The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1955 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 16
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AND IOWA 0.6.K THE ADVERTISING the pSst^ftw months as farm income has steadily declined^has always had one good retort to fall back'jbn,i .and lie, has ; ^used^.it .frequently, jrfe has the farm} .belt is being stirred up by disgruntled 'DemocraitJj and by, inference has left the impression v ^hai;'thir)gs| Kren't nearly as bad as.these Demqfcrate would 'have him believe. ; •••. But ^zra Will,-hava ,to ,fln.d a ; now Pelort, so far as Idwa is |cdncern?i. S i.-' ••• p' : ;;,., -, ' " : ,Republican'Congressman*H.:jRj.O4bsg of Waterloo; ha£,been oh him |<jr. SoWietfrtie to "do something^ about farm prices^ ! ".';'-'•'.;,"' -• Ex-Republica'n Governor Dan; Turner; suggested tfrat E4ra resign: »-(,v .. i •'."-' , j ' '•' Repiiblican Congressman Karl LeCompte only a few) Weeks ago came opt > with a public letter to Behsqn asking for some fast action to help the farmer. !'•'-. Governor Leo Hbegh, Republican, made a trip to Washington and sat in with Ezra and urged* him' to authorize spending from 500 million to one billion to bolster hog prices if necessary. Andy now, even stalwart Republican Senator Bourse Hickenlooper'' has. cpmfe,forth wi^h a program >which he hopes <Ezra (will adopt, aijid which proposes .a premfurrt -payment' to' every -farmer taking ah old sow to market. Npne.*of these gentlemen happen to be Democrats. Tjhey are all good, solid Republicans. And we dqn't want to hear Ezra letting off any more' steam! about "the Democrats stirring up trouble in the-farm belt." -; •'' " » • * • ' , •• , - ' NATIONAL PARK GIVEAWAY ;•, Anyone who has visited ! (ahd most have) the ; better^ known national parks' in the 'country, has • wondered t often how they-.were operated,; and j why prices were so high'and accommodations were so poor..';:-. » i ; The answer in the case "of Yellowstone Park is thei Yellowstone Park Co. 'which has a government permit for a monopoly of eating and lodging in the park. The company has just announced it will spend 14 million in Yellowstone - before the 1956 season. Nobody reported just,what;that would mean' in Herms of what prices they would charge. The >rjational parks belong to everyone, but the tfanchlse-holdeis h^ v .e the real gold mines._ Tjhe ,Hamplon Chronicle says that "now the Democrats are blaming' Ppesident' Eisenhower's' brother 6Miltqn) for the'ijctipn taken by Secretary Benson &> the farm program." To which we Can only say that the Hampton editor must be un- famil|jr;$ith{the fact "that BfoQ^rtlftfltonfiSTne of th£ cjltef advisors in the -department of agriculture, -and that the farm program (or lack of one) is being, condemned from all quarters and not by any one political segment- Pull your head out of the sand, Tom. ; • * * * A neighbor is someone who'll exchange a cupful of sugar for an earful, of gossip. Upper pics joints 111 ,E. Call Street—Phone 1100—Algona, Iowa tillered as / second class matter at the postnUlce at Algona;' Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3. 187a. Issued Thursdays in 1955 By THE! UPPER DES ^OINES PUBLISHING CO. i R; B. WALLER, Managing Editor C. $. ERBANDER, Advertising Manager 11 A survey was fatfde 't'ecentl^ ,\vhicl| .ptirrjorted to show that at afty glv'ehVtihieV no ifd'rte''than 2.3% of radios are tuned'to any tone station. Piteh ,the percentage was less; 2.3% was the highesf 'ishown in the survey. If a newspaper's 'ads reached only 2.3% o: the population potential in its area it would indeet be a poor advfettlsiAg rrtediOm, . ,. f There is 6rt4 Jningi |ib0ift the eircula|ibn o ; a newspaper, ^p|eci'allyiorio that is a m^rnfier p: '•ABC (AUdiied 1 Bjure'axi of'Circulations), i[pu cah tell exactly, at dny. given 1 time just how many 'papers are procltic'edi where' they go, artdj how •mkny .are being p a '4 for.