Press-Courier from Oxnard, California on November 26, 1954 · Page 1
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Press-Courier from Oxnard, California · Page 1

Oxnard, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1954
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Moorpqrk Man Chases Gunman, Escapes Bullets ..^^MMk _^^^^ u _ ^ ^^B / d an Tomorrow: gunrta, «:41; gnn»et, 4:49, IlJgh Tides: S.9 at 9:14 a.m.; 3.4 at 11:81 p.m. ' Low Tides: i.J «t t.58 a.m.; .0.4 at 4:50 p.m. Courier OXNARD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1954 SERVING VENTURA COUNTY THE WEATER: Hearr log spreading in from COM! alxht and morning Lours with hazy afternoon raajhlM today and Saturday. Little chanjce In temperatWMb Temperatures last 24 hours: maximum 80, minimum M This Is Oxnard One of the neighboring military installations is In search of war heroes of the area. If you know of anyone whose war services were considered so extraordinary that they resulted in awards of the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, or similar high honors, this paper would be happy to get the information and forward it to the right quarter. Only two come to mind at this ·writing. There was T/Sgt. Romeo Ramirez of Saticoy, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism in action. He was killed in fighting in Italy on Oct. 22, 1944. The other is Lt. Col. John C. Giraudo, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism in action in Korea, from which war he returned safely. Are there others? Some may be dead, but may have won the honor before death or in the action that resulted in death. Some may be alive. We would be happy to get the names and infor- MCCARTHY TO BE PRESENT MONDAY WASHINGTON (IP) -- Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy will leave the hospital Sunday night and be present Monday when the Senate resumes debate on the censure resolution against him, his attorney said today. Officials at the Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, Md., said McCarthy left the hospital for a short time yesterday to go for a drive. Edward Bennett Williams, attorney for the Wisconsin Republican, said "he'll be there" Monday when the Senate reconvenes after a 10-day recess caused by McCarthy's ailing right elbow. Williams s a i d McCarthy may wear "some kind of a cast" on his elbow, but he described McCarthy as "still in good shape." mation. To Marine duty Mugu, from Idaho, at has Elzy Kees, with his wife, son Marty and daughter Teddy . . . From the San Fernando valley to a home in Oxnard have come Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Goldberg. The state is going to make Camarillo S t a t e Hospital grounds prettier. Four thousand dollais will be spent in planting shrubs at the visitors' picnic area, planting shrubs and grass around the new physicians' apartments, planting grass at the temporary housing unit near the rear entrance road. A California Recreational map, just put out by the Automobile Club of Southern California, is not only a handsome thing but it gives lots of information for a week-end or more extended fun. It shows 316 of the Radio Peiping Says Americans Admitted Spying TOKYO, OH -- Red China today claimed "American spies" John T. Downey, Richard G. Fecteau and Col. John Knox Arnold admitted during a public trial in Peiping they receiv- Point ed specialized training espion- come a S e and guerrilla warfare. Monitored in Tokyo by United Press, radio Peiping said Arnold stated in court that his unit had not been used in the Korean War and was attached to the U. S. General Intelligence Agency "with the task of air dropping, maintaining and evacuating underground agents." The Red radio said exhibits in court in the cases against Downey, Fecteau and Arnold included firearms, secret code books, gold bars, "a contraption used for picking personnel up by aircraft from the ground" and camping geai Downey, Fecteau and the! nine "Chinese spies" involved with them were first on trial, Peiping said. "They answered 1 the chief judges questions quietly and without hesitation. According to the verbatim record, Downey and Fecteau made it clear that state's outstanding havens, including coastal fishing areas, Angeles National Forest, Redondo Beach State Park, Mt. Waterman and Mt, Baldy ski areas and other county outing sites -- and the best roads to follow to get there. It maps, for instance, Port Hueneme for sports fishing boats, and three nearby regions for quail hunting: the Newhall area, between Newhall and Palmdale, the Frazier Mountain-Gorman area and the Ojai- Santa Paula-Fillmore area to the coast. It calls attention to the San Buenaventura Beach VOLUME 47 NUMBER 125--PRICE FIVE CENTS' Gunman Stole Truck, Two Cars, Flees A bizarrely attired gunman was sought today after stealing two cars and a panel truck and taking a shot at a Moorpark service station operator who surprised the