The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 1, 1955 · Page 31
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 31

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1955
Page 31
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WHEUE TO GO "'••W.W HTll i^m Wm.PB* '- - •-' / WHAT TO DO Behind Tk* Movie Sets WITH. BUDDY MASOtf . • , Mollyw66d, Calif— Hollywood is- the place where old age catches up with 16 and 17 year- old' girls! .-Anywhere else, girls under 18 wish 'they were 30 while the 30 year-olds would PLANTATION! BALLROOM WHITTEMOHE, IOWA Friday, Dec. 2 BABE WAGNER Sunday,.Dec. 4 DON SHAW Friday, Dec. 9 Jolly Lumberjacks . • v Sunday Dec. 11 JACK COLE Friday, Dec. 16 RAY STOLZENBERG Sunday, Dec. 18 EDDIE ALLEN No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 gladly trade v ages with "this teeners. '• '•" * *:.,-•* ' -y • Ai 18, the Career 6f a child'* actress generally comes to art abrupt halt. Her public still thinks of'her. as a,child, making her ineligible,for grownup roles, and she's getting too old. to play children._, It's a crucial time for the child-star ahd,'for many girls, the end of film fame is -finalized by this period. . .Producers ahd directors still ,think' of therh: as children, and no "young lady" in Her teens likes to be patted on what she fondly hopes is y her growriup-lookirig' hairdo. ' "Especially when the patting is d&ne by someone who tells her that there's not a single child-part .in his current epic. ' * . * * -. •. Few. teen-agers successfully bridge this gap between kiddje- roles and adult parts. Seldom do they have the good fortune of Natalie Wood. Natalie said goodbye to pigtails ip' a high emotional, though youthful, role! She played the girl friend of the late James Dean in "Rebel Without Cause." This Warner Bros, youth shocker gave her the ideal vehicle with which id graduate from the bobby-soxer,, brigade. That she was fully prepared fb step into this strongly dramatic characterization is evidenced by the fact that she has more screen, radio and television' credits -than many actresses twice her age. • '*/ » . * After reading the spripi of "Rebel Without Cause," and WA'S WONDER SHQWPLACf CLE-AR LAKE , IOWA x FRL, DEC. 2 FRANK BUHR and His MIDWEST RAMBLERS SAT., DEC. 3rd That Satin Smooth Music EDDIE ALLEN & ORCH. TUES., DEC. 61h Rural Youth and Young Married" Couples DUDE RANCHERS 2 Professional Callers Free Coffee for Your Lunch rnfikihi a; test if of the part, Natalie w^lit home" and'prayed. Then she waited three, long weeks for the ^studio's, decision., It Was Well worth the wait. If ever a young: girl had an opportunity to proye her ability as a talented, and 'seasoned actress this was HER'chancel < After this picture, no onfe; could 1 possibly think ol her a^airr asfa child-star. .;,t,.. "^4 .-<,'* * ' Speaking of awards for child- actofs, Tommy Cook was 10 years-old in 1941. That year was an important one ;for Tommy 1 ,•'': President Franklin D. Rqoisfr Velt was celebrating his: sixtieth birthday, and inaugurating the March of Dimes Campaign for 1941. A gigantic radio, program was launched to commerriorats both events. Tommy was chps'en as the "typical" American boy and, along with other honors, Was selected to 'emcee the show. It Was, one of the. outstanding entertainment presentations ot th'e .ye'ar. ' In one giant offering, the March .of Dimes Drive kicked-off, the President's b'irth- ;day was observed and Tommy was hailed as the "All-American Boy." • Today,- in Columbia Pictures' "Teen-Age Crime Wave," Tommy Cook is'starring as the incurable juvenile delinquent! Columbia's terrible - teen-age> terrorist of 1955 is none other than 194l's "typical" American Boy. •'**.«' If this column seems even more disjointed than usual, you can blame it on nervousness and suspense. We've just returned from Republic Studios where R. G. (Buddy) Springsteen is. directing "Shot In '.The Dark." We hasten to add? that Mr Sprin'g- -steen is' not the cause of our fitters. Marian Carr is the cause of it all. Ordinarily, Marian creates a rather pleasant sort of nervousness. The kind you get from waiting an hour by a heavy sound-stage door, hoping you can open it for her. Wondering all the time if she could have enter ed from the opposite side, rewarding some other volunteer doorman with a smile of thanks! Sfte's Sultry Siren Clinton Decker . Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings Mary Louise Valentine ady of the rails emerged from icr • synthetic reincarnation ' with i strictly British appearance but. jasically, she's still the same old 3mma. From beneath all the new trimming, comes her old, familiar, asthmatic wheesse, wilhoul a single trace of British accent. All Movieland recently gathered in the small chapel across Erom Hollywood Cemetery to pay their last respects to Billy Jones, Veteran stunt mail. Stars, extras, directors, and stage-sweepers rub- ied elbows as they crowded into the tiny chapel. Few men in Filmland have ever made, and retained the friendship of 'as many studio folks as did Billy Jones. Little Brother of the real! Dennis Carroll home. Friday evening the Philip Arndorfer family accompanied the Nick Arndorfers to the Elead' Wegner home in Algona. The Wegners and Nick Arndorfers both have Hammond Chord organs and so they enjoyed hearing Elead, Mrs Wegner and Stella play. The Philip Arndorfers plan on getting an organ, too, in the near future. Mr and Mrs Dean Hoffman and daughter of Nevada were weekend guests of the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs Bernard Capesius of LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Omar Kunkel and two daughters were at the Ged, Kunkel home Sunday for dinner. They are from Forest City. Mr and Mrs Philip Arndorfer and family had Sunday dinner with the Nick Arndorfer family. SIX WINNERS Be sure and read this page thoroughly, ! and if you spot your name individually, you St. Benedict By Mrs Philip Arndorfer Latin- rhythm singer Abbe; Lane plays a sultry'screen villain for the first time in Columbia Pictures' action thriller, "Chica r go Syndicate," also starring Dennis O'Keefe and • featuring Paul Stewart and Xavier Cugaf arid his orchestra at the Algona theater this Friday and Saturday. Miss Lane appears 'in "Chicago Syndicate" as Stewards girl friend who shares with him the secrets of his ten billion dollar empire in crime. ; Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Dorothy Arndorfer were her daughter ahd son- in-law and granddaughter, Mr and Mrs Bob Hardcopf, Jr. and daughter Jan of Ames, also Bob's parents, Mr and Mrs Bob Hardcopf, Sr. of LuVerne and daughter Sally. Dorothy's mother, and two sisters, Mrs Mary Eisenbarth and Josephine and Sally of Algona were also there; Mr and Mrs Nick Arndorfer spent Thanksgiving Day at the Bazaar & Bake Sale SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3 ' v at the Congregational Church Open 9 A.M. Lunches all day Beefburgers Soup Coffee Milk Pie Cako ENDS, THURSDAY: JANE WYMAN in "LUCY GALLANT" ALGONA^ FRIDAY & SAT. - 2 Big Hits Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co. BARRY'S Monday League W KCs — 27 Bode Billiards 27 Miller High Life 26 Moose 22 Clark • Grain 15 Bode D-X 14 Don's Phillips 66 14 Schulte's Rec. 11 Tuesday League Paul Sceley Farms __.25 Blatz 23 Moose ^ Hamm's —^f Petersen's Cafe <J1 Russ & Ky's ---JO Barry's Broncos lb National Guard 0 Wednesday Women Druggists' Mutual ----24 Cook's Welders 19 Vz Thuente's }" * Moose - -}5"2 Coasts-Coast »•' Bancroft ..' J* United Variety -lOVz Welp's —- ----- 9 Thursday Women L 12 12 13 17 24 25 25 28 L 14 16 16 , 17 IB 19 23 33 L 6 10 'A 12V 2 17 19 19Vz 21 Sharp's 21 Van's - I? Bill's Standard 17 Storz-ettes 16 Hood-Winks 16 ASC —-, 14 Bradley Bros. U Wallburg's 8 HAWKEYE LANES American League W Studer's ---- 4 i Titonka Indians 36 Hamilton Hatchery —31% Brandt Buick 31 Baker Livestock ^7 Sjogren's — —27 Boone Ridge " Corwith 22 Lions -20% Robinson Produce 19 Sorensen Mtr. 18 Hofti Lockers 17 National League W Algona Produce -----38 Ernie Williams P.C. -32 West End Billiards —31% Ready-Mix --31 Burl Co-op Elev. 26 Koss. Co. Imple. 24% J.D. — 23 Va 9 13 13 14 •14 17 21 19 L 11 16 20% 21 25 25 30 30 31% 33 34 35 L 14 20 20% 21 26 27% 28% Seven-up 23% 28% Bancrofl 'Oil Co. 23 29 Britt —23 29 Ray's Jack Sprat 19 33 Rood Insurance 17 35 Western League W L Swartz Hdwe. _ 35 13 Titonka —33 15 Mutual of Omaha 32% 15,% Pioneer Hibred -30 18 Burt' 29 19 Sjogren's 27 21 Plantation 25 23 Albright Aero-Service 22 26 Sargent Feeds - 21 27 Rapid Thermogas 16 . 32 Thomas Skelgas 9% 38% Kossuth Molors - 8 40 Mixed League W L Has Beens 38 10 Sinclair Oilers 37 11 Vets 31 17 Buckaroos 29 19 Conoco Service 28 20 Brandt Buick 24 24 Aces — 22 26 Sargent Feeds 20 28 Farmers Co-op Soc. --18 30 Standard Oil —18 30 Strudels r -14 34 Hutzell's Cities Serv.