The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1949
Page 2
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i-AGK TWO Hal Boyle's Column— Civil Rights Victory in Senate Now Would Mean Very Little Except Start on New Filibuster By James .Marlnw WASHINGTON, MARCH 12. Wj-Herc's a brier ABC on the filibuster and other complicated doings in the Senate right now. The President's civil rights program is at the heart of It. But the light now isn't on Hie program Itself. ,, It's oil the technical thai m»y slant! Iji the wny of dome something about the prognim. And If the Senate, maybe months from now, Rets nrmmd lo doing something about the program itself, the present fijjht starts all over. That's why you'd better ask fort—— __. odds if you're betting the civil rights year. Why? . No civil righls bill Is ready to be brought up now. nut. suppose one Is midy l>y next May. When a motion Is made to briiifi It up. the •Southerners would be lire to fill- buster endlessly and prevent It's ever reaching the debating stage. But .suppose the Senate upheld Ilarklcy today. Then some more steps, all chewing up W»LU li JUVIJC ,/VLllJI^ UJU VIVI1 It^jlL^ program, or any part of It, will pass tills year. First, the background, and then what's happening non. There are two main steps In Senate consideration of n 1)111, like an antl-lynching bill: A motion lo consider It, and then debate and vote on the bill itself. __ There's an old Senate rule that 1 technical when debate on a bill starts, there time, must be taken, can be unlimited debate, or a filibuster, on it, unless— Two thirds of the Senate vote to limit debate. This is called Impns- tng cloture. Because senators usually want no limit on their freedom to talk endlessly, that two- thirds vote is hard to get. A vole on a bill Itself is much easier. That needs only a major'ty vote. Then comes nest May or June, when ihe .Senate is nishlni; to get (hrotich for the year and It.s work is pilrii up. Hay Die Trimianttes llieij are ready to bring up a civil rights bill and make a motion to do so. The Southerners promptly would filibuster against the motion. Sup- j pose finally— In view of Bnrkley's ailing- yesterday— the rest of the Southerners In .he Saddle j . Srlwu> •„„„„.,„- c , o( ,, re by „ two . But a year ago when Senator j lhl ,,, s volc on „ [, 1)blls , e V agfllnst Vandenberg Republican of Mlehl- ,,,,. m o Uon . That would be only Ban. was acting as president of the om , dcfcnl for Ulc Soll ti lc ,ners. senate, this question came up: Thc moment, then, that the bill y.,,- r^I! 1 a " 10tlon lo takp "P ! Itself comes up for debate the » bill? While cloture can be 1m- Southerners could slart filibuster- posed or, detate on a bill Itsrlf. , llg ., g(1 i llst tl)c b|11 1(M . Ir cv . iiml?,^ n "r S at ., R " "" »«»'«>' »«* ''"t the filibuster a filibuster asainst a motion to j, sn i, wt die nioilon to bring It up. v Lf !i b , , ,.„ „ Omf « nl "- '« s"»' the fillbu.;- (h yr±r B r , ", N ,'' , that! ter,gainst the bill llscll. a two- there can be no limit on debate on thirds Senate vole Is needed BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW* a molkm. . "' e Vn " <l ™ bcr!! r merner? There's no certainly that three .-1 months from now senators who 1° 1 voted for cloture would vote for it <"'- on u filibuster against n civil rights ""' 5 ' 1 Thnl ' s wh >' ! »»5' =1"^'« -< s «"> rights. count All the filibustering of Ihe last JJ days by the Southerners lias been against an attempt In pnss a rule that would make it possible to stop debate on a motion. Thursday night Vice President Bnrkley, president «f the Senate, ruled In effect (hnt rir-bale on a motion, Just as on a bill, cnn be limited. The Senate Is supposed !o role soon on Barkley's ruling. If the Senate decides Barklry was wrong, that would about kill the civil rights program for tills rinds Mental Ills Common NEW YORK (U.P.J— At least 30.000.000 persons In the United i Stutc.s need mental hygiene treatment of some kind, according to Prof. Esther Lloyd-Jones, head of ; the guidance laboratory of Columbia University's Teachers College. | .stating that these persons all had • been students In the nation's i schools and colleges, she contended that the education system" is failing to meet mental health needs of the people. Eskimo Pol io Victim Flown to Hospital Sammr-itok. 46. (center* Is carried to