Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 15, 1896 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1896
Page 15
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-"• ".i -diminishes danger to life pi both mother and child and loaves her In condition more favorable to speedy recovery. "Stronger ,»lter than before confinement , •ayia prominent midwlfe..;I» the bent remedy FOR RISING BREUST r Known and wortli the price for that nlonc. Endoned.&nd recommended by ml4wlveB;»Wl. all liOJeaf*ho,hBW usedtt. '•. y:.;.i-. i •- v . Beware of substitutes and imitations. Makes GhitH-Wtasy, BUDFIELD KEflCLATOB €O., ATUNT1, 6A. sou> BT 41 i r 11, /1 p i ^ If : •Dany. Bradford and Col.. Philadelphia A N. T Richmond & Cintl.. Ind'pli ft Loul»ville Ettner & Peorta..... Crown Point ft Chi. Richmond & Cintl. Crown Point ft -Chi. Montlcollo * Effner Bradford .* Col Bftner local freight. > Ind'pla A Louisville. Richmond-and Clnti, Bradford and Col... Phlla & New York... Montlcello * EKno.. Chicago Chi ft- Intermediate. Kokomo ft Rich Bradford ft Col JT."A. McCULLOTJGH, except Sunday. Leave . .ArUve. •12-60 am • 1:00 a m »J2:4Sam ,.«3:05»m ..•2:65 am ,t 5:45 am * 2:46 a m '• 2:20 am • 2:30 am ,12:30ani «12:«am tll:20.P,m , ., ..f 6:00 am t 7:»pm ..t 8K)0 H m 1 1:05 P m .t. 7:56 am .t 4:15.pm ,t 8:30 am t 2:15 pm ,»2:00pm »l:30pm ,;«2:10pra '•l:20pm 1 ,«2:05pm ------.'. 'J:(i5 P m • 1:10 pm * l:10.pm + 7:45 am . ...„, .-. + 2;!0p m .!• 1:35 pm • 1:65 pm , ••4:39pm •*1'.:30 r ">' .t 2:30 p m tU:00 a m .t4:30pm fl?:».pm Agent. Loganuport. . i'f ...... WEST BOUND. , \ 66 Loca' Freight, iccom daily ex.Snn... MX.t> m 8 St. LdulS ilmltwl dully, 'old DO «'...-102l p m 1 Fail M»n daily, 'old no 47 ......... . .... »J7 pra •7 '*aim:CU3 *«!r*M Jdlly 'old no-41'...8 JS p m '6 ""ac ezDJK« dally ex Sun 'old no W...IO:19 a m N«; n ,. ,- EAST ; BOUND. ..' , 27J.'T.4Bblitoniliinadallyoldno4a.. 2:41 n m 6 Fait mail dapy. 'o d no 40..-. ...... ••••• J:«,tt EJ t Atlantic tliDdstly « Sun 'old no 44.. 4:52 p m 74 Local trt. itcom. dolljexSnn ......... 12 oO p m EEL RIVER DIVISION. WEST BOUND. Nn-tt arrive ........ . ................... JU:30 * m nu oo nrrito..*. *•»«'*«*••« •••«•«••«<»•• ( No 31 arrive. ..... ... .......................... -.--• - * •» P m . : EAST BOUND. VAN DAL! A •TRAINS LEAVE LOOANSPORT, IND. JIUUIXD NORTH.. . No : fl'rorSUoscpli^dnll.' et Snnrtny... P:31 a m No 14 for.3tJo«eKh,dnl.y ex sui.dwy-.., >6:i5 a m Vo 20 for 8t'JoMpb; l «'8aB-.-.v. •.'.-..-.-.: 4 : 23 p m No'19-to.St,Joi«liEsund»»Miny ...... ..,.-.:. 7 W 8, m No 8 MSundaytorbont'i Send....... ...... 8 J8 p m No 8 iai 'throngh .•jBilori.cw,- Indianapolis to South Bend via Coll»x. . , , . No'ZO: la's through ;ileepen,-9t tools to M?.ckl n * Wt TOR THB «?UTH ! ' No 13 loiTerre*H«ute,(lalljei,Sun.....,» 7 .13- a m Noll fo?TerrVH»nU!daIlyei?Sun..:.. 2:5E.p m ••H*> .• m . No 31 dalU ex Sunday No 18 has through parlor car, lndlanipo.U«riai;plfax.: .-;".•: '., ," • ' No 81 has through Sleeper, ;Ma<*Ujaw to 8t, •••-• ' " '•"• ' : ,.. Arrive. Nb :ii tfaMy eiwpt Sunday;....: ...:.;... ..... .' 9:26 p m No 17 Sunday only ................... ..............loao.p m. TOT complete time card, giving all tralni •ad station*,: and for full -Information a> to rate*, through can. etc., addremi . j. C. EOaHWORTH, "Agent. .,.',., JjOfaMport,. Ind, CT, •». A] ' Tort, " Q«n«rai; . raaienger '- '• ' '•"' '"• •- B FOR THE > ! jBtOQD, :•''NERVES,! V-ANO- KIDNEYS. . , , ,' , I '. 