Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 31, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 4
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TAGE I—NAUGATUCK NEWS, (CONN.), FRIDAY, JAN. 31, 1947 RisdonBowsTo U. S Rubber In Girls' Dusty U. S. RubbiM- bunt Rlsclon two jjomcM to ono in u rcKulnr Gii-lu' Dusty htfiKiii' howling mutch ;U An- nunbuix's. J. Sohlof with SID was high for the Rubber squad. A. But- ku.t with 310 and O. Ma:', with 311 stn iTucl for trio lonorH. J^nwlM Plant took thn-u from the Almond Joys, [-oiling a teum Loiul of 132-1 to 12CG. •Lewi-i I'lnglni'i-rlng trmlt three from Chomicul and thi; Live Wirus took three from tht< U. S. Cost in other grimes rolled. SIIAMT: North Koyalton, Vt. (UP)— Mrs, Howard Benson, her newlurn bnbj nnil her 10 utfier children all hat; the" me<isleti .timtiUancotuly. GOLDIE'S Camera Sbop ; Suhruy, Dfjur, Key/or Sol.llii.-lit 17 Ornnd St., [Vtby. Tel. 5-1873 Bi;SINKSS TRAINING J-'Olt VKTERANS New CKiMsrs Feb. Hrd JUNIOR COLLEGE: 24 Central Avc, Wuturlmry I'hone .I-H772 FKKU'S Ill-WAV GK1LLK 501 South Main St. Rcgnlur Daily Dinner 50c up A 1,11 Curte Menu Spaghetti To Tiiko Out UuIKjnet Knfiiii, Cocktail J.olingti J-'ull I.lcinor J.lconsf! WALKER TURNER Tulile :iml Floor Model 15" DRILL PRESSES $90 to $111.75 Coiii|>letc With Motor ^ //«rwtf*j(/«""*-v • ^ , n a a n kj « i i i» •< MILL SUPMIES • PWftK >i SAVINGS 41 fEL. 5 G'AHS WINTKKI/KI) CHAPPIE'S AMOCO GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 2-W 1IKIDGK ST. TKL. '1800 MrMII.I.AN .MOT OH 'III.!* ^f ****** *********** ******&**»*• Greyhound-Tech Game Tomorrow Total Sellout No tickets are available for the meeting of Nruigatuck and Leavcn- \vorth tomorrow evening at the Wntorbury armory. Jake Riegor, treasurer of tho Leavenworth A. A. announced yesterday 'that till tickets were sold. Lunvenwoi-th Is host team for this meeting, hence is handling- ticket sales. The local high school received 7DO tickets as the result of a reciprocal agreement under which Leaven-worth was "ranted «n equal number of tickets For the Jlrst .vim*. Over 000 students at th« hlirh school will more than use up the iLllotmi.'tit of student tickets. faculty demand and tick' rts for DJrents of squad member* wl'l! account for every adult ticket available. Squad members will ba unable to obtain tickets other than those for members of the immedi it., family. The coming jfwmc has caused ven more speculation than tho [livit meeting of the teams, principally because of the Greyhounds; unexpectedly poor showing against Torringtcn. Most local sports observers arc convinced that unless the Garnet players arc able to return to soracthinfi- like thfi-lr customary form, they cannot hope to, battle Bill Tracy's fast Tech squad on anything like even terms. Tho que.stion then is. how well will the Greyhounds ploy? Sources close to the team, hint that if there arc any indications of stalcnes.s on tho part of team regulars, several substitute^ who havo been coming aloivr fast in the pasf few games will sec considerable fiction. Tn this connection, tho name,.! of Bob Mariano and Richio Roland as po&iiblo guard replacements and Charlie Aquavki, Joe Tamsoy and Jerry Lahriola as poa siljle substitutes at forward hava b.!i;n prominently mentioned. Morticians, Purple Knights Favored In Dimes Benefit At Y Basketball Scores Sulom M. Matos, If Kuvick J. McCann , . B.- Mates, rf Adamski .... Hanlcy AiBonault, lg Wisinski Tile.! Dennis, rg .. Totals b f 601 . 0 0 . 0 0 . 4 0 . 1 0 . 0 0 .•10 00 ,00 .12 i o : 000 . 