Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 8, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1963
Page 16
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Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1963 Market Reports Today New York Stock! NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral Int TT 4B Aldens 23V< Iowa Pkb 57 Allegh Lud 4l»A Johns-Man 48'£ Alld Chem 51% Kennecott 79V* Alld Strs 52% Kresge 27% Allis Chal 17 Kroger 29* Lib McN 15>A Lockhd 35 7 /« Mar Oil 57 Vt Maytag 38V« Min Hnywl 120V4 Minn Min 60% Monsanto 58% Alum Ltd 27V4 Alcoa 67% Am Air 27V* ABC Pmt 29 Am Can 45% Am Cyan 5SV* Am M&F 19 „, , „ t/ Am Mtrs 20% Mont Ward 37V. Am T&T 129 Morrell 24 Am Tob 28% Nat ! ls Anaconda Boy. Nat Ca " 15,4 Armour 40V. Dai, T 65 Atchison 28'* Nat °yP s 4?I/ « Avco 22 Nat ^ 741/4 Bendix 50>* NYC 20% Beth Stl 32% No Amn 49% Boeing 34 Nor Pac 47 Borden 65% Nor St Pwr 35 Borg War 47% OHn Math 42% Case 10% Outbd M 14% Catplr 43% Pac Tel 32% Celanese 52% Penney 43% Celotex 26% Penn RR 19V. Cent Soya 27% Pepsi Cola 56 Chi RI 26% Phil Pet 54% Chrysler 90% Piper Air 32V. Cities Svc 64% Pure Oil 41% Coca Cola 103% Qua Oats 65y. Colum Gas 29% RCA 74% Comm Ed 51V. Rep Stl 42% Cons Ed 87% Revlon 43% Cont Can 46% Rexall 37 Cont Oil 62% Reyn Tob 39% Deere 64 Safeway 60V. Diana 8% Schenley 22 Douglas 21% Sears 99 Dow Chem 59V. Shell Oil 49% Du Pont 245 Simmons 43% Eastman 111'/. Sinclair 45% El Auto Li 25V. So Pac 33% Erie 3% Sperry 18% Firestone 38% Sq D 43% Flintkt 20% std Bds 74% Ford Mtrs 53% SO Cal 65 Friden 43% SO Ind 62% Fruehauf 28% SO NJ 71% Gen Dyna 24 stude 7% Gen El 78% swift 38% Gen Fds 87 Texaco 69% Gen Mtrs 78% Texas Inst 82% Gen Tel 27% Un Carb 105% Goodrich 55% Un El 27V. Goodyear 40 \j n Pac 40y. Grant WT 26 Unt Air L 35% Gt Nor 53% utd Corp 8% Greyhound 47% utd Fruit 20% Gulf Oil 49% Utd Gas 38V. Homestake 47% US Gyps 86% Hupp 7% US Play C 25% IN Pwr 39% US Rub 48 Inland Stl 44% US Stl 56 IBM 469% West Un 32 Int Harv 58% Wstghs El 40% Int Nick 62V. Woolworth 73% Int Paper 35% Yng S&T 124 The world's greatest average annual precipitation is 472 inches on Mt. Waialeale, Kauai, Hawaii. ACCOUNT Opening for man with accountant education and experience. Challenging poiition with opportunity for professional growth and advancement. Salary bated on qualification!. Monmouth College. 734-3161. Ext. 237. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect - Trojan ••2103 Ollaon. 111. Galeeburg. I1L — 342-S2I4 BOOK ABINGDON FEEDS NOW FARMERS this is money In your pocket. NO GIMMICKS or PRIZES, JUST DISCOUNTS FOR TOP QUALITY FEED at REAL SAVINGS ABINGDON MILLING CO. Phone 89 Abingdon, 111. Galesburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. A Q. Stockyards Market steady. Bulk of Eastern shipping hogs $15.25-$15.50. Top $15.75. Quotations: 200-230 $15.00-$15.75 230-260 $14.G5-$15.65 260-300 $14.25-$15.15 Sows: 300-500 $12.25-$14.25 Bushnoll Livestock Market is uneven. Top $15.50. Bulk 190-260 lbs., $15.10-$15.35; sows steady; bulking at $12.75$14.50; cattle steady; lambs, strong. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA)-Hogs 8,000; mixed 1-3 180-240 lb butchers 15.85-16.25; 2-3 240-260 lbs 15.50-15.75; 250-290 lbs 15.00-15.50; mixed 1-3 325-400 lb sows 14.0014.50; 400-500 lbs 13.50-14.00; 2-3 500-600 lbs 13.00-13.50. Cattle 3,000; several loads mostly high choice 1,081-1,200 lb slaughter steers 25.00; mostly choice 950-1,300 lbs 23.75-24.75: choice 900-1,250 lbs 22.50-23.50; standard and low good 20.00-22.50; load high choice with few prime 1,075 lb heifers 23.75; most choice 850-1,050 lbs 22.75-23.50; good scarce, 21.50-22.25; utility and commercial cows 14,00-15.50; a few utility and commercial