'i 3. BlTJlTB-'ciired ihe of a bad j t-jse of IA Grippe and Lung Trcu-. We., EDWABD L. EEBDIXE, ] j . 1122, JE., Jafikson St, ; Muncie, ] ;Indiana. ••'••:-..•- • ' .•••'..'":.•"' : -j | i SJBBB areparely vegetable. ; ipnt ap.in. c«pBule8,8i3cty in a bos. ; ttblr'ty dmy»' treatment in a box. V'PrfcUi'lIj«r : bpi:, or sii.for $5.. •,., y H..C. BRAOQ, ' ; Tor sal» by all druggists. THE. TtJUE MEANING, OF : ~THE NEW PHRASE CLEARLY DEFINED. An Aifu incut Bnictl on Solid ."Facto In Uppoaltlon to Hie Sp«olou> ThoorlOi Ad- , Toca^wd by Champion* of Free Colunfre .of-Sflver. '-.; '.'. / • ' [By John B. Connor, of The-IntUana-Farttior.] Most'pcrspus anderstftxid the impor- '. tanco of having a coin equally~good in every opmmercial country in the'world, as'balances in trade between nations have to be paid with, it. To make our ! other forina of money obligation's,' good outside of our own country, we recognize tho ir necessity for a sound ibasis held iBlilcej-by^other nation*. This fortifies us intrude relations,' though' in good prosperous times wo have; smaller need for this mouey held good by, all nations alike. But if we did not ha,yo it as a v b«siijat other times, trade -raids would v be^mado on us' by people of; other na- ^tious Which would wreck.onr industries. To illustrate: We.r.have to use our war ships only once in a groat while, but we have to keep warships,, au^the fact, that we keep' them is a'warning 'to all comers that \ve are ready. ...iWepu^millious into coast 'defenses', but we seldom have to nso. our coast, .Rung,'.as",the -world knows they are there. The standing army.-is likewise "a precaution for the common defense, but is little used. And so the • knowledge 1 of • the" commercial world that, we haye.a basis of trade good the world'over, is a defense of our commerce aud iiidustry,- and-yot in prosperous times we have to use but little of thiaworld ! Btaudard.mouey.:; i. ; ••:'• ' We have, as showu by the official stfttement.of the secretary of- the treasury iu round numbers $600,000,000 of gold in this country as' the basis of gold oortiflcates, aud greenback paper obliga- tiohs to'the amount of $125,245,016, Under .the .pledge of n .law ,-of cougress 'to keep onf currency all at a parity with gold, the government-keeps, a gold-re- serve'of $100,000,000 as a redemption basis for the $8^0,681,016 oflgreeubacks. That is a little over three dollars to one. Turning to our more domestic currency, wo fiiid from the treasury statement that ,w,e have coined :eilver,'. which .is a full legal tender, to the amount of |B03,- 834,178.-- Based :npon-this .redemption money ore the silver certificates, and other currency obligations amount- ing''^" $602,407,604. As this paper is••• pavab'le,,. in silver.; as - ".mouey of finarredemption," it would appear that the,burden of "final.redemption'-' is b6th"fairly distributed and iu large abundance. Now - keeping these - things in mind, consider some of thefavorite^expresgions of our free coinage ; of silver friends, viz: That cold-has'appreciated in value because it has ''been made the only "money- of redemption." Another form of expressing the same idea with them is, that gold has appreciated in value because it is "the only money of -final .redemption;;" "'Th'eie'afe new applications of plain enough words.