Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 9, 1963 · Page 39
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 39

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1963
Page 39
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4 .1 Chleete Omln Ranft ftrtv. done eto§§ CHICAGO (AP) High Low New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) -Stock t ket midday prices: Admiral 24% Int T&t 46'4 Aldem 23* Iowa P&L AUegh Lud 41% Johns-Man 48% Alld Chem 50ft Kennecott 79 A! Id Strs 53 Kresge 27% Allis Chal 17% Kroger 29V« Alum Ltd 27ft Lib McN 15Vi Alcoa 67 Lockhd 34% Am Air 28 Maytag 38% ABC Pint 28% Min Hnywl 119% Am Can 45% Minn Min 61 Am Cyan 55% Monsanto 58% Am M&F 19 Mont Ward 37% Am Mtrs 22% Morrell 23% Am Y«tY 128% Nat Bis 54% Am Tob 28% Nat Can 16% Anaconda 50% Nat Dairy 64% Armour 40% Nat Gyps 47 % Atchison 28% Nat Ld 74% Avco 22% NYC 19% Bendix 49% No Amn 50% Beth Stl 33% Nor Pac 47% Boeing 33% Nor St Pwr 35 Borden 65 Olin Math 43 Borg War 48% Outbd M 14% Case 10% Pac Tel 32% Catplr 44 Penney 43 V* Celanese 52% Penn RR 18% Celotex 26% Pepsi Cola 56% C &NW 26% ' Phil Pet 56% Chi RI 26% Piper Air 32% Chrysler 95% Pure Oil 42 Cities Svc 64% Qua Oats 68% Coca Cola 103% RCA 75% Colum Gas 30 Rep Stl 42% Comm Ed 51% Revlon 43% Cons Ed 87 Rexall 38% Cont Can 45% Reyn Tob 39% Cont Oil 63% Safeway 60 Deere 64% Schenley 23% Diana 9 Sears 99% Douglas 20% Shell Oil 44% Dow Chem 59% Simmons 42% Du Pont 244% Sinclair 45% Eastman 111% So Pac 33% El Auto Li 25% Sperry 18% Firestone 38% Sq D 43% Flintkt 21% Std Bds 73% Ford Mtrs 54 SO Cal 64 Friden 44 SO Ind 62% Fruehauf 28% SO NJ 70% Gen Dyna 24 SO Ohio 66% Gen El 78% Stude Pack 8 Gen Fds 87 Swift 39 Gen Mtrs 79% Texaco 69% Gen Tel 27% Texas Inst 81% Goodrich 56% Un Carb 105% Goodyear 39% Un El 27% Grant WT 25% Un Pac 40% Gt Nor 53% Unt Air L 38% Greyhound 47% Utd Corp 8% Gulf Oil 48% Utd Fruit 20% Homestake 47% Utd Gas 38% Hupp 8% US Gyps 87% 111 Cent 50% US Play C 25% HI Pwr 39% US Rub 47% Inland Stl 44% West Un 32% IBM 465 Wstghs Ab 29 Int Harv 58V4 Wstghs El 41 Int Nick 61% Woohvorth 73% Int Paper 35 Yng S&T 124% Eggs and Poultry KnoxviUe Road, Galesburg Red Rowe, Hatchery Large clean Eggs 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens A 7c READ THE WANT ADS! Backyard Sale 953 N. PRAIRIE Thuri., Oct. 10 — S to • Bain Sal* — Oct. 17 Baby furniture, clothing all siz.i, •tc. Not R.iponalbl. tot Accident!. BACKYARD SALE 1673 WILLARD ST. THURS., OCT. 10-9 to 4 Rain Data — Friday Oct. 11 Good clothing for all. Winter coati, epoft coats, kitchen chroma set, lamps, radios, toys and miscellaneous items. THREE BACKYARD SALES Comer of East South k Kellogg and 327 East South St. Something For Everyone. Clothes, plants, dishes, furniture. Thursday. Oct. 10 — 9 to 4. BIS BACKYARD SALE 981 Olive St. Wed. fc Thurs., Oct. 9, 10 9 to 5 1x12 rug, baby stroller & walker, crib mattress, lots of baby and children* clothes. Formal*, coats, ladles dreisei, 9V 2 thru 20. Maternity tops. MIXED HAY WANTED C*U Of ••)»—BiU Bowon, car* CB*G STOCKYARDS OtlMbtirfl« IlWToi. 343-5613 WerthoUoev Gtttto Co* inc. Oiletburg Heg Markftt Galesburg Order Bayers C. B, I Q. Stockyard* Market steady. Bulk of eastern shipping hops, $15.25-$15.50. Top, $15.75. Quotations: 206-230 $15.00-$15.75 230-260 $14.65-$15.65 260-300 $14.25-$15.15 Sows: 300-500 $12.25-$14.25 Buthnell livestock Market is weak. Top, $15.50; bulk 190-260 pounds, $15-$ 15.25; sows steady, bulking at $12.75$14.50; cattle, lower; lambs, steady. Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA5 — Official estimated livestock receipts for Thursday are 800 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 500 sheep. