The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on October 10, 1909 · Page 24
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 24

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 10, 1909
Page 24
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Old Parties May Decide to Vote Trily W Six '!Tegu1af."Can^ T ~ didates. NINE ARE TO BE SELECTED Believed Scattered Ballots for Extra Three Will Elect Oppos- . ' ing Nominees. Two New Classes Interest Boys atY. M. C. A A Hood many of tho Indianapolis Prohibitionists who had hoped to Induce the .voters of .the two "old particn" to vole for three Prohibitionists for "ilio "'iiy Council « tter voting forslx-mcn iiuthc-ir-.ow.n par~_j es. have given up hope tlmt Prohibitionists can be elected because of the Inereas- ing belief on t h e part of the voters of tin"old parties" t h a t they had best'vote for their six candidates more. - The plan of the Prohibitionist. 1 ; "looked ''good" to them at llit. They supposed that there werf enough Democrats In - town who would dislike Voting for Kepub- - licans and enough Republicans who would - dislike, voting for Democrat* fo' Insure the election'of -three Piv.hibitionisls, since · each voter has s i - r l j s l n t.i»-vote for three candidates for the Council In Addition to the six nominated by his own party. The Prohibitionists hud gone so far as - to indicate which ;f their three council- manic candldatos should be centered on, -. knowing that if the pint) was to be successful at all it could only be successful by asking all those of the "old parlies" .w'ho voted for ProhibiMonisls to v o t e . f o r the same men. The- .three councilmanie candidates t h u s picked on won- Felix T. ·McWhirter. George Hit'/ and Thomas R. howls, oil well-known and successful business men. . Each Party Has Scheme. Tteceiilly, however, there has been more find more talk among the voters of both i h o "old parties" of a plan that may be tried by Mher party that can best be tj'.tckmttte'd by bavins each voter vote only for the candidates of his own party. - For example, tho. Republicans sa y t l ) a t there is H plan on the part of the Democrats of the city to induce all the Democrats they «ui--,to follow .such a course. Thus, if ail the Republicans voted for six Republicans timl three tiernocratH and all the DeraoortU« voted for the six Demo: cruts alone, the .probability.-would be that n i l the Democrats would be elected, even if the Republican majority were la ;·(?'", for they would be .elected b y - t h " Republican votes cast, for the "extra, three", candidates. - '· ' The Prohibitionists, who have advo- 'cated t h e ' p l a n . b y which they hoped t h a i ; ithree of 'their . ftouncjlmanlc' candidates might squeeze ,, - ,/~ -f« ' '-'*· " ' Announces asaFeature for ThisWeek Womeaj Tailored Suits Origin*! deilgw and « wiu«ire, materials, vhich mike new .effects possible. Cluster KUted and plain tailor-made coatn. latest plaited aklrts. All tbe now weww and color*. Tail- oHng in ayerrflnitanee Buperb. Many oth*r good Tftlu^ at f 25.00, f 'A 7. 50, f 20.30 and 932.50.^ , "v \. ../'.'··'· :··;. ,. ; .·;;· · ' : ; : ' An un«qu»led a»«ortment.iri plain" taUorinf : jaiA fe«tB at from f»».OO: gradually Upward to. , V. ,, FINDS COAL SHORTAGE i ' WULFSON ARRESTS DRIVER TICKET Sl'ptfRACTED WKOXfil-Y FAILS TO MAttK t'l' FOB'DEKICIT SHOWN ' ON SCAfcES BY CITt INSPECTOR. h.