Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 31, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Friday, January 31, 1947
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•TEMPERATURE REPORT no r>r, no Midnight 3 n. in- • • i; fi. m. . (i n. n). .. THE WEATHER Rhode Inland • and .Connecticut— Partly cloudy and coldtfr tonight and Saturday. Eastport to Block Intend—Mod- crate westerly winds tonight and SatuHJ-ay. Partly cloudy weather and good visibility. 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" Price Four Oentf Vol. LXXI, No. 26 ESTABLISHED 1885 FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Seek $272,000 For Construction Of Armory Here LATE STKIKK OFF Tokyo™liipiineHo labor loaders hafc iViu-ril to n lilunt ordi-r by (ii-ni-riil MarArthnr, and have ciillrd <>tl u si'ii'Tal ,itrl|(r. Till: iviilk'Ult. srhrllulcd ttir midnight, would fiiivf iuvolvi'd sonic 2.WM'.- (K!li government office :vud utility workers. oOo SKNTKNCKIJ jN'unrnhcrg -Hitler's ace Niixl propaKiindi.HV .Mans Frit'/neno, h;ix been sentenced to nine years imprisonment at h a rd labor. Fnfwhc, who v/fis acquitted by thi 1 International War Cr;ru-:i court, was re-tried and r:onvicl- ?<!. hy a German de-Na'/ificulion court. oOo /KKO WKATHJSU ' (Ihleli'iiH—Till' wriithe.niiiin offers scant hop' 1 »' ri'llvf from Ihe •.liirnis which h;ivi! ai.'cml ntrll fur lit lea-it 2.x draths In the Midwest and Smith, /em Iriiiprl'u- lurcH now :ir«' tieurliiji down on the stricken itrr:i*.. oOo SNOW STOl'S Milwaukee- It's finally slopped miov-'lnt,' on MilwiLUkce. And 10- cl;iy workers mushed to work tlv.'iiiiKh 13 inches of icc-crust- cd .«nmv-, -oOo— - TKAIN ACC'IIIKMT Altu Vista, loH-u—A relief eii- tine luis plowed into Ihe culmose nf ii -.tailed Ciiieagu ami Gn-al Western ivfriicerator train at .Mill Vlsln, Iowa. Two i;rew inem- IMTS were killed und nine others Injured. • — oOo SKT K>K TISIT Little America- AUmiral Byre! today hus hisi jet-assisted «ki- ;i!nncs ready for a flight (ici' t.hi- Soulh I'olo. He says ttir trip may uncover Ihe most important geogr.'i phlcfil discovery rern'iiniHK in Ihe world, wlieth'-r the Antarctic Is u slngh: </r double land m<isw. -oOo ' ASK NKIV IMI.I, WiiKlilngtiin—.Steel und iiiiln Industry .s|iokesiiien have told Cun^i-ess tliut. foremen's unions MUM he banned to preserve the efficiency nf our free enterprise H>s|em. The witnesses urged the Senate liilmr rriiiinilttci: ti> write » hill reversing tile National supervisory- employes. - - -oOo TAI'KKINO OFF Washington The [-'.urcau of Lulmr Statistics "el'urts Ihal tho I'ost nf living rose leys between Xnivm.'ier If! and December 1"< lh;in during any similar period vinc.c i;ist Jiini 1 . I-Jiit union economist.'; ray iinly outright de- orejo-.i-s will lu.ive any bo'irlug <"i wage fli-uianibi. Boy Scouts Plan Banquet, Funds Appeal Chairman Walker Reports Campaign Short Of. $3,000 Goal By $780 The whirlwind campaign to raise I' u n d s for the Is'augaluck Boy ScouW ended with a to-^al of $2220, according to E. Philip Walker, chairman of the Scout fund. Mr. Walker said that the unprecedented speed of this cf-forL resulted in missing contact with about COO friend:! of snouting who gave In pruvioua years. IVui'in/f the m.'.Nt ten d.iys these friends of scouting will be solicited either by personal call:: or a mail appeal to nil in the ?7SO gap thai now exists between Ihe present total and the !$:;,000 goal, Mr. Walker said today. Fob. R through the 1-1 is Boy Scout week and on Feb. IT, the Scouts find their fathers will have choir riiinual Father find Son ban- Cjiiot. Air, Walker said he hopes the enthusiasm of the event will hi; heightened by the realization that there is enougli in the treasury to carry on the excellent program of scouting in Naugatuck. Kdwanl I.aPoint will be the guest r.pi'.