bulls 17.00-19.00. Sheep 600; few lots choice and prime 90-100 lb wooled slaughter lambs 19.50; good and choice 80100 lbs 18.00-19.00; cull and utility 12.00-17.00; double deck choice 93 lb shorn slaughter lambs with mostly No 1 pelts 19.50; cull to good slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain ft Supply Co. 11:30 P. M. Corn $1.11 Oats $ .62 Soybeans $2.64 Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) ~ Official estimated livestock receipts Wednesday are 11,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 500 sheep. Peorio Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA)Hogs 4,400; 1-2 200-235 lb butchers 15.50-15.75; mixed 1-3 190-265 lbs 15.25-15.50; 2-3 245-280 lbs 14.7515.25-, 1-3 270-400 \b sows 14.0014.75; 1-3 400-500 lbs 13.00-14.00; 23 500-650 lbs 12.75-13.00. Cattle 475; choice 950-1,100 lb slaughter steers 23.75-24.00; mixed good and choice 850-1,150 lbs 23.00-23.75; choice 840-950 lb slaughter heifers 22.75-23.60; mixed good and choice 850-950 lbs 21.75-22.75; calves 12; moderately active, vealers steady; prime 28.00-29.00; good 24.00-28.00. Sheep 64; utility and good 65100 lb slaughter lambs 15.00-17.00; package choice 89 lbs 17.50. Groin Futures CHICAGO (AP)-Grain futures continued upward today, led by heavy demand for wheat and soybeans. Reports that Soviet representatives have made their first direct contact with U.S. government officials for the purchase of an estimated 150 million bushels of wheat brought increased buying of futures. All wheat and soybean contracts moved up to new highs for the season on the advance. Soybeans advanced more than three cents a bushel at the opening, with the May and July contracts selling at $3.00 a bushel, the first time in several years that beans have reached that level. Traders reported broad speculative buying of soybeans with offerings very light early in the Board of Trade session. Wheat was up more than three cents in early transactions but extreme gains were cut back somewhat as initial demand subsided. Corn, oats and rye followed the higher trend. Wheat was % to 2% cents a bushel higher, December $2.11 3 /4; corn % to 1% higher, December $1.22%; oats l A to % higher, December 72 cents; rye IV4 to 1% higher, December $1.54% and soybeans were 2 to 2% cents higher, November $2.88%. ing and prices fell back, some below the previous close. Car lot loadings were wheat 3 cars, corn 54, oats 2, rye none, barley 18, soybeans 82. Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 1 mixed 2 .11%. Corn No 2 yellow 1.31%-32. No oats sales. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.88-91; No 2 yellow 2 .88-91; sample grade yellow 2 .86V2. Soybean oil 9%n. Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (AP)- Prev. Final Gratrr Review CHICAGO (AP)—The grain futures market reacted nervously today to conflicting reports regarding possible sales of U.S. grain to grussia. Early in the session grains advanced, wheat and soybeans sharply, on a report that Soviet representatives had made their first direct contact with U.S. government officials for the purchase of an estimated 150 million bushels of wheat. Later, prices broke after Senate Democratic leader Mike Mansfield, said he had no knowledge of a firm offer from the Reds to buy American wheat. The news caused liquidation and profit tak- High Low Close close Wheat Dec 2.12V4 2.09 2.09% 2.11 Mar 2.12% 2.09V 2 2.09'/z 2.11V4 May 2.09 2.05% 2.05% 2.07% Jul 1.78'/ 2 1.75% 1.75% 1.75 Sep 1.80 1.77 .177% 1.77 Corn Dec 1.23Vs 1.20% 1.20% 1.21% Mar 1.27 1.24% 1.24% 1.25% May 1.29% 1.26 1.26 1.26% Jul 1.29V4 1 .27 1.27% 1.27% Sep 1.27 1.23% 1 .24% 1.24% Oats Dec .72'/s .71 .71% .63 '/4 Mar .74V8 .73% .73% .64 May .73% .72% .72% .64% Jut .68% .67% .67% .64V4 Rye Dec 1.55% 1.50% 1.50% 1.19% Mar 1.58% 1.54 1.54V4 1.21% May 1.57% 1.53% 1.54 1.21% Jul 1.46% 1.44 1.44% 1.16% Soybeans Nov 2.90 2.82% 2.84 2.41% Jan 2.95 2.86% 2.88 2.45% Mar 2.98 2.90 2.91% 2.47% May 3.00 2.93 2.94% 2.49T4 Jul 3.01% 2.94% 2.96 2.50% Aug 2.99% 2.91% 2.91% 2.45% Sixty per cent of employers questioned said that labor turnover of handicapped workers was far below that of the able-bodied. Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks mixed in moderately active trading. Bonds steady. U.S. government bonds easier in quiet trading. American slocks mixed. Midwest stocks mixed. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye, soybeans—mixed. Hogs 25 to 50 lower, top 16.25; cattle steady to 25 lower, top 25.00; sheep steady to strong, top 19.50; dressed beef unchanged, top 43.00; dressed pork loins 1.00 lower, top 48.00, READ THE WANT ADSI MIXED HAY WANTED Call or eee— Bill Bowen, care CBatO STOCKYARDS aaletburg, til.—Tat. 343-5111 Werlhelmoi Caille Co„ jnc WORLD'S SCRIES TV ANTENNA SPECIAL UHF or VHF $29.95 Installed* E&E ANTENNA SERVICE Call 343-1275 or 343-9130 Belweon 9:30 to 5:30 'Includes: 1—10' taction matt, antenna (UHF or VHF), 50' lead- in wire, roof mount, and 50' of guy wire. Other installation! estimated tree of charge. ROOM ADDITIONS REMODELING CABINETS, Etc. — Free Estimates — WAYNE WEBSTER 343-1720 DISC SHARPENING On Your Perm H. E. VARNOLD PHONE 342-6858 FOR SALE 600 Gallon Water Tank Never Been Used. Mounted on a Saddle. LAWRENCE NELSON Rio, Illinois — 172-2545 Windows Washed Eaves Cleaned Before Noon, after 7:30 p.m. 343-8771 — 342-6923 INTERIOR DECORATING Painting - Wallpaper Cleaning Window Washing What Have You? REASONABLE RATES PHONE 343-2812 Farm For Sale •0 Acres—5 miles from Galesburg on East Fremont Foad. 75 acres tillable. Modern house, excellent water supply. Adequate buildings. Conract John E. Kennedy. Ph. 343-5093 or UN W. Lossy aitar 5 P.M. CONSIGNMENT AUCTION CORBIN'S FRUNITURE STORE 565 N. WEST ST. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9th - 7.00 P.M. If you have merchandise you want to convert to cash, bring it to Corbins before 4 o'clock Wed. Now listed, Deluxe Lord Nelson calendar watch; 5 pc. maple dinette set consisting of round table and 4 chairs; maple lamp tables; maple twin bed complete; TV set; studio lounge; book shelves; lounge chair; chrome settee; 2 full size beds complete; chest of drawers; !).\12 eongo nig; refrigerator; gas stove; 5 pc. reflectory type dinette set; clothes mangle; electric motor with buffer wheel; pr. snow tires mounted on Chevy wheels size 6.70x15; snow pusher; some hand tools; bird cage and other items too numerous to mention. CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE Kent and Cook, Auctioneer*. Frederick Erickson, Clerk. Phone 343-9033. BIG PUBLIC AUCTION 836 Maple Ave., Galesburg, III. SATURDAY, OCT. 12, 1963 At 12 o'clock sharp FURNITURE — SHOP TOOLS ANTIQUES —GUNS Watch Thursdays' paper for complete list. MR. and MRS. WILLIAM SNOOK—owners LEWIS G. MARKS—Auct. WARREN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALES. INC. LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY Starling Promptly at 12 O'clock Noon (ianild B. Fisher, Owner and Manager Phone 734-2916 or 734-6611 Monmouth, Illinois ADVANCE LISTINGS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 23 Choice native angus steer and heifer calves, wt. from 450 lbs. to 525 lbs. 27 Good to choice native mixed steers, wt. from 450 lbs. to 525 lbs 30 Good to choice native yearling steers, wt. from 600 lbs. to 750 lbs. 85 Good to choice hereford steer calves, wt. from 375 lbs. to 475 lbs., to sell m loads 60 Choice angus steer calves, wt. from 425 lbs. to 475 lbs. to sell in loads. 