The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1954
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1984 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQV BffTM Here's Baseball Hall of Famer Gives Advice Traynor Tells How To Play Third Base (This is the second of seven articles in which former major league baseball stars tell how to play the game.) By HAROLD (PIE) TRAYNOK (Written for AP Newsfeatures) A third baseman must be quick on his feet and possess a strong arm. He must have cat in him because he is the closest infielder to the batter. He must be ready for bunts at all times. A good tip would be to watch. Billy Cox of Brooklyn next time he plays third base. I have seen : him make some of the greatest plays any third baseman ever made. He has the natural ability and uses it by being ready for any situation. Cox is the best glove man in ; baseball today. He could be a ; gr*&t shortstop or a great second baseman. He has the hands and the reflexes. A third baseman should play with his hands on his knees and be balanced. Easy Way to Shift On a ball hit between him. and the shortstop he must bring his right leg across his left foot. It's the opposite way on going to his right; bring the left foot over the right foot. Try it sometime and see how easy it is to save a step. The third baseman should get to learn the opposing hitters. For instance, play deep and closer to the foul line when there's a pull hitter up. If he's a good hitter of the Ralph Kiner type he's less likely to bunt. With most left-handed hitters the third baseman can stray farther from the bag. However, this is not true of the scatter hitters, fellows like Stan Musial, Gene Woodling and Dale Mitchell who can hit to all fields. Woodling and Mitchell often swing late and hit to the left side of the diamond. Yogi Berra, when he has two strikes on him, often hits to the left side. All he's trying to do with a two-strike situation is meet the ball. Get in Front of Ball A third baseman should get in front of hard hit balls. If you can't field a hard hit ball cleanly at least you can block it from going into left field and possibly becoming a two-base hit. These days a two-base hit is the bane of many pitchers. They worry about that man in scoring position. Always try' to get the front runner. When the tying or winning run is on third base'and it's less than two out you must throw the ball to the plate instead of trying to make the double play. Always try at any cost to keep the opposition from scoring the tying or winning run. Here are a few situations that a good third baseman must learn to comfeat: / With men on first and second and none out and a bunt in order, the third baseman should play in about three steps and close to the line. The reason: If a ball is bunted on the line he can run straight in for the ball. If 'the ball is bunted so the pitcher can field it, the third baseman has to go back only three steps to take the pitcher's throw for the force out. If the bunter misses the ball and the runners rae going, as they should be, the third baseman is close enough to the bag to take How a Bunt May Cause Confusion Here's Pie Traynor's version of how important a bunt play can be. Position at third base is everything. A bunt to third base decides many ball games. Such a bunt almo'st cost the Yankees the 1952 World Series. The Dodgers had a fine hitter at bat in Roy Campanella. Charley Dressen thought he'd cross up the Yankees with a bunt. He did. Duke Snider had singled on Ed Lopat's second pitch in the fourth inning of the seventh and deciding game in Ebbets Field. Snider moved to second when Jack Robinson beat out a bunt toward the mound. "Then, with men on first and second base, Lopat got together with his third baseman, Gil McDougald. Mac, as I get it, was supposed to take the bunt, if Campanella bunted. On the next pitch, Campanella bunted halfway between third and home. It was such a beautiful bunt that it left doubt in McDougald's mind as to whether he should get the ball and Lopat, who thought Mac would take the play, was left handcuffed on the mound. Stengel then took Lopat out of the game without a run being scored. Luckily, for the Yankees, AUie Reynolds came in and got the side out with the loss of only one run. That run scored on an outfield fly. It could have been a big inning for fine Dodgers all because of Campanella's bunt. the