-- 9 39 The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORGK Distributing Go *ND THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like q refreshing dip, Storz hqs *what it tpkes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure - Bitter-Free pleasure - with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly leased from a movie prison.— And, right outside, the big gate, waiting for her, was Tony Caruso with a backfield of villainous "torpedos." One look at Mar,-; ian's welcoming committee and you instinctively started counting the bars on the prison gate, just' in case. To make matters worse,, they whisked our little gal away in a big, black limous^" ine before • we could spoil a sound-take with a warning shout. * * * On top of Ihis, Ihey suddenly wrap up the Springsteen unit fdr the day and take the script away when they leave. Now we'll have to wait for^ the picture's release to find out) what happened to that poor, sweet, kid! — They did leave behind them a copy of the -company call-sheet, isting the cast members. , Raymond Greenleaf, Margie Millar, John Hudson, Slim Pickens, Anthony Caruso, Morris Ancrum, John Gallaudet, Mary Treen, Ralph Dumke, and Addison Richards have their names on that roster. One of them must enow whether Marian gets away rom the baddies in the final reel! * * * Emma has had her face lifted! And somehow she seems to look more youthful, by many years. At least a score, or more! Too Dad they couldn't rejuvenate her jody, too. She wheezes a bit as she puffs her way around the M.G.M. lot while director Cur•is Bernhardt directs her activities. But, as Emma's co-players, Leslie Caron, John Kerr, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Taina Elg and Margalo Gilmore will have to admit, she gets around in lively fashion, considering her age. Emma is a little, 2-Class 2, one boiler, single-cylinder, locomotive born at the Baldwin Locomotive Works .during the 1870's For the past week, she's been chugging in and out of an exact replica of London's terminal on the London and Sussex R. R. * * * Of course, it would never do to have a small; ancient, American engine racing in and out of a London station. Especially while under the watchful eyes of such paragons of authenticity as director Bernhardt and his assistant director, Bill Shanks. So Emma was given a bit of exterior revamping. The stately old We spent the afternoon watching the lovely Marian being re- This lime, we're really uneasy. Herman Lester Mrs V. W. Burns ** STAR ** ALGONA, IOWA OPEN SKATING WEDNESPAY SATURDAY & SUNDAY NITES Available For PRIVATE PARTIES Phone 826-U LeRoy law, Owner ******** Coming ! SAT., DEC. 10 — Midnite Show . mm \ ut »itti thi ipprml (I m HKWHK SUNBAIHINCASSKIAIKIK ADULT ENTERTAINMENT BLOOD-CURDLING Thrills! SantaFe Passage JOUM PAYNE FMIH MO DOMERGUE- CAMERON will receive free admittance to ihe two big hit movies, "Santa Fe Passage and "Chicago Syndicate", al the Algona Theater Friday and Saturday.. Just give your name at the box office. Joseph Lapps The Algona Upper Des Moines fins the largest circulation in Kossuth county of any publication. TUES. - WED. DEC. 6-7 ZENITH HI-FI PHONOGRAPH GIVE AWAY BE THERE EITHER DAY! The story they called too hot to handle! DENNIS"*""* ABBE. OWE-LANE „«, PAUL STEWART XAVIER CUGAT f , WITH ABBE'S ' JVMBO MAMBOl A COtUilBIA PICTURE On The Screen Tues. — Wed. Dec. 6-7 YISTAVlSION MOTION PIC1UM | HI9H-nBUITV A legend that •will live forever... COLOR BV TECHNICOLOR ran n rat d nun t news • OIKM h nous w SUNDAY & MONDAY - TWIN HIT PROGRAM When the West was a shameless young hussy ...and men fought to win her with everything they had! AtCDNft The Biq Technicolor ^-Business Musical 1 Inside fabulous "Song Street"... where New York'! hit tunes and glamour gals are made) BENEDICT BOGEAUS JOHN PAYNE • RONALD REAGAN RHONDA FLEMING-COLEEN GRAY io Bret Hartes Tennessee s Partner _ «iri.TONY CARUSO M9ERIS TECHNICOLOR FRANKIE IAINE KEEFE BRASSELTE CONSTANCE TOWERS SPRING NEvEB CO!.'CS HALIAN M01HEH SONG CA!iO» DANCEBS' BALL DON I BLAME Mi .it LUCY MARLOW • WILLIAM IE§U| cin Pliy In 8LME tOWA80» fictuut 6> MniE TAPS (iitclMl >l WAI IDWOt *********

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