully be allowed free transportation. , ' FORMAL REASONS PXLBD. The .formal reasons why the Public Service Railway Company hoKte the order of the Board of Public tTtlllty Commissioners, ordering It to resuine thQ transportation -of school children- at reduced rate.8 (Should be set aside, were filed dn the Supreme Court .today with, the return of the writ of oertio- rart sued out by the company. "BARTENDERS' ELECT Officers were elected by Bartenders' Local, No. 124, at their regular meeting- yesterday as follows: President, Edward Benson; vice president, fid- ward Anderson; Harry Moses Morgan; Mlntz; recording secretary, financial secretary, treasurer, Peter P. Walsh; chaplain,. Frank U. Mulryne; Inspector, Harry Toombs; Inside (ruard. Hugr" Oennlnger; board of trustees. Krnest Block, Frederick Frances and Samuel Whltehouse, At the social seselon following the business General Organizer Thomas J. Durnln- made an address In which he reviewed ' the work of the recent convention held .in Boston. Organizer Durum will Inutall the n'ewly 'elected ofrli-ers at the next meeting. |hX..«^ HAVE YOU SEEN THESE PALLOR Without a doubt, we have never put on our floors a shbwing more complete or - more beautiful. THEY'RE NEW With two or three ex» ceptions every Suit on our floor is ex» elusive with us. to Solid mahogany Suits b^ginat35:i. Can you beat that? and Flowers Klectrical Contractors FOR ALL CLASSES OP ELE OTRIOAL OONSTicUOTtON SEE US ABOUT YOUR NEXT JOB. _ For your protection w« are Agistered with th« National Board of Fire ITnrlerwrlters. . N. FLERON SON, T« T IorOp«n Rouse Building reunion, held lu Philadelphia Sut, A number of mRmbftrifllre in TH-,ntnn : but only a few wcrfl pr*wcnt. f)?i Sn'fn'Hny' ' n account of tha rer.f.-nt cnrampinmt S. T. BOVl.K, r-jirpentor arm builder- Jobhlnff; alterations. Ben 11925.D 46 N. Stockton St. Cement cellars waterproofed. _ ..__ ll-18-t£ ,Winfieid S. Hill Son Contr.irtlns f a r p r n t o r a . Let us slve vim n n i ^ t l m a t r - on the cost of your h i i l M I n ^ n n d c o n v l n r n you that wf mean businns?. No Job too Urge or too «n*ll. I'ii Bay«rd st Bell ·ben* I4M-A- j. Ixf "~^* . ' · - ' ' , I · :: . - ' . . - - . , · » ' . . . . .. Tf. ' John K. Wynconp wns (ho first rolon»l H" ynrv^i In t h « Moxlcxn Wnr The regiment »1M miifh gnrvic.. in U'est Virginia, .ioinlnp Onfral Shorirlnn's forrn« nnil f - o n t l n i i l i i t r w i t h h:m u n t i l thp mir- f? J "^ llf "- Ah i"" I - W m " n in a » only nhnut -in that numhor *M\e, nir P.l th» r»-iinton. ST CLOCK TELLS DEATH IjfUIlS. MO.. M n y 22.--An inter- it al.irm clock tol1 of t h e liov. A n t h e r (ienrKO A. Roll's siidden fle.ith from h p a t In t h e p . i r o r l i l M re.«KTr.nco of M. Ilhnris r a t h o l l e rinireji i,,, rf , Attnir-terl by t h e c o n t l n n e f l r l n s i n f f r«£ h " ^m^ '» '^^r Re|,s ronn? tor . r «£ i ]i tln ?* Kcmfl? - "siMant P n«- tor on.,^^1 , he nastor'd rnom ftn d en;iincls, v;irni.«iies, etc. Ciiniden Curttiln nml Embroidery C n i n j M n y , Ciiniden; capital. $1,000,000; Inrorpor.atnrfi. T'avid SchonnlK-id. Louis Iv(n;li and F p n l i n a m i A. hocb. The! nmipitiy IP to ipruiiifacturo curtains, i Irivt.'sinrcnt I t e a l l y Company, Newark; ertj-'Hiil, S"."..oort; incurpnr.itors, Kamucl A. Fishirtnn, Ijoills L. David- I BUNGALOW LOTS At Rivermawr, Yordley, pa. On th» Delaware River; t minutes' walk from trolley. Borough water. ood batMng, boating and fishing and very desirable people a* your neighbors; lot» 60x125; price, $100 to J3W each. For further Information, Inquire of MORGAN CO., 207 Broad Street Bank Building or. ~ - L. A. r uLft, State and Broad Street. FOR Pecoraflon Day ; -We find tliat mv'inif to the.hack- ward seasjfiu there arn very few ·outdoor flowers in bloom now.I I Ou'r 'Efrf.'pjTh'iusPs iirf tilled withv^,. bioomitiK plants by the thousand. We. havp f,'pr;ininins in various folors, fspffially in Whitfi, of which we hnye-a larjfo stor-k. Also Jtospg, H(*liotrop\ I'ptnuias, Phlox, Cftnnas, Vinca Vines and Hydrangeas. Agereaium Snowball son anil Loula J. Fisrhlicln p:uay Is t^ in r**al estate'and en- gnuf as builders, contractors, etc. The Sterling Trimming Company, Paicrs'in; f i i p i t a l , $^. r ),00(; h. corpora- tors, -4S'IIli;iTii .1. Penney, Charles K. I'rnst arid Wiiynn Piimnnt. The corn- pnny in to m s u i ' i f a r ' t u r H l-r.-iids, tapes, tiiinrnliu-s, t t x x l i l p fnhrlcs, i - t - - j . \Vhop]eK S- Mn.iro C ' u n p n i . y , Rny- I n n n o : c;i|ijt;]l, J l O . n o f t ; iiu ·! p o r r i t i i f s , ("·h.-i.rlns ""hilfi Wh'-f'ler. .losr-ph \\*' Moor and John I:. CJarflcy. The company Is to deal in real estate, Ih- Iniraace, tto. Cotton Garden Hose Remnants, 7c. Per Foot, All lengths; coupled, all ready for use. Every piece guaranteed. Delivered to any part ef the city. Brooks HARDWARE 614 East State Street Both Phones 610 This new Tom Thumb Agpratiurn is n distinct -.vnriftty of a dwarf habit; large-white clustwf* of flawors continually in.bloom;-verj* hanly and desirable for. cemetery planting. lOo. each; fl.OO per dozen. Wo arp now t a k i n g ordprs fcr Cut Flowers anji I , f i n r d c n arid lawu tools in variety;-parderi hose, hose reels, galvanized watering, pots in v all s. lawn -Rprinlders. edv Ohio!* foods and poultry remedies for all poultry ailments. Fenep. wire for ararden, laxvu and farm. 'CompletP line of dniry supplies, Delaval Greain Separator, Churns. Butter Workers, Milk , ^trainers, ^'tc. , _ __,, '^__ Mtfttn.C Ribsam Di oad and Front Streets Phones 210 lEWSFAPESr

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