- • Let, us get right at the meaning of the.word. "redemption;'' : and in : this way 'find what it means. The standard idldtlon-' aries give these definitions:, "Theilibera- tion of an estate from a mortgage;, : and again, "Making payment.'' Sp, when a mortgage'is paid off;-that js final redemption of the promiseto'pay.; it. ."Makiug .paymput",. off any ..other obligation, sriph'.,as : t«ces; ; Btoje. bills, note* given-in' the 1 pnrcliase.' 7 of H hbrSes, or cattle,' dr.' haWesters;' plows -or anything else, is "final/redemption" of the i obligations.. The.-money used,,in:the i _• ••__•_. i .Jd'xi... «A«!->^A>VA '*iX^na a.ii/1 nil please, "mouey offinal redemption'!.»o.. ' forjas the payment-of these obligatioiia ; :were concerned; Has''anyone'refufleq. to receive'-silver, -or greenbaokSi dr'na- 1 ^ional bank notes;. at. treasury.rioteei'Oj'. • silver certificates • in payment of any..or; these domestic obligations? ' 'No,'..none, have refused silver; for silver dollaia are; a legal tender for'any amount' and:at a parity withhold, and so ar».ffr,eenbaok3;. and'all otter forms.of our money .-are, at ; a 1 parity "with gold' and' there 'is no' motive for refusing any of • them as Vmoney.-of ,final redemptionV,.in:;aUr these transactions'. Air.'snoh' tlebts are finally redeemed, paid- off, and the pay- en rdo not hare ^,to UBe;a ; dflllar:pf;foW,. ribr"pay'an"addinonal cent when using our other forms of;jnbneyl And it is all "final." The debts ..will never rise np to plague the "debtor again while he lives, nor stand against hia'estate 1 when he is dead. ,...., ,, :>..'.,;••/ <•:•••.'....: . Now, '• our -domestic' trade amounts to $80,000,000,000:annually, iOOO.OOO. '.-• AU of ;. this' great': volume of Obligations stays paid whether; silver, or paper was used, in paymerit.rand not , ia'cent-m'ore'is're'qulred.' to pay aUe-. ic'aoa'e" silver 'and ! paper insfead '' '' " «en;payjnen.i ,-• .:•• m" • '."- Bnt.the smaller; yqlnme of ;;tl)e,pbUga-. .tions'of 'tie ' wwple of .this .'obnnory ..those , i mftde J t>aya'biefo'pebple''bf'oQier nations, . Mwellai the interesf ;onr the'lbbndsiof the government: heldiabrpad. havfl; to, be: i paid in gold., But all.theao are.insignifi- rant in' amount When compared with , the «80,000,000,000 of ! home' or domestic trade transaction, in which-' not iardollar ,of gold is required, aa has been,ishpwn. ; Indeed, when our, export*, exceed^ all of 'our 'imports !l in omoiirit " snnlcient 'to pay all .of^these''' perso^ 1 and ' ' . government • obligations: iabroadi:.' then not a dollar of gold hM.,..to j .._,_be used, for in sach years our "rooney of 'final 1 redenipti6ri' f: in : foreignl traps- actions "is 'joui- :. wheat, -and'! porJc.oand lardy ,and beef ar^d the^ other,, things «•( porte<l, because life. is m.ore .desirable than gold-ithe'lfttter 'cannot be j Baten., butthe otheT^thingican^ To'-illnstrate ;thi»,:take ,the, c year/1879,:.or mnyvother when.our .exnorte greatly wrjoeedeiorjr >: ' needed no .gold.ai.mon^^rKT. de'roptiori" that year eiifa Jo qur.for- Wm1trad«! ;l K1» b good thing, nbweW,' to keep some gold on hand, m ocoaalon- B)ly (for instonoB tn ' ••' | -',A''si)M basis'having been estalilishertf let the campaign go ; oni- - •'••'" ' "" ' •'"•• : ' ;i ' ;1 ' ' ; /•"'\'. | . ' " . . i';^^; •!....'