Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 10, 1963 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1963
Page 5
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Plump Widows Attractive To Widowers fly HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (APWumping to conclusions: Plump widows have the best chance of landing another husband—because their suitors, who usually are middle-aged, figure they are good cooks. It's a good bet that a man who habitually wears only pinstriped suits is a con man, a junior diplomat, or suffers from a superiority complex. Many a woman surprised by the gift of a new fur coat from her husband would be even more surprised if she knew the real reason he bought it for her. The most suspicious people in the world are authors, bankers and drug store qashiers. If you need taxi money home, the easiest person to borrow it from is a waitress over 40. God must have loved teen -agers, because he made so many of them. Men who carry their wallets in their inside coat pocket rarely reach first for the restaurant tab, and usually have a few close friends. If you see a man light up a cigar in his own home, you don't have to ask who's the real boss in that household. Drugs that come in fancy two- tone capsules are all right for the younger generation, but older people seem to get more benefit from a medicine if it tastes bitter and is poured into a tablespoon from a dull brown bottle. Nurses have fatter legs than stenographers, but they don't get half as many runs in their stockings. Bartenders who insist on telling their troubles to their customers get few tips. Before marriage a girl tells a man his bow ties make him look boyish. After marriage she informs him they make him look silly. Even if a wife doesn't open her husband's letters, she usually holds them up to the light to examine them before handing them to him. The hardest word for most people to spell accurately is "accommodate." A guest usually winds up hungry in a home in which both the wife and husband have martinis together before dinner. Nobody ever changed his church as the result of a religious discussion at a cocktail party. Approximately one-third of the minerals and vitamins in a canned vegetable is lost when the liquid is poured off. PENNEVS ALWAVS FIRST QUALITY PENNEY'S Welcomes the TEACHERS of WESTERN ILLINOIS ENTIRE STOCK Women 's Self Collar and Fur Trimmed FASHION COATS at REDUCED PRICES! 29 J 39 $ 59 1700 coast-to-coast stores carry this label: II I p w 1 p I IT'S YOUR ASSURANCE OF INTEGRITY, BACKED BY A BIO DOLLAR'S WORTHI Smart fashionable know that a low price tag doesn't make a true value; a coat must wear as well as it looks ... and our Austelles do just that! We pick the finest long-wear fabrics...keep an eye on tailoring . . . haggle over details ... with the result that each Austelle is not only chic and fashion-y . . , but so superbly made you could wear it inside-out! Sizes 8 to 18. A* Dashing "great" coat with clip collar and sunburst back. Polished wool zibeline in black, taupe, blue or bamboo. (Also wool tweed; oatmeal, black/ white, or green.) $29 B* Wedding ring collar of dyed squirrel, tops wool polished zibe­ line! Satin, with woven wool inter* lining. Bamboo, brown, black. *39 •oil fun labeled to (how country of origin of import furs. ! II II I! CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Golesburg Register-Mail, Golesburg, III. Thursdoy, Oct, 10, 1963 S "I don't know yet how much Jimmy loves me! So far I haven't been REALLY hungry on a date!