Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 31, 1947 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 3
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Social And Personal '•9 Kennedy Circle Schedules Card 1 Party Feb. 4 v public curd party under the ',.*(>!' Kennedy Circlo, Daugli- r Nnlifllit, will bo held TIU>K- Ivnin:;. l''eb. -1 in the Knights limiliiis rooms in tin* Noin-y \ t , : ;t W:L.I announced today s HIM M.-.ickin. regent. ...,•!•: "'ill tic (tu-Jiided as jirix- ,, hii;h seot'ei's Mt each Uible, ( |>i'i/.es ulso will be pix', u'ris HIV available from me.m- ,,!' the committee which in,.< Mrs. PhyllU PVming, Mrs. ,. Hney .''ml Mrs. Gram; Pi't- •(•JK; rood enmmlttet! consists ;;,,.. i;r;i(v [.orson. Mis.s Maiy .Vii.'-i- 1 . Hui'Cithy Ijorson and •;ii-v Dimaliut!. ... will In 1 iibtaini-d liy Mrs. \i| M KiiM-hlii'h. ami .Mrs. IKII/fi belli Daughter Born To Local Couple \!.-. -IM| Mrs. Kiii'l Root of Pond ;(.'! i..n<!. :tre tin 1 parents fit' a , ,,.••:,'!•: IIUITI .Inn. 21 In tfio Orlf- M , ',,,,:|,|t:il. Derby. Adjourned Meeting Of Church Tonight ,\n .-.iliKiu-n^d ini'i'tinj: of the i 1 ,, ,:••,•:• iiii.i.jil chllroli will In; hi.-lll ,,,..,i.-ii. :it ."> ii'rluck in the /j.'ii- West Side Clubi Valentine Dance Planned Plans for a Valentine dance to be h'.'lil under the :ii>u".3w -r i the West Side Community club Saturday evening, reb. s, a', i-aicj.. Biiiu restaurant, were formula!- nd last night at a meeting of the nrrungements; committed hukl at the home 'of Mrs. Merle Hyde enairumti, 1'J!) tjuinn street. A.isi.stlnft committee members are: Mre. Oswald Tower, Mrs. John O'Donnull, Mrs, Charles Hunter, Edward Mlgone, Parker Matthews. Mrs. Edward Lyons, Mrs. Henry R.tckl, and Mrs. OcorRO Hisert. Tickets will b« ; available within u few days. Confined To Home By Illness Holumi Miijoan of Radnor Avenue, Bristol Terrace, wrto lm H been con- llnod to iief huniu for tnu- pab'. Week with Illness is reported IKS recuperating'. Pastor Plans Chicago Trip LIKE NEW/ Thi) R.<-v, O. H, Bertram, pastor if fit. P.iul's lCvan.gulical 'Lutheran church, I(.'iiV'.>s Monday for Chicago whore he will utU'i|<i a conven- tiuri. May St. Couple Parents Of Son Mr. and MrK. William Jackman, 1220 May .street, announce the birth of a son, DougUi.s, yi'Kturclny ;it thu- Wjterbury hospital. Joint Meeting Planned Sunday Upholstery p TDl A JL'ir.t 01' the Montnn- f . . . . :ir'.'l fcvlviid with considi-i'- ;i:;,,n I'm- their lit'L 1 and U-xUux'S I ti;i-;i-clt % anliig restores rowl- ii-iii-i 1 I" wool fibor.-t • F'ilr un- M;II.; Mud I'ist.-s " C'oiot'S r<.'%'ivf l-'in ni.-ihiriv^s at'e Di;ra-<:l»'cineci [i ymir honn- ' Xo incrmven- n-in e in ha vim; th"m done. , , , DURACLEANING i.- iveiunmendfcl nationally hy America's loacliri 1 ,' furnl- :'.'.!''! & ck'JJt. StO/'C-ti. Phone Waterbury 4-1781 "(',i; td Const Service" MIRACLE AN SERVICE CO. l-::i-l I.lbei't.v St. \Vnlerliury arl-Raclo post, Italian - American veterans, and its Ladies' auxiliary will bo held Sunday morning at 10:30 o'clock in Chrirftoforo Colombo hall, Important matters will be dis- cujsed and all members are requested to attend. Entertains At Currency Shower Miss Mary Forte of Waterbury, who will be married tomorrow to Louis 5cC|Licnxia of South Main street, was honored recently when her mother, Mrs. Pasquale Mot-te, cntfrtalncd at a currency showtr. Woodland Planting To Be Affected By Nursery Shortages By GEORGE A. CHOMIE It will be necessary this coming spring to make some change in customary species an'd procedure for woodland planting, for there ••xisls in commercial and state .Turscrle? very little suitable planting stock. We have also, during recent years, planted up most of our abandoned fields and pastures, und .he task ahead is to reintroduct shade enduring species, principally evergreens, which arc absent largely because of past fires, in'to -he tdges and semi open spaces of our numerous areas of brush-cov- fired woodlands. This means mostly hemlock, the natural evergreen for southern Connecticut, instead of the pines, spruces, Douglas firs, larch and arbor- vltae, which arc more suitable for planting in the open (100 feet or more away from the edges of hardwood stands). Even in the open, a good plan would be to alternate these latter species, or groups of them (4 to 9 trees in a group), with hemlock seedlings or transplants. The sunlight loving species would then secure the lead In height growth, and the