youthful bandit as he attempted to take a fourth vehicle. The gunman was described as 17-19 years old, dark hair in a crew cut, and wearing purple slacks, a green jacket, white shirt, and a holster, around his waist. Leroy Goodman,' 22, returned to his service station at 8:14 p.m. Thursday with his wife and infant daughter-when he saw the suspect trying to start a car parked at the station by crossing its wires. Backed Against Wall The surprised gunman pulled .22 pistol on Goodman and backed him against a wall. Goodman 'made a grab for the gun, *)ut the youth backed away and ordered him back into his car. "That made me mad when he vaved the gun at my wife and baby, too," Goodman later told deputies. Goodman grabbed his baby's milk bottle and threw it at the uspect after he moved back in- o the shadows to escape light rom a nearby movie theater and ool room. The gunman pulled the trig- er after the bottle hit him on he shoulder, but the gun failed o go off. Goodman then chased im once around the station, hrowing a five-gallon bucket at im and the suspect took off own the street. As he ran, he wung around and fired at Fog Blankets County, Causes Few Accidents L. A. Air Traffic Brought to Oxnard One of the heaviest fogs of the year blanketed Southern California and most of Ventura County through the night and early morning hours cutting visibility to zero-zero in many spots. The fog began rolling in from the ocean Wednesday night and extended from Santa Maria south to the Mexican border. The Port Hueneme lighthouse reported visibility as less than 200 yards at 8:30 a.m. today, but within an hour the sun was producing a haze that was expected to clear later today. Fog conditions kept the light FIELDING THE FIEND, shown busy stealing the Evening Star under the pen of artist and olitVirt** T3aM 'AiT****^ i« ^vvill »·»*-i*"n-»»-i*» J*-. 4-1*. n f"fl*u!«.j.^^~ ~ · _ _ i _ » . itrf , author Ben Martin, will appear in the Christmas season comic strip, "Heavenly Daze " starting in Monday's Press-Courier. opdman, this time missing him v~i'nr»'hnc? ·»" ^"-'^ State Park picknicking, at Ventura, swimming for and fishing. Auto Club members will get it with Westways, others may purchase the map for * S1.50. One reason for the continued improvement and success of the Oxnard Community Fair is that (he Chamber of Commerce has · permanent ycar-around committee working on it. The other day the committee met and came up with some sig- nificent decisions for the 1955 Community Fair. Dates were set for July 27 through July 31. Tents for display booths will probably be erected a day earli-! er than before; the Pan-Ameri can Amusement Co., which leases them, plays no northern dates and 1 hopes to get on the grounds here earlier. Better rest room facilities are to be provided. Some good pitchmen, a feature of most carnivals, and much desired by Bob Hewlett will be obtained to add a bit of old-time color to the fun. Carl Anderson, 1055 Fair they received special intelligence training." American authorities had warned the world in advance to expect to hear a deluge of Communist propaganda in which alleged "confessions" would be offered as "proof" of the Chinese charges. One after another the Communist radio droned the alleged confessions. It quoted Col. John Knox Arnold -- highest ranking American sentenced -- as saying his assignment was "psychological missions, the introduction, supply, resupply, evacuation or recovery of underground personnel." In most instances the judge was quoted as asking the Americans: "Do you realize that it is a crime to sneak into the lerritor- ial air of China." The quoted reply was invariably, 'Tes, I do." Peiping radio claimed that every one of the 13 sentenced Americans made a full confus- sion. -- ·'··' » v * *~ y inches. A road block set up by sheriff's deputies was later called off when a panel truck, belonging to D. C. Myers of Moorpark, was found near the scene Deputies theorized that the suspect drove to the station in the truck after taking it earlier in the evening from Arneill and Barry roads in Camarillo. The truck was taxen after the suspect apparently abandoned an automobile at the scene that he had stolen from Sierra Madre Wednesday night Witnesses told deputies that they had seen the suspect driving around Moorpark Thursday afternoon in the L.A. Fog Causes Accidents car. And early this morning deputies discovered that another car was missing, apparently taken by the gunman This one belonged to Marion Fisher of Moorpark. LQS ANGELES, _(U.R)_. dense "fog blanketed, the South ern California coast today caus ing an estimated 1,300 traffi accidents in the Los Angele area and badly hampering auto sea and air traffic. Adding to the discomfort Los Angeles residents was which hit the city suddenly Wednesday afternoon after week of summer-like tempera tures and clear skies. Most of the traffic accidenL were minor, but two fatalitie, and 