New4,000-Mile-An-Hour Wind Tunnel Publicity for Atomic Energy Commission to Flood Level WASHINGTON — The flow of erstwhile secrcls from the Atomic Eneruy Commission (AECI Is reaching flood level. Tlie vast project itself only four yen is aco was nn official secret, so well guarded that newspapermen would not even write "atomic enemy" on their typewriters. Presently, li iweccr. (hey will have a hard time keeping up with the volume of nlomic dnta pouring out nf Ihe once unmentionable laboratories. Besides publishing its 213- PHHC annual report, the commission In 1948 cleiirerl 2.600 sclclltittc papers on alomic research written bv came nlso from tlie Industrial Advisory Group of the AEO in its report on uec. 30. The committee, headed by James w. Parker, president of the Detroit Edison Co BV.C tills as the reason that industry has not participated more fulu- in atomic energy work: "Secrecy seems to erect nn Impenetrable harrier to a wish for knowledge. [[ Industry Is to help In atomic energy and "benefit from it. Industrialists must first be nut to find out enoiish to determine w lie- there are In fact Angry Sparrow Bottles Spotlight A ». f -. i A . lors (old " lm llc At Capital Airport tnrm nMm * r Out in five « HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Being Bit By a Tiger Isn't Fun, But It's 'Painless', Trainer Says •>,, IT..I B..v,~ By Hal Kafle NORTH MIAMI, Fla., —tfl>i~ It doesn't hurt to be ealen »llve. By a tiger, that is. "No, there Is no p»in," snld Capt. Roman Proske, noted wild anhrial trainer. He should know. He's been clivwed, pawed and hurriedly chewed by a dozen different tigers In his 34 years In the ring. 'AD you remember Is that big face coming at you with the mouth wide open, the cluwj wide stretched," he said. "You have time only to throw up your arm—»nd then he has you, and you sre on the ground. The whip, the gun—It you carry gun—they are useless. "You are helpless. You go powerless all at once. "You try to hit the tiger. But your hand—It Is II'--! a powder- puff, All you can think of is 'I am finished—this is the end.' But there Is no pain. The shock is too great." At various times Proske has been bitten through the hand, thigh, shoulder, side, and legs— bitten clear through. One of his favorite tigers attacked and nearly killed him hut May. She tore the muscles of one tear so badly doctors told him he would never per- vecks he was 1 aek UTTLE ROCK. Ark.. M.wh 13 lu 'he ring—with the same tiger, lit' —An angry hen sparrow and the- nnd * lve others. He still limps. American Airlines are Kv'seci in an "They sny I shouldn't put any unve-loniing feud at the l,itile Rock ' "eight mi that leg." he said, and Airport. i then shrucccd: Airline employes report die bird " W >W animals have bcin my has been engaged in a furo'u ticht i '"'• rt ts only reaso »able that •••'••• -.-••' - - '- '"-'"I mey should be my death, too." IJJiM Hli Work Not that Proske ha- any desire tn 'die. Tlcers have been just the spice o! his life. And he wants to I kwp :t that wny, A life without ' risers would be as monotonous to | him as R salt-free meal to a fa with s shi-.-.y srvtliplu condi-ior.iiif truck for n an air- more than v are on! • ; ^:::c s nr.ct in s:i o: !!:e irnrt .1 lev • own im».«. thinks x:w:J-.f r' ij,r d Lllleuthal lor nvo years has been i j svlmpr , Ls<me<i !" lhe •^Vliflit. r.r secret reports. It now has'nn'eiab- i J" aklnR speeches a!l over t:ic conn- ' ls assified 1.200 more formerly- I . as an ea- oratc prosranj of new publications warning that exaggerated se- '.ncludlnir one on atomic weapons' ' crei ' y '" lllc atomic energy field "is '• plain nonsense,- and dangerous non- to be released in the next montli or two. Sen. Tydlngs (D-Md>. chairman of the Seiiiilc Armed Forces Committee. cxprcMCrt deep concern at nil Oils publicity at a recent hearing or Ihe Snialp-House Commit- sense, dangerous to cherished American institutions and for -hat reason dangerous to genuine national security." For one thing, lie explains, scientists to do creative work must have a uide distribution of reports on Is a member. Sen°"'cormaiiy~"<D- ! what olher sc iemls:s sre doing, u Texas), another committee 'mem- ! \*. not , enou B>' tor atomic itiforma- be-r. who Is also chairman of the i , ^ circulated just among Foreiun Relations Committee told ' ; suc "' l! ' ts °" the project. Special- Dni-ld E. f tllenthal. chairman