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The Kingston Whig-Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 3

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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THE KINGSTON WHIG-STANDARD, SATURDAY, JUNE 27, 1931, THREE MARKET; BRISK BUYING Produce Offered Was of Exceptionally Good Quality on Saturday One of the largest markets oft the year assembled on the Market Square on Saturday morning and all products were in keen demand. Prices remained firm and buying was brisk. The produce offered on Saturday was of an exceptionally high quality and this applled particularly to strawberries and fresh vegetables. Strawberries were steady at 18 to 25 cents per box and sold rapidly. Eggs remained firm at 20 cents per dozen, and butter found a ready sale at 22 cents per pound.

There was a small offering of meat, veal being quoted at 8 to 13 cents per pound, and lamb at 15 to 20 cents per pound. Green peas 1 made their appearance on the market Saturday, and were quoted at 15 cents per quart. A few young chickens sold as high as $2.00 per pair, and fowl sold slowly at $1.00 to $1.25 each. Beets, carrots and onions were offered at 10 cents per bunch, with cucumbers at 10 and 15 cants each. Decoration Service To Be Held Sunday The annual memorial and decoration graves conducted by the members of the Odd Fellows lodges of the city, will be held at Cataraqui cemetery on Sunday morning, commencing at 10 o'clock.

The decoration of the graves of deceased members of the Order is held every year and a potted plant is placed on each grave. There are 376 graves in the cemetery that will receive plants. The service will be conducted in the Odd Fellows' lot following the decoration of the graves, and the address will be given by Rev. L. S.

Wight of Zion United Church. Since the last decoration service held at Cataraqui cemetery the following members have passed away. Cataraqui Lodge, No. 10- R. E.

Aikens, M. W. Sine, Stirling, J. N. Alexander, James Yuill, William Bowen, I.

Mendel, Los Angeles, H. Hembry, O. Livingston. Kingston Lodge, No. 59- W.

Giddings, England, F. Gibbs, Cleveland Lodge. Granite Lodge, No. 363 -J. B.

Phillips, Brockville. 20 7 COOLER INSIDE Warm Days-Hard to keep working -tired out when you get all the way home for lunch why not drop in at the Hotel La Salle? You'll find the tasty meals appetizing and our large, cool dining room most refreshing. Luncheon only 650. Hotel La Salle The trio in the picture in front of a row of cabins their return journey from are Elmer Davis, Kingston, general above are leaders of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association photographed on the walk at Jasper Park Lodge, where the delegates spent a day of rest and recreation on the convention at Vancouver. Reading from left to right, the three industrial potentates past president; W.

M. Miner, Granby, president; and J. E. Walsh, Toronto, Canadian National Railways. CANADIAN CAPTAINS OF INDUSTRY.

Cities Have Zoning Bylaws; None Tax the Non- Resident Worker Whig- Standard Sends tionaire Important Ontario Cities--Six Answers Received. In an effort to get information for Kingston citizens 4 on three questions which have received some public attention here recently, The WhigStandard sent out a questionnaire to a number of Ontario cities. Six replies have been received up to date and this newspaper is passing on the information gained so that ratepayers will be acquainted with conditions prevailing elsewhere in the province. The questions asked dealt with a zoning bylaw, a fee for transient workers, and the Humane Society. The answers in each case were secured from a very reliable source.

The results obtained indicate that two cities, Kitchener and London, have zoning by-laws, that none of the six cities has any fee for transient workers than the poll tax or the Transient Traders Bylaw and that five of the six have Humane Societies. 'The detalled answers are as follows: Brantford you a zoning bylaw? What are its general provisions? except as to fire prevention regulations under which certain types of construction are not allowed in certain areas. you a tax or fee which is imposed on a non-resident who comes to your city to work for a few weeks or months, and who is subject to no other tax of your municipality? single man in the class described would have to pay $5 poll tax if not already assessed in some other municipality. you a Humane Society? Is its condition strong or weak and does it retain the services of a fulltime inspector? -Yes, it is a fairly active organization doing a good deal of work annually. A veterinary surgeon is appointed inspector and looks after all cases coming under the society's notice and jurisdiction.

