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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania • Page 2

New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania • Page 2

New Castle Newsi
New Castle, Pennsylvania
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

TWO NEW CASTLE NEWS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1918 Rev. T. W. Douglass Collftffi Town Coroner'sJury Is Given Honor Til 1 Probes Cases is lastered Must Speed Up On Loan Total Subscriptions Away Behind Pace That Must Be Maintained. And Trophy Car At Wampum Nearly $20,000 Subscribed For Bonds During Visit This Morning Closet.

Ministry of J5 lVius Gee From hi. burg to Franklin, Verdicts in Three Fatalities lleiLdorcel Two Aro Auto Accidents. Freshmen Get Traditional Advice Via Poster Route At Westminster CO-EDS ALSO GIVEN $300,000,000 DAILY MUST BE PLEDGED D. M. KIRK HAS CHARGE OF MEETING SHARE OF WISDOM ltev.

T. W. Douglas who has been pastor of the Edeutiurg M. IS, church for tho past two years, closes a ministry of 45 years this week, and is moving with Mrs. Douglas to their new homo In Frank I In, Pa, In honor of liov.

Douglas me in hers of tho Fdenbudg congregation gave a farewell reception in tho church last night, with almost, the entire church membership present, in spite of the rain. The affair win arranged by the Queen Kstiicr society who also prepared an interesting program of 'i'ho coroner's jury In the case of Moses Dietrich, killed lust week whoti struck by the automobile driven by Rrdpti Kradol near tlio en-tranco of Cascade Park, following tho hearing of tho testimony before Coroner IJr, E. P. Xorris nnrt Urn Jury, returned a verdict that "'Dietrich came to Ms rleath when struck near Ihe brlilso over Hun in Sher.iuigo tcwuship by an automobile owned by Fred Sen and driven by Italph Kratlol." Testimony of tho bnys, who were Despite ibo that this is an extraordinary tluio, anil most all of the. male students of the, college are- lit two hours this morning Wampum subscribed 1 18,600 to the Fourth Liberty Loan, when the war trophy cat- pah! tho town a visit.

i. M. Kirk of the Crescent Portlnnd Ce- in tba S. A. T.

the traditional stunt of plastering tho own of No Wilmington with bllU giving advice. niont purchased 5,001) to the Freshmen, lias arjam Ji'iMi cm rled out. worth of bonds In tlio name of Wampum borough, Wampum's quota in tlio fourth loan Is (27,800, Westminster Sophomores navo quite, thoroughly pi asL'ire a tho town with slarir. poster; giving advice I ho war trophy train arrived In WASIIIXCJTON, Ott. 3.

The Fourth Liberty Loan machine is running behind Total sub-soriptlons reported to the troitsury depurtmoni only slightly en-eed iliy half billion mark, It was announced today, anil in order jhat Uio li.ilo'j,-O0D. 000 may he raised in the allotted time, if will he ne. to record (Lilly sales of more 'hun a (aster pace 'ins yet been Treasury odicials appointed mil that undoubtedly milliom of snij-scriptioiiF. Iiav made ihat liavc not yet beeii reported at the banks, iml ttiat al1 llio-t wmihi be net to keep th; tiiat tained to rcaeli the r.t the end oi the third week of tha rttisv the cr.r. was practically tho same voeal ami instrumental music ami In every instance an it to I lie effect recitations, lilies Adda and Alice that were driving about 2a Coates, Hiss CLarloUe Webb anil the miles an' hour.

A taibcab man lea- iueen Ksihor Chorus, with tho ad-llficd that he had driven this man dttlon of some of Hie hoys of the am! another in in pan ion la lie vicin- village, furnished a delightful enter-ity of Isutlor avenue and Cascade lainment. streets earlier that night sinil tiiat H- McCiillnugli representing tho Wampum at 2 o'clock this morning. lo the. members of the class of both mule and co etl members. In.

eluded In tho 11st of rules hainl- it was made up of a flat car on which the speakers later stood when they ml dressed the throngs of W.ini-nimi people, car which contained ihc war trophies, and lliroo othor cars. nietrlrti liail keen uador thn in- congregation, presented Doug ed down via poster route art? the following: To tho Wiliios: Salute all Sophs when you meet las with a purse of -15 silver dol I flueiiec of liijiior. I Coroner's juries have also brought In verdicts In the rases of William THE NEWS' CIRCULATION FOR THE PAST SIX MONTHS OVER 12,500 Sworn Statement Required by the United State? Government Every Six Months, April 1, 1918 to October 1 1918. STATEMENT OK TUK OVVNUHSIIII', MAXAiiUMMNT, CIHCULA-TIOX, l(EOl'Ilifcl IJV 'iUK ACT OI'1 AUGUST liJ, fta, ol Tho New Castle News, published dally eiccpt Sunday, at New Castle, for Oct. 1.

