Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 31, 1947 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 7
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1 Historic Oak Tree Owns Its Own Site Ifcmxtnn. Ti>.\. firp)— -A nmmmntl nnl< fiTp, sinking Its roots d<>c>p inti Honsliiii'-" •"'''" " " <' history, lift, • In- distinction of hi'irm tin- own cr nf tn«' hir-torir ;iitc It shnltcrs. The jrrKit mil;. whiMv IloiiMton'M fuHnd' 1 ' 1 * unco piirlii'd lh"li' biiff ,'|*'N. c;innut Ijt; cu: (!o\vn us lon^ ;i; It liws. A li'Klll llfK'UMU'Ilt I'ill'll in Kill'l-li County com Ihmi.T hv thr Culllnu: f:::a-ti' stipulates that tho li'i-o't M.-ini'lii-s must In- |ti>i mllU'U ti j;i\nv in tln'ir n.'ituriil w»y. A IVnc' !»• Ki'Jit mound the ti.fci; (!•<•(•'K trunk. FATHER JOHNS MEDICINE Successfully Used Over 90 Yea/s WEISS' Ben Franklin Store STKKl, CAHIM/rS I^XIHV.Vl illrlu-s — .SI I,II." fix IKs (ill inrlirx — .flft.ltf Jfi2 CIIUKCII STItKKT * White Kimmcli'il THY NiaVS \VAVI' AI is" At Senate Probe TISTIFYINO before a Senate subcommittee in VVnshint'ton, Lt. Gen. Ira Eaker, deputy commander ot tho Army Air Forces, told the Sena tors that a study of AAF accidents showed that the human factor caused about TO percent of all acci- lunts. The committee is invosli.ijat- ng the causes of tho many recent plane.' crashes. UulermKional) uiji' bruin o Hi rvi! jidun adult man TO WATKRB DRY'S MOST POPULAR QUIZ SHOW "KAY-O-QUIZ" MONDAYS THRU FRIDAYS 0:30 to 6:45 P. M. OVER STATION WWCO 1240 ON YOUR DIAL with AL VESTRO YOUR POPULAR QUIZMASTER 15 EAST MAIN ST., WATERBURY Health Protection In Rural Areas Declared Available Modern full-time health . protoe- Uon is available to Connecticut 'owns through the formation of health districts, declared Jamos A. Dolce, M.D., Chief, Division of Local Health Administration in the weekly Connecticut State Department of Health broadcast over Station WTIC. Reference to : the liualth district plan was made by Governor McConaughy In his inaugural message- Under the plan, according to Dr. Dolce, complete health aervicea could bo furnished more communities on a fiill-tim» basis at an estimated yearly cost of 51.00 to $2.50 pur person, Some smaller Connecticut localities already spend more lhan $1.00 per per.son for part-time service. By forming a health district, they coulci provide rnoie extensive health Protection facilities nt lower cost. Full-time health districts provide in;blic health laboratory, maternal and child- hygiene, dental hygiene, nutrition, mental hj'Kiene and public health nursing service to district residents along with vital •!ti>tistic.s, communicable disease, environmental sanitation and health educational services. Connecticut General Statutes now give towiiw. cities and boroughs the right to form such district departments of health, Dr. Dolce con- Unuod. To date, no towns have taken advantage of this legislation because they were not fully aware of its advantages or. because they required financial assistance to establish health districts. Tho Health District State Aid Bill to be introduced to the current Legislature would provide towns forming such districts a maximum of $4.000 each, or $20,000 for the district us u whole. In return, it is estimated that full-time personnel would serve the district as follows: uni) health otilcjor, one sanitary inspector, for each 25,000 persons, one public health nuisc for each 2,000 persons, and sufllcicn't clerical help to maintain adequate