Hamilton you a zoning bylaw? What are its general provisions? is no zoning bylaw. The town planning commission has discussed the idea but nothing has been done. Building restrictions are placed in certain sections of the city by the city council when requested by pelltion of the residents. These restrictions in some cases include ban on apartment buildings. you a tax or fee which Is imposed on a non-resident who comes to your city to work for a few weeks or months, and who is subject to no other tax of your municipality? Transients employed in the city are untaxed municipally if they are on salary.

If they are merchandising they come under the Transient Traders' bylaw and pay a Transient Traders' fee of $200, which is remitted when they remain here and pay: income or business tax. you a Humane Society? Is its condition strong or weak, and does it retain the services of 8 full-time inspector? Hamilton Humane Society is a very strong organization and has been so for many years. In addition there is the Junior Humane Society with between 8,000 and 9,000 school children enrolled. A recent tag day, one of those staged every few years, netted $1,800. Gross annual income is about $1,200.

For the past year and a half the society has had a full-time Inspector. St. Catharines -Have you a zoning bylaw? What are its general provisions? at present. The Town Planning Commission, formed last year, are at present engaged on zoning problems and a bylaw will follow, likely this year. you a tax or fee which is imposed on a non-resident who comes to your city to work for a few weeks or months, and who is subject to no other tax of your municipality? -Only the poll tax $5 a year imposed on single men.

you a Humane Society? Is its condition strong or weak and does it retain the services of a full-time inspector? The Humane Society is in a strong position with a full time inspector. This Society does the dogcatching for the city and the inspector receives $1,300 for this work, in addition to an annual amount from the Society. A new dog-pound costing $3,000 is at present being erected. The Society cares for all cruelty cases in St. Catharines and throughout Lincoln County.

Their are secured through memberships and an annual tag day. The latter net over $1,000. Chatham -Have you a zoning bylaw? What are its general provisions? have no zoning bylaw, but we have a bylaw which establishes certain streets as residential streets. It was passed as a result of requests of certain residents presented DEATHS AND FUNERALS QUEEN'S LETS CONTRACTS TO KINGSTON MEN Kingston Labor Is to Be Given Preference as Far as Possible FAIR WAGE CLAUSE Contracts for the masonry work and the plumbing, heating and ventilation for Kingston Hall, Queen's University, have been awarded, with H. W.

Watts being the successful tenderer for the masonry work, and McKelvey Birch being given the contract for the plumbing, heating and ventilation. In the warding of the contracts, the stipulations were made that as far as possible, Kingston labor is to be given the preference, and that the fair wage clause be adhered to. Contracts for electrical work and for painting will be awarded later. Samuel Dutton Dropped Dead on the Street Samuel Dutton, 76, who resided at No. 69 Queen street, dropped dead late yesterday afternoon on Wellington street near Crothers' Biscuit and Candy factory.

Mr. Dutton was on his way to the city buildings receive his pay cheque, and was employed as night watch at the city-incinerator. He was a member of the Sons of England for over forty years, having been born in England. Mr. Dutton had been suffering from high blood pressure.

left his house apparently in usual health but had not gone very far when he was stricken. While no arrangements have been made, it is understood the ents, funeral will be held on Tuesday to Cataraqui Cemetery. PROMOTION EXAMINATIONS P. S. S.

No. 4 WOLFE IS. The following pupils have met the requirements for promotion. Names in order of merit. Jun.

IV to Sr. Iv-Alice Bolton. Sr. III to Jun. IV--Minnie Woodman, Ila Boyd and George White.

Jun. III to Sr. III-Muriel Bullis, William Bustard. Form II to Jun. III- Elwyn Mullin, Vivian Kyle, Alma Armstrong, Eric Halpenny.