19J8. State of Pennsylvania I Comity of Lawrence liefore mo, a notary public, in and for tho state anil county aforesaid, personally- appeared E'Vcd It. Kentz, who, having been duly flworn according to law, ilopnes and says lhat ho is the manager of The Xew Castle N'ews, and that tile following is, to tlio best of his knowledge and LclicT, a true statement of the ownership, management land if a daily paper, the circulation), of the foresaid publlcalton for the date shown in tlio above caption, required by the act of August 2-1, 1I12, embodied ill section Hi, Postal Laws and Regulations, printed on the, reverse of tills form, lo wit 1. That names and addresses of the publisher, editor, editor, ami business 'managers arc: Publisher, The News Company, Xew Casllo, Ph. Kditor, Ucorge W.

Conway, New Castlo, I'a. Managing Killtor, Fred L. llentz. New Castle, Pa. ISusiness Manager, Fred L.

Uenli, New Castlo, I'a. 1. That tlio owners are: (Give names and addresses of individual owners, or, If a corporation, give its name and the names ami addresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 per cent or inuro ol the total amount or stociO- The News Company, New Castle, Pa. Mrs. Sarah (L TreadwelL New Caelle.

Pa. Fred L. ltcnti, Xew Castle, Pa. Lucy T. Hay, Xew Castle, I'a.

Juines T. iiny, Xew Castlej Pa. A. W. Tread well, San Dfeiro, Cal.

3. That (lie known bondholders, mortgagors, and-otber security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bunds, mortgages, or other securities are: (If thero are none, so state). None. 4. That (lie I wo paragraphs nest above, giving tho names of the owners, stockholders, and security holders.

If any, contain not only tho list of stockholders and security holders as. they appear upon the books of the company but also, in cases where tho stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other fiduciary relation, the name of the person or corporation for whom such trustee is is given; also lhat the said two paragraphs coatain statements embracing affiant's full knowledge and belief as to tho circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the hooks of the company as trustees, hold stocks and securities in a capacity oilier than that of a bona fide owner; and this affiant has no reason to believe that any other person, association, or corporation lias any Interest direct or indirect in the said stock, bands, or other securities than as so stated by him. 5. Thai the average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails or otherwise, to paid subscribers during the sis monlhs preceding the 4 A CflO date shown above Is I CjOUO (This information is required from daily onlv.) FltKD L. UK XT 7,, Manager.

Sworn lo and subscribed before me this 2nd day of October, 10 IS. H. fL Miller. Notary Public. commiEslon eiplres Jan.

19, 1919). tbOJH On Lilt! Street 01 CdllipuS. American Hercres Afiroiu, A number of American soldiers re October each and every fret-hie I vVallonbaugh, who was killed at cently returned from the figliliiiK skat) come attired with lib collar me i.o:iiii roriianii cement company ami nerklio vest lnr-liu: hack- nlant No. 2, and James Peono, who lars, une ot eitch of Ike 15 years of hia ministry. A cake was to ltev.

asii! Mrs. Douglas. Rov. DoufTlaii responded to the speech with appropriate remarks. A social Lime followed the program, and were served.

itov. Cousins, the- new pastor of the enure! comes fran New Jersey nnd will lake up his charge hero next Sunday. coal track of Abe hlliL-tl IJ- III wards front In Prance wero on Ihe car, as wull as. two French soldiers, and in on who aro In cltarue of the train. Corporal White, who Inst nn arm Vainer.

