Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1973
Page 14
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Coiiiitry- (Continued From Page 13) lique ftea markets and rug braiding demonstrations July 15 Mid Sept. 2, quilting - and patchwork demonstrations and exhibits July 29 and Aug. 5, and the Fa» Harvest Festival Oct. 13-14. A Springiest depicting planting and fix-up time in rural Illinois in the 1850's was held earlier this year. Something is cookin' in the Country Kitchen every day through^ the warm months except on Mondays. Hours are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11 a.m.-d p.m. Sundays and holidays. The kitchen will cater private groups or parties in its dining rooms which can accommodate 100 persons. Mrs. Young's Country Kitchen creations radiate her motto: "The purpose of the kitchen at Clayville is to refresh, to entertain and to serve good home- cooked country food to travelers and focal people in the most pleasant way we possibly can." Complexion Help No amount of make-up will hide a bad complexion. But a good cleansing routine will help problem shin. Start off with a cleanser and face brush for a deep cleansing of pores. Remove all make-up at night no matter how tared you are. A light moisituirizer worn overnight is good for dry or normal skin. A face mask or astringent will help oily complexion. READ THE WANT ADS! About- (Continued From Page 13) HHTOUM wtt Vf tkiiil ti fit yew fingtr ...more . comfortable than- the oroV - nary shaped ring. They are the "Smart-Sets" for the "Smart-Set". Make it a point to come in and try on CONTOURA. W« Bar Diamond* fe Old Cold. All-Types of J»w»lry and Watchat Repaired. Clean Your Watch — S7.3S. Matter Cntra* American fx- priu, Beak Anerkard «* Charge Account* tartU*. ILUNOII MOOT rOPUUUI ' Phone 343-1412 * 241 IAST MAIN ST. . OdwewrB, Ul. OWN MONDAY I FRIDAY NIOHTS Ttl 9:00 f >AY I _J (Ruth Kimmitt) Pecsi; Mr. and Mrs. Don (Cora Mathlas) Parke, and Mr. and Mrs. George (Betty Benson) Shannon. More than 4,900 members of TOPS, including 13 from Galesburg, Attended the International Recognition Days last weekend in Milwaukee, Wis., to celebrate the 25th anniversary of TOPS. Mrs. Jack Shanks and Mrs. Mary Owen were honored as KOPS alumni, which means they have maintained their weight loss. Others attending from Galesburg were Mrs. Robert Cook, Mrs. Earl Cook, Mrs. Melvin Nelson, Mrs. Robert Carlson, Miss Donna Booton, Mrs. Herman Ackman, Mrs. Dean Kisler, Mrs. Marcel Babbitt, Mrs. Clayton Oonley, and Mrs. Thomas Calhoun, area captain. Mrs. WendeU* F. Roller of 'Monmouth, was elected to a second term as North Central Regional vice president of the Woman's Auxiliary to the American Medical Association at the auxiliary's annual convention held here, June 24-28. A charter member and past president of the Warren County Auxiliary, Mrs. Roller is a past president of the Illinois State Auxiliary, and served on the state board continuously for 15 J years. For the national auxiliary she was health careers chairman, North Central Regional chairman of the American Medical Association Education and Research Foundation ! committee and regional chairman of the safety committee. Noted for her community activities, Mrs. Roller received a pin signifying 15 years of volun- •iter service as a leader and officer with the Girl Scouts. She [is a past president of the Warren County Home Economics Association, a charter member of the Warren County Historical Society, and has been active in the Eastern Star, Fortnightly Study Club, the Woman's Civic League, the Monmouth AAUW Chapter, Warren County Republic Woman's Club, the Illinois IWoman's Press Association and the National Federation of Press Women. Book's Combination W Of Novel Biography "And From Su*h Men,' 1 ' by Virginia' G..Scott; pub., Dorrtne« and Co. , . i Virginia Scott tells the story of her great-grandfather through the four women who most influenced his life. They were Sallie, his mother; Barbara Ann, his first love; his wife, Lucy, and daughter Sarah. " '" ' historical novel and biography. Her book is a combination o Charles Gill was bom in New York in 1829. His mother came to Fountain Green after the death of her husband. The family ran an inn in the town while one of the daughters was attending Knox College. Gill left Fountain Green to work for a shipping company in Warsaw. He soon became restless and decided to travel to California to