Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 31, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 6
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I'AGK «—NAUOATlfCK NKWK (CONN.), I'TIIDAY. .IAN. HI, 1IM7 KKPAIU PI..KKT IUSHANO.S Sim I'Vunrlsco -.(UP)••-The Army i-np.'iir ship nrluth, fourth oC the five-ship flciM of rio.-ii.inK machine whops sent to tho Pnclflc durlnj; lln- vj'v. hjis n'tui'iircl IKMTKV Tin 1 ['•'• mnlnlnK repnlr ship, ARS J, M. D:ivi(i i.i stntioni'd nt Yokohama providing repair facilities for the UMii.-iportatlon corps I'loi't upcr:it- In™ In the Western Pacific, Acts AT ONCE to relieve DUE TO COLDS PrMcrlbcil by Ihouennd* of Doctor*! rmrvwiN Is tcirnttflrally prepared to Ml at (VIM—not. only to relievo •UCtl coucihlr.E: but also to tlckllnf? phlegm and mukc It cantor to rftla*. Safe and mirth ty cflctrtivi' for both old and younp;. Pleasant taxtiuy.' In*zp«n«lvc. Local Resident's Mother Dies Mr*. Anna CBrodour) Giiorlin, vll'n of E:nil Gum-tin, ;incl mother vl' Mi 1 ! 1 .. Charles O'Connor of Nau- fjiiiiu-U, died last nipht ;it liei 1 hn'i'O in 1-IarU'orcL, nt'tcr a brief I'Vsirli's lint 1 husband rind tri, she in survived by n son. six other d'ni^hti'i-M, four brothers, two siMtrni and niRht Ki-indchilrlrcn. Kuncrril services will be held Monday in Hartford. MVICTK!) VKTKKAN GETS HELP Crnnst-;n, R. 1, (UP)--Showing the true Christi.'in spirit, nine piMHOti:: who rend in ;i newspaper in' the plight of Toscph St. Law- ivnci.-, a blind veteran facing eviction, culled him on thi; holiday to nlf'.:! 1 nomes far rent or sale. 111 Millinerv "THE STOU13 CM'' B.QriO HATS" 4!) CKXTKR ST. WATKKJJUKY State To Instruct Disabled Veterans In Auto Driving Cair.mluslonor Elmer S. Watson of the Motor Vehicle Department announced the purchase of a specially equipped automobile for ILSC In instructing disabled vetor- fi:ii. including all types of amp'.i- tues, to operate such cars. This nai- together with qua-lined instructors will ho available to amputees or other disabled on a scheduled bn.sls for such .Instruction commencing during the week of February 2, 3(M7. It is requested that local Cormn- rnittec Chairmen or Center Directors ascui-tfiln the nimcs, addn>ss- es and type of disability of veterans In their area who wish to '.indei-jro instruction. In order to qualify for a. iliotor vehicle operator's license. These veterans will be notified directly bf the Motor Vehicle Department of the dates .such instruction will be tfiven and the veterans picked up at their own homes on the scheduled crates. It should be noted l^hat applications of loff amputees for the provision of nn automobile by the Veterans Admini.sti-a.Lion under Public Law OGS, 79th Conjfrcissi, must be filed prior to July 1, 11M7, '.mlnss extended by subsequent legislation. Kin of Auriol The name smorgasbord is a compound of the words for •butter, c-beesi; and bread. '•WAREHOUSE FURNITURE COMPANY LOVELY MAPLE In a COMPLETE Here's the perfect outfit for Newly weds . . . just ft.sninfr out! Everything- you need! A complete home ensemble in rich honey maple. You can't help being- happy in such a charming' setting-. Best of all we have priced to fit "young budgets." Buy New At This (Me^evable LOW PRICE "*•?«-"••""""'$"" -|.--""•" t~ ••-;«•••'« >' -•• '*'••?'••< „, L*j )*•*;..: I'- .,•„,. i 'T.TCSfs'-^SSvCL. ;|,,pssipj:^izfri - **£' aJi**^-r* Ai& * l< *~««4fe:r ..Zrjar *f • *"•>• • A ALL !•' fi . ' *• ^ » 25 PCS. FOR ONLY '319 BUY ONE ROOM 8 PC. LIVING ROOM GROUP $129°< TKKMS AKKANCKH OK •ft*" KVKiwd ••• • 0 PC. BEDROOM GROU1 *129°° ^ THItMS AKKA.VCKD 8 PC. GROUP FOR THE KITCHEN oo TiKK.MS AKKANCiKD BUY ALL THREE * * * THE LIVING ROOM .Indiitk's vim, nj,' Cliiiir and Lomij,'i; (!lmir, I'ooin S i •/, i! Li union m K'n.i;-, Kn.l;, CfilTou TiiijN.