The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 8, 1955 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 8
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i,j Upp«r Dftt MoinM tKtWwJay, ^ D^'cembef 8, 1955 favings cr> . ** CRBI* &EC*K A tun* et Tlitt. * M thUt Wot Muck At Aaftblac. WclL it vras on December 3rd that winter Really arrived ,te Algona with raifi and snow a'nd ice and? everything else that goes with winter, so to speak. On Saturday and Sunday the streets were so icy and sJick that a gent almost top): his life in his hands when he started the car. And several gents suggested that it might be 'smart U»- put skates on the wheels instead of chains and just sort* of glide around. And it was ewn suggested by several that wiUir skates instead of chains there wa£ a lot of excitement and fun:' in "view and at limes racing in the streets* -' rfes,,it was a real wirttty arigle aH around and now we •; are practicing and getting used to ihe winter driving so to ''speak. was the other day ibat Becker Wei, liov. 20t| Mr and Mrs William H. who were married Nov. 20 in the Hellenic Orthodox'. Church ' at Mason City, are' shown in : the above photo. The bride is the found another gent here who is. a pipe puffer sfad pipe smdker "and it proved to be-.-Bill* 1 Becker and I gbt to give it. -to him he sure knows aM of the 100 per cent angles that go with pipe puffing - and pipe smoking, so to speak. It just looks like he is second in the pipe' puffing and pipe smoking angle with the city's leader, Eddie Schackleford, tops pipe puffer and pipe smoker. And "Bill" has a collection of nineteen pipes as compared with Eddie's twenty- five. Yes, they are both tops in pipe- puffing and pipe smoking and I'd suggest that some day they get together and hold a competitive pipe smoking session and so could learn which of the two migjil be the leader and tops in all .pf the smoking angles from Ihe 'time the pipe was lit and until the asheiTpere- disposed of. former Efthimia KaramitrcK, daughter of Mr and Mrs, Sam Kara- I l snilros - of Mason City, and,; Ire I asked Billtas t°; how often did he clean his .pipe and how did he do it and he ,t03d me that after smoking *a jaWe, cqntseculjvely for three weeteTSe attached ItJ to a water pipej acfljso" sh»t several suridred gallons* of 2 'a<j[ua .- plira through the* stem and the bead and resultaptlyv got '• a ' cleaned pipe again, because: ,on account of he wanted every vestige of, the tobacco and ashes removed."! asked_ both Bill .ianjA- Eddie, jyhy didn't they take on'cigaret smoking] and they bofe, Argued thai from a pipe they could smoke until there was no more to smoke but. with a cigaret they had to waste an inch of it and throw 'it away because of too close of neat to their face, so to speak. Be thaj; as it may these two gents areijSwelJ eajoyers of the pipe and^its smoke. According to ' governmen 1 weather observers the 3955 November was much more colder *han the 1954 November. It was .'he coldest November since 1930. The average ..daUy'.Jemperaturc was 29.35 degrees/ compared to bridegroom" is the son of Mr an,3 Mrs Wflliam Becker, Sr. of Algona.- . The Reverends. Kostsrakfe and Arseniow performed She ceremony. Maid of honor was Bess Karamitros, sister of 5 he bride. The bride attended Mascn Citv, Junior College, Luther College' ana Iowa Stale Teachers and is teaching voca! .music at Rudd. The bridegroom is a 'graduate 01 Algona high school and Iowa Teachers. He is instrumental music instructor at Rudd. Following a wedding trip to Minneapolis, the couple is living in Mason City. an average for this area of 36.2 degrees. The low mark for the month reached .2 below, on Nov. 30 and it was the ealdfest Novemr ber rewarding ana decade. And along with the chills -are also-had Sight snow flurries and in fact the"-past November was the most wintry of any November' in a quarter -century, «j to 'speak. However, folfe sort of became aeeustamed to the chills and no*- thai winter is here in earnest »ve sort of don't mind il so much. And now we'are beginning Jo Ual? Or do, ent yfetf lit* pondiuon of slr*et* hie a highly an-d Joyous airt*e|ning for She youBSsiers b**ause of» a«s count of sled and skateshadfebce 11 dug up -and 'here has beetf iniith of ?sating and s3«ddmg. Ih fact.' one youngster told me thai this was .something he *as. really getting a kick w& of'and he toA never "had an iC)pj>art.uaii3r 5o get. so much out of his SkaSes and . ____ „ _____ Who have : j : because ; Ufi ' AM ii fr (tttdet- . ..