-ikrr at Ihc Father (ind Son banquet, to be h':lcl i.s .St. Michael's parish house Thursday. Feh. 13, nt. 0:15. Mr. LaPoint's subject will bu "Scoulii'-K -''"I 1 Life." : rnvocutlon will he given by the | ficv. Winfred fiiinghorsi.. pastor of St. Michael's lipiscopa! church. Tin.' evening's program will include Sroul competitions, Cub pack clc-niinistrriluiiu. and a camp fire scene. A court of honor for -Lhe pi-cs- "ntniion of star and life badges will be held. Final plans for 'the banquet were made 'Wednesday ni;rht at a meeting HI' the hanrjuc'. committuo. Members of the committee arc: f'lruco Fisher, chairman; Francis Clark, and Stanley Dibble, Jr. Find Portrait Of Late President Playmakers To Present "Blithe Spirit" "Blithe Spirit" l>y Novl Coward, thf comedy hit of the Broadway and r,oni.!iin plages, will he pri>- f'-nti'd by ili« Playmnkcrs of St. Michael's Episcopal church Monday find Tuesday i;wnin:;i>, Feb. 17 and IK In the parish house, it w;'S announced today. Sharing the leading roles will be Patricia Andersen and Dr. K. F. Sroutler, as Mr. and Mrs. Concio- mine. Folly Langhorsl will be seen Recently fotinil In (he attic of llic Into painter,, .Ellen Kminctt Aand, , in Salisbury, Conn., this portrait irojn life of thr late. President FranU- liu I). KoiiNuvttll, painted I" lil.'W, will be placed on exhibition to the public shortly. This A>ieliiiii;U>Ks twins. David und his sister, L.IM-, 4, view the official painting In N'i'W York city, (Intcrnaliniial Sound- photo) Great Interest Shown In March Of Dimes Auction Extra Time Allotted Naugatuck News Program Tuesday Night At Salem Playhouse; Auction Starts At 7:30 P. M, Special intci-esl on tho part of merchnnts and patrons has forced lh« T^HUgsituck News M.irc'i of Dimes bcni'"frt alicUOTi' inlo an over- Lime period. A conference belwenn an official o!' Ihe NEWS and Rnlph S. Paslio of the Salem Plnyhotisc ycs- I'jrrlay resulted in agreement to start tho, auction ;it 7 :?,Q p. m. ins-lend of -"5 o'clock, apointed time, Immediately fallowing the auction. Iho fcalure pictij'r; will hi; prryrnt.ocl. All proer.nds of the auction will go Lo Ihe March of Dimes fund. More than 2f; valuable ilems of A SIO service order .from Kievman's- Cleaners; And' two cans of Naiad oil valued at $."."") each from the -Ideal Market. . Tlvre will be no seafs reserved for the big unction. There's proiii- ise of fun, profi!. sir.d bargains in thi; offinjr — and the fimount you pay for any article goes immo- Lhe'originally j di.MPly to the ilacch of Dimes. I (let there early —and be sure -to he at the Salem • Playhouse Tuesday ni(;hl.—with your' wallet—and prepared lo bid up for Ihe March of Dimes. Through :hc courtesy of Milton Lc:'.l, mnniiscr of ihc locul Con- $90,000 New Revenue Due In Taxes Estimate Basefl On New Grand List, Including Synthetic Plant Assess ment Approxima-tely $00,000 is expected to be received- in additional csti- ; mated tax revenues by the bor- I ough this year, provided Ihe Grand List is increased by Iho anticipated $3,500,OTO from the Synthetic division of the U. S. Rubber Co,, which property is now owned by •Ihc Reconstruction Finance Corp. Without the Grand r^ist increase Ihe estimated tax revenue now stands at $6-16,112.12, wilh $535,887.49 being in District I, and $110,- H24.63 in District II. Figures are bused on a 21 1-1 mill tax rate in District I and a five-mill i:r,ite in District II. Increase in tho Grand List would be in the outside district. In comparison with ihc ctilimat- ed tax revenue on the .19-15 Grand List, the increase would be Sl!/',$25.39 before the expected Grand List increase this year. ' Tho 194G Grand List of S25.21S,- 235 was released Wednesday by Assessors Louis J. Co.Tiiskcy and John I. Broadrick. It is expected to be changed when the Board of • Tux Review sits to hear appeals ' from property owners. The Recon- I slruction Finance Corp. is at pres- I ent compiling its figures, which i will be placed before -the Tax Re- 1 view board on or before its final session March 1. Other estimated revenues are received from Old Age Assistance laxes, interest on laxcs und as-| scssmen-ts, borough court, rentals i of borough property, permits and j licenses, building permits, and the ! stat.oK grant in lieu of taxes, liquor permit "distribution:'" estate pending lax distribution, bus tax distribution and doff tax distribu- Hits Legislature* TOIlAY ,N'i-w Ynrlc—Till' Slnte lloxlntr (•iiMiiiiission tf(J:iy »v)li hr:ir inlil- illi-wi'l/ht liiclili-r Ken-Icy Orn/l- aim's uci'txinl nl :ui iittenipl. t'i lirilie hlni. The (.