The Jury In the Walten- GERMANS FALLING At no time during the dayj October 4 and shalt thou piaco tliy overgrown clodkoppei on tho he.u-tifui sldewallis tbis town. liangli ase gave a s-flnliet that "William Wjitccnbsuh canie to liis death at the Lehigh Portland Cement com- lit tho fighting around Chateau BACK OVEE WIDE FLANDERS FRONT Til lorry, gave a short talk. Private panv's plum as a result of a boiler oi- All Freshiea must learn tlio Wcsi plosion Kerr, who arrived ill Xew York Just len Mays ago, having been invalided homo on account ol losing a leg, also made an inspiring address. tdontltnea From Fage One) Speaks Tonight On Life in Army Camps Augtiste, near Lens, lo Douvrin, east of LaRassee, east of Aubers and west of ilois Grenier. This line is almost straight, rnntiiiiK north and In Ike Pezznne case, the verdict was that Pezzone came to his by being ran ever by a truck.

Eaiil accident beine; unavoiil-ablo fi the driver boinj; exonerat-ril," The driver and owner of the truck, Abe Velnor, had been arrested for manslaughter by the father of tho dead boy. but tho verdict of tho Jury will make the case of no value. minstcr Hymn, anil no Oclolur 15th will be required to sing sinic in chapel. When you meet a fair one at her twice before yon get slung. Under no conditions nllinv yanr-Wlf to be enticed to Iho liilb-ide by the charm; oi Hi? prelty maidens.

Always tvr our hat when yo-i meet "Pop" McQuistou "the ladies' ruan." On account of the nroliibltlon sen i south from Lens to Arineiuiores, on Dr. K. It. -Ulller of Pittsburg to Tell i tlici frontier. i i I Dritish forces renewed their at- of l-Aperionc at irtghtantl of St.

Quentin V. Ohurrh. iing. A German altnek north of Caui- jbrai was broken down. School Janitor 13.

M. Kirk presided at the penal mooting, Introducing Mr. Harris of Pittsburg, who niado a strong appeal to the authoring in Ilie interest ol the loan. Dr. G.

H. Mohard and If. B. Marshall wero other Wampum men on tho speakers' stand. French Soldier Spunks.

One French sold I or, who polio broken English, made a very enthusiastic speech, while the othor, who was covered with medals, jual nnril-ed on the people, as lie was unable lo Bjcik the language. All Wampum was stirred over Hie (jvnnl, and tho school children ot Wampum, Chowton and Newport, a a well ils the grown-ups formed tn a long lino, two by livo, aiid waited their turns to go through the car to see tho machine guns nnd other trophies of wnr taken from the Huns. Tho train was dua to leave Wampum at 10 o'clock, but remained over-time. Struck By Auto Dr. It.

B. lltller of Pittsburg, who i More tlerinaa in isoners have beenj i is holding services this week in tho, taken. I i Highland clinn-h on Highlanil and Bombar tlment On Front I Park avenues, will speak for half an hour at the close of the reguiar ser-! SI" V. timent in tiiis town ctdev not be ept over three weeks. Do not Inquire the history of tha institution, it uaik Ite-foro tiie Dead Sea got sick.

To the Jin ci Save, your sugar for Ibo upper classmen. Dd not think that the 5. A. T. C.

was installed for yon alone. On October 1, oari your hair in (he middle and hraid it in tlcbt trald hanging over each ear. wllh green rihhon on one and a white one on the other. f. Cai-son is Coilfineil to I Hume the Kcsnlt uf nil Accident.

vlce tonight on his wonderful eiper-! m- ienees in different antiv camps, es- tul developed on racially in the south. Ic has made several Irins lo at the request 1 "7llcllt Eor ot the V. V. A. and has bee, of-: rl" "nge firtding.

fered i captaincy in She army it he Thn V. (', Carson, janitor at the West will accept the position oi chaplain Car Lie, silmnl is confin- in the regular army. The colonel cil to tlio house at ttie result of being of one regiment diaitml klni to sive ,...111 in in creased liciijplane nctivily, A cold broezo is blow I hi; ml dning up Lbe mud. clriir-l" hv niilmtvnhiU l.i,-,,-,. 1.

inii 1 iicii.1 linn, tntutcr-c 1 Ul UJIL" Hrirl I evening. -Mr Carson was wauhins a' week to tlie soldier; on the ln roads troop move of tlio wr.V His rlisiou3 HJOrL will be mdo purposes WHY DO MEN met with wcrnLertu response: on the I part of the boys. 1-renclt lienrw Chaniisigne Drive. fircei csr ami as ne stepricd oft ihe curb did not see ati aalojiiohile Il was too late for the driver tn slop the- machine and lie was knocked down. He received injuries WEAR HATS? REMARKABLE CIRCULATION.

