Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1973
Page 15
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l^j8^jtefdjR^Ql$t€f*Mail f Golesburg, Thursday, July 5, 1973 Topeka: Enjoying Times (Ki' *_T •I? Taptka, Kaa. (pop. #n developed by the rail* tea* and became the Kansas capital In 1M1 after an event* laf 7-year ejdrtence. the Menntaker Nearopsychlatrlc Cllnte Is located here. To* till No. 1 cttiMfl Is Alfred Landon, former Republican candidate for the presidency. Martin Hawver Is a reporter (or the Topeka Dally Capital. By MARTIN HAWVER Measure the mood ot Topeka by the actions of its residents. Sales of campers, motorcycles, bicycles, suntan lotions, and Steaks are booming. Eighth In a Series Nearby camping facilities are crowded each weekend. lit appears that Topeka is enjoying boom times. Senate Watergate hearings, ft" , if?" ;«*<' !;•"» nit! July 4th Count of Fatalities Not Near Predicted Mark devaluation of the American dollar abroad, shortages of gasoline, X-rated movies and the high price of food are felt in Topeka, but right now times are good. College students are buying high-priced stereos and homeowners are. battling property taxes and crabgrass. The national crises are (here all right, but Topekans are worrying about those which affect them directly. It seems sensible. Topeka Isn't at ground-zero. And, as much as the chamber of com­ merce hates to admit it, much of the social and industrial change of the megalopolis doesn't find its way to Shaw* nee County. TOPEKA ISN'T the backwater of the nation — it's a home town. Two days last summer some residents thought they saw smog. Many people didn't believe it. Since the San Francisco earthquake, Topeka has been receiving news from both coasts. Washington scandals, Berkeley radicals and New York finance escapades have come and gone, and their effects on Topeka have been negligible. Mary Leonard, a Washburn University student, looking at new swimwear styles in a women's magazine summed it up. "You'll never see a bikini like that in Topeka:" if Boston is renowned for its reserve, so must Topeka be. There is change here, but it is orderly change. Few burning radicals. No change merely for change sake. ; But Topeka is able to react. At times wKh uncertainty, but when trouble strikes, Topeka girds. Forbes Air Force Base will close in September. More than 3,000 paychecks will leave the Topeka area. And Topeka has first crack at everything the Air Force won't carry away. Land to make the baae contiguous to Topeka was an* nexed in a Chinese fire drill­ like city commission meeting. Confusion, yes, but the necessary action was taken. Crises are chosen carefully here. WATERGATE, a joke for one commencement speaker, was used by another to emphasize to high school graduates the speed with which they will be expected to enter the maitMrtream of America. "The first two witnesses in the Senate hearings were only 10 years out of high school," fcrmer Undersecretary of Labor Arthur Fletcher said here. Talk of impeaching President Nixon — even among younger Topekans — is rare until nearly closing time at local taverns. The gasoline shortage, however, is real to Topekans. The success of Kansas farmers at coaxing more than a billion dollars' worth of gtain from their fields affects state taxes, schools, and availability of bank loans for houses and cars. Extension agents in more • ay y Way than 20 counties in northeast Kansas have predicted gasoline shortages at harvest time. Money is at the end of wheat stalks in the fields. National crises? Yes, they ere in Topeka, ton. Discouragement? Less than might be expected. Even in an era of instant communications, Topeka is insulated from many of the nation's troubles. Less insulated than it was 20, or even five years ago, but still not in the mainstream of the nation's political and economic trade. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) (NEXT: Evansville, Indiana) • rr > •a* •:,V- -,M *»* -,»•? ** .If* ;>>!r. By United Press International Traffic fatalities were over the 100-mark today as the brief Fourth of July holiday ended. Although a final count could go higher, it appeared it would not com* close to the 240 the National Safety Council had predicted could be killed during the one-day holiday! traveling conditions for the 30-hour period were generally good, although thunderstorms and damaging winds raked the Midwest Wednesday, and tor rential rains covered Vermont and New Hampshire. The fear that gasoline and oil shortage would create problems for»4he nation's motorists did not materialize. A United Press International count at 4 a.m. EDT showed that 136 persons had died in traffic accidents during the holiday period, which began at 65gfm. local time Tuesday and ended at midnight Wednesday, breakdown of accidental S3 USE ITCH-MENOT ^TO STOP THAT ITCH! a local anesthetic. Apply qOflfck-drying ITCH-ME-NOT (con- taUjis ,6 ltch-stoppera) for eczema, lnalct bites, toe itch, other surface rallies. Antiseptic kills germs, speeds healing. If not pleased in 15 MBNUTES, your 59c back. TODAY »*©SCO DRUG. jta deaths: [Traffic 136 Drownings s 62 Planes 9 Other 17 Total 224 Ohio reported 22 traffic deaths, California and Texas each reported 10 and both Florida and Michigan reported 9. Alaska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey,. South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland and the District of Columbia reported no traffic deaths. The National Safety Council had estimated that between 180 and 240 persons would die in traffic accidents during the [holiday period. It figured there would be between 10,000 and 12 ,000 disabling injuries. In 1945, Gen. Douglas MacArthur announced the liberation of the Philippines as World War III approached its end. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Wagner- Connery bill, officially known as the National Labor Relations Act. a. Tit fit ••J*. ftr- V* buy yourself a vacation ] Take a vacation from house painting and re- roofing. Let Wickes install new siding or roofing on your home'todayl Quality assured workmanship, first line materials, and complete financing...a total home modernization package at a reasonable price. Our trained staff will be happy to give you a free estimate on your home improvement needs. 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Regular $549.95. _— .-.'^mJ%3 ZENITH 25" 100% SOLID STATE COLOR TV XAA00 Modern coinsole. Regular $709.95. —— VVV ZENITH 25" COLOR CONSOLE TV. Soid State chassis. Two 6" oval speakers. Pecan finish. Reg. $829.95. _ ZENITH 25" REMOTE CONTROL COLOR. 100% Solid State chassis. Mediterranean style. Oak finish. $859.95. •______-___ ZENITH 22" B/W CONSOLE TV. Cont. style. Grained Walnut finish. Regular $239.95. STEREO ZENITH SOLID STATE STEREO. FM/AM Stereo FM Radio. 4 speakers. Tape in/but jacks. Reguar $229.95. ___ ZENITH SOLID STATE STEREO. Eary American Mape finish cabinet. 6 speakers. Reguar $349.95. _.'_ ZENITH 60W STEREO AMPLIFIER. 6 Speakers. Micro-Touch 2G Tone arm. Mod. wanut finish. Reg. $379.95. ZENITH MODULAR STEREO SYSTEM. With FM/AM Stereo FM Radio. 16W S6iId State amplifier. 4-Speed record changer. Regular $149.95. —_ZENITH MODULAR 40W STEREO SYSTEM. With FM/AM Stereo FM Radio. Four speed changer. 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Lighted back panel Plug-in surface units, Continuous Cleaning oven. Gold. $309.95. FREEZERS WHUlPOOl II CU. FT. UPRIOHT HfU» 616 b- cap. Defrost drain. Full range Temp, control. Reg. $339.95 WHUlPOOl 20 CU. FT. UPKIGHT FRIfZER Frost-Free. 686 lb. Capacity. Interior light. Regular $399.95 WHIRLPOOL IJ CU. FT. CHIST FREEZER 417 lb. Capacity. Porcelain interior. Defrost drain. Reg. $229.95 WHIRlPOOl 12 CU. FT, CHEST FREEZER 546 lb. capacity. Slide & Store basket. Porcelain int. Drain. Reg. $259.95 0 OFF $ 160 00 *150°° *200°° $ 145 00 *280°° $ 210 w $ 275°° *25o«o J 295 .. *190- $ 225 M

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