•oininis.Hloii i.s nn\iiiiis In lc:irn why tile l«)\er illil mil report the -$l(l»,l)lll) lix offer - -non SntKUNDKKS Nrw Ynrlj • Dvivlcl Krakauei-, in-lir-Ti'd jrarnliler sought in -IS •<[,".(es in ecinoc'Ction with the i'.'iris hiiln-ry case. ha ;1 just stir- lemli-n-d at the district /Utor- j ni'.v'H dlllce. oOo KKSIiMKN KKAKINO Detnili —|.-ed,.|-,|| ,Jndj;e I'lcurd Ims ri-Miiiif-d !t hrarliit to cli- li-rinliii' Iwiw iimeli InicU piirtiil I'l'.v, If ,-nn, i> <|ne Mount Cli-ni- I'||N. Mlehlfriiii, tidttery worltov-i In llic iiorliil |CM|. fa.ic. The Jildffi! wi.vx he limy Inive ti> llliiUe llll- olher p'TSoniil lour of the pliint ti> i--,linin't wnllciiif; time fruni imiich i-inci-v, t(, nitichliifM. merchandise alrendy have bcnn donated by local merchant.'!. Contributions received since yesterday were a S'17.50 Ladies' wrist watch from Schpcro's .Tewelci';-', which will be exchanged for n man's UnicpieC" of equal value if the successful bidder desires; A $10.7. r i service order from the Huhbcll Service Station: necticut Light ;'! Power Co. office on Maple si reet. a display of artieles to be offered 'for sale at the auction went on display today in one of the company's front windows. Daniel J. W'nlsli. commercial artist, has printed an ntlractivc sijin to ho p'] in Cue window identifying tlio merchandise. School Children Contribute $462 To March Of Dimes; Total $1,200 NAUGATUCK NEWS BROADCAST Today — 5:45 P. M. Monday Through Friday Prom the Editorial Rooms Of The Naugatuck News Station WATR JS20 ON YOl'B DI/U. PATKICIA AMJKKSKN In the title role; Anna I,ce Van Al- c ,, n ,-, -,. lfm , len and Charles Ludolph will ri|- ' pear as Dr. and Mrs. Brndman: Barbara Squires as Madame Arca-li who materializes very substantial spirit.!i and Judy Conway as Edith, the niaid. The play i.s singed by Jack Conway and is reported to he "a gay, bright and brilliant fiirce. filled with dchamiir Ifiughle.r." J'rorltii.-erl in New York it was the piny which received ihe only award made by the New York Drama Critics circle for the 10-11- "Rclurns on March of Dimes collection cards 'hnve been highly '.lUappoinling," Poslmasicr Frank T. Green, chairman of ' i.he drive iWiid Ihis morning in pointing out. that tho cimpaign o/licinlly ends tonight. "Only about .-100 out of K.fiOO cards tcr.l out have been re- lur.'ii'f! so far," F'oiilnv.islcr Green .mnounc'.'d. He c-xprussed Ihe hope l.hat lesii.'ents uriuld return cards over the week-end. The local' quoto is $2.C>')0. Tonight ai the Y.MCA the Merry Mfi-ticisir.s will meet. the Posl OfUce Big Five i:i Lhe llrst ;vamc ofi a b.isketb.iil double hencluv fcr the ' benefit of '.he c ;i m pa i g n. The, Purplo Knighls who have won r,,inc out of II. aamPS this season will meet the i.". S. Kerlslors in Ihe- ix Zembriisl'.i nml is orchesti"! will -play for '.line- Thi.s evcnl is Ihc climax in a .series of sports evenls vun this week for Ihc benefit of the campaign. A baskclbu',1 double hca.dcr was' run at Columbus Hal! Tuesday for the 'bench 1 ; of Ihe campaifrn. ;imi a speci'j.l U'jwling exhibition •,«H; conducted fit the R. and M. alleys. Mist nipht. A special iiuclinn will be held at tho Snlcrn Playhouse Tuesday evening, proceeds of which will go to t.hc campaign. The ai'fair will start al 7:30 o'clock. Articles lu be auctioned off huvc been donated by h'jrou^h merchants. Total To Date A total of .$3200 has bce-n collected so far of which $4C2.-13 has been collected from local fl-r-im.-nar school:: a^ follows: SI. Francis Sm".;io; Central. $:"9.7,'i; Hop Brook, $42.30; Rubber avenue, $38.70; Oak street, .$25.10, and Salem, $75.34^ ste,, Captain Semrow Announces Plans For New Building Former Governor of Georgia, Kills A mail, addresses an audience at Town Hall, in New York, during Ills scries of speaking; und radio engagements. The ux-tfOv- ernor declared tlnj people <if GcurRiit are against what happened (.here hut; "miforliiiiittnly the legislature i* subservient." (Intcrwitloiuil) See New Delay In Beacon Falls Road Program Beacon Falls highway improvements, slated to be completed this year, may be postponed until 194S. it was said today hy officials of the state hiphway department. The increased cosl of projects under w.