look for gold. [He returned to Illinois after the death of his mother and again went West, taking a herd of cattle to Utah. Whu> there, he met Brigham Young, who helped him find Barbara, a girl he had met on his first trip West. He had fallen in love with her but did not find her soon enough. She had become a Mormon and was the first wife of a farmer. The most interesting section of the book describes Gill's adventures as a riverboat owner during the Civil War. His boats were used by the Union as! troop and supply ships and were under attack several times while they traveled the Mississippi. During the war, Gill met General Ulysses Grant, and was involved in the seige of Vicksburg and the battle of Chattanooga. After the war Gill returned to his family in LaHarpe. He became a banker and farmer and was one of the few bankers to stay solvent during the depression ofthe 1870's. He died in 1897; As history, And From Such Men has little vahie. No real new information is presented. Most of the facts are common knowledge, and; except for the first person account of the Civil War would be of little interest to a historian. Unfortunately the book is also rather barren fare as fiction. The character of Gill is well Idetailed. His prejudices and faults, as well as the good points of his character are shown. [However, none of the women in any of the book's four sections is really developed as a character. Lucy, the wife, is a dominant figure. Her character is shown throughout the book in transition passages but is not adequately treated in the section devoted to her. The other three women are merely shadowy figures who are mentioned brief\y.- d^ooLs /deceive J at the cJ&b Thursday; July 5, 19^ IS % t retry The following books have been,?j^sj* n, . e .^?^ |received at the Galesburg Public Library. fiettdit The Avlma Affair, by Mid Calmer. These CHffs Are Danfer&iis, by Lindsay March. The Transvection Machine by Edward Moch. The Hard Time Bunch, by Clifton" Adams. A Wild Justice, by Francis Clifford. The Ghost Wore Black, by Frances MeHugh. Horrors Unknown, ed. by Sam M6skbwit2. The Testament Of Theophilus. by Leonard Wibberley. The Bloody Field, by Edith Parse- ter. Shootout At Sidux Falls, by Mrs. Virginia Scott Cliches-are loaded onto every; page. Hopefully they were usedi as a device to show Gill's lack of education; if not, their use is inexcusable. The author's attempt at rural dialect is not successful. Mrs. Scott became interested in the life of her grandfather after reading his obituary. She researched the book for two years before it was written. Mrs. Scott was born in Springfield. She graduated from Carleton College, Northfield, Minn. She and her husband and 'daughter live in Edina, Minn. JOH Cliff FarrftTr'The 'DettlnV Wn'iti, by Gerda £harles. The Takeover, by NIven Busch. Sadness, by Donald Barthelme. Portrait Of Sarah, by Veronica Black. Vail's Gate, by Joan Cabot. Miss Blanca And The Brides, maid, by Margery Sharp. No Holl[day For Crime, by Dell Shannon. NON-FICTtON 10 Classic Mystery And Suspense Plays Of The Modern Theatre, ed. Dy aianiey Hicnaras. witness io,inony a. nerDen. m.ine enaaow iHistory, 1028-1969, by Charles Boh- Of History, by J. Frank Dobie. Cali- ilen. Cecil Beaton: Memoirs Of The fornia: An Illustrated Histor/, T. '•40's, by Cecil Beaton. The Fall And I H. Watklns. No Pat Ansvfrefs, by Rise Of Jimmy Hoffa, by WnlterlEugena Price. How Christmas Came Sheridan. Encyclopedia Of Knitting'TO The Sunday-Schools, by Kathar. And Crochet Stitches, by Franjine Sichards IWestfall. Ladies Home Journal Family Diet Book, by Evan Frances. About Antiques, by Ella Shannon Bowles. The Secret Team, by L. Fletcher Prouty. Arthur Ford: The Man Who Talked With The Dead, by Allen Spraggett. American Negro Slave, ed. by Allen Weinstein. The Great Wagon Road by Parke Rowse. Computers And You, bv Kurt Stehling. Soldier, by An- nEFEHEHCE N Names And Their History, by Isaac Taylor. The Soufc, BMk For Higher Education, by Warren Willingham. z. > 1• -Card Party/ NEWCOMERS t , .. D . The Newcomers Afternoon 'Su y , 2 Ke ! lt " on ! Bridge Club met Tuesday after- The annual Gray family re-, » S aving*and union was held Sunday at he, ^ home of Mrs. John Rickus. 1723;^ A j LaAV ^ n was fifa^. Willard St. with 32 members of '• • the family and two guests pres- Prizes were won by; Mrs. ent. It was decided to have the George Gerstenberger, Mrs. reunion next year at the home-Louise Olson, Mrs. Lawson and of C. P. Gray, Chillicothe. Mrs. Gary Gunther. ... _ ^j rs Da j 9 jj amirnan ajrtjiMrg, READ THE WANT ADS! Jerry Gandt were guests. 