Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on January 30, 1947 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1947
Page 9
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I'AOK 8—NAUGATirCK NEWS (CONK.). THURSDAY. JAN. 30. 1917 riAXCING KVKHY Fill. NITK Kll,v A "^'>J^_J^' 1 ' 1 J_"^_ Il ^StrllUC* * A|r|M*/tl * 1 til) tltn HIM) Antrrlriin 4'iilMliir * Full Liquor rrlvlli'tri's * I*It'll I.V llf I'llflilllU SlHM'r TlflO~TtKSTAtTlVANT Hi 1 ,": TlHiiiiuxliHi An-, WillfrlMir.v, ('mm. >I.\KKI\GI: vow: Mulce him promise to let you send the laundry to us! You'll both like the quality of our work and he'll like our moderate charges and prompt service.. AMERICAN LPUNORYCD PUONE 4-4106* (>0 COTTAGE Pll Literacy Survey Made In Chicago Chicago (U Pi—More than four per cent of Chicago's adults 20 •uarn or okle;- have had no forma! •.c'-.oollmr. and 11.8 per cent hiivp ttended uchool for fcv.-isr than ivo years, accnrdinjr 'lo a survey "ade hv (he Chicago Census Advisory Committee. Tho survey also showed tlint -IS ier cunt of tho adults havo had 'rorn five to night years of schnol- 'n;r: -~.S '><>r c-i.-nt nl.tundcd high school, and 1J-0 per cent had some college work. The median grade completed In school for the ndnk city as a whole was 8.1"'. or a half-yea:' beyond tho eighth grade. Sugar comprises. 70 per cent of total exports. You Always Save at The J-KIt WHISKEY $2.791 A SCIJKM.I'IV I'HOIIUCT PAUL JONES WHISKEY .$3.39 IMPERIAL WHISKEY $3.39 I RUM $1-99 J GIN • S1.99 IMPORTED BRANDY, 5 years old $2.89 SOUTHERN LIQUEURS, Reg. $5.90 ...... .$3.89 MARYLAND STRAIGHT RYE WHISKEY 54.29 ii Your* OITI Portal-to-Portal Question Brings Chaos—Talbot Attorney Joseph E. Talbot, speak- 'iir at the weekly luncheon mooting of the Naupatuck Rotary club it tlv; Y. M. C. A, yesterday, pre- •.lioti'd "ohnos and calamity" for the country's business world unless the Supremo court or Congress akc steps 'to curb the far-reaching '[Teds nf 1 portnl-Lo-portal pay lemnr.cls- The history of the portal-to-por- '.:il decision and tho interpretation.- ratio of it by union leaders wor" reviewed by former Rop. Talbot. -•Ie declared i-t was the opinion of ->anv londiiur conftrossmen that if the Supremo court eventually up- 'iolds tho legality of tho decision ';very war contract entered into Sy the government since 10.10 must :•>(> submitted for renegotiation and -irrcfits made on contracts would become a matter for tho income ax di.'pnrtrnent i.o reconsider. Atiorney Talbot declared that recently n nuHlium-sr/ed Illinois I'ae- '.ory estimated that it would rc- •|iiire the services uf a staff ol 1 ?CO working a year to rrvice fig- 'ires of various contractual agreements. Tho former representative -said ho shnr"il the- opinion of AFL luad- crs that the entire porlal-to-portul .'j:;u j .? should be completely forgot- len, Cultivation of silk worms in China rlaU-s from 2GOO EC. IMPORTED SCOTCH WHISKEY White Horse, Haig and Haig, Black and White and others (Tlicrr'ft no catch to this.) J. K. STORES CUT RATE LIQUORS - WINES BEER 1396 North Main St. Union City, ConnJ ; OKLIViajY ANYWHKKE IN NAUGATUCK Ti'lephoni! 4079 , pnctlifeirKoold rMh£S<wich ;.,;; g • I,UM»tiu;k,:;the Kyaniie'' 11 '' .'"V EXj'uick-ilry'ins cnaojef., For ' .; ••.;:.;" ' - '-'• • :1 ' ; ' 332 .NORTH MAIN ST. Dillon City - Tel. 268S WEEK-END SPECIALS AT S (Member of NROG Focd Stores) 19 CHERRY ST. (Free Delivery) TEL. 2217 Meat Department HEAVY STEER BEEF STEAKS Short - Sirloin - Porterhouse - Round Cudahy Ready-to-Eat HAM, 8-10 Ib lb ROAST OF PORK lb SMOKE SHOULDERS lb PRIME RIB ROAST lb CHUCK ROAST, Boneless lb HOME-MADE SAUSAGE lb BRISKET CORNED BEEF lb 59c 39c 59c 49c Grocery Department BUTTER 65 clb - FRIEND'S OVEN- O BAKED BEANS .... ^ cans TOMATO JUICE O No. 2 Can ^ cans SHURFINE APPLESAUCE No. 2 Can LIBBY Y. C. PEACHES Nc. 2*4 Can ", LIBBY FRUIT COCKTAIL Nc. 2^2 Can PEANUT BUTTER, 1lb Jar .! CHEERIOS KELLOGG VARIETY CEREALS pkg. 37c 23c 19c 31c 25c 25c We Carry a Full Line of Frosted Foods also Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables CLOSING OUT! Children's ROCKING CHAIRS «r>l»i/8 UP .irVKNILK FTKNITURK BEACON 7S CKNTKR STKKKT Wuterburv liUMINGTON and SCI1ICK KLKCTIMC SHAVERS sciHCK SHAVKKSETS G. It'. Tiihlt- Model Kadios I'orlahlc Electric Record I'luyers G. K. Electric Mantle Clocks Electric Irons HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 