Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 8, 1963 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1963
Page 14
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14 Goftlbur isrtr-Moil. Galtlbu Tutsdo I Square Street Cleaning Fills Sch 4 Mayor Turns Down Request At MONMOUTH — Monday right's meeting of the Monmouth City and Chuck Bennett, for further study. A letter was read, signed by several Monmouth Merchants whose businesses are located the Public mainly around Square ahd South Main street, requesting a better cleaning program for the city streets. The mayor declared that the dirt problem was mainly due to repot . t iMg for Aittermatt James the merchants themselves. He mM chairman of the water Aldermen George ThorbWk ami shaub, who wanted the police committee h be included In the curfew study meetings, Walters told Shaub it was his privilege to make such a motion, which suggestion was promptly followed and a majority of the council voted in favor. Alderman Thorbecki who was committee, gave a report on ex appointments by stated that the Streets Were cleaned two times a week dur- , . u T"' *ng the early morning hours and tending water mains to the three Council opened with the usual thftt after the sweepel . had passed subdivisions which had been an- Mayor Allan merchants sweeping out their nexed to the city recently. An* Waiters of Roy Baynes and Mich- stores wou i ( j 6W & p ^ te f UBC nexe< j were the frey and McCoy ael J. Romano to fill vacancies into t h e gutters. Lack of money subdivisions in the east part of on the hospital board, The usual prohibits any more *f r e q u e n t the city and the Warfleld addi procedure was altered when Al- c | ean ( n g 0 f the streets, waiters dernian Del Ohren moved that saif ^ an( j expressed a hope that the Appointments be tabled, and ^j ie merc h a nts would be as eager after a Second by Alderman to contribute more tax dollars as Virgil Shaub the motion was ap- t h ey were to register complaints. Su L J? • • lvision lion in the northtiit lection, fhorbeck stated tnit total eott for materlate (or the three Wtm would be around 111,000, ton* material la already an hand in the water department, leaving over 10, ooo to be wpeiided He stated that the budget had allow* ed 120,000 for the water depart* meat this year, of which some 118,000 remains. Yhorbeek said M e eMa ry materi 1 and the coun that the city had art obligation tp c ,l a np W ved unanimously, extend water to these subdlvl- Alderman Del Ohren attempted slons as building was already t0 pmm M od{ m6e ameiMl Position At ALPHA - Mrs. Morris Larson has been employed as secretary at the Mifm erade School in Alpha. Mrs. George Diggs, who recently moved to Rock Island * resigned her Job. underway. With the expressed understand tng methods of making appoint* ments, requiring advance infer* Ing that the water department «"U MI f»* the mayor to the work, Thorbeek i°?» c A «? n ^!. n «* a P* inti would do th moved for the purchase of the proved by the unanimous vote of the council. The mayor then named the two to interim appointments. Consider Curfew David Shanks, city attorney, recommended in ft letter to the council that the local curfew or- The mayor set some sort of a finance should be altered to fit record last night when he passed in with tne new stbte i aw> Tne out three messages vetoing one mayor said he p ] annet | t o meet ordinance and two other actions wjth the cjty at t 0 rney and the Of the council which had been cnla f 0 ( to jnvesligdte the approved at the last meeting. many p roD |ems which enforcing The first veto cancelled action this cUt . feW laW woU j d ental | of the council in approving the At this t|me a j mie nass j e de . request of Earl Gerald for re- ve i opedi between the mayor and subdividing lots in his property in the southeast section of the city. Gerald had asked permission to sell lots of a more narrow t , _ f width than proposed by the city JLlStS LllllClieS pfenning commission Walters Followi are Yo rkwood School stated his reason for vetoing was . . h * , h f that the council had no written amJ 1Q BnA Qct ^ assurance from Mr. Gerald tnat 0ct 9 _ Gou]ash . Lettuce s H lad, lots would be attached to the city fruit, Frosted Grahams; 10—Sandy sewer. He also questioned whether the re-subdividing would i . i- ...uii eXit* t-a_ Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Celery be in compliance with state re- 1 sticks, White cake; 16—Beef and quirements. His second veto nullified MONMOUTH