catchers' throw and thereby prevent a double steal. If the ball is bunted between the pitcher and the third baseman, the latter is in a direct line for a play at first base. A Play Pie Originated I'm not meaning to be boastful but here's a play that I originated years ago with the Pittsburgh ...a ydppy, •scrappy hustler,. Pirates. When the ball was hit to me at third base and with a runner on third I would fire the ball into the plate to get the man going home with one out or less. The moment I threw the ball I wquld run as fast as I could and the moment the runner held up, the catcher would return the ball to me. It was easy to tag the runner. I would be standing next to him. But wait! As I tagged the runner I'd be getting set to make a throw to first base to get the batter. And many times we'd get the batter because he had made the turn of first base toward second. This play is all a matter of timing. We used to get Uncle Robbie, who managed the Dodgers, nuts with that play. Here's another situation that's simple to handle: With men on first and second on a ball hit to the third baseman playing close to the bag, all the fielder has to do is touch the bag for a force out. Then the next play would be first base since the batter is easier to double than the man going to second. The same applies when the third baseman catches a line drive with men on first and second and less than two out. Throw to first base for the double play. The man on first is easier to get because he has a bigger lead. Harold (Pie) Traynor, Hall of fame third baseman, was born Nov. 11, 1899 at Framingham, Mass. In 17 years in the majors, all with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League. Traynor compiled a .320 lifetime average for 1941 games. The following is his record. 1920 1921 1922 SS 3B SS-3B 17 .212 7 .263 142 .281 Nothing else like it in Arkansas! f'iDE 'LUXE } TRAIGHT WHISKY WITH AN OLD FASHIONED rflAVOR ALL ITS QWJSL R * Full 7 years old for full flavor * FoH 90 proof Tor foil body * Every drop Old Fashioned Straight Whisky * Mellow as a Bourboa * Smooth at a Blend The whisky you'll "personally recommend" *£ifid you c«n sign your nime in Gold oo the bottle Add this golden gesture to your personal recommendation when you serve Melrote or present it at a treasured gift. Envelope with complete instruction! ii attached to every bottlt. 5 28 HQt. on i libel means "the very bcsf * MEUOSE 3B 3B 8S-3B 3B 3B 3B 3B 3B 3B 3B 3B Mgr-3B Mgr-lB-3B Mgr-3B 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1937 Total Non-playing manager 1936 and 1938-39. 153 142 150 152 149 144 130 130 155 135 154 119 57 5 1941 .338 .294 .320 .317 .342 .337 .356 .366 .298 .329 .304 .309 .279 .167 .320 Pittsburgh Fastest Mile, But Wasn't Clocked LAWRENCE, • Kan. (ff) — Bjorn Bogerud, Norwegian freshman of Oklahoma A & M, probably ran the fastest mile race of his life in the Kansas Relays Saturday, but he doesn't know just how fast it was. He finished about 100 yards behind Kansas' Wes Santee, who was timed in 4:03.1. Then Bogerud found that only Santee was clocked. Standing By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NATIONAL LEAGUE T.UM ., , W L PCt - Behind Philadelphia 4 Cincinnati ,. 4 Brooklyn 2 New York 2 Chicago 2 Milwaukee 2 St. Louis i Pittsburgh i 4 TODAY'S GAMES Brooklyn at Philadelphia (night) Pittsburgh at New York. Cincinnati at St. Louis (night). Only Rumes scheduled. SUNDAY RESULTS New York 6. Brooklyn 3 Philadelphia 6-7, Pittsburgh 0-1 St. Louis 6 Chicago 4 (.second game, postponed darkness) Cincinnati 6-5, Milwaukee 4-3 .800 .800 — .500 1'A .500 1V 2 .500 1V 2 .400 2 .250 2 .200 3 AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit Boston New York ., Washington Philadelphia Cleveland .. Baltimore .. Chicago .... W LPct.Behind 4 1 2 3 2 3 2 3 .800 .500 IV .500 1' .500 1' .500 H .400 2 .400 2 .400 2 TODAY'S GAMES New York at Boston (2). Chicago at Detroit. Ph i 1 a d e 1 p h i a at Washington (night). Only games scheduled. SUNDAY'S RESULTS Washington 9, New York 3 Detroit 8. Baltimore 3 Chicago 6. Cleveland 2 (second game, postponed, rain) Philadelphia 6-3, Boston 4-4 (second game. 13 innings) SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Little Rock Atlanta New Orleans Memphis Chattanooga Birmingham Mobile Nashville Won Lost Pet. Behind 7 2 .778 — 3-2 4-1 7 2 .778 4 .636 5 5 .500 4 5 .444 6 .440 3 6 .333 1 8 .111 