Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 31, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 5
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footwear Plant Entertains Women Supervisors At Hotel Elton Dinner \Vo:m-n Mipi'rvisoi'H of the Unil,1 states lluhlji'r Comp.'itty Knot- uy,,r I'l.'inl wi'iv ).:iii'«ts nf thiMior.i- ;it a diniu'i' hold ln.--,t ni,','ht In 'IHHUU- at tlii- Hntol Kltou, n-inv Jl', ,,;',. 10 :i ciipkUill hoiii- from I'- 7-CO dinn 1 ' 1 ' wllf! !tt " l ' vc " t '- wfts pi-nvUlrd by a 1,1,. n!i<l ';nuip Hin jov'ril aft.-r Ihc nu-; 1 -jiliiuirid \V. Ki»!.-* srni.'u-UT. He tlf. f:n-tory [ii.-iiiagor. i'V''iiinK'x pt'iigram w.'is con with i-ntcrlaliinii-iit by Pr. Ci-raUl, na' i<M-.a!ly known .','i'niUK a-ncl hilled as "Tho ,, s Pinner music string I'li.ioin- kVing 'WHM on- >'.-iidtT Mrrvi-cl i!itrciduri>d W. Tin- laMt batl- Th<>*>' allrni!in t : (liii't im'lud.'d: Anna Moria, Katlirya Ill-own, Mm- Coiuvay. Sophie C'ornlsh. Jui|n f.'inss. Ann |i"Cailo. Jo.Mrphliic DiCiirl". Maliel f'l'.'iut, 1 H'lia Mar- iiino, ,r<i::i']>hi]]o IVf-irlin, fd-lun Mor- j-i A Anna Ostnun, I.otth' Rfrd. Emma Tii-str.-Ml, Klinnr Yannvluh, KoI.-iJ<"«!ti. Uora UrblnuU, FOR YOUR FAMILY NEEDS!! NAT'S 410 North Main St. Unltin City TEL. (ilSfl ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE ALARM CLOCKS ...... luc. Tax J_£JI ' ; Venetian Blinds In Him'k, LEBON'S j/i.vcix;; I-;VKKV TKI. MTM li.n Ami,-..i.,. iinil Hi. ;] sirhiBH * AlM't' 1 '-! ' KjillnM iinil A:n,M-]r;ui CuKlni- • 1'nll r.l r I'rltllxei"- • I'Nuli iir iMrkltiu niiiu-i. 'I'.'UO m-.'STAl/KAXT I!•.•:•: •nuiiniiHiiiii AM-. U.I l.nn . (null. Catherine Nappl, Irene Brozickl Mnrthn JJHi.-nsehott, Hubert, Nora .Luncly, Theresa Musi, Miilmla Pa-tt, Sadie McCarthy, Helen Slurvniuis, Elizabeth Van Delft Ami K-enskl, Concctta Fazzino,' Lillian Klonoski, Jane Nolan, Mary I^, Sally Shurko, Marie Wood, M:u'K,ir<;t Ycsulaitcs, Dee Accardi' Ann Whltcomb. Olpa Fredericks ' idu JX'Luo. Rose Grosso, Bui- ncti.-i Koed, Ann Ti-lpp, Ann Tarullo, Helen Ftiru, Olive Hossllor, Ui'i'thu Rzcwusfci, Julia Stoerf/. Veronica Sweeney, Olcncla Traf- lord, ICIeanor Galr. Mildred Hayes, Alkv VVHccix, Esther Trapkouskas' Ann O'Conncll, Ceil Sanders. Jennio Bencllcr, Lena Pcloai, Frances Collins. Anna Crane, Stflla Pocoski, Ver-• onicu Cook, Wilhclmina Bennett, IClMiu Mattel, Anne Pawelchak, Cc- f-olia Kevit. Natalie Tm-asIewicK, (-athnrlne Conncll, Kathcrinc Pal- Ir.ciinn. Melon Jiohncler, Agnes Mo's- kuy. Agnesi Pascuvage, Sophie Ob jinsl:i. Mary L.OU Wise, Patrici Moa'y, Helen ZapatJsa, Stella M MeCann. Afi'iics Anderoon. Ecrnice An di-ows, Elizabeth Condon, Helei Dro/.nlok, Irene Fitzgerald. Marl Ginsberg. Anna Knrnban, Adclin f-.;itiouettc, Julia Kiernan, Alici O'Drion, Helen O'Connor, fidith Witliurwax, Edith Tudor, Elix.a lii'th Wilson, Dorothy Peterson him Mowroy. Catherine Brosna ui. Sylvia Smith, Elizabeth Bow crs, Helen L'nis. W. H. Norton. W. 12. Btttlc. H \. Anderson, R. J. Ford. P. G Eriiv.-n, M. J, Giirrick, J. E. Rob inson, S. Glovor, R. H. Bavicr, C R. Toothiiker. J. J, \Vriun, R. H Swan.-:on. !