SHE FOR MISSKD COPIES PHONE 734-4121 Before 6:30 i Yorkwood Unit Mash. Buttered Corn, Jello. Oct. 14—Hotdog on Bun; Escallofc- ed Corn, Cherries; 15—Creamed Noodles* Golden GIo Salad, Apple Qtt Crisp; 17—Vegetable Soup and an Crackers, Peanut Butter Sand- ordnance which would have^ ^^^JS{ B ^^J^ ated an expense account commit- potatoes, Cheese Slices, Fruit. * * Lunches include bread, butter and milk. tee of the council. The main reason for the action as given by the mayor was that it was an unnecessary duplication of the present methods of keeping records and would complicate the administrative functions of his of- ficc At the last council meeting the Born S unday_B oy to Mr. and SKEi ^i ^J A J^S^ Mrs * W,Uard Stull, Monmouth. IZ $L 22? tnn it K * n *y> Master Charles Deen, mayor, and thta ^ action too was Mrs> Ann Pacfe Motlmouth Mike McK^e, sort Mf. and Mrs. Laverne McKee, who at* tehds Chufehill Jiflrfof High School in Gftldsbtifg, incurred a out on his left Ijsg Thursday when he came in contact with a steel post, He Was treated at the Alpha physician's office when six sttttehed wet* taken to dt*e the wound, Regular dinner meeting of the Alpha Lions Club was hek) thurs* day. Members discussed further plans for the chicken pie supper Nov, 2, at 6 p.m. at the hall. Containers have been placed in the various business places for contributions for the Leader bog In final action Of the Council, School for the Blind. Ted Stfwsell. Attorney on behalf Me. Willis (Bud) Doxsee, wife of Paul Warfleld brought up tot and baby are Visiting his parents discussion of the council a pro* Mr. and Mrs. Willis Doxsee Sr., posed subdivision in the east part and with her mother, Mrs. Max of the city in the vicinity of the ine Rdggs in Galesburg. Doxsee McCoy end Irey subdivisions re* has been stationed at Ft. Sill, cently annexed to the city. Stan- bkla., and will report Nov. 4 at sell said the new addition would Ft. Dix, N. J. f preparatory to be comprised of Id lots and that overseas duty in France. Mr. Warfleld would provide ma* Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Barton and terial for City sewers if the city son Harold and Miss Grace Bor woudl furnish the labor. ton left Saturday to spend the Some discussion developed over weekend with relatives at ExceU the proposed release of the strip sior Springs, Mo. of land by School District 38 to ments and removing the ordinance for interim appointments. His pro* posal lost tot lack of a second Alderman Shaub then presented for a second reading the ordi* nance governing vacation proce* dures in the city departments, After some discussion Alderman Don Enslow moved that action be tabled and this was approved. Monmoutl HOSPITAL DON COMACK CHORUS AND DANCERS will make their appear* ance Wednesday night in the Monmouth College auditorium as the first presentation of the Monmouth College Concert-Lecture Series. The following program will be presented, starting at 8:15 p.m.: Blessed Be The Lord ^•^TschciiWovsky CAMERON—The bulletin board save Thy People, O God unveiled Sunday at the Cameron —Tschesnokoff Christian Church was dedicated G. Doubrovsky, baritone, soloist. — Ukrainian Dedicate Facility at Cameron Mrs. Fern Elliston of Chicago extend East Second Avenue into is spending a few days with Mrs. the Warfleld addition. Alderman Winifred Rinehart, irtd also vis Shaub seemed to have some op- jting relatives in Galesburg. position to the granting of the right-of-way by the school bOard and said that, in his opinion, a Victoria Facility member of the school board should be present to explain :o the council the reasons for the Slated for Repairs VICTORIA The Charles A. Warrensford Unit held its regular meeting Oct. 1 at the Log in memory of Lester L. Tink ham. Longing For Home — Song —Vorobkevitch The Twelve Robbers — Ballad V^J^^JJ^^ Mrs. Charles Johnson, Kirkwood. cated he felt that this action w& interfering with the lawful power I ST"? ~ ^ of the mayor. No comment ehl Rosevllle '' M M - Lena Dykeman, any of the vetoes was made by the aldermen. PropoBcs Insurance Change L. Lugovsky, baritone, soloist. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Olson, who Meadowland - Old Folk Song had been v a c a t i o n i n g in the ^ Smm 0v er The Steppes — Smoky Mountains, have returned Elegy home. Ph. Franchescoff, soloist. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Conard, Lord Have Mercy —Lvovsky Admitted Monday — Earl Stlce,\ David and Diane had Sunday din- My Beautiful One — Folk Song her in the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. Seifert, tenor, soloist. Howard Taylor of Roseville. Mr. Song of the Flea — Moussorgsky and Mrs. Bob Conard and sons G. Youreneff, baritone, soloist. Clarence (of Peoria also were guests. The baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Lottie Knox, Monmouth; William Welsh, Alexis. Dismissed Monday mayor and submitted to the ^ faw » Mrs. Paul Grischke and Jerry Samuelson, who had been council, would change the pro- bab y> Monmouth; Mrs. Aura in the hospital a week, returned cedure of purchasing insurance Bridger, Viola; Miss Linda Milby the city. Walters Said that un- ler » Little York, der the present program pre- board's action in donating school property to the city. Thorbeck asked Paul Warfield if C ™" L , n ., t . , the street was essential to his de- J^™?^** T & £ velopment of the subdivision, to th ? ^F^^? 1 ;. T h T which Warfleld replied that it was f*^J* ^tTt^ not essential but that he could ^ w develop the subdivision outside of J AT *L m T*?J^ ffLSSL iu •* nu u-. J-J L i dues. The unit decided to replace the city although he did not want broken ^ ,„ ^ ^ ^ The unit is Sponsoring a card to. David Warfield pointed out to the council some of the benefits ofexTendTng"£st S^cMid Avenue j? rty in 0ct ^ r : The date wUl to the subdivision, stating there ** announced laten Would be a diversion of traffic home Thursday. Mrs. Amy Tinkham was a guest in the home of her son-in-law and miums came due at different per- Democratic Group iods of the fiscal year and under 1 r policies the new ordinance all carried by the city Would expire on the same date. The ordinance proposed that the insurance should run from Nov: 1 of each year to Oct. 31 of the succeeding year. Insuranco ould be purchased in a package deal on a bid basis, with bids to be presented prior to the first council meeting of October. The proposal was referred to the ordinance committee consisting of Aldermen Francis Martin, Glenn Anderson Sets Fall Session MONMOUTH daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cow- will of Packwood, Iowa, last week. Warren County Ladies Democratic will hold its ocratic Organization ^ , o • ' fail meeting Monday Conduct hewing Meet ALTONA Altona Mothers of at 8 p.m. in the community room over the Monmouth Trust & Sav- World War II met for an ail-day ings Bank. Hostesses will be sewing meeting at the Kufus members residing in precinct 2, Community Building Oct. 1. and Lennox Township, with Mrs. Stuffed toys were made to be Melvin Slverly and Mrs. George sent to a children's hospital at Keister, chairman. Each unit Dixon at Christmastime. Mem- chairman is expected to contact bers were entertained for dinner her members regarding the meet Monotonously Rings The Little Bell — Popular Melody V. Lashevich, tenor, soloist. The Old-time Waltz — Arr. by V. Lashevich Sieny — Folk Song L. I. Kossoff, tenor, soloist. The Song of General Platoff — Cossack War Song M. Gann, bass, soloist. — Caucasian Dance away from Lincoln School and it would also provide a more direct route for the first truck in case of fire. Shaub finally moved that the subject be tabled and the council agreed and moved to adjourn. Set Cameron Meeting CAMERON—The regular meet* ing of the Robert T. Weaver Post, American Legion of Cameron, and the Auxiliary will be held at the Legion Home, Thursday at 18 p.m. Comic Rus Lezginka — Laughing Polka slan Folk Song Evening Bells — Ballad Kaleenka — Folk Song J. Assur, baritone, soloist. Soldiers Song — Military Song Kozatchok — Don Cossacks. American Farmer Assets Rated at New High Mark Tliere are almost 8,000 persons in proprietary nursing homes in the state, more than 85 per cent of whom are on old age assistance, with a median age of 81 years. Of these, 40.2 per cent are either bedfast or chairfast, 30 per cent semi-ambulatory, and the balance ambulatory, Swank said. More than 800 patients are recipients of disability assistance, with an average age of 56. Forty-seven per cent of them are either bedfast or chairfast, 24 per cent semi-ambulatory, and the rest ambulatory. Average Cost $150 The average cost of nursing home care in the state in pro* prietary nursing homes Is $150.03 a patient, and the average monthly payment made by the Department of Public Aid is $124.76, he said. The difference is paid from other income of the recipient or relatives' contributions, he added. There are 1,333 public aid recipients living in shelter care homes, according to the most