The Malcolm Messenger from Lincoln, Nebraska on February 7, 1934 · 7
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The Malcolm Messenger from Lincoln, Nebraska · 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1934
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THE MALCOLM MESSENGER SUCH IS LIFE Real Pal! By Charles Sughroe mom, that wo AjacrT POOR 13 A B EAU Gbr -coiW VVdR VAS Doubt of Kreugers Death Still Lingers - . Lifelong Friend of Match King Is Puzzled. hhi New York. Tim has not thinned the element! of mystery linked vlth Ivsr Krengei's name In life end death. On the ere of the second anniversary of the reported suicide of this Inscrutable figure In international finance, all of his personal treasures recently were bought at auction hy two buyers whose motives remain a .riddle: -Anders Jordahl, the match king's former secretary, attended the sale held In a Jersey City, N. J warehouse to satisfy aVaz claim by tho United States governmeoiTbut he fled as soon as his Identity became known, i Tho legend again persists that Kran- get's death was as talas as hla Ufa. A few art dealers and a small group of persons were present when Kroger's ' property Wes'! under the . hammer. At tho close of the proceedings most of. tho effectr of Krueger's luxurious Park avenue apartment had been bidden In by two men for less than $8,000. They gave their names, but the motive that, had prompted their bidding remains unknown. Is It possible that they acted for Knuger himself Is he still allvet Did his great wealth enable him to almulate death Is She Convinced These - questions one woman . who best knew Kreuger the recluse, tho ' enigma to his closest business associate has asked herself over and over since March, 1832; when Kreuger Mias Gay t. Bbepperaoa has supplanted a five-member board that had been administering the civil works program la ' Georgia.' Mias gheppersoU was appointed by Harry Hopkins, federal administrator for the CWA, following a disagreement between Mr. Hopkins and Gov. Eugene Tlalmadge of Georgia. ODD THINGS AND WKUlOTlM wA reported to have shot himself In, his Paris apartment Her name Is Fra Ingeborg Eberth, the one woman whom Kreuger would have marrlefi at the expense of his career the one woman he never "paid off." She prefers to believe he Is dead, said Cordelia B. Makarius; agent In New York for Fru Eberth.' Kreuger would have preferred . death rather than be shorn of his far-flung power. Monarch of one of Europe's greatest Industrial empires; Krueger looked upon death as a release. This Is a theory held by Fru Eberth, yet she admits rumors of a huge death hoax might be true: Another man could have been buried Is the expensive casket In Krengei's place. It was sealed and never opened. The physician who signed the death certificate was K ranger's Mend. And there were reports a life mask had been made. Against these rumors was the tact that Kreugar had obtained a pistol and had made preparations to die. Fru Eberth has weighed carefully all of these circumstances, but she hopes none of them are true. May Know the Motive, The motive behind the secret! veness of the two buyers at the recent auction of Kroger's effects may bo known only to Fru Eberth. Tho two men may not even know themselves whom they were really representing at the sale. Fru Eberth lives In Stockholm, where she- haa reestablished herself in her profession as a medical gymnast Around her are a few personal keepsakes that she salvaged from the regal apartment that was closet alter Kreuger's - golden bubble bpoke over a credulous financial world. Sbo sold many of hla princely gifts to pay debts Just as ths proceeds of the auction sale hero went for back taxes Her Mends say she still wonders over the fate of the man whooo house of cards collapsed before he had attained the complete power that he so abundantly craved. Bottle Candlesticks A pair of small olive oil bottles of plain glam with a design on the sides I have such quaint shapes with a tiny I round handle near the top of each that they have been put to use as candlesticks. They stand one on each side of an antique mahogany dressing table with Its raised drawers each side of the oval mirror. The flickering mellow candle flames send their gleams to show In the looking glam reflections of the woman before It today, as other candles showed other women a hundred or more years ago In this same way In the same blulah-toned mirror. Canning Cider TO preserve sweet' dder hy canning, pour It Into dean glam Jara, adjust the rubbers and covers, and place the Jars in hot water bath. Keep the water at lflfl degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes. Then remove the Jars and seal them. NEW By Lame Bode I SEEING V THINGS By LEONARD A. BARRETT "A primrose oa a rival's brim A yellow primrose was