•'. D. Nawrath, S. Hada way, R. II. Rasche, G. Lceper, W Ware, G. T. Ward, E. W. Foss bonder, E. T. McGrath, and L, E Lovcjoy. ?/Iiss Stella McCunn. training director, W.-:K In charge of nrrangc- .-rionts, assisted by Helen Zapatka Mary Lou Woiss and Libby Krot. MOTHER OF FOUR TWINS GIVES BIRTH TO TRIPLETS * New Beauty Shop Wage Rates Set State t,a.hor Commissioner John J. tCr.-an has approved the rccom r.vndjtions of tho Tijircl Beauty Shop Wage Board for minimum I'jiir \vaflo r.TlCs for adult males w.'imon nnd minors employed in (h- lic.".nty shops in Connecticut. Tru'so rocommendationa will hc- como effective as u. wage order on iirt-h 2. 39.17. The wago r.ites. a s set up In the new ord>;r. will he, for three-year operators, full time, $23 a week, ft timo. Sj.riO -i clay, and ovcr- ii', !>.l conf.s ,-ui hour. TSvo-year operators nnd clerks, 525 a week, a d iv for part timo woi'ker.-j and conts an houi' for ovortimo. Oin-yrav operators, S2.'-i u week for 'nil timo workers, .5-1.50 a <lny for part limr wcu-kera .and 75 cents an hour Cor overtime. I MUITIPU BIRTHS ARE THE RULS rather than the exception In the home ol Mr. and Mri. James Rodgers of Gnlatia, 111. Mrs. Rodgcrs is shown with the latest additions, triplet boys. In the last three, years she has given birth to two sets of twins. Besides these, tile Rod/jcrs have five other children. (International Soundphoto) Waterbury Youth Arrested Here On Theft Charge Louis Dccarolts. IS, ,70D North Main street, Waterbury, was arrested today on two counts of thctt by Police Captain Anthony Malone. Dccarolis, who posted a $200 bond, was notified to appear in borough court tomorrow. Police reported that Dccarolis is alleged to have stolen a heater :i.r.d a battery from two cars parked on South Main street, on or about Inn. '23. The car, from which the buttery is alleged Id have buen token is owned by Tnor Joh'nson, while tho battery is alleged to have beer, otolun from a car Ijoiongini; to Jack Lynch, botli o£ Naugatuck. Eagles Guest NO COVERED DISHES! Footwear Plant Employes Complete Stewards Elections Thn eiection of department stcw- n-ds in the US. Rubber Company ootwear phint has henn completed, t was announced today by JacU lie:', vice-president, local 4K j'nltud Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and ln.;tic Workers of America. CIO. '.ie results will be made known arly next week. Mr. But I or termed the election as cinjr highly ,succes:vfu7, saying-that' c '' ( it \v:m the llrst time all union and I cl:i non-union workers had an opportunity '.u vote foe their department stewards. Mr. Butler added that more ballots were cast in this cle.c- ;lon than any election held prcvi-j Bridges Makes Serious Charges Against Russia CIIAIU.IL'S C. GUENTHJSB, of 1'ittsbiireh, I'u., i;ruiid secretary of tlie KiiRlos, who will 1m jjtiest of tlu' NuuKiituck Aerie, nur.i- lier 0-1(1. at n class initiation Fcl>- rti.'iry 3. A oiie-dmo iiroff.ssioiial husrUall pliiyor, Mr. Gucnther \va.s GDI nil Worthy I'riisldctit of the Order In l!>23. Committee Named For Musicale INSTRUCTOR XAMKIl Starrs. J;<n. 31 —<UP>—A WooO- hury nitin—Kenneth A. Bradley—• ha* joined the University oi' Connecticut I'aeulty as an instructor in nursery m .inar-fciYKMil untl rn-odur.