New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on November 24, 1952 · Page 19
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 19

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1952
Page 19
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"Assignment; America" 7 INEZ ROBB (Disttlbultd By InternjuinapNc HOW ABOUT ERMINE SWEATER? NJiW YflRK, Nov. S4. (1NSI Dear, I Jia.ce nf lust decided what 1 want fur Christmas." l told the head of clan Robh. He lowered, fhe evening paper ginsprly. "All right I'm braced. What is iL?" hp asked. "1 scant a new sweater." "Well, thai seems reasonable." Mr. Jlubli said and brightened visibly. "I cerlainly don't want la gfl over that mink coat argument another year. "A sweater is more like it," he added, and there was indulgence in his lOTie. "Willll kind nn 1 ,l,m't "Ermine SHeaicr'.'" "Juat a Utile, o!e. bitty white iwejter. An ermlnr sweater." "An ermine sweater." mused I be head of the house, -'Well, well When I was a kid, ermine used to be a fur, But I suppose they've named one of these new synthelie s .'.i ns ermine to give It rla: pen!.' "Mo, ermine is still fur, jil ami' while tur it always wa Nonsense," snorted Mr. liobb, en .. i.e. paper an lmpat. ihaie. "You can't make a sweater out 01 ermine, sweaters knitted." 'That's what you think! Plain peasants. You said I rnnld have sweater and 1 want an ermlt sweater, like all the bic Bills." Mr. "Rnbh laid rlnwn the paper carefully and reached fnr his elg- Hirt To Be Shnwn "I'm a potlienl man," he said, "and know when I'm beiml boxed. 1 never heai-d of such fol- riernl as an ermine sweater. I don't believe there is any such thing. Now stop pulling my leg." 1 gol out the Christmas catalogue, from line of I he town '5 lomest. stores, tinned to pace ten, and pointed. "There it is, right there," I said. "All I want fur Christmas is just a little, ole while sweater and you act like I ashed for the mini." The head of elan Hohb picked up the ralaloC'.ie, looked St the pielure of Iho ermine sweater, lie read the descriptive paragraph and let uul i roar of raiic. "Why Ihis damn -.vhal-nol costs SI. ISO"' he cried in anguish, as if snmenne hail just inserted a slll-ello between his rihs "Whoever heard of a sweater costing El.-IStl?" It's Inflation "It's inflation,'' 1 said, soolhinU-V- "If " dollar isn't ivorlh any thing, like you say, I don't know why you mnke such a scene simply because ix swrnlrr costs Sl.-In of soincining that hasn t anv value I beein with. Mr. Robh ignored me. He wa pursuing the descriptive paragraph man unabie to believe he is read. his eyes. lllls DiJOU fur milady's slnelt-IF is lined with sunnle clnlli f gold,' " he read aloud. " 'A stem nf furriers art. th s ermine sweater is bound around the neck and down the frunt with a hand of pearls and pallettes, for added glitter. " 'Wear it with velvet slacks for mimic dinners at llume. Wear It a! a bed jacket, Wear it for fun.'" "It's for casual wear," I volunteered. "How casual can you gel?" Mr. Hohb demanded indicnantlv. tie picked up Ihe evening pnper, low- "Let's go hack to arguing 01 the mink coat. .1 Vnoiv all the ii and-ouls Of that one. I'm too numb tn star! all over .on ermine sweat- Rabbits Produce Archaelogy Find LONDON HnTihits set ah asil for arciiaeolusii1 latest discovery As has happened before, rabbits uruweiJ and deposited some frag-cnts Df scientific interest tm Lhc irface. This lime thev were 1st and 2nd cenlury remains by Ihe iver uay, near tfexiey. They included liling and potlerv id led to the finding or a kiln iiila.i.iiiil H'uod ash and laru fragments d rnarsc poltery. Irish Women Beat Men At Own Jobs DUBLIN In peb, Eire, the eir own iota. At the recent Clones Agricultural Shuw vomen won ail llie prizes cxeop! Iwr, In Ihe Homecrafts and Woodwork clions. One man, 7. McCaffrey, got Teniae hv vllinlnn first urile in llie sockdarning compctilion, healing NEW CASTLE, PA., NEWS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1952 HST HONORS FRENCH WOMAN FLIER Ell niEUDCMT HA RUT I. TRUMAN shown a (be White House ut he presented the Harmon Avlolrix Trophy to Jlfme. Jacqueline Auriol, daughler-iu-law of President Vincent Auriol of France. The rvulslftm;-ihff woman flier received the award