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) - Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 22,000; demand fair, butchers rather uneven, Southern areas steady to strong, other areas mostly steady, instances 25 lower; sows steady; 1-3 190-240 lb butchers 15.00-15.50; 1-2 200-230 lb butchers 15.50-15.75; 2-3 240-270 lbs 14.50-15.00; 1-3 280-350 lb sows 14.00-14.50; 1-3 350-400 lbs 13.0014.00; 2-3 400-500 lbs 12.0013.00; 2-3 50M00 lbs 1100.-12.00. Peoria livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA) Hogs 3,000; 1-2 195-230 lb butchers 15.50-15.75; mixed 1-3 190-250 lbs 15.25-15.50; 1-3 260-400 lb sows 14.00-14.75. Cattle 360; choice 1,000-1,117 lb slaughter steers 23.50-24.00; mixed good and choice 900-1,100 lbs 23.00-23.75; good and choice 875-1,000 lb slaughter heifers 21.7522.85; calves 9; good and choice vealers 24.00-25.00. Sheep 404; choice 90-100 lb slaughter Iambs 17.00-18.50; utility and good slaughter ewes 3.00-5.00 Chicago livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 6,000; rather slow, butchers steady to 25 lower; largely 1-2 190-225 lb butchers 16.00-16.25; mixed 1-3 180-240 lbs 15.50-16.00; 230-260 lbs 15.40-15.75; 2-3 250-290 lbs 15.00-15.50; mixed 1-3 300-330 lb sows 14.50-14.85 ; 330-400 lbs 14.00-14.50; 400-500Jbs 13.50-14.00. Cattle 10 ,obor calves none; slaughter steers mostly steady, instances 25 lower; load prime V 307 lb slaughter steers 25.50; bulk high choice 1,100-1,350 lbs 24.7525.25; choice 900-1,300 lbs 23.7524.50; several loads choice 1,5501,650 lbs 21.00-22.00; load high choice and prime 1,500 lbs 23.00; load lots mixed good and choice 1,000-1,250 lbs 23.00-23.50; load prime 1,100 lb heifers 24.00; load high choice to mostly prime 1,050 BACKYARD AND RUMMAGE SALE 219 S. CHAMBERS THURSDAY, OCT UPPER AND LOWER APARTMENTS It • con My re-d«cor«Ud and thoroughly cl«an«d. Will ronft separately or togathar. Tel. Office 342-6931 Res. 343-2681 COUNTRY LADIES' RUMMAGE SALE 74 S. SEMINARY Thurs., Oct. 10 — • to T Fri., Oct. 11 — S to 4 Mini, woman*, child re ns clothing up to 54. Twin girls clothing up to alia 8. Glaia ancloaura doora lor 5' bath tub. kitchen dinette Met, 2 tablet, 4 chalrs f $10; crib fc mattreia Sl.00. Maternity clothes 8 to 18, dishes, baked goods* and misc. items. LICENSE SERVICE DRAFTING PICTURE FRAMING RENTAL ITEMS HOBBY CRAFTS SLOAN'S DECOR CENTER 1058 E. IOSEY 343-4516 4 - .Us- FIGHT SHIPPING FEVER YOUR NEW CATTLE TRY ABINGDON'S NEW AUREO-VITA A high Molasses stress supplement with 700 grams Aureomycin end 50,00*0 units Vitamin A. NONE LIKE IT IN THE MIDWEST r *5 : Abingdon Milling lbs 29.85; most choice 1,000 *1400 lbs 22.25-23.50; utility and commercial cows 14.00-15.50. Sheep 600; wooled slaughter lambs and slaughter ewes steady; few lots choice and prime 90-105 lb wooled slaughter lambs 19.50; good and choice 18.00-19.00; utility and good 15.00-18.00; cull to good slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Wall Street The NEW YORK (AP) market lost its slightly higher edge late this afternoon in heavy trading. Volume for the day was estimated at 5.3 million shares, compared with 4.91 million Tuesday. Motors, sugar stocks and space- age issues contributed the most to the trading pace which was the most active of the week. Chrysler and American Motors were the volume leaders with Chrysler ahead about V/2 after setting another 1963 high. Ameri can was up less than %. Oalesburg Grain Market Consumer* Grata ft Sepety Ce» Itstt P, M. Corn $1.10 Oats * 62c Soybeans $2.66 Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP)-No wheat or oat sales. Corn No 1 yellow 1.30. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.87%; No 2 yellow 2.87%, Soybean oil 9 %b- 3 /4a. Final Grata Review CHICAGO (AP)-The grain futures market continued its bullish Wheat Dee Mar May Jul Sep Corn Dec Mar May Jul Sep Oats Dec Mar May Jut Rye Dec Mar May Jul 2.093/4 2.11% 2.09*A 2.09% 2.11% 2.06V4 2.09 105% 2.12 2.12 2.09 1.78% 1.76 1.78 IMV a 1.77% 1.80 Yates City Cluh Adds 2 Members 1.75% YATES CITY The October 1.21% 1.21% 1.20% 1.25% 1.23% 1.25% 1.24% 1.27 1.25% 1.26% 1.26 1.28% 1.26% 1.26% 1.27% 1.25% 1.23% 1.25% 1.24% 71% 73% 73 68 70% 72% 72% 67% 71% 73% 72% 67% 67% 7m 73 1.53 1.50 1.52% 1.50% 1.56% 1.54% 1.56 1.54% 1.56% 1.54% 1.56 1.53% 1.47% 1.44% 1.47% 1.44% amid in- Soybeans dications that President Kennedy is about to authorize a massive wheat-to-Russia deal. Washington sources said the President is expected to announce at a news conference later today his approval of a one-shot wheat sale to the Soviet bloc to help Nov Jan Mar May Jul Aug 2,87 2.82% 2.86% 2.84 2.91% 2.86% 2.90% 2.88 2.94% 2.90 2.93% 2.91% 2*98 2.99 2.92 2.94 2.96% 2.94 2.97 2.95% 2.95% 2.91% 2.94% 2.91% Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPD-Produce: GM was unchanged while ease a grain shortage behind the udebaker was off a small frac- fron Curtain. tion and Ford fell nearly a point There as its directors declared the reg- f °r futures, particularly wheat ular dividend. Live poultry special fed White Rock fryers 19; roasters 23-24. demand I Cheese processed loaf 39%-44; brick 40-44; Swiss Grade A 52-55; and rye. Action in soybeans was I B 50-54. meeting of the Avon Junior Worn* an's Club convened at the Fellow* ship Hall. Mrs. Robert Fitch and Mrs. Raymond Adolphson were Introduced as new members. Mrs. Terry Powell announced the date of the style show to be Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m. It will be presented by O. T. Johnson ft Co. of Galesburg. fells of Knitting Mrs. George Brand introduced the program, "Knit Wits." Mrs. Cletus Bailey of Kellogg Drake ft Co. of Galesburg gave a talk on knitting. She displayed various types of yarns, needles, knitted articles, and kits of sweaters and afghans. The first articles of knitting were traced back to the Second Century. During the Renaissance Period, knitting took a big step forward. The men became the knitters, taking apprenticeship in knitting. The two most noticeable advancements in knitting during the Major steelmakers fell small erratic most of the session with swinging Tuesday Carlot fractions. Some airlines continued strong. Eastern was off about 1% as the CAB told a Boston court it is willing to let a competitor con tinue Miami flights pending a court review. American Crystal sugar and cents a bushel higher, December South Puerto Rico sugar were $2*1%-%; corn %4% cents high ahead by 1 or more. Storm dam- er » December age to the Cuban sugar crop higher to % lower, December 71% evidently resulted in demand for cents 5 r y e 13 ^-2% higher, ; rye none; barley 11; soybeans 300. At the close wheat was 2 to 3% these issues. Utilities, chemicals and were mixed while rails a were fractionally lower. American Stock Exchange continued mixed in fairly trading. Corporate and government bonds drifted cember $1.52%; and soybeans 2- THE CLASSIFIEDS! Markets 01 a Glance By United Press International Stocks narrowly mixed in mo erately active trading. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds eas in quiet trading. American stocks irregular. Midwest stocks mixed. Cotton futures mixed. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, co soybeans mixed Hogs steady to 25 lower. 1 16,25; cattle mostly steady to lower, top 25.50; sheep steady,^ top 19,50; dressed beef 50'lower; top 42.00; dressed pork loins 2.00 lower, top 46.00. IN WATAGA Modern Homo, 5 rooms ft bath. Gat Hoai. CompUloly rsmodal- •d. Naw doubla garaga. Low Taxes. Inquira a! 304 E. Coal or Phona 375-6719 Wataga. 4 Garag Sale 1531 RUSSELL AVE. Thuri., Oct. 10 — 9 to 5 Children* and Infanta Clothing, Mlic. Itami. GRAIN AUGERS ON HAND SIDE YARD SALE 491 N. SEMINARY ST. THURS., OCT. 10 - 9 to 5 Clothing, all tlzai. Jawalry, dUn­ as and misc. Itsms. Not Rasponslbla for Accldanls. WANTED RELIABLE FARMER To Taka Ovar Payments on Near Naw Casa 830 Diesel Tractor — Case 5-14" Plow — Case Tandem Wheel Disk. 13 ft. 4" Cut — Case 4 Row Cultivator— or Choice of any of above. Terms to suit. We give Worth- more One Dollar Stamps. FISHER SALES CO. Joy, III Ph. 584-2311 KOT<MtOOTlfe FOR ^••Bt» BBBBI aaas STRAINS Don't Dig Up Your Sewer Call 343-0913 Phone 342-6430 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Various Sizes and Lengths. FAYHEE IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Prairie City, 111. SP 5-4467 PLANT RYE THIS FALL and plow down a green manure crop next spring. BERGSTROM SEED & FEED CO. WOODHULL, ILL. SEED WHEAT SEED RYE SWANSON SEED FARM RRl, Galesburg Phone 342-8339 CLOSING Having sold my farm I will hold a Closing Out Sale at farm V/z miles South of KnoxviUe, 111. and East to first house on TUESDAY, OCT. 1963 at 12 O'clock. HOGS: 115 choice feeder shoals, vaccinated, casterated and wormed. 2 sows clue to farrow first of Nov. MACHINERY: 1958 J.D. 420 tractor with wide front. This tractor has been used very little, fully hydraulic, 2 row J.D. cultivator, Woods Bros, corn picker good, 32' corn elevator, J.D. 2-14 plow, tractor spreader on rubber, 4 sec wood harrow, good rubber tire gear and flare box, Power corn sheller good, 8* disc, 3 sec iron harrow, good 2 wheel trailer w/stock rack, New Idea mower, J.D. 290 planter on rubber, 6' disc, 2-old wagons, high wagon, iron wheel wagon, spring seat, gas engine 4 H.P. used 2 seasons. Cattle self feeder, new 50 bu. hog self feeder, creep feeder, Cowboy tank heater, 300 gal. gas tank and stand, oil barrells, 2 single hog sheds, 1 double hog shed, 12 sheets 12' galvanized roofing. FEED: 200 bu. oats more or less. 500 bales good hay. 60 bales straw, few bu. corn. Some junk and many items too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH. Not Responsible For Accidents. PHONE 89 SAM ANDREWS—Owner Lunch on Grounds* Auctioneers; Lewis G. Marks, Michael E. Marks* Walt Lindahi and CarroU Marks, Clerks. Butter unsettled; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57M»; 90 score 56%; 89 score 55%. Eggs about steady, white large extras 39%; mixed large extras 39%; mediums 30%; standards 34%. Backyard Sale 957 S. SEMINARY Wed., Oct. t — Thurs., Oct. 10 t to 7 Cabinets, Clothing, Misc. Items. STUMP CUTTING May cost to stw than yen think that unsightly More than 9,000 different items || Ca || Do WAYNE JOHNSON are carried by the average supermarket, according to estimates. EXCAVATING Phone M2~om Windows Washed Eaves Cleaned Before Noon, after 7:30 p.m 343-8771 — 342-6933 NEIGHBORHOOD BACKYARD SALE Thurs., Oct. 10-9 a .m. 'til ? 