re* cent report, at an average cost of $01.52 per month to the state. There are 1,428 public aid recipients living in homes for the aged with nursing home facilities^ at an average monthly cost of $82, Swank said. Alexis Grotin For Public Aid Patients Increase in payments for public aid recipient* living in approv* ed private nursing homes, shelter care homes and homes for the aged was announced today by the Illinois Department of Public Aid. In Kite* County, th* base ret* went km $*» to $W a month in nursing homes and from $75 to $85 in shelter care homes. Robert O. Johnson. Knox Ctounty superlfc tendent of the Public Aid Department, said the increase would affect ^proximately 50 patients in half a doten privately operated homes here. The state rate paid for public! aid recipients at the Khox County Nursing Home was not affected by today's increase, since it is run by the county and the rati is negotiated, John* son explained. First lint* mi Harold O. Swank, director of the state Department of Publtd Aid* said the increases* the first since 1957, had been established on the basis of economic variables by county and included such criteria as per capita income, per capita sales tax re" ceipts and wage differentials. Effective date of the hike is Sept. 1. Swank explained that the increase was due to increased costs of operation of the homes and had been anticipated when the 1963-65 budget request was pre* ed. Gives Nurii Home Program ALEXIS - A group of women <rf the WSW8 Society of Alexis Evangelical United Brethren Church went to Mercer County Nursing Home, Aledo, Thursday taking lunch and putting on a pro! gram for the patients. Wwse attending were Mrs* Orrell Ruth, Mrs. John Luker, Mrs. Roy Martin, Mrs. Clarence Davis, Mrs. Orville Agan, Mrs. Ralph Liggett Mrs. Harold Liggett and Danny* Mrs. James Phelps and Carol and Mrs. Eugene Rodgers and John David. Atexis Briefs Ronnie Brown, Danny Sperry, Patrick and Danny Flaherty, Bob* by and Timmy Shull, altar boys of St. Theresa 's Church, were guests of Rev. J. Nickerson at the Passion Play in Galesburg Sept. 29. Mr. and Mrs. DavJtf McCrery and family who have been stay* ing with her mother, Mrs. Robert Purlee, moved to Joy, where he is employed with Oscar Mayer and Co. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Richard* son visited her mother, Mrs. Alta Curtis, who had undergone surgery at St. Francis Hospital, Macomb Sept. 29. Robert Johnston of Monmouth and Theodore Johnston of Alpha have returned home after attending funeral for their uncle, Albert Witt of Michigan. Witt was a former Alexis resident, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Witt Mrs. John E. Bohan left Oct. 1 for Paducah, to visit her son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. William Tracewell and Cynthia Jean, a new granddaughter. Mr. and Mrs* George Lafferty Sr. have moved from Lorene Bruington house to Mrs. Effle Robinson house on East Davis Street. Gladstone Church Plana Project GLADSTONE - Mrs. Daisy Cleek entertained members of the Gladstone Methodist Church Wednesday at the church. Mrs. Dale Galbraith gave the lesson on The Methodist Church with IT • WH me lueuKxusi unurcn witn leaClierg UniOIl |Iva Cisna, Mildred Hicka, Veda Back Action of School Board WASHINGTON (UPI) ing. hi the home of a member, Margaret Reisbeiter. Parade, Grid Win Feat ure RHS Homecoming year. ard ROSEVI^E — A sunny warm] day and a balmy fall evening made a perfect setting for the festivities of the Roseville High School homecoming Friday afternoon and evening. The parade group formed at 2:45 p.m. in front of the high school on Chamberlain Street and marched north and west through the downtown streets. A large nupiber of residents lined the streets to view the parade, which was led by the Boy Scouts carrying the flags, followed by the high school band, the majorettes, the baton twirlers and cheerleaders. Each high school year's class had a floal, as did ,he Christian Church, and a group of children representing the PTA had a small float. Convertible cars followed the floats, the first carrying the king and queen, Rick Jones and Linda Langford, the succeeding cars each carrying a couple representing the attendants from each class. In the judging, the sophomore class float was awarded first place, and second p 1 ace went to the freshman float, while the Christian Church float won honorable mention. Much happiness was added to tile homecoming festivities of the evening by the Roseville team's win of 13 to 6 