to him Aad It was nothing mors." On the other hand, Buskin could m sermons In stones and beauty in everything. In a rough inpuervr'miiiff marble, Michelangelo mw an angel. A visitor In an art gallery was heard to remark as he gased Intensely at a picture, I never mw colors llko those In a sunset The remark .was overheard by the artist who palntod the pie-tore, and he replied, "But don't you wish you could?" Tho ability to sea beneath the surface Is a matter of trained vision. An eminent art crltle mid that the absence of ability to draw or paint Is due to the lack of tho power of observation. A discouraged young art student remarked to his professor that ho absolutely had no ability In the Add of art He was told to look at a certain scene In nature until he saw something he never mw before. Thus he discovered within himself the hidden ability of an artist Buskin tells us that "For every hundred men who can hear, only one can speak, and for every hundred who can speak, only one can think, and for every hundred who can think, only one can see. Wo Veteran Pro Retires Joe Mitchell, the first professional to hit the rubber-cored golf ball and tbe man who taught John D. Rockefeller to play the game, has resigned from his position as head professional at Country dub; Cleveland, Ohio; Mitchell came to Country dub from the Royal Golf dub In Berlin la 1808. Ha holds tho United States record for continuous service as a professional, 85 seasons; In Beilin he was the favorite and Intimate of royalty. One whole summer he was the golf partner of Prince Albert of Schleswig-Holstein. Coming to this country ho saw 5,000,000 golfers spring up where 500 had existed before; may not be born artists. Tho majority of as have no aspirations In that direction. Life, however, would bring ns more happiness If wo were able to see more of the real beauty that la all about it Why not try the suggestion of the professor to the young art student Look long enough until you see something you never raw before; What you are able to see will doubtless be very much worthwhile to you. fey Waste Newspaper Ualaa. Cobra-Killing Dog, , ' Finally Loses Life Hyderabad, India. A dog named Jill, which became renowned In this region for killing 80 cobras and nearly 100 other snakes, died fighting her last battle with an eight-foot king cobra. She encountered the snake at dusk and after a long battle brought It to her master's feet, only to tall dead from a bite In the neck Jill's puppies will carry on the wan, as she taught them how to fight cobras. The new extremely low decolletage together with the bio wn-to-the-be ck silhouette featured for evening. Pale pink organdie starred In gold sequins sweeping back from a slender underdrew of pink taffeta. Keeps Trade of Sheep by Use of Speed Boat Spokane. Something that might seem a little revolutionary to Little Bo Peep In the way of sheepherdlng has been put into use by Paul Cox, who runs a large band of sheep near Pennawawa, oa tho Snake river. Mr. Cox's flock grazes about 85 miles by automobile from his winter home; but by boat It Is only 11 miles. As a result he purchased In Spokane a 8L200 speed boat, la which he travels back and forth from the sheep camp to his home with supplies for his sheepherdera. In tho summer his range Is on the shops of Lake Coeur dAlene; Idaho; and he will transput the boat there for summer duty. The launch Is ons of the finest made,- makes high speed and Is palatlally equipped. No More Horse Thieves, Chickens Are Guarded Washington. The chicken thief may plead until he's hoarse; but the Woodland Horse Protective association, which never tailed Jo recover a stolen horse since It was founded in 1805, has put Its foot down oa coop robbers. Hone stealing, In fact, has ceased to exist as a criminal operation: In the East and the Woodland association, rather .than disband, bra decided to concentrate hereafter oa tho protection of barnyard flocks. Thousands of dollars - In reward money, which has . piled up la the associations treasury; baa been flouted to welfare work and dues have' been abolished. Strolling Arm in Arm Bad Beharior in China - Canton, Chlaa. Bicycle riding; the motion picture and arm-in-arm strolls, are moral Issues In several Chinese dties. Here women are prohibited from riding bicycles; one district forbids film plays, another censors close up embraces on tho screen. In Shanghai couples who link arms while walking on the street face a $2 line for the first off cue on a .charge of "bad behavior In public places." Hour to Pick Fresh Fish In selecting fresh flab nuke sura that the gills are bright red, the eyes bright and full, and the flesh firm and springy. Japanese Training War Dogs During their operations In Manchuria tbs Japanese found dogs so .useful that they are now training large numbers