In no city, in this country the sine of New Castle, is there sucli a wonderful circulation of a dally newspaper. The circulation of The News Is practically all In Lawrence county. During the month ot October the gross circulation was over IS, 000, and lbe net sates were la.BOiL Xo free distrlbuton ot any kind is made, livery circulation statement made by this newspaper can be verified lo tho smallest detail and investigation is courted. This newspaper is a member of the A milt Bureau or Circulation and that i why the advertisers in I lie world use its columns frceiy. A newspaper cannot belong to tho Audit 1 urea it and misrepresent only once.

abou' Ihe head and shoulder, but fortunately no bones were broken. It is Dr. Miller is a preacher who forces i Paris. Oct. tl.

(Xoon) With thn I attention by bis earnest, direct man- British pounding the Germans in tlni' nor as welt as by his eloquent pre-. St. Quentin sector the Kreecii re-sontation of the gospel. Tonijjht is newed their assault of German i men's night specially at the church, positions in Champagne this iriorn-hut is for everybody. The choir will ing, the war office announced The be composed of nion.

and Dr. Miller French now hold the important rail-will preach on "The Power of Sug-! road town of Cha.llor.inge on the On October 4, wear around your neck a. teething ring tied with a shoe string. Bring to school a red cheeked apple and donate Fame to Pop Shaffer oil October o. Wear a coat to school backward on October 5.

Do not use the horika in ihe ladies rest raoni for your roats and hats. These hooka aro for the U50 of oilier classes. Wear a broad green ribbon in full law around your neck on October E. Do not think tliat because "tlen-py" la not married be has eyes for ion. exucdei! that lie will he able lo be oat iti a few days.

FAST TRAIN DIVES ana at no will tell of his nniiv trtcL INTO WORKMEN experiences. Relatives of men in camp are specially invited to lie present for botli services. The subject of tho second address will be "The Happy Warrior." iConUinitLl From. Psar Ond Powerful (ierman counter-attacks were delivered north of Itboinii and in Champagne, but. ail broke down.

I The French have taken Loivre, sivi miles north of Rhcims, I their lines towards the Aisne. I Itenlty, When Yon Cnine lo Think of It, They Are of Id tlio Uao nnd Not Ornamental. Men themselvos do not know why they wear hats. Hals aren't ornamental. They do not keep oft tho rain.

A man's hat Is a legacy of tradition, brutalized in itn descent from the age of adornment. Straw-hats ore tho least awful. The derby, the iron Ud of common phraseology, Is a -tragedy, nnd tt.e silk hat is useful only to lend dignity to men who otherwise might be undignified. This dignity la traditional rather than real, bridegrooms, undertaker.) and members of congress need all the dignity they can command. So thay keep the silk hat bandy.

Spring, which brings the straw hat. is welcomed by men, since it re Deaths of the Day Estimated Casualty Ratio In The War joi the company and from witnesses jot the accident, twenty-sis men were Mayor's Receipts killed and but two or three injured. i'J'he men. most them residents of Mrs. LuciniLi McClure.

Mrs. Luelnda McClure, widow of A. McClure of Stoneboro. died at the For Month $867 TURKEY TO ASK PEACE IS REPORT Cleveland, were just leaving work cn the night shift and were boarding a special workmen's train as tho dny force was leaving it. when a Penn- Teojilc are often astonished lo see a man with two or three gold stripes home of her daughter, Mrs.

W. of SiifJ Morton street, at the oge of She was a member of the Ccn- on his sleeve, hut, according to the Alex Coalter Gets Thanks For Smokes McKrcsnort rtoy, fiervinj; in Kcccivcs of Tdhnccn Through Xeivs. tconUaued Prom Faa Onaj i nvi c.r i avmciii: auju I j1-' Louary enutcil. She is survived hy the following children: Mrs. W.

and A. I Jl I IJIUCLS UL IfMllf, flirts. Instead of iniercing these Tho average civilian, of ships, in accordance with interna-i course, hits no excuse whatever for lional law. the Turk pre ten tied lo quaking. Saptember was an ordinary month 1 sylvania flyer from Columbus dash-fit the police station as only 242 ar-! cii through the crowd, killing or in-rests were made anil tho receirds Juring practically all the men in the Tvpre $307.00.

