Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 9, 1963 · Page 34
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 34

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1963
Page 34
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Cutter Gossip »..oy PHIL To borrow a phraae often heard In, about and around local hardwood factories, it'§ be«n a long time. Oft times a comment on the scarcity of strikes (or spares for that matter) dn a given evening, this writer takes the liberty of applying same to his record of ab senteeism on the local bowl 41 ing scene. With trust that Galesburg's dedicated pin hunters have kept up the good work, we look forward to an interesting and enjoyable season. A quick glance at the accumulation of scores on a deserted and neglected desk seems to suggest at least 94 spots the coining winter won't cool off . . . those 94 sparkling but con* trary, disgusting but exhilarating, abused but coddled OBA lanes. Charley Cross, Roa Long, Elmer Stevens, John Eiraes, Bruno Btgtlutl, Hobe Boeh- er, Clarence and Mary Lo- allea, Joe and Bud Shragal and Rollle Early, all of whom spend endless hoars la their respective gutters (no offense intended) have relayed per* Bonal assurances of at least an even break to kegllng customers. I'd venture to say those few who haven't been captured by the bowling fever would also be most welcome in the establishments of the aforementioned crew. Caution: Keep your distance when the action starts, this malady is highly contagious and is likely to become acute if contracted. Woodchoppers' Ball Duke Duncan subbed into a 605 at Galesburg Bowl. . .Harold Brown felled 'em for a 268 at Pla- Mor. . .Billy K. K. Johnson came in at 231. . .Arney Johnson topped that by four pins. . .Frank Pelcher and Paul Maiz posted 221's. . . Bill Mecum dropped 224 sticks in a dozen frames. . .Bob Dorethy and Don Swanson each put a pair of 200 plus games in the books, Dorethy finishing at 604. . .Dave Powell reached 611 with a 233 high. . .Larry Campbell splattered a 220. . .Jack Skinner rolled to a 232 and Jess Beserra compiled a 618 set in NG Classic action. . . Hugh Corson matched that trio with the help of a 235. .. .Russ Lytle conquered the 600 mark with a 841 working for him. . . Don Nelson rapped a 228 at Northgate. . .Beryl Lisenbee left the North Henderson Street establish ment with a 246. . .John Eimes 633 featured a 278 gem. . .Russ Nelson applied a 247 to his 627 block.. .A 230 put Charles Manson at 616. . .Bill Mecum rank up a 236. . .Red Markham stroked a 605. , . League and association officers are again reminded of the IlHaets Bowling officials' Jamboree to be held In Aurora on Sunday, Oct. 20. Galesburg has made reservations for 30 bowlers to begin at 3:30 p.m., and 30 at 4:30. Bowling will be done over the Valley Lanes on 111. 31. - Dinner banquet will be held at the Hilton Inn, with serving scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. Officers attending the jamboree must get their entry fee, which includes both bowling and banquet, to the association secretary by Saturday, Oct. 12. A few accommodations remain on a chartered bus bound for the jamboree. The bus will leave Northgate Lanes at 8 a.m. Sunday and return about midnight. Again, reservations should be made with the association. Hits 'n Mrs. Helen Pendergast upended a 520. . .Joan Johnson shaded 500 by a pin. . .Janis McCarthy's night added up to 512. . .Shirley Hardister edged Lois Thorne by two pins, 537 to 535. . .Lowana Leahy shot a 518. . .Gertie Aldermore chalked up a 528. . .Nellie Blakewell and Choi Swanson each dialed 508. . .Donna Peterson swept 525 hardwoods down. . . Ikey Anderson put together an all- spare 189. . .Nina Shriber came up with a 533.. .Mary Anne Cameron toppled a 531. . .Bev Clevenger passed 500 with a pair to Local, A Cli LlfTLI Sht LBAOtfl —' MOT— " " ixal 36 isflWtlei' " i, it-ris ^BuniMforn, i, 11 -35; nnwrys, si* .'fetiih *e«m game, Dtewry's, 1008; hlfh te*tn serie«, toman Motor*, .High individual game, Harold SttWDAY NITERS LCAOVC •SSWJ**' & "'Ui *•«•» No. », 24-11: Team NO. 4, SS-U: Team No 9. lB-Ss Te*m m No. a. lS-W: Team No. 1, M-M; Team No. 10, ie -11; Team No. a, 14-si; Team No. 8. ill 4%w .rrme T ^ No - »• witxasfrff* °- M>hn ' .A eai S l?. 0, *>J?