Yesterday's Results Mobile 3-10. Memphis 2-15 Chattanooga 4-4, Birmingham Atlanta 9-2, Nashville 5-3 New Orleans 8-0, Little Bock Today's Garnet Birmingham at Atlanta Little Rock, at Memphis New Orleans at Mobile Chattanooga at NashviHa AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Charleston 1-1 Minneapolis 0-2 St. Paul 10-0, Columbus 5-4 Indianapolis 7-6, Louisville 4-7 (first game 10 innings) Toledo 14, Kansas City 6 TEXAS LEAGUE Forfc Worth 2-2. Beaumont 1-1 (first game 10 innings) San Antonio 6-4, Oklahoma City, More People Buy Carrier the Carrier Weathermaker Air Conditioner Look of a Wecribermakeri See the graceful styling, the smoothly curving cabinet, gleaming baked- enamel finish. Controls? They're concealed* Look mside a Weatfiermaker! See me extra-large coil, the low-velocity QT Fan, the unique Evenflo Diffuser, the rugged, trouble-free Carrier compressor. Dependable? Carrier is the firs* name In air conditioning* The sooner you call, the sooner yow business wrfl enjoy the benefits of Carrier Air Conditioning. CITY ELECTRIC CO. Serving Northeast Arkansas & Southeast Missouri 109 South Fifth SU Phone 3-8181 May 16 Big Dote for State's Fishermen and Frog Giggers By THE ARKAN'SAS GAME AND FISH COMMISSION LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas fishermen have almost a full month to get ready for the full opening of this year's fishing season on May 16. On or after this date, all rivers trout, and streams will be open to the taking of black bass with the use of artificial bait. These fishing waters have been closed since March 15th to artificial bait fisherman in order to protect black bnss during the annual spring spawning period. However, all of Arkansas' lakes and impoundments are open to year-round fishing with artificial bait and the taking of black bass. Trout Season Opens May l(5th also marks the opening of the state's trout season which is scheduled to run through October 31st. Trout fishermen can look forward to an even more successful season this year with considerable numbers of this popular game fish having been stocked in the cooler waters of Spring River and immediately below the-impoundments of Norfolk. Bull Shoals, and the Narrows Reservoir. These areas have developed into ideal trout water and are offering an abundance of new fishing thrills for a growing fraternity of Arkansas rainbow trout fisherman. Largely responsible for the success of this new fishing sport in Arkansas is the plan developed by the Game and Fish Commission in cooperation with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service whereby the Federal Hatchery furnishes a sufficient quantity of trout brood stock in exchange for the Commission's supplying the food to develop the For Fro* Legs: May 1(5 The annual frog season is also slated to open May 16 and continue through December 31. Frogs may be taken, possetssed, or transported within the state only. They may be taken only by use of hand*, hand net*, hook and line, gig or sp«ar, Plfhing licena* is required of all pertont lUtttcn (16) or more years of agt. Not more than 11 frogs may be taken per day. This daily bag ttmit shall apply to a calendar day or any continuous 24 hour period constituting one trip. Possession limit' is two days' bag. With the opening of the spring fishing season just around the corner, non-resident minnow dealeri are reminded of recent regulation changes affecting their operationi. Non-resident dealers, who transport minnows into Arkansas for th« purpose of selling them commercially, are now required to obtain an annual license at a cost of $200. This new regulation is now In effect, and full copies of its provisions may be obtained from th* Game and Fish Commission office. 2-0. Shreveport 15-7, Dallas i-5 Tulsa 6, Houston 2. WESTERN LEAGUE Sioux City 13-13, Lincoln 5-1 Denver 21, Colorado Springs 13 Pueblo 10, Wichita 2 Omaha 11, Des Moines 10, TV - RADIO SERVICE More Than 20 Years Training and Experience. Factory Service Guarantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Carney, Mgr. 109 E. Main Ph. 3-3616 KMOWA GOOD WATER mtm Midsouth SAV2 UEATIVIA2TER/ CALL YOUR PLUMBING CONTRACTOR or DEALER IN BLYTHEVILLE Distributed in This Area by Midsouth Plumbing Supply Co. (Wholesale Exclusively) Rear 213-215 Walnut Phone 3-8353 BEHIND MOST SUCCESS STORIES . . . THRIFT! 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