Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1973 · Page 35
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 35

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1973
Page 35
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By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section in *todi your birthday comes and find your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR FRIDAY, JULY I, lift March 21 to April 21 (Aries)Even if results from past efforts seem slow in coming, do not worry. You ARE making a favorable impression. Curb extremes; be at ease. April 21 to May 21 (Taurus)A mixed day. Job associates are in time with your efforts right now, but you can expect some ups and downs in a romantic situation. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini)— One of your top days for attainment — but strengthen present status before tackling new ventures. Use that extraordinary good judgment of yours. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) — Even though day's start may be somewhat dull, don't change your plans. Go ahead and take new steps, launch en unusual venture — IF you have all the facts and are prepared. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Mixed influences. Special interests, handling the affairs of others, study, science and research will call for special care. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) A good day for business enterprises. You may get some information you have been seeking for some time. Don't make hasty decisions, however. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) Mixed influences. You will find disconcerting situations if you go looking for them, advantages 5 you turn their way. And the road is well marked: Observe! Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) — You born a few days before and after the change of Signs: Be careful not to fall into hidden traps, increase expenses. To all:' Watch budget, assets,generally. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — Stress moderation. Do not strive for the unreasonable and do,not permit your active mind fc> carry your physical self beyond sensible bounds. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — Fairly favorable influences encourage your interests, but do not go overboard in making program changes. Neither reach for the obviously unattainable. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — Lesser matters may be highlighted now, but these could spark big achievements later. So, whatever you attempt, give your best. And do be prepared for all contingencies. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — Don't sidestep essentials in favor of frivolous pursuits. You have a chance for better-than- ordinary gains, increased prestige, so make the most of it. YOU BORN TODAY are an extremely direct and enthusiastic individual. Conventional and conservative, too, you have an unusual sense of responsibility. Your curiosity is boundless, which helps you to obtain more knowledge than others and which, should you take up sci ence as a career, as many Can- cerians have, can take you far — actually into new worlds of discovery which could benefit mankind. Other fields suited to your abilities: Teaching, writing, medicine and institutional work — especially with children. Birthdate of: John Paul Jones, early Amer. naval officer. 111 EAST MAIW -»»«_£_**!" if.. racttomr an* ••fcOHAnv CERTIFIED QUALITY BOUND GREAT FOR THE GRILL BOSTON BUTT PORK U.S. #1 RED POTATOES c PERFECT FOR THE ROnSSERIE GIANT'S NEW PORK PRODUCT PORKY-PLUS Enriched With Vag. |E Af! Proteins And Ik ^m.