of the > '°' ai ' y "'"^lated fields migiit AHC. he thought nil this tulk i " enu f n .vbe the ones to find the nboul [impress on the atomic bomb ; , os to tilscov e"P5 lhat must yet •••-- - —•-•-•-- "e made before atomic energy has tee on Atomic Energy, of which he you' spend pub- I „ ll n tt n »^ i,»^u »,,„!. ' "ror. o. was a mistake. "It Is the general principle of public accountability, of reporting within Ihe limits of security," Lll- leuthal replied. "Why Is it necessary." connally retorted, "because you spend public money, to go out nnct blah-blah all over the country about these bombs?" Hut the. chairman of the Joint committee, Sen. McMahon <D- Connl. Is wondering whether more rather Ihnn less publlcitv would not he a wiser atomic policy, tic even susRcsis that it might be well to reveal HIP topmost atomic secret: How many atomic bombs do we possess? ire says he Is not surt- in his own mind (hat Ihis should be done, but that he thinks there, are so many pood reasons Icr favor of it thai hi.s ™,«,«j + .— been fully developed. The spark that set the .whole from two men working In thFfleld or chemistry, not even thinking about nuclear physics. Those men bird. :-.b one \\x>v.Ul ci:fAS. A[ any rate, the :•.-.-.- P- >-f.- s ;. lack on th<- ii;ht wss .v.Mr '-.V.shilT abated today. ' "" ' Pairing only f,i: siv::^ n ; r , f . y building or food hur.;..r.c,. _«>:• pjr- veyf the light warily *:-,j" C'rii'dVis in to attack. Most r.' ::-..' iorij* trc from above. b\i ; ::••« .'pi*r'-ir -n- varlably flliie* of; :-.: K-.ix.iX d-'.V- ln<> surface o; ihc '.•.::-.:. Then she s tancL= ;-,: t i,hilf oa Hie roof or the ;-:;i. ?;!;tor ; c uh- bottom of the Hcht '••--Airlines cmp!o:f.< .<,=:•-" ;itl vhia thpy fir.«: i>r!;-e* ;h- birds were ll:u> since . niy word." hf,T he J le . ' rojwncd B " d began rub(. * t, lall ?r lhe nand lhat M «»* . "?" 'hrough before she witched to his leg. "What's the matter, captain?" My scars," said Proske. "They hurt when I talk about If * n ^ a) o' U J 00ked up ailt) ynw»«d. And Prosfce looked down Into that the And . . Halm and Or, Sfrassman, . .......... •• ••-" , »Ji 4 JICKMIIlf II, hi Berlin, in 1938. published a chemical paper concerning new Isotopes When Dr. O. Frisch and the woman physicist. Prof. Lise Mcltncr. read the paper, they realized that "nu- clcar fission" had been achieved unrecognized to the chemists. Prom' then on scientists all over the swld went to work on the project, which many believe to be the most Important scientific development all time. Oysters we;e a Rome. . Llllenthal has another angle on publicity which he seems to consider even more important- The whole c-iterprlsc is so vast in Its cidcd by ihe deir.ccj-atic p-oiitss, uiih only si.vh it-crfrcy as ""is ;V- quired by national swirity. "Look upon this tasi of becoming familiar with the fcisenusl. of atomic energy as an obligation directly to your children," he -.old an audience at Craifordsville. Ind "If schemers or fools or rascals or hysceric-at stuffed shirts gel 'his tiling out of your hands-it may thr-n be too late to find out what of ! It is all about...nothing could weaken the security of our country in y n the atomic field more quickly, nor more surely slow up research In cancer control, say. than to permit science and scientists to be kicked and should debate""the 1J*' 110 . 1 . 0 ^'tcrpri-sc is so vast in Its ! science sm issue and uinkr a decision mpiicntlons. so expensive and con- around b v the organized We know all about o,, r ArmvJ ™ tTC " f ' a1 ' ' lc ,, bclicvc f l "«t " " Isnorance. demagogue^andTetty Navy and Air Force, he says HOW "°L s * fc f " r lw l lco n lc to relegate politics. There Is only one real pro r^r^U'i/an's us™ lmton agaiiisi ihe hnrin ^ The broad atomic Issues which will confront «s, he says, must be dc- can we determine where best to snc-nd money, what our defense situation is. if w e don't know the key question—the number of bombs we own? "In the case of atomic energy." he says. "Congress has purchased a defense package sight unseen." Lillenihal in » recent press conference said lhat the number ol bombs was known only to a "very few people within the commission and a relaltvely few people in the military establishment." I Complaints on too little publicity j aucl IRnnrtvnt can do and public." and that fanatical men *^^S TRIMMER j day. The 13 were hospitalised at