New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on August 11, 1928 · Page 19
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 19

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 11, 1928
Page 19
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NEW CASTLE NEWS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 1 1, 1928. NINETEEN' If You're Looking for a Home, or Have One to Sell, Use the News Real Estate Columns AUCTION SALES LEGAL tetal Notices I N. Y. STOCKS j Bt w. s. cousins U-1S-2&. 5D25. Artillery Units STOCK PRICES AT 12:30 P.M. Non-Commisflioned Officers Have Full Charge Of Review Of 108th Artillery BASEBALL GAME IS FEATURE FOR TODAY (Intrra.tlonnl Nrt-a Sen TOBYKANNA. Pa.. Auh reward for their showing: In the first a CL-lils non-wmmlsslcned of ficers were given charge today o the luatn cracjc neia artillery as review oeiore JOiOnei miuam .A. March, commanding officer. Adjudged the best drill sersent In the outfit, Sergeant John Thomas, of the Third Combat train from Brya M&wr, acted as regimental A baseball game between the 108th ana the liuth reiriment rrom Mary- land was the feature of tho athletic events today which followed the review and a colorful parade of the mounted Maryland troops. Tract and field events will take place later today with the finals being run off this evening. The eeoond of the three typhoid insulations -srere administered early today by Major Albert- N. Cole, medical The camp was astir today fla news of the arrival of ten prisoners wu circulated. The men were abient without leave when the regiment entrained but were rounded up and brought to the guardhouse here for and was being made ready today for ccjvery to the explorer. Grissora E. Haynes the pilot who orougnx; tne last monoplane nere displayed it at fields and airports In many of the largest cities in this country and also went as far south as Mexico City and Tamplco during his tour. Before the Fokker super-universal Is turned over to Commander Byrd she will be equipped with additional cruising radius to 2.500 miles for a non-stop flight over the Antarctic lec-cap. Kisses Woman In Movie; Receives Punch On Jaw NEW YORK, Aug. 11. During passionate love scene In a cheap cinema here, William Schnelli, 31, of klyn leaned over to the lady next to him and pressed a Mas on her brow for which be received a sound r the face from tho lady. The lady happened to be Mrs, Bophle Bekus- fclsky, 28, married and mother of two children. At court this morning, Tin, Eekus- kisfcv. who .is not frail by any means. said she thought that the poke 0: jaw had been sufficient punishment for eennem. The magistrate asreea. Bchnelll has a wife and two churn to support, so the case was dis- Sohnelli wo arrested as he fled from the theatre following his attempt at nelghDorly osculation. S. ft T. BldK., Nrv Executor's Notice. IMS 2S, , Executor's Notice If 0 Ik hereby given thatL,( s lndbted to said PRICKS PAID HERE FOR HAY AND GRAIN (Furnished by New Castle Feed and Coal Company, 1126-28 Moravia Street) No. 1 wheat, bushel $ l.-io No. 2 wheat, ousnei 1.30 Oats. No. 1 53 Corn, bushel 1.15 Nd. 1 rye 1.00 NO. 2 rye 90 No. 1 clover hay, ton 16 00 No. 2 clover hay. ton 14,00 No. 1 timothy hay 12.50 No. 2 timothy hay 11.50 Wheat straw, per ton 11.00 j Oats-straw, per ton 11.60 Rye straw, per ton 11.00 Buckwheat, per 100 lbs. .55 Believe Oldest Married Couple In World Found BELGRADE, Aug. 11. Probably the oldest married couple In th world has been found in a small Serbian village. Verbltza. near Aranjol-vatz. The husband, Dlmitljo Flltpo-vitch, 110. has been married slnoe Iho ago of eight to Jivana who is 107, The old couple live in a littla house and apparency happy. Both tre tse-tolers now but for years drank riothinjr but light wine. Dlmitilo tells Interesting stories of his boyhood and pact events of every sort; but Jivana la law talkative and has a horror of Camera men. On their recent anniversary photographers had a hard Jivana told the camera men that they had come around Just 90 years Coo late, for Uien they would have , found a pretty woman, New York Police Officer Injured Worlds Running Record Falls As