—Chicago Tribune. '"•' '1. (told,-" and in''fact'it has nb't appreciated in-value. ' On the contrary, 'the' world a statistics of gold pr«>ductipn,sliow that the world's standard coin, for tli&.settle- ment bf'intermitionarbills'aiid balances has' kept pace 'both :: with- tho 'world's population and international tnuieiwheu the-iuoreased facilities.fpr.triido.ar^cou- sidere'd.' ,Tf the people suffer 'themselves id be misled by tliese' cunning' phrases andimisftpp'licatioh of words' BO far as' to drivo.the, country Jto silver mouometal- lism by the free coinage .road, which Mexico traveled, then we' shaHsee i the "appreciation of gold;"-f6r it'will go-to •apremiura as;if.did in Mexico. : The froe.-coiuuKe silver people are demanding the only possible thing that can "appreciate gold.'" And not half tho'worst result will be that '• of i: being compelled. still to, pay balances: of: trade- abroad in gold, though., we, .have. to. go into the market and buy !it. !" .. ... : 'Aithbrigfruot a necessary part of the' discussion:. of, the topic in hand, yet I am tempted to suggest that the way to keep up the large, balances of intoruar tional trade in our favor 'is to so 'adjust our duties on imports aa to manufacture at-home from the raw mat'erials'th'e Al-' mighty, has planted here, to , the extent; of our' needs, 'and not . import .them.- This would both reduce the need of '-'money, of 'final 'redemption" in 'international trude, and. .make us : more independent 'aud AMPPEALTOREASON WAGE EARNEBsi CANNOT AFFORD TO • 'ENCOURAGE 1 'FREE. SILVER. "If rifly Cent« Will Biiy ' ai Much M a Dollar, Whttf. I» the'VM' of Making | Fifty .Cent! liito' a Dollar"—A Wain Sermon For: Thoughtful Mludi. : ' ' [Biltim'dre Sun (Dem'.)], , -The Sun has always tried .to be and has been the paper'o'f what Mr. Lincoln culled the plaitf people—the'people who constitute . the 'boneiiand sinew of the 1 cpuutry in peace,, and. who,: in time of \viir, stand in. the ..ranks and pay with: '*4. : r bodies. .Eor.this reason The Sun. .*•'tlirouKh its. long career, opposed, ppr-'oiis'-and political parties who \en- deiivor'in nation, state and municipality,' to.use.the.goveriitnent for: class or individual emolument. *.. , * - . * /.- : ?.' ' The Snri'canuot see that those condi-, ;tibhs are'to any 1 large extent .the product of: the demonetization i of 1 sllver'in ; l878;'-'. :or that ajiy.: adequate' ;remedy: con: be.1 i found'in its ,r£inonetiztttipn.; i On,:,.the, :contrary, it'can"b'ut'boUeve that, there- mohetizatibn'oit 'silver ! on'- th'e'ratio pro-. r -posed willhggravaft rath'er v| tbati- rni'ti-'' •gate the.ev^s.on,,which\we,.havejfallea.!: Conceding for tlie,argument all-that is claimed by ; the ailverites.'iB to thejef-. fect:ofithe '•6rime'of''l878" l in' demoiie-; : tiziug silver, and that IM remonetizntjpii will bring silyer .at ,the jatioi, of - ; 18" to.l to a'parity with'Wdi where .is.thejbene^: fit to theiala0ef !: iD^ !: 'Ki>d''kbe''wa'Ke'*" earner in town or-country? 1 ' ''Conoedirig that prices wUi-ttien.be advanced, is there any advantage ^ ^*'° 'hcao claases? Are they '-not" inWr^steoTiii 'low,' jprioes, and not in high'prlceaf' : Ig not the'same to.almojt aa equal(4e«ree: troe^of'ith'e farmer? The use jOf money to. fc)vbny:".'H > ;00 oeatp will buy"a« niuoli-as.»J,,,what,is ii » r^'i'-i • f ' " «• *•-?•-' ^^ •- L.**' i- - — t)-'s~'t.