70 Good to choice thin hercford .yearling steers, wt. I'rom 675 lbs. to 775 lbs., to sell in loads. 50 Medium .Yearling steers, wt. from 700 lbs. to 800 lbs., to sell in loads. 275 Hamp. shoals, wl. from 50 lbs. to 70 lbs. Vacc. both ways, sorted uniform. 120 Hamp. cross shoats, wt. from 80 lbs. to 110 lbs. Vacc. flogs from other sale burns will not be accepted Stocker and Feeder Cattle Offered At Private Sale Daily 150 Choice angus steer calves, wt. from 375 lbs. to 500 lbs., on hand. 110 Good to choice hereford steer calves, wt. from 400 lbs. to 500 lbs., on hand. 50 Choice Angus heifer calves, wt. from 400 lbs. to 450 lbs., on hand. 70 Good to choke thin Angus yearling steers, wt. from 550 lbs. to 675 lbs., on hand 200 Good to choice thin hereford yearling steers, wt. from 675 los. to 800 lbs. on hand. - AUCTIONEERS HAROLD SAC KM AN MORTON PRATT Man Fatally Hurt Halting Argument Vernon Green, 51, of Mather* vJUe was fatally injured Monday night when he attempted to stop an argument between a Viola man and his wife in a Tastee- Hastee Restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bishop entered the restaurant about 8:30 p.m., ordered a dinner and began an argument. Green later entered and tried to stop the fight, according to two witnesses. Bishop reportedly turned on Green and struck him several times. Dr. Lowell Martin, who conducted an autopsy, said the victim died of a broken neck. Bishop, 39, is being held in the Mercer County Jail, awaiting formal charging by State's Atty. Glenn Appleton. Appleton said he would decide what charges would be filed when he talked with the coroner and Dr. Martin. Tom Freed, son of the restaurant owners, and Diane Rind, a waitress there, said they witnessed the family dispute and the beating of Green. Green's body was taken to the Crummy Funeral Home in Viola, where services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. Burial will be in Farlow Cemetery in Matherville. Well llftit NEW YORK (AP)-Dwplte Irrv provemint in auto and sugar stacks the stock market fillet) to break out ot an Irregular price pattern late this afternoon. Volume for the day was estimated at 4.5 million shares com* pared with 4.W million Monday. Steels were mostly lower by small fractions as were airlines, air-, crafts, tobaccos, metals, and oils. Utilities, rails and chemicals were mixed. Mail order firms were a bit higher. Chrysler led the auto section upward, posting a gain of around 3 at one time and reaching a 1963 high. GM, Ford and American Motors were ahead by around Vt or s9, Amrian Crystal Sugar was higher by about 3% while Central Aguirre Sugar, South Puerto Rico Sugar, Great Western Sugar and Holly Sugar each gained more than 1. Westinghouse, up about 1, and Grayson Robins, higher by a fraction, were heavily traded. Twentieth Century Fox gained almost l '/2. Avco fell more than 1. RCA held a gain of about Vh. Tishman Realty was at 19V4, off %. American stock exchange prices remained mixed with an edge to the upside in moderate dealings The bond market steadied in late, trading. Corporate issues were mixed while U.S. government bonds were mostly on a par with Monday's close. The first macadam highway in the United States was built between 1791 and 1797. It ran from Philadelphia to Lancaster, Pa. Unlike helicopters, gyroplanes cannot rise or land vertically. They must have forward motion to keep the rotor turning. FURNITURE AUCTION As I am moving into an apartment I will sell the following furniture at residence located first house West of the grocery store in DeLong, 111. on Sat. Morning, Oct 12, 1963 •i 10 O'clock Sharp. Davenport and chair, round oak table 4 chairs