__. and slippery * cdndi ' ••-••"• - Mrs Elizabeth Rites Held* « WhUl emore— Funeral services for Mrs Elizabeth : EJseie. 88, were he2d Satwday-awM^ing,, Dee. 3, at 9:30 in St MicbaeTs church. Rev. Edward Fandtel of Rockwell City, her nephew, officiated. earere -srere her six grandsons, Joseph Eisefe. Clemens Bisenius, tiajSnond K o 31 a s c h. L3<oJ-tl JtoJUaseh. -Franklin -and Mark Bods. Altar buys were PauJ Efeete. Merle Koliasch, aud Arnold Eisele. The Hyink Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangements. Interment was at "the St Michael's cemeiery in the fainSy Jot- Mrs Elizabeth Esele was ihe daughter of Mr and Mrs Conrad Keiker and was born Feb. 14. 3S67 a5 Lounles. ffl- She received her educalicn at Ihe L/ourdes schools and grew up in that vaciiuty. In 1S34. she was married So Joseph _Eise3e, at Pontiac, 113. Alter farming for eight years in Illinois they came 3.o Iowa in and established their home on a farm three miles weft oi Whitlemore. In the fall of 193$ Mr Eisele tough! s. home in Whiileraiore, and ejrpecled lo move Jiere and retire from his farm, but he became ill and passe-o away SSarch !. 1939. Mrs Eiseile aiad her daughter Alice moved here •where she has since laved. Two weeks ago .she was taken to St- Arm hospital where she passed -away Thursday. Dec. 1. In May 1947 Mrs Eis«]e had the isforume to fall and was confined to her bed part of the lime End for ihe past seven years she has been bedfast, but has never complain edL Wednesday attended .the fui of+ArcWe Johnson, at Mapleton, Mnn. Others who attended \M funeral from here /Were J4f' aiid ' Mrs Norman .., Schuliz, and Mr and Mrs Maahs. Mr "Johnson is by ihis wife and nine sirs Johnson is the former deft,: daughter of Mr • and; Jofin Bell. - • -••--;-> Mr and Mrs Henry Kueck of Lone Rock and Mrs MaJhilda Meyer of-'here were last "wheele fu-esdav evening callers at Hfe Arthur Heidenwith home. Wednesday evening callers werelMr* and Mrs Elmer Ostwald and Herbert P0*ratz. „••-•'• ; - • ;* Milton Espe drove, to Roches! er " Thursday afternoon, »He was accompanied by Mrs J$eari Hanson, who went through* the Mayo Clinic. Mr Espe returned home Friday night. , '; Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heiden- wiih ana son tyle, 34r and : ?Mts Arlhiir Heidenwith and Mn and llrs Herbert Potratz of here, June Schmeling of Emmetsburg; and Shirley Baker of Good Hope Sunday evening .visitor* Mr and Mrs Norman Schultz to help Mr Sehultz celebrate his birthday. . . ' • from Whittemore attend' She leaves one son, Frank and j gona. ed the niisceUaneous shower in honor of Helen Gade of Algooa, daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur Gade of Algona, held Sunday afternoon in the Inunaoifel Lu-; theran church basement in. Lotts Creek- Miss Gade will marry Duane L_5eb, son t-f Mr and Mre Edwin Lieb of Lotts Creek, Sunday afternoon, Dec. 11, in the Trinity Lutheran church in Al- four daughters. Genevie_ve (.Mrs Frank KollaschK Lydia <Mrs James Biseniusi. Alice <>Irs Daniel Folevj of Whittemore. and think of Santa and as well asjMarv <Mrs Herman Bode) ol we are going into the Christmas i Wesley. One son Albert precsd- gift figuring and buying, so 10 speak. And we are feeling of and stretching our purse to meet up with the Christmas gifts and so forth. But I pulled a goc-d ore this year by putting away each week a bit o_f change and nov.- that my Christmas baying has been taken care of I "have no worries and no bills and, believe me, . thai really is something. Don't Kave to pinch and pinch ed her in death in 1931. iho.-e fxoii: here who attended the fun-ra3 £t Watertovno; .Wis. of their former teacher. William SthmseL ^.'ere Mr acd Mrs Nick Gentler. ^5r aod Mrs WiBiaaj Dreyer, and Mrs Lawrence fe) and Arthur Zumach' Creek. Mr and Mrs" "H"er5ert" Potratz. Mrs Otto Ruhnke, and Mrs Adelia Mej-er r<f Vi'hittemcjrc of A3- weekjy lo be paying up Chrisi-,2nd Arthur Fuerrteaau mas bills 'or months as was ihe; gc^a. case in the old days, II i= sairit- j ?»li and Mrs E Mr aud Mrs Herman Voigt entertained a group of friends and relatives at pinochle last Wednesday night. The guests included Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt^'Mr and Mrs Simon Weber, '"Mr' and Mrs-Arthur, H&denwith, Mr and Mrs Thomas Dmnphy, Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer, Mr. and Mrs George Meyer, Mr and .Mrs Haf old Kuecker aad MiS Henry WichiendafeL Mr and Mrs J. S. Jford^et en : number oi.neighbarj ...... 