130 injuries were reported The deaths, of three three- month-old infants from respiratory ailments in widely separated county communities were being checked to determine the Thanksgiving Day smog-fog attack contributed to the triple chairman, meeting. presided over the The other night we dropped down to the Del Mar cafe In Port Ilacneme, where one may always get a good meal, and *rhcrc It Is Interesting to talk to John and Mary Bollard. Here are two folks, celebrating now their first year in tho cafe, who have a lively interest, and an intelligent one, in the development of Port Hup- neme. If you want Jo learn what makes our sister city tick, talk to them and you will find «ut, while you are enjoying a SF4PFR1 Ventura Children Arrested After Burglary Spree A fling at crime ended Wednesday afternoon for four Ventura children when police arrested them' for reportedly taking part in at least 18 burglaries and petty thefts in Ventura over the past few months. The arrests followed a report from Alwila M. Dietrich, Ventura, who told police two of the boys, 11 and 14-year-old brothers, volunteered to help her move last Sunday. After they Finished she discovered $15 missing from a cigar box. When the brothers were pickup, they reportedly admitted the theft, told of the other thefts, and implicated two other brothers, S and 11 years old. The petty burglaries took place in several stores as well as the Ventura Police Boys' 'lub and the Ventura Recreation Center. The boys reportedly Man Hurt on Glass Door, Not Window Edward Williams of 240 East B street, Port Hueneme, who suffered a leg injury at McDaniel's Market Tuesday evening, crashed through a glass door and not a window, as previously reported. Cal Stewart, manager of the store, said Williams, whose spectacles were fogged, apparently thought the transparent swinging doors were open and collided with one of them, breaking the glass and cutting his leg. Williams was treated by a private doctor who took seven stitches in the leg. tragedy. Michael Shabarekh Hollywood, Linda Sue James Van Nuys, and Stevens N. Bugg San Pedro, died during a 45- minute period. Thanksgiving Day TrafficTolM21 By United Press Americans today posted sorry Thanksgiving Day traffic record of more than 100 deaths on the highways. A United Press count between 6 p.m. Wednesday and midnight Thursday showed 121 persons had died in traffic accidents. Fires killed four and miscellaneous mishaps 18 for a total of 1-13. Illinois far outstripped other slates with the dubious distinction of 17 traffic deaths during the one-day holiday. Angel and Imp Will Romp In Christmas Comic Strip i/ · I* _ _ « * « . . . . . _ _ _ * "All men are half angel, half imp," according to Ben Martin. Not satisfied with philosophy for,"philosophy's "sake; "Mr. Martin has into a translated four-week theory Christma fable, called "Heavenly Daze." Mr. Martin is both author anc artist of this completely origina comic strip, which will appea in The Press-Courier on Mon day Nov. 29th and continue right through to the night be fore Christmas. "Heavenly Daze," to return to the angel-imp problem, records Heavenly's (namesake and hero of the strip) struggle to wrest the Christmas Star from the remarkably irredeemable Fielding .he Fiend. Without the star, Santa Claus will have no guide or his yearly gift deliveries. Dachshund Helps Fortunately, Heavenly has the assistance of. Griddlebone, the most unusual dachushund hat ever flew at an angel's side. And the merry spirit of Christmas prevails. Martin's experiences as news editor of a Philadelphia tele- ·ision station, playwright, artist, author and syndicate editor, iave sometimes taken him dis- ressingly far from heaven. That may explain the celestial setting if his most recent creation, 'Heavenly Daze." Ben Martin is the author of hree books, all illustrated by imself. "Alfred," published by imon and Shustcr, tells of a nchshund (brother or Griddle- COIWECTIOX Installation of officers of the Eastern Star will take place next 'riday, Dec. 3, and not tonight. 'he ceremony is scheduled at ic Elks. Club at 8. p. ni. Better Business Bureau Eyed idmiucd taking money, tools, pens, fire extinguishers, bicycles, and other loot. ., Police officers, after finding much of the stolen loot in one f the homes, turned (ho boys ver to juvenile officers who placed them in juvenile hall funhtr investigation. Establishment of a better business bureau organization in Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Paula to "maintain better business relations in the community" may sron become a reality, Robert Tremaine, manager of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce, announced today. Tremaino, who attended a meeting in Santa Paula Wednesday with officials from the three cities, said that the bureau would be an expansion of the present Santa Barbara Better Business Bureau. 