and buffet, Studio couch, 11x12 rug, R.C.A. radio console, floor lamp, library table, enamel top table, Ziegler oil heater like new w/blower, 275 gal. fuel tank, elec. fan, bed and box springs, baby bed w/innerspring mattress, fruit jars, 3 tool boxes, 2 axes, 4 spades, 7' step ladder, 14' ladder, small tools, elec. grinder, lawnmower, block &, tackle, tree trimmer, lace curtains, wash bench, dishes some are antique, antique rocker, table lamps, antique oval 40" mirror, table linens. CAR: 1958 BelAir Chev. 6 cylinder, automatic transmission. Good 8V2X7 building. 16 gauge double barrel shotgun. Many items too numerous to mention. TERMS: CASH. MRS. JAMES LAWVER—Owner Auction****! Lewis C. Marks. Michael E. Marks. Clerks*. Carroll Marks and Keith Brown. PUBLIC AUCTION of HOUSE, LOT and HOUSEHOLD GOODS As I am moving into a small apartment, I will sell at the residence, 203 N. E. Sixth Avenue, Galva, Illinois, on Saturday, October 12 Commencing at 1:00 O'clock P.M. Sharp. REAL ESTATE To B* Sold At 2:00 O'clock. Seven-room House — four rooms down, three rooms and bath upstairs. Aluminum windows and doors, gas heat. For inspection call at residence. Lot — 210 feet by 122 feet. Ttrmi of Sale on Real Estate: IS Par Cent Down on Day of Sale, Balance in 30 Days. HOUSEHOLD GOODS Chrome table and four chairs, Roper gas stove, one bedroom outfit, one bed, one single bed, one buffet, one chest of drawers, two utility cabinets, one rocking chair, two platform rockers, two end tables, one clothes hamper, six chairs, dishes, pots and pans, two lawn chairs, overstuffed davenport and chair, two table lamps, one floor lamp, one White sewing machine, one Speed Queen washing machine, two drain tubs, two fruit cupboards, fruit jars, one space heater, one hassock, one kitchen stool, a few antiques, two wardrobes, one rotary mower, one reel-type mower, garden tools, and miscellaneous items. Terms of Sal* on Personal Property: Cash. Not R«sponsibl« For Accidents. MRS. EARL S. BROWN, Owntr A. R. WESTLIN, Auctioneer FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN GALVA, Clark. PUBLIC SALE OF Residential Properties OCTOBER 12, 1963 AT THE PROPERTIES 956 DAYTON DRIVE, GALESBURG, ILL. 9 O'CLOCK P.M.— P.S.T. Nearly new home consisting of living room, dining room, large kitchen complete with GE counter top stove and built-in oven and garbage disposal, 3 bedrooms with many closets, lovely bathroom. Utility room. Attached, heated garage with cement drive. Gas furnace and gas water heater. An usually attractive home on lot 80 ft. by 160 ft. in size. Very near schools and in a preferred residential area. Owner leaving the state. NOTE:—This horn* will ba open for inspection Saturday P.M., October 5 from 3 to 4 p.m. and Thursday night, Oct. 10 from 7:30 to 9 P.M. Visit this home during these hours, or at other times by appointment. Call the auctioneer or the DAVID M. HALLAM AGENCY, 208 E. Broadway, Monmouth. IU. Phone 734-3331 for appointment. Also, selling at 1 P.M. on the same day, at the property located at 901 S. SIXTH ST., MONMOUTH, ILL This property consists of all modern home and 5 lots. Home has living room, kitchen, bath and 3 bedrooms. Oil heat. Basement. Shown by appointment. Call the Auctioneer or the DAVID M. HALLAM AGENCY TERMS: 25% cash day of sal*. Balance upon possession which will ge given November 15, 1813 and upon receipt by purchaser of warranty deed. ROBERT D. and LOUISE ICENOGLE, Owners Auctioneer: ."DWAKD S. BURNS—Phone Monmouth 734-33*0 or Oiiice Phone 734-3331 Hiffh Moisture Appears in Illinois Corn SPRINGFIELD, 111, (AP) Most of th« Illinois com crop is carrying too high a moisture content for safe cribbing, the State Crop Reporting Service said today. Even