2 0 19 2 '10 St. b f P Scheithe, If J Bryk, rf 3 Saulc, c , 3 Reynolds, IK 1 Russcsyk, rg 0 Sobierariski 3 •A I 0 0 0 000 Totals 12 7 31 Score at half 'time: lil-5, Salem Referee: Kilroy. Hop Brook STROHD 2nd BIC HIT Tyrone POWER Gene TIERNEY John PAYNE Anne BAXTER Clifton WEBB Herbert MARSHALL mwrs • not — Stltcted SHort Subjects EDNKSDJirMM wiWin miorr • vim HMO* 'PLAINSMAN W,S LADY' »rvf . ' *1 *• XOMIJfl' SALEM Today - Saturday CRIMINAL COURT REFRIGERATION SERVICE Electric Appliance Co. 1*11 Jlahlwln St. Wilt. — 'J'el. '1-1243 <***^**^*v*< I.ADI KS 1 1>'I,ANNKI< NIGHTGOWNS Reg. Size — $2.39 X-Size — S2 69 Wally's 14 SI-RING STltKKT Ollies Radiator Shop IM I-IIOSI-KCT ST. TKI.. 35-11 Union Clt.v Antn Riidliitnr* Hc|>;ilrc<l, fllcnncil mill Itc-C'nrcil Work C'tilli'il l''i>r ami Hcllvtwil AI.I. WORK r.irAHANTKKD Olllr I,i< line, I'rup. TDMCOJNIMY plux "Vacation In Reno" DANCE TONIGHT and EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT Willow Crest Ranch off ItotitL- (1!), Butlmny Week uftcr week morn and more folks lire onjo.vliK,' those liilririnn'; sffC-Uv,::cli<TN In tho old ll:iy I.lift at tho Willow Crest liaiiuh. We'll he string you Friday CONTINfOfS r^KJ'OK.MANCK FHOM L V. M. Henry Hathiwiy Louis da Roctiemont ciNTu*r-rox MB CONTIGUOUS rKKFOBMANCE FIIOM I P. M, 2nd Hit At Work" WALLY /\i YTUII\ ALAN CONWAV WED. CLAUDETTE 4 *g e cret Heart" BUSTERS " b 3 0 0 Mallane, lg ° Sxczepkowski, If Witkowski, rf .. Yurksaitis, c Voland Sxcxocv.arx, rg f P 2 8 1 1 Totals 5 !> ii St. Delaney, If . .. Mariano, rf . Knapp McNamara, c Carroll, lg Duffy, rg f 1 1 1 0 0 •« 2 4 2 'i 0 0 Totals Seon^ at hall' time: rook. Referee; Kilroy. If "ovocinski, ohnson iuzdak, rf ^ykowski, c edesko ris, lg an Delft avison, rg krock . . 1 !i 13 X-3, Hop b f p 317 000 5 1 11 7 0 14 000 000 000 000 204 Totals 2 36 11 tral oadley, If 1 lazaika, rf 1 ngal ° abral, c 1 ardello ...- s 0 P 3 0 0 0 4 1 'iccoli, lg 'uclcer labriclson, .uwonski 3 0 0 0 000 000 Totals 6 6 18 Score at half time: 14-S, Pros- ect. Referee: Kilroy. ALCAZAR Today - Saturday •ONOCUM novm P»«i«m Jt LEO GORCEYA andTHE f BOWERY BOYS. 4fa Both Teams Were Underdogs Earlier In Week, But Are Now Given Top Chances .^ . Manager Eddie Nolde's Merry Morticians and Manager Walter Ploski's Purple Knights both enjoy the position, of decided favorites in tonight's March of Dimes basketball double header at the local Y. Both are in .this position as result of recent dovelopmonts. Tho Post Office with such players as Bill Benson, Gene Dowllng, Doug Cockcroft, Charlie LaChance, Cliff Swirski, Jack Aahmore, Harold McDonald -and.-Jim Wrinn, oil of homo have had extensive scholastic basketball experience, were regarded OB the favorite team In the opinion of most borough sports observers until a couple of days ago. However, a surprise move by Morty Manager Eddie Noldu has altered the plc'tnre completely. Manager Nolde signed up the Hev, O. H. Bertram, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran- church, and former center on the basketball varsity at Concordia college, and by so doing, has. in the opinion of many sports observers, doubled the strength of his team. The Knights were generally regarded as underdog In ; their game with the U. S. Rubber until the Kodsters were knocked off Wednesday night by the Malleable Iron team in a dusty league game. This defeat nan changed the concensus of borough sports observers sharply. Most local followers of basketball feel that the Knights can do a bit more conclusively what the Iron has already done. The only expense in connection with tonight's affair will be the government Bales tax on tickets. Eddie Mariano and Bob Ruccio will referee the first game, Mor- tlus v.s. Post Office, and Ed Fox and Ruas Weaving will referee the Purple Knight.s-Kedsters meeting. Felix Zembruski and his orchestra will play for dancing after the tames. Tickets will be on sale lit the door. Price is 60 cents for ush seats and anything over that amount for reserved. HlGfTSCOREK •111 By Jack SorrJ* Juniors Beat Frosh n Girls League The Juniors managed to stave ff a last minute attack by the 'reshmen ito come through with a one-point win in a regular Girls' sasketball league match at the ligh school yesterday. Final score vas 21-20. L. Giancarli