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE Jump to Game Is Weak Rebid By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. When you use the artificial two no-trump response to a major opening as a bid forcing to game in partner's suit, opener's jump to game is his weakest rebid and announces a hand so weak that he would have passed an invitational limit raise to three. WEST NOrtTH *KQ74 •/ AKJ76 • 2 4653 EAST 10 410 3 A 8 2 •#10832 ¥94 • 10 6 5 • J974 4AKJ9 .AQ10872 SOUTH (D) AAJ965 VQ5 • AKQ8 3 *4 North ond South vulnerable. South 1 A 3* 5 V Pass West Pass Pass Pass Pass North 2N.T. 4N.T. 6* East Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -=-A K The next weakest bid is three no-trump which merely shows a sound opening bid. The rebid of three in his own suit shows a hand big enough to be interested in a slam while bids in any other suit are slam tries that show a singleton or void. Almost any partnership would manage to get to six spades with the North-South cards, but the Jacoby two no-trump response makes the bidding particularly simple. South is definitely interested in a slam after the two no-trump response has forced to the spade game. He starts proceedings by bidding three clubs,that shows both his club singleton and a good hand. That three-club bid is enough for North to take full control. He uses the Blackwood four no- trump to check for aces. South shows two aces and North places the contract at six spades. He knows that there is an ace missing and there is no reason to think about seven. How could South have shown a club void on this sequence? Quotes From Today's News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International HOUSTON — Travis Vlasek, whose 21-year-old brother Donald was pinned under an automobile for more than seven hours: "When we found him he was so hoarse from screaming you could hardly hear him." WASHINGTON - President Kennedy, commenting on Sen. Barry Goldwater's probable campaign for the Republican presidential nomination: "I think Sen. Goldwater has a trying seven or eight months (ahead of him) which will test his endurance and his persever ance and his agility." WASHINGTON—Turncoat mob ster Joseph Valachi, testify ing about the payment of $10,000 to have the body of slain gang, ster Eugene Giannini removed from a gambling site: "Isn't it worth $10,000 to get rid of a guy like that?" MIAMI — A weather forecas ter, commenting on the destruc tive Hurricane Flora: "She's not dead yet. But would say maybe two days, then the cold air will kill her." One of every 13 persons in the United States lives on a farm. Easy enough! He would have jumped to six hearts over his partner's four no-trump to show two aces and a void. WE'LL HELP YOU WRITE... . . . want-ads that get results! Register • Mail Ad-Takers will be happy to help you write your want-ad. To place your next want-ad, dial 342-5161 and ask for an Ad-Taker. DO YOU HAVE A srcK WATCH? COMPOTE ONIV FAST , SERVICE I This includes: Th -lo 10 63 • c,Mnin 9 •Oiling 0) Adjusting #) Regulating ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOR 1 YEAR Chronographs — Automatics — Special Purpose Movements and Very Rusty Movemants Excepted. FRANK JEWELERS 241 fast Main Street Galesburg, III. Ad Must Ba Presented with Watcfc. "at em / look $t Stationary Deportment Balcony m Giant Book Sale! $ 1 to 19.95 Grtot savings on volumes originally published at $3 to $36.00! A. LINCOLN! Prairie Lawyer. By John J. Duff. Illus/ with photos & prints. His career as lawyer and politician in Illinois from 1837-1861 based on the Herndon-Weik Papers; extremely capable trial and appellate advocate, able legislator, humanitarian and wit. Pub. at $7.50. Only S3.9S AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVES. A Pictorial Record of Steam Power 1900-1950. By Edwin P. Alexander. Over 100 full-page photos with diagrams and descriptions from the first Atlantic and Prairie types and Mallets to the 500-ton monsters that ended the age of the steam locomotive. Orig. Pub; at $6.75. Only $2.98 CATS, CATS, CATS. By John R. Gilbert. Over 300 illus., 36 in color. Complete book on cats covering every aspect from ancient times to the present — the fantasy and folklore, fads and fancies, facts and figures — full of information and wonderful photographs. Pub. at $10.00. Only S2.98 BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES. 56 magnificent realistic paintings in full color highlight this informative volume on the most resplendent species. Size 8'/ 2 " x 10 ',2". Spacial, S2.98 BIRDS OF FIELD AND FOREST. By O. Stepanek. Illus. with 55 plates in full color, by E. Demartini. Over 60 birds described with beautiful, detailed paintings, and general information