The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1955 · Page 61
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 61

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 61
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favitigs oo if emits A t.mi* oi thi», * taut* o« Thili Hot Muefe ot An? Ihtaft. Well, it seems thai winter finally arrived and it picked a Sun- tiny to make its appearance. And it proved a real one, with several inches of snow and the thermometer hanging around the zero mark. It was Phil Kohlhaas whom I first heard express his appreciation of the arrival of regular winter. It wasn't that he was so tickled about it but he told me that he sure was getting tired of out-of-season atmospheres and not knowing just how to figure at night whether the next day was to be a chilled one or whether he should turn on the heat during the night in the house. And Dutch Honsbruch told me that he sure appreciated the change because on account of he was tired of carrying his overshoes back and forth to work each day while looking for the chill season to approach. And Claude Whitehill told me that the weather • change had brought about his digging up the winter Thursday, December f, 1955 Algeria (la.) Upper Des Moines-S CLOSING OUT AUCTION 4 mi. North and '/ s mi. West of Hardy: 2 mi. West of Vernon Consolidated School; 4 "2 mi. Southeast of Luverne — TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6 Beginning at 12:30 P.M. LuVerfte W. S. C. S. Serving Lunch 82 HEAD OF SHEEP 65 EWES — 1 BUCK — 16 FEEDER LAMBS _ 525 BALES OAT HAY FARM MACHINERY 1949 F-3 Ford Pickup with new Paul Bros, stock box. 1948 D.C. Case Tractor and Cultivator, just overhauled. 1948 Ford Tractor & Cultivator 1937 J.D. "B" tractor & cultivator Ford. 2 bottom, 14 in. Plow J. D. 3 section Spring Tooth Ford Rear End Loader * • Ford 7 ft. Mower. Ford Heat Houser Home Made Scoop for Ford. 4 section Harrow Int. 14 ft. Disc Hoe-More, 4 section Rotary Hoe John Deere Side Rake John Deere Hay Loader John Deere Spreader, horse drawn ' Jay Hawk Stacker ' Sto«l Wheel Running Gear with Rack John Deere, 4 section Spring Tooth King & Hamilton, 32 ft. EleV. 8 ft. Section for this Elevator King & Hamilton Overhead Hoist John Deere Speed Jack Speed Jack John Deere Beet Drill. 4-20 in. rows Ford Cultivator for same Horse Drawn Beet Cultivator 2 Silage Feed Bunks Some Household Goods. Other Articles Too Numerous to Mention. Feed Troughs and Racks for sheep Round Steel Water Tank, 6 ft. Stone Boat. Some old iron. Some old Horse Drawn Machinery John Deere, 4 wheel Trailer 3 wheel Trailer with hydraulic Hand Hoist . ' 4-wheel Trailer with straight box Steel Wheel Running Gear 2 bottom, 18 in. Case Plow, 2 years. 4-wheel Wooden Wheel Wagon with Straight Box 6'2x12 Silage Box e'ixlO Truck Box John Deere Steel Wheel Running Gear with Flat Rack John Deere 290 Corn Planter John Deere Endgaie Seeder 2 bottom, 14 in. J. D. Plow, chisel ooints. 2-whe*l Flat Bed Trailer Mounted "Century" Tractor Sprayer Culti-Packer 45 qal. Hog Waterer, "Ideal" Garden Hose Lawn Mower Pump Jack 1 ion Chain Hoist 550 gal. Gas Tank with Pump. headgear and he liked to wear | it because oft account of the •breeze wasn't always blowing it off his pate like it does the .hat And Harlan Sigsbee told me that he sure enjoyed the winter's approach because on account of he'd rather have the weather be seasonal, and not have summer thermometer reading when it should be of winter. And Ken Strahorn told me that now since there was snow he put on his overshoes back and forth to the store instead .of carrying 'm while expecting "snow and winter conditions, so to speak. —o— And since Sunday I've met with many gents who admitted that they were wearing winter underwear, had been wearing it for weeks, and now that winter is here .they are happy and fenl the more comfortable and not always suffering from thermometer higher reading because of the heavier under duds, so to speak. And Werner Struecker admitted that he always felt the more appreciative if we were having