-^ 'd»t*S 1 existing nave~been incurred since ; tnw time, and indeed,', within a few years. ''• The corporation, national, state and , municipal bonds then' outstanding : have,,to on,: incalculable extent, passed ! into the hands of new purchasers, who ! paid gold value for them, and those : since issued have been purchased at ! gold values. I Is it not crude and immoral and an ' act of bad faith to legislate for the pay: ment of all debts in depreciated money? • If, as some gilveritcB contend,, money, will not be:'depreciated by remonetiza-; i tion of silver at ;6 to 1, the - dcyor ;and creditor will stand in tho same position they did before, nud. so far as their relations are concerned, this whole agitation and the proposed legislation are for nothing. We ore to go through the fire and come out where-we went in. To see the Democratic party';in its'-, platform 'abandon the cause of tho plain' man, the salaried-man aud-the wage- earner and abandon the cause of individual, corporate, national, state and municipal good faith is a source of unmeasured regret to The Sun. But The San will not be deterred by this or any* ( thing else from advocating/, what/it believes to be for the general public good. It will continue to stand by tho plain man, the salaried roan, the wage- earners and the farmer, even to the extent of fighting what it believes tote i his delusions. It will try to protect him • from himself as well as from his other,' enemies. THE RACING^OSTRICH. Hitched to a Sulky and .Able to. Cow the Ground Llk« tl»» Wind; . This ostrich docs not hide' his h'ead In the sand, as his forbears used to do on the plains of Timbutoo. He is a dead game, sporting ostrich from thi Beckies. He carries a bit in his mouth and does his running between the thills of a racing sulky. When he puts his head anywhere; "ipa In ft. manger or under the wirejin front of » judge's stand. $ V,»—.'•'. ••'•• ,*>•-£• He is the pioneer of ostrich racing, , which, his trainer thinks, is the popular, sport of the future. The birthplace of. this first-rate sport- Ing idea^ir-Benyei, and the-man : with . t , •\\ e are now looking'** •&$ ^economic' effect of auoh::legUlationaon-:the'labot- ;ing man, and weoen/eg^.^e.cftunp.t.Beej how any wftge-etjrhei'rox Sflilfl«erl, man oau' dliioDr'fllf imj goni1"fhr ti<Tnrv * *"' the i 'IK fe'l.' -' We • ^cannotrseo .wi»-u j<**4^*p^*"-i».» iv-«^*--«. : friends 'cliim".wifl follow;.,. Bat- .suppose, lit does not. atod'we' bette've'Iji'wiU not. Then ;wage*:»nd salario* wlU 'be' paid-in depreciated 1 :money,-r*ndnby thelen? 1 ih'aucement ,of. .prioea,,;,the. 0 p.uwfe»»inir:; power of the^ depreciated. T ago* .will. ibe : *irther lr; rednded : . 'We "can'' nee' ',*.£ i other result -for! the',/ Wage -earnier 1 tod • '.salaried-man. •.'.,.j : ) ,v ir.u-.< ,":•[> ••(• ^ v.'.'.Vi An' 'artificial, stimulus .to,, business \JUv 11* Q au\j* *ii****«c •• . -•»* +M\**f r^,«,»^™ — — , _ ;been aa;jnsted r .tp the, tnew ; : money, this'; •stim'nltts'' would 'cease jr tol exist and, the-; situation would be wage* 'not raised or,' ;if raised, not rateablyirateed, .and their 'purchanlug power ti irolnljihed. • For the '•wage-oaruer thU is aU -that wo oan see 'in the reiuouetiaation of »Uverat 10 to T. ' I BeMevinK'tfiii', "we, believe that we 'stand by the' plain 'peopte when we re- 'sist this reruoiieLizatton, and all the ,stfttiflticisand 1 figare«aboot..;tha quantity lof gold ' and' silver in,ith«,w,orM,and the,, iqtiaJitity-o'f ;1 '(!nrrbncy' needed 'in ..this 'country; do ,'hot''c6n'ceal ; from' oiir'view jthis ;plaM«',re8nlt,-'Ofr! the-iremonetiiatton • ' ' ''' wr;.' . , are. interested iu, Jihe ;(inaintenanoe;bf;the Hghi.' ' ' Here.'wroinY if. , we concede that , itn» ; " " '' . , , w'as'aii imaioral act '' ' ( c;; ^af-t assaraBd?lirjw.'doBi';'fh«''. 