Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1973 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1973
Page 16
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Kussia Are By PHIL NBWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst tt may seem curious to many that the closer relations with the Soviet Union become, the more the United States finds it necessary to spend on new and Ijggwvedweap^ni^^^^ GolesbufQ ^Qjstef^Mqjt, ^jesbura/ i(L Thursday, July ,S # , J.gjfo.. 1,7 s' But Weaponry Continues New* Commentary llie seeming contradiction was pointed up in remarks by Vice President Spiro Agnew at planeside ceremonies seeing off Soviet Party Leader Leonid I. Brezhnev after his summit meeting with President Nixon, and by Henry Kissinger in amplifying the communique signed by the two leaders at the conclusion of their meeting. Brezhnev's visit, said Agnew, has brought "all mankind closer to our shared goals of a true and lasting paace." Relations Have Improved Said Kissinger: Soviet-American relations have improved because of the U.S. position of strength. "This must remain a part of our policy," he said. Rejecting unilateral reductions in the military field, he added: "We cannot do those things that the Soviet Union will not do." It is usual around budget time for U.S. leaders to emphasize Soviet military advances, and so it was that on June 18, Defense Secretary- designate James R. Schlesinger Tito Visits Battle Site; Satch Bash By United Press International TJENTISTE, Yugoslavia (UPI) — President Tito made a pilgrimage Wednesday to the rugged mountain slopes where he led thousands of half-starved Communist partisans against 11 declared the Soviet Union to be [engaged in an "aggressive program" of weapons develop* ment. He said it posed no immediate threat to the United States but could upset the strategic balance in eight to 10 years. On June 13, Deputy Defense Secretary William P. elements Jr., had been even more specific. He said there is "good reason to believe" the Soviets were testing a "new family" of intercontinental missiles. Other administration officials described the missiles as containing built-in computers improving their accuracy to such an extent they might be able to attack American Minuteman missile slips. Defense May Be Costlier Clements said the proposed $85 billion defense budget might have to be increased to keep pace with Soviet weapons developments. Soviet military leaders have been equally outspoken. In apparent reference to improved political relations with the United States, the] Soviet armed forces daily, Krasnaya Zvezda, said: "The fact that some political leaders of capitalist countries have lately adopted a realistic approach to international problems does not, of course, mean that the military doctrines of those states have become humane. They remain aggressive and adventuristic." Besides work on 6,000-mile rockets, the Soviets in recent years have spent huge sums on building a navy capable of waging an offensive many miles from Soviet shores. Similar steps have been taken within the Soviet army'wjth the advancement of younger, men trained in the use '• of new weapons and with emphasis on the offensive. About People times as many Nazi troops in Yugoslavia's bloodiest battle of the war. < Tito reminisced with 6,000 other survivors in the Sutjeska River Gorge beneath the Bosnian Mountains on the 30th anniversary of the battle in which 19,000 half-starved resistance fighters fought off 120,000 encircling Nazi-led troops for four desperate weeks. After losing 7,000 men, the partisans finally broke through the encirclement, carrying '4,000 wounded. "Our ammunition was so low that we had to think about each bullet," Tito, who wore dark glasses and a light blue marshall's uniform, told the crowd. "Nobody in 1943 sent us even one pistol or bullet." NEW YORK (UPI) - Ten thousand jazz fans and more than 50 musicians and singers were on hand for an outdoor tribute to the late jazz .great Louis Armstrong Wednesday. Mayor John V. Lindsay and Armstrong's widow, Lucille, dedicated the Singer Bowl at the 1964 New York World's Fair site to "Satchmo," who would have been 73 years old Wednesday. Armstrong died last year. Among the performers were pianist Eubie Blake, trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and Ella Fitzgerald, who said Armstrong's life story proved "no matter where you come from, it can happen." KAMPALA, Uganda (UPI) President Idi Amin has cabled President Nixon wishes for a "quick recovery from the Watergate affair" while complaining that the United States meddles too much in the business of other nations. In a July 4 congratulations message, Amin commended the United States for defending its identity and helping countries struggling against "European capitalism." However, he said, U.S. economic might makes it "prone to interfering in the internal affairs of other countries." PHILADELPHIA (UPI) The Rev. 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