Americans Win 1 LIVESTOCK I i MARKET 4 1 InkmiLtlflDid Htwi thrvlno Choice 15-1636, prime 14BD-1B3B, good 1460-19, tidy butchers 19-11, fair 13- 13, common P-lOSQ, occoman to good fat bulls 0-18, common to good fat iws 6-8SQ, heifers 11-13. fresh cows id springers 50-(12fi. veal calves Hi. Sheep and lamb Bupply light, mar ket steady; Good 850. lambs 163S, HOffr Receipts GOO. market higher; prime heavy nogs j.j-uu, neavy mused 1226-1S45, mediums 1250-1360, heavy yorfcers 1230-1360, light yorkers 1160-1175, pigs 11-UB0, roughs 10-1075. AmericaJi Running Team Takes Four Victories In Six Events In London Meet BRITISH RUNNERS ARE OUTCLASSED BTAMFORD0nBRmOE9rLONDON, Aug, 11. One world's record fell while four victories In the first six events were being credited to America its international dual meet with the Onited Kingdom today. The record also wont to America, its one rrme re- lav team of Qeonre Baird. Iowa; Mor gan Taylor, nunota A. C; Ray Bar- buti. Syracuse, and Kmeraon -una Spencer, Stanford, running in that order being timed In the hitherto unachieved mark of S: 15 2-5, The former world's record 3:16 4-5 was made by an American team from the Uni- rsity of Pennsylvania In 1B21. lowed closely upon the heels of tholr reoOTd-breaktng race to win the 1,600 metre relay title at the Olympic games. It also followed a victory of the Americans in the 440-yard relay event here, the Yankees beating; the United Kingdom after a great Tace. by Inches, The British E"e America almost as stern a fight in the one mile event, getting credit for beating the world's record themselves, They were timed in 3;lB S-0, However, their anchor man couldn't get within lour yards 01 Bud Spencer at tho tape. In the 400-yard relay, the American team of Prank wykoff. Jimmy Qulnn, Henry Cumming and Hank Russell was timed to S7 4-3 seoonds In outlasting the British to win by inches. America then named ite third, straight victory in winning the 480-yard shuttle hurdle relay, a strictly British event, in 62 seoonds. He said a nurse had told him :o take the run. The hospital said if Daufjherty paid the costs they would do nothing further about lc, Daughorty was broke and so was his mother so ho was being prosecuted.' When the alderman stepped out, so did Daugherty and no trace of him has been found yet. Baried Sunday Missing Payroll Of McKeesuort Mill Is Found Aboard Train UNDERCURRENT Thousands Of Croatian Peasants View Body Of Well Loved Political Leader j Many traveled by rail and it was nS-I ccssary to run special trains to han-I die the immense multitude. All were i dressed in their bright, national at tire with many colored jackets ana trousers for the men and equally (randy dresses for the women. Germany Celebrates Constitution Day Tin Plate Official. Rather Wor-ried As Mail Clerk's Overlook $228,000 Payroll BITTER FEELING PITTSBURGH. AUH. : the McKcesnort Tin Plate com pany nearly had "heart failure" to ol! mysteriously di-jappucd while en route from here to the company's plant in MclCeesport. Spreading the alarm that the pay-iU had been stolen, the company's officials, bank officers. McKeesport police, local police ana rauroaa po lice started tuminif the countrysldi topsy-turvy In an effort to locate the missing package. After more than two hours of search the money was found aboard the Baltimore and Ohio railroad train, where It had been placed be taken to McKeesport. Discovery was no: made unti; the tram reached Rockwood in Somerset fJ2C .OiJC -as all intact. The train clerks said tiiey overlooked It when the train stopped at McKees- (InUrnHlnniil w Gc;:ce) AGRAM. CROATIA, Jugoslavia, Aug. 11. Thousands of men and women, most of them from the peasantry, today looked for the last time Officials ; uPon th0 features ot tneir wen laveu of the Crotia.!"! Peasant-Democratic party, whose body rested in state. Ke will be buried tomorrow with solemn honors and thle ancient city ft-1.; be the scene of such grief as it has seldom known in a!! the centuries of its existence. Despite the undercurrent of bitter feeling against the Belgrade soven.