winter or summer weather in regular output instead or the two changing back and forth and giving us summer weather in November or zero weather in April, so to speak. So he's happy that winter came. Personally, I don't give a hang about the seasonal weather or unseasnnal weather approaches. If it snows in September I woudn't cart because on account of I have my sidewalks shoveled, so to speak. However, I did get a kick out of the winter which arrived on Sunday because on account of I like the color of snow and my un- raked lawn just looks sweet and swell under the snowfall, so to speak. —o— It was Monday at supper time (yes, I always call it supper, although most people speak of it as dinner time) that I was enjoying a pheasant breast and did it ever taste swell? And then all at once my false teeth bit into a bullet and that wasn't so pood, but I SUIT didn't split the bullet or smash it. Evidently j bullet is too tough for teeth punching. Did this ever happen to you? And following checking of the swell meaty portion we found no more bullets. But I suppose this is something that could happen to others when the pheasant is downed with shot. It was a pheasant that Gene Zender downed, one out of three, and he told me that the next time he gave us a pheasant which good aiming and shooting had downed he'd have the bird X-rayed before he brought it itv But he needn't do that, nor does any other hunter who makes us a present of a pheasant. We love pheasant enough and to the extent that a bullet is no trouble at all. r fy_j. Do you ever do crossword puzzles? Well, it's a cinch that a lot of us do because on account of the DCS Moinos Register prints a crossword puzzle every Sunday and I admit that I put in time trying to solve it. I get out the dictionary and in searching for definitions I learn new words by the dozen and my vocabulary is becoming quite extensive, so to speak. But I do know thK that there are a lot of Kossuth county readers who also put in time on the crossword puzzle. A friend of mine, a printer in DCS Moines. told me that out of 70.000 entries one week there was not one who solved the puzzle. And I am told that three were at least 1200 entries from Kossuth county. .Just proved that many folks get a kick out of battling the crossword puzzle. so to speak. At any rate I have found that my vocabulary ha.-, grown from leaps and bound" since I undertook searching a crossword solution. And it also helps a person's spelling, as well as setting out word meanings and placements. Yes, working 01. crossword puzzles proves another educational angle. You meet up with msny new- words, their meaning and their spelling, so to speak. Work crosswords — it's educational and a happy way of spending time. NEED PRINTING? GOOD work at fair prices at the Upper Des Moines Pub. Co.. Algona. PUBLIC TERMS — CASH: no properly to be removed until settled for ELMER R. HUNT Andersen 8c Kleve, Auctioneers Farmers State Bank. LuVerne, Clerk FARM AUCTION I will sell all my personal property at Public Auction on the farm located: 1 mile West of the Armstrong Sales barn. 1 mile North and 1'4 miles West on North »'de of road; or 1 mile East of Gridley, 1 mile North and l'« miles East, on TUESDAY, DEC. 6 !H ON GROUNDS SALE STARTS AT 58 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 58 40 HEAD CHOICE HEREFORD CATTLE .40 • 20—LARGE CHOICE HEREFORD COWS — Bred to purebred Hereford bull. Bull turned in July 12th. • 19-HEREFORD MIXED CALVES — From above cows. Some good enough for club calves. • 1—PUREBRED HEREFORD BULL — 2-Yrs, Old Sire: Monogram Prince 10) Dam; Grace Domino Tattoo 34. (Cows and Calves are Choice and Are Well-Marked) FEEDS — 450 bales of Straw; 350 bales of Alfalfa and Clover Hay; 300 bales of Brome Hay* 18 HEAD OF HOGS — Hampshire Meat-Type Gilts, Open and Vaccinated! CHICKENS — 125 Leghorn Pullets; Vaccinated for Bronchitis. Newcastle and Pox. FARM MACHINERY -*- Case Spiked-Tooth A-6 Combine. 