Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1973 · Page 43
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 43

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1973
Page 43
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'44 Getesburo Register-Moil, folesburg, Thursday, July 5, 1973 SHOttT RtDS (BUZ SAWYER UfclWUPll&NAlUGAU 10 B<ANVWAVf Walt Dliney'i SCAMP BUGS BUNNY THE •TAINft ON THIS CBlUN0*HOWTHAT THE VVOOF LCAKC1 ^ A u 'L flwNT Hem. SOME PLACTM WALLS ARB PAPER -THIN OOP5I > I; Transportation ftwltagton Northern Etstbomd aMS Chicago (Mon.-Sat.) . 7:35 a.tri. 4 Chicago (Mon.-Sun.) 7:53 sun. tfttMW At Aurora only) <4M KKKD (Sun. only) 10:20 a.m. BorlAgton Northern Westbound 8 9tnv«r-S.F. 7:10 pJh. ;BorHb|t(m Northern Southbound •147 j|uincy 8:40 p.m. ^Santa Fe Eastbonnd Chicago 9:08 ajn. Chicago lo.-io a .m. £SajitaFe Westbound Houston 8:00 pjn. fcos Angela* . 9:23 pjn. BUS SCHEDULE Westbound jest Cout 7:00 a.m. Mst Coast „.___„__. 5:20 p .m IB 44 15 9 tr To To •To Davenport (la.) and West Coast (Fri. and 8an.) —- •=» P" 1 Departure Eastbonnd To To To TO To To To ro2 810 803 807 Peoria-Indianapolls -12:03 p.m. Chicago-East Coast ..12:05 p.m. Chicago-East Coast 7:20 p.m. Peorla-Indlanapolis 7:20 p.m, Southbound Springfield (111.), St. Louts (Mo.) and points south u 12:05 p.m Springfield (111.), St. Louis (Mo.) and points south (Fri.-Sun.) 4.05 pjn. St. Loula 5:20 p.m. AIRLINE SCHEDULE Ozark Northbound To Chicago* 8:35 a.m. '(Except Sunday: 70S becomes 790 departing S>00 ajn.) To Chicago — 0:35 p.m. Ozark Southbound To St. Louis 10:22 a.m. To St. Louis 8:42 pjn. Jacoby m On Bridge Good Knigfa TcJSirMordred m NORTH 4QJ65 " «/J972 » 483 * *Q85 r EAST • 3 *Q10854 ¥83 e>KJ •AQ9765J e £|0764S e>J92 * SOUTH (D) * • AK109842 ^ */AK S 4104 I 4AK ^ Both vulnerable. West North East Booth w~ 24 P|M 44 Pass 54 Flu 54 Pets 64 Piss Pass Pass •JDpenlnglead -f -K By* Oswald & James Jacoby Galahad the pure in spirit setofri got into the bridge Cgairtjs at the square table, He *!|ett jhai card playing did not tip weill with the search for *mb Kaly Grail. St AC the- same time, Galahad s^too much of a gentonan ..... refuse to make up a game -|$heft he wias needed and we ' findfhJm sitting West in the ^'Siege Perilous." Tim Wily Mordred knew that rfOawiin's four-spade bid denied ' po&fession of an ace or king. Thej didn't use artificial two: cUab-bids in the days of King Artt&V out they did follow the - precepts of the sage Merlin Cu&bjrldotv Misrdred should have passed 9t for spades, but he had little reeptct for Galahad's bridge ; gang and decided on a spot of 'deception. Hence, his five-dia v fnoni call. Ihe deception boomeranged • fjgh$ back in Mordred's face- : : Qajlahad thought a while. Af: 4er §11 you should always eon< thdet the lead against a slam ;:«« bateiwlly as passible. He ;.was* familiar with Mordred's rwm&xi for trickery and de- cek,tjrt came to the conclusion i that' Uie five-diamond call was uiterifed to stop a diamond lead. ; Then he played his king of djajjefids and another bit of Mordred villainy had been foiled. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) | Station WGIL Radio AM Schedule 1400 Kilocycles MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.•4:55—Sign On Portals of Prayer 5:00—News 5:05—Music 5:25—Collins Market 5:30—RFD Illinois 6:00—News 6.10—Music 6:30—News NLS it Sports 6:40—Muiio 7:00—News 7:10—Music 7:30—News 7:45—Music 7:55— Aviator's Forecast 8:00—News NLS & Sports 8:10—Music ••8:20—Midwest Photo 8:30—News 8:35—Music 8:55—Pink and Blue 9:00—News 9:05— Speak Easy 9:30—News 6:35— Speak Easy 10:00—News .... 10:05—Mid-Morning Markets 10:10—Speak Easy News on the Hour and 10:30—News 10 -.35—Problem & Solution 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30—News 11:35—Music 11:55—Portals of Prayer P.M.— 12:00—News 12:05—Markets & Farm News 12:15—Extension Advisor 12:25—Weather 12:30—News U:35— News 12;50-rSports • . 