shade enduring icmlock would follow along more slowly, meanwhile pruning off the ower branches of the others, and ormlng clear logs. A similar ecological combination imong hardwoods is the sunlight- oving and fast growing tulip or vhitewood nnd the shade enduring iugar maple. Blank walnut is somo- vh'n-t similar to the tulip, but de- ondK .soil of almost agricultural luallty. Both trees, also black locust, arc excellent species for open •avincs liable to erosion. The Carolina poplar and other :ottonwood varieties seem to me to be somewhat neglected trees n our lumber production program. often notice these poplars about ity lots and open field growing n height and diameter much more apidly than other species of sim- Uir age. Two such trees, 38 years jld, cut recently in my district for umber, yielded 900 and 1000 board eet respectively. The cottonwoodx D have the advantage of being oproduced easily from twig cut- ings. Hemlock and sugar maple seed- ngs can frequently be secured rom abandoned farm lands and utbanks along the edges of wood- i unls; also quantities of them can WAR ORPHAN A TEARFUL ARRIVAL All BUNDLED UP and bawling loudly In his berth aboard the 5.5. Marine Martin as the vessel clocked in New York from Germany is little Wolf- Dieter Carlroen, 1 '/fe, n Germarvwar orphan. The tot was one of 38 youngsters brought to America by the U. S. Committee for Care of European Children. Several were adopted by formar GI's. (International) Chemists Meet In New Haven Feb. 6 Dr, William J. Youclen, Australian-born chemist of the Boypc Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Yonkers, N. Y., will address a. Joint meeting of the New Haven Sections of the Amerncan Society and the American Statistical Association at the Sterling Laboratories, Yale University, on Thursday evening, February 6. j Dr. Youden will discuss applica-' lions of statistical methods to ev-! r>ryday problems in. chemistry. Hi;' topic will be "A New Technique for j 'reslir.g Proposed Analytical Methods." r>r. Wesley S. Coo of the Inck Chemical Division of t'he United States Rubber Company, chairman of the New Haven Sec-i lion of the American Chemical Society, will preside. NAUGATDCK.NEW8 (CONN.), FRIDAY, JAN. SI, 1MT—PAGE _E NORWASH SHOE STORE FINAL CLEARANCE WOMEN'S SHOES be raised in naturalistic nurseries about old seed trees nimply by clearing away other species and underbrush and stirring the topsoil. The other species mentioned (except poplars) must bu secured from nurseries. Many ornamental shrubs, small trees, and plants, such as mountain laurel, azalias, .high bush blueberries, viburnums, Bhadbush, winter holly, dogwood, gray birches, feme and perennials can .also be secured from woodlands Or laised in naturalistic nurseries: but this should always be done through arrangement and with reasonable compensation to the property owner. Awarded Divorce In Superior Court Caroline F. Keller. Naugatuclt, was granted a divorce against Otto Kellef, Atlantic City, N. J., when t'he uncontented divorce action was heard today by Judge William J. Shea in the Waterbury SSuperior Court. The divorce was granted the plaintiff on a charge of desertion. Custody of a minor child was awarded to the plaintiff. The j couple were married in Naugaiuck i July 24, 1929. Afghan Masterpiece Luther League Meeting 1 Postponed A of the Luther League of the Salem Lutheran church scheduled l'"i' Sunday evening has been postponed to Feb. 10, according to MiNH Barbara Olson, president. Medical Patient At St. Mary's WllcUcn of East Wn- •torbury road, is a mnUlcul patient ,'tt St. Mary's hospital, Wntcrbury. Wo proudly present the fine ringi that liavo boon the choice of mare bridoj than any other for almost ono hundred years. Quality diamonds—chosen in world diamond markets. Original "jottings—created by fashionwisc goldsmiths. A»k to s«o the rings marked Ar>-Car*od. A — 5250 B — $25 C -< S150 Prlcti IncluiX F»<f«ul T« CHURCH-ST^NAUGATUCK ' During the .war, production per. farm worker incroasod- more' ; than 25 per cent over-tlie 1939 level. • . School Physical Examination TATT1SK.N No. R2503 P.usset and yellow chrysanthemums and soft green leaves framed by a warm brown background combine to make this unusual afghan. You will want to crochet these striking G-inch squares to keep you warm und brighten your home. Pattern envelope No. R2503 contains stitch illustrations, color .s-che.Tie suggestions and complete crocheting directions. Our