1 remonenisatioji ot silver, aiwith* qhe^p-; g of money '»< thin ttnie'cprrect that „ '' ' ' ' UUUMft Wl 1UUU^> A»l, ,J4«1, wi**«v »-;.«*» Myv *»**•«„ \fHff.Ci That' wi* 1 Nearly 'a- generation ago..' Bfo»4 of;the:perso«rwh6 parttoipitfed'-fa: 1 th»t-> "crime"- -are .;iio-vr : /;df>ad. ^Senator:,; lni.3.ii.L-*. J |g ^.nn f*f tlnn f Aiir onOTnvnM "THi A JB,UJACY, J«* ** ,, - ~, 1.^*???*** L.;*r««.«*ww«', t'is' onepf the.fe,w.gnTOy,or^.'The ( ditytoWWd crea'lt'orR'of'that day'are'no't; thflfdBbtorii'Bii'd^TWtto'rS ; rrf-'(b^ajri'SThe '- x ' T,-,qf -private: 1 oWJKa,tionjnnow : > , THE! iwhom it originated contends that, If jtftere were'orteiche»'in plenty,'ostrich •racing, cpuld'be^niade as pr.ofitable,an;atfi itra'ctibn as''hbrsia racing,.and could be, rbosfc 1 : i 'He-has o:.vision'of,6strich.'.trainers^aiid' !jock,eys tra>;c-ling..oyer,,the,r''cii;c,uit' : ';0f- ithe"'future; with '"strings" ' of ",»wift ;fea'th'eTe<I-'bipeds,''groorns-and ! e'Jcerc'lse :boyb.;; He : . jflesilrig- " : fle l Ws''j of' !b'ig''' ; ostrfch'es-'vai- lishlng -past; th r ei.g*Bndstand'.ih' cloud's of '- I dii8t,jand'8nttp»hot;men! pressing; Hhe Ibutton.gt the,-fini*hes,iwh,Uejthousands; cesr.ani.s,gin;.MrH...;.. -._.,;/ And j' UFftp take time .'by 'the. forelock,, innd to' be iii'thb game ip sea8on,toinak'e :ihe early' wiiin:iigs. : 'he hits' broken this 'one long-Hnibedi:rangy'and full-winded jogtricb lo;;barness', and : bas WniicouTS- .ing in front, of -n feathenv«ight.:sulkyt ' ' wceaa j.,.,;. -,- ; ;.,.„.• ,,.-•::: ••••••'••• i ''I'iiis particular ps,trichrrthe. : first or, jnll'' racing cistriohes— is one ,.of .,the,. "feature* of the menagerie rit' ElitcK's garden,, cnrthe-mglirands bf, Denyer.. ' -'"' '' . whp,(-driy,eB, -.the : -racing. has, never, yet,.had.;courage;.to ;g'e,t"tbe bird, fully, extended.. Bo^nobod ievcn. ar'oun'd.'neriyeT^wliere .the. B.tr,ato '''sih'knR stnlllsirnet'sBt.rss, usZ how'-baai v'th^oitrlbh cotiW shatter jtheipafcfng'reoordai-lf^ had alchance'to ••try. ' ; '' :; li::; "" : ' " mn. nominated for congress by the; aemo- crats "of the-fo»rti-lndjana-dis*rict, 8B,t lor 30 -ycafti'lrj the'^oUise of representa- THE GREAT SOUTH iMICAiTBiLS4| I JB It clears the head of foul mucous; heals'tfafc res and ulcers of the head and throat; weetens,the~br*ath,' and- .perfectly reatono :he seiises'o'f the' tastfe^sm'elT and hearmg. •tops headache «n4'-; 'droopingr intor (Jhc •.roat. Also "destroys the gem which cauwc .. HAY ng > a perfect' cure jna few days. KevK fills h ;Np fataljcaSe'O/ Ui GSH5B ever inowm. here Brazilian Bain. ;s faithfolly used, an Jie.gniipe gem .andqukkly ICIMOVW tt bad effect . ,,. . , , DYSPEPSI*, 'add '--.-, ,. . nfianimanon, Eever.br CocgMf ioa, Greatest relief in Consumption eve.* dif covered. w a Kresh Cold .in one da*, state In the heii4 snd.relleyes <l*alness.' As«u InjecUj* ieala CuHrEore* and Bums like magic. NSTIPAlriO*l AND - ^ It* HeallnaTower irAlmd«t-illraoulou«. The Btst Family Medicine in Existent 60 Cent Bottle contains 100 Dos«s, or Two Weeks Treitmsiit for GatarrL 9I.OO mOTTLM gQUALSTHnm* fiOo, BOrTLXS. HO MB TESTIMONIALS: «Brazili»n Balm cured me of inveterate catorrh. which I.ha3 for over » yeas.. It Is thenioat wonderful triumph oTmedickl iscience."