ClItHClI STREET RUG CLEANING and DYEING Also Specializing in Dyeing Kx-Scrvlcemen's Uniforms THOMAS DYE WORKS «4 PEARL ST. 3-7105 Waterbury Mrs. Wm. Noble, Miss Emily Brown Named By Church Two vestrywomen were ' elected Tuesday evening, at thu annual meeting of St. Michael's Episcopal church. Mrs. William J. Noble, J r., was elected for a two year term, and Miss Emily Sophie Brown for a one year term. 1 Others elected were: .Carlisle B. Tuttle, senior warden; George W. Wood, junior warden; Mrs. Noble, clerk; Henry Zwlck, treasurer; Lcroy S. Andrew, trustee! of building and endowment fund; John H. Schmuck and John J. Carr, audi tors. .Mr, Tuttle and Mr. Wood, delegates to .diocesan convention; Harold P. Baldwin and Harold W, Brown, alternates; Mr. and Mrs Stanton Glover, delegates to New ?l:wen Archdeaconry convention Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Squires alternates. C. Lester Wigglcsworth, C. Ar thur Fager, Raymond W, Paul Wallace* G. Noble, Mr. Glover, VCM trynicn for three years. Reports of officers and of the Rev. WinCred B. Langhorst, rec tor, were read and accepted, St. Louis Has City Winning Fight Against Smoke Fall St. Louis (UP)—St. Louis contin Hi's to attract ^nation-wide alien tion with its effective fight against smoke palls. ' StatistiPK revealed that only two hours and 10 minutes of "moeler- titn smoke polls were recorded in tin) first four mon-lhs oC tho present heating- season- . In 1939-40, before .smokp restrictions became effective, St. Louits had 117 hours, 30 minutes of thick smoke. FOBKSEKSBETTER TRACTORS Monroe, Mich.—(UP)--C. S. Mc- fntyre, sales manurer of the Monroe Auto Equipment Co-, predicts that in 1947 the efficiency of : the average farm tractor will be In- creasod to tho point where it will do the work of at least six horses ,ind mules. Probate Notice District of Naugatuck, ss. Probate Court, January 29th, A. D. 19-17. ESTATE OF Jerry M. Collins, late nl Naugatuck, in said District deceased, Tho Executrix, having exhibited her account with said estate to this Paurt for allowance, and made application for an order of distribution of said estate, it is ORDERED, That the (ith day of February, A. D. 19-17, at 10 o'clock, in the forenoon, standard time, at the Probate Office in Nau- K.'itunk. be and the same is. assigned for a hojrin.e: en the allowance of said account, and application and t:ie Court directs the Executrix, to j;ivc notice thereof, by publish: nc this order in some newspaper having a circulation in said DUtricl, and by leavinR with, or by mailing in post-paid letters addressed to each of the persons in- tciesttd. and residing without the Prchatc District of Naugatuck, a copy of this order, all at least three days before said day of hearing, and return to this Court. Attest, RAYMOND M. SHEA, Judge. R&P METAL WORKS !>9 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding of All Types Forplnff, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Sheet and Bur Met«l for Sulo Telephone C377 UPTURE TRUSSES ArcurnleJ? filled to jour requirement* of Waterbury 206 Bank St. 5-0013 Waterbury •St. Louis (UP)—Steady cmploy- iment for years'to oome is assured thousands of residents of St. Louis by the $600,000,000 expansion and .Improvement program of industry and the city government. I Nearly $250,000:030 willl be spent for public impro/emcnits, .$100.000,000 for industrial expansion and improvements, $05,OCO,000 for public utilities, $31,000,000 for housing and $48,r>SO,000 for wholesale and retail trade construction. More than 100 new industries win enter the city In the next few years. I ROMANCE ENDANGERED London—A source clone to the British Royal family clRlms that ill! the talk uliout u posslhle nwr- rlaee between I'rlnccKH Elizabeth and Prince Philip of Greoce l» end!in|r«rlnK the Royul romuJicc. John Jay of New York was tho first chief justice of the United States. He wus appointed In 1789 by President Washington aijd resigned In 1794 to become governor of New York. HONOR BOM: Six senior Btudents of the Nau- ttiituclc High school commercial aepurtir.cnt recently were placed on the Greg(f Shorthand Honor. Roll for 60-word a minute tents. They arc: Genevleve Burascewokl, Hedwig HrynkiewicK, Rita Lorson, Eleanor Johnson, Ruth Semrow, Ruth Zembroskl, MISSING A IC-year-old New Hiwc-n girl is reported mixslnK. Mr. u.nd Mrs. George Grcnier a.