Form I to Form II-Hiram Marlow, William MacFadden, Gordon Yott. Primer to Form 1-Marvon Busch, Recommendations; Jun. IV to Sr. IV-Murle McDermott. Jun.

III to Sr. III-Thelma Kyle. Form II to Jun. III-Robert Tarrant and Collamer Bush. E.

Splatt- -Teacher. EYES RIGHT! IF They Are You'll Look Better IGHT as a summer breeze, resilient as the trees that sway before it, the Hy-Clingswell fits the faces as well as the fashions of today. We offer it in white and the new Natural Gold. R. ARTHEY, R.O., OPTOMETRIST 143 PRINCESS STREET 'PHONE 2108 FOR APPOINTMENT TO BE WITHOUT Are you INSURANCE insured? is dangerous business if you are a car owner.

Have you ever thought of the consequences which might follow an accident? A little forethought will convince you that the wise course is to insure now. Insurance won't prevent an accident, but it will protect you against monetary loss should one occur. R. G. ANDREWS SON REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 79 CLARENCE STREET.

'PHONE 116 JAMES DALY The death occurred at the Hotel Dieu Hospital on Saturday morning of James Daly of Godfrey. He was in his eighty-second yeer. The remains were taken to his home at Godfrey today and the funeral will be held from his residence, to the Sacred Heart Church, Seaford, on Monday morning at ten o'clock, standard time. A solemn requiem mass will be celebrated by Rev. Father McCarthy, STUART SLATER Ex-Quarter-master Sergeant Stuart Slater, 356 Brock street, died this morning in the Kingston General Hospital after being admitted but an hour previous.

Mr. Slater, who was 52 years of age, suffered a stroke and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Up to this morning he had been in apparent good health and his death was a great shock to his relatives and friends. The late Mr. Slater's wife, it will be re pre-deceased him only about two weeks ago.

One son, Stuart Slater, survives, The late Mr. Slater had been in Battery, R.C.H.A., for about twenty-five years, and had been retired from the service since 1919. He saw active service in South Africa with Battery. Mr. Slater had been a member of the Independent Order of Foresters for many years and had attended St.

Paul's church. The funeral will be held from his residence, 356 Brock street, Monday afternoon at four o'clock to Cataraqui Cemetery, to the council, and the council is ready to consider any future requests of like nature with regard to any other streets not now specified. you a tax or fee which is imposed on a non-resident who comes to your city to work for a few weeks or months, and who is subject to no other tax of your municipality? of course, have a poll tax. All industries co-operate with the police department in collecting such poll tax from transient workers. Where such are taken on in any factory the police are notified and an officer calis to collect the poll tax from the worker himself.

Firms do not collect the tax. They merely give the information to the proper officials. -Have you a Humane Is its condition strong or weak, and does it retain the services of a fulltime inspector? A have no recognized Humane Society, although a certain veterinary has made several attempts to form one, and indeed claims that such a society has been formed. He himself undertakes to lay informations against those who abuse animals, but he is not a full-time inspector, nor is he officially recognized by the municipal authorities as an inspector. He acts off his own bat.

Kitchener you a zoning bylaw? What are its general provisions? It allows only certain kinds of huildings in certain zones. (1) Heavy industrial purposes, (2) light industrial, (3) business, (4) restdential (including duplex and apartments) (5) private detached residential (no duplexs or apartments). you a tax or fee which 1s imposed on a non-resident who comes to your city to work for a few weeks or months, and who is subject to no other tax of your municipality? you a Humane Society? Is its condition strong or weak and does it retain the services of a full-time inspector? -Yes. Is fairly active. Part time inspector.

$50 a month and pays own expenses. London -Have you a zoning bylaw? What are its general provisions? A. The question of a zoning bylaw has been a very contentlous one in London. Several years ago a town planning commission was appointed and a drastic bylaw was prepared, dividing the city into four zones, industrial, business, semi-residential and residential. There has been trouble ever since the bylaw was prepared and It has never been seriously enforced.