-iy before, or simultaneously wilh Ihc Beacon Falls road improvements are s:i:d to be the reason for Ihe deferment. 'improvements to Route R, running through Naugatuck, arc under discussion, state highway department, official? sjiifl todny. However nothing definite has been scheduled and the plans are in the formative stage. Traffic counts have been analyzed and early consideration will i be given to a dual lane highway through Naugatuck. Thoic have been rumors in Nau- giituck of super highways, all the way up to eight lane ro'.uis, being planned lo run through the borough. These rumors appear to be baseless. 7 inance Board Bill To Be Filed Before Feb. 7 The; proposed. TSiiawl of Finance will probably be presented i.o the 1 General Assembly bcfor" residents discuss" its merits or unless the board of In thr local prcsfntntion, settings are executed hy Walter Andrew, properties, are in charge of Al- hprla Spearrin rind torhnic.-il dir- ticfion by lidwin C. Brndiey. Rosa Davis, clinirman of 'the ticket Belles, announces the following dates jincl hours for subiicrintion holders to exchange l.icknts for reserved seats; Subscription holct- CI-M. Feb. 3 nnd ~> from 3 to .1 p. m.: Feh. 7 from 7 to fl p. m,; general ticket sales, Feb. .10 and 12 from I', to 5 p. m.; Feb. 1-1 from 7 to 1> [i. m. Seats may be obtained i by telephoning the chairman at OC3C. —t'nr iiiMilli.v l,|i|nor«, Wlnm. Hl-crt. 'tt., MII01' f-IHST nt Hie City 1'iii-k- iiKi' Slurp. 1)0 llrlik-r »lrrrl. 1'rompl <l<^ Uvirr. »ujrwb.r« )• lowu. Til. 418J. —firi'iit Onk farm milk It iinuluml mill tiiiNti'iirl/i'ii tin tin 1 fnriu tivri* In Niiiicu- lilrk unik-r uiuit inoiliTii mill hyicli'ulr cou(JlUod», Tel. S040 far deUi'cr)-.—ill' Child Of Former Cheshire Residents Sole Survivor Of China Air Crash ll i.i revealed today that a len- monlhs old baby, Paul Vick, whose parents formerly- lived in Cheshire, i.s Ihe sole survivor of the crash of a Chinese commercial airliner last Wednesday 300 miles west of Hankow. The plane exploded, killing 1 2,V persona. The father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vick, clutched their two children in their arms when Ihey saw the plane was going to crash, and leaped clear. Their action failed to save their own lives or the life of three-year-old Theodore Vick. But undoubtedly it saved the life of their ten-months old baby. He suffered two broken iogs and is now in a hospital at Shanghai where doctors say he may recover. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vick, Baptist missionaries, lived in. .Cheshire for two years, while they took graduate work at Yaie 1 University. They came to New England from •the South und they were reported to h.-ivo had previous missionary' experience before being assigned lo China last year. Mr. and Mrs. Vick's home address is Rochester, N, Y. Register Today On Party Lists .Registrars of Voters Cyril Touhy and Henry Zwiclc arc- receiving applications 'today for the primary lists.- They are in session at the town hall until 9 ' o'clock tonight. Voters desiring to enroll in either, principal party may obtain applications. The registrars will sit again Feb. 7 from noon until 9 o'clock in the evening. Brass Workers Vote Tonight On Secession Plan ' Fifteen thousand Naugatuck Valley brass workers are going to the polls tonight to docidp whether to accede" from the CTO Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers union. The secession i.ssite grow out of charges by leaders of eleven- Connecticut loca.'s against the international president. They accuse the international chief,-Reid Robinson of Bulte, Montana, of allegedly following the Communist party lino On the eve of the voting, Robinson tried to oust John, executive board member from thr. union's sixth 'district in Connecticut. K.ut Mankowski stood fJSt and denied that Robinson hud the power to remove him. Mankowski. wh'osc backing in- cludo.s