-tve- insisted w.hen ialklns to "old party" people, t h a t "' for six ''old party" mon and tlirce Pru' hibltionisls would bring the %une result, as far as the "old party" voter was eon- · earned, ps if tho niter cast, his ballot for 'only tlmf ix candidates on Jils own ticket, but. the argument has seemed to fall on barren ground in many places, , Prohibitionists wore probably -mow dls- " appointed when Fremont. A I ford entered ' the race 1 for mayor tbaii,were a n y other tiai'ty -workers. They htul an impression "· that there were wmp Republicans and ' pemocratB "odt pf lino.' 1 , w|io,woi]ld have preferred .Or. Albert Stanley .to. the 'can- dtdate of the opposing "old party" , and " ' ' ' ·"that thus'they 'hoped' to , make ·#. 'showing." They do not believe tlmt Alford will receive many hundred votes, - h u t they think that the votes he does receive will come largely from people who would otherwise vote tor Dr. gtanley. : CHIROGRAPH Y. I " ' ' ' Little '.'.Johnny: "Say, : mister?" Mister; "Well?",, · , ' '· Tattle Johnny: "Who 'crossed yeur eyes Instead of dotting them?" After spending-his waking hours' .for three days in efforts to find whether the coal'men of the city were/ giving, full weight, Isldor Wulfson yesterday mad.o h'is first, arrest of the "season," placing George .Jeffries, living fit 420 North Sett- ate avenue'and working for the Minter CofU Company, in custotty. ·. : Jeffries wus on hi?! wo.y to a house at 12-1 Klfehland avenue when the Inspector ···topped him iind asked to see his ticket. The subtraction on the ticket had been mtidp wrong. The gross .weight--that Of the wagon, drlvof, · coal- «.nd borse-.-waa ·yiven a.? 5.63D, tho ."tare'-' as 2,4$0 and'the. net weight as 3,:!?0. ·· Wnlf«6n ' made -the subti-ficiinn rtnd according to his · figures (lie ticket called Mr fifty pounds of coal more than was .pro'per. . He asked the woman «t the house where the coal was to hr delivered how she.was paying for It, arid sho said aho was- paying for the amount of "net" shown 1 on the ticket. The wag-on was taken to the city scnles and the grose weight there was 5,680. Al'tnr It was finlonded it- w n s ' l a K e n t, inc f;un" .«calfn anfl-tho "tare" waff recorded lvtheso sctilfs us U.OO* According to these scales, Ui p ''net" was X.1SO,- )'. n i n e t y pounds le'ss tl/an the ticket called for find forty pounds H'fiw tha-n a correct subtraction-''of .the figures on the ticket made it call'for. . . W.olgher Must Appear. . In 'addition;', tn arresting the driver, Wulfson called up 'William Relse, the man who weighed tl|e e6a] at the yards of the coal ''ompany., it,ndRelsf promised to appear ;it the police Station and be. "slated." Ho will jbo charged with .selling .short weight and making false certificate of wolpht. The- driver- wis : charged with selling 'short,weight. Tt, will bo left to the court to decide,, which of .the men shall · . ....i..'., CLASS IN WOODWORKING. The New Coi{uni5» An early piwaenUtlojr of the Swso^s : richest conceptions fromiParis and the American-; .modifications of imported gown*. \-: ' : '' '.,'.. " '- ':' . . : - / . . ' , .;"'.' '-. Cloth .and syie'.Dreasei: at ..".'.. ...... f *8.T5- to **B;O« CoBtamei of IsiqulaHe soft satln.s arid dainty Dancing DrOTBefl; tn light evening sbadee , , ----- ..i|3J5r0 to f T5.0O BeautiM Xftemoon and Btening Gowns, f T5.0O tp i Imported Model .Hats. A c6H9«tion.,of the most .exclusive designs from foremost Parisian- .milliners. Soe th« Iftteit Draped turbans and: a ftne;line Of new gooW^^qi, In :allk beavers, uhtriramed; tV',eJc»ll wecial attentioni ; tb our new department-or popular priced Trlnitntd''ft'olBi;-$5.0O · \\\'.". gradually up to ... i. ,',';.-..v...% ........ ...i..'-.; We arc-now ..^.....