of them for service with the army. This photograph was mads during recent army maneuvers; The Household K. By LYDIA LE BARON WALKER OT somuny months ago and for iv many Receding years budgeting ones Income was a matter of serious concern. Every penny was' apportioned by enthusiasts oa budgeting. They felt security la the plan. But within the past few months little has been heard about- budgets except the difficulties -of - balancing the -rations -budget Private budgets seem to be lost sight of. When Incomes fluctuate, planning budgets has an dement of nncortalnty far from satisfying. It is only when one baa a reasonable assurance of a stipulated salary, -wage or Income, or at least of Its mlnlmunv that exact apportionment of tt can . prove valuable; What toads of families and Individuals find imperative la ; to live within their means. At the present time this Involves In a majority of cases a continual adjustment and readjustment to Immediate financial circumstances. One knows what one actually has, also what It must do, and then what one would like It to do, could It be stretched tar enough. This la the modem budgeting, so tbe budget baa to be made and remade to suit known Frances. Since budgeting , Implies dividing ones Income Into correct sums to cover living costs over some -twelve months, the word has lost prestigai Adjusting dm Plan. What actually occurs has not the air of affluence suggested by1 the word budget but It Is of equal significance; It Is monthly apportionment of cash on hand, or it may be a weekly or even a dally manipulation of current funds, and always with the Hope that some balance will be brand for the comlhg period. Thrifty living Is promoted. After alLAmericans have the name of befog extravagant so some curtailments; when this la ths case, should not be looked upon as actual misfortune. As a matter of tact minute budget-. fog for a household has Its off site Then are Instances where this meticul ous consideration of the budget has robbed the home of much of Its men tal comfort Each smallest expenditure not definitely stipulated for In Its apportioning became a problem and sometimea cause of altercations; ' Home makers should not be discouraged If they cannot make as definite budgets for the next eleven months as they bave been accustomed to. Budgeting Is an approved method, but It Is not a necessity. The. wise expenditure of money Is the matter of importance. A M SjTBdleaU. WNU Sanrtca. Shotgun Starts Ancient Clock After Nine Yean Houston, Texas. A grandfather clock rested for nine years In Charles Dalle's store; until Its venerable peace was disturbed by a load of buckshot square In Its taco from an "unloaded gun exhibited by a visitor. Then It started running again, Its taco badly disfigured. "Youd run too If you were shot at, was Hallo's only explanation. AN EXPERT During the holiday truffle rush, two speed cope, noticing a young woman who urns driving dangerously, shot ahead of her and drew up their car broadside, so that the culprit had to stop. "Excuse me.' young lady," said one of the officers, sarcastically, "do you know anything about driving a Ctrl "Of course," raid the bright young . thing, "w hut's your trouble?" Vary Kaowiag History was the subject of tho morning lesson In the boys school. . "Tommy White," raid teacher, "tell ' -the clara what you know of the pe-cullarltles of the Quakers." The. boy got talteringly to his fast, but not a word came from his lips. . "How does their way of speaking differ from yours and mine!" the teacher put In coaxlngly. "Well, sir," raid Tommy, "they don't swear." WHAT SHE WANTED "Mira Jones rays the man she marries must be able to support her In regal tashlrn." -"Shes not looking for a man, shes looking for a boob." "Then why dont yon look around . Optimism la Handcuffs Some of those So-called optimists we meet are like the chap spoken of tn Passing Show, London. "1 am quite optimistic shout the future." "Then why do yon look to worried r "I am not certain that my optimism Is Justified." . i Safety i Cameuflage Neighbor Why are you painting one aide of your car rad and the other blue? Speed Fiend It's a One Idea. Tea should Just hear tbe witnesses contradicting one another. Stray Stories. May Never Knew Guest Do you make n reduced rate In this hotel If one stays mors than n week! Porter Deed, iboss, I dont know. Nobody has ever been able to stick It out here as long as s week. SENSIBLE QUERY "Cent find any girl willing to leave her happy Wme for me." ... for enme girl with an nnhsppy fromel" i Senetlmei Not Enough Irate Caller You spoiled my article by a misprint Editor Im very sorry. What did we get wrong" Caller A proverb 1 employed. Ton printed It "A word to the wife Is sufficient." Boston Transcript. i

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