-There is no other advertising medilijtl that can make the samel of fai 'or< : prove -the same point. ,: ,;• ;4| V Even'with* circulars or handbills there is lio guarantee that they go into a home or are read. There is that certainty with a newspaper — and only a newspaper. Off and on, new. mediums come along that seek the advertising dollar; for a time, when .the novelty is new, and the spies talK-|strongi .tfceV may run "hot", but whenl thei novelty we.arsf'ofj. and the sales results are counte'd, the good, old reliable newspaper with • r,eal circulation. f val.ue that-can stand .up and be* coVmte'd^ klway^s: prfaves the best ~- ahd; most econohiicalj. |— /advertising medium. * * » WHAT'S 'HIGH — WHAT'S RIGID' i \ \ ' '|' • Iowa Falls- Citizen *—, This ^nejvs^ap:?r ,Jhas never lashed itself to the mast with" regard"'to rigid price support or flexible price supports or 90 percent of parity versus some lower level. Nevertheless we do .think tHatjthe t^m/'hign :. rigid" price support has ;came to have Mr Unfair and unfortunate connotation, particularly* Vith city consumers. "High rigid" ipr|f«i supnprts are generally associ^teoV, with . thoser whilh j provide, crop loans at 90 percent of parity.; - y , I i ! 5 In that respect these "high rigid" price supports are not high. They are at 90 percent of parity which is still 10 percent below what both political parties and Americans generally have come to regard as equality for agriculture. Furthermore they are not "rigid", because they fluctuate as parity fluctuates. If the prices that farmers have to pay decline, the price supports decline proportionately. In short, high rigid price suppoijt^' '^ n^t nearly so high-nor-nearly so rigid as thfe'h'ebtilines would make us believe. That does not necessarly mean, ^however, that they are the ^Ole]and]f|oyg-' Ir^swer to our farm .problem! 1J. « j * * ! » I , - eiiy e^tlflctl meellrrg Nbfember' .vvas plenty-;brjsK Haj?eti,dh ; e night duf to T , pletef ' ' ' seiit frid'teaay tfi'gplto <.»•••,...-*•»? <ohly 'Btismfess presehted wai the •a'pbtdvaf flftd payment of the city bins '— and everyone had gorte home by 9 p.m. Undoubtedly one of the shortest city get-togethers in history. ; Fred Geigel well-known Jiv* ington man, now a repSdent at i gona, had b$cohie jferii&us as produqef; of tip-flights'torn. 1 ' 'fi|th?p1aee withl^irs of.hia W cdiii at the International jlUJfikV-Shpfr in Chicago, the ;same eariiiyt; won -flrsC place at flhe tyaterfot! Dairy Caitle Con- •gress-a w%ek .'earlier. Fred placed aliort hldr*, the 'top Regularly at coin sHdws alroVer the midwest A conlract for paying highway 18 from Wesley east 'across the new cutoff into Hutchins Was: awarded last week for $107,996. fflda Were * the days s6$e6fte:dldft't lose an ap ~- a t-iui of iBtrWroi " *- .*-' y Public Oinloi two .candidate PENDENTS, NATIONAL EITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 920 Broadway, New York 10, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO, One Year, in advance J3 w Both'Algona papers, in combination, per year „ 15 Vj Single Copies _ iOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance — - $4.01 Both Algona papers in combination, one year Id 00 No subscription lea than 6 months. ADVERTISING HATES Display Advertising, per inch Kc OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER NEED MEAT-TYPE HOGS *^ f., *forlhwood Anchpr — No ope cjaq lift himself ty his own bootstraps — and a fawner can't, single- 'haridedly. boost the price level of ^ hogs,A farmer can, however, get a 'premium price for hjs hogs (and any! other product) r jjy producing a premium product a'nd marketing it -right. However ' we dislike'' Ts'ad times, we must admit that bad times