-^ , selection'.- . of ·' g*raei?,t��«v made u p . ' A l l ; garments*, made by our expert fu«1e ... under our p*r«pn*l ·-*---· plating a »p«f Wly let uu glv« ,our New Waists Plain tailored Hnen at -J1.25 up. Fancy /silk ·waists for evening wear 'it ' 13 and 15 W. Washington Strett A wifle raiige of styles colors, froni whlfih. to make your selection, for; the suit ' . - ' THE ELECTRICAL 4HOP. The- T,-.M.'/C... A,' officers bf»eve-'they mvo a good plan to keep, young -boya off the streets 'on Saturday^ ·'' offering them interesting' work''in ;.w.opdworKlngt and .furnltur.e.,Building. . Tlrfs class will bo taught by F. O; Belzor and Geprge Jr. It -will meet ·'on ·Wednesday be trtiSirt. attd Saturdar niornlnpH. · The (%ss. S.n electrical' shop worjt promises to oe a popular course. It is an. 'iwlditio'n to; the T: M. C.' A. courses ami'-,will ,b,e -lajiflit by,T V. Field. It wiU : m«ct.on'TiiescTay and Friday evenings. A .-wireless telegraph-station will: b« est«.bli8hed .after the .fundamental principles .have -been WiAfltftrml. · · ' List of Performers «nd Acts Include Giiam dfjBlgTfen Attractions;- FcencySold m T OPEN SEAT THURSDAY mastered. .declareil yesterday, .aftrrnoon S5 Upward Per Month Pays for it $159 For a lar'ge~giz# Cabinet Grand Piuno, Your choice of mahogany, walnut or oak case. If sold in.the regular way would cost you $290. v that lie had had unusual .experiences in the last half week with the scales ^at «tme of the. coal yards of-the. city. He believes that, the scales at-.»ome of the yards where he took loads of '«p*l--.f«)m* other companies'- to be srelghed vrere. tampered with between the. weighing; of the load-In the flrat place'and the welgh- tng of tliR empty wagon afterwardi for, In severfll iti*t(ino(!fl. ths, difference-''wM ^° rreatly 'in favor of '/the'..conf«mor 1 .triat WglfsQn says the company being mveptl-: gated '. ,coOW ; not po^slblV; · serve such. weluhtM without going bankrupt. . : "Hereafter," he Rfi|d. - ' ' I - w J I H always have one-of my .deputies--with-me, ana "wireii 1 have had the loScV welglve.d-I will leave the deputy at the coal office to see that the scales tire*not tampered with. There has been something · wrong. The coal companies 'could riot give the kind of wsi^hts 'some/ of the wo.'gonn have shown without lotting .inoney." . PRISON AUTHOrilTY IjOiSPEAK. Warren F -Addreit Wednesday ·--,.-,--. ·Wurren F. 8pau)dlhg,. sonrettfry of - the Massachusetts Prison Association,'.and one of the flrst, .;auth(iriUeB".-lh-},fhi -Ufilted J 'aU;s nn the subject' of tiroha^ion work, . l i b deliver an. address; Wednesday' e ven- ""Whv Send the JBoJj,'tn-Jftil?; 1 , wllV be the subject' of -the address, and the- speaker's theory is .that .while this costs, tho taxpayers money; It ( does, the .boy no Kood. The mwtlng,.'W : llJ. be held, under the auspices, of - thte, ijrobation committee of the Children's Aid; Association. FOOD iAWSARE NOT VITAL HURTY PREFERS EDUCATION ', EA1' SENSIBtll fOOD Tt'HJCM CAN '.- .ULT.Bia FOI'SOK. Ud0emeh Select Bay WhichlsOct.13,butiyianage^ Causes Change.C ;.··- .Fred M; Barnes, ,w\ro . U rounding up the '"· tari of the oiriJUB nnd.