Folioe gathered in gathering. A heavy fog prreeued the 108 drunks or the common variety, 1 approach uf lbe train and the men and persons faced the Mayor on were unaware of its approach until tha charge of drunkenness and dis-iii iimd: them. orderly cnndiict. Quite a number ofj The accident occurred at 7 o'clock robberies were Teported during thejas Ibo shifts front the iiav and night. (1.

McClure or this city, Mrs, S. FisbV-r and Charles li. McClure ot buy them and give ihem Turkish i Half the civilians are women and moves the hideous necessity of wearing other sorts of hatn. The straw hat rouses a dim memory In blood of the days of garlands. II may ho worn with a bright band.

htoneboro, and Mrs. J. liov lan of Py order of the German ad- names. They can be wiped otf tho Cleveland, O. girls.

slate Of the men and buys we may miraity, the two cruisers passed intu "I uo Hamilton the mk Saa, thc hal street, has received a post card from wipe out another big section as not i. ber borne near feloneboro 1-nday Tnnnth and rcnllre 111 nn Ihe; -i M-orrt,iir (ha nlrfi being of military age, and another On the whole, it makes lite a little easier (or those who haven't the courage to go without hats at all. charge ol suspicion of larceny. Since, or the Inter-Slate company. Doctors 1-verelt of McKessport cation i On XovtuuLor 1IHI.

Fnirlanil soldier in France, slating that he re entertainment is setting scarcer I and were rushed tn the scene afternoon at 2 o'clock and interment will be made in Oak Kill cemetery at Sandy Lake, Pa. (Mercer Dispatch please copy.) gambling Is getting to be a popular of the accident and look care of I declared war against Turkey and ceived a kit of tobacco, furnished i as a result of Mr. Coulter's contri- button through The News, and thank once preparations for an campaign af the Dardanelles. pastime ami gam mora were injured ami superintended the rested during I tie last 30 days. Three of the bodies of the dead big section as nnt being physlcally fil, and still another as being exempted on occupational or private grounds.

If you arc actually in khaki, taking trie mean average again, the odds against your being a casualty In any particular year might be reckoned. ing him for it. He snirt in the eom- Failure at llardenelle.s. ninnfcatlon that he wa deserters were turned ove- to the t. Cleveland.

One Trpnrt was to the S. Government and four slackers effect tha! throe of lbe men injured acquainted Janioii 11. Xcvvoll. Ii. XewelL a former res in cow uastie.

in una frcncti ana iiritian nrmv op cotrrtSE. "Come on," said the first flea as ho hopped from the brown bear's left foreleg, "come on and join itic In a short game of golr." "tlolfl" exclaimed Hie second rtcn, hastily taking a bile of hyena, 'where in the realm of Bamum are you going to play golf?" "Why," said tho first flea, "over on tho lynx, ot course." Uoys Life were picked up and mined ovoi lu.rMrd at a local hnsphal, shortly af-. Mr. Coulter can tho was ser.t to the Iardenela-i mti.I mm ident of Xew Castle, died in his roughly, at about six to one. Hut i(mle tnt limn, uuaiu.

me aocJ'leiu, wunout iTiinnf M. tl iiflnsi I ilrfl 117 I ,0 in fiurltngame, Kansas, Sep reeling of the soldier on receiving the. eoruary Ja, ltifj, a un.Miil Ih: i-. 1 1 III il lJ ill tember 27. He a of thu odds are bout sisto one i against Alcx Kara'h Ncwel1 was son discharged.

0 went to the road gang, All of I lie men are to have 1 6 wero given jail sentences, 14 were )C, Amcri. ana. encaEOd in war I .1 F'" and your being kiHeil ouTriht, white tla fj I lowing flgur-HS Ehrii- your chances held for tlourt. and 71 navl tinoj or v-i- n.n ''Wnes in i-ji and ISM. left forfeits.

was horn in Xew Castlo In IS 52. He is survived by four sisters, Mrs. Mary Hill, Mrs. Einilr l.slic, Miss Sue F. Newell, all of Unrllu- list of dead or injured could lie oh 'I I 4 game, Mrs.