- EERLIN. Aug. 11. Al! united today in observing C Hon day, the ninth anniversary of tho signing or the Weimar Constitution which established the Republic. Tho Republican black, red and golf banner rev from public and private buildings througout the Reich. A special appeal was Lasued by the mayor of Berlin to all tealdents to decorate their homes with the Republican colors. The Reichstag building will be 11- fireworks display. Legion Convention At Uniontom Pa. American Athletes Defeat British STAMFORD BRIDGE, London, Aug, 11. Showing a complete reversal of their Oljinplo form, American athletes established one world's record and two British marks In defeating the United Kingdom Jn the dual games between the two nations before a crowd of 45,000 today. Before as suring themselves of a' team victory TO-xat the throw tc make the score 8 to 3 to their favor, the Americans established a world's record of 3 IS S-5 in the one-mile relay and also broke the British standards In the ooia vault and runnins i broad Jump, " j LESLIE FAMILY RETJ5JTON, ALLENTOWN, Pa., Aug, 11. Po-! Annual reunion of the Leslie fam- lioeman have not caught Barney 1 Hy will be held Saturday, August 2 Dauffherty, 34. yourte man, who walk- at the Leonard school house near Mo- IsHcner was talking over the 'phone. ! j lent was that he had taken the am bulance of thB Sacred H&art hosplta! and taken a toy ride through the Per- kiomen valley nearly to Philadelphia. ment Croatia remained tranquil Out Members of the Perry 5. Gaston of respect for the memory 01 the dead political chiertaln. It is expected that the funeral tomorrow will excel anything ever known in Jugoslavia. This city is already jammed with peasants and others from all Croatia, Slavonia, Bos- d LV..r cthers traved in c -drawn wagons. Post are preparing for the annual o venon 01 Lnc aiace orgaruzauon which takes place in Unlontown, Pa., on August 23, 34 and 23. The delegates of the local post are Post Commander Harry .71. Long. District Deputy Pat J. Demsey and Jrn S. McKibben. Many other members of the iost are planning to attend also. In Ambulance PEAR NOAH -NNHEH MISS AJftERiCAPUT CH HEW DRESS AT ATLANTIC. Cm, DID HER ONCLS NOAJl? IS COULD I VJ?M UP MY SCp Just Among Us Girls NEW YORK, Aug, 11 Observing round package in a newspaper '.n &bw i front of the barbfirshin of James Qlo- 1 vanm on Second avenue e&rly today Police Sergeant John ureen piocea it up to investigate'. A black powder bomb hidden in the package explod ed with a terrific detonation. Green was knocked unconscious and is in a critical condition at a hospital, Ho suffered numerous lajcerations and burns, part of hia uniform was blown off and the explosion ripped a hole in the sidewalk. TVtfictives believe the bomb ..1B3H piantea as a s v is a union shop. n Silt PIfmC AT PARK Emnloves of the South East Ohio Gas Company, Youngstown, and :mny. WCiay are piciutiuuis :ade Park, WEEKLY REVIEW OF NEW YORK MARKET bj- w. s. cousrws .cre'procipto' vWou'.. A bails for -is. ffr o:V !":i' Lr"Lr.irj:yJ Byrd Expedition Plane Ends Tour Of United States fTntrnii;loniii Heirs ftoTvloo! TETERBORO, N, J., Aug. 11, End-i(? a tour of 10.000 miles tlu-outrh the United States the Fokker Mononlane selected by Commander Riokard E. Byrd for Antarctic exploration arrived at the Teterboro airport here FORTUNE WHEEL lb says I'm marry hov many times 1 ' THE OLD HOME TOWN . Staajer Br"" Sj SAit -tour, heasttt U fcrJH-Trir-eor kad ' ano it was too hot WW A CSOOD FUTURE-) 1 TO TAKE- AMY CHANCES" Q- Q SJ HAZARDS OF tSOL-F-OlM TH HOTTEST" IN VAL.LV PARK FULFIUL.ED THGT AMBITJOM OF MIS LIFE ME PIATH"D THIRTV SIX MOLES T SDLF )N ONE DAY-THIHN WALKED Hovte. - - w,t,e u v.-. THE BOY 3 STEPPED LIVELY BY PAUL RCELMSC VWM" PU2.X,LES MS IS rlOW'-THE MEI5EY WIOOVJ COULD MArrC" MERIcY Vjhen 1 HAD ALLTUE FEULOVJ3 IH OYIH. HSKKT AT W Imagine: vn'HO -Thefts alwi? r- vokks ox oJNg m r T Do v;f,s p 6uvw.q J StWlEIHiNCT&J 'PftetVDEVlDOW MIXED j KGif RAC, AWO fOHOf -TpflfE THE JOX J N0 N fW,NG J-jfc Jn EOT J , 11113 -fiAE WfcUL. F?0 ONE rX ETfr and -the merry Vjidovj declare war SrVOPKOUtS rorthccail to ARMS' NOW! IS -the -time, Fbr an good HEM -to come, Tjothe aid or PARTIES.'

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