- tion. Brad.'cy is £i ^raduatir of th univei's'.iy, class of 1938. HI-HAT RESTAURANT .ISiVIS!) No. Mniii .St. ^'ntcl liury . i: in Ilinnr Ciuiki-il l''ninl. - I, III ..... -v. St'inrs. I'.'tfr. Phone I-OS37 Ge'.ieral committee for the sale of nntrons nnd patronesses' tickets for the musical, to be present-" under the auspices ot St. Fran- parish societies in Columbus ho II Wednesday and Thursday. March K) nnd 20. was announced today. Mrs. Leo Happy nnd Mrs, William O'Donnell have been named co-chairmen to he assisted by tho following: .Mi's. Willlnm Thurston, J1i-s. Bernard Sullivan, Mrs. John Hoaly. Mrs. Gi'Oiw Carro'il, Mrs.. John Tatijjinn. Mrs. Martin Lynn. Mi's. John Cl.'trk, Mi-s. James Narde'.lo, Mrs. Frances Shannahan Mrs. William Caulfiulci, Mrs. Sid ncy Eayiis. Miss MeKa Mancini. Miss. Frnn ces Cuddy. Miss Jane Bonteinpo Minn Doris Weavin,',', Miss Koi- ene Fratt'si and Misy Mary L.cai r y. IJII1 Galr.-burs 1 , Sv/edhoi'p; I'^s ;i Galesluir^ w;ii ntain i n;; 1 HIS SHARK 111. UJ Pi — Err.cst it^ned as trensuror o; Sunrlwv school a.rt po: I'tjct attendance Listen to Al Vestro's Play-By-Play Broadcast LEAVEN WORTH VS. NAUGATUCK UASKKTIIALL GAMIC SATURDAY NIGHT — 8:30 P. M. 2-IN-1 RIFRIGtRATOR .^4w?I'''5£*™"' Firs! —there's a buill-in Iroozing iockor thdl quick•-"'"" rt •" Jroazoa or oloroj 60 to 80 Iba. o( (rozon loads Mloly lor monliio. Socond—Ihoro'o d huflo, punficcl rnoibt cold comprtrtmont th^t never baa lo bo dalrostad. Willi SlonLimp to kill alrborno Uictcno, locxla st.iy frosh <md nioiat in uncovered thahpn. Como fioo Ihin rtni'Htny 2-!n-l rofri^crdlor i'"' Dual-Tomp. built oxcluaivoly by! NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON DIAL Presontud hy ARMSTRONG TIRE HEADQUARTERS JOE'S TIRE SHOP, Joe Samoska, Prop. 311 NO. MAIN ST., VVATKKHliRY 55 CENTER ST. WATERBURY. CONN. OI'K.V Tl XS. TO TIlfKS. rt.IW A, M. JINTIl- r,:-!;", P. M. witl1 " lir own r isi| mil.Y, fish on our own premises. U. S. Certified I)e:ilors QUALITY SEAFOOD KXCLUSIVKLV 32 UNION ST. (Rear) Watorbury Tel. 3-0902 or 3-0008 Open 8 A. M. tn 7 P. M. of trucks wu transport FKKSH 11 root from the: coast . . And fillet nil • Ipswich Clams • Steamer Clams • Little Necks i Cherry Stone Clams • Shrimp • Crab Meat * Oysters and Lobster Tails e Chowder Clams Live Lobsters (Select) • Lobster Meat * Prog 1 Leg's Fillet of Sole Fillet of Cod Fillet of Haddock (Whole) Fillet of Hake (Whole) ' Fillet of Boston Bluefish (Whole) • Smelts • Swordfish • Smoked Bloaters and Herring- Whiting- « Squid Dry Cod Salmon Shredded and Salted Cod Smoked Boned Herring Mackerel « Sea Scallops • Halibut- Drive Right In Plenty Of Parking Space (By L'iMted Press) Soviet Russia has been accused of trying to bring Germany and China under its domination ...Of promoting a world-wide propaganda campaign against America and ot forming «. German Army inside the Soviet union. The accuser is Republican Senai for Styles Bridges of New Hamps-hire, one of the most influential GOP members of the upper chamber. He says he is "very