-& Deluxe Cafe, BoWl, 8%-liM; Team No. S, 4-16; Hendricks Electric, iy,-18%. K , .« h ^. t * am . "erles, TteLuxe Cafe, 3002; ~«fe, . --. high Cafe, lofe team game, OeLuxe individual aeries, Frank -—P -- ». M ,.uuai Dene,) FrmK Pelcher, 60S; high Individual game, Frank Pelcher, 223. NORTHGATE MONDAY NITS LEAGUE ..Clark Drugs, 14-6; Chandler Hinchman Insurance, 14-6; Kozy Inn, 13-7; Harbor Lights, 12-8; Joe the Tailor, 12-8; Team No. 12, 11-9; Dom's Sport Shop, 11-9; Hilgenberg's Plumbing & Heating, 9-11} Team No. 7, 7-13; Fidelity Federal, 6-14; Galesburg Order Buyers, 6-14; Conoco Service, 8-15. High team game, Conoco Service, 1053; high team series, Joe the Tailor, 3020. High individual game, Red Markham, 224; high Individual aeries, Red Markham, 605. TWILIGHT LEAGUE Burlington Truck Lines Inc., 22Vb-5 '/j; Higgins Dairy, 17-11; B'nal B'rith A, 16-12; Rotary Club, 15 >,412%: Park Drive Dairy, 15-13; Midwest Local No. 2063; 15-13; Mel's Red & White, 15-13; Herrin & Westberg Bid*. Cont. 14-14; B'nal B'rith B, 12-16; Exchange Club, 9-19; Canada Dry Botlg. Co., 9-19; Cosmopolitan Club, 8-20 High team series, Burlington Truck Lines, 2958; high team game, B'nai B'rith A, 1023. High individual series, Gene Freiburg, 584; high individual game, Keith Freia, 223. POST OFFICE LEAGUE Northside Bakery, 15Va-4'/ 3 ; S. Harris Co., 9'/a-10%; Frantz Chemical Co., Exterminators, 8-12; Shamon's Grocery, 7-13. High team game, Shannon's Gro- spare. . .Norma Brown rocketed to 518. .. These 200 games were good for a patch at Northgate: Joan Johnson, 213; Doris Danielson, 206; Donna Lawson, 232; Helen Brintlinger, 202; Jo Long, 203; Elizabeth Cox, 204; S. Cook, 201, and M. Armstrong, 200. . .Maxine Riggs shot a 202 in Mixed League action. SEARS DAYS SALE ON WAGONS and WAGON BOXES 4-Ton Wagon with 62-inch Tread SEARS HOKHIH'K ANH CO REGULAR 139.95 124 88 5Vi TON WAGON, Reg. NO MONEY DOWN Wide tread gives you extra stability, greater load capa city. llVi-ft. turning radius makes it easy to maneuver. Timken bearings in all hubs; rocking bolster. 169.95 159.88 Available with M-in. or 15-in. wheals ON ANYTHING PURCHASED AT SEARS ON CREDIT 1 Bu. Metal Bosket 1.59 Reg. 1 .M OAIVANIZED UTILITY PAIL Reg. 71c. 50 David-Bredley 20-in. CHAIN SAW 4 H.P. 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High. ind. aeries, Beryl Lisenbee, 888; W^h ind. game, Beryl r CROtl-TOWll LKAOVC Augle'a Steakhouse, 18-2: McCabe r s Scrappers, 15-8; Mil-Rice's Health Club, 13-1; Burlington-Chicago-Cartage, 13-7: Western Zero, 13%-7%; Ann's Cafe, llV4-8%; Maxwell Electric, 8-13; Mercer County Service, 7-13; Klines, 8-14; Knox Laundry, 8-14; Reeves Trucking, 614; Olson & Swanson, 4-16. High team game, Western Zero, 006; High team series, Western Zero, 2834. High ind. game, Norma Larson, 201; High Ind. series, Eula Lo Bianco, 499. P1M PAL~LEAGUE Schwarz Bros., 18-8; O r w 1 g's Hardware, 17-7; Elks, 13%-lOVi; Shangri-La Inn, 13-11; Nelson & Lindsev, 12-12; Lacky & Sons, 9Va- Mac's Music, 8-16; Hinchliff irson, 5-19. VICTORY LEAGUE i ^ dl «IS 1 iJF orp 'm 17 - 3; Canada Dry, 14-6; Heraldson Team, 13-7; Bailev's Team, 12-8; Pla Mor, 10-10; Hassel" 8 " 18i Gunnle's Tap, 2-18. wS^tjiif"? 1 8eries - Canada Dry, 3074; High team game, Canada Dry, Hi»{? h i- i 2 d --* erles ' & Sevens, 882; High ind. game, Robert Swigart, SATELLITE LEAGUE Sudzy's, 17-3; Kimber 8c West, 12-8; Sportsman's Club, 12-8; MFA Insurance, 12-8; Galesburg Clinic, 11-9; Lee Anthony's Coiffures, 9-11; Pat's Standard, 6-14; Meadow Gold, 1-19. High team series, Sudzy's, 2661; High team game, Sudzy's, 962. High ind. series, Neva Godsil, Wisconsin Prepares For Purdue By United Press International Defending champion Wisconsin, which meets Purdue this week, worked on protection for Badger quarterback Harold Brandt. Fullback Ralph Kurek and center Ken Bowman, both nursing ankle injuries, sat out the heavy action, but trotted around