^M Vitamin* e__F' _BT NEW HILBERG SELECTA-PAC Breaded Pork OR ( Chuckwogon Potties 10- Of. "f**^ 77C LEAN JUICY CENTER CUT Pork Steak LB 99c U.S.D.A. GRADE A Fryer Thighs "79c Queen of the Sea RED SNAPPER FILLET "99c CERTIFIED QUALITY BONELESS ROUND OR RUKP ROAST Lb. T 9 CERTIFIED QUALITY BONELESS ROUND STEAK y $ ] 39 CERTIFIED QUALITY BONELESS SIRLOIN TIP STEAK L„ *| 59 CERTIFIED QUALITY MINUTE STEAKS Lb. DELI-MEAT PRODUCTS OSCAR MAYER All Meat Bologna 12 oi. 91c Sandwich Spread 8 oz. 55c All Beef Bologna 12 oz. 1.10 Braunschweiger 8 oz. 57c Smokie Links 12 oz. 1.12 CALIFORNA SWEET WHITE GRAPES 59 SWEET N'JUICY LEMONS > 6c Perfect For Salads Cherry TOMATOES a 49c SALAD FAVORITES Endives Escarole Romaine Bibb u. 29c VINE RIPENED JUMBO CANTALOUPE »59< Honey Crunch ROLLS Fresh Boked Pastries DOME TOP ICED CAKES Assorted * • IPJ Flavors 14 oz. ,„ BEAM CLAW DANISH ROLLS APPLE CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE ONLY GIANT DARES TO LIST SO MANY ITEMS FOR YOU TO. COMPARE! Dad's Root Beer 64 oz. The Almanac By United Press International Today is Tuesday, July 3, the 184th day of 1973 with 181 to follow. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The evening stars are Mercury and Venus. Those born on this date are under the sign of Cancer. American author John Mason Brown was born July 3, 1900. On this day in history: In 1819, the Bank of Savings in New York City opened—the first of its kind. The first 80 depositors banked a total of $2,897. In 1892, a strike began at the Carnegie Steel Co. in Homestead, Pa. Before it ended the following Nov. 20, seven guards and 11 strikers and spectators had been fatally shot. In 1950, American troops met the North Koreans in battle for the first time. In 1972, North and South Korea announced agreement on reunification of that Asian country. WELCHADE GRAPE DRINK 46 oz. LOW DISCOimPflUS 5 W/ Kraft French Dressing 8 oz. lV(RYDAi LOW Oncovin pgias 3 lb. can Mazola Oil 32 oz CRISCO 93' 88c Beech Nut BEECH-NUT STRAINED BABY FOOD J 4 oz. Enfamil Liquid 32 oz. LIGHT WEIGHT ALUMINUM CHAIR 7x12 Webbing $_*88 66c {Chaise Lounge— Ea. $8.98 rvrfVYDAV LOW PRICLS CANNED FRUITS _nar Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 17 oz. Applesauce Thank You 16 oz. -Del Monte Ch. Pineapple 13 oz. Del Monte Peaches 29 oz. _31c _19e _29c ..38c Pear Halves Harvest Queen 29 oz. 50c DEL MONTE SWEET PEAS 9 EC 17 oz. 4mm Early June Peas Cascade Inn 16 oz. 19c I CANNED VEGETABLES - ! Van Camp Pork & Beans 31 oz. —_ 31c Cut Green Beans Cascade Inn 15 oz. 17c __••_•»Del Mbnte Crm. Wht. Corn 17 oz. -25c C3r Del Monte Stewed Tomatoes 16 oz. 31c Contadina Tomato Paste 6 oz. ___— 17c Del Monte Spinach 15 oz. ____-_- _25c Niblets Corn 12 oz. --22c \ V L !•'•, D-W I OVV PRICr.> I CANNED SOUP-FISH-MEAT I jflfjjp» Chicken of the Sea Tuna 12 oz. —81c efflflr Starkist White Tuna 7 oz. ,_ —56c Cr. of Mushroom Red Owl 10 oz. 16c joeaaaa Lipton Onion Soup .3 oz. -40c CsQr Campbell Tomato Soup 10 oz. —11c Hormel Spam 12 oz. 64c Dinty Moore Beef Stew 24 oz. 71c Franco-Amer. Spaghettios 15 oz. 19c El Paso Taeo Shells 5 oz. 41c I PREPARED FOODS "1 Kraft Dinner Deluxe 14 oz. 52c Betty Crocker Potato Buds 16 oz. 70c Brown Best Northern Beans 32 oz._49c Creamette Macaroni 7 oz. ,-_16c Gooch Wide Noodles 8 oz. > 26c Kraft Chicken Noodle Dnr. 7 oz. __43c Betty Cro. Hamburger Helper 8 oz. 55c Jeno Pizza 14 oz. 57c I DESSERTS AND TOPPINGS. Dream Whip B^oz. —'. __81e Hunt*Snack Pack 4/5 oz. _'_______58e Royal Gelatin 6 oz. ___'____18e EVERYDAY LOW PRICES EVERYDAY LOW PRICES [ SNACKS -PICNIC SUPPLIES Vista Pdk Saltines 1 lb. — ^QP** Bugle Snacks 7 oz. Car , CEREALS _ _27e 47c Gulf Charcoal Lighter 32 oz. 32c Broil Best Charcoal 10 lb. _ _61c St. Regis White Paper Plates 150 ct. ——85c Cheerios 15 oz. ; __ __61e Wheaties 18 oz. ____ 5g e Corn Chex 12 oz. __. 