'iitft .lindT; as visited 5 Frieda Sifms aM : Stond^;ei*niiig. , : : ?Vfc ; and M*s 1 and BinTly W 1 Qerald Ollom aqd Rosella Voigt of Alga** «e«: : Sunday Breaks Leg BT The Vaiag* S*Jttt>a*- Illness and ailcldents have hit hard at Sexton 'during tfe holidays. Mrs plena Gab- nelson was tne latest victim: Her leg was broken when she fell "while leaving the Don Krause "home at Wesley. She will be confined to her rocking chair for two weeks and then will be put m. a walking cast. Her mother, Mrs Vintiie Laymon. has taken tfver the. household chores. • f i Mrs August Kirschbaum is re- feo^ering' from a severe flu aU lack Which started on Thanksgiving Cay. . Mrs John Jennings and Mr£ Erank Webb of Wesley have been helping in the care of Mrs^ Fred Jennings at St Ann hospital. Mrs John Huff is now on the road to recovery after major surgery at Mercy hospital in Mason City- Mr Huff has stayed at. Mason City the past week with her parents. Mr and Mrs Andrew Baker. Mrs Huff has enjoyed visits from friends in this are'a. Mr and Mrs Eugene Huff have been at the home place. Mrs Orville Johnson returned to her home at Jolley after helping her new grandson get settled at Ihe Bob Kelley's. The Friendly Club luncheon be held Dec. 15 in Algona., illi ySi-iCS-I-**?»*"?-t'.'-j. i ie 7 "" 5 i2" i; S'': l—On llov.;2? the Daii Froehlich Jr. „„ * Sunday'-, dinner „ Itflfle home of th* Ban f^rdeMick Sr^ hoiMe iri St-lSene- sisler arid•Ibrothep'ia-la^'Mr and Mrs Sanfortf Mitchell who were rtoeatl jried, -:ahd f who now are in,Okl ,-where Sanford will gb". tof •"'""-•'• " ' vicinity serious Ackley. former "the Uni taken t bulance., (Helen 1went down to hear of the Joe;SHanig -/of "ofthe irndbrf er. He B* in Jfiwpital; and was" "" 29 ^^ : same evening to be i* hun> i ne St Benedict card "club was held at f the- home -'of Mrs John PreuscW, Dec. -6.^ ' i •: Anyone, naving nejitfs- ? ft to me so toftilimay jriaii ifcipllhp Monday/morning's mail. j may leave as- early as*. 9:30^ so please call- early enough to, give me sufficient time to get it writ- K';> "•:. ':-''-. il : 'V ; ' : v St- 'Benedict Town an8 Country Club held its Christmas party Wednesday evening at the home ~Qt; •• Dorothy y Arndbrfer. There was an exchange of gifts & lunch at, the". end of meeting. Leon a Downs was- co-hostess. ten: The Five generations posed for one picture at Manning recently. Oldest was Mrs Hans Moller, 97, youngest was her great, 'great grandson, Randy: Jahn, age two months. • "'. "* • . . - " < '• LONG AFTER CHRISTMAS ISA . . . . Deltoxfibrili ..T IT'S NEW! IT'S BLENDED WftH WONDER Here's a ruq texture that's fast becoming the rage of evWy smart home decorator. KVkeyed to today «iCa?ual living and so very practical, too; They fee^ like wool rug* under foot, yet They have no "nap" to catch dust arid dirt. These rugs are priced within the reach of every home need. For recreation rooms, sun porches, bedrooms and hying rooms. They're extra delightful for a fill-in rug prior to carpeting ... and then they can be used elsewhere. Look over our beautiful selections, today, there's a color combination and pattern to suit every home decor. AVAILABLE IN ANY SIZE YOU WANT'! -^ 9'x 12'... .$24.95 See and Feel This Dramatically Different r Rug' Texture! Now on Display In Our Storel BUILDING SUPPLY Phone 275 Algona and Mrs Archie Voigt and son James, Mr and MfS Herman Vojgl of here and Mr and Mrs j Gerald OHom and Roselsa Voigl Si-ems spent J of AJgona. Ihiug thai gives of joy to a g"n* i Jast week Monday and Tuesday j Sirs Jfsjnmie Kuecker who had and next year why don't you take j at "he horns of Mr ar.d Mrs Har- j been slaying at the home of her care of your Christmas gill ex-Sold Kun'.z a3 Ute. Iowa, ap.d on I daughter. Mrs Ruth Schultz, be- "Best car manufactured in America today" Mr. Floyd Clyimr That's what Floyd Clymer, famous automobile authority, said about Chrysler in Popular Mechanics (October) } i "/ hare tested many fine aitloniobih-s oi'er alt kinds of terrain," writer .Mr. Clymer, "and in my jud</meiii U the bat automobile iii in America today." When you compare ihis Chr>v!er v.iih -ihe ovher two mujor cars in i! 5 pii.x- class, you will be in for an tit'cijirMnj: awakening, tin aim ihi.\ ij ;>u,\<_r Jri>inj IU it Has imam w be. Vo.i pu,h ihe "D" on the Pi;-.hbut!on Po«e;H:!t l):i^J :.nj ^ nii;;h!> airplane- t;.pc i-r'.-ir; v.hivi.s >oj j.i.,> i,"i an in- sij.ii. 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