on how to attract birds to your garden. Size SVi" x 10\V. Only S2.98 THE GINGERBREAD AGE: A View of Victorian America. By John Maass. The unique quality of American Victorian architecture in private and public buildings depicted in more than 100 handsome photos, 75 drawings, paintings & rare engravings with sparkling narrative, advertisements, fashion plates, interiors, etc. Size 8V4" x 11 ! A". Only S2.98 COOK BOOKS 500 RECIPES BY REQUEST: From Mother Anderson's Famous Dutch Kitchens. By Jeanne M. Hall & Belle Anderson Ebner. From the famous hotel in Wabasha, Minn., come these finest of American recipes based on a Pennsylvania Dutch heritage of marvelous and hearty food: Orange Bread, Ham Potpie, Roast Turkey with Pecan Dressing, Dumplings, Luxury Sirloin Steak, etc. Pub. at $3.95. Only $1.98 RECIPES FROM THE OLD SOUTH. By Martha L. Meade. Crammed with delightful recipes for old Southern Specialties for every mood and season: Beaten biscuits, Over-Fried Chicken, Peach Cobbler, Ham Pops, Tipsy Cake, Texas Toasts, Dulcet Cream, etc. Pub. at $3.95. Only $1.69 CAKES AND BAKING. By M. Patten. Hundreds of receipt's from all over the world for cakes, biscuits and bread with more than 200 tempting pictures in color and black and white. Spacial $2.98 Town and Country. By Anna Wetherill ALL-IN-ONE OVEN MEALS. By Ruth Bean. 100 Menus — Over 300 recipes for menus that require similar temperatures to save time, money and work — cook desserts with entrees, breads, etc. at the same time. Pub. at $3.50. Only S1.69 MR. LINCOLN'S WASHINGTON. By Stanley Kimmel. A photographic panorama of events in Washington from 1861 to 1865. Over 260 striking pictures and 65,000 words of lively text in this fascinating picture-history. Size 8V2" x 11 li". Only S2.98 THE WINNING TOUCH IN GOLF. By Peter G. Cranford. Introd. by Gary Middlecoff. Illus. in color. A major contribution for improving your golf — a clear and workable application of psychological principles for confidence, practice, adjustment, etc. Pub. at $7.50. Only $2.98 WILD, WOOLLY 8c WICKED. By Harry S. Drago. The spirited, colorful story of the hell-roaring Kansas cow towns — the violent lives of Abilene, Ellsworth, Newton, Wichita, Caldwell and Dodge City. Pub. at $5.00. Only $1.98 HEIRLOOM FURNITURE. By Franklin H. Gottshall. With 74 photos and hundreds of detailed drawings and diagrams. Superb illustrations and complete construction details on Hepplewhite, Chippendale, Sheraton, Georgian, Jacobean and the other period pieces in desks, chairs, cabinets, tables, etc., finishing, detailing. Orig. Pub. at $9.50. Only $2.98 A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF BURLESQUE. By Bernard Sobel. Lively text and a wealth of pictures, this is the history of burlesque from the 1860's to Minsky — the strippers, minstrel men and great comics. Orig. Pub. at $5.95. Only $2.98 HERALDRY AND YOU. By J. A. Reynolds. Over 200 coats-of-arms pictured in their full, striking colors with a glossary of heraldie terms. The romance and history of heraldry, its modern application to families, corporations and communities, the symbols of heraldry, an index of blazons and bibliography. Pub. at $7.50. Only $3.95 GOLDEN WINGS. Pictorial History of the U.S. Marine Corps in the Air. By Martin Caidin. 400 large photos. The exciting saga of the men and planes from earliest beginnings to the present supercarriers. Photos selected from Navy and Marine files as well as private and industrial collections. Pub. at $10.00. Only S3.35 ART TREASURES OF THE TATE GALLERY. By Sir John Rothenstein. With 65 Reproductions in Full Color. Hand-tipped, 39 in Photogravure. A magnificent showing of the chief paintings of London's Tate Gallery- Of particular interest is the group of British paintings covering several centuries, modern works, etc., and this beautiful volume, 12" x KH-i", shows the extraordinary richness of the collections. Pub. at $25.00. Only S14.95 POETICA EROTICA: A Collection of Rare and Curious Amatory Verse. Ed. by T. R. Smith. The famous collection of 650 amatory poems and ballads — lovely, charming, passionate editions and rare volumes. Pub. at $7.50. Only $3.95 VETERAN AND VINTAGE CARS. By Peter Roberts. 