force us to tighten our belts and'ihcrease the efficiency of- our operations. In the case 'Of the. hogs, the low current market may drive home to. more farmers the need for meaty, not Tardy pigs, and for careful selling. * : •• " -•*-** Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Benson is a versatile fellow, at that. He recently performed the marriage ceremony for his 21 year-old daughter. Seems Ezra, as a member of the Mormon church's council of twelve, can double as a preacher anytime he chooses. There are some who wish he would devote more time to marrying and less to agriculture. ..•••' l a ' * • ....... ' The English are hard to beai, in almost everything. We note that the Marquess of Cholmonde- ley (pronounced Chumley) has broken his silence of 32 years in the House of Lords. He spoke four' minutes in support nf legislation to exterminate the- labbit, after sitting silent for 32 years . . . nothing queer about Good Old Chumley! * * * Some New York Republicans boom Tom Dew- t-y for President. It's only fair. A whole new generation of voters has come up who never hud the opportunity to vote against Dewey. — Fletcher Knebel. * * « STATE OF THE NATION: Washington, D.G. f (AP) — An agriculture department economist i said Monday the current economic squeeze on the | nation's farmers is likely to get a little tighter next year. * • * "li's not the work I enjoy," said the cab diiVL-r, "it's the- people 1 run into." — U. S. COAST GUARD MAGAZINE ^ * * Groucho. Jo a posloffice employee: "What's your job? Do you put .sludge in the 'inkwells or break the points on the pen.-/.'" r _—^ oi|t of Jls Shu* 1 * coiinty Spent $2$00'leW L- relief during the month °f Ctt., M35, than .-^during t the j. same-, mbnth tn|1934J accordinfeltol f£ ; gures releasejd TDy'E'r^dJ* Zj*-i£fejP overseefr^^yief.'Only $^i9'9.|K was spent in 1935. *' * * * The yearly auto license rush was on and t the county treasurer's office i\Fasv-^looded with persons- anxious, to {install the new blue and white plates for 1936. One of the biggesj pieces of business for the Ip'easurei! came from license buyets* in'tfrested in getting favorite numbers .on their plates. Included in ,this group were, seven who wanted their telephone numbers behind the usual 55. : a * * Three hundred and ninety dollars had been subscirbed during the Red Cross drive in Algona. Biggest share of the total came, from businessmen who pitched $197.60 into the coffers. J. F. Ov- .errriyer .w; •*• '-V' t f*-J '' Tilonka was on fop in standings and Seneca led gi»lsvrace. iafter , the .f^rs weeks o;f ]cbmpetitib&| ii , NoTtH Kos'suth ^a'skMBalT Conference. The Indians had proved the big surprise of the 'loop in grabbing its first two games, and had impressed the fans-withtheir top-flight brand of ba'sketbalT.* •,. city chaJcmaiv the two- TRIAL ELECTION By Kenneth Fink, Director/' •Princeton Research Service 1 Princeton, N. J. — How would vote? to* . Three tragedies, twj> involving infants, shocked the? ipountv. A little-West Bend boy" Wet |death under the wheels of his father's tjudf, a three montt^ old "infant "sluffoc^ted after.vpullinff the blanr kets over his head-at Wesley, and a Eakqta man^was^foundMJead i«f his workshop,,a victim of'terbon monoxide fumes, i / v »'f" • ' t * *" ! i ^' ? •• /A record had been set.«i the Kossuth Hospital during the : past seven,jdays. Thirteen persons entered "^the hospital for various reasons,, arid -'six of Jhe patients fiav.Fresident if;»fQrmer llli- r _s ie$ern"6r i-Adlal-Stevensph were "the Democratic Presiderttial 1 Candidate • and Vice President rere the. Republican? -Rethe latent Uhit.W Stptes 1 survey findings.ihdicatq that . jmocfratic 'Presidential candidate * would win over his opponent. When U. S. i'ublican/0;. _*o3l[. sfiff'.(reporters put the fol- lo^ng?