— Gend. Parke Pasties. '* crouo. cold andAhe worst form of gripp wehave fonst 1 fc.azilian E-Om invaluable. —/'no W. S. Bcothe^D, D,, Pastor Del. Ave. Bap. CA. "Mrs Lore has used thb Brazilian Balm and thinks it did her much good."— Hon. Chts. B. Lore, Chtefjiu. vfDel , "-'!CV»e bottle of Brazilian Balm cured a friend of mine of hay fever. — 7&«. f-M; Culbtyt^l was very. deaf' for IO years from ca-tarrh. Brazilian Bairn appIUC: warm in-wy cars every day soon restored my temA%."~MK.johnScotten,Uie;i€r f Pa. "It is the best thing for dyspepsia I ever saw tneA."~Juc/f-e Edward WooUe*. "I was worn almost to the grave -with a racking cough that all the remedies and tte • doctors failed to relieve. "If was cured with one bottle of BraTilian Balm. It shaTF be my doctor through life."-J/w. /. Galloway, Pottstayin, Pa. "I was fearfiift crippled i:p with' rheumatism, could not get my hand to my..head. I took ten 50- cent bottles of Brazilian Balm in sir months.. Am .now entirely cured endasnn* We as I was at forty."— Anson Xurrell, aged 8+ A lady in Cincinnati was«> afflicted with asthma that.during the winter for seventeen years she was unable* "sleep lying down, was entirely and permacsntly '•ured. with Brazilian Balm. B. F, JACKSON & CO., Cleveland, tfc For «ale by the following druggists: B. F. Keesling, general agent; Btm :p'toher, Johnson Bros., W. H. Brlugbarst, G. W. Hoffman, D. B. Pryor, Q. A Means, H. D. Hattery and A. R. Kistler.. ... moiff ISA _. . •*;,,.,-, ,^ -.--.-. i ^ '/^ h • '^f"' ' "r(.'>jM««i*fA ''•••* '•' >. ,/ j* ( A *• < IN -THE NA/ORL.PA fZ? k«apln B 'th« System tn'a'HwUtHy Condition. CURES CURBS Co"«tlpatlO«. Act. or» th« Uv«r and K- • Is Cold* and Paver*, BMutlfl** th« and £•' K *.. ..-For 8Ue% a-Pi-KBB8LINO. .tive'. jjong,.,,lonir _„-—.„.. ,___, 'Ija'was a'judg* in the;dim antebellum "ilays—earned the title of "old'objector" and "watoh-dog of the ti-easury" be. ua-use r of ,hta., unyteldingrJopposHion^o money played "any promEent part." If j« not true, as has been asserted, that he 'Holds the" record for length" of Service in one branch of.congTesB. Benton served'hi* .SOlyWslin the senate; and "eWnr wrote a bobk^about'Jt." But'3udge Holman was considered a fixture in post with the inscription: "BoatOffice"; "Attached by chains 'to' ^he foot of Ibo sign"post is ia. strong chest, which haa, served as a post office, matter, clerk, aJI in one, for many years. The shipa po»-. in^ through the Magellan strajto seiB, a boat to the shore to fetch any letter* that may be addressed to their places 8f call, and et the same time to leave any; , letters they may wish to have taken M . others-directions;',,..'. f..\ l »"lh * small gronp-of-islands off tie ( south coast of Iceland the islanders ha«o . a bottle post, which ^dependi malnly«nj j tieiwiiid, ,Whien the-i.w&d^Wb^f* froa j the uouth. they put their letters mto«, j well-corked bottle. To Insure deliver*. • M; plug-of-'tbTiacc^ ot'a."'clgar^taCp'tttJB-, j side, and people-on the- mainland, af» / tisually on the lookout for and ready.te; ;, deliver the letters r Bb cUspatchedi-in »turn for the inclosed remuneration.'