The city has a new zoning bylaw, which is more seriously enforced. The city has a new zoning by-law, which is more elastic, now in preparation. -Have you a tax or fee which is imposed on a -residen who comes to your city to work for a few weeks or months and who is subject to no other tax of your municipality? There is a Transient Traders License of $2.50 a year. There is no rebate for less than three months. There is also a peddlar's license of $2 on foot and $40 on truck.

you a Humane Society? Is its condition strong or weak and does it retain the services of a fulltime inspector? is a fairly strong Humane Society in London with Colonel Eric Reid, a prominent soldier, as president. His personality helps keep it together. It is partly supported by the city and partly by private subscription. They have a full-time official. Invitation Tournament Is Being Played Today The invitation tournament at the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club is being played today, the first pair driving off at 9 o'clock.

A large field has entered for the match and the officials of the club in charge of the arrangements look forward to a splendid contest. The first 18 will be played during the morning and in the afternoon the second 18 will be played. Prizes will be given for best gross and net scores and both rounds and best gross and net scores on the day's play. The entries for the ladies' president's prize will close today at the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club. A large number of lady players are looked for to take part in the tourney.

Meadow Cream Sodas are "a great biscuit." Just Arrived A new shipment of Pin-Money Pickles including their Sweet Melon Mangoes, Piccadilli Relish, Tiny Tot Gherkins and Cocktail Onions. Jas. Redden Co. 'Phone 20 or 990. Visited Rose Garden Of Col.

and Mrs. Kidd About one hundred and fifty members of the Kingston Horticultural Society took advantage Friday evening of the invitation extended to the society by Col. and Mrs. T. A.

Kidd to visit their rose garden. Under the guidance of Mr. J. Batten, the gardener, a tour of the magnificent rose garden was made. There are over a.

thousand rose bushs of various tints and species, and a full explanation of the various types was given by Mr. Batten as the tour progressed. At the conclusion of the inspection of the garden, refreshments were served on the lawn to the members of the society by Mrs. T. A.

Kidd. Mr. George Scott, secretary of the Horticultural Society on behalf of the Society spoke very highly of Col. Kidd's rose garden and expressed the great appreciation of the members to Col. and Mrs.

Kidd for the kindly invitation extended to them. Col. Kidd's garden has for several years been one of the show places of the city and Col. and 1 Mrs. Kidd are ever planning improvements.

The flower borders can be seen splendidly from the street and citizens who pass that way derive great pleasure from the show of bloom. Lose Official Record Due to Technicalities The Federation Aeronautique Internationale is reported to have refused recognition of the refueling endurance mark established by Forrest O'Brine and Dale "Red" Jackson. It will be remembered Jackson took part in the Kingston Flying Club air meet here last year. Jackson and O'Brine remained aloft for 647 hours and 22 minutes at St. Louis.

Officials of the National Aeronautic Association and members of the F.A.I. say that the record is still held by the Hunter Brothers at 553 hours and 41 minutes. Numerous irregularities in the flight were said to have been responsible for the stand taken by the association. They are understood to be in part as follows: Reports of the flight were not signed by an official federation timer. The reports also were not complete.

The barograph used was not sealed and the fliers did not use a smoke chart as is required by the federation. Officials explained that while these irregularities were only technicalities they were sufficient to result in refusal to grant recognition. Red Indians Juveniles Won From the Ponies Another close and exciting game was played in the Spalding League last night when Red Indians took a win from Ponies by 9 to 8. It was 8 good game to win and a tough one to lose. The playing was fast with both pitchers getting good support, and it was not till the last that the final winning run was pushed across for the win.