-qp>stion to a representa- live' 'cross-section o|.iithe -nation's Voters: •; ,'• ;. t "Suppose t h e' 'Fresidential election were being held; today. If Vice President 'Nixon .weife.- the Republicart',cahd|date;j£ former Governor 'Adlai? SteV son were the DJe|riocrdtic cai r ,., date, which onfewduld-^pufilke to see win —ViKe Repub]i5gr|. Nixon or the' DenSq'cra" *"' son?" ; ; : ? The results: > if:.-f. -: \ f j:-f ,., ,,. NATlON^pE-^ • ; ,' H Stevenson ----l-r-'(.i-*-l9f.2^i.'| Nixon' i ~L-JL..->44.4 j-'J *. •Undecided .-i-i.U'^jL/44 J ii With the 4.4 %twho;«s^d -they were-- undecidectfelitriina'te'a; jthe: vote divides 53.rf pei' cent; fat Mr Stevenson and 46.4 '^ertcejitt fqr Mr Nixon. HigWfgh ting f today's, Siifvey findings', F--" 4 - 1 -'*--. tu-v rnaeperidents -^ , ... will decide the. (Winper-: =in f p Noy- " ' -•»..--.•.-. tidn-f-S'Vide e he. (Winper, antn^t PrgsMejrtlaJl | ^elec-. exactly'VJey^|iiyibe-i Steyen'sbrt 'Nixon- ——— •—-— —46 Undecided—-—.—— 8 Survey findings also show that 12 out of every. 100 -Republicans questioned in the survey say they woiildyote for Democratic candi- datfe Sfevienson. • ?. ^.REPUBLICANS ONLY, •' NATIONWIDE Stevenson- ;... 12% 'Nfxbn'4;- i J^—84 ' Undecided'..... — 4' " Af th_d 'spnie time,- Vice President Nixorf 7 'also gets the'support of 12 out of every 100 Democratic voters. In tlfi£ BM heat^lectiohi tHdre are a'riumber .oftftotors that must *t: : ihlm}rid;i | *-V i.f ;:•/>-' pling J.iStjrveys af gin.j\of ' e ,...^e ?of ; : 'Prihcejph esparch' {SerVipe 'i ?Kafi ?ayeraged All , ^sam '"subjects to - • '. 2^ i Aitiiaj •heafjeleclibn inearly; a >e"6if'm Tadvanbjei of ai-election nof fbhfe ' 4 reflefc^j |the I »pypUlarity" ' ot; -'\tie, Cahdidate "s'pmewJiaVniJpre than, it J«^« ^1.3.' r .i.t^» ^fc *'V.W MAv44-TA« > tpday&lfrjal 3^at eiecfiort Vefldcts pnlyj eu*en't| sentiment aha 'that i jhappen Between riow ., November.; • i * 1 .- : f s i «^J i-»^_ »jr— ':^^»lM« n ^M«.44 and t next., Sponsored by State University of''Iowa Child .Welfare Research Station" UTHE "NO, NO" STAGE Some\yhere between two and ycal l s! develops the "No, no" -the baby is young Weidp,.ppt give jnahy. directions. Butlasi soon.' as. he understands _ jage we begin'to tell him to :r> tttia^d^to do,'that, "'-''--'the few months some- the "suggestible" age ask. oes .willingly what we comes '£•. day • whei> his ' own ideas develop:'' He can't put it int0 ! words, but he- wonders if he has any 'control over his body. - He is "feeling keenly the .urge to independent behavior;, . The "I am. I" is beginning-to be felt. So, one day he says, ."No! Np!" when asked to do something. Recognized for.what it is, this need not disconcert the parent. It is not,disobedience "at all but the smajltpersoii's .attempt to experiment with his ability to make decisions for {dmself. While it takes patience and skill to guide the child through this'-phase, re- f6# : ;'ittiflt a«;: > Out he 'Jffi'ft'!feIi»'"iindf <J iMvli : 'BimS1wn3RBwS I%p«gOT f attglfilVWK^owe: mon* !pWln|^pffiTO|iKMfta'. at Ip inKeriuiLy/^iuuut , nictn* -:,. >'*>' -v,<. 7 ^ efils Cfitt iitakfc anl : extra f6ftl tiS b& consistent durlfif. thlfl will helfiV his -^ Agiicuitufflej Secretary Ezra; Benson, Washing^ ton's No. 1 irian; of .contrpversy, is gjjttirig all; sorts of" 'jiropo'si-; tidtislatelyi '•• , : >;,,- >'.; =..„-..- ,• ^ost Urgent ar6 those fpr^ him' to, resign Jaeciause incomb "6f- tlje farmer Hsj going to the. dogs. . r And tHeh 'there's the 'froposi- tibn to run'for-President . , .. According to ; the;': National Farmers Union; it is the Pew family, owners of Sun i Oil Company, who are Behind , BensoVs "boom." :..": --:' ;; -V^ -'.'Vi f: ••;,.=-,: The union,- in ..its newsletter last" week, hinted'that, the pews, who once bossed ^Pennsylvania Republicans, have-/offered Benson v "very! solid financial' backing" : if: he 'rah for President or Vice'President.. , VMv ;;•'• '••-.'