the field. Purdue worked mainly on setting up a pass defense. Coach Jack Mollenkopf said he anticipates a heavy passing attack from Wisconsin. At Illinois, former gridiron great Red Grange told the Illini they'll defeat Ohio State Satur day and atone for "some old scores going back to my time. Illinois and OSU are tied for the conference lead with one victory apiece in the young season. The Ohio State Buckeyes had what Coach Woody Hayes termed "two good solid hours of football" in their scrimmage Tuesday. The team polished new plays they'll throw at the Illini. Coach Ara Parseghian sent Northwestern through a drill designed to bolster the Wildcats running attack. Getting special attention were fullbacks Bill Swingle.and Steve Murphy—who gained a total of 10 yards between them against Illinois last week. Minnesota, Northwestern's foe this week, spent most of Tuesday perfecting pass patterns. Quarterback Bob Sadek, demoted last week for being late to practice, did most of the throwing for the first team. Iowa players had a two and a half hour scrimmage. Reserve quarterback Mickey Moses, out with injuries earlier, performed on the third string. Indiana, which will be at Iowa, worked on blocking, passing and defense. Veteran tackles Ralph Poehls and Bob Gergely, assigned to the second string the first two games this season, were elevated to starting positions. Michigan, which hosts Michigan State in their annual rivalry Saturday, should be at full strength for the game, Coach Bump Elliott said. A few players were unable to scrimmage Tuesday because of injuries suffered last week against Navy. At Notre Dame, Coach Hugh Devore announced that halfback Don Hogan, the team's leading ground gainer last year, has quit football for this year. Hogan, a junior, was seriously injured last Christmas day in a traffic mishap. Devore said Hogan decided not to play any more this season. ti ffiMml^Mt Butehs Cities SetViiM. If*. Orphans, 13-8; Suburban Jin, lt'B: Gaiasburji Bowl, 10-10: <$udt. f *lli King's. Koflitruc- Snell,, 7-13; tioh, §Tt; Kenny 's Shell. Lukes, 8.14) Wong> Cafe, 3-17. tjers, 8W8; High team game, spuds, „High ind. ijrits, (M) K. rotter, 810, (W) M. Smith, 808; High ind famey (M) O. Calhoun, 348, TW) M. Galesbtiro Register«Moil, Golesburo, Mi, Wcdnesdov, Oct. 9. 1963 IS. Murray Oliver Has Fail Start hi NFL Games ntght BOSTON (AP) - Murray OUv er, who centered the National Hockey League's highest scoring line last season, is off to a flying start this year. The «-year-old stylist scored twice for the Bruins as Boston gained a 44 tie with the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL opener at Boston Garden Tuesday night, New York plays at Chicago to- Oliver's second goal came with less than two minutes remaining after Canadiens' defenseman Terry Harper had sent the visitors ahead 4-3 four minutes earlier. And Oliver's line collected a total of six points as wingmates Johnny Bucyk and Tom Williams had two points apiece. Williams scored Boston's first 1963*64 goal and assisted on the final irahu tally, Bucyk had assists on thf second and fourth Boston scorn. Pro Basketball By The Aseedatei Press (NBA ExMMtfcM Games) Boston 108, St. Louis 92 Los Angeles 1M, Philadelphia «• READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Early Bird" offer TOM MOOTY Store Managor Avoid th« txptnst of omorgoney tiro purchatot and towing tor vices... a void tha aggravation of loit timo and naadlaia dalaya. Taka advantage of our Pro-Saaton Offer now ANY SIZE ONE LOW PRICE T1r*$tone WINTER TREADS HETREADS ON SOUND TIRE aoous OR ON VOUR OWN TIRES Plus tax and two , trida-ln tires of same tin off your car. AIMY SIZE! WHITEWALLS or BLACKWALLS flftatatto DOUBLE GUARANTEE Our retreads, Identified by Medallion and shop mark, carry this DOUBLE GUARANTEE: LIMTIMI aUARANTII against defects in workmanship and material* during the life of the tread. ROAD HAZARD OUARANTII aiaiiut normal road hazards (except repairable puncture*) encountered in everyday paaacnger car use for 12 MONTHS. . 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