records. Over 90 per cent of the state's geographic area is now served by purl-time health officials. All full- time- hcnlth departments are located in the larger cities and towns where about half of the state's population is centered. Many of the sparsely settled towns cannot by themselves, afford full-time hualth protection, according to Dr. Dolce. By bunding .together to form districts of 30,000 'to 50,000 pin-sons, n high quality-health service could be brought within the reach . of the severu towns making up the district. He pointed ou't that 30 Connecticut townu -have population of less than 1,000; 150 towns have fewer than 25,000 residents. BLACK MARKETEERS PAY OFF WHEN POLICE IN RUMANIA catch bjack marketeers they hold them up to public ridicule for their undercover trading. Under the watchful eye of • cop, some of the "get-rich-quick" ctilprlts are shown shoveling snow in Bucharest. One holds a sign which states in .heavy lettering: "Black marketeers of the stock exchange and dry, aoods." (International} On The Air Today LIFEIt MAKES MONEY Korwalk. Maas. '(U-P) — While serving 22 yours of a life sentence 'or murder <it the Norfolk prison colony, James F. Weeks, 49, has ai-ned nearly $6,000 by making ml selling plastic models, such 'hildren's dolls. to stir a stew? 5:45 p. in. .-..•'. WTIC-WNBC—Front Page Farre WATR—Nuugnluck News; Music WJZ—Tennessee Jed WWCO-WOR—Tom Mix" 0:00 p. nit WBRY—E. Christy Ei-k , WATR—News and Sports Other Stations—News (i:15 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Report from Wash inpton WTIC—Musical Appetizers WNBC—Serenade to America WATR—Music of tho Day. WJZ—-Ethel and Albert WOR—Bob Elson WWCO—Sports Time C:,'<0 p. in. WERY—John A. Cluncy, Sports WCBS—Red Barber WTIC—Prof. Schi'iikcr WATR—Phil Von Tobul WJZ—Allen Prescou WOR—News WWCO—Quiz WNBC—Bill Stern 6:45 i>. in. WBRY-WCBS--Boh Trout, News WTIC-WNBC—Lowell .Thomas WJZ—The FitzKC ; ralds WATR—Plerisuru and -Profit- WOR—Connie -Desmond WWCO—Novutime ~M> |i. ni. • WBRY--Two Faces WCBS—Mystery of the Week WTIC-WNBC—Supper Club WATR-WJZ—Headline Edition WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. •7:35 p. ni. WBRY—Brass City Veterans'" : WWCO—March of Dimes WCBS—Jack Smith Show ;<,.. WTIC-WJVEC—World News '" ' WJZ—Elmer Davis - ir.,^.• 1 3'.«V i WOR—Answer Man 7:,'JO p. ni. ,1., , WERY-WCBS—Sparkle Time WTIC—Quiz of Two Cities WNBC—Barry Wood Show WATR—Phone Your Answer WJZ—The Lone Hanger 11 ""' WOR—Henry J. Taylor. • WWCO—Your Land ana Mine 7:45 p. ni, WIv'BC—Kaltenborn WATR—Show Tune Time WWCO-WOR—Inside of Sports 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Baby Snooks WTIC-WNBC—Highways in Melody WATR-WJZ—Fat Man WWCO-WOR—Burl Ives Show 8:15 p. ni. WWCO—HuntinK and Fishing-.. WOR—Vern Holly Sings 8:80 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—Thin Man; News WTIC-WNBC—Allan Young 1 VERPLEX SHADES 69c to $!».8S WATR-WJZ—Youi- FBI WWCO-WOR— Slory Theater UMtO p. ni. WBRY-WCBS—Ginny Sirnms WTTC-WNBC— People Are Funny WATR-WJZ— Break the Bunk WWCO-WOR—Gabriel Healter y.'is (>. in. WOR—Real Stories WWCO—Norman Cloutier !»:30 j). m. WBRY-WCBS—Duranlt; &. Moore WTIC-VVNBC—Walt/, Time WATR-WJZ—Sheriff; Roll Call WWCO-WOR—BuiIciojLr Dnimmond 10:01) p. in. WBRY-WCBS—U Pays to be Ignorant WTIC-WNBC—Mystery Theater WATR-WJZ—Box in j? Bouts WOR—Spollittlit on America WWCO—Encores of Yesteryear 1(1:30 p. m WBRY-WCBS—Maisio WTIC-WN-BC—Sports Newsretl WWCO—Meet the Press WOR—SymphoncLte 11:00 p. in, ALL Stations—News H:15 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch WTIC-WNBC—Harltness of Wash ington WATR-WJZ—Jon Hasel R—No\va; finance Reports WWCO—Hcrli Lakowshi's Oi-ch. 11:30 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—Rn ndy Brooks Orch. rVTIC-WNBC—Great Novels WATR-WJZ—Gems; Fina's Orch, VOR—Wealhur: Lonibardo Orch. 12:00 Mi LL Stations—News Illinois commercial hatcheries reduced 1,500,000 chickens in No ember, :fl-!