upset" at the American action in pulling out of China. "We have an opportunity in China that, is also a duty," he de- e-laros. "A free China is vitally important to freedom in any part of the world." As for that propaganda cam- puig-n, Bridjrcs ways it derives from y sinftle end centralized source. And he loft little doubt as to where hr thinlto that source is. He says them's little doubt that .Russia wants to turn Germany in'-•o a satellite a.nd ally.... He calls for a prohe to "reveal the facts about the millions of German wai prisoners in the Soviet union." Bridges tolc/ his senatorial colleagues lhat it would be what he calls "Tho extreme of suioidai stupidity" to share the secret of Ihc ntorriic bomb until an "air-tight ystcm of control and inspection" has been set up. Tho Now Hampshire Republican pi-jisctl tho leadership of James Byrnes as secretary of state and urged Secretary Mai-shall to carry on in thi! same tradition. "We count on Marshall," siiys Bridges, "to resist the efforts of u. noisy minority, typified by Henry %V:iKacc and his f"eilo'\v-travelin^ en'.oiii-na'e, to steer American f-oi- eigrn policy back into the blind aK Icy from which it has only recently emerged." Three Naugatuck Choirs To Take Part In Festival Thrc« choirs from Naugatuck will participate In the choir festival to be held Sunday evening, February 2, in the Stcond Congregational church of Watorbury, under the direction, of H. Auguatina Smith of the Music College of Bos ton University, and assisted b Jesse'F. Davi.s, minister of musi and Norman D. Hovey, organist, o the Second church. The Congregn fional, Hillside, and Salem Luth eran churches are to be well represented at the musical oven which 'has become an annual af fair, with Dr. Smith coming cac year to direct a large chorus mad up of church choirs throughout tn Witorbury area. Dr. Smitli is famous for hi country-wide work with r.hurc music, and for many years ha_ con-ducted grea't choir festivals i the United States and abroad. In May, at the Boston Garden, he wi lead' a. chorus of 3,000 voices. , leader with tremendous energy an enthusiasm, Dr. Smith is belove by choir singers everywhere, am it Is expected that a large numbfl wil Itake part in the festival to be h2ld at the Second church in Wa terbury at 7:30, Sunday evening, Rehearsal will be at 4 p. m., followed by a tea at six for vvisiting choir members. Immediately afte; the musical program, there will be n colorloguc on Ireland by Curtis F. Nagc!, world traveler and cx- pkirer. NAUOATOCK NEWS (CONN.), FRIDAY. JAN. il. UM—PAQE i NOTICE Tri-Hi-Y CInb To See Movies Mnvios Of Lhc Philippines wili •feature :i meolinp of the Ti-i-Hi- Y club at the Y next MoiitlM.y evc^ nny r,t 7:']0. Dr. Fr;inl«lyn A. Warren nf Wa- t.