New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1925 · Page 20
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 20

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1925
Page 20
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TWENTY NtTW CASTLtT NfWS, THURSDAY, j UNfcf 4, 1925. A certified Friday Bargain means a. lower price on like jroods tn on any other day of the entire week. Thug, a certified Frs-y Earcain is guaranteed to bo a. lower price or your money back. Exti-a Friday Bargain On Main Floor Full count, large cut athletic nain- f il ! sooX' Union Suits with elastic back MF 7c Sateen "Work Extra Fridav Bargain On M'n Floor Black Sateen Work I lTXLThi&. 85c Extra Friday Bargain In Boys' Store Boys' Athletic Knit ' 4Q Union Suits . .tOw Extra Friday Bargain In Boys' Store I silk Hose OWU Work Panta -1 '"' I -I High Count Athletic CQf Ladies' Silk and Ffbre "7Q I ! " ! TJOW thousand oi women, br "'""A P"'eMloni 'voted for j : aV.hbver ?'S Z-lL0rSdn ll '' r YouJca" ( c'ea 'ou,r head eSSSl haney's liiSlii?iiS0:: The FamOUS Grand 0p s locomotlveb m tng l Halpem alleged owner of r.amde School Stocklncs 1 5C J Khaki Pants 5 1 -55 Frit 5"' 'J'VpiVJ mon which' the pastor thought' had M ' 3 I -XS. ss"! i7o hassssi.. :3c HANEY'S KImm SejBSB 1 ;a n H7llli rf fiSJl iTr"""; iTv-t Notice . SWy ar J ' The Liberty , Sk W Vew GlStU Otm i rmir22JxsssSiissi:.--,- -.- ------- --gjj I Ilea IFC . I-catch :he rr. --Uiv. Bio- g A. ) W" ' I The Old Car Too Can I: graphical Ben ..-..very f KCCl Cotton - I can be rented for enter- Receive Admiring Jl SST 5 , ) J The present is an age of wanting j Ws etc I Looks By being u, , ,." things we haven't monev to buv. ji fl "DUCO" Finished L JT Z J ''"W Sijlj For full particuJnrs roirardinc 1 LM tUmk. .jjjffl SjsLji ! A good way to ger the money is nic retina of The Liberty I , a wTiFNTF 1 I H Gruabl 1 wr31 i through a Savings Account. Money ac- 1 1 I " tft!- I - , TTTnfrtRiT V-m E" BP' Hp W M m cumufated by patient, regular saving is I 1 .Mk"a I Anir' p-fe-T I MtiA 2 different from other money one spends j I 1 -nuco Lasts- Ii Lfl ft V Jm it only for real values, or invests it care- j 5 rimwum i imiii tibJ M HS y p We would like to help you get the """"nBIM"""",KE5!fl j i ij things you want. ;j 1 Specials On Oils I TH jPTOTO' 1 can . u. . rjmuil Ul Villi AJZT m m P tt.nno MaC.nn D. , ll,ti...u- t n I I ugmt credit 3er- I ID! A uuixoiia iwaiiuiifli udiia B'I ,Zh;9-;vi I I that appeal, to ' UiBi i up0'Uie-minuie Teoiures. .ornpiew iiuowau. ilual.caHea...S1.2l ;telligent people. SffiffiSB W ' f Splendid ReStflUrant flndPlCIliC fOClUSs li r1 II R All FV'51 Ml rSSUi; I 1 A.VTO SUPPLY ! - ABOUT IT . iStEE? , IL aaaail I """" S"" I ' ; lHlJ j 95c l Knit Union Suit: Xow Novelty Collar SfUeen ... $1 .85- f and-Crash Pant 4 c Men's Full Site White QOr Apron Overalls WWW -Th l;l5gai.canMcd....$3.50l ftfi imi fhMStkl )ff Gossip c Staff Cmtspanduis fopulation . , By COPELAND C. BURG, 5atmn.tioal Nw lima BtafI Corrtkponfleat LOS ANGELES. June 4. Spori activities are daily growing in this city growing faster than a grape ranch in full bloom. " Los Angeles, with new activities in boxing, wrestling, swimming, golf ancl other sports, is rapidly becoming a. eport center which- rivals New York. Passage of the loriK-bout boxing law. has brought scores or new boxing clubs to Southern California, and more than thirty are now operating in Los Angeles and. vicinity. forth, is now neariuc compli tion. It cost J350.000 and will seat 15,000 persons. It is said to be the largest in door amusement palace .west of thi Mississippi. Golt is' one of, the supreme sports m jos Angeies, ror toe weacn' permits piay almost every aay in the year more are now more than torty i the c AmotE the i are Rio Hondo, Los JUICE OF LEMON WHITENS THE SKIN The only harmless way to bleach he skin white' is to mix the juice of' wo lemons with ihroc ouates of Orchard W h i t e, which any druggist will supply for a few cents. Shake well in a bottle,1 and you have a whole quarter-pint of the most wonderful skin w'hltener. softener and baautifier. , Massage this sweetly fragrant lemon bleach into the face, neck, brine that, clear, youtntul sum and rosy-white complexion; also as a freckle, sunburn and tan bleach. You muBt mix .this remarkable lotion yourself. It can not be bought readv to use because it acts best immediately after it is prepared. TENOR BANJO '15 FREE! N Wurlitz.r CaUlof KtU 5,000 Mii'iicl hitrummU M KREMW"lmu Ue cent in threV weeks.. ' jvoud tor tbe ,orC r ff'ij SSO-V Of ln lmo ; as yet. Athe'ns-or.