12 ;55—Jack Anderson 1:00—News • 1:05—Music During the Afternoon Half Hour. Otherwise Music 5:00—News 5:05—News 5:20—Bill Miller—State Capitol 5:25— Markets at a Glance 5:26— Steve McCormick 5:30—News 5:35—Sports 5:55—Jimmy The Greek 6:00—News ••* 6:05—Music At Night, News on the Hour and Half Hour. Otherwise Music 10:00—Nightcap News 10:15—News in the World Today 10:30—News ••••10:35—Music 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30— Sports Scores 11:35—Music All Night Long News On The Hour and Half Hour, Otherwise Music NOTE: •—Monday Only ••—Thursday Only . •••—Sportsline Tuesday Only ••••—On Friday Night Sporta Roundtable Station WGIL Radio FM Schedule OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With M«|. Hoople "THAT WAS Atf N£5 BAXTER/ SHE THEIR BACK VARP. BARREL EXPL0PEP WHEN HER HUSBANP BURNEP TRASH.'AFTER HE RECOVERED FR0M THE 5H06K HE CALLED THE WLICE: co THEY RE ON THEIR WAV/ LEAVE IT TO BAXTER To MAKE A FEDERAL CASE CUT OK A SIMPLE BOYISH PRANK! BUT VOKTVlOttY, PET, ILL TELEPHONE A PERSONAL FRIEND.'HES A KEY FWURBIHTHE LEGAL PROFESSION ^ ) 1973 Vr NEAT'i«.TX. **. VS. M, Off. . e kNOW0 A NOTARY, PUBLIC* 1* Waft WINTHROP CAPTAIN EASY . KAY KMMBfL, IPOM'TKNOWw POWM ArTHB LAKE 4 H 0 R£ a. PROEABU^ ; UKE4 TO 6TTOLL THE IN THf MOOWLIOlHr BY fOK H0UK4...0K ' 5HB TCLL^ AA »1 /OHNNY HAZARD OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williami HOLD (T --HOLD . VTU WHAT ARE rA VOL. POIW HERE? JUST TRVIM' TO KEEP YOU FROM THEOWIM' A FIT/ OUZ BALL'S STUCK UP IN TH' GUTTER, AKI' lOU KEEP y HARPIM' OKI HOW PAUSEBOU& IT IS J FOR ME TO OLIMft LAPPERS.' THE WORRY WART 1-$ h MA. to. Tit »«-«•»«- — »,ANC TWO* WELL,lN<3A„TWo' H16 THINS&V/E KNOWfef ^^J" MOwyONE^THAT Y^.^TL.-. TRB6 HOUSE WA&THC REASON V/ff^Z^^i ALLEY OOP Noon—National News, Farm Markets & News, St Extension Advisor Program 12 :30—Noon News (NaVl., Local) l:00^-Country Music in Stereo 4:15—News 4 :25— Howard Coeell Speaking on Sports. 4:30— Country Music in Stereo 5:00—News (Nat'l., Local) 5:30—The Ralph Emery Show 6:30—Country Music in Stereo WGIL-FM will broadcast sporting events of area and national interest. Check WGIL'i sports schedule in Monday's Register-Mail for exact tuna. News from the American FM Radio Network can be heard on WGIL-FM «| fifteen after each hour. Station WAHC Radio Program Schedule Note: Monday's schedule is the same as Tuesday through Friday i except that the station Is off the aia ftom Midnight to 5:00 AM. TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Midnight—Nighttime Music 5:00—News and Sports 5:05—Wake Up Show 5:30—RFD In Illinois 6:00—News, Weather 6c Sports 6:10—Wake Up Show 6:30—News. Weather & Sports 6:40— Wake Up Show 6:55—Complete Weather Show 7:00—Country Music in Stereo 7:30—Breakfast Edition of th« News 7:45—Country Music In Stereo 8:15—News 8:20—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports 6:25—Country Music in Stereo P.M.— MONDAY THROUQH FRIDAY A.M.— 6:00—Daybreak with Swick St Rog 6:55—Weather cast 7:25—Swick on Sports 7:30—Paul Harvey News 7:35—Local News 7:50—Astroguider 8:05— Weathercast 8:10—Memory Lajia 8:35—Viewpoint 8:45—Town Crier 9:45—ABC World of Sporta 10:05—Farm Market Flash 10:06—Galesburg Reports 11:05—Tradio 11:30 Morning Muslo P.M.— 12:00—Paul Harvey News 12:15— Local News 12:30—Order Buyers Report 12:40—Swick on Sports 1:00—State News 1:35—Viewpoint 2:40—Job Finaer 2:45—Town Crier 3:10—ABC Business News 2:35—Vlewpojnt 3:45—ABC World of Sports 4:05—Farm Market Flash 4:35—Club 38 5:06 Business News-, . 5:10 Club 38 5:10—Club 38 5:35—Reynolds Commentary 5:45—ABC Sports , ; 5:50—Dinner Music 6:35—Viewpoint 6:40—Easy Listening Local News on the Homr ARC News on the Half Hotti Matter of Fact I AM KING BRUDEI, THE FIRST*. THE BORN LOSER Czechoslovakia won the world amateur hockey championship held at Prague, Apr. SO. 1972. cap* turing the title from the Soviet union, which had rt« mained undefeated since 1962, The World Almanac notes. In the U.S., Boston University won the 1972 Collegiate Hockey Championship by defeating Cornell University, 4-0, at Boston Gardens on March 18. „ Copyright © 1*73, Newspaper Bnterprlsa Ana. ttHtm\ % \ m h m, t«, w i» m N. ctv. FRANK AND ERNEST

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