Wiumpcs. Man "slxty^of 7h? /,'«' ' C> " 51 ° Or 2fl( ' fi - or Scc ' 275 residents have bten niilidnl i» n,c outbreak The inlet is 'witnV ' M '"' n « clnc1 ' «' 1 »li So ! the Arctic Circle »0 mUr-s north ,„ ChtircMll. (AP Wueplioloi. • ls1 St " al '"'-'""" »mldin K • ~~ ~ 1 .. ~^_^^"~" ---• Kidney Stone-Gall Stone Will Break Down Under ELECTRONIC TREATMENTS Start on The Road to Health Today .... See Dr. E. C. DAVIS 1510 W. ASH PHONE 2539 BLYTHEV.LLI Hours I-7-Otheri By Appointment PROFIT Readinrt ft"- Mr**sifie'3 Ads L'tt^ PROFIT By Advertising In T/?e Classified Columns When J'OH Want To Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blyfheville Courier News SATURDAY. JTARCH 12, WARNING" ORDER I" the Chancery Court, Chiek SKSvba. District, Mississippi Couji Arkansas. Oorotliy Hemphlll, Ptl. «• No. 10690 C. Hails Watson, Dft. The defendant, C. Havis Wa.j Is hereby warned to ap|»ar wit thirty days in the courl named the caption hereof and answer t complaint of tlie plaintiff, Dor Hemphlll. r 115 it aaj 01 rfioL'U furnace. His eyes met !y« of the maternal tiger. a ger. An there w»s na ill-win between them. Wolves became scarce tn the British Isles in the 16th century. Read Courier News Want Ads. STABBS BROS. REFRIGERATION- SERVICE A- ELECTRIC WIRING Lawrence SUbb, j. B. SUhbj PHONE 2559 1)a y or Meht -'018 \V«» Ash Street Evrard and Harrison. Harvey Morris, c. cl . By Pat Morton 01 V»-«-3 5-1 Handle Your Health! With Care l When Sickness Strikes,! See Your Doctor - - , And Remember Rothrock's For Prescriptions | Phone 4451 man. Whsl inleresls Proske most about bpinc chewed on by . n!s J iicrrs is the psychology of the sit' V.SI!MI. He tolrt me about It «s we ?UvKi by a cage on his tlgtr farm here. 1 -M«n thinks of himself as the 1 t>;r" he said. "He feels there : is sn invisible glass wall between ; hftnsrif and the animals, because ' iip is &n efoiist. ! "This is just a big bluff, tn ] tJ-fiir-rri;: wild animal^ your con[ trril of them—it Is all In being e>- j e;'i in using the big voice. ' "And there comes a moment | n-hf-3 a man knows he is not in j KttzirA. The tiger feels it. too. i TbE: :he man's voice gets smaller. ! Srt ;he tiger springs. •~i: is then the glass wall crum- i ] Me!, it Is then you know that this | i ir.i-isible wall between man and • I i.nimal Is a bluff. i '•You don't feel like a hero, ly- ! :r.z there on the floor in your own blood and shivering from shock. You feel silly, shrunken to nobody." Tiiter Has Problem As Proske talked, Majana. the tiger that attacked him last spring, looked up mid yawned— showing teeth like tent stakes. Majana has a problem now that Intrigues her even more than adding Proske to her diet. She ts about to bring a couple of bounc- Int baby tigers Into the world. It was still unconvinced that being eaten nlive by a tiger could be painless. I have been partly eaten sllve by mosquitoes, and bitten by a mouse, a eat, a squirrel. a dog and a dumb bunny I used to go to kindergarten with. Every time it hurt—hurt hard, too "With a tiger It Is different." laughed Proske. "He hits you so The Best in LUMBER and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES _Builder'sSupply Co., W. H. !>ea-se J. Wilson Henrv South Hiway 61 Phone 2431 BABY CHICKS SPECIAL! For a Limited Time Chicks hundred L K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry i Railroad. Phone 4493 } FOR SALE Concrete culrerts, 12 inch (o < inch, plain or reenfurced. Ala. Concrete Buildint Blocks cbeapi tr than lumber for barns, cblckrr houses, pump bouses, tenanli houses, tool sheds. \T« deliverll Cat! us for free estimate . phone 591. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO.I Seed Soybeans Our Specialty SPRING PLANTING OATS Also Alfalfa, Lcspcdeza, Sweet Sudan, Sudan, Pasture iMixtures, Lawn Mixtures and other field seeds. ' Call Us for Your Requirements BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION Blytheville, Ark. 856 Phones 857 tt. Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY 1Ac BUNDLE I w ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirts Finished 12c each Extra Panti Finished 20e each Extra Call 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks \ • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S Highway 61 North — Phone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • £99$

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