-the-Hll ' and Enclno, where ' beautiful courses have been A movement is now on foot to bring here annually the leading British and American professional and amateur stars to add to the in- Los Angeles Is soon to have a. million-dollar baseball home. . Work on the new park of William Wrlgley, the chicle king, owner of. the Los Angeles team of the Pacific Coast baseball League, Is being, speeddd up, and the park will be completed this summer. Ii will seat 3 0,000 persons, . The new structure' will be as modern a? those tn major Isajue parks and "will cost, exclusive of. trie grounds, ,pSRD,000. Case Del Mar""is the name of Los Angeles' latest beach club. An elaborate clubhouse, on Santa Monica Beach, will be opened by the club this 'summer. Another new swimming palace, which is soon to be opened is owned by the Egyptian Salt. Water Swimming Club. The plunge is 100 by 300 feet and is located 9 00 feet, behind the breakers on Exposition. Promoter Lou .Daro and his rival. Kenneth M. Dix. win revive wrestling here within a short time. Daro 'will stage his contests at the Olympic Auditorium, and Dtx will use Jack Doyle's arena at Yer- Lewis, Munn and other leaders in the mat game will be featured in Los Angeles matches, Both Daro and Eix are reported to be after the services of the wrestling stars, and a. mat-game 'war" is predicted, A contest for the world championship has been promised ;ans 4by both promoters. Herrmann Hearing Is Continued To Tuesday, June 30 STV',ToulS?ajuniT V Yh pre-liminary hearing of August (Garryl Herrmann, owner oi the Cincinnati Reds, charged with the illegal possession of beer, waf Wednesday continued until Juno 30, at the request of Special Assistant Attorney General John C. C. Dyott. Dyott did not assign any reason for asking the continuance. The continuance also applied to seven ' members of the Loyal Red Boosters, Cincinnati Ian organiza tion who were jointly charged following the Stateler Hotel raid on April 23. when eleven barrels of beer were seized. Gasoline Price Increased Cent (lULLBmrj PITTSBURGH June 4. Another increase of one cent in the letall price of gasoline was announced today by the Atlantic Re-,nlg compay effective immediately in Pennsylvania and Delaware. This was the second adv; one cent in three week TWICE IN THIS WOMAN'S LIFE Lydia E.Pinkham' Vegetable Compound Helped Her from Sickness to Health Ellens burg, w asnmgron - ubh I was first coming into womanhood 1 every man id: my mother did every- rig she could ik of. so she took me to sev-; eral doctors and they only helped- a. talking, to I my condition and she told mother of ham's: Vegetable Compound. Mother the first mon th 1 was much better, so J kept on taking t until I bad no more pains. When 1 got married and had my first child I was m terrible pain so that it was impossible for me to do my housework. I thought of how the Vegetable .Compound had been of so much benefit to me when I was a. girl, so I went to Perier's Drug-Store and got six bottles. It sure did help me and I still take it. I am a- well woman today and I can't aay too much about Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound. I will answer any letter that comes to me to answer about what your medicine has done for me. "-Mrs. Wtlliam Carves, R.F.D. Np.21EIIensbnrg, Wash. Congregation Casts Vote On Recent Sermons Rev. K, B. McAllister To. DcIIt Sermons Tn Accordance