••-,, tie 'hpuse'.unitii,he was.remoied by the : republican Jandslide in 1894. . JEven then • he tared 'better : t.hun'inost'o'f h'ls'frieiids; : for he'was'a'efeated by onJ'y 'a'ifew votes. Since his: retirement he' has livea ! qulet- . ly.inlhte Indianafhome;: widened by thei .recent lo8Si.t)f r his. dear wife; who; for: half a century.Juid.been.his .companion • In his vjcforie»,end deJea;ta...Finnncial- 'ly the ng-ed 'legislator' is' pcwr. 'Of the ^$150;000 -in Ml'ary.'he : drew 'for his iserv- | ice« rin! WaBhlrigton'he-bofl not alpenny. ! Poqr In- purse, jhe. ia .rich; in- honor, and .if -he, saved nq.monejvior.hiinseU there .'is' no" doubting,,that his .famovjs.ob.jco- ''' ' tonsepeei . iern'mfentf in''his"dny; 'His nomination ia 'ple»lhg' 1 --to il -. ) l^B- i 'fre«- silver men-. "for ! Judgts' Bolman^oitten" advocated ' this caugeoip' congress.- HJS frienifls already claim the election, for. him, «rging:dein- : ocratiastfength ; in U>e,.Ppurth:district : beckuic .cVf the new , apportionment. Pmtt» Until quite -reoently-thc poetal system It was under,ti», superintendence ol» iinis'te^'bf .pJiSI*," who,; tibweye^.dow. agons, ;«ome. " wealthy.p^aon ( ,..._ . , tootherrmlni«t*J!'ifor;Ithe::piiivilege;.and :makes OB n»uolii;moj»ey,pti.tof-the'.busl- jnew.^be-patt.j,--/. .,-.T r. ' . .—,.—.-.,.. .. .. On-'the'aouth coast of Patagonia, is the , ;the"flre"tHl they ' world. Clp»6~to tne'post Is a Vargas Bijrn Ch»mpl»n I*dy -M^to* Sporty i N«r Kind. . _.,,.. r .•>. ,.,....,- I • ' "Barrel kites" are the novel invention of Miss Nellie "Boss, of Fruit Vale, Cat, .: Uays the New York -Wftrld.-.Thr« . ' jbontba. ago:'Jihe "dembnatrated'. tt«r ; .practicability; 1 !;and:-since:;.Ithen ;-M^: ; ' proved^ es^she-; .«Ialn)s i;) th«t ithey i; -JRr ! higher.,than jany ri ot^er kltee-^ver made,, ; on the Pacific coast.' ^..receDt-vWI^E; • to what Miss Rose' calls ^ejr^Tflterjr , ;Baw : 'simp.ly a-'Very-'cleajB' and neaOf- whitewashed back yard : . Against 'some 'deserted henroosts leaned-sdme que« -cloth and bamboo object*cthnt,looWB:, !like flattened..balloons. wlthi;th«;ento knocked out..; The largest were five feet: j ' weM of all' colors'. The string- used to *$?», ( them is about two miles Ion?. • The : young ki te-flyer, ; who holds -that ; every woman should have a hobby ana- ' who thoroughly enjoys hers, makes afl her own kites. : , Then, she, fliesi nine"«: ten at once, to the great edification.<*> 'the surrpunding neighborhood aod *>,; j fie delight of the small, boys, wjK>a» t -, aiw'nys wiljib^'to help hnui ,tbem ln-- ; i Each -kite'in''named, 'mid'"McKinleJ^-^ and•"'Grover"'Cbmpete with thone'-Dear^.j llngr less famous names to see which. <*%/ ! climb^ the-higlhesti _Barrel-kite flying lis.BaJd.to be,«« pretty » s J tr:l * :BII .! :ce ^*t;., . '•fn'v' ; an!S Californin's ,;champion JdJ*^> ; fly'er^enVs ;: h*V ; dli«tinction very. graoe^v' fuiiyv-- -- - : . •'•• - : ' ; .'.". . :'.:", . A' delegation';pf Indians,.from:,t Grand Sohtfe J re'seryatu>n^ ^rice.an. i 'n'ual'o'iitinir trip' to'Pprtliiiid^Ore:; ey«_, ^ar 1 In time-'tb' attend-the'Fourth ol__ ;Jluly."celebration,' and if'' poB8lble" J te jclreus;,; They.have tent« and com* Iff Sw i / **..->'• *pme. lour.f,,.,-,—--,-7C-7-, ..r *.-• .. • !thelr'yisit-i»'to sell baskets,, , : 3 : tnev:mak« : from hazel twif- h -°* !?«».^';«r»' r tni thev'nre feni

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