over Yorkwood. cook books as its money-making project for the year. Roseville Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sawyer and family moved to Roseville from Berwick over the weekend. They have purchased the Ray Singleton home at Main and Broadway. Sawyer is the proprietor of the Standard Gas station 15th anniversary class of 1038 with here ,n Roseville. a group of musical numbers. Agriculture Department tlon's action in rejecting the resig- economists report today that the total assets of Ameri- nation of School Supt. Benjamin Popular dance of the | can farmers rose to a record high of $216.5 billion this Willis. In a statement "adopted Unani- The assets figure is estimated for Jan. 1, 1963. It mously for distribution to the represents an increase of schools/' the 36 executive $8.5 billion over the assets members said the union "de- of American agriculture on pbres the fact that the Board of the same date in 1962. Education and the general super- This was the ninth consecutive | ntet J de «t <>f schools have become ,. * , . . involved in differences over the year in which farm assets have determination of policy and the risen. The Agriculture Depart- execution of that policy by the ment says most of the increase administration. Martin, Eva Cisna, Olive Asbury and Virginia Thomas taking part. Prayer was offered by Mrs. Butler and Iva Cisna. m , The committees and chairmen cago Teachers Union's executive were appointed for the annual ba- board Monday night unanimously saar and turkey supper Nov 6 endorsed the Board of Educa- CHICAGO (UPI) The Chi- HOME Boy Collapses And Dies in Spaniel Must Gymnasium Class Pay Fee, Not An eighth A Boa Tax iaA anna p. C7 PLANNING CHICAGO (AP) grader collapsed and died appar CHICAGO (UPI) - Danny Boy, ently of a heart attack while participating in a physical education pedigreed springer spaniel with a class Monday at a junior high bank roll, will have to fork out j has been accounted for by the school in Kankakee, $40 in the form of inheritance | steadily rising value The victim was Robert L. Ray, t 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs, Robert M. Ray. An instructor said ^ M ^ g ^.^ chicagQ a routine ._i . . i i * The dog was left $500 by Marthe boy had passed physical examination school started. before Mr. and Mrs, Harley Felt are # WT»II The evening closed with a dance now at home in their new home AlT ForCC Vr ill in the gymnasium when the king on South Main Street having re- 0 , ^ £ and queen were duly crowned dur- cently moved from their farm SeCK L4QUS6 Ol ing appropriate ceremonies. The home northeast of Roseville. telephone operator who died last June at Logansport, Ind. She provided that the dog, being cared for by G.R. Wade, Kenosha, Wis., be taken care of "for the rest of his natural life or as long as said funds are sufficient" "The Chicago Teachers Union of farm I JW"** the action taken by the board ... in setting up a com"TL. 1* and,,™, g. val ue ™ lM of all farm assets, including land, rose more than one-third. Government economists int out that Dallas CU*r the increase came in spite of the _ V4l V class of 1938 was given special recognition before a large attend* Mrs. Barnard White, Mrs. James Breckon, Mrs. Ruby Pear- Missile Blast the $500. by ance of participants and specta- son, Mrs. R. R. Pearson, Mrs. (upi) tors. John Felt, Mrs. Dale Watson and A m e e t in g of the Roseville Mrs. K. L. Becraft attended a tea what ' caused a giant Atlas . D mis . I tfl 0f / aste /' no btar wlU , be * eld in J 6 Methodist Church of slle t0 explode ghortly after lt held Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Monmouth on Thursday, and The Illinois inheritance tax division Monday assessed Danny A1 „ t . , Boy's tax as $40. They knocked - Air Force investigators $100 off ^ y^^^ asfieM . today attempted to determine men j VANDENBERG AFB, Calif. 4$ by stranger.' declaring him a rt c . , , . , ... „ n , , - , was launched from this Pacific On Saturday, at heard Miss Manlee Phe ps speak mlsgile range tase Monday , 8 p.m. a special meeting of ma- of her work as a missionary in Masonic Hall, Irons and patrons will be held. | Japan. At this time the stations will be filled by The big intercontinental ballis Agency Reports The game beginning at 7:30 was played before the largest crowd Q[ fans to gather this season. Puring the half the winning floats were paraded around the playing matrons and patrons from neighboring chapters. The Evening WMS of the Baptist Church will hold the October meeting at the home of Mrs. Keith Davis on Thursday at 8 p.m. Mrs. Janelle Cox and Mrs. Maxine Hartsell will have charge | Marks, Mrs. Barnard White and of the program. Mrs Merlin PerTine Mrs How Uc eXJpl ° ded °" * 5, °f Will Visit MIS . Meuin raiine. Mis. How- ^ m^,, downrange into the T , , _ * ^l^T.