(>, compnrecl with ;; I'.accl-, of 1.ISO.OOO in November 30-15. RADIO EXPERTS j Since 1925 SWAN'S fn fho ihocta of your porch* '^r. (irovld«i 500 fool. coidjrl o' lighf., . tar Mo'0 lhan tho 5 foorcandlot ui«ci In iom0 hornej. M ANY a kitchen is Jong over-due for better lighting .,. soft, modern illumination for easier seeing, for new cooking convenience. You can add color and sparkle to your kitchen, save timt and steps with new lighting ways and methods. Try seeing under smooth, even Fluorescent lighting, the cool light source that brings '"Daylight" indoors! You'll want at least two 40-watt fluorescent lamps in a ceiling fixture—plus light over counters and work areas. You owe it to your eyes to find out about better lighting now. STRISIK'S 10 Center St. Wntaroury. Conn Ainu's und Woman's Custom Tullorocl Suits LUFKC Selection of MMerluls and St,.yl«s. tMBRUSK! ClfANER TAIbOB. .FUPBHM THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Nenry Building NauKatuck. Conn. 451 No. Main St. -Tel. 3807 0URKS ^^SUPER TURBINE PUMPS ONE MOVING PART — Attention Students — Graduate Name Cardn. bjj, Krait, Sunshine Notes.. ;. Pcrsonall/od Stationary. .; Tel. 3889 . ; i"'^: THE CONNECTICUT^®>U.IGHT& POWER Co. A Business-Managed, Tax-Paying Company RANGE on FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service 59 Woodland Street "Bill" Marlnelll, Prop. FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 4 OAK STREET - Put n«w lib in your wtter system by replacing your old pump with • BURKS .Super Turbine PUMP. Only on* moving p*rt—nothing to WMr out 1 —gives you more w*ter «t lower cost. Come in «nd see the BURKS Super Turbine Pump. Xmas Eve In Jungle Delights Prelates Fifrtshurg-h <U P) ~ Two Cath- nllc missiionarlea believe there la nothing: to compare with a Chrlat- miu Eve midnight Mas* In the wilds of Tanganyika. "I. hplleve I would p refer to spend Christmas among the black men of Africa than .here in tlie NACGATFJCK NEWS MYMW.), WIDAT, 3JUf. tl, 1M7—PAOK T United StaUx." Father Vincent D* Paul Deer »ald after returning; here with the Rev, Edward Baker frc.m 10 years service at a tnlmlon on the snow-capped wlopea of the 19.700-foDt Mt. Kilimanjaro. They recalled the thrill of seeing hundredK of Wachagga tribe natives xnuklng their way through dark forests, swlnginff . lanterns und sinRine Christmas carols, on their way -to the service. "Hundred* *>f melodious voice*," Father Dear laid, "would mln«l» In a. nfnffle »ong »» they converged on the million. It wan beautiful and Imprcdsive to »ee the Ilirhtu flathing tn the d«rknen, to hear their »ongg reverberating In harmony. The first marine inBur.inco broker office in. New York city was opened in 3759. ENGELMAN'S Final For GIRLS 33 Dresses 36 Dresses 32 Dresses 16 Girls' Coats 12 Girls' Leggin Sets 31 Girls' Suits 62 Girls' Sweaters 32 Girls' Skirts Formerly to Sixes 3 (o 12 5.98 Sizes 7 to 16 10.98 .Sixes 7 lo 16 24.95 Si xos 7 (o 16 29.9:5 ] & 2 Onlv 2fi.9o Sizes 7 to ]fi 2f>. 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