'Setting up an altogether new organization in these three cities would prove too expensive," Trcmaine said. "An expansion of.the Santa Barbara organization would be more economical and efficient We woujrl benefit from their experience." The meeting was the fourth in a series for representatives to become acquainted with the idea and to determine the general action for such a move, Tremaine said. "Everybody seems to be in favor of the idea," he said. Another meeting will be held in Oxnard In January between representatives of the cities and directors of the Santa Barbara group. At that time the mechanics are expected to be worked out preliminary to any final action. The new organization would probably be known as either the Channel Cities or Tri-County Belter Business Bureau, Tremaine said. plans, according to Tremnine, would be to set up office? or a telephone-answering service in the three communities to handle transactions at each point. Business would !e either relayed to the Santa Barbara office or handled by a representative traveling through the area. Local committees would b* s«t up in each city to hear complaints. ·To get started," he noted, J 'wc would have to sell memberships to businessmen from each city. We would need at least $3,000 to get started and would have to bone?) who wishes to become a trained seal; "John Black' Body" and Mr. Smith and Mr Schmidt" were' botlr*ublishe by The versatile- Mr. Martin ha also written a number of play (he gets depressed when h counts unproduced ones). Re cently Philco Playhouse adapte one of them, "Bonanza" for presentation. Primarily Cartoonist Primarily a cartoonist (a "Heavenly Daze" so pleasantlj demonstrates) Ben Martin's panels have appeared in Col- iers, This Week, Satevepost Mademoiselle, Vogue, Punch and just about every other ma"or publication in the world. Ben was born in Oakland California, and he is a graduate of the University of California le flew east via Cleveland and Philadelphia. Mr. Martin lives a citified \*ew York life. He is in no way ound of the great outdoors, inds the sun irritating. When isked if had any hobbies, he houghtfully volunteered. "Yes." rcuh S7,000 to carry on effici- from the firm." hest Campaign Extended Month The Ventura County Com- nunity Chest campqjcn will be xtcnded through December, W. Gray, president of the Chest, announced today. "Pledges arc coming "in good." lrny said, "but several sections f the campaign started late and he campaign is being extended o that they may complete their ·ork." Gray pointed out Sears Roc- uck and Co. as an example of ow well the campaign is being eccivcd this year. "The employes of Sears Hoe- tick and Co. in Ventura have ledged a total of §373.75," Gray lid. "Last year, their sub- criplion to the Community Chest was §330. lit addition, we received a gift of $iOO cntly in the future." Trcmainc said that busings- men would be asked to join the proposed bureau to do their part in: 3) setting standards for retail advertising copy, 2) protecting merchants from undue solicitation and attempted fraud, 3) handling customer com- p]airts for belter relation? bc- uvecn the customer and merchant. Attending the meeting with representatives from Ihcir cities were Al Handrock, president of the Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce, and Al Albinger, manager of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. With Trcn-.aine from Oxnard were Jerry Wolff .Shell Cited Gray cited Shell Chemical Co. in Ventura as another example of how citizens of Ventura County are responding to the appeal of the nine agencies of the Chest in their one yearly campaign. With a per capita gift of $5.18, the chemical employes have subscribed $4G1 to the Chest, a -JzaWe increase over their last year's contribution of $210. The campaign this year was handled by the Ventura Shell Chemical Employe Activities Association of which CJydc M. Cameron is president. Pledges to date to the Chest on a county-wide basis amount house foghorn blaring from midnight Wednesday throug this morning with only an hou and a half break reported from noon yesterday to 1:30 p.m. Of ficials said that visibility wa cut to zero-zero last night with the light in the tower obscurei at times. Flights Canceled Two Southwest Airway; flights from the Oxnard Airpor were canceled yesterday, one in the morning and another a night. Eight northbound flights originated from the airport a the International Airport at Los Angeles was closed to traffic Passengers were transported here by bus. Another heavy fog along the coast spreading inland to lower coastal valleys is forecast for late tonight and early Saturday The fog will extend along the coast from Santa Barbara to San Diego, lifting by 11 a.m Saturdaj r . In Oxnard and along th county's coastline fog begai n late yeste'rday after settling by mid-evening Chiang Repels Red invasion Of Tiny Island TAIPEI, (IP) -- Swarms of Red Chinese troops attacked Wuchiu Island today but