-, l-'loor ami '.I3ri..l^<: * * * • THE BEDROOM SUITE... I'nrlinlcs Di'O.ssei', .Hc<l ;iinl C'liest, liodiu .Si/.u l.innlc- inn J>n^', (or scatloi: rii^'s) Simmons (/oil Spring Mill t rciss. '2 J! o n (I o i r Lumps ;IIK| n lovely M.-ipk- Ci-ifkcl Cliair. * * * THE KITCHEN Inclinli's ;i largij 1;il>k' with I' o n r mnlc.liiiii; 1 i-liiiirs. A spiicinus M.i-liil (Jal.iinc't i-inil u lo\'L'ly kitulirn slool. TAKE A FULL YEAR TO PAY i PLAYING pick-a-back in the exclu- i sive gardens of the Elysee Palace in • Paris are Jean Claude Auriol and Joan Paul Auriol (the rider). They arc the grandsons of Vincent Auriol, newly elected President of tl\e French Republic. (International) 'New Faces' In Jail Move Prisoners To Warn Youth Boston --tUPJ— Society must work to hnlp the youth of America avoid a life of crime, according to Tho Mentor, n mag-a/.ine published by in mutes of. the MasiSio-hu.sotts Stale Prison, wlib fln/1 "new faces ,-ippc'irinn in oui' midst," Thi-sc. the miign/.inc said in an |, arc "not this hard-bitten Kanfr.-il.ers of lictional fame, nor the racketeers who moved about I'ri.'cly by buying protection and "No. tncso are . . .hut empty- headed ymuhs \\-ho try 1.0 conceal tin-. huwildiM-mcnt ,tha.t dulls the j luster of thrir yoiinn nyes by those | cccky mannerisms and awkward ;,'(.'£( ii:-os thai, arc their sole hoi-i- taj;c>., from an indifferent society." Xcitho:' ct'in;o rtoi- tho lav,' are i-cspccters of age, The Montor said, r.or is >T.PL- a respecter of law wh'-i-c ".'ficioty has failed to te'icii ar.d .practice those principles on u-hir;h cn:r Inv.-^ \verc founded." 'i'h'p Mentor ^aid it did not look .,-n Il' yoiiths with misguided synip-iLhy nor did it attempt tt; jii.-iif.V tin- dr.grno of violence of. ;.hiMi- i-.'rimr'S, hut. it o.ddnd, "neither j can v, - frnndtmu the degree of par.- nr.tal ir.dilTcrence and .social evasion o!' the pi-oblemr thai co.nfront I. lii' youth of today. "Th 1 .- naiiso^ thiit hav'c wi-ought thi'ir downfall arc sLll! rampantj lurkin;,' behind a facade of pcurile 3O|i}ii;-,Lication. o\-(j;- chiimin;^ new victims to be cur.dnmnud sind re- vili-d for a tr.i.staho r.ol wholly tlT.-ii- c-'.vn," "Crime is the 'Fifth Column 1 of A;!:>:r:e«R progress," The Mentor Slid. "Jt:i Is as subversive ! a 1 .; that of any enemy. Crime, liks I v.-.-'.r, rncruit.-i its victims without ! discriniinat ion . . . to rulurn fhcm j iiroken in b:i(i>' and spirit, physi- i rally di.sligurcd by v.-ai-. n-,L-ii:..i.llj <li::(i^urcLl hy prioon, "ft is Joi- the youths who still enjoy freedom that we break oui •itli'jicc. \\'e win du little for those alri'ad.v niiiung i:s. We wish only tn lend our meaner support to org,:ni/atior.s ouuidc who strivp oo vali'intly to direct the r:iLi;:ens of tomorrow along the proper jituhs." Lava Crust Found In Northern U. S. Chicago.— (UP)~A great aeries of l.iva flows which poured from deep fissures in the earth's crust more than a billion years ago now deeply cover nearly 12,000 square miles of the r.orl.hern United Slate.j, a gcoiogi.-:t reports. The hliir.kol. of volcanic rock extends frnrr, Duluth, Minn., northward along the western shore of Lake Superior to the Canadian hordcr, according u> studies made by Dr. .Robert M. Grogan, of the .Illinois Geological. Survey. Grogan said at least 70 separate lava flow.s have been found in the ;n-ea. with a total thickness of as much as 3,L'CO feet. FOR RENT Our New CLARK FLOOR WAXING MACHINE VEA»T BDJIJDING TEL. 5213 HOWLAND-HUOHgS "Woterbury's Friendly Deportment Store" January Thrift Parade ^f^^ ^ Linens and Domestics Celanese Taffeta Wool Bed Comforts $1298 Regular $15.00 SPECIAL Pump, good looking, well filled bed comforts. Made with an all white wool filling, covered with, lustrous cclanesc rayon taffeta. Neatly made in a choice of wanted colors. 