^ Wipodr6me: firmament for the Shriners' circus, is reel-; ing 6f. lists of attracti6ti)ib}tti|.li|MFJ.to9 okea to callers at circus lieadQuarters like a - JACOB Jacob Frankel, .who has been a resident of Indianapolis, fqr r .,twenty] year*, died Thursday'lUs honje, 424 East Ohio street, after, an illness of several months. He Is survived by his wife and the following children; Mrs,. Samuel Blay, Albert, Oella, Irejde, 'Klmer and. Jjebnard. Mr. Krankel wna bw-n lii Breslau, Germany In 1853. .He was a'Maaon and was In the insurance business^ "The. greater part of the $2»,000 paid Out annually by the state of'Indiana in the enforcement of the pure food laws Is unnecessary. The only foods tor '-wh'leh-. we need Inspectors are butter and milk and. the Federal authorities take care of the former." This is tho : statement made yesterday by Dr. J,ohn N. Hufty,'secretary of the ..State Board of Health. In explaining this statement. Dr..Hurty said that tho large amount ;would not he needed if people were educated to the point that they realized;.'that'good, staple foods, i. ; the kind'that grandmother .-used to prepare, and the kind that c.a'ri' not ;bie adulterated, are /the only fouda-:'vtl«U should be used in rational living,. ' ·"There is ho way of adulterating,.potatoes, flour, apples, fresh fruit, cprn;. m$al, sugar, vegetables or other foods 'such 'as our forefathers ate. Why .Is It that we think wo have to nil our- stomach*, full of poisonous food's und · undlgestible 'Dutch lunches'? If Hooslers .would eat more corn bread and potatoes and 'leave off more meats und 'fancy 'truck' we would have a stronger race and fewer pur$ f6od laws. .."I worked for the passage of tho-pur* food law," continued Dr. Hurty, .'.'expect-, 1 ing it to be a'mean's.o'f educating the peo: pie of the state. After a few year?i T. \ believe that .people, Will- learn to reapect i their bodies, cad trent .them,,rightly and then the pure will gradually be^ come needless." ' . . . . Baroei ,na| 'Tqcftt ? 'done corner "of tl)eD«riison, 'Hotel/ lobby,; and .It is 'here ,'tliat, thic'swWof seals will- open on next. Thursday, .jniorning.' , Mr. Barnes^BEowed that he. is blood;-^-^ 1 ' the theatrical arid 'Circus professions when. | fixing the date! for jo»e»liOr-th« , of the ! '- Barnes, until he- look^df'u'P-^l 1 * 1 ' d?** ; ,?**.'! which Wednesday rw6uld!a)i;: tt^fiiund it would be Oct 13. . ^-.:':/ - ·'· ·,·· ? -^ ·., "lV«dnegday'ls,all rl«nt ( ".he said, ,"but; the date won't dp.-/". wlH-havc, to be Thursday.." No : 13, In, mine." ;, Forty fen*t'""'''hava been '!t the cjrcus, the rtrmatteflt 'which he i decla.^.- ,..^.~ i -^,, t - · f In a circus In' IndlaT)*' Is 1 ? 1 .the s trapeze." ^It IniraehSe 4nff. wheel to'jWhK'.h .Rre;".-B,tta,cn-- swings, and-:on each «wln8[ : a,woman, '3 clve a trapeze'performance; ... · ' , , " .~ S "f there 'is' ohi,-feata** of,the :clrcu^on which Barnes.brags more than another It is the clowns;.- ' . : ' '.- \ . ' ."-," : :'·''' ; .i; · · · ·--* ---· clowns fltotyea' on Washington street twetity-seven years ago--and is today aelling more GARLANDS tHiati ever. Tijere is a TOJ why--because'they are the best that experience and money can make. In twelve months FEKNEY Furniture and Stove Co. sold to seven hundred and twenty-'ftni satisfied families; QARLANfil StoVefe, ^Ask your neighbor : w : hat they tnlhjt of'a GARLAND-i-an,- slver? Buy a G A R L A N D Stove and don't stake! any ^ot^.tbecause it uses so little coal-r?eaSy l ,ttl tlean your stove with th'a't'Vr^yoIvitfg.'iftre pot., ,;//*»^-,«j|fifei(j»/:, - ftntething very :nitt_ in. I)intjetm Furniture; also a esm" plett assmmentin Ream Rugs abd Car- pfis. Everything ftr tht '"h»me 'hat it. Gwds marktd iff plifin , F Furattore and Stove Co. -W. WA8HIHCTON ST. -130 English Acrobats in Shrine Circus. ·. · ··· ' -./. Ing, chairman, ot, th^ : ciro.»|| ; L/ Dl'd-'lt "sfrif. 'ojftbiar. tn ,y*jii Ibat the,r«; :are fts many different ,,,,..