six international representatives, says the voting will serve, the best interests of the workers. deficiencies, warden and burpresus Tuesday night at a scheduled meeting call for an informal forum to be held before Feb. 7. Technically the vote 'of 'the special frecmeo's meeting M-irch Hi, 19-10 that the proposed nil! hn referred io d. freemen's meeting "before presentation lo !.hc General Assembly." In order to hold n freemen's meeting, which would be a "special" session, a petition signed by 20 legal residents must be presented Ihe boroujrb board, which in turn calls such a meeting, which must be advcjjfised live days before it i.s held. Tho lime clement cnlcrs into tho present situulion, us deadline for introduction of hills inio the legislature is' set as Feb. 7. It IMS been pointed out by Borough Attorney Martin L. 0-iinc that the freemen will hove ample opportunity tod iscuss the proposed bill in an open session before it goes inlo committee, A stenographic copy of tiie rcsidenls' sentiments wil! he presented the committee, whether favorable or unfavorable. Freemen, who desire to travel to Hartford, will be given _anothc-r opportunity to >-peak before the com- mince, and providing the bill is passcl py the General Assembly with a referendum, the freemen will have Ihc third chance' to act upon Ihe bill. Salem Lutheran Church To Note 60th Anniversary Thp fiOlh anniversary of '.hi; S.ilem Lutheran church will he o!'served Feh. J2, with celebration or' Ihc event, to be hold Sunday afternoon, Feb. 9 beginning .it 4 o'clock it is announced by the F..CV, Wil liam U. Frendberg. pastor. A brief worship .service will he Order British Subjects Out Of Palestine Martial Law Order Anticipated Shortly In Troubled Holy Land (B.y United Press) Britain has begun to tackle the Palestine problem with new energy—both in words and deeds. A grand scale debate on the problem is underway in the House of Commons. And in Palestine itself, a mass exodus of British subjects is underway. An official decree has ordered all British women and children, and British civilians holdinp; nonessential jobs, to clear out of the Holy Land by February 4th. The reason given? "So they will not hamper military operations in the Holy Land." If some civilians remain behind, the order warns that their movements will be controlled. This has led some observers to believe that the order marks the first step in .settiMfr up martial law in Palestine. The new crisis in the Holy! Land has touched off the sti»j?ing dc'.bate in Commons led by ' opposition Ic.idcr Winston Churchill. " He charged' that Oic Jewish underground in the Holy Land has cowed the British government. And with typically Churti)rillian oratory, he admonished the cabinet to "at -least bear yourselves like men." Enabling- Legislation To Be Filed Next Week By Rep. Joseph V. Rosko; Site Approved A bill calling for the erection of si. stale armory in Nanpatuck and carrying an appropriation of J272,- 000 for the purpose wijl be introduced in the General Assembly on or bel'orc next Friday by Representative Joseph V. Hosko, according to .in announcement today by Capt. Harold Semrow of the Naugatuck National Guard Co. F. In accordance with plans discussed at a recent mectine: in Hartford with National Guard ortl- , West Haven Man Nominated For County Commissioner Hartford, Jan. 31 —CUP)—Scveal more judgeship resolutions came j into the Geneva! Assembly today, i ___ Frank W. D:iley was nominated | sll . uclc< i ] n a manner which would CA1T. HAROI.I> SEMROW- cials, Capl. Somrow was authorized lo mako preparations for Introduction of the bill. Ho will contact local oflicials lo act as a. group to deliver -he scntinicnta of tha townspeople when 'Jic bill is presented in committee. Besides the original appropriation the bill will provide for $11.:>00 for conlingcncies, 51.500 for architect's fees, and $2.000 for furniture, and fixtures for the armory. Slw Outlined The proposed armory would bo itable for one company and con- as judge, and Newton W. G-oss a» deputy judge of the Branford town court, William T. Holleran --md Douglas B. Johnson were nominated as judges of the West Haven town court. And Andrew J. Kate was nominated as judge of the New Britain city and police court. Nominated as county commissioners were; Edwin F. Rafflle of West. Hi- vcn; Henry Marchcsscauli of Plainfield: L. Allen Avcrill of Pomfl-ct, und Carl W. Jowett of Hampton. Rent Raised, Local 45 Pjans To Move To New Quarters Due 1o a rental increase of pcv cent. LOCK! United Rub- Cork. Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America, CIO. is contemplating moving from their present quarters on South Main street to a. new location on W?ttor street, it was reported today. The tentative moving date is Fob. afford opportunity for expansion. It would be approximately as large -s rhc Waterbury armory, with the ill-ill shed to be 75 by IV) feet and ;i garage lo house oil vehicles o? (he Second Battalion, . r iO by !>0 rcct. 'Dominant features would include a Nuitc of rooms for the company including locker . room, storage room, day room, officers quarters and mess hall. A so-called "one- story" building, tentative pians call for the quarters section to be two ploiies high and the drill shed a high one-story section, Wutcrhiiry Com|>iirlnon The WM.crb.ury armory is t*0 hy 130 foci. Officials stated the ' Waterbury armory is in constant use. and explained a locsl armory could c.-irc for high school basketball games' now being played in the Waterbury ni-mory. ns one usage. The authorities also believe it would be available for larg-c meetings and assemblngcs which now cannot be accommodated in Naugaiuck due to lack ot large auditoriums. Sit"? Approved Capt. Semrow today slated , he is not certain National Guard officials in Hartford h;>ve personally visited the proposed site on liivcr- side drive .at tho southeast end of Recreation Field, but that .'.hey The local's present quarters, in I havc approved the area as studied conducted followed by a social hour and Ihc serving of refresh' ments in the church hall. I Other oulNtnn/iingmeetings of the! celebration will be held iu Jum-' and September. j the South Main street building owned by Gactaiio Sileo, may be taken ovei- by a veterans organization if vacated, it is reported. FATTKRSOX NAMED Congressman James T. Putter- son has been named to the subcommittee on hospitalization of the full House Veterans Committee, according to the nppoin'tment of Representative Edith Nourse Rogers of Massachusetts, committee chairman. —All NuiiKKtuck In ttilkln? nbout thr 1947 SturtrlmkiT, the moxt beautiful cnr In It* field. Sec It at Naufaluck Bitter? S Auto Service.—Ad». Arrange District Encampment Meeting Harold E. Newman and Sta.nlcy K. Dibble were named a committee of two to assist in making arrangements for a district, meeting of encampments at the last meeting of Magnolia Encampmcn-t, r. o. o. F. he district meeting will, take place in -Ansonia. The tentative date set is February 21. —Ki-M-.vbod.v IK (Hiking iibniit .Innimr.v CkMiriincf nt Hit NauKHiurk Furniture Co.. Soulh Mrtln - nlrr*t. lt'» a rrnl • money-dnvioB- event.—Adv. Centennial Lodge To Entertain Dignitaries An oficial visitation by dignitaries of other lodges will mark the meeting of Centennial r^odgc, I, O. O. F., next >5onday night. Dcpu'tv Grand Master Francis J. Mcrlile with District Deputy Grand Master Adolph Grube and other members of his staff will be present at the meeting. Noble Grand Adolph Grubn invites all Odd Follows in town to be on hand to greet these popular officials. At the' close of the meeting light refreshments will be served. on paper. Tho hill has been prepared by Hartford officials, he wild, and will he submitted to Representative Rosko for introduction lo. the Legislature. The board of warden and burgesses recommended a site on Riverside drive on the southerly end of Recreation Field property to be used for construction of an armory. The recommendation was approved by the board of education, with (Continued on fagc 5) MARCH OF DIMES GaineM Tonight At The YMC.V 7:30 . Mortician* VK, Po*t Office 8:45 Purple KnlRhtx VK. U. S. Kcdt Danclnr Mimic by Felix Zembruckl

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