100% Wool Broadmoor Blankets $1098 Regular $12.98 SPECIAL Hero is a really fine value in blankets. Full five pounds of fine strong- wool. well, napped. Size 72x90" .... bound with bcauliful wide rayon satin binding. Colors of Dusty Rose, Blue, Green, Peach, Gold, Rust and White. Printed Cotton Table Cloths Regular $4.98 SPECIAL $398 .Prints Charming quality all cotton table cloths that wear and launder so well. 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Chenille Bath Mat Sets Regular 84.98 CLEARANCE ^ A clearance lot of beautifully styled chenille mat and lid cover sets. Nice choice of patterns but not every color in all designs. Large size mat with matching seat cover. HOMEWARES STAINLESS STEEL SAUCE POTS—With copper <T»p bottom. Four quart size. A Revere product, each tBtl. CLOTHESLINE— Made of fine quality cotton yarn. Yard JUICE KINGS—The finest home juicer. With single stroke handle and interlocking device .. SPICE SETS—Consisting of twelve jars, each filled with a different spicu. Complete with tray. • Set AERO WAX—No rubbing necessary. Simply apply and it dries to a lustre 1 Gal. .'! PC. FLAMEVFARK SET—Made of Pyrex. Consisting of two sauce pans and skillet with interchangeable handle MASTERS—For basting- meats, can be used for separating grease from gravy, or skimming cream from milk CHIMNEY SWEEP—For cleaning soot out of chimneys, and and getting maximum heat out of coal or coke, $1.98 llUSTMASTEIi MOI'S— Made of fine quality cotton yarn CLOTHES RKELS—With steel counter post and <JJ"J O 100 feet of clothesline dJJ.Ai. COLLAPSIBLE TRIPOD CLOTHES DRYER—For drying semi-dump clothes, fine underwent' or baby clothes PROTECTO WALL—Trnnsparent sheets, to use behind kitchen sinks, balhincttos, atovcs, etc. Two sheets, &1 f\f\ 38x30" SUPER STAR ALUMINUM BROILERS — For preparing $14.65 quick snacks or light lunches, each 1IAKKY DELUXE CAN OPENERS— With wall attachment $2.25 Each, 2M..5/O FOLEY FOOD MILLS—For straining buhy foods, fruits, for desserts, jams.njellies, etc CHROME STOVE MATS — With asbestos backs ROUND BASKETS—Sturdily made. May be used for washing, or general utility'use. Regular 50c Each CLOTHES BASKETS—Made of flat willow. Medium sine. Regular $1.39 Clearance GATES—Made of fine quality lumber. May be used in-' kitchen, play room or stairways, '$2.05 RADIATOR COVERS—Made of heavy motal In , walnut fjni'sh. Sixes 9x30" Each STRONGMAN CLOTHES POKES—Made of steel . . . S feet hiph. Regular $7.95 Clearance CLOTHES PROPS—Made of metal. Holds up sagging lines. Regular $1.19 .Clearance ELECTRIC IRONS—Made by Sun Chief. Beautiful <j»O QFt chrome finish. Weighs -IVi pounds. Special, each «)O»J7«J PERFORATED METAL FIRE SCREEN— fi»-| | Regular $6.95 W J.. RID JID IRONING TABLES—Will not wiggle or wobble. Measures 15x54", A J. R. Clark product, Each IRONING BOARD COVERS—With pad and cover. Will fit all standard size boards Each STEP-ON CANS—15 qt. capacity with white enamel finish on outside and inside can. Regular S4.50. CQ Q^ Each «DO»J/tl MEDICINE CABINETS—Made of wood with white enamel finish. Fitted with glass shelves. 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Dusts and polishes woodwork, furniture, etc Roll DISH DRAINERS—Made of rubber coated metal. Prevents dishes from chipping 3 QT. SAUCE PANS—With triple coated white fl»-| AA enamel finish .' Each«&••-•"" BKEAD BOXES—Roll top style with flcurettc patterns. Each $1.98 $1.39 CANNISTER SETS—Consists of four different size camiis- ters with plaid designs. Regular $1.00 Clearance WET MOPS—Made of fine quality cotton yarn in 12 ounce size 69c SO1LAX—For wall washing, paint cleaning, general use 5 Ib. ulie THIRD FLOOR

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