-.! •' • • •...*"'".•••• '•• .' tisher Burdick,; Republican congressman of.. North Dakota and Benson's, hottest enemy, has come up with a solution to help octt' Benson with'those skidding hpg prices.* -j \- • * . -> r * s Burdick would convert all dieters I to hard-working laborers. , ) *0rie ;good healthy, ^laborer,, he points" out, is as good a-pork customer as ten diet followers. A f'good healthy laborer," Burdick figures, .can congiirtie the equlva- •le'nt of 50 'pounds of live-weight hogs a- day. : • .'•• , -.Well; :orice.. : the; 'dieters woujd te; converted,—the! pork'-surplus would soon disappear — and prices,would; rise again for the .. , >; » Somebody .else • suggested thai- Ahe^'country let President ; Eisen- Jibber retire tb .Gettysb.ulrg jefcclur . sively ' for farming for ', three moriths. Then, wheftpie'd ge>:back to assuminrthe Preslderidyjagain,' they 'said, he would*joiti the. rest of, the, Country's .farmer^. in .siding herd oh the Agriculture secretary. './-.'• , All speculation aside/there are many - whoV sympathize with the well - meaning Mormon. In a sense* they' say, it's a case of too many hogs making Benson ,the Another • farmer haft become conspicuous on 'the national scene — but in this cfase it was because of his absence. ,-., George Leader, young poultry- man of Pennsylvania, is being .talked about unkindly in Republican circles for failing' to greet Ike oh the President's return to Gettysburg. , Leader's chicken: 'farm , is a hog's holler, from : Ike's place, and the' man .didn't ,'eveh -come by to say, "Hi, Neighbor." ,:'.'. ... - , The /absence ;wasn!t because Leader happens to be. a Democrat, .say the Republicans. For, no matter, whfet the partyi affiliation, it is traditional for, the governor ol a state to be on hand for. welcome ceremonies for .a President, such as those .at Gettysburg. _ IF ITS NEWS;— £ WE WANT II Register at Beecher Lane Appliances . , - - •/ *• t; v / e^ry time you visit the store UNTIL DEC. 23rd - It's all '-Free! No obligations whatsoever to win an ADMIRAL 21" TV TABLE MODEL WITH MATCHING STAND (Model T23B1). Jusr come in and register your name, and you may register every lime you enter the store. Persons 19 years of age and over are eligible to register. No employees of this firm are eligible to win. Nothing to buy and you needn't be.present when winner is announced Dec, 23rd. %tty>XOi8®tt^^ PABY BANTER By BROWN'S DAIRY One of these days. I'll be walking around wiih a big Teddy Bear under each arm! Your sheer strength frightens me! The extra energy you get from CARNATION milk wpn't frighten ANYONE — But it WILL please you! Try some today! DFUVE Tms • , _ t . .•-,«>» *fc The car that's going placgs with the Young in Heart! ® Hurry over! Thrills await you in Plymouth's great Hy-Fi^e engines, miracle products p/ Plymouth's pew $50,000,000 engine plan*. \ With up to 200 hp ancl new 90-90 Turbo-Torque, these new. power giants of < (he low-price 3 g|vp you jet-like take-off and biasing sprint" acceleration, -plus economy. You'll alsa discover Plymouth's magical new Push-Button Driving . . . new Ajr^ynajuiq idling , , . smoother new ride f , . and many new safety features. -Drive the jefcaga at y«w dealer's,today! ser to priving. Try It I THIRi'S GOOP N1W5 at your I'lyiuouih deuler'»l You'll see tuuiorruw's styling today in the brcutli-Ukiug nt}\# I'lyinuulh, a ni| you'll fi»4 a woJurii tyiuiicing plan tli#t will fit 1'Jymouth's low price into almost any budget. Belter sec your 1'lyuiuuth dealer,,, buy new-better tra^-Jn, ftne» y^ & Po*erPrt i» |1H » m Vjfa W «,hoosi"U7 hp in Belyedgre «nd §u))ijftian (insji. In Sswy ?nd Plaza MyaiUtHl jo ftll 4 lines-^ysij ^t 125 bp, or 131 hp^"- o»»..-n-i. '•9m

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