for setting a speed Teord for women ot M9 m.pJixi a jet fighter plane tn May J9SI, (inienaOanalj Washed Sand and Gravel YARD PRICES MASONS' SAND , . '1.60 a ton CONCRETE SAND . . '1.50 a ton GRAVEL '1.00 a Ion 8-INCH CONCRETE BLOCK 17c each READY MIXED CONCRETE Footer Mix $12.00 a Vard SUPERIOR SAND & SUPPLY CO. EASTHltOOK ROAD FIRST TIME UNDER '50! OEBUCKANDCQB A . A J LIMITED TIME! Get New Freedom With A KENMORE Trash and Garbage INCINERATOR $4 Down, $5 Month On Sears Easy Terms HERE IT Ifil A blond new mclhod of disposing of Alt trash and garbage-quickly, wilhoul men or odor! A compact gas fired intiner. alor that is easy In instnll-eosy lo use. Here is what Kenmore does -eliminales the vire Irash burner, eliminates Ihe need for unsightly garbage con, eliminates ihe need far walking jhru snow and rain 10 put garbage oul, no more paying ta hovo Irosh hauled away. Light it-leave it- Kenmore. does Ihe warH 15,000 BTU burner. For naiural or monufadurcd gas-AGA Approved. Heavy gouge slcol-baked-on enamel finish. IN BASEMENTS! IN UTILITY ROOMS! IN GARAGESI ONPORCHESI AN EXCELLENT GIFT FOR THE HOMEI SatZfoi?4taaAQAtH, youi m&tey foot ' JfflRJ N . Jefferson St Phone 9S5S Monday, 1 2 30-; Tutidd Thru Solurday 9(30-5 Second Table Eases Dining lens; hours nf preparation for the linliday dinner, Ihere is nnr Mniple willltlon of Retting m-ej-ylndy com fortably filter! at the talile. Have tivn l.iblep. the reElllai arlulls. and a Slictial table for llie SEW YOftK (hVHl It's pan of of ail. a bridce labia nrmides the hniiday tiadllion that lhc Inm-' "lL'nl.v nf m fer smali fry. and Ratliers Ynunrl the stoHnlnLr board. Thin was a pleasant ajfair when families were large and so were dining rooms and rllniris tablrj. Ulll today, a large family n.ay have lo gather around a itiiietle. Ami that makes for a light squeeze. For a busy housewife f acini; make-shift. Second, ynu can decor ate ihe children's table with panei ami foreet all Ihe worries abntr spills, stains and breakage. Try a crepe paper table cloth Willi inatehlnit napkins fnr the rui wrens table, tiive them pan plalrs. naner cum waxed bucke for side dishes and dessert. Von i huntinc whh her husband. can get plastic coaled paper plates that hold hot foods and gravies wllhoul leakage. And don't forget Ihe paper snappent and rihhnn dec-nrations (nr a holiday look. The ihlldren will enjoy Iheir special decnrailons while you enjoy havinrj sour clilna inlact and 'your linrn clean. And when dinner is over, you ran pick up the paper cloth and paper plates, dump rverythinr; in ihe waste can, and be happy about fewer dishes to WOMAN BACK MOOSE SUNDEW. AND, Canada Mr: n. I'enninstiin is Ihe first noma in Hie Sunimerlanri dislrict to ha NINETEEN ; All ot the Dialer crops frown In the United .Stales are of foreign origin. Corn and tohacco were hrousfit In by Indians from South America, while pioneer setfleri from Europe brought In hay, cereals and other crops. Don't NerJeet Sllpplni FALSE TEETH Tip (a-' tKtb drop, ibp or wabbla len you talk, tat, laugh or iDeezef on't be annoyed and cmbatraned by IDA handlcapj. fASTEETTH. an ajirt- i powder ta sprtnfcle on ImIjjii . f lenty of Christmas aviugs Now! SHOP TONIGHT TILL 9:00 I Treat him to smart Comfort for Christmas! r- -"V- BlrroiED! Luxurious Acetate lk HpreVa'tirtntrsomeToric'that'iiiakui'S V fBl contrihution to liis comfnrl! It's 0rs, spt-cidlly'deajgiierl-lo give him . pinny W KjMVuB B of roam' inaiik' mid still Itrtrp it sinorl . J jSB,' , Jk S tflilorcd lookfi. It's fnsliinncil rich- I W I " jiJ m textured Hcetale jnr((iiard, haf snlin- U J B'g . 7-. smooth rrnilcliinir Irirn, full lining for yTI VMst.lV&. JB fling wnrinth. Gift-lagged at n tlirifly " yJ u 1WT frlM j jjjj modiirti larj;' and l.irp: the. ' ij' j MKN'S OPKRA MEN'SEATIIKR ' S1inttoiif.ftl.w TM blanket. ..llirj're made ifjjjltvjij Og ."o of rxro fnirit hfnnJLrr -J" rlorn for unusual El wjrmlll. rhonse brown, BK j Si.',,-, .1 h. 'I- i" Pullt In l.rH.rii nbrne.rr Irrl hlur or maroon clen Suli irl ii T"-J h' l"i'i.yu.- lf (ir)- Knij,., til-el.. ,,ni- niritiuni larnr and large il'il'e "s:;'i'li"i'i i 1 ' " "' ' ''' Iti'l I ' ' "" t .'.V " ' 'V ' , Your VGift from ture to be mi

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