-.v their daughter Barbara hadn't been seen since early Monday '"WEISS 7 Ben Franklin Store STEEL CABINETS 12xl8xM Inches — *11.B3 12x18x60 Inches — flS.95 102 CHURCH STREET White Enameled JANUARY FUR SALE UNDER WAY Bl&k&il&A W N. MAIN STREET Wuterbury Tel. S-2727 Additional Classified Legal Notices NOTICE TO RESIDENTS OF BEACON FALLS All persons between th« ages of 21 and GO years of age inclusive, except veterans of World War II t-esi'ipnts of Beacon Falls, October 1, 1940, are subject to Old AKO Assistance Tax of $3,00, due February 1, 1947. After March 3. 1947, will be added $1.00 penalty making the total $-1.00 and if not paid by April 1, 1947, warrants will be issued for collection of any unpaid bills and the total cost will be {ll.CO each. I shall be in the Town Hall to receive payments from 7 to 8 p. m. on the following dates: February 7th February 14th February 21st February 28th RALPH W TUCKER Tax Collector Town of Beacon Falls. NOTICE The Boara of Tax Revue for the Borough and Town of Nnugatuclc will-hold sessions beginning Saturday Feb. 1st, to hear ;ind determine nil appeals from the doings of the Board of Assessors. Said Trteetings will be held in the Town Hall buildinfr, Ossessora Office, on dates «s follows Saturday. Feb. 1st, from 3:0(1 to 5:00 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. 5th, from 3:0r> to 5:00 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. l!Hh, from 3:00 :o 5:00 p. m, Wednesday, Feb. 26th, from 3:00 to fi:nO p. m. Saturday, March 1st, from 3:00 to '5:00 p. m. Dated at Naucatuck, Conn., tni.« 29th day of January, 1947. JAMES" CUDDY, Chnlrman UEORGE LAMBERT. Arthur Stin.son. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This is to f?ivi> notice that I, Michael Mucha of 44 Ward St., Nau- fjatuch, have filed an application dated Jan. 28, 19-17, with the Liquor Control Commission for u restaurant full liquor permit for the sale of alcoholic liquor on the premises, 117 North Main street, Naufratuck. The business is owned by Michael Mucha and Basil Scs- tar of -14 Ward strce't and 334 So Main street, Naugatuck, respectively, and will be conducted by Michael Mucha of 44 Ward street. Naugatuck, as permittee. MICHAEL MUCHA. Dated: Jan. 28, 1947, Employment Help Wanted—M»lo LONG —- Established automobile agency has opening for qualified auto mechanic. Must be thoroughly familiar with minor and major repairs. Steady work and libera wages for right man. Call Mr. Theriault at -J-S707 for interview. YOU'LL MARVEL AT THESE ROGERS. PEET OVERCOATS—THE RICHNESS OF THE FABRICS THE FINE TAILOR. ING AND THE STYLE DISTINCTION. They're the kind of coats you'll warm up to on sight—They have a wholesome hospitable look and feel every man appreciates and a feeling of comfort, fit and good looks that's a tribute to Rogers- Peet tailoring in, the New York manner for men who discriminate in their clothes buying, $65 to $100. Llibrlcuta Vnur Cur Every 1,000 Miles for Most Efficient Opf-rutton. POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Kuhher Ave| Tel. 4985 For A Snack, a Sandwich or a Full Meal, Try DUFFY'S Restaurant WATER STREET FCLL LIQUOR LICENSE WANTKD—News Carriers :n all sections of town. Inquire Mr. H. T. Dillon, News Office. KKCENT College graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work os an assistant chemist In Rubber laboratory of a plant located In Bouthwestern part of Conn. State in detail in first hand-written letter, age, education, experience if any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Dally New*. •2 Help Wanted—Female HIGH SCHOOL Girl wants light housework or take care of children afternoons. Tel. 6372- HELIAULE Mother's Helper wanted. Pleasant home in the country. Live in. Write Box B, care of "News." Waitresses Wanted—Married worn en for full or part time work Andy's Campus, 166 Church St. For Sale Houses for Sato 1 FAMILY HOUSE —For sale in good neighborhood. Built in 19-10 when good material was available. Oak floors, fireplace, oil burner, copper pumbing and sut- lers, well insulated and weather stripped. Full length screens and storm Bash- Garage with overhead door, asphalt driveway. Tel. Wtby. 3-5492, TWO Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms in each apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call or see Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. -1928-2952. NEARLY NEW—1 family house of six