a spokesman said the Nationalist defenders forced the assault to withdraw after inflicting heavy casualties and capturing many leds. Generalissimo Chiang Kai- ihek's information chief, in an- louncing the surprise Red in- ·asion of the rocky island 150 miles west of Formosa and 10 niles from the mainland, said he Nationalists inflicted "high -asualties" in the fierce four- lour long hand-to-hand battle, 'he Nationalists suffered only a few" casualties, he said. And, he said, Nationalist )lanes sank eight of the "Great lumber'' of motorized junks vhich launched the Reds on heir attack. The junks were ac- ompanied by five gunboats. Earlier reports said the Com- lunist troops approached the S" shaped island from three irections in 10 motorized unks. Toehold in Chain The assault on the island was icwcd-here as a direct attempt y the Communists to seize Vuchiu as a toehold in the enter of Formosa's chain of By midnight visibility was cut to a minimum. The fog lifted 9 a.m. today. Fog was reported as far inland as Piru. Drivers along Highway 101 from Los Angeles were treated to a star-filled sky until they descended the Conejo grade when the thick fog bank cut visibility to less than ten. yards. In Oxnard, the fog was considered the main reason for two accidents, causing injury to one persons. At 7:10 p.m., Sidrunio Tello, 34, 131 East Seventh street, suffered minor injuries when, struck by a car while crossing Sixth street, police said today. Unaware of Accident The driver, Alice Carrillo, 16, 153 North H street, a student at Oxnard Union High School, told" police she was not aware she had struck someone until a witness stopped her. Tello was taken to General Hospital where he was treated and released. At 3:10 a.m. today, R}lph M. Ayala, £3, 278 South · California street, snapped a fire hydrant off when he pulled into a driveway, overshot it and hit the hydrant in the 1400 block South Oxnard boulevard. Elsewhere in the county yesterday two non-injury accidents were reported in Ventura by police and three in unincorporated areas by the highway patrol. Two cars were hit in the back end during the fog while they ere on East Fifth street, patrol officers reported. At 8:45 p.m. a car driven by Vernon L. Litzelman, 19, Route two, Oxnard, was struck by another westbound car driven by Cenneth C. Allen, 47, 710 West fth street, Oxnard. Litzelman, old officers that he had stopped, -miles east of Rice road when is vision was obscurjed by the og while he was looking for turnoff. At 12:50 a.m., 1.1-mile east of lice road, a car driven by John V. Dayey, 18, 138 Fir street, Camarillo, was struck by anther eastbound car driven by Airman 2/c Norman C. Grady, 0, of the Oxnard Air Force" Base. Davey told officers that is lights had gone out and he vas attempting to stop in the og.. and Spilman, Hemingway . to $59,439.12. The goal it aa^SOoi. liva there. islands. Nationalist authorities said it ·otild be presumed that other milar attempts will follow. It was the first major Com- muni-l raid on a Nationalist- eld ishnd since the Reds cared out a hit-and-run n»5d on ucmoy ishnd, 75 miles south- ·cst of Wuchiu, on Aug. 23. Military observers on Formo- considcrcd it significant that he Communists had not at-' ached Tachcn, far to the north, r Quemoy again. They noted that, instead, the picked a tiny Island which es on the shortest direct route om the China mainland to Chiang's Formosan stronghold. The island was not viewed as vital strategic importance to ic defense of Formosa unless the Communists were planning to u^ it for a leap-frog campaign, these observers said. The defenders were estimated at battalion strength. Xo Americans were stationed on the island, which is so small that it is not shown-on most maps, and 1 only a few fishermen Jriver in Accident Given Year in Jail Howard Black, 41, 2S4S Ocean rive, was given one year hv ail as part of a five-year probation sentence today'after being found guilty of drunk driving with injury in connection with an accident in Oakview on Aug. 11. / Black was arrested ,it Gonzales road and Highway 101-A after reportedly fleeing from the scene where he had struck two young brothers on bicycles, ,, The brothers were Lawrence G. Wright. 9. and Daniel Wright, 7. of Oakvic~w. Dame) suffered minor injuries, Ijuvrence is recovering from a fractured log. Black was found guilty on evidence presented and was sentenced by Judge Walter J. Fourt. 10,000 Hear Vishinsky Eulogized MOSCOW OT -- Ten thousand mourners 3n Red Square today heard Foreign Minister V. H, Molctov eulogize the late Andrei Y. Vishiasky as '^a defender oi peace." Premier G corgi Malenkov headed the list of pafibearcrs who carried his ashes to their final resting place \rithln tht red brick Kremlin wall. United States Charge D!Affaires Walter X. Walmsley, Jr., joined representatives of th« entire Moscow diplomatic corps

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