1168 McCLURE ST. Radios, toasters, knlck knacks; and clothes. FOR SALE 600 Gallon Water Tank N.v.r B..n Ui.d. Mounted on a Saddl.. LAWRENCE NELSON Rio, IllinoU — 872-2S45 BACKYARD SALE THURSDAY AFTERNOON 3:30 lo 3 and FRIDAY - 8 to 5 847 W. SOUTH ST. FOR SALE OR TRADE NEW IDEA PICKER No. 20 Mountings lor WD43. Trade for New Idea PuU Picker with Rear Elevator. JOHN MALLERY LaFayexte, 111. Phone 915-3173 PORCH SALE 699 LOCUST Wed. and Thurs. Furniture, plants, good clothing, portable sewing machine, Ironer, drafting board and instruments, and misc. Items. \ 1 ,v 346 S. HENDERSON Frt, Oct. 11 — 9 to ? Nothing Sold Until 9 a.m. Friday Mostly clothing at a lew misc. items. In case of rain—in Garage. Backyard Rummage Sales, etc. Mutt bo in our office 12 noon day before ad Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail FOR SALE NEW FARM MACHINERY $$$ SAVE $$$ $1351.00 New Helix 2 in 1 Forage Box Rear End Unloader and Bunk Feeder Unloader Only SI295 $898.00 New Helix Mixer-Blender Auger Unloader on Rubber $595 $681.00 New Case 4 Blade Rotary Field Cutter on Rubber — Only $449 $883.00 New Case 14" P.T.O. Portable Hammer Mill on Rubber. Only $497 $998.00 New Case Wheel Type Tandem Disks - 18" Blades- Only — _ ~—$839 $289.00 New Case Spike Tooth 24 ft. Harrows. Only $199 $1033.00 New Cunningham Hay Conditioners on rubber- Only ... $$»» $645.00 New Case 95 Manure Spreader. Only .... $449 $876.00 New Case 125 Manure Spreader. Only --- — $585 Terms To Suit — We Give Worthmore One Dollar Stamps. Save As You Spend. FISHER SALES CO. Joy, 111. — Ph. 564-2311 CLOSING As I have rented my farm and am quitting farming, I will sell the following personal property at auction at farm located V/s miles north on Route 8 and 97 and Va miles west of Maquon, Illinois, on WEDNESDAY, OCT. 1963 At 12:00 O'clock. HEAD OF CATTLE 25 Good Yearling Angus Steers. HEAD OF HOGS 130 90 head of good Hampshire shoats; 40 head of good Hampshire and Duroc shoats. These are good shoats and will weigh from 60 to over 100 lbs. and are vaccinated for cholera and erysipelas. MACHINERY 1941 International M Farmall on good rubber and in gooi condition, overhauled 2 years ago, and has been used on only 60 acres the last 2 years; 1948 International H Farmall tractor, motor in good condition; 2-row International cultivator; International manure loader; good Kewanee 40-ft. model 300 elevato r, only 3years old, and has been used very little; Stan Hoist hyeftaulic wagon hoist; A-C 5-ft. combine with power take-off; International side delivery rake; B.L, S. rubber-tired wagon and steel flared box; Sears rubber-tired wag-* on and steel flared box; Good International 3-14 plow; Kewanee 4- section harrow and folding drawbar; 2-row International tractor corn planter; 8-ft. International disc; International 7-ft. tractor mower; old 2-row New Idea corn picker; International endgate seeder; International tractor pulley for M or H; Larson 6-row sprayer. MISCELLANEOUS 2 Unico galvanized hog feeders with double-life bottoms, like new; Unico heavy gauge steel hog waterer tank, like new, with side lids; Life Time heavy metal tank with hog waterers; 3 galvanized tanks with hog waterers; Cow Boy tank heater; 3 gas barrels with connections and filler hose; hog catching crate; 6-in. endless 20-ft. belt; heavy log chain; barb wire stretchers; aluminum scoop; 6 heat lamps; water softener tank; good used truck tire; many other small tools and items found in a closing out sale. Maytag aluminum square tub washing machine; Fhilco combination radio and record player. 