2- yrs. old, complete with pick-up, straw spreader and wagon hitch; Stan-Hoist 50-ft. Wide-type Elevator, 1-yr. old; Stan-Hoist Hydraulic drive-on Hoist with built-in speed-jack, 1 yr. old; 2-M McD. Corn Picker; McD. No. 31 Manure Loader; McD. 15' Spring-tooth Harrow (new): McD. 7-ft. Power Mower with 2 sickles: McD. No. 440 Corn Planter, complete with double disc, fertilizer attch. and rubber tires; McD. 15 ft. tractor disk, like new; McD. 2-H" slat-moldboard tractor plow; Case 2-14" Tractor Plow; Allis Chalmers P.T.O. Power Rake; McD No. 238 Cultivator; McD. 8-ft. Windrower: John Deere heavy-duty rubber tired wagon, with good flare box, complete with 12-inch Top Box; M-W Heavy Duty Wagon with Steel Flare Box, heavy bottom and 12-in. sides; M-D. 4-section Lever Drag with folding evener; McD. all-steel Manure Spreader; McD. Endgate Seeder with grass seed attachment; Farmer's Friend Hoist; Old Steel Wagon with box. . «,.,«. TOOLS — Post Drill and Grinder unit with motor; Table Saw with bench and motor (new); Bench with 2 Grinders and motor, like new; Large Anvil on steel stand: Air Compressor, on wheels with motor; New Electric Sunbeam Hedge Clipper; 10 Crescent Wrenches; 7 Pipe Wrenches; 10 Hammers; 24" Crescent Wrench (new): Braces and Bits; Draw Knives: Wrench sets: Box and Wrenches: Chisels; Punches: Hand Hedge Trimmers; Large Vise: Assortment of Wrecking Bars: Chain Wrench; Tin Snippers; Wrenches of all types; Tire Tester: Mower repairs; 2 Scythes; 2 new Post Hole Diggers: Garden Tools; large assortment of Bolts in bins or jars assorted according to size; 2 Wagon Hitches: 2 Umbrellas with brackets: File set; Hydraulic jack; Tractor FiUeis: several Crow Bars: 3 grease guns: grease pail; jars of Cotter keys; Pins; Washers; Screws and Nuts; complete set of Carpenter Saws. like new; Oil Pump; Balls: 100' Drop Cord; 25' Drop Cord; Hay Hooks; Pips Fittings; Corn Knives; assortment of Lag screws; Oil Cans: Saw Horses; Pitch Forks and Scoops: Picks; Sledgo Hammers and Sh °McCORMICK-DEERING TRACTORS — MM Super "M" Farm- all—with live pump, battery under seat and fluid in tires. Tractor like new-used very little; 1944 FABMALL "H"-with 11x38 tires, fluid «n tire*. In good condition! 1948 FAHMALL "C"-wUh Guto- valor; TRUCK—1935 Chevrolet 'i-Ton Pickup, m good shajM>. Has 5 good tires and good battery. LEONARD WILLIAMS, Owner Clark & Clark—Auctioneers First Trust & Savings Bank. Armstrong—Clerk As we have decided to quit farming, we will hold a complete closing out sale of all livestock, farm machinery, some buildings and some furniture at our farm located 4 miles south and 1' 2 miles we*t of Swea City. 2 miles north and 6 miles west of Bancroft, or 2 miles north and 2''2 miles east of Seneca, on Mon., 1940 A-C WC Tractor with new style 2-row Cultivator and new rubber. 1936 A-C Tractor with Cultivator, new rubber. WC. A-C 2-Row Mounted Corn Picker, like new. 4-row Blackhawk Planter with Fertilizer, with wire just like new. 12-ft. Field Cultivator on Rubber: 7-ft. Massey-Harris Combine, like new. Farmers Friend 42-ft. Elevator with power hoist. New Idea Side Deliv. Rake. Near new McCormick-Deering Endgate Seeder. 4-Sectk>n Flexible Harrow. McCormick-Deering 8-ft. Binder, used for windrower. New Idea 2-row Corn Picker. McCormick-Deering 214 Plow. A-C 2-14 Plow. Near new New Holland Trailer with Flare Box. 10-in. Power Hammermill. Belt for Hammermill. Clipper Fanning Mill, like new. John Deere Corn Binder.. Two 15-ft, A-C Discs. .5 ABOUT 150 AUSTRA-WHITE PULLETS-Feeders and Waterers. HOG HOUSE 12 x 16. TERMS: CASH or make arrangements with your banker for sale. No property to be removed from the premises until settled for. Not Responsible For Accidents during sale, should any occur. Henry Reutzel Quinn & Clark, Auctioneers Farmers & Traders Savings Bank, Clerk Sale to Start at 12:30 Sharp Zumach Lunch Wagon on Grounds 11 HEAD OF CATTLE Four Shorthorn Milk Cows. One coming 2-year-old Heifer. Two I coming 1-year-old Heifers. One young Whiteface Bull. Two young i Shorthorn Bulls. Two calves. These are mostly all Shorthorn i Cattle. i Farm Machinery, Etc. About 160 ft. Hay Rope and Pulleys. 