Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 9, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 9, 1963
Page 20
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Anti-Toxin Is Being Flown Ff on Canada and Denmark (UP!) - Sunday PtMlf*, KNOXVtLUI, Twin, Supplies ot t tern* antl4wtla wtra fto#if from Canada and Denmark today to combat a suspected outbreak of botulism, apparently stemming from packaged smoked fish, that already has claimed six lives. All of the known supply in the United States of the anti - toxin for the rare "E" type of food poisoning has been brought into use and appeared 16 be effective in helping eight patients here in Nashville, the anti - toxin was flown here Tuesday by military jet plane from Bethesda, Md. . A special commercial airline flight arrived early today with five pounds of the antidote from the Connaught Medical Center in Toronto, Ont. Not Certain Doctors still have been unable to make an ironclad diagnosis in the death here Monday of David Cohen, 35, and his 10 -year-old daughter, Amy Beth. The same is true in the death of Nashville of MM . Anna Belli 51, and on Sept » of r. W. Pruter, «. Mr. and Mn. Cheater Mitchell died list Thursday in Kalamatoo, Mich. The victims all had one thing in common. They had eaten smoked fish from Michigan. Vanderbilt Hospital officials in Nashville said Tuesday night that Eric Charles Dalton, 8. of Hunts* ville, Ala., had been admitted to the hospital with apparent symptoms of botulism. Dr. Richard Cannon, hospital director, quoted the child's moth' er as saying that Eric had eaten some of the suspected smoked white fish last Friday. Noticed Saturday Cannon said the mother said some of the symptoms had shown up Saturday and had grown progressively worse before he was brought to Vanderbilt. He said Eric was ih a respirator to help fight the paralyzing effect of the poison. Cannon said the boy's condition was listed as critical. The Tennessee victims ate smoked whitefish purchased from Kroger supermarkets and packaged by the Dornbos Bros. Fisheries of Grand Haven, Mich. Investigators have been unable to find out where the Mitchells bought the fish they ate. It was impossible to tell to how AlWood FTA Represented At Workshop WOODHtTLL - The AlWood Bfc vision of the Future Teachers of America held a fall workshop in Kewanee Saturday, Oct. 8. At* leiraing iron woounuii were sia Peterson, Jerry Swanson, Bonnie Peterson, George Sherrard, Tanya Heard and Carolyn Rice. Iini 1 1 • .1.1.1 . J .l. UK 1 il Legion Auxiliary Meets Tuesday WOODHtTLL — Miles Sturgeon Legion Auxiliary will meet Tuesday at 7:90 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Clyde Peterson. Mildred Stacy of Kewanee, district director, will be a special guest. Marriage License CAMBRIDGE — Marriage license was isued at Cambridge to Paul F. Manthe and Margaret C. Witte, both of Kewanee. Seven Santa Fe Trail sites in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and New Mexico recently were declared eligible for the status of Registered National Historic Landmarks. many stores the infected fish may have been sent. H.J. Dornbos, president of the fishery, appealed to anyone who may have bought it to return it to the store where it was purchased. A Kroger company spokesman said only three packages have been returned to one Knoxville store. Eisenhower Says Outlawing Segregation Both Moral and Legal irnmiwrn-m*, is fw-ffj* 1 ,, 1 * 19 ewtl€d dut ,n m country. Ei mer President Dwight D. Eisenhower's opinion of the Supreme Court's 1954 landmark decision ruling out school segregation? In this interview with Associated Press reporters, Eisenhower breaks his public silence of more than nine years and says what he thinks of that hotly controversial decision. He also discusses other matters. Qalesburg Register-Mail GALESBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9, 1963 SEC. 3 PAGE 21 By JACK BELL and MARVIN L. ARROW8MITH Associated Press Staff Writers GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AP)-Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, speaking out publicly on the matter for the first time, says the Supreme Court's 1954 decision outlawing public school segregation "is morally and legally correct." He expressed this conviction in an interview with Associated Press reporters at his office on the Gettysburg College campus. As president, Eisenhower repeatedly declined to say whether he thought the court's controversial ruling was right or wrong, good or bad. For example, at a news conference Sept. 5, 1956, Eisenhower said: "I think it makes no difference whether or not I endorse it (the court decision). The Constitution is as the Supreme Court interprets it, and I must conform to that and do my very best to During the interview here, senhower said in response to a question: "I just say I believe the decision expressed the intentions of our Constitution and therefore is morally and legally correct." On other matters the former president: Called on President Kennedy to couple any tax cut with a pledge that->-barring some "great emergency declared by Congress"—federal spending would be held to a specified level. Replied "No, I do not," when asked whether he thinks Republicans in Congress should be taking the lead in seeking to cut foreign aid. The following is the text of the interview: Question: While you were president you repeatedly declined to say whether you thought the Supreme Court's decision on school segregation was right or wrong, a good decision or a bad one. Now that you are no longer in office, do you care to express an opinion on that? Eisenhower: I think there is no question about the legality and the propriety of the decision of May '54, as I recall. It was a vote of 9 to 0. The Southerners on the court participated in that decision. 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Given the some set of general circumstances which you faced in having to call out troops in Little Rock, and those which faced President Kennedy in the use of troops in some of the Southern states, would you hope that any future Republican president would follow the same course in such circumstances? A. It depends on the circumstances. As far as I know, no Republicans took off against the use of troops in Birmingham or Montgomery. I was determined that no governor, no matter what his power or political strength, was going to defy a properly issued order of a federal court, and that is all there was to it. It could have been on race relations or on a strike. It could have been on anything in the world. And I said, "We will take the necessary steps." Since emotions were high down there, I took the National Guard away from the governor's con­ trol, and 1 could have used that. But this means that in these circumstances a National Guardsman would bo enforcing the law against his brother. This was a bad thing. 1 wanted no disorder, and I knew that I could count on outside regular troopg to be disciplined. They went, and there were no deaths; as a matter of fact, not even a single serious injury. Q. Do you think that Congress ought to act on the tax bill this year, or should it wait until it sizes up President Kennedy's new budget next year? A. A number of suggestions have been made to do something specific about the expression the President used—"to bring the expenditures under better discipline, or better control." So any purpose of delay, I think, is to get expenditures under control. If a president announced that under no circumstances — unless there was a great emergency declared by Congress—would he approve the expenditure in any year more than some specified amount, I would think that was proper. Q. Do you believe RefobUeCM in Congress ought to be In tho forefront of those who are cutting foreign aid? A. No, I don't, f happen to bo one of those people that beliete we ought to spend for the mutual security program what we need to spend. The reform I would like to MO is this: to get a long-term congressional authorization, certain* ly five years. Take a look at it every year so you know where you are going. ... If we could have a permanent figure of some* where near $4 billion, I believe wo could do a job that could be very good for the world and, above all, for ourselves. Q. On the Cuban situation, do you have any ideas or recommendations on what our government might further do than it is doing now to counter the Castro regime? A. No, I don't. I assume that the government is staying just as close with the Organization of American States as it possibly can. What I would really spend effort on right now would be to solidify a better union there and gain a better consensus. on Pillsburys BEST 5-lb. or larger sack Pre-sifted, Light, Fine, Fluffy! 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