Jennie Coffey of Canada, and one brother, Alex it you are ivnundi: ln.thMv jit nfrit of the men Who reach an advanced hospUcil rrcover, per cent vGCover of those who pass intrt a c.miinHy duTln station, and nnly two men In every 100 dies at a baso hnr.pilal. Haloed from officials of tho company as a check had not yet been made I or lbe men leaving the plant at Hint time, while ennfusion at Ibo scene of! Ihc wreck made. It Impossible io; lnnr nF i. Ramsey Is 111 In Training Camp of British ami French warships gan boniliarding the forts to open the May for iand operations. A Uritish army was landed on tlio (lalllopoiis icniniula, but in the enterprise turned out unsuccessfully and in December, IS 15, thn troop; were withdrawn.

In the meanwhile tho Pritisb army was landed from the Gulf of Persia and an advance in Mesopotamia, which eventually gave it possession of Bagdad, ijalcr operations were bc.ian in Palestine under Gen, Allenby and It has mot with brilliant success. Turkey had long been antler Ger- Urait board tsnets. i Xewell of New Castlo jlrs. Qninn Iturled. 4.

IIU-U-I I Hospitals and morgues aro boing 1 s-earched for any bodies that mavl W. F. DUFFORD CO. 318-320 t. W35ijl6n Street Alex.

Thomas of Smith Mill street, tiiave heca sent to them nctl officials! has been inducted into tha service cipect to announce ths list of dead I ifo Uevcivcs Message ToiLiy That IMs Condition bs Critiral. Experiments With Nitrogen Fixation today Funeral services of Ilanie! Qtiinn were held In St. Mary's church. Rov. P.

F. O'Khoa eetebrat-ed solemn high mas with Rev. Mortality as deacon and Rev. sub-deacon, i'allhearers were John Sherry, Francis McDowell, John Oonogan. William Davis, Pat-i rick Itonrtn nnd John Young.

Uurial was made in Kt. -Mary's cemotcrv. Mrs. Raymond Itamsey. employed In -r, Vt virulently uro-ticrinaii.

Ilo was the ruLlImrry derailment ot the Xew Castle Dry tioos irmp.anv, received Americans Take Hundreds Of Guns Processes for Iho fixation of at- Trnnnbfri llitrocetl fled for TiTOltllC- ll.T- .1 ,1 1' I limi.l an a member of the department. He has been assigned to Washington, D. C. mid will leave for that place not Thursday. Seven limited son-ice men frooi the city draft district will leave ihis week for Fou Thomas, where they will start their training.

Stmfinrt C.itIoc and Mr, Whit'ahcr have enlisted for service in the tank corps and will be Indnctct! into sendee and rent lo Camp Coll. for training. Divorce Suit On HOME FURNISHERS her husband who is in army training camp is ill with influenza and is in a critical condition. Mrs. Hanisev left at once for his bedside.

Mr. Ham-se- ban been 111 for the past two weeks but according lo the former advices seined to getting along as well as could be expt-cted. Marshal on Der who was is ammonium sulphate from syn-setit. to Turkey by the kaiser to ammonia made by the libber crwise liirsish operations; Kven process are proceeding encouraedng-befnre tho colUpso of linlcana, Tur- lv at t)l0 Arlington Farm laboratorv key was weary of war and was c( the United States department of ready to unit. There were frequent agriculture.

rcporls of bread ami peace riots at, rv interesting results beln Conslantinople. These increased as obtained, especiallv in the ammon-tho ilnllsh siicccssess on Turkish sulphate work. This work is soil constantly multiplied. being done under direction of the of- Oermatiy bad jiroaiisctl Kg-pt to of iiivtigatlous of Turkey In the event of victory nnd the bureau nf soils, which is find-two ii ut cess fill efforts wore made Inr that It is able to make am- Cruelty Grounds E7 IIESBT O. "WALES.