'IF LAMPS Imagine a miniature lamp for only $32.00. Other styles and designs too numerous to mention from such famous manufacturers as Sfiffel, Knob Creek, Drexel, Tyndale, Haeger and Brite Lite. See Them todayl FERRIS FURNITURE 465 Mulberry Open 9 to 5 'Fri. 'Til 9 Convenient Parking Extended Payments m AM, lain Coiiple- (Continued From Page 14) Groomsmen were Gary Williams and Jerry Sherman, both of |Yates City. Rodney Grubb, the bride's nephew, was ringbearer. Reception Following the ceremony, a reception was held for the couple at the chUrch. Serving honors were given Miss Kathy Sherman, Miss Mary Lynn Booth, Miss Sherrie Cuner and Miss Sherrie Sherman, all of Yates City. Guests were asked to register by Jeff Grubb, Gilson."'Chris Grubb, Farmington, distributed rice packets to the guests. Gifts were arranged by Mrs. Dale Knox, Yates City, Mrs. Gene Grubb, Farmington, and Miss Karen Treton, Bartonville. The newiyweds will reside near Knoxville after a wedding trip to the northeastern states. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman are graduates of Yates City High oneif "Cook With Honey!" by Beverly Kees: pub., The Stephen Greene Press. Honey, one of man's oldest sources of sweetening, comes in several shades and flavors, ac cording to the author, depending on the flowers from which the bees collect the nectar. The first two pages of this neat little cookbook are. introductory and included much concise information. Descriptive materia^ focuses on types of honey, properties of honey, storing honey and using honey. The remainder of the book is devoted to recipes under such categories as main dishes, dressings, breads, desserts and, last but not least, cookies and Isuch. Any one of the recipes in this Harvest Home Cookbook, would (add to your cooking repertoire. -I. E.B. SAVE '20 to Deluxe Sears-O-Pedic Blow and Go An indispensable aid to the girl on the go is the mini|dryer. These small hand dryers are perfect for today's blow- B "«uu,vo w. __ D ..,hair styles and now they're School. He is employed by the .small enough to be taken along Burlington Northern Railroad, 'on weekend trips. OUR FIRECRACKER — AFTER THE 4th OF July Clearance NEW SUMMER FASHIONS UP To Vk I MORE OFF. FAVORITE HOT WEATHER AAA run i r vaiu«* to $14 9 « ww 'SHELLS Jf FAMOUS MAKE KNIT * NYLON STRETCH £ SHORTS 5.00 R to 8 .00 from CHARGE IT - LAY'IT-AWAY - USE THE 5 MONTHS BUDGET • • • • Our Firmest Mattress; Scientifically Designed For Balanced Back Support! ^ Innerspring or Foam Latex Reg. 99.95 $ 89.88 2 Full Size Reg. Price $109.95 Here's a mattress that really backs you up! In 10 years of simulated weaj£ in our Sears lab, it showed no loss of firmness! That's the kind of flexible** strength that gives each part of your body the support it needs. Chooso- 5V2 -in. foam latex or resilient innerspring (857 coil full, 615 coil twin). Both quit-topped for added luxury. Sanitized. __$79.8t' $89.88 Matching twin foundation Matching full foundation $299.95 2-Pc. Queen Set _„. $229.88 $399.95 3-Pe. King Set $319.88 4- NOW SAVE H90 Dresses C A Q Q Pont Sets SlackS From " Swim Suits C f" QQ Body Shirts * "| •* Jackets From w Assorted Group m Sportswear "> Blouses - Skirts * Tops - Pant* Bovine ixniTOC. MAN & FRTTIAVS a .3A in S:AA-. OTHER T) PRINT POLYESTER SHORT SIEEVES SHIRTS Ok $ 4" AYS _:30 to 5:00 Still Our Top Seller NYLON STRETCH KNEE KAPPERS 10 to 20. MANY COIOR5. on 4-pc. master bedroom suite! suite includes: • 60 -in. triple dresser • Vlate glass deck nilrror e 5-drawer chest • Full-queen or twin size headboard, footboard and bed frame rum your bedroom into a simple country retreat with Open Hearth. Built to last in dark finished pine and pine veneers. The brass plated ball pulls lend an authentic colonial touch that's right intoday's casual rooms. Topped with mar and stain-resistant plastic to handle modern American action. ropular $789 Sole Ends July 9th Use Seors Eosy Poyment Plon Shop at Sears and Save Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back STORE HOURS: Monday «nd Frdiy ] Tues., Wed., Thur*., Sal. 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. I 9 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Setrs. Roebuck aid Co.

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