6-ft. McCormick-Deering Grass ; Mower. ' McCormick-Deering Hay Loader, j Lindsay Trailer with straight i Box. ! Hay Rack, Flare Box. ; 2-Row McCormick-Deering Corn Planter. Tractor Weed Sprayer. , Two Steel Wheel Wagons. : Dump Rake. ! Feed Cooker. Feed Bunk. Hog Self Feeder. ' Case Manure Spreader. j Tank Heater. ' McCormick-Deering Cream •• Separator. Tractor Chains 11.25x24. ; Sling Hay Carrier. i Pump Jack with Motor. i Small Truck Box. Hog Troughs. Hay Slings. i Mail Box. Telephone. j Electric Fencer and Battery. ; Brooder Stove. i Scoops and Forks. | 16-ft. Ladder. j Extra Spouts for Elevator. t Lots of small tools. Other arti-i cles too numerous to mention. ! GOOD BROODER HOUSE 12 x 16. ! COMPLETE CLOSING OUT FARM TITUS Having sold the farm and as I am quitting farming I will dispose of the following personal property at public auction on ESDAY, on )he farm located I'/z miles north and 2Vi miles east of Wesley; or 7','2 miles west and Hi miles north of Britt; or 8 miles north and 1 mile east of Corwith; or 8 miles south and 1^ miles west of Woden. Sale to start at 12 Noon. Lunch served on grounds. International M Tractor M & W sleeves and pistons. Heisler overdrive. An exceptionally good tractor. International 448, four row cultivator with side dressing attachment. Allis Chalmers C Tractor with both corn and beet cultivators. Studebaker one-ton pickup with grain and stock rack. Complete new motor, not a rebuilt. 20 HEREFORD COWS 1-HEREFORD BULL, 2 yrs. old, registered. From Elmer Horstman herd at Britt. 15—Spring and Summer Calves. AN EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD HERD OF CATTLE 100 HEAD MIXED EWES DUE TO LAMB SOON John Deere 15 ft. disc. Kewanee 22 ft., 4 section drag harrow. Graham Hoeme plow, 10 ft. International 3-14 plow with disc coulters. New Idea 7 ft. mower. Minneapolis Moline 4-row corn planter. Case tractor manure spreader. Horn stalk cutter. Brillion grain drill with fertilizer' legume and broome boxes. Brillion cultipacker. John Deere elevator, 44 ft. with wagon hoist. John Deere elevator, roof section. Mozall rotary power mower. 2 electric tank heaters. Wood burning tank heater. 2 electric sump pumps. Steel tank, 8x3x2 ft. with hog waterer. Steel tank, 4x2x2. 5 H.P. electric motor. Hammermill belt, 50 ft. 3 oil bbi. pumps. Parmac electric fencer. !/2 in. electric drill. 3—75 ft. rolls slat cribbing. 4-50 ft. rolls wire cribbing. Minneapolis-Moline 4-section rotary hoe. FEED 2,000 Bu. Sauk Oats. About 450 bales alfalfa brome hay put up with rain, first, second and third cutting. About 30 tons grass silage. Twin-Draulic tractor manure spreader. Massey Harris self-propelled corn picker. International hay chopper. International silage blower with pipe for 45 ft. silo. Balzer power forage box on heavy duty J.D. wagon. Tractor wheel shield for corn picking. 120 bu. wood box and wagon on rubber. 90 bu. wood box. Hay rack and wagon on rubber. 300 gal. gas tank on stand, new hose. 100 gal. gas tank on stand, new hose. 100 gal. gas tank. Jamesway hog feeder 60 bu. Jamesway hog feeder, 45 bu. Caswell hog oiler, never used. Jamesway hog fountain with electric heater, 70 gal. Jamesway electric brooder. Heat Houser for M tractor, new. 1 ton chain hoist. 4 cattle feed bunks, 14 and 16 ft. Portable hog house, 14x16 ft.; portable hog house, 12 x 16 ft. Portable brooder house, 10 x 14 ft. All weather hog feeder, 10 x 14 ft. FURNITURE * Kelvinator refrigerator, 9 ft., like new; 1 dining set. Koroc heat-proof table and 4 chairs; set 6 chairs, padded seat; 3 chairs coin bottom; davenport and matching chair; buffet, china closet and desk; center table; dining room table; Quick Meal combination stove; console radio; sewing machine; kitchen cabinet; floor lamp; Maytag washing machine; steel fireproof safe, 22x15x14 in. Many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH OR MAKE ARRANGEMENTS WITH YOUR BANKER E. TITUS, Owner ^^ ._. _ _ . _ t H • . . .«•! I REILING & LEEK, Wesley, Auctioneers First State Bank, Britt, Clerk

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