nc-v CO-page multicolored "Book of Needle Arts" containing r'ive free patterns, and many other suggestions for dressing up your home and yourself, is a bomemak- er's treasure. Send your request for this book to the address listed below, enclosing twenty cents (20O in coin to cover the cost and mailing charges. To obtain this pattern, send ID cents in COINS, giving your name, address and zone number >to Peggy Roberts, Naufratuck Daily NGWB, P. O. Box 100, Station G, New York 19, N. Y. (Released by The Boll Syndicate, Inc.) By DR, J. B. WARREN • You may wonder why'the school physician wonts the clothing' removed for a physical examination despite thc> fact that your own doctor says your child is normal. A complete examination of the chest—heart and lung;—cannot • be rr.'ide without the removal of all the clothinp of upper part of body, A spine just beginning to curve, a heart that needs play or exercise, ;in early or tuberculosis cannot always bo detected without the removal of the clothing. (Released by The Consolidated News Features, Inc.) Veterans' Survivors Must Seek Benefits Before Feb. 10 World War II veterans' survivors 'who may qualify tor social security benefits on the deceased veteran's service record should appty tnr benefits at once to avoid loss of money, Edward N. Mullarkey manager of the Waterbury offlcn of the Social Security Administra- ibn, warned today. Eligible survivors of veterans who died after their ili.scharga from the armed forces and before August 10, 19-16. havtt only 18 day* to file their claims to receive benefits payable back to the time of the veteran's death, Mr. Mullarkey said The 3941 veterans' amendment in the Social Security Act provided rminlhlv cash benefits for depend- on t* of ex-servicemen who died or will die, within three months afto:' discharge, leaving survivors without compensation or pensions from the Veterans Administration . Survivors of ex-servicemen who riind. before enactment of the amc-ndmont on August 10, 1946, were given six months in which to apply fo." benefits payable back to the date of the veteran's death, Thai 6-month oenod expires February 10. Social Security, benefits generally are payable retronatively for ;i minimum period of three months prior to the time claim is Tiled. "Applications under the veterans' amendment have been far fewer in this orea and nationally than w,as expectnd," Mr. Mullarkey said. "R is possible that a number of eligible persons have failed to ap- Uly for cliei:- benefits." They shouli seeli information at once on the! possible benefits at the r.eares social security o/fice. The Water bury office is at 10S Bank-St. Benefits may be payable to chil di-nn under IS anil the widows tak ing care of thorn,' • to widows 0! years of age or older, or in somi cases, to aged dependent parents TOKYO-SEATTLE RECORD SET San Francisco —(UP)— A new speed record between Tokyo and Seattle was set by a Pan-American Clipper making the trip in 23 hours and 16 minutes, with an average flyintf spend 1 of 340 miles per hour over the Arctic Circle. His Plane ..Crashed — $5 to $5.95 values — CHILDREN'S SHOES Sizes 6 to 12 - $3.65 Sizes 12V£ to 3 — — $5.00 values — CHILDREN'S WHITE BOOTS Values $4 to $5 MEN'S SHOES (.VK'TUncd Br;iiidn) $5.00 $8.00 to 910.95 values S and ENDS — Best-Known home remedy for /fe. relieving miseries of 's colds. \ M. Barry Keegan j GLAMOUR j PORTRAITS 108 Bunk St. Watcrbtiry Jones Morgan Bids'. Tel, 4-5384 RUST CRAFT THE CHINA INN J I IfjirrlNon Avi', At Lvrtvcnwo Wiitrrltury SpecialJ/.iDi: in f'lilni>m> uml Amrrlmn ]>IK|U>M Stop In After the Theater Open IMilIy 11 n. ni. to 10 it. tit. Sitmlii.v* 1~ noon 1<> K> n. m- CliiNrcl all tiny Momluyft SPECIAL I P N T ' N E S VALENTINES VCHILDREN , - w . f 0 ^*^ Sweetheart - Wife Husband - Relatives Thousands of Vnl«ntiin;s Hiiinormis or Sentimental I BAG of VALENTINES Come in Today While 29c — 59c — 79c Selection ,Is Complete — The Card and Gift Shop — QWFUNFY'S ARTand <JTORF ^ W PiTMllCi I »3 STATIONERY »j I IJrlvlj \J » T A«M*fc • *" * *^ • • ** -^ ^^ • ~^^ 213 CHURCH STREET ( . NAUGATUCK Fumniis Dutch pioneer avintor, G, J. Gr'.vsenrlorffor (sihovc), was chief pilots of (lie KL.M :>lrlinps transport wliicli crashed and burned on tin- snow-covered Kustrup airport, CopcnhUKcn, Denmark, second*, after it had taken .off... Grace Moore* famous American opera star,.Prince Gtis- (;if AdolJ. of . 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