Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 1, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 1, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE 2-NATOATUCH NEWS (CONN.), SATURDAY. FEB. 1, 1047 DREW PEARSON • • ON ?• ' •. ' •' '. - 1 ' * WASHINGTON MERRYGO-ROOND March Of Dimes Auction Drew Pearson Says: Secret Service Agents Uneasy Over President's Propensity For Air Travel; Marshall's "First Cabinet Meeting"; Truman No Mud-Slinger "Wiishin^ton—Tlie splurge of recent air crashes is causing considerable worry to the Secret Service agents responsible for the life oi' the President. . The Secret Service is afraid the day may come when the President's special plane, "The Sacred Cow," may also onc'dunter bad weather or mechanical trouble.. They also know something about the President's propensity for taking off, rain or shine, and it keeps them awake at nights thinking about it, When he wants to go sorat- plnfu, In- simply goes. Result is that a ciuict campaign 1^ under way inside the Secret Service to persuade the President to abandon air travel generally. They want him to take the train— iis President Koosnvclt did on almost (ill occasions. FDR enjoyed train travel. It rested him and Ktivo him a. chance to get caught up with his correspondence. Truman, however, lovosi the speed of an nlrplanc. He can get to Kansas City In four hours whereas It would take him two nights and a day by train. The Secret Service hna never recovered from the scare it received on Christmas. 19'ID, when Mr. Truman flew home to Independence in weather that had grounded all commercial uirlinc.M. However, the President Is a hard man to pcr- snuuU', and his Secret Service bodyguards arc hot any loo optimistic nhout the chances of keeping him grounded. The host thing they can rcnlly hope for is a new and larger plane Crom the War Department In the near future. MiirslmU In British Cabinet 1C u Britisher wore permitted to nit In on meeting, a an American Cabinet howl of protest would Sponsored by The Naugatuck News At The Salem Playhouse Tuesday, February 4th Bid for the merchandise listed below,, contributed by Naugatuck Merchants and Businessmen. What you pay for the merchandise will go to the March of Dimes. Note these valuable items; and be at the Playhouse prepared to bid for bargains. Item Beauty-rest Mattress Perfume Set Electric Iron Order Credit Travel Iron Breakfast Set Silex Stove Portable Stoyc Virginia Ham Automobile Tire besjjn attending Cabinet meetings on foreign soil. Ho was present at three meetings of the British Cabinet during the war." Note—Though Marshall sat at British Camlnet meetings, Winston Churchill got sour on his determination to stage .a cross-Channel invasion and vetoed him as Supreme Allied Commander. "No Mml-SUnginr"—Truman President Truman's private directions to his staff on harmonizing with the GOP-controlled Congress may be summed up in three words: j Service CH'der "Keep it impersonal." Truman doesn't want any part of those free-swinging, name-calling bouts with the Congress that kept the press galleries scribbling when Franklin Roosevelt was in the White House. At the snme time, he has told t'ho Cabinet that he won't duck a scrap when "honest differences of opinion" arise. "We will have our differences with Congress," the President told hi.s staff recently, "We are bound to have them. However, I am convinced that I can get along with Congress as long as we keep our 4 Portable Closets @ $6 24.00 Two Cases of Groceries go up from the isolationist press. | quarrels on an impersonal basis. However, there is n conversation Let's lay off the personality stuff' which Oen. Phil Fleming, chief of the Odlce of Temporary Controls, htid with friends after Gen. Goorgo Marshall's first appearance at a Cabinet mcuting as Secretary of State, "Though George hny been a top- I'light official in Washington for a long time, this wan the first real Cabinet mooting h; ever attend- rrl," said Fleming. "At least, it •way the first one in this country." "What do was iLskurl. you mean?" Fleming Well, you see, General Marshall 'im-nl mill UYilillni.