1953 Chevrolet 34-ton truck with grain box and stock rack, on good rubber, and motor in good shape. Consigned: 16 ft. North Star fiberglass runabout boat, 50 horse Evenrude motor with electric starter and Gator tilt boat trailer, all in good condition. TERMS: CASH. Not nesponsiblt For Accidents. GLENN CLARK—Owntr Lunch by Maquon M«ihodi»t Caurch. CARL STECX. Aucionw. Pfeon* TH 5-W7«, 9fe«uoa, IllinoU WALT LINPAHL, Ctexk. last few yeart m Uw jumper needle and the style. Mrs. Bailey Mid the most iff* portent thing to watch when tab ing up knitting as a hobby is mam sure the knitting guage checks with the gauge of the pattern. Knitting classes are given by Kellogg Drake k Co. every Saturday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Serving oh the October committee were Mrs. Arthur Potter, Mrs. Bill Bivens and Mr*. George Lockwood. Some Individualism Still Exiift BALTIMORE (AP) - A Beltl- more Artist refused to buy a new Dow JemM Av «rogM NEW YORK (UPD-Oow Jones l p.m. stock averages: 30 indus 743.13 off 0.W automobile shown to her because it* windshield was tinted. Glare or no glare, she said, she likes to see the colors of the world as they are. / "cOMKIrt RIMOVAI tfteifas) IttsiWMia^rfl' jui SkHai a ^uy^§j |ma^aA WmUW -SS—CTeLg" mwW9. .S—ISi Fowls! ITwHP WkWmvNL OLSON? can OaiesMwi SWVICI Mm 20 rails 15 utils 65 stocks 168.45 off 0.52 139.66 up 0.31 260.86 Off 0.22 BACKYARD tALt 1191 Inwa Avt. Form Sole Tlittft., Oct Mia Ooto Dlshott fntnltttto items, cloihes mlse nets bufff Acres—I miles treat Oil**: Cast Fremont read children's books, footi, electric motors, cedar cHett* beeheasss end desk. acres tillable. Modern house ceUenl water supply Contact buUdin tiedy John C. K Loser efter S PM ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING CABINETS, Etc. Free Estimates WAYNE WEBSTER 343.1720 MOW OPEN — THE EVERGREENS Ills W. Main St., Oalesburg, 111* A State Licensed shelter care home lor ambulatory men and women. Reasonable rates, good care, well balanced meals. Tot appointment phone MS-M41. Mrs. Orace C. Zugo, operator. WORLD'S f KAttS TV ANTENNA SPECIAL UHP or VHP $29.93 I intellect* EAE ANTENNA SERVICE Cell 949-1178 or 343-11M Between 9:30 to 8:99 •Includes! 1—10* section matt, antenna (UMT or VHF). in wire, roof mount, ai guy wire. Other Installations tlmated free of charge. Backyard Sole Trenton Corners at the Home of Mrs. Bert Xasparle. FRIDAY - ALL DAY Crochet Work. BACKYARD SALE 1290 MONROE THURSDAY, OCT. 10 Rain Date — Oct. 11 10 a.m. 'til 9 p.m. Nothing sold before 10 a .m. Everthlng present to sell. Bockyord Sole iursday, October 10.—9:90 to t Lota of Everything. Large.Bias clothes, good chlldrens clothing, misc. Furniture. 876 LIBERTY ST. Not Responsible for Accidents. FRESH FISH FRIDAY 131 SO. ACADEMY Appliance Bargains REFRIGERATORS Frigidaire $ 5. Westinghouse .-I 5.00 I15.H -Frigidaire . 2 -Dr. Crostey Case Forage Harvester with Corn Head. J. Deere Forage Harvester with Corn Head and Hay Head. MpU. - Molina R.J. Mounted Picker. IHC 2-M Mounted Picker. IHC 24 Mounted Picker. J. Deere 200 Full Picker. MpU. - Molina 280 Pull Picker. Case 630-800B-911B Tractor Mounting lor Case 2 row Mounted Corn Picker. Case 900-930-700-730 Tractor HydrauUc Eagle Hitch. Case K2 - 9 ft. Auger Combine. Ford-Dearborn 9 ft. Combine. New Idea 303 Trailer Typo Corn Sheller like new. Terms to Suit "WE GIVE WORTHMORE ONE DOLLAR STAMPS" Save As You Spend FISHER SALES CO. Joy, 111. Ph. 394-2311 Apt. Frigidaire *M .M Many others from $50 up RANGES •Universal Gas. Detroit Jewel Gas Hotpoint Elec. -Kenmore Gas . -Enterprise Gas 1— G.E. Elee. ... Many others from $50 up All of the above are 1 B working condition. •\ - r Johnson's Appliance 343-9317 Mala ft Cherry EARN MORE WITH INSURED SAFETY Investments by the 15th Eorn from the First with Insured Safety 250 EAST MAIN ST, SPECI 700 Weights—Calves, Steers, Heifers Thursday Oct. 7:30 P.M. KnoxviUe Community Sole KnoxviUe, Illinois ^ 1 t

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