-,--, ~«*4h«re' : are .,of JtbrBifl? ·'A P! U «'horse would ; be dear atJiSyOOi wftiie a 2;10-trottiSirVwoJid tw^h^ |i,OOOiOO,.; - - , "'. : . : .' ! . Toil shoiiid beMinorfe cafefui: in the, purchase of a diamond-than.that of a; 'horn'e,'for thi:law'protecti»-yoti\1n, a horse trade,-. but_you have only the'Tepu- tatlon; of #the dealer) ^for ybut..diamond protection; Tils .honesty and methods "' Bre Atr^venty-flve year's of honest business dealings, my "fair and square" treatment of all cnst«?mers, should very largely influence you In the,selection - .of your next diamond. / ,' - . ' , . - , - - - , · ·· · ' ' ,' Just asV the person who^w?ars a ."Slpe" Diamond. - HOOMS * 3-4. y Importer of Diamonds ' ' gECOJSD Ft,OOR, For a piano that regularly sells;for $825j and it i s worth i t ' . . . - ' · · ; . All pianos offered at cut prices. Opp. iarott's Dtpt. Stori Open Evenings ^icinlme^/'ifiaifitei. Charley, ther^ was.,; .««·»·*.- num. R!ngHnsr,.-.porepaugh or,,atiy -o --that had such ah agrgregatidn .ol,--- : as I have gathered tip. There will be ten of them and-they will play more;pranks than -any crowd of ..circus spectators in the Unlted'rstates'eyer/saW-.'Of course we are going t« have cJowflBl ..One; or them , will 'be shot put qf-a-cannOn amd- will, completely disappear.- .Another 01 tho [ clown stunts wlH b e .,!the.-deyll'S ) bo* ; ': ( One,| of the clowns-will. t« shut up In a large box, over which srtiollne ^111 be poured. I The gasoline."will, toe fired, the -box, will collapse and'the clown will-vanish." ·· ' The circus Is going to bis^lonjc on etjues- trlnn features., Barnes said that the two · bareback riders of the country win- »n here in th« two rln^ In the State Fair Coliseum, where the circus will be held" the We.elc of 'Qct: 25.' One of them is Josle Ashton and. the other i$ Hoiwey Pn»h rldorrt, Barnes said, 6 Per Gent 20-Year Elecjtric R, R," Bonds Vint mortm»«i, food M gold.; IN DENOMINATIONS O* 1 »?W, |WK, 11,000, later- ett JANUAJtY AND 4UtY. REDEBMA9LE AFTER 5'YEARS AT 108. · v '-- WH jcrt SEVJ5N PER CENT for full tsnrf or NINF PBR. CKNT, to flTM 7«taM. Send postal for Infftrmatioi?. ORAN FERȴ,'Box tlB.HMHanapolUi T«Jejh«ie S«71. PLANT BOUGHT FOR $288,477. trlnn features. Barnes saia inai me iwu · - -~" r ~ leasing bareback riders of the country'j property, of IndlanapOlU Cold Storaae ;:.iiir\v» h^f An t h f t - t W f i fllVm Ifl thfi Stfltft ' «-.»__-.-.. r^...* *X ClinnHhnlH*r« : Company Soe» The-plant.': o f ' t h e I«d|aB*PQlfs' .Cold Storage Company' in tlils city was sold at , rldorrt. Barnes said, W«ro. 3 herlff's sale yesterday, to the Cleveland formerlj-wlth the leading circuses. ^ They T j Company, ·trustee . for the bohd- -thftlr. talent until a demand W who f orec i f , 8 ed a'mortgage on t'. - ; · . ' . - . . ; · ' . A L P I N E TROUPE. - -. ' ".. :, ' : - . · · . : , / The .Alpine Troupe of Kngllsh acrobats Avill be one feature of the Shrine circus which will be'given in the : Coliseum at the 3ta,te Fair Grounds the week of .Oct M.' caiiio strdng: The two;-women askeJ !»neh hteh nrlces that a circus, could no 1 longer employ them. by the. season. They ore'now giving all their time to hippo- tlrom engagements nnd each woman-has her own Stable - o f 1'rrilnod horses, wardrobes gaily-colored'silks and other equipment to nwke a striking appearance .m, t h e shew ring.- , , ' ' " . 'The Rhrlnera" circus In : to have .two rings, one at each end · of the Coliseum arena, with a spacious - platform In th,«. center. Bfirnes has' engaged William llttllrt as eq«*"«trl«ri director. Halle 'has had years of'experience'In this direction with' Barmnn. f Hlngllrig,. and numerous other big'shown. '···'·'· . · FOUNDATION FOR MONUMENT FOR CONFEDERATES IS DONE Shuft to Commemorate loldler* Who Dltd ; In Prison H*r* Is Nturly ' ?