rooms. Built with pre-war materials. Oak floors braes pipes, hot water heat and garage, A. Shepley, tel. 2433 or M-H. FOR SALE—6 room, 1 family furnished house. New Frigjdaire. Reasonably priced and immediate occupancy. Call Naug. 51-10 between C & 7 p. m- PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. Free Delivery CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Tills Is to give notice that I, Madeline Girulis, of 8-1 Galpin St., Naugatuck, have filed an application dated Jan. 1947 with the Liquor Control Commisison for a full liquor package Btore permit for the sale of alcoholic liquor on the premises, 93 Highland Ave., Naug-atuch. The business is owned by John H. • Girulis of 8-1 Galpin street, Naugatuck, and will be conducted by Madeline Girulis of 84 Galpin street, Naugatuck, as permittee, '• MADELINE GIRULIS.Da'ted: Jan. 28, .1947. FAIRCH1LD ST.—Between Gorman and Lewis. A brand new 1 family house —all modern improvements. $12,000. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel, 3458. FOIi SALE—1 Room House and garage. All improvements except bath. Lot 100' x 100'. Call 3210' after 4 p. m- FOB SALE—Curtlss St. 3 family, 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room house with large piece of land. Scott St., two family house, 71 rooms. New Haven Rd— one family house, one car garage, large barn and seven acres of land, JOHN HEALV. Tel. 5031. Announcements NOTICE ORCHESTRA-—All sizes available for dances, entertainments and all social events. Wtby. 3-4037 or 3-7361. NOTICE '" Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. General moving. Tel. 4292 or 4702. WESTERN SECTION — Two family house with modern apartment vacant for new owner. WALTER H- HART, INC. REALTOR — INSURANCE John C, Kiernan Eve. Naug. 5707 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 Established j. 1870 Deposit! Fully Guaranteed ARE YOUR SAVINGS INSURED? YES Ml deposits in this hank arc K»araniccil In full liy the Saviiius Bunks' Deposit Guaranty Fund of Cont. Incorporated. GUS SMOKE SHOP? •102 North Main St. Union City { Gus Klimaszewskl, Prop. \ MODEL AIRPLANES » HALF PRICE » Highland Package Store : 93 Highland Ave. — Tel. S983 Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Naugatuck >****+*********•**•* WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CAERAL, Prop 8 South Main St. Tel. 500t SAI.T and FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR SALE. Ten room huuae, S room* ilr* floor, 5 room* accond floor, t [mill-room*, hot air furniot, electricity, 2 car garage. Formerly Z tenement ntMM and owner will re-convert «o I tenement* and Rive Immedlat* occupancy to flnrt floor. Located enut side of town Mrf may he Innpectcd In afternoon. F.W.EATON Room 9 Neary Buildinj Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED ADS IT'S AUTOMATIC MAT- for a cleaner, more comfortable boat! VACANT 4 room cottage, fully fuV- nishcd. For further details, call A. Shepley, 2433 or 5144. FOH SALE—On New Haven Road vacant 9-room one-family house. Al improvements, Al condition. Could be easily converted to two- family. Four large rooms and pantry on first floor, five rooms and bath on 2nd floor. Barn and 20 acres of land. To settle an estate, priced reasonably. A. Shepley. Tel. 2433 or D144. LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY Sixteen Week Course In Modern Photography CLASSES NOW FORMING < WRITE TODAY for INFORMATION CONCERNING CLASSES '• ' Certified By The Connecticut State Board Of Education THE COLONIAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Box 327 — I4TCHFIELD, CONN. — Tel. 608 Good-bye to furnace drudgery! With • Fairbanki-Mone Automatic Stoker on lite job . . . fi-cquent (hoveling of co»l and ailui it a thing of ihe pair. Your home it more comfortable, loo . . • f<* • itokct give* you el*«n, evenly regulated heat. And the cott? It'i actually lea tlun tht coil of hand fir ing . . . became a Fairbanki-Mone Stoker not only burnt Icu coal but usci the more economical i!ze< of coat. Drop in today— and learn why a Fairbankt-Morie Automatic Stokft can ierv« you better and more economically than any other type of heating. FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKERS For tlttn, uniform. *t»- momictl AMI 3 Years to Pay Through F. H. A. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET TEL. 5236

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