so, dryness in Southern Illinois has caused some corn fields to catch fire. Last week's hot dry weather and continued drought this week is expected to make corn picking an important activity next week. About a tenth of the crop has been picked, about the same as last year. Soybeans are combined except for 15 per cent. Progress is two weeks ahead of last year. Pastures and hay crops continue to suffer from the dryness, especially in Southern Illinois. Though winter wheat is three- fifths sown, much of the wheat area lacks moisture for proper germination. About 93 per cent of the crop reporters found soil moisture short. TrmtportaHon Departure DAYLIGHT fttffrWflMl •••itwitMs, tetae«M S fttt Mali fo stonurssa. 2 Local wjf:}* 18 Califomla fephyt *~lfAJ S to Omaha Lincoln •».}!< SB to KanSak fit* 4'.l 7 to Denver 39 to KafiSa* City 11 to Omaha. 17 to California City ..BiOO P to Denver Santo ro, EasttoMMti 30 Chief «:*a 18 Texas Chief ,.. M ..-..S :«0 is Super Chief- El CapJtM* , S 8.F Chief* M 124 Grand Canyon .......g 30 12 Chieagoan .**..*.i !M Santa f#, Waaikovael 10 Chief .^.^.h-aa 12? Grand Can von 1 ST IS Texas Chief mi-,- «-f 17 Super Chief m. m, m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m. Dew Jonas Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT averages: 30 indus 743.47 off 0.13 20 rails 169.29 off 0.45 15 Utils 139.37 up 0.22 65 stocks 261.17 off 0.10 la Capitan* __10:U p. m. riaittop Otark, ttoMBhotma Flight . 140 to Chicago* ..— — —»w8 m ' 908 to Chicago** 4:4S p. m. 600 to Chicago*** .-.——.6:39 p. m. Otark. Sottfhkomrid Ml to St. Louie** . S.W a. m. 691 to St. Louie'** 8:44 p. in. •—Except Sunday ••—Except Saturday •*•—Saturday only •••—Saturday only .4 US SCHBOOUES Weaibeond To Wert Coast —~ *M a. m. To West Coast -_ >MM ..ld0 P- Rk To West Coast :4S O- m. Eastbovnd To East Coast - 11 :S3 p. m. To East Coast ... — BOO B m. To Peoria - —— 1:20 p. m. To Peoria --- •••28 p. m. SoatUboisna To St Louis —.10300 a. m. NotitibotuM To Davenport ...J JO D. In. EXECUTOR'S PUBLIC AUCTION of LaHarpe Township Farm Lands The undersigned, as Executors of the Estate of Lillian Mesecher, deceased, will sell the following described Real Estate, all situated in Hancock County, Illinois, at auction with sale to be held at the front door of the State Bank of LaHarpe, in LaHarpe, Illinois, on Tuesday afternoon, OCTOBER 15, 1963 COMMENCING AT 2:00 P.M., CDT TRACT 1. The North Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section Thirty-three (33), except Thirty (30) feet in width on each side of the center of the Railway and One Hundred (100) rods in length across said North Half of the Northwest Quarter of said Section Thirty-three (33), owned by the Toledo, Peoria and Western Railroad Company, in Township Seven (7) North of the Base Line, Range Five (5) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian. The above legally described farm is located One (1) Mile South of the High School Building in LaHarpe, Illinois, and consists of 77.S Acres, there being 63 tillable acres, 12 acres in pasture, and balance in lots. This farm is in a high state of fertility as it has always had a strict rotation program plus an abundant application of all fertilizers needed. It lays level to rolling, and a check of the soil map will show it to be 95% brown silt soil. The improvements include an 8-room 2-story house with 4 rooms in lower and 4 rooms in upper story. This house is in the best of repair throughout. Other improvements that are aU good Include a barn with lean-to shed, utility house, poultry house. 