- ItlMi* $55 tO $3500 Kxn.rsivr.i.y AT— PIERPONT'S ' Ainrrlnui <!vin J5!> KAfiK ST.— vATHRBUJRY J Til* Nebraska Undertaker New Hampshire's sharp-tongued Senator Charles Tobey, is getting the snme reputation ns anothci high-principled Republican individualist, the late Senator George NorrU of Nebraska. Strangely enough. Today's victim is usually the in-epressiblc Nebraska undertaker, Kenneth Wherry, who suc- Service Order Electric Phonograph Custom-Madc Trousers Service Order Sheep-skin Coat Service Order Two Cases Motor Oil Lady's Wrist Watch Service Order Sen-ice Order Two Cans Salad Oil Two Pairs Silk Hose Given By Carlson Furniture Co, Vcrno.u Gustafson Hawley Hardware Cli uck's Friendly Serv. Gei-ald's Appliance Gerald's Appliance Gerald's Appliance Niiuyatuck Fumiture's Mkt. Naug. Battery & Auto Weiss Ben Franklin Norton Grocery Store 5.00 Liebcrman Dry .Cleaners Value $49.50 1Q.OO 9.95 10.00 G.50 12.75 32,00 17.00 42.50 Garrs, Inc. 20.00 Thibodeau Studio 20,00 Zembruski Tailors 22.50 Zzinski, Painter & Paperhanger 35.00 M. Freedman. Co. 5.00 Fox Cleaners 18.00 Poust Service .Station 47.50 Schpero Jewelers 10.75 Hubbell's Sei-\'ice Station 10.00 Kievman's Cleaners 11.50 Ideal Meat Market 5.DO G. C. Murphy Co. ing the cause of special committees." Wherry asked Tobey to yield, but Tobey, with much to say in a short space of time, refused. Again Wherry interrupted. "When the Senator had the floor I courteously asked 'him to yield ant! he declined," Tobey shouted. Then, as W'hcrry began to speak anyway, Tobey thundered on: "I coals of fire on his ceeded Norris in the Sonate. sha'.l heap head," During the'dcbatc on the Senate j Again Wherry started to speak, Business Committee Whcrrj but Tobey drowned him out: "I was first interrupted by Senator!yield to him—proviHed he uses Itis Now At Strand Al'.en Ellender of Louisiana, who; own time." asked why he had proposed a new j Without another word, Whcriy special Small Business Commit--took his seat, Rcd-faeea, be did not'. | tec, rather than extending the old | again try to interrupt Toboy. one Wherry's answer was tortur-; "The Senator." was Tobey's parlous and labored. Finally Ellcndei ] ing shot, "is not a good trader." blurted out: i Capita Chuff "My suspicion is that l.he Sena-" Alert Senator Brcwster of Maine, tor wants a new resolution adopted (giving colleagues an off-the- record STILL AVAILABLE!! .A Ilinllril number of Calliollo and Protestant rHIclou.s ciilnn- rliir.i, I'lcnso trlcphoiii! If you xlm one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 I'AHK IT.AC 1C Tulpphonu 4381 FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS Fur Alt Occiinlong FLOWKRS TBT.KGRAP11GD KVKRVWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 130 ntTBBER AVENUK Telephone OI3JS that he can be Chairman of '.he Committee, and not permit tho Senator from Iowa (George Wilson) who is the ranking: member, to be Chairman." Heatedly, Wherry replied that he had known all alons: this was wha- Ellcnder potting at. It was o.*! no Importance to him, hn Insisted, wh-o was named Chairman of tho new Committee, "But I think I have seen ijuit« articles In the press In which such a suggestion is made" replied Eliender. "Yen, in Drew Pearson's column." Wherry ?hot bark "And we cao make a pretty good guess about 'it," said smiling. " Yes, Drew Pearson, Drew Pearson!" shouted the gentleman from Nebraska. Tubey GOL'.H To Town Later Tobey took the floor and repeated EUender's charges. The only motive for setting up this committee and for continuing the Wait- Investigating! Committee, argued the New Hampshire Senator, was to provide committee. hairmunships for Wherry and Senator Erewster of Maine. "Thnt. Mr. President, is reduc- ng it to the lowest terms. But It s not good enough. The price id too high," Tobey then recounted that he u.icl been tolcl a d-iy earlier by Senator- Bob Tall of Ohio that Wherry and Breu'iter had appear•d before the Republican Steering Committee last November "plead- report