Last night's game saw a case of nerve and foolhardiness. Benstead, catching for Red Indians, started the game with a broken thumb, which was improperly bandaged and during the game he had two fingers put out of joint yet he remained in the game till the last two innings were yet to be played. Ponies- Potts, Ryan, 3b; Timmerman rf; Shepherd ss; Collins cf; Webber 1f; Bocking 1b; Gow 2b; Brown p. Red Indians- Armstrong If; Jamieson, 3b; White, ss; Lilly, lb; Cumming cf; Sutton 2b; McCormick, rf; Benstead McClean p. Ponies 000 141 2-8 Red Indians 120 211 2-9 Umpires- Lees and Armstrong.

To Stage Boxing Show For the Humane Society A meeting of the executive of the Kingston Humane Society was held on Thursday night for the purpose of receiving the financial report of the Society but after brief discussion the report was allowed to stand over until another meeting. Information was received by the Society of an offer made by the Canadian Locomotive Company Athletic Association to stage a boxing and wrestling show on July 17th for the benefit of the Humane Society, all proceeds to go to the cause. The offer was very gratefully accepted and the show will be held under the auspices of that organization, A suggestion was made at the meeting that the churches should be approached with a view to enlisting their co-operation by means of preaching on the subject of humane work. fair and quite warm. The winner of the $5.00 Gold Piece at 8 teacy's Dollar Day was Miss Frieman, 146 Stuart Street $5.00 IN GOLD FREE SECURE YOUR COUPON TONIGHT TONIGHT AT STEACY'S 7 p.m.

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SALE PRICE $1.00 Boys' Combinations Men's Shirts and Shorts Penman's Underwear Balbriggan- Forsythe and Arrow No. 222. Shirts, DrawPenman's short sleeve, knee sets in all colors and ers and Combinations. length. Sizes 22 to 32.

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It follows none of the formulas of present day pictures. It is not sersational and yet it presents in clear cut, carefully defined dramatic terms a provocative theme on marriage that is worthy of your attention. Charles Norris will certainly be glad to know that the lesson embodied in his book is presented so forcefully and with such delicacy. In "Seed," a writer of great promise marries early, quickly has five children, finds himself tied down by family responsibilities, and is forced NEURALGIA? Sciatica? Rheumatism? "I can stand pain," Foster, Toronto. "During the war I had 12 wounds.

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50c and $1 everywhere. 194 You ewa it to yourself to try TEMPLETONS T-R RHEUMATIC CAPSULES to make ends meet, to abandon his writing. A former sweetheart returns from Paris and immediately sets out to restore his faith in his writing ability. His wife, of course, has little time to encourage him. She has only time for the children and her ever present household duties.

You can well see the inevitable triangle, this time, however, developed with unusual power and clarity, and always intelligently. ENGLISH STAGE PLAYERS MEET AGAIN IN FILMS Accidental meetings which renew old friendships are constant occurrences in both real life and in drama. A pleasant example occurred during the filming of "Always Fox romantic drama coming to the Tivoli Theatre Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, when Paul Cavanagh renewed his acquaintance with Elissa Landi who is starred in the picture, Their first meeting was in London when Miss Landl was playing the stage production of "The Constant Nymph," and Cavanagh was with the original stage company of "Scotland Yard." "I remarked at that time," Cavanagh said, following their Hollywood meeting, "that Miss Landi was an emotional star who would go far in her profession. Her recent success in "Body And Soul" and now her exquisite work in "Always Goodbye," seems to bear me out." Cavanagh has a featured role In "Always Goodbye," 88 has Lewis Stone. Good Recovery The many friends of little Miss Gwen Wilkinson, who has been so seriously the Kingston General Hospital will be glad know that site is making a good recovery and exI pecta to be able to return home soon.

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Comfort and safety guaranteed Lady attendant JURY PEACOCK New Manager F. P. Phelan has been appointed manager the Kingston store of Tip Tailors. Mr. Phelan, who is formerly of Toronto, says that business Is generally reported to be better in Kingston than in most other Ontario cities.

Prison sentences are longer in the United States than for corresponding crimes in England..

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