International tftw? Servlco Fttf Correspondent. WITii TISK AX N'JH I I l' OF VliUDLX, Oct. 2. Mi; til ---Mneriran. captured of nil ialir.rr-F.

trench on niore -til" machine Cii I si.n.?. thousands cf rciurls of s'iclU a million oi arm ammunition September Cocoanut Oil Is Submarine Saw For Cutting Weeds William M. Emery, i.y Attorncv James A. Chambers, has filed an application for divorce from Mary K. J-jtuerv on ihe Grounds of crnl nnd IMOS FUUKB 1H.

by the Turks and Cermans to reach rnonia. The government rhemists Coming To Front are. now trying to Increase the treatment line unci canac iv nen icusva tiroke down tTormany lurncd the Turks at-i tention 10 the east, promising tb For clearing weeds from irrigation faplrtpff KPfPlVfl HaHi! canals in California the roc.laimatioo I JtttMW 11CLC1VC UUUU i riiinie tiae rne ricn I0S. S. RICE amount produced arti lo develop the married on September ia 1013 and best ways of collecting It after It jived together till August, 101s' has been produced.

various other problems of this kinds ara being worked nut iiilo successfully. I I I The war dcparlnient is. working in LlCUl JcVOn III In I uio" a iui a iuiik 0ii jirodiiring miscall territory wiiiiu (ue t.iieiniLU liiKiicise ame Ol the taUClSUS, the cocoanut but Hie results ot his cs- i Wages And Spend Tmi service has tound art under water saw most efficient and economical. It crm-Ftsis a fleilbe tempered steel tape with terrated edijes to which rmail iron weights are attached to three-ioot jieruueiils b.itve not been utilized by eioso co-operation wnn uio uepart-i the mniiufactiirers. Many members Samuel Gompers ir.ent of agriculture on these prob- mm oifttaoR IA B.

HORTB ST. tlio AnifTitan nenncit society aro lems, City Few Hours 1. .1. 1 1. wnv he: would liki: it, Meets King Albert midst of our industrial ehang- es the manufacture of roioaiuit oil is! Intervals, says Popular Mechanics.

The saw, V-itti rores tied lo each of its ends ts drawn back and forth by tv.o men stationed on opposite hanks oT the tanai. The cutters proceed up ptrcam. As they do so the moweil weeds are carried by tbo current to an inclined grating placed dgainsi a plank spanning the tlream. As Ihey there the weeds are removed Kith pitchforks. The peT mile cost of Vhfa work varies from 120 to S5Q nc-(onlios to conditions.

an idish roitT, o.t rt. Tbo American sailor's mi equal to those of a sub-lieu tenant in the llrit-ish navy. He is iovej In proportion, beiri; a man nf great wfallb and liberality In any port of the Cnitrd Kingdom. Jackie travels firsL class in tho railways, while his cousin travels Ihirdt.Iscklo sprr.ils with a fine disregard of everything but results, while the ISrltlsh sailor Is a careful and thrifty bargainer. The little of tbo ralnlsler.

at, Sunday dinner, said at the table: LIcul. Victor A. Jevon was in the "Father. I wish I could be a door- city for a few hours. Wednesday eve-keeper in the house of 1he Lird.

as ning on his way to Texas, where he you said this morning." is (0 he an instructor in one of the "Indeed, said the minister-father aviation camps, lie had been at with a pleawd look across the table Garden City, L. (or some time ei-at his wife. 'peeling to sail, hut receiver! orders "Yes," said lbe boy. "tor then 'to return to Texas, wouldn't have to listen to lho ser- on," Exchange. I TBuy' Ubeety 8bioT coming to the front.

It is one of the fountless new industries which have sprunrr, up since the w'ar. For with the incrcasetl demands for oils of every' kind many In the southern states have turned iheir cotton seed oil plants over to this new industry. It now bids fair to be a very large perman-end and flourishing business. IIAV UK. l-RAXCK, Oct.

3. Samuel (lOinpers, president at tbc American Fedevaiion of Lal-cr, was received in audience by King Alhcrt c-T lielgium today. Mr, tiomi'Crs who visiter! Ihe Itelgian front dxprcsseil admiration for the spirit of Lho Belgians. CHAS.R. KELLEY rOKEKU SncctBscr to Itttoa.

MBUIMCI SEBTICB. Op Dj hi bu 193. va; til 31 But WlsMtrtn Si. iVr'--.

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