with 13 joints was high for the winners. J. Maxwell with 12 points led he attack as the Seniors chalked up a two point win over the Sopho- Y Girls Swim Team At New Haven Tonight The- Naugatuck ' YMCA Girls' swimming team will journey to New Haven to swim the Now Haven YWCA at their pool tonight, leaving, the YMCA at C:00. The girls are Frances Else, Jacqueline Else, Olive Rathiewick. I The Sox public relations dlroc- Ted Williams Due In Boston Sunday Boston, Jan. 31 — <U P)— Baseball's leading naif; ouraction—slug- ging Ted Williams — arrives in Boston Sunday. He'll attend the annual Baseball Writers dinner. And nlso he'll confer with General Manugc-r Eddie Collins of the Boston Red Sox concerning his 1947 contract. Lois Rathiewick. Virginia Zapatka, Betty Ann Sweetman. Jeanetto O'Donnell, Maureen Lenrv. Ann Delaney, Rae Weinhnrdt, Virginia Quirke, Lillian Quirke. Jean Rnvenscroft, Rogina Sullivan. Coach Sullivan has another meet tor, Ed Dohoriy, denies reports •that Williams will meet Owner Tom Yawkuy in Now York prior to his arrival in Boston. Doherty says Yawkoy is vacationing on his island off the South Carolina const and will remain there indcfi- prospect with the Waterbury ; nitely. YWCA, Feb. -!th the girlB, mores. The scores: Juniors b D. Zehnder, If 1 Giancarli, rf C M. Lokites 1 A. Ferganson, c 1 Kevi'tt f p 0 2 113 0 2 0 0 0 0 A. Delano, IB 1 ° 2 Hackett, rg H. Rcllly 0 0 0 Totals 10 1 21 Freslimcn b f p li. Deegan 0 0 0 D. Mitchell, If 3 0 6 Miller * 0 8 O'Donnell 2 0 4 A. Rathburn, rf 0 0 0 . Hanks 0 0 0 _,. Tuttle 1 0 2 B. Ra:ytkwlch, c 0 0 0 C. Sigetti 0 0 0 B. Bordas 0 0 0 rV. Klimasieski, lg 0 0 0 C. Zwolinsky 0 ° ° _. McKee 0 0 0 R, Segetti, rg 0 0 0 and will notify! There n re reports also thut Wili liams wil seek more than 580,000 j from the Fled Sox for ]9-!7. Last '~ i s e a s o n he was the American DOWN-UNDER ANIMALS FLY i league's second leading batter. Sydney, Australia (UP)—Trans-i There is a retail store for every prtaticn of aninjals by air freighter) families, a food store for every has been inaugurated by domestic Australian airlines. Converted wartime aircraft are used. 62. an apparel store for every 326, and n drug store for every 602 in the U. S. Tonight'* The This evening- Naugatuck sports- dom wil) be given an opportunity to do its bit for the March of Dimes by attending the benefit affair at the Y. Those who have not already | purchased tickets can get theirs at the door tonight, Postmaster Frank T. Green announced. The affair promises some- excellent entertainment. The Merry Morticians, strengthened by the addition of the Rev. O. H. Bertram, arc expected to outplay slightly the Post Office Big Five. However, the mailmen have Benson, Dowling, Cockcroft, Swirski, LaChance, Ashmore, McDonald and Wrinn, all of whom have had scholastic playing experience, to answer the Bertram threat. Knight* Vs. KcdslefK The second game of the evening will show the Purple Knights against the U. S. Kedstcrs. The Knights have won nine out of 11 this year. TheKedslcrs were a one- point victim of the Malleable Iron at the Y Wednesday, and will probably play that much harder tonight to try to redeem themselves. Indications are that the affair will be hlbhly successful financially ly. There will be no expense other than taxes. All those connected with the affair have volunteered their services including the fou.