- Completed. 1 ' ·''. · . ' The foundation for the shR^t .which the government is erecting.; In , (jrroenlawn Cemeteiy commemorating the unidentified Confederate soldiers who were; burled there during'the. civllwar has been com * Dieted and the granite ,for the shaft i* 'on the ground. , It-Is expected thit'the shaft will be finished,m' ab«)Ut two .wet-ks. · The monumoh't ris for those who di«'d In' niijl-' tary. prison. here. , ' · ' ;,....; .;,.,., It IB .twenty.-flyo feet hlfrh and the li«,ae Is tweniy-six feet 1 -long. It w"l stand over tho depression where tne trehch.watrntaae for tho burial of the, dead,- and becausa of this, .will be in a. portion of the cemetery, where It will add little to the nn- peorance, of the pla.ce..'because of the obscure location. 'An Iron fence is to be built around the «haft t,o .'project =lt. · ' T h e cemetftry, which wfts taken' aa a elty park, a feV yeixrs a«6 ,'|H ; jbo.orllr kept, but H Wss:'decided 't|\4t the shaft,Should; be. erected at tne-plac« whete/the,soldiers were bn'ried, : rather than' : at, .i(ome ,place which.- might, be,- mort suitable r m other ways.. , ' ,·:·(-. " -- , . ..·;' -. . t .. P ^...F--^- . _ eral week*, :ugd, The property ....was bought in for *288i477.G7, this being the amount of judgment rendered against tho company: by Judge Remstcr In the Clr- ovilt Court when, 'the."bondholders ,fore- olo:«l the mortgage; · , ' ' ' , · The company executed bonds to the amount of j^SO.iTOO In l£i»9. to run for.ten yearn,-but on .account..of extensive. Irn- pijoveinenis- nuvdo in tha plant payment THE USE OF'.FAOE CREAM, Kansas City Tlnies... ".Will there ever be' a woman President? 1 ' · ·''.-,.'.* . " . ' ' ' ' · ' - · · · . ":"No, The constitution saya the President over 45 years old and don't set that-old:'! was hot met. HINDOO \BEUIEFS- STRANGE S«y Qhott .; of Man Killed by on Beatt's Head. . W.ASHINaTON, Oct. 9.--Th« unsdil- eat^d Hindoo (and he is ln,'th;« great jbi'lty) -'believes ^'that th« ghost of ·*. by * tiger rides on the head beast that Blew him, to -warn him of dan- . . - t o . . ls : «3eqlared that "TJ6d""p"fOVta« -for tttf tiger's dally wants -to the amount .of rupee a day; that is to say, If -the ti kills a calf worth 6 rupees ; he will be allowed another victim for flye days. -Eating the flesh of a tiger Is suppo" to give one great courage rtnd alertt but th«i whiskers must first bft'stngtd the beast or his spirit wtif'haunt the r who fed off him and ha IB likely to turned into a tiger in the next In a small Indian villas* i'n ,,the' i a ylllag'er was killed by a tiger. T police Investigated the accidental 4ei and rendered the Verdict: "Pfthdii,di«« a tiger eating him; there was no otl. cause of death. Nothing was left of h save his bonet and iome finger*, w n , probably belonged .to either the right Of left hand." . , Don't'think of eating aj; home today-- it will be much more convenient and no more expensive to dine at fl ' e Amiex ' We ' 11 ex p ec t yo lv today. ' ' of our ' Special 'Porterhouse At\ p Steak, with mushrooms ...... ^ wv Half Fried Spring Chicken with cream gravy and mashed potatoes . ... ..... , ......... ...3fic Baked -Lake -Trout, shoestring. .potatoes , . ..... .-\ .-i .;...... .SOo Spring Vewjtftble Salad ...... 1Sc ·Pumpkln\rie ;. ... ..:....... ..... 34-36 Monument Place

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