2500 bushel capacity corn crib with attached stock shed, garage, and grainery with attached hog shed. Here is a farm that has always been rated as one of Hancock County's best. TRACT 2. The Northwest Quarter of Section Thirty-four (34), in Township Seven (7) North, Range Five (5) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian. This farm is located approximately one fl) mile South of the Post Office corner in LaHarpe, Illinois, thence one-half mile East, and consists of a 160 acre ideal dual purpose stock and grain farm, there being DO tillable acres, with the balance being largely abundant blue grass grazing land. Although a lighter type soil than Tract 1, ynu will find upon inspection that it has the ability to produce a lush and abundant crop that will also testify to the rotation and fertilization practices that have always been strictly adhered to. An added feature is the never falling water sunply, consisting of a stream in pasture land and a 365 foot deep well with pressure system supplying water to stock and house. This farm is we]] improved with a 7-room house with bath that is the best inside and out; utility shed, wash house, 2-car garage, barn, corn crib. 40x60 hay barn, with attached cattle shed on one side and machine shed on the other, and only 5 years old. AU fences are above average. TRACT 3. The Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section Twenty-esevcn (27), Townshin Seven (7) North of the Base Line, Range Five (5) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian. The specific location of this tract is one-half mile south of the east edge of LaHarne, and consists of a well improved 40 acres, 30 acres of which are level to rolling farm lands In a high state of fertility. The 10 acres of pasture land is conveniently located and joins well arranged lots where you will find.abpve average improvements, including a 5-room 1-story semi-modern with hath house that is the utmost in farm home comfort, garage with attached utility house, good barn, poultry house, bar mesh corn crib, farrowing house and machine shed. TRACT 4. The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section (27), and the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section Twenty-seven (27), in Township Seven (7) North of the Base Line, Range Five (5) West of the Fourth Principal Meridian. The above legally described tract consists of 60 acres th^t loins Tract 3 on the South, or is directly across the road North from Tract 2 There is approximately 35 acres under cultivation in this acreage with balance in grazing lands. NOTE—The above two tracts, being No. 3 and No. 4, wiil be sold individually, and then offered as a unit. GENERAL INFORMATION— We cordially invite your inspection of any of the above farms at any time prior to sale, but ask that you limit your inspection of the houses proper to each Sunday afternoon prior to sale from the hours of 3 till 5. Our quotation on acreage amounts are taken from the Deeds and will be sold on this basis- However, they can vary to be more or less. Any information needed will be gladly given by contacting any of the undersigned. TERMS AND POSSESSION— 25% down upon completion of sale with balance due and payable within 45 days of sale, upon delivery of Deeds. Possession date is March 1, 1964. All Tracts will be sold subject to existing public roads. Taxes for 1963, due in 1964, will be paid by Sellers. Title Policies will be furnished for Tracts 1, % and 4. An Abstract will be furnished for Tract 3. Henry A. Towlcr and Phyllis Bell EXECUTORS OF THE ESTATE Of WLLIAN MESECHER, Daces*** COL. LVfLL F. JAMEf, Auctioneer-Blasdiasville, Illinois- Phone; CSJ-SSM. WILLIAMS ft HABTZELL, Carthage. Illinois, Phone 347-332J And O'HABBA * RIPPLE. Carina?*, Illinois, Phone 357-2723. Attorneys for Executors

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