- ofllcinls Eddie Mariano, Bob Ruccio, Russ Weaving and Ed Fox, the ticket takers, ticket sellers, ushers and player*. Felix Zembruski and his orchestra have volunteered their services for dancing after the game. Extreme Good Nature The good will shown by everybody connected with the affair has been commendable. Some of the team players and coaches were kiddi-d a little to build-up the affair, including Ed McCarthy, Ed Nolde. Russ Weaving, Bud Sliher, Bill Benson. Ed Hanley and others. However, all • those concerned accepted the kidding with extreme good nature. It is s measure of a person's character whether he is able to stand a little fun at his own expense, and some of the principals of good natured jests in connection with this affair have proved them-1 selves possessed of the inner stature of giants. The final success of the affair depends on fhe fans of the borough. So make sure you get a ticket to help the cause along. Rado Beats Doc Aquavia In Exhibition Match Bill- Rado beat Doc- Aquavln Jour to two in a Rpeclal exhibition match for the benefit of the Mnrch of Dime* campaign at the R. nnd M. allcyii lam night. Doc logt two games by two pins each and one (jomi; by five pint. Results of the match follow: First game, Doc 123. Bill 106; second game, Bill 124, Doc 122; third game. Doc 114, Bill log- fourth game, Bill 133. Doc 123- fifth game. Doc 119, Bill 124; last game, Bill 143, Doc 98. The All American Veu won their match against the Monlanari- Rado post in two straight gamex. They rolled 530 to the Pout's 502'in the fir»t game and 584 to .109 in the second. HOUSEHUNTING NOTE Springfield, Mass., Jan. 31—(UP) —The Spring-field Indians' goal- it straight to the fans. Today Floyd Perras' problem is solved. The management broadcast an appeal for an apartment for Perras over the loudspeaker system between periods of a league hockey game last night. It happened that George Angers, a real estate agent, is al»o a hockey fan. He promised Perrae an apartment would be ready immediately. THIEF TAKES LEGS Wheeling, W. Va. <V P)—A thief included two wooden legs in the loot he lifted from a local store. Dance to Name Bands in Downtown Waterbury! SAT EVE., FEB. 1st X:.'iO to 1 A. M. (In 1'erwon) Direct from Hollywood Thin All-AmcrlcMi Suxophono Star SAM DONAHUE and HlR Orchi'xtra P|UH New England's PERRY CWMO CONTEST ReKbiter! ! Reglvter! ! A«Inil8Kion — $1.20 Coming — Stan Kenton and others Tickets at Metro Music Mart Glacier na-tiona! park more than 250 lakes. contains PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS 1S5 MAPLE STREET R. Sullivan 000 Zuccarelll 0 0 0 , Kopp 0 0 0 Totals 10 0 20 Score nt half time: Juniors 17, Freshmen 10. PARTS nnil SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF CARS B & M Motors, Inc. Nmigntuck's Hudson Agency General Repairing 80-83 SOUTH MAIN S*. Tol. 6441 Seniors If E. Hackctt E. Goggin A. Zubanch, r.f 0 T. Maxwell, c 0 A. Del Pivo, lg 0 J. Ravenscroft, rg 0 F, Slmomns 0 f P 102 000 0 0 0 12 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals Sophomores 0 14 ,T, Moeckel, If b f p 3 06 B. Duba 0 0 0 R. Gazdlk, rf 2 2 6 M. Norris, c 0 O'O L. Click, lg 0 0 0 L. Gandurillas 0 0 0 T, Sulkoski 0 0 0 L. Barlow, rg 000 J. Elder 0 0 0 S«l<; on Women's Bowling Shoes Small sizes $3.50 NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. Wlnslow Court Tel. 3394 GET A JEEP Your WILLYS-OVERLAND Drtlfr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 44 Dart-lion A»«nn« Off Kiclianie rlunt, W>l«rbair •Pliano J-BBOS Totals Score at half time: 6-6. 2 12 Complete Line of CARMOTE PAINTS for Interior and exterior uses NATIONAL PRESSURE COOKERS o Union City Hardware 384 N. MAIN ST. Union City M. Rutklewlch, Prop. W. J. Stokei, Mgr. once again- DRAMATIC PROOF OF JIM DALE VALUE! DODGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 0737 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE OVERCOATS tailored for style! wool-faced for warmth! finest fabrics for quality! PRICED.... FOR VALUE! NOW 36.50 regulars-shorts-longs ANOTHER REASON WHY THOUSANDS OF MEN SAY: "It Costs a Lot Less at Jim Dale" V CLOTHES FOR MEN WATERBURY WAREHOUSE SALESROOM 481 MEADOW STREET < In Thc Nathan-Hole Chryler Building;) OPEN II A. M. — 8 P. M. DAILY NEAREST JIM DALE ROADSIDE STORE IS ON ROUTE 1 AT. ORANGE ; EVERY GARMENT IS UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED

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