300 large photos, with 32 pages in Full Color. A lively history of automobiles from earliest days, the inventors, drivers, contests fads, changing models, etc. Pub. at $7.50. Only $2.98 DIRECTORY OF HISTORIC CABINET WOODS. By F. Lewis Hinckley. The noted antique furniture appraiser presents full information on furniture woods, how to use them in identifying antiques and how to work with them. Lavishly illustrated, large 8i 2 " x 11" format. Pub. at $5.95. Only $2.98 AIR FORCE: Pictorial History of American Airpower. By Martin Caidin. 400 startling and dramatic photos. The first complete history of the U.S. Air Force covering the 50 year span from the Wright plane of 1908 to the rocket planes of today in action pictures of the men and machines. Pub. at $10.00. Only $3.9$ NEW CENTURY BOOK OF FACTS. Encyclopedic, ready reference work presenting comprehensive material on history, math, literature, science, fine arts, biographies, grammar, geography; a complete atlas in full color, much more. 1772 pages, index, many, many photos and other illus. One of the most valuable reference works we've ever offered! Pub. at $23.00. Only $7.95 FRITZ HENLE'S FIGURE STUDIES. Extraordinary and unusual masterpieces of photography of the female nude in color and black and white, with technical data. Pub. at $6.95. Only $2-98 MIRROR OF WAR: The Washington Star Reports the Civil' War. Ed. by John W. Stepp & I. W. Hill. Richly illus. with almost 200 photos & nearly 100 contemporary drawings & engravings. The original news stories of the 62 leading battles and events with significant social, business and cultural items that appeared in the Star, the only Washington, D.C. Newspaper of Civil War vintage still in existence. COMMEMORATIVE STAMPS OF THE U.S.A. Augmented Second Edition. By Fred Reinfeld. Lavishly illustrated with all of America's 330 commemorative stamps from 1893 through 1956 with text describing the men, events and industries making this a virtual illustrated history of the U.S.A. Orig. Pub. at $500. Only S2.69 WILD FLOWERS. By J .G. Barton. Over 10O different flowers described and illustrated in striking full color in detail, with much useful information. Size 8I4" x 10> 4 ". Special, $2.98 CRUCIAL MOMENTS OF THE CIVIL WAR. Ed. by Brig. Gen. Willard Webb. Introd. by Bruce' Catton. Eye-witness accounts of key situations in momentous battles—Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Chancellorsville, Shiloh, Antietam, etc. Illus.'with maps and old prints. Only $1.98 THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE IN AMERICA. By Alfred W. Bruce. Fully illus., with many line drawings and charts and 179 pictures. A designer of many great locomotives tells of the engineering and development of the locomotive during the 19th and 20th centuries. Orig. Pub. at $8.50. Only S2.98 SPORTS AND CLASSIC CARS. By Griffith Borgeson & Eugene Jaderquist. More than. 70 American and foreign cars with their complete histories and characteristics of design and performance; more than 100 photos irt color and black and white. Pub. at $12.50. DOGS, DOGS, DOGS, DOGS. Over 300 illus.. 32 pages in full color. A handsome picture survey of more than 130 breeds, their history, folklore, rearing, training and showing. Pub. at $10.00. Only S2.98 HORSES, HORSES, HORSES, HORSES. Over 300 illus., 32 pages in striking color. The versatility, beauty and lure of the horse in word and picture — in sport, art work, history, etc. — full of information and wonderful photos. Pub. at $10.00. Only $2.98 FABULOUS YESTERDAY. Ed. by L. W. Gillenson. Coronet's pictorial album of the highspots of 25 eventful years as seen through the eyes of such famous contributors as: Sherwood Anderson, Edw. R. Murrow, Philip Wylie, Adlai Stevenson, Dali, Castro, Wodelhouse, John Barrymore, J. F. Kennedy, and many others with 150 cartoons, and hundreds of drawings and photographs. Pub. at $8.50. Only $2.98 CHRISTMAS IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Ed. by Daniel J. Foley. A handsomely illustrated Victorian album full of stories and