1— „_44e Kellogg Frosted Flakes 20 oz. 66c Kellogg Rice Krispies 13 Oz. 5S e L PAPER PRODUCTS 1 Charmin 4 roll Assorted. Color Elcor 4 roll -—41c 33c ^jf^ Tampon Super Deed. 30 ct. 1.47 ^•eof Tampon Reg. Deod. 30 ct. ______ 1.47 C2_r Gala Paper Towel Twin 42c Hefty Trash Bags 10 ct. _71e KRAFT AMERICAN CHEESE 79 12 OZ. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Box 8 oz. 33c PET SUPPLIES Purina Dog Chow 50 lb. _______7.51 Kal Kan Cat Food 6 oz. ----- 19c Prime Buffet Dinners '4 oz, ______1,|1 jeajBj»9 Lives Tuna 6 oz. — —21c effiflF Friskies Buffet Dinners 6 oz. 17c Cot's Pride litter 10 lb. 52c GW SUGAR 5 lb. I VERYDAY LOW j LVSCWVTWHIS' GW Powdered Sugar 16 oz. — 20c I HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS! Comet Giant 21 oz. _______ — 25c gfH^* Lysol Spray Disinfectant 21 oz. — 1.83 l -SP Lemon Pledge 14 oz. —1.43 JffBp— Snowy Bleach 2* oz. „_,___69c Palmolive Liquid 32 oz. _— Miracle. White Cleaner 64 oz, - _Hflja_iD-Con House A Garden 11 oz. Q2Qr -81c 1.15 r BEVERAGES 926 E. Main — Optn 24 Hours 735 W. Main Fremont & Seminary OPEN 7-12 GIANT'S Check Cashing Policy 1. We Gladly Cash Payroll Checks with Giant Check Cashing Card or local Drivers license. 2. Please Present Your Giant Check Cashing Card When Writing A Personal Check. i Personal Checks may be written for $25 over amount of Purchase). 3. Sorry, No Two-Party Checks Cashed. Hi-C Orange 46 oz. -— 27c Wagner Orange 32 oz. ___—_ 29c Del Monte Prune Juice 32 oz. —,--55c l-jf Del Monte Un. Grapefruit 46 oz. 49« e^9P*Ne$tle Chocolate Quit 32 oz. —-83c Tomato Juice Thank You 46 oz. —34c S»r^ Folger Instant 10 oz. 159 Wyler lemonade Mix 12 oz. 39c Carnation Slender Liquid 10 oz. 26c Instant Brim 4 oz. 1.29 Folger Coffee 2 lb. 1.64 Decaf instant 4 oz. —1.12 J Richeleiu W. Dressing 32 oz. 93c Skippy Peanut Butter 12 oz. 45c Crm. Peanut Butter Red Owl 18 oz. 59c Welch Grape Jelly 32 oz. 60c Strawberry Pres. Red Owl 12 oz. -48c lake City Hamb. Slices 32 oz. — 55c Del Monte Tribe Catsup 26 oz. —44c Del Monte Catsup 20 oz. 35c Heinz Catsup 26 oz. 54c Dawn Fresh Steak S. Mshrm. 5 oz. 14c I DAIRY PRODUCTS "~ Imperial Oleo 16 oz " 46c JffPJP* 1 Parkay Soft Corn Oil 16 oz. 51c C_T Fleischman Soft Marg. 1 lb. tub —57c MMBt Ballard Cinnamon Rolls 8 oz. —__35c ; Cheese Whiz Pimento 8 oz. 59c Grade A Skim Milk 2% Gal 99c Pills. Onion/Garlic Crescent Roll 8 oz, _. 36c |l CE CREAM m FROZEN FOOD. Vanilla Ice Cream Cascade Inn Gal. 1,25 Orange Sherbet Hawthorn Mellody Vi gal, 69c Minute Maid Orange Juice 16 oz. _72c Welch Grape Juice 12 oz. 53c 'Minute Maid lemonade 12 oz. —32c libby Cut Corn 10 oz. _ 23c Bird Farm Sausage 32 oz. 2.39 Ore Ida Tater Tots 2 lb. 56c »Ban. Beef A Noodle Buffet 32 oz. -98c Banquet Chicken Dinner 11 oz. —37c John's Hamburger Pizza 3 pak 1.05 TRU-PRICE CAN SAVE YOU 10% MHHMKH_H_*W—Wac >^~' r '«'''V -w MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Buy your week'* groceries at Giant. II you can buy the tame order lor leu at any other lupermarkel bring Giant the price* you paid and get your money back. (Excluding perUhablei due to difference in quality and grade). "Trademark At Service Mark of B.T.C. Inc. (Copyright 1970 by B.T.C. Inc.) i

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