(?rbi.ii 4 y, %v Ji n l,oolr the movio:-; OiM'in^ ;i lour oT duty with tlie Medical Corps of (.ho U, S. Army. Seek $272,000 fCuntinueil From PaRe One) stipulation that riot more than two aci-cs of land be used for the pro- feet. In conjunction with discussion of blic building in tiio borough, :ill local groups have been invited to attend a meeting Feb. 11 called by i.hc Veterans' Council to discuss plans for the construction oC an auditorium. It is expected the proposed armory will be discussed at :he session. Wood Cutter Injures Foot Charles Barber, 20, 65 Spring street, cut his right foot while cutting v,-ood yesterday afternoon. He i' c c e i v e d treatment at St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury and was then sent home. LOSES CASE A Hartford man has lost his court case in which he sought to grain half of $2800 from the estate of his dead -brother. The money itid been won by them at a Rhode sland race track. Superior Court Judge Charles J. tfcLaug'hnn says that such a claim s ag-ahist t ; he expressed public policy of Connecticut which — alt h o u g h considering: legalizing horse-racing hasn't yet permitted It. LOT SOLD A lot on Spring' street has been sold by Albertina Booth to William Baribauit and Sophie !3ehn- dor, according to a warranty deed on .file in tho office of Town Clerl-: 'Raymond J. St. John, An estimated 50 mi<Jion persons in the Uni-ted States use- alcoholic "hevofai-vos. and about nix per pout. of them become- addicts by execs- siyo drinking. To the LcRal Voters of the Town of Beacon Falls. A special Town Meeting: will be held at 7:30 o'clock Thursday, Fcb- •uary 6th in the Town Hall, Town if Beacon Fails, Conn., for the ollowinp purposes: Take action n building a new town hall or novinp present building' and take ction on a trunk sower lino to ic put through the new main hiRb- vay, and to transact any other 'usincss proper to come before said meeting. Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this 30th day of January. 10-1". Attest: T. W. SEMPLENSKI EDWARD .1. SMITH RALPH E. UPRIGHT Selectmen. FRED C. CURTISS Town Clerk. HUNDREDS OF VALCES! January Clearance SALE WE DELIVER TO NAUGATUCK SATURDAYS—Phone Waterbury 5-0182 GILFORD'S SELF SERVICE MARKET 438 SOUTH MAIN ST., WATERBURY There Is No Klnilt In Quantities On The Item* Below Friday - Saturday Specials SHORT or SIRLOIN ^MBH CHUCK ROAST ! QUALITY STEAKS".55 Genuine Calf's LIVER Gilford's Old Fashioned FRESH I'URE GROUND BEEF Head Cheese HAMBURG IFRUITS & VEGETABLE£ JUICY SWEET SUNKIST ORANGES INDIAN RIVER GRAPEFRUIT 3 SL 25c FANCY KATENG McINTOSII APPLES 3 Ibs YKM.OW ONIONS 4 lbs 19c SOLID HEAD CABBAGE 3 10c [GROCERY SPECIAI SOAPandSOAPPOWDERS Are Getting Scarce Again Get Some Now While They Are Available — Buy All You Want at BENSON'S siior 130 SOUTH MAIN ST. Water bury SUPER SUDS OXYDOL IVORY SNOW DUZ £.35c KRAFT : '¥AYONNMSE IVORY SOAP Med. PALMOLIVE CAMAY Reg. CASHMERE BOUQUET 2 „,„ 25c Bars Vv'ATCH FOK OUH WEEKLY SPECIALS — Try NEWS Want Ads—they bring results DIAMOIVI? MGUi:nA!VTS FOR a GEIVKRATIOXS I DIAMOND RINGS BETWEKIV $200 and $300 To meet the increased demand, we have a wondrous collection of individual rings priced between $2OO and 93QO . , . each Ih* result of superior craftsmanship and the rare genius of creative stylists. See them now, in 14K gold settings, with and without side diamonds. Divided Payment Invited at No Added Coal 68 Bank Street At Center Street. Wnterbury

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