of his recent Latin American trip, disclosed that British agents are selling British planes nil over Latin-America and outselling the USA. They a-re taking orders For delivery will be far ports. In two years, Brewster predicts, the British will force Latin Americans to use Britis-h-typc Instruments for landing, thus making It difficult for American pl-anes to operate on the same fields. on jot planes which ahead of our trans- Tyrone Power, the star of "The Razor's Kdffe" one of the films of the year, now lit Locw's Strand, Wiiterbury. There are r.ow cloven foreign airlines entering the United States... ,R. M. Davis, the West Virginia coal operator who has crusaded so hard for peace, Is now staging « Ellonder,! contest for the best high school 'essay on "Creating a Department. of Peace." . .Astute Young GOP Congressman Gordon Canfleld of New Jersey proposes a bill automatically making on ox-President Semitor-at-Large. He feels that "I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU" NEXT THREE DAYS AT SALEM Republic brings you one of the year's inost important and beautiful pictures, "I've Always Loved You," to the screen or the Salem Playhouse for the next three days. Thia new Technicolor romance, produced and directed by Frank Bor- zac-e, and in'troducinR a new ro- team in Catherine Mc- tho talents of ox-Presidents should mantic not be wasted.. ...War Assets Ad- • I-eod and William Carter, bcgin- minlstrator Gen, R. M. Llttlejoh., "ing Sunday. Philip Dorn also has is so used tn petting brickbats that, * leading role as the pianist, Gor- Ihc following; praise almost knock-1 oniofl ;;.' cd him for a loop, Joseph K. Grun- cr of Paterson, N. J., wrote: "I am writing 1 to tell you how cordially I was received by your office. I was preatly impressed oy Che Tay your department helped me." (Copyright. 1017, by The Bell Syndieaje. Inc.) What's Doing InNaui Probate Notice District of Naiigatuclt, as. Pro- ate Court, January 29th, A. D, O'tT. ESTATE OF Perry M. Collins, lie of N-<iu£atuck, in said District cccascd. The Executrix, having exhibited cr account with jald estate to his Court for allowance, and made .pplication for an order of dlstri- ution of said estate, it Is ORDERED, That the 6th day f February. A. D. 1947, at 10 'clock, in the forenoon, standard ime. at the Probate Office in Nau- "atuck, be and the same Is, awlgn- d for a hearing off the allowance f snid account, and application nd the Court directs the Executrix, tn pivc notice thereof, by pub!i>i!i!ns this order in some newspaper having a circulation in said District, and by. leaving with, or by mailing; in post-paid letters ad- drosdod to each of the persons interested, and residing without the Probate District of Naugatuck, i copy of this order, all at least throo days before said day of hcarinp and return to this Court. AfU-si, RAYMOND M. , SHEA, Judge. RUBBER KGG BASKET New York (UP)—A rubber-cov- orod OPTK basket has been developed by United States Rubber. Company to reduce breakage during: the collection of eg-gs from nests. The basket is made of lightweight steel ;wire coated with rubber, la rustproof and has an open construction to facilitate cleaning. R&P METAL WORKS 09 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding of All Types Forging, SKcet Motul and Ornamental Stool Work Sheet and Bar Metal for Sale Telephone 6877 Setting a new standard for music in pictures, Artur Rubinstein, most famous living concert pianist, will be heard for 'the first time in a feature-length film playing the works of many of the groat composers, Rubinstein, who does not appear in the picture, recorded, among other works, the Rach- maninoff 2nd Piano Concerto which is the love theme of the film. ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUARANTEED ALARM CLOCKS $2-20 Inc. Tax CCHNEER C ^CREDIT JEWELERS*^ 162 South Main St. — 4 7206 irUNDKEDS OF VALUES! January Clearance SALE •at. r BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP . UO SOUTH MAIN ST. Venetian Blinds In Stock. S IIH.T HervlM LEBON'S 170 No. Main St. Tel. 3-1BS1 tVnterlroi-r DANCING EVERY FRI. .NITE Kity Aniliiwne anil HI" 1 3 .String* Apiilzxa • Itnlliin anil American Culitln* * Full Liquor PrlvllPltM * Plenty of I'urklnr- Snuce TRIO RESTAURANT' 1033 T!ii)nin«ton Avc. \Viilrrlinry. €01111. A calendar ol events tm today, tomorrow and every day Tonight Palish Falcons and Ulans Society meeting. . Naugatuck Y, M- C. A. Junior Leaders' Corps meeting. Feb. 2 Gold Star post, Catholic War Veterans meeting. Feb. 3 Naugatuck Woman's club meeting. Naugatuck Men's Chorus rehearsal. Industrial pool tournament. Fob. 4 Board of warden and burgesses meeting. Elks Past Exalted Rulers night. News March of Dimes Auction at the Salem Playhouse, Feb. 5 Pond Hill Community Club ways and means committee meeting. Feb. 3 Montanari-Rado Post and Auxiliary joint meeting, Feb. 3 Tri-Hi-Y club meeting. Centennial Lodge meeting. Naugatuck Aerie of Eagles class initiation. Feb. 4 Kennedy Circle card party. Feb. 3 Dusty Basketball at Y. M. C. A. Feb. 8 West Side Community Club Valentine dance. Mackenzie Again Seeks Restoration Of Civil Rights Hartford, Feb. 1—(UP)—Another attempt is being made by Harry MacKenzie of Dan.bury to have the legislature restore his civ;! rights. MncKenzie— a former state labor commissioner, Fairfleld county Republican leader and legislative lobbyist—was among the more than a score of ptrsons convicted in the nortorious Waterbury municipal financial scand-al ten years ago. MacKenzie repeatedly has tried to have the legislature restore hiK rights, but each time has baen tfjrncd down. CITY HAUL LAWN TO LOOK NICE Columbus, O.—(UP)—The lawn of the Columbus "city hall will bloom with 50,000 tulip bulbs next spring. Mayor James Rhodes has completed- a drive to get the bulbs through public subscription- Porter St. Restaurant 39 West Porter St. Waterbury FEATURING TONIGHT MARION PETRO BLUES SINGER Accompanied By BROTHER BUCK and HIS GUITAR DANCING NO COVER NO MINIMUM Supernumeraries Meet Monday Night To Discuss Ruling Supernumerary] ipolicemea of Naugatuck will meet at the police Htatlon Monday night at 8 o'clock to discuss the recent opinion of Borough Attorney Martin L. Cainc relative to the borough being liabli for supernumerary police whili working for private individuals. The! opinion txald that the patrol men will have no cause for action against the borough and will no be entitled to "benefits of work men's compensation, disability, pen slon, etc," if injured while working for a private individual. Warden Leo J. Brophy requested the 'opinion because of a t . controversy involving the Supernumerary patrolmen who. asked, and . received, $20 each for working New Year's Eve dancea, and $10 hereafter for dance halls, athletic games and private affairs. The Board of Warden and Burgesses meets Tuesday night and it is expected that Borough Attorney Calne's opinion will be read at the meeting 1 . Police Chief John J. Gormley safd! Thursday that .he expected the resignations of two supernumeraries to be received before the meeting Tuesday. Charles Bertram handed in his resignation MS supernumerary this week. Four, Drivers In Waterbury Court Four Naugatuck drivers appeared before Judge Charles R. Summa in Waterbury City Court yesterday. Earl Davis, New Haven road, charged with speeding, received af nolle for payment of $12. Stanley Stasienski, 38, 42 Goodyear avenue, Donald Boyd, 32, 40 May avenue, and Dennis Lincweb- cr, 40, Bethany road, all three charged with Illegal parking, each had bonds of ?6 called. Dance to Name Bands in Downtown Waterbury! TONIGHT 8:30 to' 1 A. M. ' (•In Person) ' Direct from Hollywood This All-American Saxophone • Star SAM DONAHUE and HlH 'Orchestra Plus New England's PERRY CWMO CtlNTEST Register! ! Register! ! Admission. — $1.20 Coming — Stan Kcnton and others . . Tickets at Metro Music Mart Mengacq To Inspect aria Use As Auditorium Commander Adam Mcngapcl of Montanari-Rado Post, Italian American World War Veterans pinna a trip to the University of • Connecticut tomorrow lo inspect a «u» plus Army Air Forces Hangar