Balloting Sermon balloting may not be Debut It is always interesting. Re-McAllister of the First Chrlslia church distributed ballots to iw large audiences and asked ihem t mark four sermons which had tti preatest appeal to them. This 1 5 f of addresses marked on the ballot :hed during the The adore inE the used during the four Sunday nights in June. The first sermon will therefore be given this Sunday evening. After the Urge had bee sidelights ) notice which the pastor used was, "Loved and Lost." This wan a sermon which had ns It baste Matheson's hymn, :'OS Lore That Will Not Let Me Go." It was learned that a number of school teachers voted for .this one. whllu only one man found that it appealed sufficieatly to be among trm leaders. The voters included, of i, all ages and classes. Sui ter bultdinp addresses. Leads: the business and Industrial w as regards the chu voted for the m virile type, such a NEW CASTLE DRY Interesting Items that Will Save You Money Felt. Sport Hats, Good assortment of White Hats, trimmed with shirred ribbon and colored felt. Extra values at S2.!).j. Bathing Costume, All Wool Stilts for women and misses. Plain colors and stripes S2.03 to -50. 0-"-Camp Pillows. filled with wool and cot ton. Covered with ieht 08c each. 8RC aod 80c. Ke-ady-Mndo A wninps, Made of heavy grade Awn-:nj stripe "material. Complete with steel frame, brackets and rope 82.J3 to $2.73. . Electric Curlinp Iron. Good -practical size, durably constructed to give good service 30c each. Linerie Dress Fnbric, A good quality Wash fabric, choice of 1 5 colors, special at lffc yard. Sale of Linens and Decorative Art Linens Now In Progress NEW CASTLE DRY Every semi recognition. The past will dellv ,. "The Man Who The second Sunday e, '"The Angelus." . "Go Him One Bei- I Sun da YVonderful Mother in the vYorld.'-At this concluding service the pastor stated that he hoped to distribute pretty littJe booklets, cou- the highest vote to the hundred p: RendezuousOrchestra IricrfldP up to the mxnute features. Complete mxdwav h&Undid Restaurant andPicttic tactlitic Acres of beaiitu-Canoeiriq.Bdatiiiq.Batliina Superior Occopiodations fir lllotovists GOODS CO. t0. sSl? 9 1 Friday Women's Silk and Fibre Outsize Hosiery $1.00 pair Extra Fine Quality Just received a special purchase of Women's Outsize Hosiery, Perfectly made in every detail. Absolutely guaranteed!' Wide elastic garter top. Reinforced heel and toe. Colors Black, White. Beige, Fog Gray and Airdalc. Sizes 9 to iOA. Fridav One dav oniv Si. 00 pair. Main Floor Friday Children's Pongee Dresses Slie 7 to 14 Year fTv-) About 75 Pongee Dresses in a good assortment of neu-styles, some are trimmed wiih colored tm broidery, others nave printsa sntt conars diia tun:, nn iui y J:. summer, cool and comfortable, and they launder fine. Tne (Friday Pacific Packages I -3 Off Regular Prices Just for one dav, Friday only choice of our entire assortment of Pacific Packages at i-3 iess rhan their usual price. In the choosing are Pajamas. Negligees. Lunch Seis. Gowns, Infants' Dresses, Children's Rompers, Women's Dresses. Carriage Robes, Combinations, Robes, Boys' Suits, Boudoir Pillows and other articles. Ready made and stamped to embroider. Friday, one day only, at 1-3 iess than usual. ' Third Floor Fire Works Stored In McKees Rocks ! Ordered Removed d Lallvs Kadio favorites of thousands - Direct from wmur or broaacasUTUi Trom - ' mCAE. -Pittsburgh. has every uiorthwhile amusement NEW CASTLE DRY GOODS CO. Special Special fr U.ual $J.5U ana $4.00 Value will want several ur mcsc Second Floor Special GOODS CO. the fireworks was arrested yesterday by order of Coroner William J. McGregor and later was fined 530 for violation of a city ordinance by Etoring explosives without a per- After a preliminary investigation -ro--" r-.-r :f?y ;r, bp ade c fter the inquest isto the deaths hv (he blast. date tar the inquest has been ! after the inquest into the deaths

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