^^ 1 '!:^^, 63 ,?" pacific. An Atias-F blew up at Indonesia Soon fact that net farm income last year was only 3 per cent above the 1954 figure. The Agriculture Department's IT n". i7" report on the balance sheet of the 0ctober Speaker Engaged n D ^ S ,n CITV - Mrs - Martin Carrillo will be guest speaker at meeting of the Dallas attended a WSCS meeting in Ma- the same misgile ba8e during Uft . comb on Ihursday when the off last Thursday n5gnt speaker was Miss Martha Graf, a missionary from Sarawak. There were no injuries to base ~ „ ., ... ^ . personnel or damage to ground On Friday Mrs Wayne Grant, J^, installation / from % ltfaer Mrs..James Breckon Mrs R. Q losion . The lions Club will hold a candy sale Friday and Saturday for the benefit of the blind and to assist needy children to procure glasses. Bill Miller is chairman for the candy sale project. The JTHA of Roseville High field. The band honortsd the guest I School is planning a style $how t&am and fans with their alma for Oct. 19 to be held in the MMjter $00$ mi &en toasted the gymnasium. The group has sold I Beer Kegs 'Deadly' SACRAMENTO, Calif (UPI) Mrs. K. L. Becraft attended the group meeting for WSCS groups in the Knoxville Methodist Church. Members of the local DAR chap- Four youths were under arrest ter who attended the Regents today on charges of assault with Round Table luncheon in Gales- deadly weapons — two beer kegs, burg on Saturday were Mrs. Otto California Highway Ptl. Joseph Oberjohnn, Mrs. Herman Kington, J. Brennan who said the youths Mrs. Leonard Ockert, Mrs. threw the kegs from a car he Charles McMurry and Mrs. Ralph was chasing and one of them just Strickter. missed him. JAKARTA. Indonesia (AP)The official Indonesian news agency Antara said today President Kennedy is likely to visit Indonesia in December as part of a Far Eastern tour. A dispatch from the agency's Washington Ametiem o^to to Tm ate 0ommunlt y UnJt Oct. 14 at nS^^^dS rose 7:30 pm * in the mi ™ ***** ers owed $30.2 billion, up $2.8 billion from one year earlier. But farmers' total assets rose faster than new debts. The result was another increase equiti in the total farmers hold in their The Dallas City Chapter of the Future Farmers of America will be represented by the following members at the national convention: Max Bailey, Mike Markey, Steve Dunn, hynn Sparrow, properties for the fact that a^^STlK'riiE farmers' use of credit rose sharply last year was the continuing shift to farm consolidations—the move to fewer and larger farms, HELD ON SPEED COUNT MONMOUTH - Soren S. Hoj, with more credit needed for land 1 60, of 200 W. Broadway, wfla arrested at 12:35 this morning for mortgages and equipment. Bridgea for Sale CHICAGO (UPI) correspondent said Kennedy's itinerary also would probably Include Japan, the Phil- j fense Department was to aueti ippines and Australia. The De- speeding on North Main Street. Hoj will have a hearing in Police Court later today. HOME BUILDING Pre-fob P re-Cut Component LOW DOWN PAYMENTS GARAGES A$ ;, ow 750 R1MODIUNO KITCHEN APPLIANCES Oarbege Qisp «Ml» Stdves ' Dishwashers Refrigerators Cabinets We can plan your whole houw and everything that's in it. Let us make an estimate on your home building and improvement problems, and save you money. FOR Mil IITIMATIS Phone 343-3419 Horn or Write Planning Center 312 N. HENOERSON £T< GALESBURG, ILL. 171 1 An American Embassy official commented: "We haven't heard anything about such a visit in the near future. However, there is no doubt President Sukar welcome the visit." off five bridges today. COV»T FlNjSg DRIVER _ Lji MONMOVTH-Sergio A. Rigel, The bridges were among 297 33, of the Maple City Trailer surplus items valued at $3.8 mil- Court, who was ticketed Sunday lion that were placed on the sel- for failure to yield the right-of- ling block. The bridges - of the 1 Send to: Home Planning Center US N. Henderson St. Name „ Address Phone ... I would like an estimate tn planning problem would j bridge erection boat variety originally cost $14,036 each. way following a minor accident, was fined $5 wkith i« . assessed $6 coau in police court Monday* NO OBLIGATION 5

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