in use there as an auditorium, intending to make a report on hlg findings at a meeting called by the Veterans Council February 11. Local residents interested in a program for construction of an auditorium here h»ve been Invitee! to attend the February 11 meeting. Commander Mengacci announced that a joint meeting of Montanarj- H.ido Post and Auxiliary will be held at 30:30 a,, m. tomorrow at Christoforo Colombo Hall. . Plans wil be discussed for bazaar to be held in the spring, for a Valentine dance, and for quarters for the post o.nd auxiliary.' TRAPP' AND KILL MERGE Hiawatha, Kan, (U P) — Trapp and Kill have entered the implement business in this Kansas luwn Virgil Kill has formed, a. partnership with former Sheriff w. V. ' Ask- Your Q. What IK the Bed Crow Home w» A. To help homcmak«n ul '**. tcntial homemnkcri. to '' personal and family leir.s In' their own BV PUBLIC DEMAND The HAYSEEDERS NB\V MODERN POLKA BAND with Steve £ Danny FRIDAY and SATURDAY NIGHTS VAGABOND Restaurant 638 EAST MAIN ST. WATERBUiiY — TEL. 1-9821 The Amazon river wa* In about, 1000 by Yanec * .„,_ „ •was not explored until ISttfiMwL European, Orcllana, trmvwai , .entire co'iiri*,' w«*t "uTSMCT THE EYEGLASS SHOP RADIO EXPERTS Since 1925 SWAN'S IS Church St. — TeL ZST4 FOR YOUR FAMILY^ NEEDSIK 410 North Onion CH» ,,:j:.-;y TKU MM- *•'"-•• Complete Line •!-'•-7 i CARMOTE PAIHtt! ,'.>.. '^\y^'. for interior and c*t«rt»r-."Sii. NATIONAL ;. :.' PRESSURE COOIWB* Union City Hardwttl SM N. MAIM sr: Union City" M. Ratklcwlch, Prop,"'-" W. J. Stokes, MIT. " ; Ort-li. Krl. * Sut. NitM HI-HAT RESTAURANT 185-189 No. Main St. \Valorhury Sprcliill/.liiK in llonir C««)Ki'il Food. Choice l.luunrii. Wlnrs, lilr. Phone -1-9837 VISIT OUR NEW GIFT SHOP For Wedding- Anniversary and Shower Glfta . . . Silver, China, Lumps, Vanes, Etc, $1 to $50 William Schpero JEWELER 180 Church Street Nfturatuck FILLED COFFEE CAKES HARD CRISPY ROLLS GREAM GOODS CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPPANT, Prop. Maple Street Telephone 3678 DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 8727 J. t. MAZItADSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R&M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE STKEET Ask the man who's been there 21 CLUB 88* BANK STREET — WATERBURY OPEN DAILY 6^P. M. to 1 A. M. Except Mondays SUNDAYS 12 NOON TO 9 P. M. Waterbury's Only Exclusive SUPPER CLUB Specializing in • Steaks • Chops • Lobsters and the Finest. Entertainment in Town We Also Cater to Private Parties Wedding, • Stags, "- /ShowerB.-Etc. EDDIE YOUNG PotHilnr Singer of Snmrt Snnir* Parkin* far.imioN fur 3<M> rnrn. Direct from n U'i wfrk iicrCornuincp In Irrnil. »w Havrn. Kormtrly of the 1'itl- Aiilliim, Tendon ft tolmont Plank. N. V. MEN'S and WOMEN'S SHOE SKATES (Including White Shoe Skates for Women) Boys' Hockey Skates ECONOMY AUTO , SUPPLY STORE 80 SOUTH MAIN ST. Naurafncb. Conn. TEL. 6162 LARGE METAL WASTE BASKETS — 98c TREMZ WALL PAPER READY FASTED BORDERS • KEMTONE GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Froe Delivery Tclophnn* 5044- STEP ON IT With a Personal Loan AVlicn that new cui« arrives you don't \v;nit a lot of pent-up oagornc-ss to drive it, hampered %;.,. slow financing-. So we suggest that you arraiijKe. now for n NAUGATUCK NATIONAL PERSON;; ALLOAN. This means your money will he borrowed locally- where you are known by name rather than by number. It means a. cost of only $0 per year per,/. $100 borrowed, with no extras or hidden charges of any sort. It means yon can drop in at this con- venicnt spot to ma,ke your payments. It means- 1 an absence of red tape. '.. Compare total costs of other plans. Then; money with a NAUGATUCK NATIONAL; SONALLOAN. Let us hear from you. THE NAUGATUGK NATIONAL »€' 275 CHURCH STREET Member Federal Deposit' Insurance' Join the MARCH OF DIMES! ! J. K. STORES CUT RATE, LIQCORS. WINES, BEERS Free Delivery Anywhere In Boroiwh 398 No. Mftln St. T>1. 4B7B ^^^ CHAPEL BLWT1I 0 ! IN NEW • • •••••**•• 28 OHUROH Ttei; '«»

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