poems by: Clement C. Moore, Dickens. W. Irving, Longfellow, Alcott, Eugene Field, O. Henry, and many others. Rub. at $6.95. Only S3.95 PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WILD WEST. By James D. Horan & Paul Sann. Hundreds of fascinating pictures and exciting text give a full and true account of the bad men, desperadoes, rustlers and outlaws of the Old West — and the lawmen who fought them to establish law and order. Size 9 x 12. Pub. at $7.50. Only S3.95 GIANT BOOK OF GAMES. By Frankel & Masters. Illus. with hundrdes of drawings. Hudreds of games for all the family — individuals or groups: indoor, outdoor, mental, puzzles, tricks, party themes, dramatic and singing games, party decorations, etc. Orig. Pub. at $4.95. Only S2.49 TREASURES IN THE KREMLIN. 120 Photographs in Full Color. A fabulous collection representing 1,000 years of culture in gold, silverware, precious jewels, arms, regalia, fabrics and costumes housed in one of Europe's oldest museums, The Armoury of the Moscow Kremlin. Size lOVa" x 12'A". Pub. at $17.50. Only S9.95 A HANDBOOK OF POPULAR ANTIQUES. By Katharine Morrison McClinton. Foreword by Alice Winchester. A broad coverage of fascinating information on collecting 27 different groups of antiques: China, glass, tin­ ware, flasks, snuff boxes, buttons, paperweights, etc., with more than 230 items illustrated. Special $2.98 AMERICAN NEEDLEWORK. By Georgianna Brown Harbeson. Illus. with over 750 photos & drawings including color plates. History and designs of decorative stitchery and embroidery from the 16th to the 20th century. Large QV2" x I2V2" format. A true collector's item in the rare book market. Orig. Pub. at $15.00. Only $5.95 THIS WAS ANDERSONVILLE. By John Milroy. Ed. by Roy Meredith. With 49 rare photographs and drawings. The incredible, true story of the Andersonville Military Prison and the terrible existence of the 41,000 Union prisoners, packed in its own stockade. Orig. Pub. at $12.50. Only S4.9S THE ANTIQUES BOOK. Ed. by Alice Winchester & the Staff of Antiques Magazine. Profusely illustrated. Outstanding authoritative articles on ceramics, furniture, glass, silver, pewter, architecture, prints and other collecting interests. Orig. Pub. at $6.00. Only S3.49 CAVALCADE OF AMERCIAN HORSES. Written & Illus. by Pers Crowell. The noted authority and illustrator of horses presents a fascinating treasury of information about all of the light horse breeds: conformation, performance, history, etc. 75 superb pictures. Orig. Pub. at $6.00. Only $2.98 A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN. By Oliver La Farge. With 350 illustrations including many full color plates. The foremost authority on the American Indian relates their story from the time of the arrival of the first white men to the present in a handsome -9Vi" x 12','4" volume full of rare and fascinating pictures. Orig. Pub. at $7.50. Only S3.95 HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: The Art and Science of Reading Character. By M. N. Bunker. More than 160 illus., step by step instructions. Pub. at $10 .00. Only 51.98 THE MOVIES. By Richard Griffith & Arthur Mayer. Tremendous pictorial history of motion pictures from pre-nickelodeon days to the present in a massive 9 l , 4 " x 12', 2 " volume containing 1 ,000 wonderful pictures and 150,000 brilliant words of commentary and captions. Orig. Pub. at $15.00. Only $5.95 DICTIONARY OF HUMOROUS QUOTATIONS. By Evan Esar. Thousands of choice witticisms in alphabetical arrangement culled from 2,000 years of choice says from Socrates to the present. Orig. Pub. at $4.95. Only S1.98 EDOUARD MANET: Watercolors and Pastels. Text by Kurt Martin. A most unusual collector's volume containing 24 full-color matted reproductions which may be removed for framing. Printed in Germany and Holland. Size 12" x 15". Pub. at $27.50. Only $17.85 AUGUSTE RENOIR: Watercolors and Pastels. Text by Francois Daute. Uniform with above. Pub. at $27.50. Only $17.95 PAUL GAUGUIN: Watercolors and Pastels Text by Jean Leymarie. Uniform with above. Pub. at $27.50. Only $17.94

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